Carb Counters - Inversed Sumo diet: a type of Low carb diet I am using

10-11-2007, 05:51 AM
Hi all,:):)
low fats to you and good health!

I want here to ask you for help::smug:

I am practicing a low carb diet already for 2 months, and dropped my fats by 5 pounds. My approach is integrated from 12 diets, the best parts taken.
The main ideal - if you want to use diet with comfort - make it as simple as possible, and as easy as dayly life.
This way I borrowed principles from SUMO wrestlers, but in inversed way(because they know how to gain fat, i want inversed results):
The inversed sumo diet principles:
1) eat many times a day (5 minimum)
2) eat low GI products
3) dont sleep/nap during the day
4) dont eat before night sleep (at least 1 hour before)
5) have some sports (do exerciese - walk)
6) the main principle and paradox - dont feel hungry.!! by eating only low GI.

you can look for more experiences in my blog here:

If you practice something similar could you write about your achievements,
thanks a lot alll!:)