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01-12-2002, 01:15 PM
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Hi Ya'll!,,, New to this group. I've had a problem with my weight my entire life, have lost, gained, lost gained. The only time I was ever slim was when I was born, and I say that was because I was 6 weeks premature!. lol. Been eating healthy for 2 weeks now. I can tell I've lost some weight as my stomach is down some, and things fit better, and I feel more comfortable!, I have alot of things coming up in May, and would like to shed some of these pounds. I'm 45, devorced, engaged, I have 2 teenagers!. HELP!!!:dizzy: , I'm looking for a Daily Diet Devotional that can be sent to me in Email every day, do any of you know of one I could sign up for?.:?:

Thanks in Advance
Looking forward to this board.