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01-14-2002, 12:47 AM
Good evening to everyone, It is Sunday night - one of my favorite times of the week! Hubby is off to work and the kids are in bed and for the first time all weekend - peace and quiet!!
Weekends are hard huh? Seems like we eat out a lot on the weekends - and its alwasy fast food.
We had a Baptism party to go to today - catered and cake!! The cake did'nt even look good to me but my daughter wanted a piece so I went and got one and soon she was distracted and guess who ate the darn cake! yep - me!! Seems like I ate it with out even thinking, everyone else was eating one, and we were talking and it was like habit I just gobbled it down with out a thought of calories in my mine! Old habits are sure hard to break. Well Monday is a nice fresh start - I really want to focus on Drinking that water this week, I think it will fill me up and also serve as a constant reminder if I forget my goals and start finishing my daughters lunch left overs. (ha ha)
Well good luck to everyone this week, Will talk to you soon.