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10-25-2007, 06:18 PM
Here is our new thread.....

Hope you all have a great day and a good weekend coming up.


10-26-2007, 01:43 PM
Well, ladies, it is a beautiful crisp day here, about 45 degrees out. The sun is shining and we have no ballgames and expect no company. Will be getting my haircut (long overdue), a pedicure, and movie tomorrow. Life is sweet!

I have been watching the horrible fires in California. I think one of the main differences between this catastrophe and the other natural disasters is the economic standards of those affected. Million-dollar homes burned in fire areas. One of my thoughts is: What were they thinking by building there? But I feel for them how devastating it must be to have just everything burned. By the way, does anybody else enjoy hearing the governor pronounce "California"?

Maria, so many people I know have been so sick with colds and allergies around here, including me. I hope while you were with your daughter you did get some of that household organized. And you enjoyed your girls, of course.

Peggy, in OKC this weekend is the big craft show "Affair of the Heart". It is always fun to go to, but just don't want to travel this year. I like seeing the new craft ideas. Some of the things are beautiful and some I just wonder who would really buy that stuff? Everyone has different tastes.

Anne and Karen, are your pool visits getting a bit more sporadic? Seems funny to talk about going to the pool and the Christmas show in the same posting. I just cannot believe Christmas is so soon. I remember my mother saying time is going so fast. I must have just got to that same period in my life.

Canadians, so your dollar is buying more than ours. Seems like my dollar is gone so quickly my head buzzes. It does seem that everyone is so spoiled and now doesn't just want a pair of shoes, but a pair of shoes with a designer label. I work with people who love expensive purses and shoes and houses. Just don't understand that brand of consumerism. Oh well, did you notice the start of a Glenda Rant there? I will stop before it gets going in earnest.

Have a good weekend.

Karen L
10-29-2007, 06:43 AM
Glenda I can't speak for Ann. But I am still in the pool for exercises 3 days a week as long as it's not raining. The pool water is heated. So we only squeal when we get out. Am going to make me a long robe out of towels just to put on when I get out. Can't seem to find a real terrycloth robe these days.

I spent yesterday afternoon working on the quilt. It is now together to the point that I'm doing the quilting part. I using the machine for this. It is turning out pretty good so far. But worked yesterday until I could no longer see anything but red, blue, green & purple and ABC"S . I have some sweatshirts that I am making into cardigans. That is my next project. I also have some quilted totes to sew up . They have been cut out for ages just waiting for me to do them.

Been up since 4am . I hate not being able to sleep!!!! Finally made the coffee and here I sit.

The family had a baby shower for DIL on Saturday. The had it along with the monthly family BBQ. So all the men outside while the ladies played shower games. DIL had never even been to a shower before so my DD and Other DIL tried to really make it nice. And from what I heard it sounded fun baby got lots of pink. My Mom said they will be in trouble if it turns out to be a boy.

My DD finally had to have her son tested for ADHD . She always new there was a problem but also knew he didn't have a learning disability because he is smart. Just could not focus. She was right. She also had herself tested and she also has a milder form. She tells me now that they are both on medication that is like night and day. She is able to focus on the task at hand instead of flying in 20 different directions all at the same time. I said to my self good . Now maybe she can clean out that closet!!!!!!!!! G-Son is doing better also. He will need some help to get caught up in school but the doctor seems to think in 6 months he should be up to par. The poor kid has a high IQ but just can't focus on anything long enough to learn. Funny how the brain works or in this case doesn't.

Am going to play games now. Hi to everyone Hope you all are getting a good sleep.

10-29-2007, 04:43 PM
Karen, I have a grandson with ADHD. They have known since he was a little poop. He was always going in 10 different directions, totally impulsive and very smart. He is now 17 and much better. He has some strategies that he uses when he feels overwhelmed. He has had a terrible time on the medicine. It either put him to sleep or wound him up and he would not eat. So, now he not on anything. But he is doing okay without it now. I hope you get some sleep.

I did write you an email about Brookie. Just heard she is on her way home and is feeling much better. She has had some steroids and they have made a huge difference and her labor pains have quit. Now she just has to lie around until Colton comes. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I hate saying she is "like my granddaughter" because she IS our granddaughter, no two ways about it.

Hope everybody is plodding along. I got a haircut on Saturday that is really pretty different. It is short in the back and really loooooong on the sides to go behind the ears. Looks kind of snazzy, if I do say so myself.

10-31-2007, 05:06 PM
Girls, I weighed this morning. I have lost 6 pounds. Took a month, but I am so happy! Now if I could just get 5 more gone, I would be actually a little below that high goal at WW. Just so excited! It sure isn't easy. Just counting everything I eat is the key. It is so easy for me to just leave off 2-3 points a day.

Okay, what do you think about "Dancing with the Stars"? Hello. Is anybody out there?

11-01-2007, 07:31 PM
Well, Halloween is over and it was a success in our neighborhood. I think because it was still light the kids didn't start going around until nearly 6PM and we had kids coming in bunches....the little ones are so cute. I had some candy that I got just because I don't like it and we used almost all of it. Later we got the big kids and they seem to get bigger each year. If the trick or treaters didn't say anything when I answered the door I would say "MY goodness who do we have here...what are you doing ringing my doorbell. " Then they would say "Trick or Treat" and then I would give them their candy. The 10 to 12 year olds were the worst offenders. They just come up and stick out a hand. Just before 8PM, cut off time, one of the firemen that live down the street drove his pick up very slowly up the street and then down a couple of times. On the back he had a friend doing the Papplebon dance.. They had a boombox playing the music for the dance and a great group of kids were walking behind the truck. It was great fun. (Jon Papplebon was the winning pitcher of the last game of the World Series which the Red Sox won. He is quite a character and does a type of Irish step dance and in the Rolling Rally they had in Boston after the victory he was on a flatbed truck doing the dance with a Kilt over his jeans. He was also on with Dave Letterman last night.)
Other than that that little bit of fun, life has been just rolling on. Took in all the outdoor pots today and the outdoor hoses so they wouldn't freeze.
As for Christmas I have only 4 gifts and none for the grandkids yet. But I do have the 2 birthday gifts for the November and December kids. Still need to think of something for my DD and DIL who also have November and December birthdays.

Christmas....how to go broke in one easy lesson. LOL I still love the Holiday!

Hope all are well and in better shape for Christmas than I am.

By the way! CONGRATULATIONS, GLENDA!!! That is a great loss and if you can do that you do the rest. Think positive.


11-01-2007, 08:25 PM
Congrats Glenda. You will make your goal, I'm sure. I hope that I can say the same one of these days. It sure is a never ending struggle.

Gloria: We don't have trick or treaters, since we live in a gated community out in the country. I rather miss the little ones. I was supposed to work at church last night for the Fall Festival, but since i have this miserable larengytis I stayed home. Went to the Dr. today and he said no talking for a while if I want to get over it. He says there is a virus that can cause larengytis and that antibiotices are no good for it. Only if it goes deeper, and I start coughing up gunk. so he did give me a prescription just in case. Oh joy!!!

Since I got this dumb virus, I haven't been to the pool, Now they are predicting colder weather, and so this may be the end of my pool time for a while.

I was really shocked at the Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday. I never expected that young gal to get voted off. The only thing I thought about was that all her other dances were the fast and spectacular and sexy types and when she did the Foxtrot, she was not as good. Maybe there were others who felt that way too. It is getting harder and harder to eliminate someone. What is your prediction?

I have to write DH notes since with his poor hearing when I whisper, he can't hear me. FRUSTRATION!

Hi everyone. Have a good weekend coming up. And we will gain an hour when we set our clocks back. Ann

11-01-2007, 09:18 PM
G'day all,

Well done Glenda:carrot::carrot:on your weight loss. Glad everything is OK with Brook, that was a bit scary.

We don't really have Halloween, we hear a little about it and if anyone does anything about Halloween it is put down as 'Americanism'!
Your description of Halloween sounded fun Gloria especially now that I can picture your street.

Ann that must be so frustrating for you, Alan has hearing aids which have been good, I immediately know when he has forgotten to put them in. His hearing loss is mild compared to your dh, we have never had to write notes.

I have been really busy and the I am nowhere near finished with all the jobs I have to do.
Yesterday I did take some time out to do a new website for Saskia and of course I now also have to update Matilda's and Poppy's, hopefully sometime over the weekend.

This afternoon I am off to the dentist....again and I am now getting close to having my teeth implants put in place.
I have to say that this is an excercise that I will NOT ever do again unless it involves my front teeth. I was given a quote of about $8000 to $9000 it has now blown out to $15000 :eek: :eek: It is a ridiculous amount of money and we receive back little from our private health insurer :mad::mad:
The reason of the blow out is that I had to have some bone built up in my jaw.
I will be glad when all the bills are payed and the 3 teeth are in place and I can start to gorget about this very expensive excercise.

Enough of complaints....I must fly and get some things done before I have to go to the dentist.

Hope everyone is well and happy...


11-02-2007, 11:49 AM
Good morning;

Just wanted to let you all know that for me, it seems that the Vicks on my feet encased in socks to sleep seemed to ward of the coughing last night. I am coughing some now bit did not all night. another 'old wives tale' that seems to work.

My voice is coming back some, a bit squeakie but I am not using it since the Dr. said to rest it unless I wanted it to continue for weeks.

Did you all read the notice that we will be finding our posts in a different place now? Knowing me I will probably get confused at first.

Can you believe that it is this weekend to change the clocks? How time flies when you are having fun.

That is all the news for now. But I am happy about the Vicks.


11-05-2007, 05:32 PM
G'day all,

Well it is that time of the year again and the country will stop to watch the running of the Melbourne Cup this afternoon.
Alan and I were supposed to have gone to Melbourne to spend the day with firiends at the track but with all the expense of my teeth and we also thought Alan would be in New Zealand, we cancelled our booking.
I will be going to a Melbourne Cup luncheon here in Adelaide with some friends. In Melbourne today is a holiday in honour of the Cup but not in Adelaide.
We have had some bad weather but today is a beautiful day, perfect for all the cup festivities.

Not much news from this end of the world, my garden is looking magnificent with all the rain we have had, especially my roses.
Tomorrow we have the girls and I got the Happy Feet DVD, that should fill in a few hours and it will also be warm enough to go for a walk down the beach.

Hope everyone is well and happy,


11-06-2007, 02:59 PM
Hi Everybody: I had a hard time finding "us", but here you are. :) My body is no longer producing insulin so I am off the pills and have to inject myself 4 times a day with insulin. My blood sugar levels are still high so obviously the number of units I am injecting are not enough. I see my doctor this afternoon. I had my eyes examined yesterday and they were "normal". I think that's about the only thing left on my body that is. My knee hurts like h***, and I can't take anything other then Tylenol because I am on Plavix for my heart and that is a blood thinner. GRRR, the Advil was working so well. Let's see now, did I complain enough, I think so. ;) On the bright side my little Patches is such a joy, except we are joined at the hip. Where I go, she also MUST go. When I am on the phone she barks. I don't know what she thinks. Maybe she thinks I am talking to her or maybe she just doesn't want me talking if it's not to her. :?: My friend told me to put the phone to her ear which I did and she spoke to Patches. Patches immediately jumped off the sofa and ran to the back door, I guess looking for her. :D:D GLENDA....:bravo: my friend.,,,,,,,down 6 lbs. I record my blood sugar and weight every morning and for the month of October I stayed exactly the same. During the month I was up and down but the end result was ZIPPO! :(:( I started off so well and now I am hoping that I can still get a little weight off before I go on holidays. :swim: I have only bought one Christmas gift. I am renting a cottage by a lovely lake for next July for my son and family. They have friends there and visited them and had a great time and it would be a nice change for them. That will be my gift to them. I am not sure what to buy for my grandchildren as the cottage rental of course is for all of them, but they will need something to open. I have given the Princess and her Mom some Euro dollars for their trip to Germany on the 26th of this month for the tap dancing competition that the Princess is in. GD is working very hard in this "Canadian Tap Dancing Team" in addition to her regular dancing lessons and violin lessons. She is sure a busy 12 year old. GSon is no longer able to compete in the archery competions at the local archery range for teenager's because he wins all the time. He is now competing against the men. He would like a new competitor's bow for Christmas. They are quite expensive and Son says he will get the archery bow and maybe I could buy some of the accessories for it. That would solve his Christmas gift for me. MARIA you did such a remarkable job with your GD's photo's. They are such beautiful little girls. ANN I envy you still being able to swim when we are starting to really feel the cold. I will have to buy Patches a little sweater to wear.

11-07-2007, 10:29 AM
Yea, I found us. Thanks, everyone, for the help. That is quite a trip. I usually just click and there we are. What happened?

Slavika, they say old age ain't for sissies and isn't that the truth! Those jokes that were so funny when we weren't doing all those things, like taking all kinds of medicine, aren't so funny anymore. I have a 34-year-old son, Kyle, who is a big man. Last weekend we all tailgated at a ballgame and I noticed he isn't just big, he is about 20 pounds too heavy. He has all the heredity for diabetes and I just wish I could say or do something that would get his attention. I think this is way too sensitive a matter. Don't quite know how to approach it, but you know what a mess diabetes is. He has that in his family and is just a prime candidate for it. Anyway, so glad you have the Patches who is just "screening" your calls.

Can you believe it is just a few weeks till our Thanksgiving? And next month is Christmas!! Yikes! Not only do I not have presents (just a few), but I don't have time or money to get them. I looked at my list. How about 14 immediate family members to buy for. By then we will have that great grandson too.

Well, how about that "Dancing with the Stars." Last night Jane Seymour was voted off. I think that was fair. Everyone from here on out is going to be a surprise. Have no favorites this time.

Be good. Take your medicine. Stay well. Love you all.

11-07-2007, 05:02 PM
I guess they are changing the site around. Took me a little while to find it. I am tired. Last weekend was my Chicago weekend. We lucked out on our condo. It was beautiful-all glass and overlooked Navy Pier, Michigan and the river. We had a great time and did a lot of looking in the stores. We took an architechural tour on a boat on Sunday before leaving for home. That was so interesting even though it was cold. We went to a dinner play thing at Tommy Gunn's Garage. It was a good time. We did luck out on the weather for this time of the year in Chicago. They are an hour behind us and then the time change gave me a blonde moment or two. LOL This is a busy week at school. We got another Blue Ribbon Award and we are the only school in the nation to receive this 4 times. So this has been blue ribbon week with lots of things happening. Yesterday was free lunch day for the kids and that was over 700 lunches.
Glenda the haircut sounds cute. I gave up on trying the Posh Spice one yesterday. My hair just doesn't do what I want it to. Great weight loss also.
Slavika that is a lot of injecting. You must feel like a pincushion. Patches sounds like your little shadow. You are way too organized - I haven't begun to think of Christmas shopping. And here it is November. Where does the time go?
Maria-your teeth should be gold plated for that amount of money.
Ann-I missed Dancing last night. I heard Jane is gone. She was so elegant but it was her time. I thought for sure that Sabrina would win. I think everyone else did also and just didn't vote for her. Hope you are feeling better.
HI Trudy-what is going on with you?
Karen you sound busy with sewing. I love those sweatshirts that are made into cardigans.

11-11-2007, 06:15 PM
G'day all,

The start of another week for me, you haven't quite started the new week yet;)

It is going to be a hot day today and today is also the start of my lemon detox diet :dizzy::o:(:T:crossed:
I am probably quite crazy but if it gives me a kick start to shift some of this weight that would be great.
The test will be Wednesday when we have the grandchildren :eek:

Sorry to read you have to now inject yourself Slavika, what a pain (no pun intended!) Pleased you are so happy that you got Patches, she sounds a little sweetie albeit somewhat spoilt!

Your description of Chicago brought back memories Peggy, we did the same architectural tour. Congratulations on your blue ribbon awards for your school, quite an achievement 4 years in a row.

I will be staying very quite today drinking my lemon detox stuff and doing some more pages of my book.

Hope everyone is well and happy...


11-13-2007, 01:38 PM
Maria, How is the lemon detox thing going? Is it nasty tasting? And I hesitate to ask, but what are its effects? You are having warm days and we are just having brisk and nice fall weather. It is really lovely except for the darned leaves. They are just everywhere.

We are having some very slow days at work. It is just awful. I would much rather be busy than slow like this. For instance, this whole week I and another girl are the only ones in the office. Friday is a holiday, the Centennial for the State of Oklahoma. Lots of thing going on, but I bet Leon and I just stay home. My girls, DIL's, Shanna and Gina are wanting to go Christmas shopping on Saturday and that sounds like fun, expensive, but fun.

Hope everyone is doing great. Anybody got a favorite dancer on Dancing with the Stars?

11-15-2007, 03:48 PM
Hi Everyone: My time does fly! Being sick for such a long time and then I generously gave it to Phil so another Dr. trip for him, so I am just behind.

We are having cooler weather now. I do try to walk every morning once around the park and that is about a mile and a quarter. Too cool for me and the pool now.

Yesterday I cleaned out my little front garden and planted a whole lot of snapdragons. I do like them and they fill in so nice. I also bought some herb plants, Rosemary, Thyme, Sweet Basil and some parsley. I plan to set those out this afternoon.

Today we had our ladies 'Monthly" and we went to Red Lobster for lunch. I tried to be good. They had the A/C so low we all froze. I haven't been to weigh in since before I got sick. Then this Tuesday I had a meeting so I couldn't go. So next week is it. I hope I have at least stayed the same. I fear that may not be the case. If I had gone when I was sick I would have been down, I know.

Slavika: Sorry to hear you have had to go for the needle now. I hope your Dr. can soon get your dosage regulated. It can be such a pain. Also happy to hear that your eyes are okay. And what is Patches going to do when you go to Texas? I hope she won't be too lost and lonesome.

Peggy: What a nice thing to do- free lunch for the kids. No wonder 700 took part. Probably kids that never get lunch at school did that day. You must have served something really appealing to the multitude. Are you working on any crafty things for Christmas?

Maria: You will have to let us know about this Lemon detox plan and if it is working for you. It doesn't sound too appealing to me. I do so enjoy your pictures of your grand daughters. They are such cute little girls. And your book pages are very interesting as well. We are seeing the U.S. with your eyes.

Gloria: Have you had snow yet? I understand it is really
cold up in your part of the country. My friends DIL said it has been 24deg. in Connecticut. We'd be in big trouble if we had that kind of cold.

Norma: How are things with you? Anything new and exciting?

Karen: Are you still doing pool exercises? I gave up for now. I'm not one to be in the water when the air is cold. The water may be fairly warm, but when the air is cold I can't bear to get out and freeze. So I'll just walk and go to Curves for now.

Glenda: Did you have your quiet weekend? We had a dinner at the clubhouse Sat. nite, but Phil was sick so I had to go alone, and brought him a take-out. We had a Magician for the entertainment, and he was fantastic. He did some slight of hand things with cards that just boggle the mind. He did one, while I was sitting at the table and I was watching every move, and had my hand over four cards of mixed numbers. But when I took my hand up it was 4 aces. I know he put them there before i ever put my hand down, but for the life of me, I have no idea how or when it happened. And I was closely watching.
Congrats of the lost 6lbs. I haven't lost any more now except maybe an ounce of two. Very frustrating, and now Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming.

I think I have just about remembered all the pertinant stuff here. The chorus is going well but December 3rd is coming way too soon. But I suppose that we will make it, if I don't tear my hair out in the working toward the goal.

Have a good weekend coming up. Ann

11-15-2007, 06:47 PM
We are off tomorrow. It is Oklahoma's Centennial. Somebody asked if we have this day off every year and I said that no, we will have to wait another 100 years for that. Anyway, hope you all miss me. Just kidding! I might do some Christmas shopping. Then again, I might do my regular - NOTHING!

Ann, sorry to hear you are passing around the bug. Thank goodness you are over it long before your show. Sure would love to hear it. You all should put it on a website. Just an idea.

11-15-2007, 07:05 PM
G'day everyone,

Today is the last day of my Lemon detox diet and I cannot believe that I am almost there:carrot:
I have amazed myself (and everyone else that knows me!) that I have done this.
Firstly I found the taste etc. fine, I drank 2 litres of the 'stuff' and 2 litres of water every day. The side effects have been few, the negative has been a dull headache for some of the time and a little light headed now and again, the positive has been that I had NO cravings for any foods or alcohol, quite a lot of energy and I really feel cleansed and feel loathed to put any c--p in my body. The other wonderful side effect is that I have lost 4.2 kg or 9.25lbs in your language. Tomorrow they suggest to have just fresh fruit juices, Sunday some steamed vegetables and Monday gradually get back to relatively normal eating. We have to go to a special luncheon on Sunday but I will just have vegetables.
I feel really positive that this will be the start of finally shifting some of this weight. There are a few websites where I will get my inspiration http://www.calorieking.com.au/today/ and http://www.abc.net.au/health/
Of course all the stuff I have learned at WW will also be of help.
So there you have it from a new healthier me!!!!

I am not suggesting this would be a good thing to do for everyone, this whole weight business is just such a mind set thing and everyone has to find what suits best for them.
Alan has been VERY supportive, which has not always been the case.

Ann I am sorry to hear Phil is not well again, he (you) seems to be having a very bad run. Your flowers sound lovely, I have not bothered this year because of the very strict water restrictions in place, we are only allowed to hand hose our gardens for 1 day and 1 hour a week. Even house numbers on Saturdays and uneven on Sundays:(:(

Glenda get Leon and go out and enjoy some of those celebrations. Have fun with the girls shopping.

Hope everyone else is happy and well,


11-19-2007, 05:51 PM
Maria, almost 10 pounds! Wow! What you describe as the side effects would be quadrupled with me. I have been there, done that. Those fad things just kill me anymore, just with headaches. This old thing is not easy at times. I wanted to ask you about something I heard. There is an editorial in our college newspapers about Australia not allowing Santas to say "Ho, ho ho" because of the obvious connotation. Surely not! We all know that is just Santa's laugh, right?

We are still beautiful out right now but on Thursday it is getting cold. Right on the day! My sister is having about 30 of us at her house and was hoping for warm weather. We have plans to just take the kids to the show after eating.

Had an absolutely wonderful holiday. We so enjoyed those 3 days. And all we did was go to town for this and for that and laugh and talk. I could get used to that.

11-19-2007, 06:24 PM
G'day all,

Glenda as I said in my post, it certainly is not for everyone to do one of those detox diets and I don't know if I would ever do it again but the very best part is that I learnt about myself that I CAN do this and it has now given me the incentive to keep up the healthy eating and hopefully finally shift some more weight. I will let you know my progress!

As far as the 'ho-ho' bit, I am embarrassed to say that was true. There was a public outcry especially as a person being referred to as a 'hoe' is very american, the australian word is very different. On some of those dreadful shows like Jerry Springer, that is where I first heard the expression 'she is nothing but a hoe' and 'trailer trash'.
It was dismissed and Father Christmas is allowed to happily 'ho-ho' again:)

We are having the hottest spring on record :dizzy: , this morning we walked along the beach and it was lovely so early in the morning, it is becoming overcast and thunder storms are forecast, hopefully we will get some rain for our poor gardens that are so badly deprived of water at the moment.

Have a great day all,


11-21-2007, 11:14 AM
Hey, guys, have a great Thanksgiving, those of you in America and I hope the rest of you have great days too! Talking to people in other countries has been so much fun. I am sorry to say that I have been the usual lazy American and only understood America. It is great to understand some of some other countries and their holidays. I think sometimes Americans only know America and think the other 94% are like us too. Fun to know you guys.

I have lost 8 pounds and you know that it has been pretty slow for me. If I can lose 3 more I will be in a good place for me. That is my goal with Thanksgiving tomorrow. I always pick weird times to take a stand, don't I?

Thanks for your friendship.

11-22-2007, 10:57 AM
I have rejoined WW again I first joined about 4 years ago and lost 23 lbs then stopped going and regained 33 lbs My first experience with Ww was alright but I never really felt like i was part of the group I rejoined this time because I wanted to lose the weight and alsowanted to be healther as i am 55 and just retired and so many people I know who worked longer and then retired and died within 2 or 3 years after retirement I want a long and healthy retirement My DH and I are both busy and active in our community and our personel lives

I have been with WW for 8 weeks this time and have only lost 5 1/2 lbs i follow my points and I am usually within 2 points up or down am I making poor choices for my points I only get 24 points per day and I usually feel hungry between meals any help would be appreciated and welcome I also exercise 3x per week

Thanks suz (from Canada) :carrot:

11-22-2007, 07:43 PM
G'day all,

Welcome Suz from Canada:carrot: I think you have done pretty well with your loss on your return to WW. We can all empathise how difficult this journey is.
I am on a very serious weight loss push at the moment, funny how sometimes you know you are just not that serious.
I have found that WW doesn't do it for me anymore and what I am doing now is using all my knowledge from all the many different WW programs over the years, their excellent cookbooks and all other hints I have picked up over the years and I am back to basically counting calories.
I did a detox program for 5 days and since doing that I am very reluctant to put any rubbish in my mouth. So far it is working and I am feeling great and I have lost another 2 pounds this week.
I have come to realise that this weightloss thing is just all between our ears. What I am doing is writing EVERYTHING down what goes into my mouth, I am not advertising the fact that I am 'dieting', it is amazing how many people take great joy in sabotaging your efforts and hopefully will now turn this weight loss thing into a permanent life choice like all of us here have done to some extent.
So good luck and keep at it!

Glenda you are doing great, it will be another 6 -9 months before I will be able to post 'another 3 lbs and I will be happy';)

It is already Friday morning here, beautiful spring weather and I am looking forward to the weekend.
Some of you may remember I made a dress for Matilda and I also broke the buttonhole function on my ancient Bernina sewing machine. This morning I noticed an Elna Supermatic for sale in the paper for $30, I rang and the woman has never used it as it was her mother's. It is one of the Swiss made machines and I will pick it up this afternoon. What a bargain:carrot::carrot:
I shifted all the furniture around yesterday so I feel I am in a new house:D;)

Have a great weekend all and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, I think it must be this weekend you are celebrating.


11-23-2007, 08:23 PM
Good Evening

Thanks Maris for all the ideas I have been thinking about doing a detox but just have not gotten to it yet this has not ben agood week so far since Monday have gone up 2 lbs and that makes me mad!!! i gues I will have to get real serious about this again Even though I am going to WW I do not think of this as a diet but a life style change thanks again and have a great weekend

Suz :carrot:

11-24-2007, 01:59 PM
Welcome Suz:
I know what you are going through as I am a lifetime member of WW and was doing fine, but then stopped going, thinking I can do it on my own NOT!!! So I gained back 20 of the 40 I originally lost. Now I am back and so far have lost 9lbs from the time I started back in September. Have you considered the size of your portions? I have begun measuring everything again, and found that my eyeballing 1/2 cup was always on the generous side. I haven't stepped on the scale since Thanksgiving( The American one) but am trying to be careful . I was careful at our TG celebration, also, but it was the pie that was hard to leave alone. Don't give up, and keep going. Our body sometimes plays tricks on us, and if you have any tendency to retain fluid, that can account for a 1 to 2 lb gain just overnight. That has always been one of my weigh-in difficulties. I've also learned to not eat Chinese food the day before weigh in. Before moving to Florida, we used to live right on the St. Lawrence river, and it was always easy to get over to Canada, and lots of nice places in Ontario. Kingston was my favorite city easy to get to for us. What part of Canada do you come from?

Maria: Your detox certainly worked for you, but I know I could never do it. Just the idea of lemon juice would finish me off for sure. You really lucked out with the sewing machine. I hope that it will serve your sewing needs very well. Did Alan ever go to New Zealand?

Glenda: It sound like you and Leon and family had a nice TG holiday and a nice restful weekend for you. I expect that when my Christmas show is over, after Dec. 3rd, that I can just sit back and relax a bit. Right now my house looks like a disaster as hit it. Being sick, then DH being sick, and all the rest of the stuff going on it just seems that house work has to take a back seat. And besides, it is not my most favorite thing to do, so i can always find an excuse.

Were any of you gals in the Early a.m. crowds that went out on Friday for the big bargains? Not me. I did that just once with my DD and after the mobs of people and the pushing etc. I said never again.

This morning several of us gathered at the clubhouse to decorate for Christmas. It looks very nice, with big wreaths and garlands and Christmas trees. Some people here in the park have all their outside decorations up already. But I won't make it until after our show is over. When our street is all finished, we have the nicest on in the park.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend. It was in the 50's here this a.m but now has warmed up very well. Ann

11-26-2007, 06:38 PM
G'day all,
A glorious day here, I have just returned from my morning bike ride:carrot:
My feet are pretty bad and I struggle to walk any distance so I have taken to bike riding again. I go very early (about 6am) and it is just bliss riding along the seafront. Because we live so close to the beach, it is always quite windy though first thing in the morning it is still, not so hot and for me the best time.
The weight is not 'dropping off' but I seem to be loosing VERY slowly but steadily.
I know it is a big 'no-no' but I do weigh myself each morning and each morning it has been a little less.

We have the grand girls tomorrow so I will do a bit of decorating with them. I am afraid I am not into a lot of Christmas decorations anymore, a small tree and a few baubles will do nicely.
I am definitely not into outside decorating the house though more and more Australians are following this American trend and the kids love it.

Busy day and then this afternoon I am having a massage:love::cloud9:


11-27-2007, 04:18 PM
Well, its been a fun filled couple of days at this spot on the globe. After going back and forth on will I or won't I decorate fhe house for the Holidays this year, I finally gave in and did it...almost. Sunday we took the boxes up from the cellar and then I started placing my Santas (87 at last count)around...I think something happens over the Summer and they multiply!!! Anyway I have everything in it's place they just need to be tweeked here and there. I still have to place the garland on the stair railing and on the front lantern post. At that point the house will be set til, at least the New Year. I still need to write my Christmas Cards but that is a nice sit down job. Oh yes, there is the little project of Reindeer Dust. Need to run off the Reindeer cartoon and spoon the oats and sparkles in the baggies and staple together....85 I have been informed by my in house roving Santa. LOL
As for gifts I am going with Barnes and Noble gift certificates for all nine. I know that is cheating but they all lilke to read and I think it is better if they pick out something that interests them. We were instructed by the daughters and daughter-in-law to go easy on the gift giving this year as the kids have all that they need or want so I think this the best solution. I will still pack up some candy and fruit and nuts and I have key rings with each of their birthdays on it and I will put all in some cute Christmas decorated Chinese Take Out type boxes that I found.
We have a couple coming over on Sunday to go out to eat...dutch treat and next week we will have Jack's Board of Directors Christmas party.

Maria: Bike riding how wonderful. Glad you have a beautiful place to do this. Around here it is all hills and traffic. Jack has been going out to the High School grounds for a walk...he has gone 3 times-1 mile each time- during the past two weeks. This is great as his arthritis has been really bothering him lately. Maybe this means it is easing up at least for a while.

Ann: Thsere was nsot way that I would be out in that mad crush of people on Black Friday....I just cuddled deeper in bed and slept!

Suz: Welcome. Always nice to see a new 'face'! I'm from MA and retired with 4 kids and 9 gks. They keep me busy! But I always have time to come here and read even if I don't post all that often.

Take care everyone.


11-28-2007, 04:25 PM
Good day to all and thanks for the warm welcome from you all

I do weigh and measure my food I found that my eyeball measuring was also not accurate This week has been bad so far my DH and I started xmas baking and I also got a call from the church to ask if I could do some baking for a bakr sale this weekend When I bake i always seem to sample everthing so I went up a couple of lbs this week I may have to staple my mouth shut for the next month...LOL..

Thanks again Suz :carrot:

11-28-2007, 06:38 PM
Suz, my name is Glenda and I am from Oklahoma. I have found when baking that if I don't take that first bite, I am all right. And let's face it - it always tastes fine when we sample. And measuring the food is just a must. Everyone's eyeball measurements are off, usually in our favor. And remember, just 1 or 2 points seems to make a huge difference between, for me, maintenance and losing. I am a vegatarian and that can have its drawbacks because no donut has meat. Sweets are my favorites. But I can overeat on good healthy food too.

Maria, my feet bother me so I can't walk every single day. I certainly know when my shoes are worn out, my feet just die. And speaking of decorating outside, Leon has gone a little beserk, but the house looks so pretty. When we get home from work, he has automatic timers set so that everything is on and it is so pretty. I wish we could keep them up longer. Looks like daytime outside at night. And my santas, like your Gloria, seem to multiply during the year. We live with a few. We have two trees but I think we will just put up one this year. Our house is so small and when we get everyone in this little house, we have to really like each other well.

Our great-grandson Colton is coming home this afternoon. I will share pictures when I get them, if I get them. Gloria, I like your ideas for gifts. My GKIDS also have so much. It just gets stupid sometimes. I am doing money in their savings accounts for birthdays from now on. They never miss our presents either, but Christmas is a bit different.

Well, our weather is still holding. I officially love brisk cool weather and do not like cold, cold wind. Maybe if we didn't get COLD wind, I would like winter better.

Seems like now we have 3 Canadians. Suz, I hope you enjoy us. We don't always talk diets but talk about everything. Losing weight and keeping it off is a main problem for all of us.

11-30-2007, 04:14 PM
good Afternoon Ladies

I guess i should introduce myself a bit better I am canadian and live in Ontario (Ann I am about 2 hrs west of Kingston) I am married to an american from Michigan we have been married almost 5 1/2 yrs the day we got married I became a wife, mother, grand mother and a great gr mother We both like to garden mostly veggies and we started selling our extra veggies our garden is almost 1/2 acre in size so it keeps us busy

We have finished the baking and will do a bit of decorating but not to much as we are going to Micigan for xmas

We have a bit of snow here and thats OK it should be white for xmas at least here

got to go Suz :carrot:

11-30-2007, 06:21 PM
G'day everyone,

On to the next thread!