LA Weight Loss - LA Weight Loss Testimonials - Was your experience less than favorable? Let us know!

Suzanne 3FC
10-31-2007, 11:08 PM
If you are a current or former LA Weight Loss client and you have a negative experience to share, please do so here. This is only for those of you that have purchased the program and used their services. Sorry, this is not for anyone that followed the plan unofficially :)

Please let us know how long you've been using LAWL, and in what way you feel that your experience was less than favorable. This could include anything from your experience with your counselor to the expense or the food, you let us know. If you used any purchased LAWL products, please let us know if you feel they contributed to your negative experience.

Please use just one post to publish your testimonial and only post in this thread if you are doing the above. In other words, this is not a Q&A thread :p

This thread is to help others that are considering the plan to review true and unbiased testimonials, even the negative ones, so they can make a more rounded decision before signing on the dotted line.

Tuesday Cool
11-01-2007, 10:14 AM
I joined LAWL in August of this year and have lost 14 pounds. Not bad really. But each time I enter the facility if feel annoyed and pressured to buy, buy, buy!
The girls who act as counselors talk so fast I can't understand them. They know very little about nutrition and spout all the usual diet BS.
I find myself staring at them just wishing they would shut up. I can't get out of there fast enough. But, wait, you can't leave without being forced to buy some product. I paid $600 to join and each visit they attempt to drain me of more funds. I have gotten to the place that I go in weigh myself and run.
I love how my COD has video playing in the lobby and some success story is on telling how she lost all this weight on real food, without having to eat "astronaut food" while I stand in a lobby filled with over Priced boxed food products!
LAWL is the weight loss industry at it's "finest". Making money. :lol:

11-02-2007, 09:04 AM
I joined LAWL on January 10, 2007. The first few months I lost weight consistently and fairly well. Never over 2 lbs a week. I managed to lose about 30 lbs., gained 5 back, and am now back down to the 30 lb loss mark.

I have both positive and negative things to say about the program. I will list both here. I wasn't sure where to post, because I can't say I am happy, but can't say I am very unhappy either...

My negative experiences...

**LAWL would not discuss price of program or financing options with me over the phone - I had to book a free consult. This raised a big red flag, but I booked the free consult anyway. I have no problems saying the word 'no', so figured why not go to the free consult at least. The price of the program wasn't bad, but the deal is you either pay up front, or put on carecredit. Carecredit has pretty high interest rates. For me it was a lot of $$$ to spend up front.

**LAWL tried to sell me the LA lites in bulk. I refused, explained that I could not afford them. They again suggested carecredit. I told them straight up that I was not interested and could not afford it. After a month, the center did stop trying to push their products. I now only get asked if I need anything - which I easily reply no :)

**Not doing the lites, I often feel like I am not important or do not mean as much as other clients. I did not get a before picture taken, but lites clients do. When I plateaud, it took the center MONTHS to try to help me. I think had I been using the lites they would have been much more proactive when I plateaud to try to move me past that stage.

**LAWL has this program for the cookie cutter person. They take the approach that we are all the same. Our bodies do function similarily, but what works for most will not necessarily work for all.

**LAWL has no medical staff in the center locations. They call or fax the dietician and/or doctor, but there is no dietician on site. Any time the center has called or faxed the dietician for me, it has taken one or more weeks to hear back from the dietician. At that, I always get the same answer - break my food into smaller meals and eat more often throughout the day. At one point I was eating on the hour every hour and I was still told to break my food up. I took a stand and said this is ridiculous! I had one counsellor admit she hates to call the dietician and avoids it if at all possible...I sometimes wonder if the dietician has EVER really been called on my behalf.

**LAWL took a program which I bought into as being one that works, and changed it a couple of months ago (bringing in of numbered plans). I told counsellors how worried I was about the new plan as it was increased food and calories - and I had been platead for months at that point. I finally agreed to try it and gained 5 lbs in one week. I was put back on their old program, which it has taken me a month to lose those 5 lbs again...begs to question what was wrong with the old plan - why they felt a need to change.

My positive experiences...

***Most of the counsellors are really nice people, so I don't dread going into the center

***weighing in three times a week and knowing someone will be looking at my diary helps me to stay accountable and on track. I like that everything is done one-on-one, the weigh in and the counselling

***A lot or all of the counsellors at the LAWL center I go to did the program themselves. They know what we are going through and can relate.

***I am learning to eat healthy and control portions. The plan calls for normal grocery store foods. The plan also allows for treats and eating out, providing guidelines for doing so. Also, LAWL's cookbook has some great recipe's that are totally on plan.

***Overall the program does work. I know several people who did LAWL and lost weight - why I joined in the first place.

11-02-2007, 09:29 AM
I joined LAWL in Nov of 2005. at first I lost nicely. but then the staff started changing. every time I went in I saw someone new. The new person would look at my chart and say "WHY DID THEY PUT YOU ON RED? You need to be on purple" and change me. then the next time I went in I would get a new person again and they would say "WHY ARE YOU ON PURPLE? You should be on Red 1" this went on for some time, bouncing me around from one color to the next. and my wieght loss stalled. With all the staff changes there was always turmoil in the Center. sometimes the staff was literally shouting and fighting with the management. One time a Staff was so angry at the manager the she started yelling down the hall at her and stormed out. I never saw her again. The staff never seemed very focused on me, they were always focused on what they were going to sell me. The last straw was when my center closed and they told me I was going to have to drive 45 min to the next closest one. In my opinion I should have recieved some money back. but that was not an option as many who have delt with LAWL know. I still have weeks left through Feb. I have Lites stacked up at my house because I told them I didn't know when I would get down to the other center to get what I had prepaid. so they are sitting here getting old and white and yucky. The plan itself is a sound one. Balanced nutrition, real food, exercise...... but the support was never there, 3fc-lawl has been my only support, with all the turmoil that LAWL has gone though I would never reckomend it to any of my friends. I started in Nov of 2005 at 205. it is now Nov of 2007 and I am 207........ Not all of that is the centers fault, I know I chose what to put in my mouth. but if they claim that they are there to help and thier staff changes, bickering amonst themselves, sales pitch in lue of support hinder that progress then they should hold some of that responsibility.

11-04-2007, 11:42 PM
I joined LA Weight Loss right after my mom passed. I had put on some serious weight. She was given 6 weeks to live after fighting breast cancer for 6 years! Well, she wanted to go to restaurants and eat all the sinful stuff (the pills she was on increased her appetite!) and I went along for the the six weeks came closer....she stopped eating but I didn't!!! :o
I went into LA Weight Loss an emotional wreck!!! My husband fully backed me and even told me no problem to the $600 we thought we were going to get a real nutritionist!~:?:
The next day....I went in for my first consult! Then the girl talked me into getting 2 years!!!! worth of bars!!!! I think I ended up spending about $1500 on the bars...after spending $600 on the nutritionist!! (Big Joke-they know less than I do about nutrition!) I didn't want to buy the bars....I said no about 10 times....when she started in on how you can't do the program without the bars! I just spent $600..what do you mean I can't do it without the bars? The two years were also based on me losing more weight than what I weighed my freshman year in high school!!!! I never had a problem in h.s., why did I need to get down so low! Obviously....I did NOT pick my goal weight!! I had no idea that had to factor in how many bars I would be buying!!! I got suckered hard core!! I tried calling my husband at work like 10 times! I couldn't get a hold of him! I told the girl that I needed to wait until I could talk to him and she told me the deal would be over after I walked out that door! So, I put it on a new credit card like they suggested!!!! It was awful!
My husband and I tried to go in and get all of the stuff refunded but they wouldn't budge! I tried to make the most of the plan! I lost about 40 pounds my first 8 months but then I started getting very bored of eating the same things!!! I am a HUGE go out and eat girl and they kept telling me not to do it...even though they say you can eat out!!!!! That's what they advertise!!! Everything was about preparing your own meals!!! Shoot....if I had time to do that...don't you think I would have already been skinny!
I am trying to get pregnant now but I still have over 100 boxes left....which I can't seem to get unless I am there every week doing the program! They won't let me have more than 6 boxes a visit!! How do I get all of my boxes? HECK...I paid for them!!! there a certain point where the boxes I bought are null and void b/c I asked if my boxes (that are already paid for) expire for me being able to pick them up and nobody has responded! To be honest...I am a little nervous to go in..because I am worried they are going to try to talk me into something else!

11-27-2007, 08:45 AM
I did not lose on this program like I thought I would. Truthfully, I am back on WW and am losing consistently. I was disappointed on how I would follow the program and only lose 4 pounds in 5 weeks, I know many people have had great success with this program, and I believe that you have to find the one that fits your lifestyle. I tried this program because I thought it would be differetn, and it was.
I got a phone call during Thanksgiving week informing me that my center has now closed. The closet one is now 30 miles away, there is no way that I can get there, nor at this point do I want to. I showed up my last weigh in and waited 45 minutes after the center was supposed to open (along with someone else). I finally left a note and nevr heard back from my center, until the phone call letting me know that they are now closed. I am hoping to recoup some of the money that I paid, but am not holding my breath. I would never entertain the thought of joining this program again.

11-30-2007, 06:57 PM
I joined LA Weighloss in August and I have lost 24 pounds. There are some pros and some cons....
I have to say that all my experienced "cons" are with the staff.
**They like you as long as you are buying products.
**They have their fav clients.
**Not all the girls are on the program, so no, they do not know what you are going through.
**Even when you are doing a good job, they want to talk about you are not doing right!

**Accountability- you weigh 3 times a week.
**More of a one-on-one setting.
**Tips offered by an associate that has lost 100 + pounds on the plan.

Overall, I am satisfied with the program, because I am seeing results.

12-03-2007, 12:48 PM
I just joined lawl a couple of wks ago, and isn't it odd.....their camera was broken each time I went that week so they couldn't take my before picture. (I refused to buy the lites). They had given me a box of 8 asst'd ones to try and I told her that I was saving them for when I really had a craving for something sweet and yummy. Big look of disapproval on her face. She said that I might not lose as quickly without the lites as they were part of the plan. These puppies are about 180 calories each...I fail to see how one will not lose as fast by eating 2 a day. I will get something equivalent and perhaps throw them in my diet once in awhile.
I see no need in buying any vitamins or supplements, as the diet is structured with what looks like the canada food guide....and with good food, I feel no supplements are needed.
Thats my beef. I plan to stick with it until the end of my year, but on my terms.


12-27-2007, 01:53 AM
Well, my center closed also! Imagine that! I called somebody about getting my 100 boxes that I pre-paid for and I haven't heard back from anybody!!!!!

12-27-2007, 02:43 PM
Joined LAWL last year and am no longer a "client"- not that I ever felt like one anyway. I too, like everyone else, got bombarded with women who seemed to be working for commission more than they were for me. I not only did not get my before picture, but also did not get the respect I deserved because I did not buy the LA lites as often as they would have liked....when I bought them at all. I completely agree with all of the other comments that while the plan works, the constant chastising by the staff is completely unnecessary.

12-27-2007, 05:09 PM
I have almost lost 60 lbs at LA Weight Loss - since July 2007! I have had fantastic results. The center where I was going is now closed - because Pure Weight Loss went out of business due to the diet pill Alli. I am not sure what to do. Pure Weight Loss Centers said they MAY refund everybody's money. I can not see that happening?

Anyone out there in the same sisuation that I am in?

12-28-2007, 11:40 PM
Pure Weight Loss closed because of Alli??? Hmmm explain that please.

01-04-2008, 05:31 PM
I started LA Weight Loss September 21, 2005 and by June 2006 I had lost 70 pounds. I never had low self self-esteem or anything but health was a concern because I was carrying 280 lbs around and when it came to shopping I had some set backs. When I first started LA I was not getting my period and it had been 1 year. I lost weight with each visit and after about 3 months my period started back. I lost the weight and began to see a differnce in my appearance and attitude. The center I started at closed May 2006 and I started the center near my home, which I hated. I was still trying to loose more weight and my lowest was 208, but September 2006 started my last year in college. I was working and going to school and it made it difficult to diet.

I did gain all of my weight back in 1 year and now that I am ready to loose it again, LA weight loss/ Pure Weight loss closed down. I am not upset because I know how to do it. I am purchasing a good scale this weekend and have a really good digital scale for my food already. It is not easy but well worht it. Some pointers:
- Prepare yourself- Throw away old food and go shopping. Buy a good scale and use it only twice a week. Have someone measure you and keep a diary of the changes.
- Try to eat most meals at home. Avoid canned foods. thrink at least 64 ouonces of water if not more. do not eat after 8 p.m. Include Meat, Veggies, Fruit, Dairy, Starch and "good" fats in your daily diet.

- I never exercised, but will this time. Be sure to exercise a little.

- What encouraged me to stick to my diet was actually losing the weight. When you see the scale go down by the week you are so happy. And I went from a 24 to a 14 and now I am in a 20/22.

- La Weight loss did not do it, I did and I am sure anyone reading this can.

01-09-2008, 12:10 AM
I have been on this plan for about 11 weeks now. I have lost maybe 5 pounds. I was very strict to the diet and was told contradicting things depending on who I got that day. I did still drink alcohol, but have cut back to maybe one night a week. I have also cut diet soda out completely and I just can't drop anything. I was very frustrated and ate what I wanted for the holidays, but am right back where I was before. I started this in hopes of being healthy and happy. After joining I got engaged which should be a self starter, but still not losing. I am trying take off tomorrow to give myself a kick start again.
Hopefully something happens. I am losing faith in myself and the program.

01-11-2008, 08:46 PM
WELL, my story goes much the same as the rest of you. I joined in July 2007. I lost 16 lbs. I did feel pressure to buy lites and I did. I lost my way around the holidays and have gained some back so I want to get back on plan... THEY"RE CLOSED!!!!!! SO, now here I sit with a cabinet full of lites, they still owe me $612.00, and I am so angry, I have no motivation left...I have filed complaints with the PA Attorney general and with the CA board of consumers. So, now what??? I guess I'll try to do it on my own with the people on these boards to talk to for support. I guess I learned a very expensive lesson.....

01-26-2008, 07:09 PM
Well my story is the same as well as the above posters. I joined April/May 2005. I paid 800 dollars up front. I couldn't afford to do the LA lites or the supplements and I got constantly pressured to buy them at every single appointment. I had some success but still not as much as what I thought since I've got a pretty high starting weight and a 1/2 a pound per week is pretty slow I think but the high pressure to buy really turned me off so I quit going and basically lost my money. I never had the same counselor when I would go in for my appointments. My plans were changed several times so I didn't lose very much or as much as I think I would have if I had better service. Then the center that I went back to in a different nearby town closed down and I didn't get my money back nor was I ever contacted about anything. My mom has about the same story though since we joined at the same time same day. She was told by her doctor after she was diagnosed with breast cancer that she didn't need to be trying to lose weight that she would need the extra 30 pounds she had on her already.. It took her forever to get her money back despite her doctor faxing letters and calling them for my mom's behalf and she in fact had to threaten them with telling her story to Channel 4 since there is a guy that does human interest stories every night about scams and etc lol. I wish I had a chance to go to a center to where there hadn't been so many problems or not so much employee turnover then I might have stayed and maybe I would be lighter than what I am now and gotten a bit of my money's worth.

02-12-2008, 12:23 AM
I too went to LA Weight Loss. I was pressured to buy bars in bulk which I didn't. I was pressured to buy things every time that I went into the clinic. I lost weight, but didn't do the maintenance. I gained back everything and more that I lost! The positive part was that I was held accountable three times a week to weigh myself and to get my food diary looked at. It is too hard to cheat when you know your butt has to get onto a scale in front of someone!

mrs Diva
03-09-2008, 03:25 AM
I too joined LAWL about a week ago and No weight loss. I only did the new 6 week trail, so maybe next week will be a better week.

03-16-2008, 06:03 PM
Offering a little clarification here re: Centers closing.

LAWL is a slightly separate entity from Pure Weight Loss. LA came first, then one of the owners wanted to do things differently (LAWL is a franchise) and started to use the Pure name and had a big corporation in which he, ulitmately, owned it all.
LA is still open in some areas.
PURE (which I joined at the end of September, 2007) closed on January 4th, leaving many of us in the lurch...most with services we've paid for and will never receive and many with products they've purchased but won't ever see.
If you are one of these people, you should contact the PA Attorney General's office, who are currently suing the owner of PWL (Vahan Karian).
He (Karian) has declared bankruptcy and hasn't yet paid anyone back (as far as anything I've heard). But the Attorney General is contending that he knew the business was in trouble and continued to push his employees to sell program and product -- thereby commiting fraud.
Karian's bankruptcy hearing took place on Friday, March 14th in Phila. I had hoped to attend, but couldn't get out of work. I haven't heard yet how it went.
As to the Alli question -- if Karian is to be believed (which I find doubtful), the statement made by the company spokesperson when they closed down had something to do with how difficult it was to stay open in such a competetive market as the weight loss industry. Alli was named as one facet of the competition.

As for me -- I had a great experience with my counselors and have had great success on this plan (have lost the 40 lbs. I originally set out to lose and am trying for a few more), even after the closing of the centers.
I am not, however, happy about the money I'm out for services I will never get.

03-25-2008, 03:10 PM
I'm actually glad I got out of LAWL when I did. I did the program for about 3 months. When I signed up I was pressured to purchase the LA Lite bars in bulk. Being a health nut, I asked to see the ingredients. They had to dig and dig through drawers to get this info, and when I looked the first ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup, and the second was soy. I actually confronted the woman and said "this bar isn't healthy. The first ingredient is sugar." And then she said eating two bars a day would keep my craving for sugar down. After some exchanging of words I was being pressured VERY heavily to buy them in bulk so I made up a story. "I'm partially allergic to soy. Eating these every day would make me dizzy." Well at that the girl had to get the manager to 'approve' me for following the plan without the bars. The manager then labelled me as a 'medical' client and wrote some things on my chart. It was completely rediculous.

After about $300 into the plan I cancelled and wound up paying for 6 months I didn't use. Their plan was nothing more than the typical 'eat healthy, 5 meals a day' and wasn't anything special. It seemed like the biggest money-making diet center I've ever tried. The only legitimate one I've ever tried was Weight Watchers. It didn't work for me but they seemed very honest and without a lot of commercial foods. I feel bad for all those people who will never get paid back for their investment in the LA Lites and services from LAWL.

04-01-2008, 05:41 PM
I participated in LAWL from June 2007 to September 2007. The people there were very friendly and helpful, but like many other posts, I felt pressured to purchase an ungodly amount of products. At one point I had 2 cabinets in my kitchen completely filled with LA lites, and I had 5 gallons of take-off juice! I do have a hard time saying no, but it was clearly noted in my file that I had just purchesed 'x' amount of boxes and the consultants would still pressure me into buying more the next visit.

Another problem I had deals more specifically at my center. The center that I was going to had waaaaay too many clients. At one point I had to wait an hour and a half in order to see a consultant. Most visits consisted of me waiting at least 40 minutes. I saw numerous clients get up leave because of the wait. This was the ultimate reason why I quit going. I had better things to do with my time than sitting in a hot room with 17 other people just to get weighed!

I was in my final year of college when I joined, and I joined in order to loose a little weight (25 lbs). I felt like I was always pushed aside so that 'favorite' clients could be catered to. Just because I wasn't in to lose 200 lbs or I wasn't in a maintenance stage doesn't make me any less of a person. I don't know if it was because I was young or not intending to lose lots of weight but I definately felt like just a number.

Considering how much money I put into the program (over $1200), I don't really feel that I got anywhere near my money's worth. I did lose a little weight on the program (12lbs). The knowledge on how to eat was great. I still use the receipes and portion cards; however, I wouldn't recommend the program to others.

06-19-2008, 07:27 PM
I joined LA almost 2 years ago. I did not stay with the program because every time I walked in the door they were pressuring me to buy, buy, and buy some more. I can honestly say that I did not follow the program to the letter so I can't give say if it would work or not. I quit mainly because it was just so expensive. There was a lot of money needed up front and then each visit they tried to sell me more. I couldn't afford to keep going. Jan

06-20-2008, 09:23 AM
Jan - I have a friend like you, she had joined and got discouraged with the high pressure sales, so quit the program. I told her she should give it another try and explained that the only thing that I have purchased was a few lites here and there, I take them all home with me so that it is harder for them to track how many I have and then each time they try to sell, I tell them I still have some... Anyway, my friend was able to take advantage of her weight loss weeks that she purchased a couple of years ago and has lost 11lbs in one month!

You may want to give it another try - they don't treat me any differently for saying no to their sales pitch... just my .02

06-23-2008, 03:30 PM
My story is short, but true. I joined LA Weight Loss in Jan '08. I was 8 weeks into my program, only lost about 5 lbs with this "program", when I went for my weigh in I noticed that the place looked packed up. Now I was going in 2-3 times a week. I asked the girl helping me if they were moving. She said yes, didn't you see the signs we had on the door? Never saw any signs and again I have been in 2-3 time this week and before and yet nobody bother to verbally mention this! I live in Canton, GA, I asked her where are you moving to? She said Acworth, GA. So I said to her, that's kinda further than I wanted to drive and not very convenient. She said that most women were going to go only once a week instead of two. Again I said that's a bit far for me (30-45 mins one way). I was told that if I wanted to continue this was the closest location I could go to. I came home and immediately contacted the corporate office. I was told someone would get back in touch with me. I have contacted and emailed numerous times asking for a refund of the unused weeks I have already paid for, plus the food purchases I have made that they were "holding" for me. Here it is June and I haven't heard from them yet. I can't say that I was getting much results with this program. Since this I have signed up with a personal trainer and been put on a low calorie diet with much more improvement. I can not and would not recommend this program simple because of the way they handled this situation, or should I say lack of.

06-25-2008, 04:02 PM
I started on LA Weight Loss a long time ago and it worked really well for me. This was back in 2001 I lost 80 pounds on it. And never really felt pressure to buy anything. The girls were all really nice. But then slowly there started to be new people that didn't really help me out much. And then I started not to go as much till I pretty much stopped. I gained alot of the weight back because I went back to my old ways. Then later on I tried it again in 2006 and lost 40 pounds but this time around they constantly wanted me to buy something. It got really annoying every time even tho i would tell them each time that I don't have the extra money. Eventually again I stopped going again. All in all you can do any type of eating right thing if you are motivated to do so. You just have to really stick to it. NO matter what you do. Its hard, they just want to make more and more money on people who are desperate to lose weight.

06-28-2008, 03:54 PM
I posted in this thread earlier and wanted to update and add another .02 cents *lol*

Ok, so i did my whole year that I had paid for, and was POP most of the time...I admit to a few cheats here and there, but not very many. I was supposed to be getting married and was trying very hard to lose weight. I signed up with LAWL to lose 95 lbs. I struggled to lose 35 lbs.

I had tried to explain to the counsellors that the food plans they had me on was too much food. When I stalled they put me on a plan with more food. I gained weight. I again tried to explain to them it was too much food, especially carbs.

They would tell me they talked to the dietician, but nothing changed. So for $800+ I lost 35 lbs. Near the end of the program I put weight back on because they brought out the numbered plans and I was eating too much.

A few weeks ago I got a firm diagnosis of PCOS. I am insulin resistant/pre-diabetic. I explained to the doctor that I have been struggling to lose weight. He told me to cut down how much I eat and cut carbs out almost completely. I have taken his advice and have lost 10 lbs. in two weeks. I am now counting my calories and watching what I eat.

I do think LAWL is a good program for some, but we are not all the same. If you are stalling on weight loss and not getting any resolution, trust your instincts and what your body is telling you. I knew I had to drastically cut my calories and food intake, but couldn't stand the thought of losing the money I paid to LAWL. In the end, I lost my money because I didn't get the results I paid for and am still quite overweight.

09-14-2008, 12:38 AM
I was in LAWL for awhile earlier this year. I had some success, but then I got stuck. They didn't offer to change my plan. There was really only one counselor there that I really related to, although most of them were nice. Then they got a new manager who managed to offend me with all of her LAWL stuff. I quit. I had maintained my loss until my Bday a few weeks ago. I've been overeating like there's no tomorrow since then. So, I've decided to go back on the LAWL plan. I just won't go in and have the "counselors" looking over my stuff. Somehow, I need to get that same motivation. Hey... maybe I can learn to be accountable to myself. Wouldn't that be something.

09-16-2008, 08:56 PM
I went to LA weight Loss last summer I think around May 2007. I stayed with it for about 4 months and lost almost 20 pounds. I did not feel comfortable going into the weight center for weigh in and my dietary questions were NEVER answered. Since I am allergic to soy I could not take the bars or other products they sold and was rushed through every weigh in barely being able to ask any questions I might of had...and when I did have them I was told they would "check on it and get back to me" but never got any answers. I pretty much lost the weight with the book and planner they gave me. A big part of the program that I was drawn to was having someone help me out along the way and to let me know what I was doing or not doing correctly...but I did not receive this portion of the program that i paid for. It felt like more of a sales store then a weight loss center.

10-16-2008, 07:49 PM
My experience with LAWL has been pretty much the same as everyone else. I did lose 50 pounds on the program, but have gained some of it back. I lost the first 40 pounds quickly on their plan, but the last 10 was a huge struggle. Then I just quit losing, and couldn't get motivated--and nothing that the counselors tried would work. I do believe it is a good basic program if you can stick with it. But it is just not realistic for the long haul.

I took a short break from them but I am getting ready to go back. I too caved into the pressure and bought the bulk lites. I will go as long as the lites hold out and will quit then -- if it is still open here. From reading the other posts, I can see the handwriting on the wall. The store hours when I started were Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Then the hours changed "for the summer", and they were still open 6 days a week, but they closed at 7 on two days and the other three days they closed at either 5 or 6 p.m. They are now closed on Tuesdays and Thursday altogether and open until 7 on Monday and 6 on Wednesday and Friday. Which means that I can't get there 3 times a week. I imagine that one day I will go and the doors will be locked -- and they will have closed.

I agree with everyone else -- the emphasis is on selling us stuff and having us refer potential new clients. They give incentives for everyone we refer. I did refer someone, but have yet to collect the incentive -- $50 of in store credit. Actually, in the store here, there is more emphasis in us referring new clients to them than us buying stuff -- although they do push that hard, too.

The staff when I started had no idea of what was going on. They seemed to have no training at all. And waiting to see a counselor some days was awful -- not because there were so many clients, but because a counselor or two would just not show up for work. The counselors contradict each other with their "nutritional" information. One of the reasons I tried this rather than WW was LA advertises no meetings. Just quick check ins. My check in is generally very quick -- however, the wait for the check in may be anything but.

The lite bars -- I wish I had thought to ask about the nutrition information for the bars before I prepaid for them. I didn't think to look at what I was eating for several months, and then I was totally appalled at the ingredients -- high fructose corn syrup! To think I was dumb enough to trust this company with nutrition -- they touted nutrition! I spent WAY too much money for this program and even though I have lost weight with them, I wouldn't do it again.

Jill D
11-17-2008, 10:43 PM
I did LAWL and lost 30 lbs, but I have since gained it all back. I had good and bad experiences. I lost the weight, I liked the 3 days a week initially to ensure I followed the program, I liked eating regular foods, and The cost was similar to WW but had more support. The starting cost does include the scale, the recipe book (the recipes are good), some samples...enough to get you started off in the right direction.

I did not mind eating the bars, they were good to put in my purse. However, I did not learn to maintain my weight without the bars... it was like I was set up to keep buying the bars for life.

I could never get the same girl and I would have to explain the same issue over and over again - I dont' eat meat. I lost all the weight eating chicken and milk (as protein). When I finished the program I stopped with the chicken and milk and the weight started to come back, because I was taught no suitable replacement for the meat or la bars.
Then I moved across the country and fell off the diet completely (a month eating-out will do it). I went into a LAWL out here to start up again and the program had changed...more protein and starches, less fruit, Arghhh. I joined up again without the bars this time. I lasted 2 weeks.
The ladies could not get it through their heads that I did not eat meat and while could tolerate a little chicken, it could not be every meal. I was told 'chicken would be my friend. I had a lady suggest Turkey sausage instead of meat!?? Each time it was another meat fight. I gave up due to lack of support and understanding.

I have found the program is not good for people who eat little meat, the vegetarian recipes are mostly starches, fruits and veggies. I feel the staff should be better educated on nutrition and other options, and less pushy on the pills, bars and snacks - in the real world we cannot always have these things.

12-05-2008, 05:04 AM
I've done 2 rounds of LAWL and just switched to MRC. I like MRC much better so far...the very limited choice is good for me (too many 'diet junk food' options with LAWL). My biggest issue with LAWL is that I purchased $150 worth of bars in bulk, and my center closed shortly after. They would not honor my purchase at my new center! They claimed that they lost all of the computer records from the one that closed, so I had no way to 'prove' that I had purchased them. GGGgggrrr.

12-08-2008, 04:35 PM
I joined LAWL 2 weeks ago and have lost 15.8lbs. I did NOT buy the bars, as I dont really like them and the chocolate causes me to have migraines. After explaining this, they seemed understanding with it, however when I weighed in today I saw a post it on my file that said "Re-talk Lites" They dont seem to take No for an answer, even when it involves medical issues. Thats annoyed me.

This is my 2nd time at LAWL and I found 2 yrs ago when I did it the cousellers were FAR more friendly and interested in my success. This time, not so much! In 2 weeks they've only looked at my diary ONCE. How can they tell me how I'm successfu or failing if they dont even know what I'm eating!

On the other side of things I did get some positive feedback on my willpower and structure which is always nice to hear.

All in all, the program has worked for me, and I'll never tak abad about the program itself, however I wish I could walk in to a friendly warm inviting environment. Wishful thinking I suppose.

01-05-2009, 11:40 AM
I joined about four years ago and lost 47 pounds from January to July.
I was on a no-lites plan and it worked for me.

I understand that they are a for-profit business - we all need to make a living, but I cannot get over how many times my counseling session was interrupted by a district manager wanting and update on the sales for the day. I waited on average 20 minutes for a session and was interrupted many times because there was no receptionist.

I give the plan itself a huge thumbs up; a solid 10.
I give the management of the centers, including phone interruptions, lack of training on the counselors part and pushiness to sell unhealthy product; a low 2.

I was successful on the plan without the added products - lites - which I do not believe are healthy supplements either. Fat blockers and carb blockers are not the healthiest either - in my opinion (although t \he effects are favorable). I know there is mention of high fructose corn syrup in posts... not a good product in excess along with sugar, I agree. But the biggest violator is the soy protein isolates (and other processed soy derivatives) added to these bars and products. Soy in it's raw from is a healthy product to injest -- but ALTERED/PROCESSED soy as in isolates and the like are not healthy ingredients to any woman who is estrogen receptive. I stay away from any products with isolated soy/isofalavins (including protein bars, certain cereals, etc.) because of the history and type of breast cancer in my family.

The reason the plan works is because the foods are limited based on glycemic scales and relies on pure foods. That is the part of the plan I love most.

01-10-2009, 10:15 AM
I actually used to *work* at LAWL. There was a lot of employee turnover, and none of us had any training in nutrition. We were taught what to say about the products in order to sell, not how to help our clients lose weight. The whole company was really terrible and poorly run! We never had the supplies or support we needed, and the clients suffered for it. I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone!

02-07-2009, 01:58 PM
ohhh i love reading all of these posts...they are so representative of the working experience i had as an LAWL employee! I suffered thru that work experience for six months, was under six managers (or so called managers) was forced to endure countless inconsistencies in policy and procedures based on all the above managers. We had a kind and skilled staff but horrid upper management. As a senior counselor, i trained newbies the best i could under changing rules and regs. but the bottom line was....make money, push product, sell sell sell and if you will lose your ability to earn a living. talk about pressure to perform each day. they worked us 12 hour days (8 hours but with odd breaks that kept us there for the 12 hours. the bars were so over priced it was sickening...meaning..a box was at our cost 2 bucks but sold for $16. we were forced to twist arms to make packaged deals. if not, we were humiliated in staff meetings for not making the weekly $$ quotas! when i walked off the job because i just could not take the abuse any longer, i helped a number of clients leave with refunds. i had a following of clients who would only deal with me because i was honest and forthright about what products were worth buying, i gave out free samples so my clients could decide if something was taste worthy of spending the money. I was not popular with management even though i was a top sales person. why?? because i was honest about the whole bull***t. Any way, the program was sued by the attorney generals office in both Oregon and Washington states for misleading advertising and business practices. how they stay open in beyond me..but from an employee stand point, they were the worst company i have ever worked for. what a waste of six months of my valuable time. good luck for those who choose this company and program..weight watchers would be a cheaper and more reasonable choice of paid programs in my opinion.

08-14-2009, 12:00 PM
Well, I started LAWL in Nov of 08 and the first few months went well. I lost about 25 lbs by february, which was better than i had been able to do on any other weight loss program or through exercise. I felt better eating the healthier foods and cravings weren't that bad. Well, it is now Aug 09 and i have not been following the diet well. part of the problem was the center. i guess i could have put up with them, but as soon as i hit a plateau they were very condescending. The solely put the blame on me (as it was a conscience decision for me to stall out). I was eating what was on the list in the reccommended amount (or less, which they always griped about, but eating everything is a lot of food). I think I just developed this fear of going in there because I didn't feel like they were caring or knowledgeable. Some of the girls were better than others, but the center's manager was the worst. They also went through the big spill about the bars and I wasn't able to eat them much (I think i was having an allergic reaction to the soy or something). They really do try to pressure you into buying their stuff although the program says you don't have to. I just go fed up. Sounds like all the centers are about the same, which is a shame!:dizzy:

09-10-2009, 02:11 AM
I was a member of LA weight loss in Ontario, Canada. I signed up and was on my way to a new life and 2 months into my program they locked the doors without notice and closed shop. I lost all my $$$ I put into program including all the food I prepurchased but did not get. It sure was a kick in the pants for me. I lost about $600 or more. I have no idea if anyone ever got any money back who may have had the same problem. If so tell me who to contact.

I have since recovered from my let down and have decided to give dieting another chance. I hope this time I will be pleased at the result.

LAWL counselor
10-09-2009, 11:45 PM
I am a current employee at LA Weight Loss. I am pretty disgruntled because of the extremely low pay (barely above minimum wage) and I feel like I am forced to sell products to every client I see each day for counseling. I was told at my job interview that I would make $25 per hour. What a lie!!!!

The products are completely over-priced... LA Lites and supplements. People cannot afford them, but we are trained on how to keep trying to sell them and make clients feel like they are necessary for weight loss. I buy all my products on Ebay because I can get a much better deal than what I get after my employee discount.

The program itself is great and everyone loses weight who follows it. I lost weight immediately when I joined the program and I now weigh 125, which I haven't weighed in over 5 years!!!

You can lose weight without all of the overpriced products. Best of luck to you.

10-10-2009, 01:10 PM
I am a current employee at LA Weight Loss. I am pretty disgruntled because of the extremely low pay (barely above minimum wage) and I feel like I am forced to sell products to every client I see each day for counseling. I was told at my job interview that I would make $25 per hour. What a lie!!!!

The products are completely over-priced... LA Lites and supplements. People cannot afford them, but we are trained on how to keep trying to sell them and make clients feel like they are necessary for weight loss. I buy all my products on Ebay because I can get a much better deal than what I get after my employee discount.

The program itself is great and everyone loses weight who follows it. I lost weight immediately when I joined the program and I now weigh 125, which I haven't weighed in over 5 years!!!

You can lose weight without all of the overpriced products. Best of luck to you.

Often a program loses its credibility by touting products.LAWL is an amazing program which teaches you how to be healthy.I recently joined and I weigh now what I used to 5 years back already.Here at our center , the counsellors are nice.they ask if I need pushing!This is a small place with tight community and publicity is by word-of-mouth. People are not if they are pushed into buying La-products, they would simply stop coming.

I think the problem with most centers is that they target the wealthy clients. They believe that overweight/obese people would do anything to lose weight.If you can scare them enough....they will blindly buy what you suggest.Being "obese" is not a is just a "condition".Makes me mad...when "obese/overweight" people are penalized into paying higher prices at "plus" size clothes stores, weight loss product stores ....
as if not finding the "right" clothes/products, hours and hours at the trial rooms are not bad enough...
Some companies just make their profit on others' helplessness.
That is one of the main reason that motivated me into taking on this program in the first place....I wanted to be free to live, do and chose.

Thank god...for a truly caring,helping LAWL center that we is Saskatoon.

10-17-2009, 12:46 AM
I Joined in March '06. I lost 20lbs the first month. Just in time for my vacation. For the 1st 2 months I bought the bars and the shakes. The bars are just an extra half of protein. I stopped buying the bars because I stopped eating them and was still losing the weight. I went to the center 3 times a week and after the 2nd month I gave them a very firm "NO" to buying anything and they left me alone. However, I did enjoy the shakes. I'm a working mom so they substitued my snacks or a meal when i was on the go plus, they were tasty.

I recently gave birth again and I wish L.A. Weight Loss was still around. It really worked, well once you bypassed all the products.

10-24-2009, 10:07 PM
Abouy 6 years ago I was on LAW and lost about 40lbs. Never made it to maintenance because I got pregnant. Went back on the program after I had my son with success. But after my separation I put a bunch of weight on. So I'm back at it. I'm trying to gather all my old information since all of the centers have closed. If anyone has any info, please let me know.

05-03-2010, 04:38 PM
In Feb. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to checkout L.A.W.L...he surprised me and gave me a full year of lawl for Valentine's Day...I was so excited to have a plan of attack...I did my first visit, the counselor was a young overweight girl but very's gone down hill since that first day...the second visit I was given the bars to try...3rd. visit came the sales pitch....I had just paid them $780.00 and they wanted me to buy those silly, unhealthly fructose laden bars!!! are you kidding's interesting to me that in their little book they tell you not to buy cereal that has high fructose corn syrup as one of the first five ingredients...helloooo...did they think we're all sheep being led to pasture....did they think I'd eat those without reading the label... there are five sugars listed in one some the stats on corn syrup ...well, here I am two and a half months later and I dread every visit...I've gone past dread and now I'm angry...I've lost 17 pounds but here is my problem....everytime I go, one of the "counselors", believe me, I use that term lightly, tries to get me to buy some of their useless, unhealthy add-ons....not doing it...I don't like being told what to do....never have, never will....they are no help at all....shame on me for being so stupid and wasting this money....shame on me for not being accountable to myself for my health...shame on them for being so sneaky and shame on you if you fell for it all and have sabotaged your health by consuming those bars and "nutritional" (again used that word lightly) supplements. Anyone kow if I can get my money back....never did get a contract...shame on me again...

05-04-2010, 01:03 PM
You won't be able to get your money back. The diet is working, correct? It IS a good plan-just tell them in no uncertain terms that you will not be buying the bars or supplements. Take a good multivitamin and a Calcium/vit D tablet. Many of us did bars but substituted Luna bars instead-but it's not at all necessary. The carb blocker they sell is crap-no one has made an effective carb blocker yet. In theory it's great-but unfortunately it doesn't work.

Use the "counselor" visit for accountability and nothing more. See if you can find one that doesn't irritate you and only see that one. It's a good solid diet-you don't need any of the gimmicks.

Good luck.

05-04-2010, 01:27 PM
pbhoney- I am sorry that you had a negative experience but I totally agree with Juliemarie.
Any event can be good or have the power to chose.My Dh gave me LAWL as a gift too, at that time I had reached very low point in my life and felt very depressed about my weight.Here I am....almost 70 lbs lighter and in control once again:)

LAWL is a business and not a social service organization...we all have to remember that. The counselors are not angels...they are human like us who have to pay bills, send their kids to school. They work commission they would try to sell their products.Truth can follow the diet without bars, you just go up one plan....say if you need to be on plan -2 with bars you follow plan-3 without bars instead.
And you said you lost 17 lbs the result speaks for itself. I don't have to go on about that...

Good luck!

05-26-2010, 12:48 PM
LA Weight Loss is the ONLY PLAN that ever worked for me. I slowly lost 110 pounds over about a year and a half. The only reason I didn't lose more quickly was because I went off plan quite a bit. Once I went through a bad breakup and I decided to just sit at home and eat. I was chomping my way through a box of Thin Mints (it was Girl Scout Cookie season) and my favorite counselor called me and told me not to give up. She said "put down the cookies. Eat nothing but chicken and green vegetables for the rest of the night, and drink tons of water. I don't care if you're peeing all night! And come weigh in tomorrow." I did what she said. I was down 4 pounds when I weighed in the next day! And I had been off plan for probably 2 weeks!

I think I was blessed because I had wonderful counselors. Yeah, there were a few stinkers here and there... but some of them had been through the program and knew all about it and decided to become counselors because they liked it so much. The weight loss was slow but it was consistent. About 2 pounds/week, and more if I exercised.

I went about 9 months before I bought the Lites. And it was totally my choice. I was struggling, and I just had this feeling "I wonder if my weight loss would increase if I bought the Lites." No pressure at all. And actually, my weight loss did increase about 50% after adding them to my plan.

In 2007 they changed the plan. They added more carbs. This didn't work for me at all. I liked it when it was more strict. I need structure.

All of the centers in my area are closed now. :(

Has anybody tried going on the original plan from years ago by themselves? I've been thinking about doing that lately, minus the Lites of course.

04-18-2011, 04:18 PM
Well I love the program but I hate the company. Extremely poor customer service. I purchased a case of take off juice during a promotion. Got to use 4 out of the 12 bottles before they expired. No exchanges, no refunds and when I requested contact from the company - no response at all. This company is out for your money (once they have it you are just anouther number). Buyer beware. I continue with the program because I prepaid in full and there are no refunds but I will not purchase any of their products and would suggest that you be careful what you sign up for.

04-25-2011, 05:22 PM
I am trying to lose weight on my own, I have done LAWL before and for the couple months I was on it, it worked, I was unable to keep up with it being that you had to buy all their food in order to lose weight or starve...I want to do the Take off diet can anyone tell me how to do it using the Morning blend as a substitution along with the 2 day meal plan and also I think I need the gold plan becuase I am 206, can someone help me.

04-27-2011, 12:04 PM
I had an overall good experience with LAWL until I got sick. When my doctor told me I was having an allergic reaction to some of the products, they refused to let me swap or refund the money which I could understand. My problem was that they kept trying to get me to buy more products even though they knew I was allergic!:dizzy:

05-31-2011, 06:41 PM
Hi Graceey,
Just to let you know I have told the staff and management (who have never responded to my complaints of selling stale dated product) that I would not buy any of their products anymore. EVERYTIME I I get called with promotion information, suggestion selling while I am going in to get weighed in and if I had not prepaid I certainly would not be spending my money their. Hindsight is a wonderful thing to bad it does not allow for a do over.

06-05-2011, 12:56 PM
I did LA weight loss back in 2003 and I was successful but then got pregnant so obviously quit. I went back in 2005 to try it again, but had gallbladder issues and all the protein they were making me eat made me sick. I couldn't afford the L A Lites that time around either which was frowned upon and ended up quiting because of health reasons. They owed me money back and I kept getting the run around about it and never did see a dime back. Then they closed. So, I am not a fan of L A weight loss.

06-07-2011, 01:23 AM
When I went to reinstate my membership the center I was going to had closed. No one ever notified me it was closing. After looking around I found another center that was 20 miles away from my home. I went there 1/2 dozen times and then one day I went back to pick up my food and that center had closed. I had never once had any notification from any one. i did report them to the BBB.