100 lb. Club - Accountability/Planning/Menus: Oct 15 - 21

10-15-2007, 09:47 AM
Good morning, 3FC Friends. Please join us in becoming accountable with each other on a daily basis. What are you doing to stay on-plan today? What goals do you have for yourself with your menu, your exercise, your food choice, etc? Let's keep each other accountable and encouraged on our journey to better health and slender bodies.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was uneventful. I did manage to stay on-plan, but I haven't worked out for two days. My scales were showing me in the 220's and I was so excited! Then, they decided to move up for weigh-in today. Have I mentioned how much I hate those things! So, my goal again is to get into the 220's by weigh-in next Monday. Today, I will do my 60 minutes on the treadmill and try to drink more water.

Rakel - How's the exercise going? Have you come up with a game plan?
Nicole - I am so glad that you've been able to keep your job, but I'm also so sorry that your co-workers are losing their's. I have been in your situation and I understand how stressful it is.:hug:
Cheryl - You've lost some amazing inches! Congratulations!
MJ - So glad you enjoyed your vacation.
Kristina - How are you feeling today?
CC - How's your exercise going?

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-15-2007, 10:24 AM
Good Morning all,
I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
Rhonda... I know what you mean about scales, Saturday I showed a weight loss, Sunday I went up and today I went back down, I am so ready to trash my scale ( at times).. I know you are going to be in the 220's before you know it.
I had a busy morning, had to get up and take hubby to work at 6:30, then drop Dd at school at 7:30, did a little shopping in between for dinner( making the kids home made pizza).. I managed to do all my exercising, and just finished bkfst. I will stay on plan today!!
Bkfst... was Kashi go lean crunch cereal, skim milk, grapefruit juice.
lunch will be hummus with some type of veggie burger( I have 3 types at the minutes).
dinner....? maybe tuna, I don't know right now.
Snacks.. I have fresh dates :D ( I love dates, but will only eat 2 :(:( ), kashi tlc bar, banana, ..
I will do this today!!!

10-15-2007, 10:36 AM
I really like this thread. It helps me to log on and actually put in writing what my plan is for the day. For some strange reason it makes me feel accountable for following through.

For breakfast, I had one of those Jimmy Dean Lean Delights sandwiches.

Snack will be an apple.

Lunch will be a Waldorf Chicken Salad in a lettuce wrap.

Afternooner snack will be cucumber salad

Dinner is Miso Salmon and steamed veggies.

No points room for dessert today :(

10-15-2007, 11:01 AM
Morning everyone - today is my first day back at work since last Wednesday. Maybe I just didn't realize how sick I was. Just taking a shower this morning exhausted me! I kinda had to do things in shifts..lol..shower, sit down, dry hair, sit down, etc. But - I'm here. Still not feeling 100%, but don't really want to miss anymore work. Girlygirl - thanks for asking!

I managed to get down 1/2 of my oatmeal this morning, and a banana. I'm slowly sipping water, and basically just trying to rebuild my energy. I'm going nuts wanting to go to Curves, but know that would be a bad decision. I'm going to try and work until at least 2, and then it'll be to the house for rest.

Not sure what lunch will be yet - probably a nap!

Everyone have a great day -


10-15-2007, 01:33 PM
Hi everyone! Boy getting up this am was SO hard!!!! Oh well, gotta pay the bills, so back to work I went! So far, so good today--I made sure that I ate breakfast and packed my lunch! As soon as I get out of work--straight to the gym for me!

Rhonda--You are doing awesome!!!! Thanks for starting us off this week!

Cheryl--Wow, You are off to an awesome start today!

Katmeow--Sounds like a great plan for today!

Kristina--Hope you are feeling better soon!

I am still reeling from the shock of the # I saw on the scale this am....it was NOT good. TOM is here and I am more bloated than usual, so I am chalking it up to that--I expected a slight gain after the way I ate and was a slug during vacation, but NOT what I saw. Hopefully by next Monday I will be back to 'normal'.

After I get home from the gym I would like to take the dogs for a walk too, but it looks like rain, so we'll play it by ear.

Have a great day!!!!

10-15-2007, 04:35 PM
Rhonda -- exercise is poopy and eating is poopy. I keep going over by about 100 to 200 calories, maybe more. I try to be careful with portions but I think I am getting a little more liberal and need to crack down and start being more strict again. As for exercise, I was supposed to do it Saturday and never did. Then I told myself I would make it up yesterday and of course that didn't happen. I'm forcing myself to go down to the weight room right now and get on that bike for 45 minutes. If there are people on the bike and the treadmill, then I think I'll try pulling out my REAL bike and see if I can ride it. The last time I tried my tires seemed to "Deflate" when on it on it and that made me uncomfortable. I thought maybe my tubes were losing air but really, it's just because I am heavy. hah.

10-15-2007, 06:21 PM
Just wanted to give an update, I biked for 30 minutes / 8.3 miles, walked on the treadmill for a few minutes to cool down, then I hopped in the pool for about 20 minutes -- not so much exercise rather than just enjoying the great weather.

10-15-2007, 07:54 PM
I'm back, again. I went to the gym and lifted weights (legs and back) and 20 mins of cardio. I was running late, so no walk for the dogs--maybe tomorrow. I feel GREAT, except my knee hurts a little.

Have a great night!

10-15-2007, 08:44 PM
Hello everyone! This is my first post and boy do I need help. I have soooo much weight to lose. Today is Day 1 and I am staying away from the kitchen.

10-15-2007, 08:46 PM
:welcome2: goincrazyinky
I am glad you found us.. I know it is hard, but I believe in you, nothing is impossible!!!

10-15-2007, 11:07 PM
Hello everyone! This is my first post and boy do I need help. I have soooo much weight to lose. Today is Day 1 and I am staying away from the kitchen.

I am right there with you! Welcome!

10-16-2007, 08:54 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

Yesterday, I did manage to get in my 60 minutes on the treadmill and I stayed on-plan. I really thought the scales would drop back down a little this morning, but no such luck. I don't think I'll be getting on the treadmill today as my knees are giving me problems, especially the left one. I must have strained it over the weekend and the treadmill just made it worse yesterday. Today, it is very sore and the right one is hurting a little bit, too. This really aggravates me as my scales do not move if I'm not exercising. As of yesterday, I have exactly 3 weeks before I leave on my business trip. I wanted to lose a ton of weight before then, but this body just won't get with the program. Arghhh! But, I'm not giving up. Every little bit counts, right? Today, I will stay on-plan again and get to bed early.

Cheryl - I'm having a fresh date on Saturday with Hubby!....oh..er, you' were talking about the fruit, huh?:D
Kat - I also love the accountability of this thread. Here, we can be honest about our struggles or triumphs and everybody understands.
Kristina - How was work? Hope you are feeling better today.
Rakel - Great job with getting some exercise! I really think the exercise makes a big difference.
MJ - I'm sorry your knee hurts.:hug: Take care of it.
Inky - :welcome2: I'm glad you decided to join us. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you with your plan. You can do this!

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-16-2007, 09:57 AM
Good Morning!

Rakel--Good for you for getting in a workout!

goingcrazyinky--Welcome! This is a great group!

Rhonda--Exactly! Every bit helps! Better to give your knee a rest, than to push too hard.

I feel really good this am! I am very happy to report that my knee feels better--I still need to schedule an appt w/ my ortho, but I may hold off a little bit....

It is just before 9 and I have already started drinking water!

Ok, I have to run and get some work done. Plan for today is to go to the gym for weights (arms/shoulders) and cardio.

Have a great on plan day!

10-16-2007, 10:21 AM
Good Morning everyone !!
I am doing ok... The dates are giving me problems, but I am trying not to eat more than I am allowed. I just finished my exercising... elliptical, general exercising, weights.. and I am amazed I did it, because I did not want to!! But I did .
Food plan is like this today...
bkfst grapefruit juice, Kashi cereal, skim milk
Lunch ... veggie chicken patties maybe with hummus? or some veggie sausages... not sure yet as usual.
dinner...I am making a black bean soup .. I will have a small bowl with tortillas fat free sour cream. yummie
snacks.. Kashi tlc bar, dates :D, pineapple. I will do this today!!!

10-16-2007, 11:05 AM
Breakfast this morning was 1/2 a WW english muffin, topped with 1/2 and apple and 2 T of almond butter.
AM Snack will be a pear and some carrots
Lunch will be Chik Fil A chicken sandwich and a salad with a TINY bit of dressing.
PM Snack - 100 calorie pack cheese nips
Dinner - Turkey Burger with lettuce and tomato, steamed carrots.
Dessert - Milky Way Fun Size bar

10-16-2007, 11:06 AM
Can somebody tell me how to get my little ticker thing on my profile?

10-16-2007, 12:40 PM
Morning everyone - looks like a lot of exercise posts today. I hope to be back at Curves by Thursday. I think the coughing is still too bad right now, although I do feel better and I did get some sleep last night.

Rhonda - congrats with the exercise! It's funny how our bodies won't do what we want, huh? Where are you going for business?

Everyone else is exercising and has menus planned - should make for a great day. I put Taco Soup in the crock pot before leaving this morning - I hope it's good. It's also boss's day today - I knew there'd be lots of stuff, so I made pumpkin muffins and diet cake to bring - and everyone is raving over them. Beats the heck out of the doughnuts they were eating yesterday!

goincrazyinky - Welcome! I've only been here for a few days - but it's a great place. Jump in and good luck!

Ok - pumpkin muffin for breakfast.
WW at Applebees for lunch
Taco soup for dinner

Snacks will be some fruit and probably another pumpkin muffin!

Everyone have a great day!

10-16-2007, 12:48 PM
Can somebody tell me how to get my little ticker thing on my profile?

Here you go. Let us know if you still need some assistance.

10-16-2007, 02:54 PM
Thanks bunches Rhonda! :)

10-16-2007, 07:14 PM
Hi again! Ok, I didn't go to the gym. I had some errands to run after work so I knew I wouldn't have time for errands, the gym, and a walk w/ the dogs---so I did my errands and then came straight home to take the dogs. We took our longer route, so it was a good workout, but I probably should have gone to the gym. But it was a gorgeous afternoon....sunny and crisp...my favorite kind of day! I will NOT feel bad about not going to the gym--at least I didn't skip exercise altogether!

10-16-2007, 10:38 PM
Hi, I'm around. Just popping in so you don't worry. :) I'm sort of burned out on the computer and am trying to cut back. But I'm reading! Things are fine, still not really exercising much, but eating is okay.

Take care everyone!

10-17-2007, 08:41 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

I did stay on-plan 100% yesterday, but no workout because of the knee.:( Looks like I still won't be working out today either...the knee kept me up a lot last night. I hate missing my workouts as I'm really worried that my weight loss will stall, but there's not a whole lot I can do about it other than to make sure I stay 100% on-plan.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-17-2007, 08:48 AM
Good Morning all,
I hope you are all doing great!! Last night I ate too much dates and fresh pineapple, but at least it is better than eating too much chips or ice cream. I am still down 1 lb, was hoping for more, but will take it. I am trying to get the get go and exercise, but don't have it, I will have to make myself have it!! Today I am going to a bakery and looking at Birthday cakes with my dd, sheesh, if it was up to me no cake, but it is her birthday and she wants a cake.
I can do this today!!
bkfst.. kashi go lean crunch, skim milk, banana..
lunch... veggie burger with sour cream
dinner...... maybe spagg. squash..not sure.
snacks .. tlc bars, yogurt with frozen fruit, dates.
Have a great on plan day!! cheryl

10-17-2007, 10:00 AM
Good Morning! I did great last night until I wanted something sweet.....I made a bad choice (apple crisp w/ frozen yogurt) even though we had better choices in the house. It's ok...the good news is the apple crisp is gone. So far, so good today. I need to increase my water--this is something I have never had a problem w/, but noticed lately I haven't been drinking as much.
CC--I am so glad you checked in.

Rhonda--Yea for staying on plan yesterday! Sorry about the knee! Hope it feels better today.

Cheryl--Good luck w/ the bday cake!

I stayed up too late last night and am paying for it today. My knee hurts again today (I'm hoping it is just sympathy pain for Rhonda!). I still haven't called the ortho, but I will have to soon. My foot is bothering me too....geez, I am falling apart!

Today is my 'meeting day'...one in the am from 10-12, then one 1-3--can make for a really long day!

I will go to the gym tonight--arms/shoulders weights (I will finally 'test' my new workout pants!) and some cardio.

Have a great day!

10-17-2007, 10:10 AM
Yesterday went fairly well.. stayed within my calorie range (I aim for 1800) even with some decadent choices. And definitely ate my fruit/veggie goal.

Breakfast was my usual cottage cheese and fruit, and a cup of coffee.

Because I knew dinner was going to be cheese fondue (one of our favorite "treats") I knew I needed a light lunch, so went for a chef's salad with low-fat ranch. I get extra veggies on it, so it was lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, with chunks of turkey, ham, swiss cheese, and hard-cooked egg. It was lovely, and I only had half the multi-grain roll.

After work I stopped and got groceries, and stuck to my list! That's always a good thing. I was looking for some multi-grain bread for the fondue, but made do with some italian. Usually we end up splitting the loaf between us... which is my downfall. I really try to watch my sweets and carbs. I was pleased to find this loaf that was formed into three portions. Perfect for our fondue.

So we had fondue, with less bread than usual, and with broccoli and apple for dipping. Yum! It was still more bread than I should have had, but it was pretty much my only concentrated carbs for the day, so it balanced out.

Plus I made a Thai cabbage salad from "Good Eats". A little too salty, but very tasty. I think I'll make it again with less fish sauce. I was trying not to use the whole measure of sugar it called for, but I think it's needed for balance. Anyway, that was another easy veggie serving (and low-fat, too!). I'm always looking for salad things, especially slaws, that don't have mayo. My husband hates anything with creamy dressings like mayo or yogurt. But I love cabbage salads. So I look for recipes using vinagrette or something similar instead.

Then I ended the day with a diet coke and rum. Just right as a nightcap.

10-17-2007, 11:25 AM
Morning everyone - yesterday was a good day. Pumkin muffin for breakfast - Applebees for lunch and some amazing taco soup for dinner. Pumpkin muffins and diet cake for snacks. Yesterday was boss's day, so I made healthy stuff for me - and I stuck with it! Customer service had enough pizza to feed the town, but I stayed away from it.

This morning, another muffin and a banana. Lunch will probably be left over taco soup, and dinner will be pork loin and some veggies.

Next week we're going home for a visit - will include a trip to the state fair. I'm going to decide in advance what I want to eat, and then allow that so that I don't feel guilty later. I'll also see the grandkids - going to the park and six flags - so lots of walking. Should be a verrry fun trip!

Everyone have a great day!

10-17-2007, 04:45 PM
Hi again...accountability time!!! ;) I am not going to the gym this afternoon. I have been fighting a migraine all afternoon and my knee really, really hurts. I didn't have to call my ortho's office, because they called me! I have been waiting for insurance approval for a series of 4 injections and it finally came today. Thank goodness! So, I get my first one next Thursday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they work (should at least alleviate pain for 6-12 months)!!!!

I think I am going to go home and take a short nap--that's the only thing that really helps my migraines--that and I may need to re-consider taking my med again, I stopped it about a year ago (w/ drs ok) and had been doing pretty good, but I may need it again.

We do have a healthy dinner planned and I will get to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is another day!

10-17-2007, 07:07 PM
To be honest, I am getting really frustrated. Granted, I haven't been 100% strict on my calories, but even when I was eating around 1600 calories a day I was still losing... that is, up until a few days ago, when I started going back down to 1500 (sometimes a little less) and now the scale seems to be going up again. The only thing I can think of is that maybe there is a delay affect going? My measurements haven't really changed, sometimes I get about a .5" difference around my waist, but I think it's just because there's a lot of skin and fat there and it's hard to always get the same spot. Though actually I have lost 1" on my bust.

I don't think I would worry about this so much but John insists that I weigh myself daily. It just frustrates me because if I am "gaining and losing" throughout the week, in his eyes, obviously my plan is flawed, he doesn't even allow some time for my body to adjust. I mean, maybe I am doing something wrong, but I just think it would be a good idea to not be rash. Even if I only end up losing 1lb a week rather than 3.5, I am still making an overall loss, right? I would really like to lose more than 1lb a week, but I am not looking for a "quick fix", besides, slower weight loss makes for better maitenence, right?

I just think weight loss is a very complex thing and I just don't feel like he is giving me enough time to figure this out. Believe me, we've gotten into a fair share of arguments over this... I love the boy madly, but I swear to you he is hard headed and knows everything so it's hard to reason with him. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't take into consideration anything I say because I am overweight and therefore I must not know what I'm talking about. He doesn't say it in so many words but... I guess I have a tendency to jump to conclusions so I don't know. BUT HE IS SO HARD TO REASON WITH SOMETIMES. It doesn't matter, he just always knows better than me. *sigh*

10-17-2007, 07:31 PM
Sometimes I feel like he doesn't take into consideration anything I say because I am overweight and therefore I must not know what I'm talking about.

Rakel, you are a grown woman. Are you really allowing a man to dictate to you the way you should think and live? Is this how you want to live your life? Please think about this. You are an intelligent woman. Yes, this weight loss thing is not always an exact science, but you can figure out what is best for you. I recommend a serious heart-to-heart...ASAP. Please let him know that his attitude is unacceptable and will not be allowed to continue.

10-17-2007, 07:35 PM
I behaved myself today! Began a new diet. I bet you all have tried this one...maybe? I am drinking a ProScore 100 protein shake for breakfast, a Designer protein shake for lunch and a healthy choice tv dinner for supper and walking 1.6 miles a day. (Our park has a paved walking path that is 1.6 miles, lol). Anyway, the calories are around 1,000 and protein around 100 and carbs around 100...adding flaxseed, milled, to the protein shakes for high fiber. Wish me luck. I am just so sick of being so fat I am desperate and this is the easiest diet I could think of doing. WISH ME LUCK!!!! love, pat in kentucky

10-17-2007, 08:15 PM
I don't think I would worry about this so much but John insists that I weigh myself daily. It just frustrates me because if I am "gaining and losing" throughout the week, in his eyes, obviously my plan is flawed, he doesn't even allow some time for my body to adjust. I mean, maybe I am doing something wrong, but I just think it would be a good idea to not be rash. Even if I only end up losing 1lb a week rather than 3.5, I am still making an overall loss, right? I would really like to lose more than 1lb a week, but I am not looking for a "quick fix", besides, slower weight loss makes for better maitenence, right?

I really think you need to do what you feel is right. Maybe weighing yourself daily is not going to work, rather weekly is better for you. I also agree that going slower is better, and the most important thing, is giving up and just gaining. You can do it!! cheryl

10-17-2007, 11:33 PM
Rakel, you are a grown woman. Are you really allowing a man to dictate to you the way you should think and live? Is this how you want to live your life? Please think about this. You are an intelligent woman. Yes, this weight loss thing is not always an exact science, but you can figure out what is best for you. I recommend a serious heart-to-heart...ASAP. Please let him know that his attitude is unacceptable and will not be allowed to continue.

Rhonda, we have had many conversations about this very thing and I have very little patience for his arguments. He's not the kind of man who likes his women "seen but not heard", but he knows that in the past I have not gotten very far with this and he is concerned about my health and just wants me to succeed. He has given me some space already, but then he'll start looking in my calorie book and criticizing everything I'm doing and granted, I could do better, but I try to be pretty aware of what I'm doing and where I am and making good choices without him breathing down my neck. He is just a know it all, and we are both pretty strong willed which causes us to argue sometimes, but we are not the kind of couple that are always bitter towards each other. An argument is an argument, we never go to sleep angry at each other. And my conjecture about his motivation is most likely just conjecture. I used to get upset and tell him that he just wanted to see me fail, and I am just being out of line or paranoid. BUT... yes, HE CAN be incredibly frustrating sometimes, but so can I. And sometimes I can just be downright mean.

FOR example, I was trying out that YOU on a diet workout DVD, and I was having a hard time with it at first, but I felt as though I was getting better. I have only really been doing it for about 2 weeks, but he got into this huge argument with me saying that the reason I wasn't losing much weight was soley because of the DVD and that I wasn't doing what HE told me to do (free weights + cycling). Here's the thing, I am not opposed to the free weights, but I really wanted to try some of these other exercises too, and I just didn't think it was fair for him to blame my lack of progress on that DVD just because I was having some trouble with it. I mean yeah, it was a little discouraging but I was TRYING to do something that was difficult for me on purpose, because I wanted to see some improvement and I just wanted to try it. My position is that it could be any number of things, but I don't really think the problem is losing weight. I'm doing plenty of that. The problem is that I seem to lose some weight and then gain a few pounds back, so it seems like it would be more of a food problem, not an exercise problem but what do I know. All of this is complicated and I have a hard time describing it or talking about it eloquently so he ends up dominating the conversation and I don't really get my feelings out accurately. I'll say something and it's not 100% what I mean, and he'll start arguing about how what I said was wrong and etc etc. I get my feelings out much better with the written word. I am not really very confident in real life so it could be he's just trying to get me to be more exact with my speaking and more confident. It's the way he grew up. You should have met his dad, oh boy. You should meet his entire family, they are certainly something else, and they actually *like* to argue about things... everyone is extremely independent. They were all taught to think for themselves. My family? A lot of us are antisocial and meek.

10-17-2007, 11:54 PM
Just checking in finally. So many new faces on this thread! It's exciting to see!

Pat - Good luck on your new plan. I think you're right - it's one that's been tried by lots of folks. It is a pretty low-cal, high-restriction plan, though, and those can be pretty tough to stick with long-term. So, if you find yourself struggling with it or find it to be unsatisfactory, remember what a great resource 3FC is for knowledge about achieving and maintaining long-term weight loss. If you ask for suggestions, I know you'll get great ones. But - you know what's best for you and your body, and you'll get lots of support regardless of the plan you choose! I look forward to hearing more from you.

Cheryl - Sounds like you're bouncing back pretty well from a pretty low-level binge. Hopefully, you'll find your mojo again and find the excitement in this whole process. You've done so amazingly well. I can't wait to gain inspiration from you after you get to goal and are maintaining your loss!

Rhonda - For some reason, I had you pictured as pretty soft and compliant, but you just don't take crap from anyone, huh? I think that's amazing! I know that fighting for what I need as I'm struggling to lose weight is helping me develop a backbone. Maybe that's part of your secret too?

Rakel - Gotta agree with Rhonda and Cheryl. If you start letting that man think that he's in charge of you, it will take a long time to undo that damage. It's wonderful to have someone who can help you be accountable, but you get to make the choices about what's best for your body because you're the ONLY one qualified to do it!

MJ - Good for you for staying on plan food-wise when you have all of those exercise obstacles. Hope you are feeling better. Those migraines are absolutely the worst!

Prissiroo - Wow! I wish I could take a shot of your willpower. Mine's been a bit lackluster lately. Avoiding FREE pizza is something that is incredibly challenging, I think. Hope you have a great time with the grandkids at Six Flags.

Synger - Have been enjoying your posts on the Board! Your food choices sound very well planned. It's great to have you join us!

CC - Glad to know that you've recovered from your off-plan-itis. I am with you about the computer time. I need to wean myself a bit so that I can get more accomplished.

My accountability - I skipped my weekly WI yesterday, and have actually skipped weighing in for two days in a row now. Terrible. I have been binge eating in an insane way. It's all been on stuff in my house - no matter how I crave the sugar, I have not allowed myself to go buy it. I have been eating my children's sugar cereal, though, which is bad enough, but at least it's not as high calorie as cookies or brownies or the other things that I've desperately wanted. Double-Stuf Oreos - how I miss thee! A four-day binge, though, and feeling horrible. I even skipped my exercise for three days - which I have never done before, no matter how bad it got. But I'm sick of whining, and I'm sick of feeling disgusted with myself. So, I went to the gym today, even though I really didn't want to, and did the elliptical for 75 minutes. And not lazy minutes, either, I'm relieved to say. I will go for my walk just as soon as I'm done posting this. I've felt really ill today from all of the bingeing, but I did force myself to eat on-plan food periodically throughout the day, and I consumed 500 calories (Yep - back to Fitday too!) today. My stomach just couldn't handle anything more, and really didn't even want that, but I am trying to avoid the binge / fast cycle that I have done periodically throughout my life. Hopefully, tomorrow will be back on plan and I will have renewed energy, focus, and that feeling of well-being that I've missed so much.

10-18-2007, 07:56 AM
Good Morning all,
Rhonda.. How are you feeling?
Laurie........ I know you can get back on track!!!:carrot:
I did good last night, I am getting back on track,but really need that mojo to get me up and going without pushing myself. I guess I see some members of this group who started around the time I have and they have lost 5, 10 or even `15 more lbs than I have and it gets me low. I know that we have different bodies, and we are going to loose differently, but that doesn't always compute with this brain.
I am going to exercise today, yesterday I took an hour break, did 45 minutes on the elliptical, and then got hungry so ate breakfast waited an hour and then did some general exercises and weight lifting. Today I am going to eat:
bkfst... grapefruit juice, kashi go lean cereal.. skim milk
lunch.... hummus, veggie "chikn " patty.
dinner.. fat free refried beans.. sour cream, lettuce, 2 corn tortillas
snack... Kashi tlc bar, yogurt with fruit.
.. Tonight My daughter's school is having a presentation with dinner, dinner is usually pizza, so I am eating at home .

10-18-2007, 09:07 AM
Rakel, I'm concerned about what you're saying. Seems to me that both you and John need to come to an understanding about a number of things. One of which is that the strict formula "calories in - calories out = weight loss" does not work that clearly. There are a whole host of other factors, including hormones, water, activity, and macronutrients (1800 calories of junk food is not used by your body the same way 1800 calories of whole grain, veggie-laden food is). Your body is not a machine, with a strict formula for optimum health that works consistently for everyone.

Instead, you may want to sit down and talk about a compromise. If the goal is "more exercise", then the method for that may be a combination of the video tape and the weight-lifting. Both aerobic exercise and resistance training are very important. That way you can do both.

In addition, it sounds like you have some frustration because you make changes to your plan (sometimes on his insistance) and then see no or little results. Remember that your body is not a machine. It DOES take time to see how changes to a regime will affect you.

A suggestion: See if you and he can agree to let the plan work for one month, then revisit it and "tweak" it. Don't touch anything for that month. That should give you some time to see how it works for your lifestyle, and how your body reacts. And if you know there will be a time to revisit it, like an appointment on the first of the month to go over what's working and what may need to change, you both may be less inclined to argue over it. Just say to one another, "you know, this (whatever "this" is in your plan) may not be working as well as I expected. Let's put that on the list to talk about on the first." That way you're not arguing about it every day, and you have some time to think and prepare for the discussion beforehand.

I'm really glad he's being supportive. But it sounds like it could turn from supportive to overbearing (and back) fairly quickly. Definitely include him in your planning and such, since this sounds like a big deal for both of you. But ultimately, this has to work for you, in your life, and with your body.

10-18-2007, 09:14 AM

Thanks for the welcome. Or should I say the welcome back? *grins*

I'm a long-time on-again-off-again member of the 100 lb Club. My profile (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?p=873118#post873118) is on page three of the profiles thread. In fact, I was here before 3FC changed to this bulletin board in '99. So I'm an old-timer.

I usually pop in every six months or so to say Hi and to post a while. Then life gets busy and I disappear again until next time. But I always come back. 3FC, and the 100 lb club especially, is among the best weight-loss support networks on the web (IMNSHO).

10-18-2007, 09:24 AM
As to accountability, yesterday was Not So Good. *sighs* I'm always amazed at how easily I can ingest an extra 500-1000 calories and not even really notice. That's why Fitday is my lifeline when I'm actively watching my weight.

Breakfast was my normal cottage cheese w/hot sauce. I had meetings most of the morning, so didn't get my piece of fruit. I had a turkey wrap for lunch, and "broccoli slaw", which is a mixture of broccoli and carrots cooked, then chilled, with a squirt of dressing on top. The turkey wrap is one of my favorite lunches, but it's pretty hefty in calories -- 500-800 depending on which model you use. I use the 700 one -- I'd rather be over than under in my counting.

The 3:30 munchies had me reaching for the banana I hadn't had in the morning, with a small handful of dry roasted walnuts for protein and fat. (I don't do well if I eat carbs alone)

By the time I got home, I was tired and hungry and in so much pain that I just wanted to sit (I have arch pain on one of my feet, and walking is miserable on days when I have flair-ups). So I made a drink (milk and Buttershots liqueur), which was definitely calorie-laden.

I had been thinking of a light dinner, like split pea soup or fish. But Hunter was cooking, and he wanted to use some of our hamburger. He only makes fairly simple things, so it was hamburger and macaroni and cheese. I knew it was calorie-dense, but until I put it into Fitday I didn't realize HOW dense. The bowl I had was probably almost 900 calories in and of itself.

So yesterday was nowhere near my 1800 goal. More like 2300.

The plan today is for a light day, and no alcohol (it sure adds up *sigh*). Maybe miso and sushi for lunch. Roasted chicken for dinner. We'll see how it goes.

10-18-2007, 10:27 AM
Good morning - just a quick check in because I have a lot of reports to do this morning. Wanted to say hey.

Rakel - sounds as if everyone has given you good advice, so I'll leave it alone. lol...

I did want to say to goincrazy (I think that's the name from the previous page) - I'm a little concerned about your calorie intake. I'm not sure 1,000 calories a day is enough. Can you research it online and just make sure?

I'll check in later when I have more time - oh, but was on plan yesterday and will be today!


10-18-2007, 10:49 AM
Good morning ladies,
Bouncy thread this week! I am having a challenging week. October is so busy and kids have half days and days off this week for PT conferences, plus DS's birthday was yesterday and we're having a party tomorrow. And then there's work, sigh... kind of stressful right now.

Accountability - I've been doing okay with the plan, I guess, although I need to refocus on veggies and water. And I baked chocolate chip cookies for DS to take to school for his bday and I ate one and a half before I could get them out of the house. But they are gone now, phew.
Today's menu:
Bfast: 1 egg on 1 pc dry rye toast, 2 turkey sausage patties
Snack: V-8, raw veggies
Lunch: Pinto beans with salsa and cheese, salad
Snack: apple, sf latte
Dinner: Pork Loin and veggies
After Dinner Snack: Yogurt or Ricotta with agave nectar and slivered almonds

It's amazing how much it helps to have that all written down. One less thing to think about the rest of the day.

Rakel, nobody asked my opinion, but consider this: "supportive" is when DH is encouraging and considers his job is to make you feel good about yourself, no matter what weight you are.
"controlling" is when he thinks his job is to decide what you eat, when or how you exercise, when you weigh, and how fast you should be losing.
"Meek and antisocial" paired up with "independent (controlling)" is a bad mix. I have been there myself and watched DD go through it too. Of course I don't know you or him and am only going by what you've written, so I don't know if this is your situation, but something for you to look at maybe.
For me, weighing every day is discouraging, frustrating, and obsessive. I purposely have a non-digital scale that I can only tell losses in whole pounds and I weigh once a week. I want to weigh more, and if I leave my scale out I will weigh every time I go in the bathroom, so I hide it under the tub until weigh-in day. I really have to keep myself from obsessing, and if I don't have a loss at the end of the week, I just don't pay any attention until the next week, when I usually get "paid back" at weigh in. This happens pretty regularly around TOM. I haven't hit a plateau yet, and hope not to, but it can happen even if you are doing everything according to plan.
You sound like a really nice girl, and when you said sometime you get "mean", it made me think about how when my boyfriend would get abusive with me, in my mind it was because I would get really "mean" with him when we'd been drinking. In reality it was all my supressed and unexpressed feelings bubbling to the surface. I'm not suggesting this (physical abuse) is happening with you, but hopefully you get my drift. I was making it my fault, instead of his. Thankfully that was many years ago and I am a different person now. I still carry scars on my body though, and I hate to see anyone else go through this kind of experience. So if my story is helpful, I am glad. If it's not applicable to you, I hope you are not offended. It's offered with good intentions.

10-18-2007, 10:55 AM
I forgot my breakie this morning :(

I'm going out for lunch, so I got a coffee and begged a granola bar from a co-worker.

Lunch - I'm going to get the grilled hamburger, just with 1/2 the bun, no cheese or bacon, and a side salad.

Dinner - chicken (it's marinating in lemon pepper right now) with some green/yellow beans and carrots, and some wilted kale - i love that stuff with vinegar, yum!

snackie - probably some tea and a Cariboo coffee bar (140 cal)

I've gotta get some fruit in there somewhere....i'm off to go eat a pear :)

10-18-2007, 11:32 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

Well, I am feeling quite refreshed now as opposed to how I was feeling at 6:00 this morning. I was feeling so drug out, so I asked Hubby if he would get up with the girls and get them off to school. He said 'yes' so I was able to get another 3 hours of sleep. Have I ever told you guys how much I love that man!:D And, my morning weigh-in shows a nice little drop (I saw the 220's!:sssh:). My official weigh-in is on Monday, so I have extra motivation to stay on-plan for the rest of the week. And, the knee feels so much better this morning.:broc: Yesterday, Hubby went to Wally World for me and picked up a knee support "thingy." I thought I might have been able to get on the treadmill if I supported the knee, but it wasn't going to happen. The support comes in "one size." Yep, you guessed it.....the "one size" is not XXL. But, with the knee feeling better today, I'm going to chance the treadmill. I really miss my workouts.....I never thought I'd ever hear myself say that! Today, my focus is calorie counting. I have to keep myself in check as I'm allowing extra calories to sneak in each day.

MJ - Great news about the knee injections! So glad you have relief in sight.
Pat - All of us truly understand how it feels to be desperate to lose the weight. You have come to the right place for support and we are behind you 100%. Please keep joining us each day and letting us know how you're doing.
LaurieDawn - Congratulations on making yourself do 75 minutes on the elliptical yesterday! How are you feeling today? (BTW, regarding being "soft & compliant....I've always been incredibly outspoken, but my age has brought about a re-newed sense of who I am and how I expect to be treated by the people in my life. As women, we tend to be the "softer" and more nurturing sex. This often leads to us being the first to give-in for the sake of maintaining the peace or making our loved ones feel better. We tend to get lost in the shuffle. But, I've found that everyone in my life is much more at ease and happier when I am at ease and happier. Therefore, I stand up for myself and demand the same respect I give to them. I only wish I had discovered this renewed me a few years ago!)
Cheryl - I understand being disappointed about not losing as fast as others. I do have to accept part of the blame for my slow loss. Yes, my body doesnt always respond well to my weight loss efforts...but, I haven't always been 100% committed. This may sound crazy to you, but I look up to you! You've lost 65 pounds!! Please don't be discouraged. You could be like me and be at a 34 pound loss.:D Or, you could be back at the beginning of your journey when you didn't have any loss yet. If you're like me, I was at that beginning many many times in the past. This time, we did it! We've lost weight and maintained that loss.
Synger - I'm glad you came back again. Please stick around...I'd love to celebrate with you when you reach goal.
Kristina - Hope your reports are going well today.
Shmoodle - I understand about the veggies and water. I need to focus on the same thing. (BTW - I love saying your name...it always makes me smile!)
Trazey - Have you thought of buying some Fiber One bars or Southbeach breakfast bars to keep in your desk for emergencies?

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-18-2007, 11:58 AM
:D Here is what my diet plan for today is: SIMPLE
Protein shake for breakfast, protein shake for lunch and a Healthy Choice TV dinner for supper. An apple, lots of water and a 2mile walk. :carrot:

10-18-2007, 03:52 PM
Hey all, just wanted to say hi. I'm back out of the mountains for today and tomorrow. I'll be heading back up for part of the weekend, and then it is back to work after a great vacation. It was very relaxing mentally, but also very physically demanding. I'm feeling a little sore and tired, but in a good way. I saw a good dip on the scale, but I'm not counting on it because I tend to get a little dehydrated when we are that active in the mountains. But, I'll check back in on Monday and let you know how it goes.

I've been trying to catch up on my reading today, and there is a lot to see! Just hoping that everyone is doing ok!!!

10-18-2007, 04:21 PM
I just posted a long pm to Rhonda about this, and I just want to recap. I really appreciate everyone's concern, honestly and completely, but I do regret posting what I did, because I don't think I was really very accurate about the situation. Maybe some of you will not believe me, but John is not abusive - mentally or physically. I don't want to go in great detail on a public forum, but I know what an abusive man is like, I already have one in my life and I will not make the same mistake.

John does not "control" me -- I am my own person, but I do admit he has been a little controlling with this diet thing which is a little unlike him. I can't say I blame him that much because my track record for weight loss is not really great, but then again, if my track record was great I wouldn't be here in the first place. I think that I really needed his help in the beginning, I needed his accountability to stay focused, but since I've been doing this for 2 months now, I know what I have to do and I don't need him breathing over my neck, but he is continuing on thinking that I do need it. We talked about this yesterday and he asked me, very plainly, if I wanted him to be strict with me and I, very plainly, said that I wanted to be able to make mistakes and learn from them without him breathing down my neck. I don't really have a problem weighing myself everyday, I did at first because I was afraid of failure, but now the biggest problem with weighing myself is that JOHN seems to be afraid of failure. He knows that being overweight makes me unhappy and he wants me to be happy. He's a man, if I complain about something or am frustrated he wants to fix it, when sometimes a woman just wants some empathy. But I told him to back off, and so he's going to do it, and if he doesn't, then I now know what to say... I guess I don't regret posting it that much because it's forced me to really think things through... writing my thoughts out always helps me organize and regroup.

Also, my mom is meek and antisocial. I never thought of myself as meek and antisocial really, but I would be naive to think that my parents have not influenced me... but that doesn't mean I will let myself become a product of environment. I am a little shy when I'm around people I don't know (but isn't everyone? Or a lot of people anyway?), but I am pretty outgoing with my friends. I will say that being with John has given me/taught me to be more confident. I have had self-confidence and self-esteem issues my whole life due to my weight (mostly), but John finds me attractive as I am, and his motivation for me to lose weight is so that I can be happy and healthy. He has never told me that I had to lose weight, but he has encouraged me to be healthy. My dad has said things like, "You've had enough chips, Rakel." (with company over! too) John never ever ever says anything like that, or makes me eat anything. I eat whatever I want.

I promise, John is not the bad guy here. I do have a little inferiority complex with him, but he has never given me any reason to feel inferior to him, it's only because I maybe don't have the best self-confidence and self-esteem, but since I've been with him, I have gotten so much better. I don't let him push me around either, even he can atest to that. I know what it means to be in an abusive relationship, and I know this is not one, and if I had even one iota of doubt, I would not marry him. But I love him very very much and he loves me, and we ARE a good match. That's not to say either of us are perfect, Lord knows I am DEFINITELY not.

10-18-2007, 04:53 PM
Rakel, well I am glad to hear that and will certainly take your word for it. I'm glad you weren't offended by what I wrote, it just pushed some of my own hot buttons. But I know sometimes the way we write things on these forums doesn't come across exactly the way we intended. The important thing is if you feel he is supporting you and if you all can talk things out.

10-18-2007, 05:50 PM
Thanks Smoodle. I didn't realize the way it came off until I started hearing some of everyone's responses and it really made me feel bad because John is great, I love him, and it's not fair for me to misrepresent him. An abusive man is a very real problem to many, many women. I am thankful that John is not like my father!

10-19-2007, 07:52 AM
Good Morning all,
How is everyone today?
:welcome: to all the newbies on this thread. I am sometimes lazy and it will take me a few days to write everone's name. I am doing ok, last night I was going to have a graham cracker( low fat) and threw it out after the first bite.I woke up at 4:30 this morning, and couldn't go back to bed, so I am tired. But I will not let it get in my way!!!! I am going to exercise , eat right and do this. I have to go shopping today, but am going to eat before I go, I will not go off plan!! Tomorrow I am hiking for a few hours,and doing more shopping, and will not do nothing.
bkfst.. Kashi go lean crunch .. skim milk
lunch... veggie chick patty with hummus and lettuce
dinner. .. some pasta and beans..
snack.. kashi tlc bar, yogurt with fruit.

Rhonda.. I am glad you are seeing the #s you want!! You can do it!!
Nicole.. How are you??
Laurie.... you can do this today!!!
Everyone else .. Have a great on plan day!!

10-19-2007, 08:32 AM
Good morning, Everyone and Happy Friday!

I am battling a very sore knee again this morning. It was feeling better yesterday, so I attempted to do the treadmill. I made it through 32 minutes before I just couldn't do anymore. Argghhhh...I'm so frustrated! I know my weight loss stalls without exercise and there isn't a thing I can do about it now. I did some research on Google and I think I might have runner's knee because of my over-pronation...although, I walk and don't run.:D I really do need to see an orthopaedist, but its not in the budget right now. So, for this weekend...I'll pamper it a bit and see how it feels on Monday. I may need to invest in some shoe orthotics and try wrapping it with an ace bandage. I also need to start weight training to build up the supporting muscles in my legs....but, that's a whole other story!

Tonight is my daughter's Fall Festival at school. There will be lots of off-plan food, so I need to mentally prepare myself and eat before I go. Tomorrow, Hubby and I are going shopping..sans the kids!:carrot:....for clothes for my business trip which is coming up in 2 1/2 weeks. Yikes! I was hoping to get a lot more weight off before I went shopping...and, now I can't work out so I'm worried about the inches. Hubby and I are planning on having lunch/dinner out together, so I need to plan, plan, plan. Hopefully, shopping for clothes will be the big incentive I need to stay on-plan!

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!

10-19-2007, 09:32 AM
Rhonda: Good for you for planning how to "defend" at the Fall Festival. I find that eating before I go to a function gives me a lot more control when it comes to making healthier choices. When I'm hungry, it all goes out the window. So plan, plan, plan!

I also hear you about buying work clothes. Mine are huge, and getting rattier and rattier. *sighs* My DH just bought $100 worth of scrubs, but it's the only thing he can wear at work, so I deferred my purchases another month (again!). I'm hoping I can find one nice pair of pants and a skirt. Tops are easier to come by at Wal-mart and Target, but bottoms are hard to find for me. So if I can slowly build more bottoms into my wardrobe, I'll have more flexibility.

As to my accountability yesterday:

Breakfast: cottage cheese w/hotsauce, and coffee.
Lunch: "the number of the feast (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=125258)"

Dinner was going to be roast chicken, but we had a bunch of problems -- from DH not knowing how to truss a chicken to the kitchen having to be cleaned before we could cook to the overhead light globe shattering all over the kitchen floor... so I fell back on one of my contingency plans, and made shrimp stirfry. Lots of good veggies, lean protein, and I limited myself to half a cup of rice.

Then I went back to the kitchen before bed and ate the last few slices of italian bread we had from our fondue night on Tuesday. I was hungry, and it didn't take me over my calorie limits, but the carbs were higher than I like. At least it's gone house now.. it's a real temptation for me, which is why we only get it on fondue nights. In retrospect, I should have had some string cheese or slaw or yogurt instead.

Oh, and I also did 30 minutes of walking at work. My foot's still bothering me, but if I take it slowly I can stretch it out and work through it. By 20 minutes, it was beginning to bother me again, so I cut the route a little short. But it was still nice to walk the halls again.

10-19-2007, 11:32 AM
Good morning everyone. What a rainy couple of days - and that's the extent of my complaining because we definitely needed it! My only other complaint is that I wish it had been Saturday morning so I could sleep in.

Rhonda - sorry to hear about your knee. Tomorrow will be my first day back at Curves since my bad chest cold. The couging is minimal now, and I'm going even if I have to tone it down a notch! Funny that we miss that working out.

Kitty - I'm one of the new ones - so hey! lol..thanks for the welcome.

Rakel - I don't know you well enough to offer opinion or advice - but it sounds to me like you've got it all under control, so that's a good thing! Just hang in there. It's frustrating when the weight doesn't come off - and I know when I express my frustration to my husband, he wants me to try this exercise, or eliminate this food...and all I really wanted was for him to listen. But you're right - they do like to fix things.

Synger - good luck on the clothes search - I've almost refused to shop until I lose more - but I did break down and buy a couple of tops.

Today will be an onplan today. I didn't plan well for breakfast and ended up with just a special K bar. I'm planning on Subway for lunch and pizza for dinner - keeping it within my points, of course. Lots of salad too.

Hopefully a lazy night at home. Of course - with me and hubby - we could hit the karaoke places before it's all over.

Have a great day!

10-19-2007, 01:33 PM
Thanks for the confidence, Cheryl. I need it!

My calories were up around 1000 yesterday - not perfect, but I'll take it! I'm just trying to tweak until I get where I need to be. I think if I take it slowly, I should be able to get up to at least 1200 without freaking out and riding the binge-a-coaster again. I went to the gym and did 60 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the stationary bike. It has been raining insanely, so I didn't walk last night. (I did walk the night before in the rain, but it wasn't raining as hard, so it was lovely!) I did go back to the gym and did an extra 40 minutes on the elliptical, though, so all was good. I'm back to my pre-binge weight (184), so I'm going to work really hard to have a good weekend so that I can have a good WI on Monday. I really want to get to 179 sometime this century so I can finally have a BMI in the "overweight" range instead of the "obese" range.

Hope the knee gets better soon, Rhonda! (And congrats on the two-year anniversary for not smoking!)

Synger - Have you given the thrift stores a shot? I love to get "goal" and transitional clothes from there!

Kristina - Hope your on plan day goes as planned, and that you have a good time karaoking!

Rakel - It's so good to examine relationships, I think. Sounds like you know how to deal with this issue - hopefully, John will "get it" after the first fifteen times or so that you tell him. My hubby's a sweetheart, but that's about average for him!

Diane - Sounds like the vacation was great - if a little tiring. Good work on LOSING weight while on vacation!

Schmoodle - I could NEVER eat half a cookie. Or bake cookies and not eat them. Or be around someone else baking cookies and not eat them. How amazing are you?

Trazey - Sounds like you're doing well staying on plan. I'm really appreciating what a great challenge that can be, so I admire that!

Pat - Sounds like a great start! This time will be THE time!

10-19-2007, 01:46 PM
Heres another weekend to battle. Must be strong and not let the munchies get ahold of me. Spending time in the back of the house away from the kitchen helps wonders, but somehow I feel like I am hiding in my own house.

So....tonight for dinner for me will be roasted yellow pepper pasta with garlic and low fat mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top. Family will probaly eat out. But I am strong and will resist temptation to go off plan.

10-19-2007, 01:47 PM
Hi everyone! My migraine (and that icky day-after-hangover feeling) is finally gone. Now if my knee and foot would just feel better! Fortunately (or unfortunately....depending on how you look at it), I have learned to ignore it to a certain extent b/c of dealing w/ it for so long....I iced it last night and I will try to ice it as soon as I get home from the gym (my physical therapist told me to always ice after working out--even if it doesn't hurt yet.)

Not much going on here this weekend and I am happy about that! I have been on plan so far today and have a healthy dinner planned, so it WILL be a good day!

10-19-2007, 01:55 PM
I haven't been in such a great mood so my food has been a little lousy. Yesterday it wasn't so bad, but John made some Rice-a-roni (we have a small stockpile because we used to eat it a lot when we were really poor and now he wants to get rid of it I guess) and man, that stuff has got quite a bit of calories. If he wants to make the rest of it, he can eat it, but I'm not eating any more. Other than that, I had 2 servings of fruit and a TON of veggies (a pretty large salad, veggie soup)... my downfall came in when I started snacking on crackers, pretzels and spreadable cheese *sigh*... and I had some chocolate. I didn't tally up all of my calories, but I was probably in the 1600 to 1700 range, though I did not show a gain on the scale. Yesterday was a little worse. We went out to Sweet Tomatoes (a salad bar buffet resturuant)... I ate a LOT, but I wrote everything down and tried to make liberal guesses of the calories as painful as it was, I think I walked out of there eating about 900 calories (yikes!) then after church everyone was going to Cracker Barrell. The pastors daughter is a missionary in Peru, and she and her husband and baby were visiting and it was the last night I was going to be able to see them so I wanted to go. I got the grilled catfish, corn and green beans. It was reasonable until I went for some of the biscuits and butter. I wouldn't have gone over if it weren't for those. So I ended up around 1700. BUT, I didn't show any gain on the scale (and actually a .5 loss) ... probably only because I had SOOOO many veggies, or maybe I over estimated on calories.

I DID, however, exercise yesterday for 30 minutes on the exercise bike. I read a book and did a much more lax workout, but I still "burned" about 360 calories (average is 400 - 450 for a 30m workout) of course I know these are not always accurate, but I use it as a guide to how intense my workout was. My average speed was around 14mph, but I wasn't really looking very much. It was kind of nice to be able to read and exercise at the same time, but it was actually pretty difficult to do. I think it's the way my arms were positioned. I think maybe tomorrow I'll check out the library and get some books on CD to transfer to my iPod and do that instead. That way I can keep up my intensity and be able to keep my hands on the HR monitor. I'd go today but they are closed on Fridays.

ANYHOO... hopefully today I can continue with my excellent veggie eating, but watch the other things I eat too, and get my exercise in!

10-19-2007, 06:31 PM
Hi again! Accountability time...I didn't go to the gym. My knee hurts really, really bad, so I am taking the night off. I will really rest it--we are going to veg and watch tv tonight, so I already have my ice packs in the freezer and my pillows (to prop my knee up on) waiting for me!

Depending on how it feels tomorrow, I will go for a nice long walk (or even a nice short walk)

I am really glad I start the injections next week--I will talk to my ortho about what else I can do....obviously, losing weight will help my knee, but I need to be able to exercise too....

10-19-2007, 07:44 PM
I'm doing much better today so far -- I had an apple and some almonds for breakfast, for lunch I had a good sized salad with romaine and boston lettuce, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, cottage cheese, low cal dressing (French), and ham, and 4 whole grain pita chips with garlic hummus (1/2 serving). I'll probably have some soup for a snack, and I'm not sure what I'll have for dinner yet.

10-20-2007, 12:34 PM
This is what I am eating today:
B = proscore 100 protein shake with 2 T. milled flaxseed, 1 cup skim milk
L = Apple
S = Lean Cuisine grilled chicken /penne pasta AND a side salad of a whole tomato, a whole cucumber, 10 large black olives, 1 T. olive oil, 1/2 cup garbanzo beans.
I have just ordered the amazing new Sustain Bars that I have read so much about. They can be used for a meal replacement when you are out and about and have the right amound of protein (20g), carbs and fat with no preservatives, no sugar alcohols and supposed to taste heavenly. I might add one at lunch with an apple.
I kept trying to find a way to increase my fiber (must have 25 g. a day), so I added the milled flaxseed and half of a cup of garbanzo beans to my salad. That set it over my needed amount, which is great.
The best breakfast bar I have tasted is Kashi Honey Almond bar and it only has 150 calories. Right now, I get up with coffee, go to Fitday and plan my day of eating based on 1200 calories, 50-70 g. of protein, no more than 30% fat, and over 25 g. fiber and carbs, I try to do a 100 because that is still considered low in the nutrition world, but my main consideration is that they just don't go too high...I try to keep mono and poly oils more than twice the amount of sat. fats. Keeping all the factors in mind, it is a challenge, plus you got to keep that sodium in check. under 2500 g. I am going to take a mile walk today even tho my knees are hurting a little. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! (I am still trying to figure out how to maneuver around this new site):D:carrot:

10-20-2007, 12:43 PM
Good news to share quickly!

Had a great Friday. My husband wanted to go out, so I got details on restaurants, etc., looked up food, and then when we went to the restaurant, was VERY particular about how I wanted my food. Extremely delicious, and low-calorie. Filled me up for the rest of the night, so wasn't even tempted by the "fourth meal" my husband had hours later. Scale looked good this morning too! Two more days until WI - I CAN DO THIS!

10-20-2007, 03:37 PM
Happy Saturday everyone! I love fall Saturdays - college football all day! I wish I could count all the games I watch as exercise somehow..lol..

Got up early and went to the base to buy goceries. Lots of fruits and veggies. I forgot to eat breakfast before I left, so I grabbed a low fat smoothie on base. I bought acorn squash - can't wait to try something with that.

Tonight will be a great homemade veggie soup and a wonderful recipe for WW peach cobbler that I read about yesterday.

Rolllllll Tide!

10-20-2007, 03:49 PM
Hey everyone.

It's been a rough week or so here. We had to get submissions in by Friday about the redundancies, and since I was away Thursday and Friday, I had to spend a lot of time on that.

Long weekend this weekend because it's Labour Day here tomorrow. Yay, start of summer. I've got a five day weekend because it was my weekend to work last weekend. Normally we'd get the Monday and Tuesday off, but I asked if I could have the Thursday and Friday off to have an extra long weekend.

I went to the beach yesterday and walked for it felt like miles. It worked out bein about 2 1/2, so not too bad at all. It's just really relaxing being by the ocean. I should do that more often than I do. I ended up having a littlle picnic on the beach - a bottle of water and a sandwich from Subway, and it was fantastic.

Anyway, there's far too much for me to comment on here - not unless you really want a novel. So, welcome to all our newbies and hi to all the usual suspects!

take care all! :hug:

10-20-2007, 06:58 PM
Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend! Well, my plan to stay home today was short lived! My gm called me this am and kept saying how much she wanted to get out of the house today (she just had cataract surgery and doesn't have her new glasses yet, so shouldn't be driving). So, I picked her up around 1 and we ran some of her errands. It was fun--my gm is hilarious!!! We always have fun together. Didn't get in any exercise--unless you count playing w/ the dogs this afternoon. I did get some cleaning done (yea!) and and about to make dinner. My knee feels a bit better, but my foot feels worse!

Tomorrow I am going to an anniv. party. I plan to eat before I go, so I won't be tempted by the high calorie snacks I am sure will be there.

Have a great night!

10-20-2007, 08:06 PM
I'm late getting dinner going, but DH is grilling us up some lean pork chops, and I'm getting the green beans & carrots ready, and we've got some really nice w.w. rolls from the market

I made a big yummy fruit salad for dessert

10-21-2007, 04:29 PM
Well, turned out that last night I went out to eat to a japanese steakhouse for a double birthday party. I really wish my friends did not do everything so last minute, but I really set my mind to eating very slowly, which I did (I was the last person to finish my soup & salad). I also faired pretty well with the calories, so overall I think it was a success. I'm just glad it didn't totally derail me. I'm really starting to get sick of seeing the 280's on the scale... There's no way I'm going to lose 40lbs before March at this rate. For awhile I thought I was right on target, but of course I had to waste more time messing around. This week I am aiming for near perfection.

10-21-2007, 04:40 PM
Glad to see you posting again, Nicole! Hope everything's good with work.

Had a good day yesterday. Ate a little off-plan for lunch, but it's all good. I'll figure it into the calories, get a decent walk in later, and hope for the best.

I'm really hoping to be able to change my avatar tomorrow. Gotta stay on plan to do it, but if I get the weekend pretty close, the weekdays seem to sail by fairly easily. I might make my Thanksgiving goal after all!

10-21-2007, 04:43 PM
I hope you guys don't mind if I jump in here. I really need the accountability, and the planning.

I'm going to HAVE to pretty be 100% OP this week, since my doctor doesn't want me to exercise until I get some more weight down, and until they can figure out where my blood counts are headed.

Despite a rough start with breakfast today and a slight binge last night, I feel pretty good today. For the first time in YEARS, I'm out of the 260s. The scale said 259.6 this morning, and WI isn't until tomorrow. I just hope I can get that number down a tiny bit.

Goals for this week are working on getting water up and calories down. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and I think I'll be discussing the possibility of some light cardio with him, even if it's just slow dreadmill.

10-21-2007, 06:40 PM
Welcome Sara!

Hey everyone, I'm back officially now. We went back up to the mountains for deer hunting this weekend. The elk won last week and the deer won this week, so we're not doing well on the "hunting". However, the hiking has been incredible. I can do without the snow we were in yesterday, but my butt muscles are so sore today, I'm assuming that's a good thing. It made me think while I was up there. I'm in much better shape than last year when I went hunting, so that's good. But what if I could keep from hauling around all of this extra weight? How much easier would it be???? Overall, I'm just very proud of how much walking and climbing we did and how I could still keep up. Just looking forward to making it even better for next year.

I hope tomorrow's weigh-in will reflect some of this exercise benefit!!!!

10-21-2007, 07:52 PM
Playing catchup here:

Cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast
Grilled turkey and cheese on wheat and minestrone soup for lunch. The soup was terrible.. too much pasta and overcooked to boot, and much too salty. So I only ate the vegetables out of it, and left the rest.
Afternoon snack was cheese and bran crackers with my dd
And we finally got around to roasting that chicken. Yum!!

This was a festival day (going to the local dairy farm's fall fest) so I knew food choices would be limited in the afternoon. So I began with a big protein-rich breakfast of a two-egg omelet with mushrooms, onions, and spinach, with some cheese.
Festival food was some pit beef (no sauce), and half the kaiser roll it was served on, and two apples (the apple guy had a truck-full of different kinds, and we ended up with a basket of Freedom apples). Ended with a single scoop of pumpkin ice cream, which was very good.

Dinner was easy -- soft pretzels, cheese, and more apples. My husband had picked up a Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar (http://www.candydirect.com/bars/Pop-Rocks-Chocolate-Bar.html) at the candy counter the other day (yes, you read that right... Pop Rocks in a chocolate bar) and shared it with me. It was pretty amusing to have the chocolate melt and then have the little pop rocks start sputtering in my mouth. And since it was only half the bar, it wasn't THAT bad. It pushed me a little over my goal of 1800 calories, but not tremendously. And it was fun.

10-21-2007, 07:58 PM
Sunday has been hectic. Two pieces of toast before church, with some of the butter we made at the dairy festival yesterday. (They gave everybody little plastic tubes filled with cream, and you shook it up for 20 minutes or so to make butter. When we got home we combined our three tubes, poured off the buttermilk, salted it, and enjoyed)

After church, we ran home and changed clothes because Gem had an event half an hour away in an hour. So I made her lunch, and toasted a whole wheat mini-bagel with a few slices of cheese for me, and grabbed an apple. I had a snack later of yogurt, and a few slices of deli ham.

And how I'm making chicken soup with the broth I made from our roasted chicken carcass on Friday. Onions, one italian hot sausage, mushrooms, garlic, then added two summer squash (one yellow, one green). A can of chick peas, well rinsed, and half a bag of frozen spinach. Then added the chopped leftover chicken. Herbs and spices to taste. It's smelling VERY good.

10-21-2007, 07:59 PM
Oh, and I had a small piece of honeycomb that we got from the festival. Yum! Gem had never had honeycomb before, so it was a new experience for her.

10-21-2007, 08:30 PM

Breakfast: two egg omelette with mushrooms, carrots, onions, leftover squash, and some cubed ham thrown in.

Lunch: BL/SL chicken breast with sauteed cabbage and onions

Dinner: 1 bowl garden veggie soup with a grilled chicken and onion sammich on toast.

Snack: Probably a banana with some peanut butter.

Accountability time...I did badly on water today. I've only had about 40 ounces so far, but I'll make it up. I'll get at least 80 in today, even though I'm supposed to be up around 100. My kidneys are still trying to get rid of the 120 from yesterday!

10-21-2007, 10:39 PM
Hi everyone. Sunday night and I SO don't want to go to work tomorrow. At least it's a short week - I'm going to Texas this weekend to see my Mom, son and beautiful grandchildren! Already wondering what i will at the State Fair..lol..

Weekend was good - I made some great soup yesterday - so that was dinner last night and lunch today. Breakfast today was toast with natural peanut butter and a banana. Dinner tonight was chicken with roasted carrots and squash. Tried the acorn squash and didn't really like it. I might try it again fixed a different way.

Snack today was grapes and a FF chocolate pudding cup. Oh - and I saved enough points to have some DELICIOUS WW peach cobbler I made last night.

Sooo - was a good weekend.


10-21-2007, 10:46 PM
I was doing good until my husband and I invited my father in law over for vegetable soup and for his dessert, my husband bought sugar free apple pie and sugar free ice cream because he is 83 and diabetic. After the supper was over, my husband drove him back to the nursing home and, yes, I confess, I ate the rest of the pie and half the ice cream. I feel like a total noodle...no control. I have been sitting here for the past hour thinking about what to eat for breakfast, lunch and supper and snack tomorrow. I need to learn how to fix vegetables that actually taste good. My husband only likes peas, limas and potatoes...that is all too high in carbs.

10-21-2007, 10:56 PM
I really like cabbage. I just throw it in a hot pan and let it go. Sometimes I add red pepper flakes, sometimes I add garlic and onions, sometimes I add some red wine vinegar.

Broccoli is always a good veggie for me, too. It's been my favorite ever since I was little.

10-22-2007, 12:26 AM
Hi lovely ladies,

More newbies. Woohoo! Welcome to the madness.

So far it's been a good day today. Got up, had a healthyish breakfast of leftover fresh fruit salad and went to the gym. Yes, I made it to the gym. For the first time in at least 6 weeks if not longer. Grief, that looks dreadful written down like that. Anyway, the gym didn't open to 10am since it's a public holiday here, so I worked out for an hour, grabbed Subway for a healthy early lunch and went shopping. My gym is attached to a shopping centre, so can be dangerous for the wallet. I bought a new swimsuit and some track suit pants for workouts. They were on sale - 30% off today, so I got them both for $40, which is great. Went to the supermarket and bought a few things and came home and have been sitting in the sun ever since. Next buy might just have to be a wireless router, so I can take the laptop outside onto the balcony...

Anyway, dinner tonight is going to be spinach salad. I got some fantastic looking baby spinach and mushrooms at the supermarket, add a little bit of bacon and it's done. Bliss.

Back to work tomorrow. Meh. I'm thinking I might try and get to the gym first thing so I get my workout done before I've got time to talk myself out of going to the gym.

Have fun everyone. :hug:

10-22-2007, 12:45 AM
I totally stubbed my toe today and split my nail... I am clumsy so I stub my toe lots, but I don't usually draw blood. I didn't even notice at first. It was pretty bad, but it wasn't the worst toe-stubbing I ever managed. A few years ago, I completely took off my little toe's nail and was bleeding all over the place. IT was GROSS. ANYWAY, I started talking about this with my pastor and felt like such a ninny after it burst from my mouth. Of all the things I could say... sigh, sometimes I am so socially awkward. I mentioned it because I was wearing shoes and it HURT.

I did some strength training / weight lifting today, in lieu of missing it yesterday. So far, the food has been great -- I had some leftovers from yesterday, ham & fat free cream cheese, sugar free pudding & peanut butter, a huge salad with tons of veggies, cottage cheese, ham, etc. A serving of pistachios. 1/2 servings of pita chips with garlic hummus. I have a few more calories left, so I'm thinking about having some soup. Hopefully the scale will favor me tomorrow!

My birthday is coming up soon, and I feel so weird... I'm not good with having a lot of attention on me. I want to be normal and have a birthday party/get together, but whenever birthdays come around I realize how badly I want a Christian friend with similar interests. I have a lot of non-Christian friends and I'm thankful for them, but there's always a certain level of "I don't get this person completely" going on. They are always inviting John and I to go downtown, and to be honest it just really does not interest us at all. Not that I have a huge problem with drinking or dancing, but it's just not an environment that we really enjoy ourselves in. Besides, I drink very sparingly and John even MORE sparingly. John is putting together a party for me, though, which I'm thankful for because I sure as heck don't want to do it myself!

Does anyone else go through this where they hate to have attention on themselves? It's always a constant battle with me. I want to have more friends, I want to be more outgoing, I want to be a lot of things, and I know that I can be very outgoing... I guess I just miss my friends from Illinois. I had a good 2 to 6 years getting to know them... and either they moved away, were going to move away, or they stayed and then I left. So much for that. I really hope that through this journey I will learn more self-confidence and not be afraid of getting attention. I don't want to go to the complete opposite, but sometimes when I go to the bathroom & look in the mirror I just want to die. *sigh*

10-22-2007, 01:00 AM
I know what you mean, Rakel!

I want to meet new people and I want to enjoy new situations, but sometimes I get so freaking self-conscious about my weight that I just shut down and act like a babbling fool.

It's frustrating, but I'm working on it. If you want to meet more Christian friends, maybe try going to a venue that would encourage that type of people to be there. It doesn't just have to be church either, something like a praise and worship concert, or some other kind of function like that.

You've already done so well in taking off 26 pounds, no matter how long it took you or how many times you stumbled on the way to it. That's still a huge accomplishment, and you should be so proud of yourself!

10-22-2007, 10:56 AM
B - Kashi Golean cereal with skim milk
L - 1 whole tomato (chopped) , 1 whole cucumber chopped, 12 black olives, 2 oz. monterey jack cheese, 1 T. olive oil, sprinkled all with oregano, 1 slice dark rye bread slightly toasted
S - lean Cuisine chicken penne dinnertime meal
Snack #1 - apple
Snack #2 - Kashi Honey Almond Flax Bar
Snack #3 - Sustain protein bar

Walking - 1 mile

WT: 295.5/295.5/150

10-22-2007, 11:38 AM
I really need to do some work this week to get back on track after some weekend naughtiness. Not starting out so great since it's 10:30 and I haven't had a chance to eat breakfast yet. Stupid Monday morning telecons are running long today. As soon as I get off here, I plan to make a zucchinni frittata for breakfast (brunch?).

Here's the dinner plan for the week:
Monday: Chicken divan, marinated zucchinni
Tuesday; Chili, with cornbread and marinated zucchinni (I made a lot !) Wednesday: Baked Tilapia with Ratatouille
Thursday: Vegetable-beef soup
Friday: WW Pita pizzas
Saturday: Chicken Tikka Masala, salad

10-22-2007, 09:37 PM
Hmm didn't plan ahead, but this is what I had.

Breakfast: I brought some cereal to work, but by the time I was able to get to my desk and start to eat, I was told to dump it by my supervisor... apparently we're not allowed to eat at our desk (I wasn't even allowed to go into the back to eat it). I also heard as she walked away that ("it would do you some good anyway"). Whatever

Lunch: I was told that I wasn't allowed to have lunch today because there was no one to cover me off... When I complained I got a "I hardlythink YOU are going to DIE of starvation you know". My cover off came in late, and finally let me go to lunch (Todd was pissed because I wouldn't just up and leave... he left work early to meet me). I had a vietnamese sub (6 inch whole wheat sub, lean beef, lettuce, carrots, onions, cucumber and hot sauce).

Supper: Baked Cod (see recipe below SOO good), steamed spinach with a squirt of lemon and baked tomoato.

This Baked cod was the best recipe I have come across

1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1 1/2 pounds cod fillets, thawed if frozen
3 tablespoons lemon juice
3 tomatoes, each cut into 4 wedges
3 tablespoons shredded Cheddar cheese
1 lemon, cut into wedges
Preheat oven to 400°. Place sliced onion over bottom of a shallow baking dish. Arrange fish over onion and brush with the lemon juice. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and paprika. Bake fish for 15 minutes; remove from the oven.

Arrange tomato wedges around fish and sprinkle with a little more salt and pepper. Sprinkle cheese evenly over fish. Return fish to oven and bake for 15 minutes longer, or until fish flakes easily with a fork and tomatoes are tender. Serve with lemon wedges, if desired. Serves 4.

Just so you know, I KNOW I'm getting the rough end at work, but I can't afford to lose this job to look for another. Rent is sky high, bills are higher and my job is protected (they would be TOTALLY screwwwwed if I left). I didn't go to work for two days last week and they FREAKED on me because they had to have "ALL THREE GIRLS COVER OFF YOUR AREA". Apparently they didn't do their own job because the THREE girls were busy covering off MY (yeah... little ol me... alone!)area. Good lord!