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10-29-2007, 09:14 AM
ok ladies I wanted to say good morning to you all. I am officially starting induction today. I didnt get to start when I wanted to but still did manage to lose 5 pounds. I am running extremely late so i will check in with you guys later. everyone have a great day.

beach bum
10-29-2007, 10:43 AM
Good morning Ladies:)

Thanks:thanks: ilovemike for starting us up this week.Happy to hear that you lost 5 lbs without being on induction.

I started a new diet,as I posted in last weeks thread. I don't know if it will work,but I have to try something that will make me lose again. The low carb way of life helped a little while but not anymore.

I'm now on the new diet and I'm not hungry at all having 5 meals instead of 3 large ones.The plan is similar to the beach,and it filling like low carbing. Will keep you up to date on my progress. Today starts my strength training exercisers for 5 days a week. Another change I'm making is NOT to weigh myself every day,and eat SLOWLY.

Have to go,will post later

Hugs :) BB

10-29-2007, 11:40 AM
Good morning. My lifting yesterday felt wonderful on my neck back and shoulders. As I age I find that I'm getting hunched over back there from too many years of bad posture and possibly the beginnings of osteoporosis. (my mother has it bad). Anyway I felt great yesterday, worked nearly all the kinks out of my spine, and now today everything I worked yesterday is stiff and aching with lactic acid.

Can't win it seems. Anyway I'll take some glutamine (an amino acid that helps with the after exercise achys) and go to work. Work it out again tomorrow.

I'd like to start induction today, but there is so much junk food in the house right now I'm not sure I can. I usually have to plan to be rid of this stuff before I begin. Otherwise I set myself up to fail. So no promises, but I am going to try.

10-29-2007, 03:17 PM
Where did October go?:?:

Where did the WHOLE YEAR go, for that matter?:?::p

'Mornin All!:carrot: Was supposed to get up super early and do all the things I couldn't get done over the weekend - didn't happen.:( Moving on . . .

WTG ilvemike!:carrot: Now just think of the WHOOOSH you're sure to get from really being on Induction!!:D Keep going Girl!:hug:

Sending beachie all the best vibes and well wishes as you start your new journey!:hug: "Perseverance"
is your middle name Girl!! - LOVE the way you keep on keeping on!:carrot: Glad you're keeping us Posted!

Hiya Sherry! I remember that you were my first LC Bud here @ 3fc . . . we kept starting Induction together all over again - do you remember?:p I basically gave up from March to July of this year but have re-committed to just keep Posting/trying no matter if I "fall and can't get up" or not, ya know?:dizzy: "Talking" the bad times out here has really helped me thru some rough spots from July to present . . . when I lose my motivation (I recommitted to LC/healthy life on my Beloved Mom's Birthday in July - gone 10 yrs now:( - heart disease) and the gals here have just been super inspiring when I lose focus. Hope the same happens for you when you just can't find your "click moment" etc - it's great that you're making some changes even tho' you haven't had like an epiphany/burning bush - gradual steps in the right direction certainly add up too, I think.

Thinking of weights - I burned the gym UP yesterday - I'm on a new plan of MORE weight and less reps . . . can't remember where I read about doing that on here somewhere.:?: I concentrate on perfect form and breathing now - and doesn't take nearly as long as all the light reps I was doing - so feel like I'm more likely to actually GO to the gym, ya know?:p

UBER careful with this - don't want to have anymore back surgery in this lifetime!!

I alternate days . . . UPPER was yesterday - tonight will be legs & back. I will do abs everyday - if you could see this gut - you'd know why!:cool:

Babbled long enuf here - Hope everyone will check in - where are ya missyfluffs??? Poor lilyb must not have EVAH come up for air!;) No word from landslide/wildfire bouncie either.:(

Have a Great Manic Monday All!

10-29-2007, 06:59 PM
Congrats on the 5 lbs! ILmike. And good luck with your induction. Good to see you posting again.

BB, I think the 5 mini meals is a great idea.

Sherry, good idea to get rid of the junk, at least for the first week or so when the cravings are the worst.

Aud, Time to get ready to rock november! Sometimes a little extra sleep is more important than getting things done.
I so admire all of you who lift wieghts. I have to try it someday.

I've been OP for about a week now and feeling realy good. still need to work on exercise and water but I'm back down to 193 this morning. I am so excited to get to the 180s.
Today instead of giving into the stress and cheating, I had a piece of lindt 85% chocolate it has only 4 net grams for 3sq. and I only ate 2sq. (the squares are big) made with real cocoabutter, it is so good, compleately satisfied my cravings. The last time I bought regular chocolate I didn't even like it anymore. :drool:I'm so hooked on the lindt 85%. even if I eat the whole thing the carbs aren't that bad. (Thanks Jerseygrl for the suggestion)

10-30-2007, 01:03 AM
Hey everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know I'M STILL HERE I am still in the process of moving and a TON of other changes in my life and I'll be back on the boards once the dust has settled. But yeah, I miss you guys! You're so inspirational and helpful on keeping me on track. I shall return ;)

10-30-2007, 04:49 AM
Hi Aud,

Yes more weight, less reps. Makes much more sense that way. Don't forget to warm up before you increase the weights though. Lifting works by tearing muscle fibers and then when you take a few days off the muscles heal and grow stronger. Light weights and many reps, really doesn't do much. Your body gets used to it and there are not really any strength gains. On the other hand you have to make sure those muscles are warm before you try any heavy weight or you could injure yourself.

I didn't really do a serious workout session, I was mainly trying to make my back feel more straight, strong and limber. It had that effect on Sunday, but today it felt stiff and sore. Do it enough and it will feel good, that stiffness will go away. But can't do it every day or no gains made, you just keep tearing muscle fiber and it doesn't have time to heal. The gains are made during "rest periods". Of course, it is aerobics that burns fat, weight lifting really doesn't, it just makes muscle fiber that increases your metabolism so that when you aren't exercising you burn more calories to support that muscle.

I love lifting. Not sure why I'm so lazy that I rarely do it. Lack of time I guess. Got sick today, not going to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll lift some more in the morning.

Didn't get back on induction yet. I think it is very hard to do LC without a lot of planning. Hard to go to lunch and eat without having any bread. Limits your choices so much. I guess if I really want to do this, I'll have to start taking my lunch.

10-30-2007, 09:17 AM
Ok so I got my true weight this morning. I am not down 5lbs, i am down 2 still. I also think I goofed yesterday on my first day of induction cause I dont think i was supposed to have beans. Well here is to a new day. Dont know if i should count this as day 1 or 2 oh well.

beach bum
10-30-2007, 11:05 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

What I thought was sinus problems turned into a bad head cold. I'm glad that I don;t have any appointments that I have to break except for a having my hair cut. The new diet is working as far as hunger is concerned. I'm not going on the scale until my Sat. W-I. I don't want to get my head messed up,like the scale was doing to me weighing in everyday.

Portion control or eating less is the key that will unlock the door. I'm learning that myself, by eating less,having 5 mini meals instead of 3 large ones,I'm in control and don't have to rely on food,as I'm very hungry.

I hope this diet will work also,this 20 lb gain must be removed some way,and I not going to give up. I'm going to fight this weight loss battle.

Sherry-Sorry:sorry: to hear about your back.Be careful of those weights. I'm into strength training but I use 2 lb weight. I have the big O's and I have to be careful with my back. Can't do any floor exercises,have to do them standing up.

Aud-Thanks :thanks: I'm going to try hard to get this weight off once and for all. Like I posted above this thing is not going to win.I'm now learning that portion control really works.

Puncezilla-The 5 mini meals are not hard to make. I just cook :chef: the same but the left overs are for the following week.Glad that you found the chocolate trick that working for you.I don't have s sweet tooth,but when it come to salty snacks I can't refuse :drool: I guess we're all different.

Kraw-Good luck:luck2you: in the moving, I know what your doing though. The worse move for me was to for a different state. Gong to miss you.,just what ever don't stress :stress: out.

ilovemike-So you made a mistake 2 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats :cheers: for getting that off.

Have a great morning

Hugs :) BB

10-30-2007, 02:59 PM
Hello, Still plugging away with the world's slowest metabolism. I'm starting week seven with about a pound a week to show for my efforts. I guess it's something, right? I do feel better though so it must be worth it! I was hoping that once my body got used to the low carb, it would start burning up the pounds more quickly, but not so far. I think I am pretty well adjusted. I'm not usually real hungry and I don't have the cravings anymore. Last night I made pasta for the family and only tasted the meat sauce - not the pasta. That's good for me. I still tend to eat more cheese then I should, but I stopped bringing the cheese sticks to work for a snack In fact, I don't have anything for a snack at work. When I'm home I'm likely to go for a chunk of cheddar cheese, but I usually have some leftover meat of some kind in the frig so I have options.
On Saturday, I know I went over my carb limit "tasting" sausage at a "taste of" event. The only thing close to being Atkins-friendly was sausage and ham, no unprocessed protein available. I did manage to avoid the tortillas, biscuits, and a whole section of sweets. I did all right on Sunday, but DH burned the two steaks I bought. One side was black and crispy! I didn't kill him though. Then yesterday I made a bunch of leftovers (on purpose). They have the pasta, but I have a couple of burgers and some chicken breast that just need a little zap. So I'll keep plugging for a little longer.
I missed two days at the gym on Friday and Monday (funny how real life interfers!) I took DD and a friend bike riding on Sunday to make up for missing my WO's, but the friend got a flat tire and we had to cut it short. But I did make it to the gym today for some eliptical and some crunches. Tomorrow I should be at my step class! I miss it.
Sherry, my mother had osteoporosis too. So I worry about it. I loved Yoga classes for that kind of stretching, I miss that class too but can't fit it into the schedule. I don't seem to have the discipline for weights by myself. I've started programs a couple of times, but I don't stick with it. I admire people who can stay with it.
Well, I finished my lunch so it's time to get back to work. Lynn

10-30-2007, 03:01 PM
awwwww kraw!:hug: Moving can be the PITS! Not sure you'll see this but will be thinking of you and hoping you're hanging in there!:carrot: Think of it as an exercise opportunity!:p Moved from a lot of apartments in my time . . . My Mom always made sure I took the upstairs "flat" as she called them - less bother/noise if you're the upstairs neighbor she said . . . so moving was always a STAIRCASE Adventure for me thinking back.

I'm thinking a whooosh is coming up for you ilmike4!:carrot: Anytime the scale moves around like that - I end up getting one the following week if I stay OP. No, beans aren't on Induction I don't think - very healthy and added back in on Phase II OGWL(???:?:) - just too many carbs for Induction. I've ate them and still lost tho' - I think 'cause they're so much better than a sack of Krispy Kremes or whatever else I used to grab 'n eat, ya know?

Oh yeah, I'm ready to ROCKOvember, puncie!:carrot: (Hmmmmm, worked better with "Rocktober" didn't it?:cool:) Wanted to invite you, (or anyone else) who's having trouble with water intake/FOCUSSING in general . . . to join our new "W.O.W." Challenge that's just starting Thursday - a group of fun gals in the "Chicks Up For A Challenge" section under "Support." You can read about it here - I'll brb with the link:

Very low key/no pressure/welcoming group of great gals that sometime chat or sometime just Post daily goals - has really helped me be AWARE of what I want/need to do in a day and also thinkthinkthink of waterwaterwater!

Had a super great upper body work out yesterday - broke it up into 2 sessions so I had the time to really concentrate on form & breathing sherry. I only work on the circuits per my orthopedic back surgeon - protecting those discs for life - I've got osteo AND degenerative disc. Resting the upper bod today and ready to RIP the lower bod tonight! (That just reminded me to Post/update my ex. minutes in beachies' Oct. ex. Thread - are we going to keep on keeping on in November, beachie? Hope you get to feeling better - love reading about your new plan!)

IA planning is key Sherry - but I find its becoming 2nd nature. Went to a butchers shop up the street that I haven't been to in a year or more . . . LOVELY cuts of meat. Got some sausage & some faboo tasting salami to snack on . . . just saying that it does get easier.

How you doing robin?

I've got to head out a bit early yet again - OFF the OverTime supposedly starting Thursday . . . will miss the CHA-$-CHING - but CANNOT WAIT for these grueling 12-14 hr nights to be OVAH already!

ETA: *Waving to lynnar!!* Just saw your Post . . . how old are you? My metabolism DIED at the onset of early menopause - around 43. Weight lifting I think has made the diff this time around - I'll be 47 in Dec. Even if I just do push ups - I can still lose. (Could not even do ONE p/u - have worked my way to 10 girlies - concentrating on form & breathing - give it a try!)

beach bum
10-30-2007, 04:11 PM
Aud-Of course we will continue to do the exercising thread every month.Why not,thats the only way it keeps me accountable to get my exercising done when I see the thread above.

Hugs :) BB

beach bum
10-31-2007, 10:16 AM
:witch::dracula:HAPPY:haphal:HALLOWEEN:dracula::wi tch:


Stayed on program:hungry: for 3 days now and I sneaked peeked on the :goodscale:scale,and I down a few pounds. Can't wait until Saturday W-I.

The exercises:exercise: are interesting,except biking for 30 mins you first start off with 80 rep per min than 4 M reg pedaling back to the 80 reps. on the bike:bike: for 10 mins, than you work your upper & lower body for 10 mins and last but not least the cool down for 5 mins. This is done for 5 days and than on the following week you add 5 mins or to biking[15M] etc etc.

I know its going to take time to get my body in shape again,but I'm working on this.

Have a great Morning,

Hugs :) BB

10-31-2007, 02:06 PM
Hi everyone, sorry I've been missing this past week. Just lots going on here. Major crapola with DH's XW and the child support stuff. (she told the child support people that Shelbey was just visiting with us although she has been living with us for 6 months and they garnished DH's wages). Grrrrrrrrrr. I ended up having to hire a new attorney cause our attorney is being to slow and said it would be at least 6 more months before she could get anything done about this.

My car is in the shop being fixed from the head-on with the deer and I'm currently using a rental car.

My eating hasn't been near so perfect as it was, I'm maintaining but still 2 lbs. over goal. Even with all the stress, I'm at least not throwing in the towel and bingeing and I am exercising everyday.

DH went back to work last night, so should have more time to post this week. I have a hard time getting to use the computer when he is home.

10-31-2007, 03:07 PM
So the reason not to weigh yourself between WI's is that when you're up two pounds for absolutely no reason because you've been O.P. and exercised, it's hard to stay focused. You know!! But since it is an unofficial WI, I'll just not think about it. I'm still down 7 pounds darn it!!

Yeah, Aud, it's an age thing. My metabolism is definitely over the hill, but then I'm always surprised when I remember that I am Over the Hill! 51 to be exact, but I really do forget. It's part of the denial thing that I've been practicing ever since the big 5.0. I think it's because I always find myself working with much younger people so it's easier to pretend to be younger. But no secrets here! I'm old and I'm overweight and I'm trying to fix the one thing so I won't be so affected by the other, you know?

10-31-2007, 03:55 PM
Hey ladies just checking in on my lunch break. I have the wonderful flu so decided that i will be back OP when i am feeling better so i am just taking it easy and what not. I hope that everyone is doing ok.

10-31-2007, 06:37 PM
:dracula::frank::witch2::haphal::sklol:HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Took the night off and ready to enjoy family (niece's family on their way up to our more populated treat neighborhoods!) . . . & friends and currently contemplating a few FROSTY Bud Lights - been months since I had one!

lynnar: Girl DO I know what you mean!

beachie: HOORAY for the exercise AND the Thread!

lilyb: Had some recent ex drama myself! (Bought himself a new Harley and showed up at my Bro's Bar showing off and running his mouth - Golly I sure did pick a winner, didn't I?:cool:) Hang in there AND WTG on not bingeing OffP during it!

ilovem4: Get Well Vibes headed your way!

I've made some Atkins Meatballs in the crock to go with my Bud Lights . . . sloppy joes for everyone else.

Had some major politics/drama played on me last nite at work - MAJOR, okay? Sad to report that the age old cycle I finally identified in my life once again took hold - ate THREE freakin' stalks of Town House crackers with cream cheese and really did a number on myself and how far I've come - in response to the stress.

Logically, I reason out this self destructive response - and yeah, I used to be that way ALL the time (almost 250#'s worth of self abuse!) . . . but still . . . there it is.

*dusting self off yet again*

11-01-2007, 09:06 AM
Only had 6 kids last night!! :eek: That means I have a bag and a half of candy left :( Hubby is making short work of the nerds, but he might have to hide the cheetos!!

Kel~ are you out there reading? Are you in Buffalo and didnt stop to say hi? Yesterday infront of our shop a white hummer pulled up, and the plates said "SUPERMAN1" :lol: Made me think of you right away. Hope all is well with you and superman!

Aud~you recognized what you did, and that is great! I really hate the politics that plays out in work places. I hope its better today for you.

Im still plugging away, trying to decide what eating plan I want to follow. But Im not bingeing while Im deciding ......WOW, what freedom! Relearning how to eat hasnt been easy!

Have a great day ladies!

11-01-2007, 12:40 PM
Aud, sorry you've had some EX drama too. What a PITA it is.

So, today will be 100% back to basics for me with Atkins. I did grocery shop yesterday so no excuses.

I do have leftover halloween candy, so I'm going to give it to my neighbors 3 little girls today. I don't need the temptation around.

Robin, I know what you mean about the re-learning how to eat. I started with Atkins, went to Calorie Counting, then to South Beach and now back to Atkins. It gets so confusing sometimes.

11-01-2007, 02:03 PM
Sad to say that it has been my experience with workplace politics/drama that women are the worst.:( Where I work, there just is no comparison to the "brotherhood" the fellas have - no comparable "sisterhood," ya know? These guys will stick by each other thru ANYTHING . . it seems the gals will stick with them too . . . but with another woman? SHEESH - forget it 99% of the time!:mad: It's MEOW CITY!

okokok . . . vent over . . . Halloween Partying over . . . its back to basics . . . getting some water into my alkyhol dehydrated bod and off early to the gym.:carrot:


11-01-2007, 04:06 PM
Hi gals. Been overwhelmed by Real Life for a few weeks, and went off plan. Not nearly as bad as I was before 3fc (no fast food, no prolonged sweets binges, no white food). I've had a whole bunch of medical tests, each of which I had to drive 3-5 hours for, my dog tried to kill a skunk (would have succeeded, too, if I hadn't interrupted her) and then came in the house and tried to wipe it off on everything, rolled on the bed in the guest room, then dodged under my bed and wouldn't come out. My house was darned near uninhabitable for a week, and I darned near washed all the fur off that dog. She still stinks. I used a special skunk-deactivating enzyme product (Nature's Miracle) that I bought at the feed store. What worked better was a mixture of 1 qt. 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Oh, and my shower still stinks, too, just from my shower after bathing the dog the first time. That's after scrubbing it with everything I could think of. Wonder if the smell soaked into the fiberglass? I don't know who smelled worse, Molly or me. I could hardly stand to be in the shower with myself, and that was in running water! After aforementioned shower I had to go to Walmart to buy more hydrogen peroxide, and the feed store to look for the enzyme stuff. I drove everybody else out of both places, hee! Being in the car with myself was indescribable. I'm going to be telling this story for a long, long time. I'm losing my touch, though -- so far, only one person peed her pants laughing!

My off-plan adventure started with 3 birthday celebrations in one week, all of them at night, each with a homemade birthday cake. I had a piece of each one. And some Halloween candy. Last night I gave the leftovers to my neighbor. I did not go full-on over the carb cliff, but I'm afraid to get on the scale. Today I'm trying to stay on plan. I've been trying since Sunday but not very successfully. My house is full of good food and no binge food except a jar of organic natural peanut butter, so hopefully it will go well. I'm craving carbs. Sniff.

beach bum
11-01-2007, 05:04 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Had a busy morning, between church choir,grocery shopping,cooking dinner & some sewing that I had to do I didn't have to time to post.

I started an November exercising log,and if you want to join me this time you welcome. Remember Thanksgiving and all the other holidays that follow are just around the corner.

Halloween was a bust,only 2 kids showed up with there moms. Thank goodness I didn't buy candy I had mini snacks,that I could crumble up and use on top of casseroles.

Lily-Sorry:sorry: for all your problems,you really had you share this year.You did wonderful not going to a binge with all thats going on.Hope everything works out with your new lawyer.

Lynn-I was a sneak peeker on the scale and I used to W-I everyday to have a week average . Did I learn the hard way,by :stress:STRESSING:stress: out when doing everything right and the scale going up. My DH told me not to do this,and now the stress has disappeared.

ilovemike-Hi :wave:Hope you get better soon:getwell:Take care

AUD-Don't despair that town house cracker sleeve was better than candy.One day, I don't think will hurt your weight.AUD,my friends are that way with the world series this year.They have no idea what they are talking about.DH told me they just on the band wagon,and not to take notice of them.

Robin-I agree with Lily once your on a different food plan it does get confusing.In the last year I was on Atkins SB/ with LC foods,and now on the GI diet,but the latter is lonely for 5 weeks,don't know which one I'll go back to again,it depends on my weight.

Bouching-We're so happy:) :) that your posting again. Yikes:yikes: 3-5 hr drive is enough to stress you out. I had to do that when my DH was on Chemo. and then the doubled whammy that your dog attached a skunk. I hope you can clean and get rid of the smell and don't have to replace all bedding,draperies or slipcovers. You lose it again, once your OP and exercising again.

Have to go,have an nice evening

Hugs :) BB

11-01-2007, 05:05 PM
Hi Ladies,

I made your November Exercise thread a sticky :p

Have a WONDERFUL day :hug:


11-01-2007, 06:27 PM
Thanks aud for leading me to this thread!

Hi everyone. I am new to this low carb thing and today is my first day of the low carbs. I was going to try to do the full fledged induction(sp) thing, but decided to ease into this thing would work better for me. There's NO way I can get through a day @ only 20 carbs. Not right now anyways. At least not until I finish the book and get a better understanding of this and of the foods available to me. lol! :D

11-01-2007, 08:10 PM

Glad to hear you are reading the book so you will understand this way of life! Atkins works when done correctly!!

All the best to you!!


beach bum
11-02-2007, 10:48 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Going to my seniors sing group today to rehearse for the next nursing home performance. I missed last week because of a severe sore throat.It seems that every time I sing I get this sore throat.Have to start singing 3 times this week.[Sunday for Church choir,Wed rehearsal, and on Fri for the Senior Center]Leo thinks I should stop singing for a while and than continue after I rested up my throat. What do you think??? Don't want to take anymore antibiotics ,I had enough medicines this last month,which I believe is effecting my weight loss.

LEENIE-Thanks for putting the November Exercise Thread up on the sticky. I don't know about the other ladies but I need a place to go to to record my activity for that day.

DIVA-Welcome :welcome: to the thread and board. Nice group of ladies that have the same problems with weight control, lots of motivating and support on this board. You know the best,so best of luck:luck2: on low carbing.I still watch my carbs I have fruit and veggies and my revolution rolls are what save me when I crave bread.

Jersey Girl-You correct,Atkins does work,but I glitz on the program and now its hard to fine the my carb balance.

Have a great morning

Hugs :) BB

11-02-2007, 02:20 PM
Hi, hope you don't mind if I stop in for a little whine (but no cheese!). Today is my official WI day and yes, I am up one pound. How is that fair?!!? I haven't been cheating at all. I made it all the way through Halloween without any candy and last night I was a "desert social" for a volunteer group I work with and I passed on everything-even the fruit bowl! The only thing I feel the tiniest guilt about is Wed. night. It was one of those really bad, really stressful days at work. I'll spare you all that whole whine-just beleive that it was a baaaddd day. Bad enough that my usually insensitive husband suggested eating out. So we went back to the BBQ place and I had a rum and diet coke. O.K., I had two rums and diet cokes, but everything else was not only on plan, it was on induction plan. Just grilled chicken breast (hold the corn medley) steamed broccoli and a really small side salad. I even made them leave the crispy tortilla strips off the salad (and I love those little buggers!). So why am I up a pound?? Why aren't I down five or six pounds? Where's my Atkins Whoosh? ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!!!

11-02-2007, 03:45 PM
Well, I've cut the carbs this week and am down 3 LBS since Monday, but I feel nauseous. Also, I use the to log my food and exercise and I am a little disturbed at the High fat shaded part of my circle. The carbs are very low as compared to the past and the fat is WAY up. That's scary. It that normal? It's also really easy for the calories to add up doing this too. :(

11-03-2007, 09:51 AM
Well, I've cut the carbs this week and am down 3 LBS since Monday, but I feel nauseous. Also, I use the to log my food and exercise and I am a little disturbed at the High fat shaded part of my circle. The carbs are very low as compared to the past and the fat is WAY up. That's scary. It that normal? It's also really easy for the calories to add up doing this too. :(

Hi Diva,

To answer your questions, the nausea you are experiencing is known as the "Atkins flu" and is quite common the first week of Atkins Induction. It is your body's way of withdrawing from bad carbs. It will pass in a few days.

Atkins is not a low fat way of eating. When you eat Atkins style...your body converts fat rather than carbs for fuel. Dr, Atkins made it quite clear in his book that trying to do a low fat version of Atkins isn't going to be successful. Although we have all been conditioned to believe fat is bad for us...good fats in moderation can be healthy and will help you achieve weight loss.

As for calories...while Dr. Atkins said calories are important & do matter...carbs are the focus of this way of eating. I personally have never counted a calorie since beginning Atkins over 3 & a half years ago.

When done correctly, Atkins is a healthy way of eating that definitely works!

All the best to you!!


beach bum
11-03-2007, 11:09 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Its rainy:rain: and the winds are going to be fierce up On Cape Cod.Noel is coming here to entertain us with is performance this afternoon. Leo went out to buy one of those already cooked BBQ chickens :chicken:so we have something to pick on, just in case our Electric goes out.

W-I was this morning and I went up .5,so what I lost in the middle of the week was a fluke.It might be water retention,or something that had to much sodium in it.

Don't really understand the new diet,because what I read [pros & cons]on the internet,they have somewhat a food list to go by,but they don't stress on portion size. Going to try it for one more week an then go back to LOW CARBING. The exercising part I'm going to continue doing as I really like the :exercise: workouts.

Have a great weekend

Hugs :) BB

11-03-2007, 01:12 PM
Hi everyone, it's been very busy around here. I'm once again trying to get my way of eating down to a perfection. I've posted my list of induction allowable foods on my fridge to help eliminate the guesswork. It's crunch time cause I can't afford to gain a single lb. through the holidays. (Actually losing about 5 lbs. would be the optimum).

I've had so much stress lately and it really sucks. I'll do great with eating until evening hits and then blow it. My sis is in the hospital with super-high blood pressure, newly diagnosed diabetes and a "mass" on her intestines. She is having exploratory surgery today. I'm hoping she is OK and pulls through this. She is 2 yrs. younger than me, but is really unheathy. I'm really hoping that soon she will make some positive lifestyle changes. Maybe her Dr.will give her a much needed kick in the butt like mine did.

I'm going to join you all on the exercise thread.

11-03-2007, 02:46 PM

Girl - I've been Posting how I googled to see if Beloved Cobb Mountain was near first the landslides and then the wildfires!:o Thank Goodness it wasn't and you were just attacked by skunkie via dogggie.

Grew up on a farm - and this really works: Tomato Juice! Not sure if it'll take it out of your bathroom but give it a whirl . . . we used to get the "school cafeteria" size cans - and soak the dog down in a tub outside - leave on as long as you can b4 rinsing. It'll take that lingering nauseating smell out of ANYTHING. I think I learned about this in 4H when I was a'youngun.

Let me know if you try it - you'll be amazed - and so glad you're back!:hug:

Hiya Diva - keep reading the book and listen to Our Beloved JerseyGirl! I'm not quite the "purist" she is at this point but CAN tell you that my Total Cholesterol dropped over 50 points at one time - all while scarfing pork rinds/eggs/beef jerky/corned beefies etc. The only way to convince yourself I think is to do starting Cholesterol and a few months ON PLAN, ya know? Add: My "good" cholesterol shot waaaaaaaay up & the "bad" went way low . . . Dr. was AMAZED!:carrot: No way would I count fat and/or calories in this wol/woe - that's the beauty of it - besides how GREAT I feel.

A Big Weekend HELLO to everyone else . . . gotta get moving but want you to know lilyb that I've already sent prayers out for your DLILSis. Hang in there - off to the exercise Thread beachie - and then off for some good ole exercise!:carrot:

PS: That is frustrating, lynnar!:mad: Sending out WHOOOOOSHIE thoughts for ya!:p

beach bum
11-03-2007, 05:46 PM
Just got our electricity back,was out for 2 hrs. Gee that Hurricane Noel is blowing winds as much as 90 MPH in some parts of Cape Cod but our area is a little less around 60 to be exact.

Luckily we don't have any trees around the houses just the scrubs pines. The other trees are in the woods behind us.

Lynn-Sorry:sorry: about your w-i I'm up .5 and did everything right. I'm guessing it was water retention or some kind of sodium that was in my food intake.

LILY-I know night time is a big eating time for a lot of us. Try to keep your fingers busy.I'm trying a thing called cross stitching. I'm going to attempt to make little Christmas tree ornaments for my DGC.Sending good thoughts & prayers for your sister.My sister is not on the healthy eat kick either. I thing some butt kicking is in order.:kickbutt::kickbutt: for both sisters, your & mine.

AUD-Taking it easy today,I'm still in my PJ's as I didn't go out with the storm around us. No :no: exercise:exercise: today,will start again tomorrow.

Hugs :) BB

Ms Spotdog
11-03-2007, 06:21 PM
Robin: LOL! No, that wasn't us in your neck of the woods! If we venture all the way from Sacramento, CA to Buffalo, NY, you will be the FIRST to know! My guy could have that license plate, tho, cuz he IS my Superman!

Nice to see you back, Bouncing-

Sending prayers and healing vibes your way for you sis, Lily.

Have a nice weekend all-


11-04-2007, 11:38 AM
Swam an actual lap yesterday at the Y!:carrot: (Had to rest in between) - but STILL made it all the way down and back. Had NO idea it would be so hard to do! Have a new appreciation for those I've watched glide up and down. Gonna try to work toward being able to do one w/o stopping.

Glad you survived the storm beachie! Such a pain not to have electricity, I know.

It's so beautiful here - classic autumn day - but a bit on the warm side already.

Headed out into it - ttyal!

11-04-2007, 12:39 PM
Hi ladies. I am feeling much better and I am ready to jump back on the bandwagon. I am scared to see what I am weighing now. I am thinking that those 2 pounds are probably back on my butt again. LOL It will only take a day or so for them to be gone anyways. I have so much crap to do today and now I dont even have the motivation to do it. I did at like five this morning but of course i could not wake up the house doing so.

beach bum
11-04-2007, 02:55 PM
Hi Ladies:)

After we got our power back around 5 ish last night we had it until Sunday morn at 6AM and the power went out again, luckily Leo bought some ready cook chicken the other day and I had my main meal that was scheduled. Now tonight I 'll have a tuna fish salad.

AUD-Swimming is a great exercise work all the main muscles.Good you you going to the Y.
We got a second blackout as you see in my post above. Thank goodness It doesn't happen often,the whole town was out. The church was dark and no organ playing.The choir had to sing accupelo.

ilovemike-You never know,maybe the weight gain won't be that high,and if it is you'll lose it again. Think positive, thats what my DH always tells me.

Have a great afternoon

Hugs :) BB

11-04-2007, 05:47 PM
Hi all. Here in CA we heard all about the Cape -- I thought about you, BB! Aud, actually there was a little teeny fire up here. My power was out for 12 hours. It's been beyond gorgeous for 2 weeks and is predicted to be for another 2. I wish it would rain so I don't have to drag out the scanner again! A friend who is a firefighter w/Calfire says danger is high. Not off the chart like LA, but high.

Lily, how's your sis? I said a prayer for her.

Leaves are knee deep up here. I need to go rake while I can still FIND the plants I need to unbury! Poor things. They're just barely peeking out from under all the leaves. On Halloween day I raked the driveway so nobody fell down when acorns rolled their feet out from under them. Filled my huge green can. They'll take it away Tues. and I can fill it again -- driveway looks like I never touched it, though not so many acorns this time. Before I raked, there was no place you could step where there weren't 4 or 5 of them under your foot. Just walking out there was an adventure.

Gee, I read on the internet in several places that tomato juice is an urban legend --masks the smell but doesn't actually remove it. Guess they're wrong, huh? I still have some Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover just in case the little rascal comes back. Also have some more peroxide and baking soda, so I'm all set. May it all grow old, untouched, under the sink...