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10-23-2007, 06:27 PM
Hey all - i just got my second piercing - nostril this time - starting out with the tame ones. My question is - the place I go (which has an excellent reputation) uses the screw type. It is in the crease of my nose and the end of the "screw" thing is right at the end of my nostril - driving me a little nuts because I can feel it kind of like a tickle :lol:
Is that normal to be able to see the end - I've only seen the ones with studs or a bone and loooooooooooong after the healing period so I'm curious ?


10-23-2007, 07:31 PM
Hiya! While I have seen some people where you could see the end of the screw, the majority, no, you can't see it. It sounds like that particular screw is a bit too long for your nose :) Sounds like you got some petite nostrils ;)

I've had a nose piercing with a screw, and the end was hidden up inside my schnoz heh! (I've also had several other piercings too, but now I look more like Modern Preppy than Modern Primitive, ha!)

I'd have 'em swap it out for a shorter screw, or one they can easily bend & adjust to fit you. Especially if it is driving you nutty. It shouldn't be tickling you. That would drive me crazy too. Perhaps they can adjust the one you currently have?

Side note: If your jewelry has a Tiffany setting wrapping a stone, I just gotta say: watch out for catching it on the terrycloth loops of towels or washcloths! (Seriously! Oww! Speaking from painful experience!)

Good luck and healthy healing! :D

10-23-2007, 08:17 PM
Thank you for the reply - I'll have to go back in this weekend and see what they can do - I didn't look at it (dumb I know) while I was there or I would have asked about it then. For my first piercing I went with a friend but this time I went alone and this is a MAJOR step for me due to my social anxiety and fear issues so I wasn't going to push my luck - lol. I'll call them tomorrow and get back in to have it swapped out. I hope they can do that and don't make me wait until it's healed - I can feel it and NOW I'm getting a cold - UGH !!!!! Going to get some sea salt out of my altar and do the warm sea salt thing - supposed to be great for healing.

10-23-2007, 11:44 PM
Warm salt water sounds great! :) It might look uber-dorky, but if it's not too painful, you might try soaking a cotton ball in some of that and sticking it up your nose (heehee!)... and adding a warm salt water-soaked compress on top.

I think cartilage piercings can take longer to heal because the blood supply is not as plentiful in that tissue, so moist heat with a bit of salt does help. As long as your altar salt is dust-free ;)

And props on getting your piercing alone! That must have been tough! :goodvibes

So if I may ask, what does your nostril screw look like? :cool:

If you want some extra webbie stuff served on the side:

If you would like to read about the glory of nose glamour and history, here is a nifty site... I didn't know that about sterling silver being bad for fresh piercings, huh!

And a GREAT site on aftercare if you need any more info... but it sounds like you got this down! :)

10-24-2007, 08:13 AM
I got a very nice gift of about 10 assorted nose jewelry for the holidays last year from my SIL, and I couldn't wear any of them because the posts were too long. :(

I have to pick them out myself, for the same reason-the end will hit the inside of my nose. Especially not good if you were to bump it on something. :lol:

10-24-2007, 05:10 PM
It's a light blue with a bezel set clear crystal - not what I want for long term but it's what the only style they used as starters - color was the only option. I want to use a bone - seems easier and nothing to get lost in my nose. I called today and was told to wait it out until it has healed and then they could custom bend it or change it. I'm not happy with that answer because it is driving me NUTS - makes me sneeze and then it bleeds from the sneezing. I had to carry q-tips and saline solution today so I could keep cleaning it up. I'm just bummed because I was so excited to get it and now I'm really unhappy with it.

10-24-2007, 06:34 PM
Your jewelry sounds very pretty :)

As for the shop, grrr! If this place has an excellent reputation, IMHO, they need to live up to that and fix your piercing. The sneezing and the bleeding (!) are unacceptable in my book. Nose piercings take long enough to heal normally... if you are reinjuring it daily to the point where it's bleeding, then that needs to be fixed, or it will take even longer to heal.

I hope you call them back and make an appt. to have them take care of this for you... definitely tell them it's really irritating, you are sneezing all day, and you are bleeding!

I understand it's tough to pull out new jewelry because the hole could close fast, but this is not an ok situation and they need to work it out for you.

Good luck! I say claim your inner :sumo: and stand up to 'em! :hug:

10-24-2007, 08:14 PM
Damn - standing up to people is SO not something I am good at. If I get food at a restaurant and something is wrong I won't send it back. My 10 year old usually deals with these things for me (pathetic I know but at least HE'LL be assertive) and he's at camp this week. So I'm alone and feeling extra vulnerable and thats why going alone to get it done yesterday was such a big deal for me. I'm really weak and fairly useless at times.

purple kitty
10-30-2007, 09:06 AM
I can see the tip of my nostril screw--Then again, I got mine pierced much lower than most people do. It bothered me at first, but I just got used to it. If it get infected or starts to form a keloid, you might want to use some tea tree oil. It's incredibly strong-smelling, but works very well.

The only time mine ever bleed was when I was very, very drunk on New Year's Eve...and I somehow ripped it out by accident. Not so much fun.

You might want to try getting an "L" shaped screw. Those are my favorite. I had the king with the little ball at the tip (so it doesn't fall out), and that hurt like **** to put it and take out.

11-05-2007, 10:51 PM
In general the starting or piercing stud is a little longer then you want to account for excess swelling. My advice - let it heal for awhile and switch it out... :)