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01-16-2002, 06:02 AM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

01-16-2002, 07:15 AM
Hi Ladies,
I tried to post the other day but it didn't show up---hope I can sneak in here this morning! It's early though, and now I can't remember half of what I read on the last thread.:dizzy:
Anyway, girls are doing wonderfully in the new school-all is well on that front. Little man is just ducky, too. Mama is stuck at 165--:mad: Must be one of those nasty plateaus.....well, maybe next week I'll have a loss. We're going to Disney World this summer, and I would like to not be glared at when I go on the rides:lol: .
Mama, how are the bran muffins? I like those, but some of the recipes I have are very dry when they are baked. Maybe you and Tobey can post some good ones. Sorry your fishies are dying; we haven't lost any of the bettas...they seem very happy and healthy. But we did lose all the other fish we bought at WalMart last year. Hope you have some survivors!
JoJo, we love you, and we will be here when you need or want to talk. Take care of yourself!:love:
MaryBeth, glad you came back! We missed you. My mom lives in a retirement apt. and she loves it. She's been there 7 years now,and has lots of buddies. There are 99 women and one fellow! :lol: Old Roscoe is a popular guy! He's much in demand. It's really nice, though--she's pretty much independent, but they do check on her once a day, and she can call if she gets sick or has an accident and the office people will come help her out. Plus she doesn't have to go anywhere for anything except groceries. They have a community room, and everything comes there--flu shots, church services, all sorts of stuff. It's very cozy. Did your husband's pants shrink too? Everyone's dryer must be running very hot lately! :devil:
Hi Tobey, and Skeeter, and everyone I missed--love you all, and I'll be back tomorrow if it will let me post!
Love, Sally

01-16-2002, 09:34 AM
Good morning all

Not too much to report. It actually feels like winter out there today. We got a dusting of snow last night and the high for today is only 32. I don’t feel that great today either – got that nasty sore throat. I hope I can’t fight it off. I am have been looking forward to an 8K race this weekend but I am a bit worried. Not only do I feel like I’m coming down with something, I have a sore ankle. I have been babying it but I am not sure it will be up to snuff by Sunday. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Jojo: I am so sorry to hear that you received some awfully upsetting news. Take some time for yourself – you know that we will be right here waiting when you are ready.

Jen: I think the boards are starting to get back to normal. It “ate” one of my posts as well. You have been working like a dog lately. Have you gone to PT yet? Glad to hear that your days are healthy though!

Marlana: Hope all goes well at the doc’s today. I also feel like a pair brown shoes most days as well. Sometimes it bothers me – sometimes it doesn’t. Sorry to hear about your poor fishies. :cry: I still haven’t tried my bran muffins yet. However, I did pack one for my morning snack so I should know shortly. I also made a pureed tomato and lentil soup for lunch today. It is also very LF and high-fibre.

Sally: Glad to hear that the family seems well and the girls are enjoying their new school. I’m sure you will get over your plateau in another week or two. You seem to be doing everything right so I am sure it is just a matter of time. Disney World sounds like fun. Have the girls been before? If I like how my bran muffins turned out, I will try to post the recipe tonight. Last week I made some cranberry oatmeal muffins. They turned out wonderfully – very moist and tasty. DH loved them.

Well I think that’s all for now. Time to get cracking.

Have a good one!


01-16-2002, 03:45 PM
Hello Y’all :wave:

Congratulations to Me! I broke a 15-minute mile today! I know that doesn’t compare to Tobey but she runs and I walk. When I started I was doing a 20+ minute mile. It felt sooooo good!!!! Actually between my warm-up and cool-down I got 2.5 miles in at 37-minutes not bad if I say so myself!:D

Jo Jo, hang in there you know we are here if and when you need to vent.

Jen, can’t you put the phone on mute & let your machine pick up when you are sleeping? Hubby does that with the railroad to make sure he gets his 8-hours rest. When I’m home I’ll turn the phone off in the bedroom but if the railroad calls I say he’s not available. The FRA mandates 8 hours’ rest and the railroad is famous for calling before your 8 hours are up, and people wonder why there are so many accidents. Hang in their sounds like your doing well otherwise. Have you started back to school yet?

Sally, if I didn’t get glared @ last March in Disney World you won’t have any problem this summer. Besides your doing great! I bet you’ll break this plateau this week…when I want to break one I try and eat fish at least 5 times during the week. Not sure why but it seems to work. Glad to hear the girls are adjusting well to the new school, I just knew they would!

Marlana, hope all went well with the doctor today. Sorry your betas are not doing well. When I was thinking about another, I thought the ones at Wal-Mart didn’t look all that healthy. Do you have a Pets Mart near you, theirs look better to me.

Tobey, that cranberry oatmeal muffin recipe sounds great, 2 of my favorite ingredients. Could you post that also? Hey, if you've got a bum ankle and are feeling under the weather I vote for skipping the marathon on Sunday…unless you want next week off :lol:

Well need to get some work done, I was a bad girl this morning and was working on my resume rather than real work:devil: Take care everyone and we'll take to you later...

01-16-2002, 09:17 PM
Good evening gals. I finally crawled out of bed. I am still soooo pooped out. My hip hurt so bad while I was asleep that somehow I put it into my dream. Maybe I'm not as young as I thought I still was. We got about an inch of snow today. Not even enough to cover the grass, but I shoveled the sidewalk anyway. That was as much exercise as I'm getting today. My mom called. She's coming back tomorrow. I was really hoping to get one more day off to myself, but not the way this week is going.

Marlana- I'm definately the old brown shoes today. But ya know, sometimes the old brown shoes are alot more comfortable than a stuffy tux. I took a shower and put my jammies back on. I'm gonna watch a movie, and then go back to bed. I'm sorry about all your sicky fishies. You should talk to your doc about the coughing. It is a common side effect, but if it disrupts your life, it's no good.

Sally- Disney World sounds like a blast. I'm trying to figure out if I want to take a trip this summer. My original plans were to fly to Hawaii next winter, but probably not now with all the airline delays. I'll have to see what I feel like.

Tobey- We finally got our winter too. I'm sort of looking forward to going for a run tomorrow with the little bit of snow we got today. Something different. Take care of yourself until Sunday. Hopefully you'll make it to the race in good shape. I start my PT schedule Sunday, even though I've already picked up a couple extra short shifts each week. At least it was my choice.

Marybeth- Congrats on your time! You should be proud of yourself. That's a good pace for a walk. I honestly don't think that I run much faster than that! I turned my phone off yesterday, but the machine doesn't mute, just really low. I just unplugged it from the wall today. I go back to school on the 23rd. Then I go back to my "don't bother to call me to work, I can't do it" policy!

Jojo- Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

I guess that's about all for now. I'm gonna go veg out on the couch and put my feet up for awhile before I go back to bed.


01-17-2002, 01:02 AM
Hey everyone. :wave:

This is what I wrote on Monday: I decided to try to write a brief note while waiting on my parents to get here. The house is spotless and the new big screen TV is wonderful. They forgot to bring the DVD player with it so we will have to make a trip back to town for that. It is raining today and is supposed to all day and maybe some tomorrow. We need it so bad that I won't complain about it. Besides, we need an excuse to sit in front of this TV all day. It might also be a good time to make that trip to town. Then we can spend Wednesday and Thursday fishing. My mom and dad like to fish too. I am sure looking forward to having someone to fish with. I might be kind of scarce here for the next few days. I'll be thinking of y'all even if I don't make it on here. Y'all take care and I'll check in when I get a chance.

I have no idea why my post disappeared. I checked it before I turned this thing off on Monday but it was gone when I finally got in here today. I have been having a good visit with my parents but not very many free moments. We seem to go at a fast pace from the time that we get out of bed until after midnight every day. We even got in a 2 mile walk this morning before we went fishing. We also fished yesterday and had a lot of fun. I have had a lot of fish to clean. It's funny that I seemed to be the only one that knew how to clean the fish both days. I remember my mother taking me fishing when I was little and now I am baiting her hook and even throwing her line in for her. My mom is a very young 68 but has learned the art of acting helpless to get my dad and everyone else to do the things that she finds unpleasant like baiting the hook and casting the line out. :D Now I have a huge mess of fish that I will have to cook on Saturday. The past two evenings have been spent watching long movies on the new TV. I bought Pearl Harbor and Gone With the Wind when we went back to the store on Monday night and picked up the DVD player that wasn't delivered with the TV. The bad thing was not having a chance to read the instructions for the DVD player before we started. It was like the 4 stooges here the past two nights. :lol: I wish that I had the time to write to each of you but I am getting so sleepy. Tonight was an early to bed night for us and it is almost midnight. I wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I will be back soon. Mom and Dad will be here thru next Monday. Y'all take care.

01-17-2002, 07:30 AM
Morning Ladies!
How're you all doing? I'm okay; same old same old around here....but that's good sometimes I guess. My ex has been strangely cooperative lately---makes me very suspicious. I keep waiting for the ax to fall. I think it's because he has til the end of the week to answer my papers, and he probably has written out this long treatise telling the court what a horrible mother/person/human being I am, and he's feeling very smug. Well, let the games begin!:devil: Enough of that! Sorry, I get carried away with my complaining.
Skeeter, enjoy the parents! What fun, and with a new TV, too. Pearl Harbor is very good, I thought. We bought it recently, and I thought after the Sept. events, it wouldn't be as dramatic to me now, but it was very, very touching. Have fun and come back and tell us all about it.
Mama, how're the fish today? Hope no one else got flushed.
MaryBeth, what a good walker you are! Congratulations to you too! You are the Speeding Zilla lately. I haven't ever gotten faster than about 18 min./mile when I walk. My treadmill and I have gotten reacquainted within the last two weeks, so maybe I can catch up with you!
Tobey, hope you don't get a full-blown cold, especially since you want to do a race this weekend. Feel better! I'm glad your teeth are almost done, too. That wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be, I'm sure.
Jen, did you get your rest? I had a nightmare last night, but it wasn't about my hip....I dreamed that I wrote all the checks out for the bills and when I went to mail them, they didn't match. (This really is a HORRIBLE nightmare for an accountant, now, don't minimize it.) :lol: I told Jeff about it this morning---he seemed to think it was rather amusing, but I was just horrified. Humph. Hawaii sounds wonderful--I would go for that, even though it may take a little longer to get there! That's one of my future vacation dreams....and we've never been on a cruise either...and I want to go to Scotland, since my grandparents are from there, and Jeff wants to go to Sweden, since his grandparents were born there. Hmmm.....this may take some money!:lol:
Take care everyone, and I'll talk at you all on the morrow.
Love, Sally

01-17-2002, 07:36 AM
Good Morning all you brown shoes out there~~I'm stressed this morning Ladies. First of all when I got up my blood pressure was 177/97. What the heck is going on??? I went to the doctor and he changed my morning meds. The one I was taking caused me to have such a hacking cough. He seems to thank now that since if I take a nap in the daytime my blood pressure goes up then too, that I might have Sleep Apnea...that isn't spelled right I'm sure. I've been taking my blood pressure since Oct about 4 times a day, I'm sort of tired of that. Once again it comes down to the fact that I need to lose weight and I need to do it now and stop messing around with it. I've been messing around for 35 years. If you don't watch out, you'll find yourself in that same boat in a few years. Yes!!!! Thats a warning. It's a big order for me, but I got to do it. It's an obsession, an addiction, and that is hard to deal with. I'm also stressed over my fish. They are dying like flies. I just deleted a whole bunch of crap about my fish, but decided that you guys wasn't interested in things on fish. As soon as I'm through writing to you all I'm on my way shopping, I want to get it over before people get there.
Jen~~I know how you feel about your Mom coming before your ready. Sometimes a person just needs some time to themselves. The cough was disrupting my life for sure. He changed the meds, but I'm staying on what I'm on until I use what I've got on hand, it cost too much to through away.

Tobey~~Oh my gosh...sounds like your turn for the old bad cold. I hope you don't have the flu. There has been several cases of it here. A sore ankle too. Now don't fall apart on us girlfriend, your in better shape than any of us. My fingers are crossed, and my eyes too. How was the brand muffin? Do you use applesauce in place of oil? I've heard that makes things more moist.

Marybeth~~Congratulations is in order for you girl, you are doing so good with your program, soon you'll be right there with Tobey. I won't be buying anymore fish from Walmart, I thank some of my problems came from the fish that come from Walmart. You keep that exercise up girl, I'm proud of you.

Skeeter~~Welcome to the world of feeling like your crazy. Of course it's not just a feeling for me. I wrote to you, Tobey, Jen and Jo Jo and all your post took a dive. The board was messed up and some post was lost. When I went back in and the post was gone, I thought these darn fish had put me over the edge, which they are doing. I'm glad your having such a nice time with your folks. Wish I was there to go fishing with you. Would you bate my hook too, and throw it out too????:lol: After taking care of these I have I'm ready to put a hook in one so I could be in charge. Right now they are running the show. I miss you in here girl.

Sally~~I would like to be where you are with my weight I would be 2 pounds below my goal. Don't give up, you'll start losing again. I'm so glad your girls are doing well in school. If they weren't your X could say I told you so. The brand muffins I made are very good. They aren't dry because they have lots of butter in them. I have to stop eating them, and leave them for hubby. My Bettas are doing good, it's the ones in the tank.

I'm out of here!!! Jo Jo thanking of you today. Have a good one everyone.

01-17-2002, 07:38 AM
Sally...you beat me in this morning, I've been doctoring fish in between words. I'll answer this mornings post tomorrow.

01-17-2002, 09:26 AM
Good morning all

Well I thought winter was on its way but it feels like fall again. Its rainy and very mild out. I can’t believe it is past the middle of January and I still haven’t worn a pair of boots one yet! Fine by me. :D I am also happy to report that I have beat the cold bug! It is so amazing as I used to be sick all of the time but since I have turned my life around, my health has totally changed! It is really amazing. However, my ankle is still sore. I haven’t run at all this week. Instead I have been cross training on an elliptical trainer and am going to bike today. I want to use those same muscles but don’t want any impact. I probably won’t know whether I’ll be able to race until Sunday morning. I’m just taking it easy until then.

Mb: Congrats on the speed record. In racing that’s called a PB – personal best. Very exciting. One of the things that I learned early on in running is never to compare yourself with others – it will just drive you crazy and you will probably end up hurting yourself. You always just run your own race – do your own pace and that way you always win. I know how exciting it is when you are able to go to the next level. It just feels soooo darn good. Again – congrats!! I will try and post the recipe for the cranberry oatmeal muffins when I get home tonight.

Jen: Ouch your poor hip. Funny how those things work their way into our dreams. If I am thirsty or have to pee really bad, I end up dreaming about that. I think running is the snow is funny – as long as it isn’t too icy. Thick, sticky snow is the best. I hope I am okay for Sunday, it is supposed to be above freezing and be sunny! Perfect running weather. It must be great going PT now. Gives you that extra freedom, even if you end up picking extra shifts. Are taking any classes this semester?

Skeeter: I did happen to see your original post before it mysteriously vanished with some others and mine. Your visit sounds wonderful. I know when I come back from visiting my mom, I am exhausted. It is go, go, go! This summer when I go to visit we are going on a canoeing/camping trip. We are going to canoe out to this island and pitch a tent. In fact mom got me a sleep bag for my birthday. Can you tell she is excited already? Can I come over and kick back in your new recliner, in front of the new big screen? I’ll bring my own DVDs. I’ll even make the popcorn. ;) Hope you enjoy the rest of the time with your folks.

Sally: I wouldn’t trust your ex either. Seems like nothing but trouble. But from everything you have told us, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble once “the games begin”. You know we are your cheering/support section. You are right – going and having all this work done to my teeth is no where near as bad as what I feared. I am also very lucky to have such a super dentist. Do you know she personally called me at home after I had just the one filling just to make sure every thing was okay?! Although I do have to admit that I am worried about getting my wisdom teeth pulled.

Marlana: Didn’t someone’s hubby on the board have sleep apnoea? Was it Jojo or Skeeter? That seems like such a scary thing to me. Are you going to be tested for it? I wouldn’t edit out your fish stories. I like to hear about them – although I feel so bad that they are having such a rough go. If I can go on and on about running – you should be able to go on and on about your fishies. Good or bad news. The bran muffins turned out really well. Dh loved them too. So I will try to post the recipe tonight along with the one MB requested. I do use applesauce a fair amount in baking to replace fat but not this. If you can believe it, the secret ingredient is a jar of prune baby food! Sound bizarre but it really works.

Well time to get down to some work.


01-17-2002, 07:00 PM
Here is the bran muffin recipe that I promised to post. I still have to enter in the cranberry oatmeal muffin. Hopefully I'll have that done later tonight.


Bran Muffins

12 Servings

4 1/2 ounces prune baby food
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup egg whites
1 cup skim milk
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 cups wheat bran
1/2 cup raisins, (optional)

Blend baby food and sugar together. Add eggs whites and beat together well. Add milk and then bran. Combine flour, baking poweder, and baking soda together. Add to liquid ingredients. Add raisins, if desired (this will add about 20 more calories per serving). Place in prepared muffin tins and bake at 400 for 18 - 20 minutes.

Amount Per Serving
Calories 96 Calories from Fat 5
Percent Total Calories From:
Fat 5% Protein 19% Carb. 76%

Nutrient Amount per Serving % DailyValue
Total Fat 1 g 1%
Saturated Fat 0 g 1%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 167 mg 7%
Total Carbohydrate 18 g 6%
Dietary Fiber 1 g 3%
Sugars 1 g
Protein 4 g

Vitamin A 1% Vitamin C 0% Calcium 0% Iron 7%

01-18-2002, 10:08 AM
Good Morning~~I'm afraid that I give in to going back to bed this morning. But I don't feel to bad because of it. Not a darn thing going on at my house today except cleaning and baking. I'm going to bake muffins, ones for hubby and myself from Tobey's recipe. Fish are still driving me nuts. I'm down to 3 females and one male guppy. If you want to know the truth I wish they would hurry up and kick off. I lost two babies yesterday but the others are fine so for.

Sally~~It is strange to post and then it disappears into cyber space. Some others posts was gone too. I know I read them and then when I come back in to post again, the darn things was gone, and I thought I was losing it. Girl you shouldn't complain about the X, your lucky he is your X. He's just a little thorn in your side. I'm busy flushing fish all the time, sometimes it's mercy killing. I hope I don't get throwed into jail for it.

Tobey~~Winter is on it's way back here . Snow tonight...yuck...We don't need that. But then the weather man likes to tell us that in hopes to keep us tuned in, and it works. Your health is better because your eating right now. I bet like most of us overeaters, you used to eat junk food. My fish stories are not pretty right now. The problem is I started out not knowing doolely about tropical fish. I thought just drop them in the water and feed them and they will be pretty to watch. Not hardly!!! :?: :s: :nono: and a bunch of those other lil faces. There is a lot of things to be done and to watch for. I'm learning, but at the lil fishes expense. Sorry you can't run yet, but at least you not just setting still. I'm going to bake your muffins today, only I don't have baby food prunes. I do have some prunes so I will run them through the food processor and see if that will work. I bought groceries yesterday and I just didn't have baby prunes on my list. Next time I'll have them.
Going to run now and feed what fish I have left. Jen missed you in here this morning. Skeeter your input is missed too. Also missing all who hasn't posted lately.

01-18-2002, 10:47 AM
Good Morning!

Wow the board is really quiet. I hope everyone is doing okay. I’m really tired this morning. I had a terrible sleep last night. I kept waking up all-night and then when I fell back to sleep I would start having these really silly dreams. So I decided to come in work late this morning. After the alarm went off, I snuggled up to dh in the nice warm bed and stayed there for an extra 45 minutes. I also thought I would treat myself to a very casual day and decided to wear jeans today.

Marlana: Guess I shouldn’t complain about being tired to you! I don’t blame you for going back to bed. I can’t believe that winter seems to be hitting you guys before us. It makes everyone very nervous. We keep expecting to wake up under 10 feet of snow with –30 temps! There are 2 things that changed my health. The first was moving away from home. My mom was a very heavy smoker and I went through childhood asthma, bronchitis, etc… Then the next was, as you have already guessed, changing how I eat and exercising. Yep I did :love: junk food. My favourite food used to be French fries! I just couldn’t get enough of them. Now I can’t stand the feel of them in my mouth. It is funny how you adjust. Just as I can’t stand potato chips now and I used to live on them before. I think most people think that you just plop the fish into the bowl and watch then swim around. I have heard that there is a real art to keep them around – especially tropical fish, which are especially delicate. I guess you are just going through a learning curve. Hope that you are still enjoying them though. I won’t lie – it has been very frustrating not being able to run. I have become very passionate (a nice word for obsessed?) about it. It is depressing sitting on a boring bike and watching every giving it their all on the treadmills. :( But I know that if I don’t take it easy, I will just make it even worse and possible end my chances of ever running. So today I packed my book and I am going read my bike time away. Hope you like the muffins. A word though – if you don’t have the baby food and want to make your own prune puree you will need to add water to the prunes. The ratio is about 4oz of prunes to 3 Tbs of hot water. For the recipe you need about ½ cup of this puree. Hope it turns out for you. I am to lazy to do this, so I just keep some baby food on hand for when I feel like making things spur of the moment.

Well before I run, I will post the oatmeal cranberry muffin recipe as promised.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I will try to check in – I have been very :devil: about that lately!


Cranberry Oatmeal Muffins

12 Servings

1 cup oatmeal
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup cranberries
1 cup skim milk
2 egg whites
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce

1 tablespoon oatmeal
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Combine first 5 ingredients. Mix in cranberries. Combine milk, egg whites, and applesauce, stir into dry mixture. Put into 12 prepared muffin cups.

Topping: Mix oatmeal, brown sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle on top of muffins and press in lightly. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes and then remove from pan to cool.

Amount Per Serving
Calories 146 Calories from Fat 11
Percent Total Calories From:
Fat 7% Protein 15% Carb. 77%

Nutrient Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Total Fat 1 g 2%
Saturated Fat 0 g 1%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 98 mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 28 g 9%
Dietary Fiber 1 g 3%
Sugars 0 g
Protein 6 g

Vitamin A 1% Vitamin C 3% Calcium 0% Iron 8%

01-18-2002, 12:58 PM
Good morning gals. Or is it? Mom is back. I am so not ready to put up with her. It sounds petty, but she's so annoying. I feel so tired and crabby today. I'm sure it's only going to get better, I have to go to work. I can't wait for summer again. At least then I can go outside and be alone. Mom doesn't like the heat. I guess I'm not going to post much today. I'm in a mood today and don't want to bring you guys down.


01-18-2002, 03:59 PM
Hi Everyone

Hope your week has gone well. I'm just happy for Friday to get here. Now I'm off till Tuesday.

I'm doing a little better than I was the other day. When something major happens, I just need time to shut down for awhile and think or sometimes not think. The major thing that happened was my husband was laid off from his job. Luckily he will be able to draw unemployment but its still going to be a drop in the money we bring home each pay. We'll just have to get by on less and hope and pray something else comes along soon.

My work week has been busy. Still cleaning up the end of the year stuff, getting started on the new years work. Some things I cant do till I finish last years work so I'll be behind for awhile. But I always get caught up so I try to not worry about that.

Jen, sorry you are having a bad day. I think its very hard for a mom & daughter to live together. Even tho I would of done it if it came to that, I'd of let my mom move in with me but I know it wouldn't of been a picnic. My mom and I were fine as long as we werent around each other for to long at a time. They just can't seem to turn off the mom thing. Hope your day turns out better.

Tobey, I didn't sleep very well last night either. Just couldn't turn the ole brain off. We need an on-off switch for our brains for when we just don't want to think anymore. I hope you are having a good day to. Oh, the recipe sounds really good. I love cranberry muffins.

Marlana, what happened to all your fishies? Last time I knew you had 34 guppies. My mil has sleep apnea and has to use an apap machine that blows air into her nose when she is sleeping. It takes time to get used to it but she gets alot more rest than she used to. She used to fall asleep just sitting at the table doing something, I've even seen her fall asleep standing up. Did your dr suggest a sleep study test? Thats really how they diagnose it. Me, I dont think I could fall asleep if I knew I was being studied, unless I was drugged and they don't drug you for that.

Skeeter, I hope things are going well with your mom. Check in when you can. How long is she staying?

Sally, I was wondering how it was going with the ex. I hope nothing unexpected happens with him but it sounds like you never know with him.

Marybeth, its good to see you again. I hope you had a good week.

Well, I'd better get going now. Take care everyone.

01-18-2002, 04:12 PM
Hello Y’all :wave:

TGIF everyone. I’m not sure where yesterday went but it was gone before I knew it was here. :lol: Really, I was working on my resume and some Longaberger stuff and never got an opportunity to come into the board. I can only do so much non-work related stuff in a day. The weather here in Virginia is to turn nasty tomorrow. They can’t seem to make up their minds what we will actually get but there is this low coming out of the south so we could get snow, sleet, freezing ran or just plain rain. Now this is my busy Longaberger weekend, got 2 shows Saturday and 1 Sunday. O well we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I wouldn’t mind the snow, but back in ’96 we had a bad ice storm and ended up living in a hotel for 4 days as we lost power. It was not fun. We lost power about 4 PM and when the pine trees started breaking during the night it sounded like gunfire.

Tobey, thanks for the muffin recipe think I’ll try and make a batch this weekend.

Marlana, what BP medicine was you on that gave you the cough? Mom is on 2 types and she is having a real problem with a dry cough.

Well just going to say howdy to everyone else, I came in late myself today…hubby and I had a joint session with the counselor [which was very good] and I’ve got to get some of this paperwork off my desk.

Hope everyone has a great weekend & I'll see you next week!

01-18-2002, 04:15 PM
Jo Jo, you snuck in while I was posting. Sorry to hear about hubby getting laid-off. With the merger pending I'm on pins and neddles myself. Hubby and I were just talking with the counselor this morning about it. Hang in there, something always turns up.


01-19-2002, 12:48 AM
Hey everyone. :wave:

Gosh, it seems like so long since I posted. I am so tired and want to sleep for a week. It is just go, go, go all the time. Tomorrow is a stay at home day and I am looking forward to it. I went back to my doctor today and all my tests were good. My blood pressure is down with the pills she has me taking so I will continue with them. The only thing that I need to work on besides my weight is my tryglicerides (sp?) which are 230 and she wants to see them lower. I will try to lower that by diet first and go back in 3 months to check again. My chest x-ray was good which was wonderful news.

Tobey~I sure hope that your ankle heals for your race on Sunday. Sure you can come and watch TV with me. Bring some good movies and a couple of those muffins. I am ready to kick back and do nothing for a few days. That won't happen though. My mom and dad are leaving on Monday and our friends are moving on Wednesday and we will be helping them. At least we don't get bored around here. It was my husband that couldn't sleep and was tested for sleep apnea. He is okay though and takes Ambien to get his rest. He sleep about 4 hours a night with that. Poor baby, I sleep like a log.

Marybeth~It sure is good to see you back and congratulations on that 15 minute mile. You have done so well and we are very proud of you. You sound like you are very happy now too. You and your husband must have found a good counselor. Our weather has warmed back up and people are using air conditioning again and plants are starting to bloom and bud. It will be sad to see those plants freeze again. I just hope that the cold weather is over here.

Marlana~Well of course I'll bait your hook and throw your line in. That's the kind of buddy that I am. :D But I refuse to clean any more fish for a while. Can't we just catch them for fun and throw them back in to grow bigger? I am not getting email notifications on this board since my post disappeared. I checked my settings in my profile and everything is okay there. Something weird is going on though.

Jen~Jammies and a movie sounds good. We did watch a couple of movies this week but the last few nights have just been running around and then sitting around talking until late. I haven't been to bed before 1:00 a.m. all week. I am looking forward to some quiet time next week. I have to congratulate you on living with your mother peacefully. Does your mom talk all the time? Mine does.

Sally~Pearl Harbor was very good. I have to admit that it really opened my eyes to a real tragedy that was just an historical event that I never really thought much about before. The Vietnam War was in my time and I never realized the extent of casualties from the Pearl Harbor attack. It is a shame that I have taken so much for granted. I am beginning to realize how blessed my life is and learning to appreciate what I have. I wish you luck with your ex and hope that he isn't planning any nasty surprises. I don't think you have anything to worry about but fighting in court will not be very pleasant.

JoJo~I'm sure sorry about your husband but thank goodness he can draw unemployment until he finds something else. Maybe he can catch up on some household chores too but don't tell him it was me that said that. You are so right about living with moms. I have had to bite my tongue several times and it is becoming more often with each day. I love her to death but she gets on my nerves. I will be sorry that I said that but I am being truthful. Now I will go sit in the corner and feel guilty. :)

Hope you ladies have a good weekend and stay warm.

01-19-2002, 06:59 AM
Hello Ladies~~Sat. morning and it's the same thing for me, up at 2:30 dragging my butt on the floor. Get hubby out the door and check to see how many fish passed on during the night. Last night 3...one female and the last male and one baby. They won't die much longer, because there will only be catfish left. But there is hope, I found a pet store closer to me and they seem to be very helpful..he suggested that I put what is left in another tank and put a pound of salt in the big one and it kills everything out. So I'm going to do that. I ain't going to give up, I don't like to be licked at anything. I thank we got lucky last night and missed the snow. It is raining out now, but thank goodness it's not cold enough to freeze.

Tobey~~What a nice boss you must have when you can decide to just come in late. I'm obsessed too, but not with running...well on second thought,maybe it is my way of running...I'm obsessed with eating, and when I'm eating, I'm running from my emotions, and feelings. However there is a big difference, your running is good for you, my running is really very bad for me. The muffins turned out great. I thank one of them a day would be good for me. I'm going to see if I can't work out a low fat low sugar one from the recipe I make hubbys from. I made him some more yesterday and this time I used pineapple in them. I like raisons better. Thanks for explaining the prunes and adding some water, that was helpful.

Jen~~I'm so sorry your in the dumps. I know how you feel about having someone in the house when you really don't want them. I know you love your mom, but just the same it's not the same as having you own home to yourself. Is she going to be with you for some time? I kind a gathered that because of what you said about her not liking heat. Bless your heart, sometimes it seems that life isn't fair. And most of the times in situations like that, it's damned if you do and damned if you don't. Vent any time. Sometimes it helps the rest of us feel better about a situation we have going on at out own homes. Like me, 3 weeks and our daughter hasn't got in contact with us at all. I ask hubby last night if he was going to call her and he said he would give her some more time. I had rather lose the 644.00 has have her in my house, what a night mare that would be. Hang in there.

Jo Jo~~So glad you was able to come back in so soon. Boy I don't know how long it would take me to except a situation like yours. It was always a key to me being happy, knowing how much the check would be and knowing it would be there. My hubby has worked where he is now for 36 years with a 18 month lay off after 18 years. It was because of the Union during the Reagon years. They locked the old hands out of the shop and hared new people. They couldn't make the shop work with all new young people so they had to call old hands back. They got 2 people from dh and then didn't call any more back. They had the old employees black balled from getting jobs in Tulsa. dh couldn't even draw unemployment. He was out of work for a year...then got a job he hated...I was doing a lot of praying at the time and he got called back, and I know without a shadow of a dought it was pray that got him called back. Guess what, during all that I lost 97 pounds. Too bad I gained it back plus some. We made it and so will you.

Marybeth~~Bless your heart you just waiting to see if your job is going to be gone too. At least your hubby has a job and Jo Jo has a job. I didn't have a job when my hubby lost his job. I had to go to work though. I worked in construction for a few months. My brothers owned one and I use to work for them sometimes. Very hard work. Gee I hope the storm isn't so bad that you lose power. My my would that be a mess at my house. I have 3 freezers full of food. I'm never without food. Ice storms is where you lose power, and we have a couple of them every year. I'm on Zestoretic of a morning and verelan at Night. Zestoretic is the one causing the cough. I'm only on it for a few more days. I couldn't afford to throw it away. If her cough is as bad as mine she should have the doctor change her meds. Some times I have a hard time getting enough sleep because of the cough.

Skeeter~~How nice to see your friendly little wave in here this morning. I know you must be getting wore out with the company. We are like you and Griff, we need to just be quite sometimes. I can't stand to just go and go and go all the time. I need to be home. I'm glad you blood pressure is doing well, believe me it's a pain in the rump trying to find something that will work. I take my own pressure about 4 times a day to see if the meds are working. I'm having problems early mornings when I first get up. It drops fast, but still, I don't know if it's up all night or just shoots up when I first get up. My hubby was a smoker too, he's been off the cigs for 4 years now. He just had a chest xray and he has to go back in a month and have another one, we haven't quite figured out why yet. According to the report we got, it says unremarkable. I called the doctor and he wants him to have another one. Boy am I looking forward to fishing with you. Hubby don't help me anything when we are fishing, except when we go to Canada and catch those big ol pike with big ol teeth, he take those off for me. You would love Tobey's country for fishing. We catch pike from 5 pounds to 20 pounds. They don't go by pounds up there they go by inches. I caught one 42 inches long and could have had it put in the record books, but didn't know it at the time.

I've rattled on long enough here, so I'll get on to something else. Have a nice week end everyone.

01-19-2002, 02:30 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Just wanted to come in and wish everyone a happy weekend. We're headed out for groceries in a minute; it's very cold and rainy here....one of those nasty winter days.
Well, I got the ex's answer yesterday to my papers. He left it in the mailbox, and delivered a copy to my atty. He said he couldn't mail it because he couldn't afford a stamp. (And THIS wants custody of my children?):rolleyes: Anyway, I have engaged in a continuing pattern of emotional abuse and neglect of my girls, along with reckless endangerment. Along with this, he went on for the first five pages explaining his various health problems and why he has been unable to work and why he will never be able to pay child support and shouldn't be pressured. It's bad for his health. Needless to say, it made me quite :mad: . Then I considered the source and stuck it in the drawer of the dresser along with the other stuff. My atty. wrote me yesterday and said he asked the ex if he wanted to mediate, and when. He's going to mediation with me. My atty. was almost as impressed with the papers as I was, it seems. :s: I'll just let my attorney deal with the goofus...that's what I paid him for.
JoJo, I'm so sorry about your husband. I hope he finds something soon...you'll be fine meanwhile. Just cut back a bit and we're always here for you if you need anything.
Love you all, and hope everyone has a good weekend. I'll be back Monday and maybe not in such a mood from the you-know-what.:devil:
Love, Sally

01-20-2002, 09:52 AM
Good Morning~~I don't thank this will take too long to write everyone. Nothing going on here this AM. I didn't have to get up until I wanted too..6:15..don't laugh..thats late for me. Lost more fish last night, just two babies. I now have them out in another tank. And the new pet shop I go to now told me to put a pound of salt in the big tank for 24 hours to kill everything out, so I got it going. I'm going in on Tuesday and he's giving me a 5 gal bucket of recycled water to get my tank off on the right path. Everything I read says don't do that you might get something you don't want. And I am questioning it myself. But I figure he is keeping his fish as disease free as he can because he's in the business of selling them. Plus...He knows what the heck he's doing, and I sure don't.

Sally~~ The first thing I thought of when I started reading your post, was, for you to save the letter where he said he didn't have the money to buy a stamp. Brother, what a loser!!! Is he sick or what???? When my son was going to devorce his first wife that he had 3 kids with, he was told to keep everything. Even a log of how much time she spent with the kids. He has the kids now, and she gets them if he wants her too. Your a lucky woman girlfriend to have that sucker in another house. One Question...does he spend any time with the girls??

Going to go now and fix hubby some breakfast. He walks about 5 miles every Sunday morning in a state park near us down on the lake. He walks on the treadmill during the week. He's going to lose some weight. At least the treadmill is working. It's 2 years old and brand new!:D

01-20-2002, 01:05 PM
My goodness, couple days already since I've posted. I've been terribly busy at work. I went to work Friday, feeling like crud, but all of a sudden, around 8:00 I felt better. I had been so tired and crabby that I almost fell asleep just sitting at the station. What a site that must have been. Today I officially start my PT schedule of 4 hr shifts. But get this, I will probably have to go in early today, because I know how short we are and what it's like. If I do, I'll be working 36 hrs this week. Some PT schedule, huh? I start back to school Wednesday, so after this week I'll have to be careful how much and when I work.

Marlana- Thanks for all you sweet words. Maybe you could be my mom out of town who doesn't drive me crazy and I could be the daughter that doesn't borrow money and disappear?! Your poor fishies. I know it's hard enough to keep a couple of 'em going. You've got yourself a handful.

Sally- I know I've asked before, but is your ex insane? At least you've got an atty to hand him over to. Does he have one? It really doesn't sound like it.

Skeeter- Congrats on your tests and some good results. Nope, mom doesn't talk all the time. That's part of what drives me crazy. I'll come home from work, and she'll sit at the kitchen table, staring straight ahead, not saying a word. It's a very strained silence. And I have to be careful in how I criticize her because she's gotten so sensitive from the MS. Plus, she's good at twisting things around.

Marybeth- I could really go for a snow storm. We've gotten about an inch this year, not enough to cover the grass. At least with alot of snow you can't see the dead brown grass and bare trees. I'm so tired of the brown. Did you guys get much from that last round?

Jojo- I'm sorry about your husbands job. Let us know if there is anything we can do? (You can borrow my mom if you need her!!!)

Tobey- Were you able to race on Sunday? I hope so. I'm having a hard time getting my butt outside to run. I did my stepper and yoga videos last week so at least it's something. This week it's supposed to get up near 50 again, so I really should take advantage of it.

Time to go call work and see if they still need me at 3pm instead of 7 tonight. At least we have an incentive plan. Whenever I pick up 4 hrs I get a $25 bonus, and $50 for an extra 8 hr shift. I make more money for working the same hours!!!

Happy and healthy,


01-20-2002, 11:01 PM
Hey everyone. :wave:

My mom and dad are leaving in the morning for southern Florida again. I won't know what to do with the house quiet again. I am so tired that I think I could sleep for a couple of days.

Tobey~I hope that you were able to run in the race today. Those muffins sure look good in the pictures. It "almost" gets me in the mood to try to fix them. :lol: This is from the "Microwave Queen".

Sally~It sure sounds like your husband just wrote all the reasons that he shouldn't have custody of the girls. I agree that you should save the part about not being able to afford a stamp and make sure that the judge sees that. I also agree that he is a doofus :D. Hang in there, I think you have nothing to worry about.

Marlana~I fried all those pan fish that we caught on Saturday evening. They turned out really good. We had the leftover ones after church today and they were just as good warmed up. That is one thing that I can cook pretty good. Mom made fried tators and corn bread while I fried all the fish. My neighbor had given me a few fillets of large mouth bass that I also fixed at the same time. We really had a good fish dinner twice. I feel like the ladies of the old frontier because I caught them, cleaned them (with no help from anyone) and then cooked them too. I am back OP tomorrow. I am going to try my best to stay OP for a while. We went to the bbq place tonight and had the salad bar only. We also invited our friends that are wintering here. They wanted us to meet them for breakfast on Wednesday before we start moving them into their new house. I graciously declined and suggested my husband meet with them and they could pick me up afterwards.

Jen~I sure admire you for living peacefully with your mother. I have to bite my tongue constantly to keep from snapping at mine. I keep telling myself that she is only visiting and will be leaving soon. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I would lose it and say a lot of things that I would regret later. My mom talks nonstop. I get tired of listening to her but she doesn't seem to get tired of talking. I can hardly wait to listen to the silence tomorrow. :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

01-21-2002, 10:52 AM
Happy Monday Morning~~I know for some of you who have to go back to work on Monday morning it's not so happy. But some of us have hubbys who went back to work this morning. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE I'm getting my crap together today. I was going to lose 10 pounds by Feb. 14th, I had better get it together. Jen is going to make it and I'm not. I got on the treadmill yesterday for a few min, that's all I wanted was a few min. I'm going to start walking on it every other day as a rule and if I want I can get on every day. I'll start out slow and work up to something. I don't want to try to walk so much that I dread doing it. My baby fish are killing their selves. They are just the right size to get hung up under the frame of the net basket they are in. I had 5 of them hung this morning, and it always kills them. Next time I'm not going put the moma in that basket to have her babies, they will be on their own.

Jen~~Girl I don't thank they will let you have a part time job, they'll always ask you to come in. And to top it all off it's back to school, what are you studying again? OK...I'll take you and adopt you, I've got Sally and Jo Jo now. Haven't you noticed that Sally calls me Moma. I was pretty young to have them but your age is about right. Your a good girl Jen baby, I'm very proud of you.
Skeeter~~Welcome back to your life today. I bet right about now your setting on your bottom watching what ever you want to watch on that big TV. I don't blame you one bit. I'm just now getting up. I could not go to sleep last night for some reason. It was after 1:00 before I ever went to sleep and of course I got up at 2:30. I didn't mess around about it after hubby left, I got in my recliner and went back to sleep. I feel better too. Girlfriend, today is "THE" day.

Although I got a late start writing to you guys, I'm going to get a early start on this house. When it warms up a bit, it's on the treadmill for me. Have a good one!!!!

01-21-2002, 03:51 PM
Hello Y’all :wave:

Welcome to the start of another week! Well tomorrow’s the Bid day! Will be at the special WW meeting with Fergie so I’m not sure I’ll get in to check on you all, but I’ll give a full report on Wednesday. Well we did get snow, sleet and rain on Saturday. It started about 10AM as snow and was heavy until about 2PM. We had a brief period of sleet and then it changed over to rain. I’d say we had about 4 or 5 inches of snow and a couple more inches of rain. Now if it had all been snow it would have been close to a foot for sure. This is the second storm for us this year and I must say I’m glad to see it. We were so dry this summer and fall that this is the best type of moisture we could have cause it will soak into the ground. To show you how fickle weather in Virginia is, the high tomorrow is to be about 60º’s Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor :lol:

It was a busy weekend for me, was on the go both days with my Longaberger business so it doesn’t really feel like I had a weekend. But we could use the extra $’s right now so I don’t mind. I really would rather be busy then not.

Sally, your ex is as crazy as my girlfriends soon to be. They are in the middle of the divorce and delivered her a letter yesterday that he’s sold his truck and wants her car. Now earlier this summer he tried this through his attorney and was told that he couldn’t take her only source of transportation away and he would have to wait till they agreed on the settlement of all property. I think he knows he’s loss any chance of custody of their daughter after the depositions last week and figured he’d get even this way.

Tobey, how was the race? Can’t believe I’ve had more snow than you this winter.

Sending greetings to everyone else, got to go to a meeting and review some orders first. Hope everyone is having a great day!

01-21-2002, 06:24 PM
I'm going to try this again. I was here earlier and got knocked off line so I just gave up.

Haven't done much today. Didn't even get showered and dressed until after 2:00. I piddled around here and watched some daytime tv shows I don't get to see very often. I just got back from getting groceries. Not one of my favorite things to do and of course I forgot some stuff.

Marlana, I haven't accepted dh's layoff. Far from it. Theres just not much I can do about it and I try to not think about it to much cause it just brings on the anxiety. I just have to keep hoping something else comes along soon. I can't imagine him being layed off for a year. He'd have to take something until something better come along. I sure hope you get your fish tank problem taken care of and your fishies do ok. How are your bettas doing?

Mb, I really like Fergie and she'd be someone I'd want to meet. I think she got a bad rap from the royals. I'll be anxious to hear all about your meeting.

Skeeter, so has your folks left yet? Its always good to see family but then its nice when they leave. Have a nice restful day.

Jen, I wish I could get a part time schedule. I did do part time for about 6 months when my mom was so sick and I had to do so much for her. Its a wonder everyone doesn't take the part time schedule since you can basically work as many hours as you want and to get that bonus.

Sally, how old are your kids by your ex? I bet you can't wait till they are grown and then you won't have to deal with him at all. What a jerk. I'm playing my violin for the poor sap. I think the judge will be able to see right thru him and his games.

Surprise surprise, I managed to write a whole post and not get kicked off. Take care everyone and I'll talk to you later.

01-21-2002, 08:06 PM

Yes, I am still alive. I have gotten through the Homecoming week and survived. I don't know how well my food was, will find out tomorrow at BEARS. We have all set a goals for the next few weeks. I hope to make mine. I will have to take more time in preparing food.

Okay, it sounds like everyone is fine for the most part. I must try and get in here more often. I seem to miss so much and I don't go back to catch up. If I did that, I would never post.

Those of you dealing with problems be they family, relationships, or work, remember to take time for yourself and try to keep a clear head. Don't be putting that unwanted food to the forefront. Now, if I would only take my own advice more often.

I have decided to take my own bread and more veggies to school when I have to eat hot lunch. I'm not going to give up the desserts then, but I ask for a small helping and take more of the fruit.

Well, this is just a check in. I think that if I leave my computer on all the time, I may get to it more. I am going to try it this week, so I may be in again. You all take care and remember to take care of yourselves.

CAROL :smug:

01-22-2002, 07:07 AM
Good Morning~~Can hardly hold my eyes open this AM. I worked out my email before I come in here had 30 emails to get rid of. Well I took a bold step yesterday afternoon, I put all the fish I had left back into the big tank, even the babies. My babies was killing themselves getting under the frame on the basket. I guess they got big enough to get under and not get out. Anyway they are on their own now. I may not see them again. Hubby has got to have some surgery again today. Hemorrhoids this time. Boy he is bound to get everything taken care of soon. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I had to fight the obsession, but turned out not bad at all.

Marybeth~~How exciting for you to get to met Fergie. I like her, she never seemed to thank she was so high and mighty. I kind of like down to earth folks. Keep your weather up your way, don't need that crape down here. I hope that bid don't get you.

Jo Jo~~Bless your heart, you get knocked of line more than anyone I know. Get rid of AOL. Did you get the email about yahoo email coming right into you outlook express???? You can use outlook with AOL. I didn't mean I thought you had completely excepted your husbands lay off. I just mean you had excepted it enough to come back in and share it with us. We worry about people when they get upset and can't write to us. I could never except a lay off...I still resent my dh losing his job 15 years ago. My bettas are doing great. It's the tank that I'm having to learn a lot about, and at the expense of some poor lil fishes lives.

Carol~~Glad to hear from you and get caught up with what is going on with you. Thanks for the positive words. Sounds like your trying to keep a good food plan going.
I've got laundry to do as well as housework, so I'm going to get busy. Hubby went to work this morning but will be home at noon for a 2:00 doctors appointment. I guess I will go with him in case he needs me.

01-22-2002, 01:47 PM
Good morning :?: . Seems like I barely crawl out of bed and it's time for lunch already! My eyes are burning, and telling me to get my butt back in bed. No such luck today. At least the weather is nice??? It's supposed to be 50 degrees today. I think that's about unheard of for January. Usually it would be a big ZERO! Brrrr. I can't wait for spring. May-July are my favorite months. In August I'm already starting to "mourn" the changing of the seasons. The grass actually looks like it's greening up, and I think I see buds on the lilac bush, but it's hard to tell, I don't have my contacts in. I still haven't done much in the exercise department this week, but I never get to sit down at work, and my legs ache, feels like I walked 5 miles. Maybe I did. I should get one of those pedometers! I might be amazed!

Skeeter- Congrats on getting your house back to yourself. I savor the moments when mom runs out for a couple errands. The other night when I came home from work, it was starting to snow. The really light fluffy flakes. I just sat on the deck in the backyard for a minute and listened to them hit the trees. It was sooo quiet. I miss that.

Mama Marlana- Maybe I'll call you M&M for short! I've got an unfair advantage over you for the challenge, I don't get to ear dinner at work. So it's lunch at 1pm, and dinner at 1 am. That's it. I just looked, I still have your address, so I'm gonna have to hunt for some pics of me for you to post. Good for you for getting on your treadmill. Getting started is the hardest part. You're right, they won't let me work part-time. I'm already up to 36 hrs this week. But everything over 16 is on the bonus plan. Next week I'm scheduled 24 hrs so far. That is yet to be seen. I'm going to the University of Iowa for my bachelors in nursing, so I can be a boss someday, not anytime soon though. I'll graduate this May.

Marybeth- Mother Nature is acting up here, but we haven't gotten hardly any snow. Only about 1 inch all winter. Heck, last year in December we had 32 inches. Have fun at your meeting today with Fergie.

Jojo- This is the second part-time position posted on my unit in the 2 years that I've been there. They're so short, everything is full-time. I've even told my manager that she needs to split some of the hours up and maybe she'd find someone. She never listens to me, I'm just a nurse as the saying goes. I'm sorry about your husband. I have no words of wisdom for you. Just let us know if we can do anything.

Carol- Sounds like you have some good changes planned. Depriving yourself sometimes just leads to more binges. Good luck with your goals.


Gotta go get my butt moving for work later. Only 4 hrs today. Part time you know.


01-22-2002, 03:22 PM
Hi Y’all :wave:

The Super WW Meeting with Fergie was great and I even have a funny story. You know how after sitting for about an hour & half the first thing you have to do is find a bathroom? Well when the meeting broke up I was on the end of an aisle next to the door and made a b-line for the Ladies Room. After I finished what I came in there to do, I opened the door and literally ran into Fergie! We both laughed about it.:lol: She & I are about the same height and I’m 5’8” so to me she seemed taller than I’d thought. She said her highest weight was 225 lbs., but never said how much she actually loss, but I figure it had to be about 70 lbs. or maybe more given the weight range for our height. She looked great! She even noted that about 3 years ago when her Mom died she put 10lbs. back on, but with WW was able to stop it there and get back OP and to her goal weight again. Just goes to show now matter how famous you are life’s stresses can cause you problems.

The meeting itself was great. She talked about her Success Story, answered questions and then they drew 5 names for people who got to go up and have their picture taken with Fergie. She was so personable with each person, asking how they were doing on the program, if they had hit goal etc. There was a guy that had already loss 149.6 lbs. and she stopped and asked one of the local TV stations to film this cause everyone says that WW is a ‘woman’ thing and she wanted everyone to know that men participate and are successful also. She really is just like us and I agree with everyone that she got a bum rap from the British Press and the Royal Family.

Well just wanted to let everyone know what the meeting was like. Got to go to weight-in tonight after work. Speaking of work I’ve got to get back to it, there are just too many piles of paper on my desk…


01-22-2002, 06:09 PM
I'll start a new thread. See y'all there.