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01-12-2002, 12:17 PM
Thought I'd start a new thread. I'm taking another stab at Day One. Yesterday was my birthday and the concommitant depression, quickly followed by thoughts of marshmallow and chocolate hearts, soon followed by lots of similar thoughts all day. My thoughts tend to translate into calories, so there you are.

I couldn't get on this site yesterday. Don't know what my problem is. My link just wouldn't go anywhere.

Hope everyone is well!

I will NEVER give up trying to get my streak going! :dizzy:

Never. :cool:

01-12-2002, 02:34 PM
Hey Crone....Happy Birhday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Crone, Happy Birthday to you!!!! :wave:
How do you like my signing???
Hope everyone is doing well....Can't believe it has been a year since Valentinies!!! Still fighting the battle!
Hope you have a great Birthday weekend Crone! Love ya, Jh

01-12-2002, 05:50 PM
And best wishes to you, Crone. Birthdays can be fun, or tough. I am always glad that I have achieved another one.

I'm struggling. Don't know why. I am not depressed particularly. But who always knows the reason they like to munch on various goodies. Oh, well. We just keep trying. At any rate, everyone on this Board is an 'experienced dieter' and knows exactly what should be done. It is the 'doing' that is the difficult part.

But each day provides us with an opportunity to begin again.

Keep smiling -

01-12-2002, 11:45 PM
I'm calling this Day One of my new streak to St. V's Day, but adding some extra calories in. Have had too many binges this week to cut back to 1700-1800, which is where I need to be to lose weight. But have done well enough today, with calories in the 2000 range and 20 minutes of circuit training for exercise.

JoJoJo2: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Birthdays do tend to send me into a tailspin, but considering the alternative, they aren't so bad!

You are right, it is the "doing" that is the problem in weight control, as in the rest of life. I struggle with this fact daily. Usually I win, sometimes not. We'll see how this one comes out!

Thanks for the birthday song, Joanie! :) Yes, it's been a year since Valentinies. The battle doesn't get any easier, but I believe it is worth it and that we will in time achieve all our objectives.

If not by St. V's, there's always St. Patrick ...


01-13-2002, 01:32 PM
Weight is up 2.5 today, which is the selfsame 2.5 previously lost when I was streaking. So I'm streaking again. My goal is 10.5 down by St. V. Day. Doing great on Day 2 and even have a tip of the day for anyone, like me, that has fallen prey recently to the siren call of marshmallow/chocolate hearts. I read in Shape magazine (which I read though I'm far past the age and 30 pounds heavier than their target market, to which they address all of their material and rather insultingly ignore the existence of anyone else), that Mallomars are only 30 calories each, or at least that two of them are 60 calories. So guess what I'm off to the store to buy? :cool:

I am stressed and hoping it doesn't translate to excess food today. I'm way behind on an assignment I need to turn in, my old dog has arthritis, my career is dying, my laundry is undone and my yard is unweeded. But Mallomars are my first priority! :devil:

Onward, downward, never give up the ship(shape)!


01-13-2002, 03:09 PM
I started my diet on January 1st. I have been drinking (8-10 glasses) a day. I have also cut down on sodas and juices. I have cut down on my carb intake and increased my protein intake. Howver, I have trouble controlling my sugar intake. I was a big time chocolate and ice-cream eater, however, I have decreased that. But still I am so attracted to sweets. I have also been exercising at least five days a week, running on the treadmill for about 30 minutes or doing aerobics for 40 mintues. So far no changes, still at the same weight. I am getting really discouraged!!! How long does it take to lose at least a pound or two? I'm I doing something wrong? I have about 4 small sweets a week (e.g., chocolate chip cookie) is that why I am not seeing any difference? Is this normal? I need to stay motivated! If I see results (at least -2 pounds) by the end of this month I know I can stay on task. I want to lose at least 5 - 10 pounds by Valentine's Day!! Can I do it Someone help.......

01-14-2002, 12:57 AM
Ending at 1870 calories, which in my new gentler streak is pretty good. My weekly goal is an average of approximately 1700-1800 (give or take), so I'm good. Exercise was a 30 minute fitness walk with my new talking pedometer. My weekly goal is to burn a total of 1000 calories in my exercise sessions.

The bad news of my day is that Mallomars apparently aren't sold anywhere near here. There were some marshmallow pinwheel cookies running 130 calories each rather than the 30 Shape reported for the Mallomars (I knew it sounded too good to be true).

In fact, marshmallows don't seem to be sold here at all. Does anyone even remember marshmallows or am I living in a dream world? They put them in bags and sold them in the candy aisles. They are not there now. They are extinct.

I did find a 130-calorie Hershey chocolate-marshmallow heart with the Valentine candy and that calmed my craving. Only needed one. Too bad these will vanish after Feb. 14.

Hello, Cinthusha! As you can see from the above, I'm also highly attracted to sweets and have no intention of giving them up. :)

BTW, it takes 3,500 to create a pound of fat, so to lose a pound a week, you'd need to cut back or burn in exercise an extra 500 calories a day.

Strength training might help. If you add just a few moderate sessions a week, you could build muscle. Muscle makes life better and burns more calories all day long.

There are lots of websites and books about calorie control and exercise. This forum has many people who know a lot on the subject, too. And it's important, as you know, to check with your doctor before losing weight.

Good luck!

01-15-2002, 09:29 AM
Hey girls...I tried to post yesterday and it showed it but today I dont see that I even posted.....weird
Anyhow I had said that I had been back OP now for 14 days and going strong....and that with the help from here that I received last time I knew I could regain myself and get focused again.....
Crone.....Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Will post again later once Kail takes his nap as he is standing here banging on the keyboard and adding spaces, numbers, etc.....LOL
Take care all....LisaL

01-15-2002, 11:45 AM
Here I go again on a new streak! Can't seem to stick to the straight and narrow but doing ok overall.

My new plan is to generally eat 1700-2000 calories daily, with one splurge day at any caloric level and to exercise one time per day. My St. V. goal is STILL to lose 10.5 pounds from when I posted the first St. V. thread. We'll see! :dizzy:

MomTo2Boys: Thanks for the B'Day greeting! I think there's been server problems on the forum and have read others say their posts have disappeared. Congratulations on your 14 days of being OP! That's great!

It's hard to stay focused sometimes. I'm really having problems with that in life and career. But I just keep starting over because that's all I can do! :devil:

Onward, downward!

01-15-2002, 12:13 PM
Today is day 2-- finding my groove again and feeling pretty good about it.
LisaL- hi there... I'm another mom to 2 boys. Mine are 3.5 and 15 months...keep me busy! Glad to see you are doing so well in your streak!
Crone- can't believe you couldn't find marshmallows!! Did you try the baking aisle? I don't think Ill look for the mallomars...often we don't have the "good stuff" here in Canada and I don't want to get my hopes up!
Well, I wrote yesterday that I was trying a spicy chicken and banana stew and i have to report that it was really quite good! Low in fat and very tasty! Felt like a gourmet cook (which I am most definitely not even close!)

Well, Have a great OP day everyone, I'll check in later.

01-15-2002, 09:21 PM
Hey girls.....how are ya all doing today? I had another good day and remained OP.....thats 15 days now!!!
Jelynn.....I have one boy that will be 6 next month and the other one is 14months......god it doesnt seem possible that I started coming to these boards a year ago.....as Kail was just about 2 months when I joined WW's the first time......and I do know what you mean by keeping you busy.....even though Jesse is gone to Kindergarten all day long.....Kail keeps me going like there are 3 kids here.....ha ha.....thats pretty much the exercise I get thru the day since he is so wound up I cant get my time alone until he drops out for the night.....and by then....I am ready to drop!!!
So, how is Morrigan doing? I hadnt noticed her on the thread....and I havent heard from Angel-eyes since she moved.....Joanie....good to see you again......how are things going now? Last time I talked to you things were pretty rough and we had talked of my moms mammogram showing spots......but thank god she is fine and nothing major for now!!!!
Well, I should go for now and get the boys down to bed but since there arent any of my good shows on tonight I will probably check back in later....ya'll take care....and Crone.....thats all we can do is hope that tomorrow brings another fresh start!!!
Take care all.....LisaL

01-16-2002, 11:35 AM
Although it's starting to feel like my official splurge day, which I've added to this streak. Very stressed, want ice cream. Maybe later, maybe not! :dizzy:

I only had time to jog for 10 minutes today. Have to finish an assignment and go do market research surveys. I need to dump that job.

Jelynn: Your chicken and banana stew sounds interesting. I've heard of cooking with plaintains, etc., but never bananas per se, except for desserts. Might try something like this.

MomTo2Boys: Thanks for the tip on the bakery aisle. I never go there, so didn't think of it for marshmallows.

Morrigan was on the thread for awhile a week or so ago and sounded good. Angel-Eyes and lots of the others still missing. It'd be fun to have everyone here again. Maybe a St. Pat's Day challenge of some sort?

MY MOTTO: 10.5 LESS OF ME BY ST. V! (Words to that effect).


01-16-2002, 02:21 PM
Hey girls...how are ya all doing? I am doing pretty good....I cant remember when I posted my challenge goal though....so I am either on day 2 or day 3....whichever.....but so far I have not strayed from my streak......YAHOOOOO!!!

Crone....I had talked to angel thru emails but then she moved to the states from Canada and since then have not heard from her. It would be really cool to have everyone back on here and get a good challenge going for St Pats day!!!

I am going to try a new recipe for mexican chicken that I found on another website the other day.......need to keep making or trying new things so I dont get so bored with the meals!!! Has anyone tried this recipe or the cola chicken? I hear the cola chicken is really yummy....will try it next week after I go get my shopping done and restock on chicken!!!.....I made the tortilla shell pizza the other day for my lunch....it was huge and worth 10 pts but I have to eat a really big lunch since I am unable to get points in for breakfast....I am definately not nor have I ever been one that likes to wake up and eat......I did get some suggestions of maybe trying some smoothie recipes and using that as my breakfast....so that will be tried also!!!

Well...I will go for now.....Kail is in watching SHREK for like his 1200th time.....that boy will not sit still any other time but if you put SHREK in the vcr he sits thru the entire movie.....LOL...which in otherwords.......SHREK is my babysitter for when I want to clean up the house or shower.......ha ha.....take care and will check in later on....good luck and hope your days are successful ones!!!.....LisaL

01-16-2002, 05:23 PM
hi everyone
been awhile since i posted, but have been lurking on and off. it's great to see some old faces around the place. not much time left but would luv to join your v-day challenge, if nothing else it will get me posting more and hopefully keep me a little more focused.

01-16-2002, 06:37 PM
Hey Sheila....how is married life going? Good to see we are all making our way back to the support group that kept us going so strong before....I think that was my biggest downfall....I found less time to come online once Kail started needing more of my time as he started crawling and such.....and that took away time for myself even worse than before....but now he is able to play by himself or he tags after his big brother.....so I have some time!!!
I am making the mexican chicken for dinner and will let ya know how it turns out......anybody care to share some of there easy tasty meal ideas for a mom who has NOT much time for prep work on cooking?!?!?!?!?...anything that doesnt involve tofu....still cannot bear to eat that stuff...tried it once and YICK....LOL
Will be back later on after I get this house settled down.....take care....LisaL

Fullhouse, Outback, angel-eyes, morrigan, and the rest of you who know who you are....where oh where have you gone????

01-16-2002, 09:17 PM
Hey girls!! I have been around just not posting. I have had it this week. I have been bingeing...i have got to stop that!!!:mad: I'm so mad at myself. I have to get out and do something or i'm gonna lose my mind. I will not weigh again until Saturday AM and will tell you how it goes.

I feel fatter!

01-16-2002, 09:53 PM
This did turn out to be my official splurge day, so I'm still officially on my streak. An icy cold cafe caramel with whipped cream put me up to 2190 calories, but I'm happy with that.

Correction to my post this a.m.: Thanks, Jelynn for the idea that I might find marshmallows in the bakery aisle. Never did get a chance to look today. Soon I'll be finished with this extra project and start up the search again.

Swimmerbabe: Don't feel alone. I've been bingeing, too! Getting better, though. Good luck on Saturday.

MomTo2Boys: I'm only a mom to a dog, cat and two birds, so don't have any family-type recipes, but it'd be fun if everyone posted a healthy recipe here. Unfortunately, all my recipes are for single serving things, since I practice portion control for one as much as possible.

Sheila_220: Hello! Glad you are here. There's really a long way to St. V's yet and we all have time to reach splendid goals!

Onward, downward, everyone!

I have to go back to work.


01-16-2002, 10:07 PM
Hi everyone!! Boy oh boy, has the time gone by fast. Well, lets see?....where do I start? The last post I made was just before we moved, so back in mid November. We stayed in hotels for about 5 weeks (both in Ottawa and in Charlotte, NC) and then moved into our new house mid Dec. and since then, getting accustomed to not working, staying home....(where does the time go?...lol) getting aquainted with the great weather....(snow, what snow?) and basically settling in. Our computer was hooked up over the weekend but we didn't have any email connection untill today. So voila!!! here I am.
Mom....I've been trying to search high and low for you....and have lots of feelers out for you.......{{{hugs}}} girl, can it be already our 1 year anniversary for 3fchicks?...lol....who knew? I can't believe Kail is already a 'rough and ready little boy'....How is Jesse doing? I just missed you in chat earlier, and I hope we can hook up soon. take care....
ps....what is the St.Pats challenge?...would like to hear more.

01-16-2002, 10:33 PM
Day one...again....tomorrow
TOM arrived this morning (oh, joy) about a week early so kind of caught me off guard. Actually it will be nice to not have to contend with the PMS I was dreading. But I did succumb today to making cookies (oatmeal coconut choc.chip) to keep from strangling my boys. And tonight we had hotdogs at Costco for dinner.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm actually not feeling as out of control as I usually do. Tomorrow I will get my water in and a work out and go on from there.
Lisa- I'd love that mexican chicken recipe-- always looking for new ones too!

Talk to you all tomorrow.

01-17-2002, 01:42 AM
More people, how great! I'm trying to get my project done and not eat anything, so I needed to surf around a bit.

Angel-Eyes: Happy to see you! Basically there is no St. Pat's Challenge at this time, but St. Pat always comes after St. V, so ...

For me, if I don't get the stupid 10.5 pounds off by St. V's Day, I'll just get it off by St. Pat's and that's that!

Hope springs eternal.

Good-night, all!

01-17-2002, 11:37 AM
hello everyone,

starting day 1 so i guess i'll actually get on that exercise bike instead of just looking at it. hope everyone has a great day.

01-17-2002, 03:15 PM
Hey girls...well I weighed in this morning and was down 5 lbs for the week......I know it wont continue to come off that quick but it at least makes me feel like I am doing something right.....so I am down now 10lbs since starting back OP Jan 2 2002!!!!
Angel....I might get on later as Brent is going skiing with some friends ..... email me at momto2boys2001@yahoo.com and let me know if you will be on chat tonight and if so around what time!!! Sure do miss you!!!!
Well, this means if I keep up working hard I will for sure make my St V Day goal of 10lbs gone bye bye!!!
Jelynn....I will get you that mexican chicken recipe later on....I will post it on the thread incase anyone else wants it.....it was YUMMY
Talk to you later....time to eat some lunch......Take Care...LisaL

01-17-2002, 03:42 PM
Great news mom!!! wow, I'm impressed; a total of 10 lbs gone forever!!!YAHOO FOR MOM!!!! i, on the other hand have said good riddance to half a pound....lol, but it is a start, right?...lol Anyway, hope to catch you on chat later. Enjoy the great day. bye

01-17-2002, 05:10 PM
Angel.....like my subject says.....at least ya lost a half pound...you could have added it!!! Good for you!!! How are L and E doing? and hubby? You like the warm weather? It will take you a while to get used to the idea of not having a white xmas though!!! When we lived down south it was so odd waking up on Thanksgiving day cooking dinner and then going in the pool.....same for xmas day....we always opened presents and then walked the beach.....LOL.....was nice but different!!!...I have a friend who lives in Enfield which is I think 3 hours east of you.....I was down there this July all alone....my first trip away from Brent and the boys for more than a day...ha ha
Well, leave me a message letting me know what time you think you will be in to chat and I will try my hardest to make it in there with ya so we can catch up!!!
How is everyone else doing so far today???
Jelynn....here is the mexican chicken recipe:

Mexican Chicken
4 boneless skinless chicken breast (4oz breast each)
1 packet of taco seasoning ( I used taco bell )
Light sour cream
Taco sauce

Preheat oven to 375*. Empty the taco seasoning into a large plastic baggie or bowl with container. Put one breast a time in and shake to coat the entire breast. Take out and place in a slightly greased pan ( PAM ) and cook for 25 minutes. Take chicken out and pour a 1/4C salsa over each breast. Place back in oven and allow to cook another 5 minutes. Remove from oven and place on plates. I put 2 Tbsp of light sour cream on each breast and then drizzled taco sauce over them. It came out to 5 pts for each breast with the sour cream on it. Would work out lower if you like non-fat sour cream.
It was so so yummy though!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Take care all....LisaL

01-17-2002, 09:20 PM
I'm doing fairly well but not through eating, so who can't say for sure. I found marshmallows finally in the baking aisle. Seems like a strange place for them. They are less than 25 calories each and just as good as a truffle to me. Exercise was 20 minutes of circuit training; no time for more.

MomTo2Boys: Congratulations on your five pounds down for the week, not to mention 10 GONE FOREVER! WTG! ;)

I'm going to try the Mexican Chicken soon. Thank you for posting the recipe.

Angel-Eyes: A half pound down is great! You should be proud. It all adds up.

Sheila: Hope your Day One was a hit and you enjoyed your exercise bike!

I have to go back to work now.

Peace, all!

01-17-2002, 11:48 PM
well day one went along smoothely. i rode my bike and also found a neat website called fitday. it adds up all your calories and anything else you might want to know also does calories burned for anything and everything. i can ever journal in it if i want.

01-18-2002, 10:34 AM
Hey girls...well another day has passed....how did everyone do? I was way off in points....under-ate and didnt even get mid-range for my points....I just was not hungry all day....something that is unusual for sure for me to not be hungry....LOL.....but I think its this darn sinus infection I have and it has me so darn congested that I hate to eat as I cant breathe thru my nose which leaves me to breathe thru my mouth....kinda hard when its full of food....ha ha.....but none the less....I managed to stay OP.....Yahoo!!!
Crone....hope you enjoy the mexican chicken....it is definately a great meal very quick and easy and if you like tacos you'll love it!!!...I started making chicken tacos since its lower in points than lean hamburg!!!
Angel....sorry I didnt make it back in last night....I got hooked on my show and then became very lazy and didnt want to move from the couch to come back online!!!...I checked in around 8:30 and I think around 10 but didnt see you!!!....Going to Vermont tonight with the family and then Brent and I are off to Montreal for a night or two....my mom lives an hour from Montreal and she badly wants to have her grandbabies......so it works out nice.....and if we need to go back its only an hour away!!!...Going to be odd not having them with us....I have not been without the both of them since Kail was born except for in July when I went to NC for 4 nights!!!....Send me an email with your new email address to momto2boys2001@yahoo.com.....talk to you when I get home!!!
Sheila....congrats on getting on that bike.....I do know how you feel when you stare it down and have a debate with yourself asking should I get on it today or wait till later.....I am waiting for hubby to buy me one of the new bikes that you have a regular chair type seat....his bike is ones like some of the gyms have but the seat kills my booty!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.....and remain faithful to yourself!!!!...Take care and talk later.....LisaL

01-18-2002, 01:11 PM
hello all. when i posted last, i had really hoped to be here more, but then life happens. my depression has been poking through the meds pretty badly, so my doses have been increased-hope it will help. my sig other of almost 2 years and i broke up a few days ago. he is not very sane, and he was pulling me into a worse place, too. we just arent' very healthy together. i know this is right for the long term, but there are still times in the NOW that i hurt like ****. and, of course, food plays into this. i go back and forth between wanting to eat everything in site and hide under the covers with a big bowl of ice cream, pasta, or whatever and not wanting to eat at all. there is a big part of me that wants to use this as motivation to eat better, get to the gym (tho the foot is still hurting bad from the sprain), etc...as it is a new beginning.....
oh, i don't know.
i got some slim fast shake thingys today-tried the vanilla one that crone seems to like so much. at first it was ok, but then it seemed chalky-i think they'll be better very cold. i'm hoping to drink one of those for bfast and maybe another as a sort of snack later to help with the sweet cravings.
well, i guess it's back to work time. take care everyone.

01-18-2002, 09:41 PM
well made it through another day, still haven't been able to go cold turkey with the pop but it's very limited and i am drinking lots of water. but i'm within my calorie range, and i'm planning on giving up pop completely as of monday. My hardest day will be on sunday, i am having a b-day party for my three girls. imagine all that cake (ouch).:dizzy:

01-19-2002, 12:13 AM
Eating too much, but still under 2000, so calling it a good day. Had another abbreviated workout as work has just taken over right now and I can't afford to bomb out on this assignment. Had vanilla slimfast in a can for dinner to keep calories down and also because I do really love them, Sychie! ;)

I am craving sweets because of work stress. The marshmallows are salvation to me. Less than 25 calories, filling, sweet, vanilla, nostalgia. Also I found some chocolate dipped dried fruit at Trader Joe's. On top of the chocolate there is a crunchy coating (like M&M's). These are reasonably low in calories (better than a Godiva truffle anyway) and really good. And one can count it as fruit!

On to Day 4!

01-20-2002, 11:02 AM
Well I did it!! I finally took the big step and registered at ww's. I was a little dissappointed though....I went on Friday, only to find out that it wasn't open. So, I returned the next day and signed up. I don't know why I was apprehensive about going....maybe a little fear of the unknown, or perhaps afraid of failing again. BUT I DID IT, and thats all that matters now. All these years, I never had taken the time to find out, I thought the program was all about measuring and calculating-too time consuming I thought. But, after reading all the books,pamphlets etc,,,,,its really easy. Sure you have to plan your days meals, but in my mind; that just gives you a better accountabilty. (which I needed BIGTIME!!)

Oh...as for my drivers licsence, don't ask. Seems I can't get it until I get a tax id. number from the IRS, which takes 90 days to get, but I need my new liscence changed within 60 days....so I'm hoping I don't get stopped by the police!!!...lol but there's nothing I can do. Here's to Day #2.....on plan. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Sorry, this ones all about me...but sometimes thats just the way it goes. bye

01-20-2002, 01:40 PM
I think I'm on Day 5, but it's hard to tell. I'm somewhat discouraged by being up two pounds today instead of down two pound as I should be. But hope springs eternal and there's a new week coming up. Today my main goal is to cut back on sweets. I've replaced my beloved vanilla slimfast in a can with low glycemic shakes formulated for diabetics (I'm not one) and am replacing marshmallows and truffles with glucose tablets, which taste good and satisfy me for 15 calories each. Hope to keep the sugar low all week, finish this **&&*** article and feel more balanced and in control.

Angel-Eyes: Good for you in joining WW! :) It's a good plan that helps many people to both lose weight and eat more nutritionally. I've thought about it, too, but don't have time for meetings. However, I see now that I can do the program online and at home even if there are meetings in my area. This was previously not permitted by WW but they've changed the policy. So I'm thinking about it.

I think I missed something; why can't you get a driver's license without a tax id number?

01-21-2002, 01:56 PM
hello all. congrats on the losses i have read about (i'm a bit behind)! i really don't know where i am, but if i get off my fat @&& today and get to the gym (which i will do, of course ;)), i'll find oout. things have been tough here. i've been eating a lot, but i guess i could be doing worse. i have just started to do my bit of yoga and stretching before bed again. that always makes me feel better, and it's at least a bit of movement.
it seems i have all the best intentions, and i know what to do and how and all that, but then my willpower just dies. i hope that as my depression clears and the meds help out that that problem will clear up. one of the meds i am on is also used to help treat eatign disorders, so as a bit of a nice side effect, it has helped me before in that. i hope it will again.

crone-i have decided that the slimfast shakes are pretty good, but they have to be really cold. i liek the strawberry a lot, too. about the ww online thing, is that through their website? sounds like that may be something i'd be interested in.

well, i'm off-hopefully to the gym
take care

01-21-2002, 09:15 PM
Day one a success!! (And I plan on keeping this streak going until the big :love: St. V day!!)
Got to the gym and actually pushed myself and worked up a sweat. Generally I have a hard time when I'm doing treadmill or bike pushing myself, but things are going to change... :)
Fell in a really good mind-set right now and know things are going to take off for me now (Literally! :lol: )
I've been stopping myself for this whole past year...no longer!!

01-21-2002, 09:21 PM
I'm calling it that, but not really doing great. Eating things I don't want, sleeping too much; very depressed at the finishing of a project when I should be happy. Go figure. Tomorrow will be better. May walk tonight or take a day off.

Sychie: I like slimfast either cold or not. Doesn't seem to matter to me. They're also good partially frozen and then whipped with a beater to make ice cream or a blender for a shake. :)

Yes, the WW is available at their website for anyone. They also ran ads and a promo piece about it in their magazine. Think it's the issue out now; it has a blue cover. Good luck.

01-22-2002, 03:01 PM
hello. here on day 2, i guess. had a full 24 hours that was really good-been a looong time since that happened. didn't make it to the gym, but i did work out here, and i am feeling it today. ouch!
splurged a bit for lunch, but i know that i can control what i eat the rest of the day and be ok. besides, i like to try to have lunch be the biggest meal.

jelynn-congrats on a good day 1 and a trip to the gym. keep up the good work,

crone-thanks for the idea for freezing the slimfast

hope everyone else is doing well. take care

01-22-2002, 04:19 PM
Hey girls...how are ya all? Well I got home from Montreal last night and had a great weekend....Brent and I had a really nice time but it sure felt odd not pulling 2 kids out from the backseat and buckling them back up each time we went somewhere!!!....My mom had a good time with the boys and called me this morning to ask when she would have them again.....said she missed her boys....LOL.....we ate normal over the weekend but didnt count points....and boy did we walk our booties off.....holy cow......my legs and knee were killing me.....I was so lame yesterday I could barely move!!!...but happy to report that I managed to maintain my weight with NO GAIN....yahooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Angel......hope you manage to become street legal with your license soon...I bet it must be a lot of work getting yourselves all set up for the states!!!...how are E and L doing? Jesse and Kail are doing pretty well.....Kail is finally done cutting teeth for a while I hope.....he now has ...hmmm.....8 on top and 6 on bottom......4 of them were coming in when he had the sinus infection and double ear infections so life here wasnt too quiet.....!!!....Jesse is back to school today and was excited to go back....he hates it when they have long weekends.....he loves being at school with all his friends!!!
How is everyone else doing today? I managed to get myself back on plan today from the weekend and began my journaling again.....so far so good........!!!
Well, I need to go finish washing/drying all my bed linens and the boys and get it done before Jesse comes strolling in from school......talk to you all later and take care.....LisaL

01-23-2002, 01:03 AM
Day 2...
Didn't get a "work out"-- was sooo busy today! but all that running here, there and everywhere has to count for something!
Still doing great with the eating and water...still too much pop though. But I say right now as long as I'm staying away from fast food I can have all the Diet Coke I want!!
Tomorrow I go back to the gym...don't know if I mentioned here, but I'm volunteering in the childcare now-- it's great, a free membership *and* (and most of all) it gets me there!!
Lisa- sounds like such a great time! My DH lived in Montreal for a short time several years ago and would love to take me back! I would love it too. Can't even imagine a weekend without 2 boys!! :)
Well, have a great night and we'll check in tomorrow...

01-23-2002, 12:52 PM
Hey girls....how ya all doing? I am doing really well....I am seriously finding this time around a whole lot easier than the last time I was doing WW's....I think my main problem the last time was I was eating only the SmartOne meals and HealthyChoice meals and their snacks etc.......this time around I am not eating any of them and making our own meals......seems more like eating NORMAL when I eat my own cooked meals!!!

Jelynn.....you should go to Montreal......you would have a blast.....its a whole new world there compared to here in the states......LOL.....you see ALL walks of life on one street.....St Catherine street is so amazing......there are a bunch of underground malls that go forever it seems.....they are so cool.....and the food up there is AWESOME too....cant believe I didnt gain a pound and I ate pizza 3 days in a row....ha ha ha....but like I said.....I walked so much my whole body was lame for 2 days!!!

Angel....how ya doing girl? Sorry I havent hooked up with ya in chat but I rarely get on this computer like I used too! I find myself snuggled up on the couch watching TV since its so darn cold here!!!....Hope all is well with you, M, E, and L!!!

Ya know.....we all lend each other so much support and we form bonds on here......we should try to make plans this summer for a meeting.......I know a lot of other groups get plans together and they make a designated meeting place and they hang out for a night or 2 and they share stories, have fun, etc.......I know I would totally be up for a group gathering this summer at some point...what does everyone else think???

Crone, swimmer, and others....how are all ya doing? I am hoping your all doing well!!!

Talk to ya later......LisaL

01-23-2002, 12:58 PM
hey all. i guess this is halfway through day 3 for me. i weighed in this morning and i am down 3 pounds, so that made me happy. i did well at not pigging out after my splurge lunch yesterday, and i went to the gym this morning. it was only for a little bit, but every bit counts. so far, so good for today.

mom 2-congrats on making it though a trip w/o gaining-when you're walking a lot on a trip, it certainly is easier.

jelynn-i would have to agree that diet coke is the lesser of the 2 evils when compared to fast food. keep up the good work staying away from the grease-to-go. i stopped drinking soda when i stopped smoking a year ago-it was hard, but now i really don't miss it.

crone (wherever you may be, hope you're doing well)-i had frozen french vanilla for dinner last night and it was great. i think that will be a new help for me.

one day at a time, we're all getting there....

01-23-2002, 01:20 PM
Not sure what streak day I'm on, but doing ok. Yesterday I dumped a client who'd been a pain for too long. Felt really upset and eating too much. But today felt great and felt like running for the first time in ages. But kept it at a jogwalk. I'm still keeping to my St. V. goal of 10.5 pounds from where I started, even though I was up last week. You never can tell, I might make it; if not, I'll extend it to St. Pat's.

Everyone sounds like they're doing great. Missing some posters, though, and wondering how they are ... come back! :dizzy:

Esto perpetua!

01-23-2002, 04:06 PM
Hi Ladies. Today is a good day.....(what? another one, I seem to be on a roll...lol) and the pts on ww's are getting easier to figure out. AND.......when I was at the mall today, and little boy wanted pizza.....he had pizza and I didn't feel 'cheated' just having a veggie salad!!! WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT!!!! lol lol....
I was rather hungry though, and rushed home to a nice bowl of cottage cheese....guess I needed the protein. Anyway, it sure was filling and deliscious. I have been cruising the sites for good ww's low pt recipies. If anyone has some sure-fire winners, please post them.
Crone-Glad to hear you're feeling better enough to almost run...but a good walk clears your head too! I really enjoy going for a walk. In answer to your question.....the tax id. number is the same as a social sec. number but because dh is the one who works, he get a social sec. number....and since I'm just along for the ride,(so to speak and not allowed to work) mine is the tax id. Which takes 90 days to receive. Take care, bye

01-23-2002, 05:17 PM
Hey girls.....glad to hear most of us are having OK days!!!

sychie....good for you on your 3# loss....thats great....your on your way to a new you!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Crone...sorry to hear about dumping one of your clients but having your sanity is more important than a pain in the booty client!!!

Angel....YAHOO FOR YOU.......glad to hear you had a breakthrough moment at the mall!!!..I have a ton of recipes that I use for low point meals because I cant use as many pts as Brent.....I can type them out when I get some breaks thru the night and day and then email them to you if you like.....I just found one last week....the mexican chicken....YUM YUM YUM...making it again tonight!!!

Does anyone have a crock recipe for sweet and sour chicken where you use frozen lemonade???? I heard some ladies in chat a long time ago talking about it but never wrote the recipe down!

Will check in later........take care all....LisaL

01-23-2002, 06:16 PM
Angel-eyes, I totally agree about walking, though I'm kind of antsy to start running again.

But walking is fundamental. There are so many ways to walk: Very slowly, which I think is healing and releases mental and physical toxins; moderately, just for fun and thinking; fast, for fitness; superfast, for intensity, etc. There's what I call mood walking (that's for brooding); racewalking; lifestyle walking; jogwalking (intervals of jogging and walking); hiking; marathon walking; volkssport; walking in place; Walkaerobics (Leslie Sansone); walking meditation, such as walking around a labyrinth or the walking meditation practiced by monks in some parts of the world ... the list goes on.

Sometimes I walk with my talking ("As Seen on TV") pedometer, but I'd like a more accurate one someday. On other forums I've seen support groups for Prevention Magazine's program of keeping a pedometer on all day and aiming for a certain number of steps to increase lifestyle exercise. This is not a new idea to Prevention but it's a good idea. I'd do it if my life were more stable.

01-23-2002, 09:22 PM
Had another sucessful day today..makes for 3 in a row...going for a true Valentines streak this time.
I'm beat so this will be short and sweet...
I'm trying to run-- I'm doing the interval training with walking and running for a minute or two at a time. Running is already getting easier-yay. I love that it's a great fat/calorie burner!
I'd love any low pt recipes you have Lisa-- let me know when you have them ready and I'll give you my e-mail.
I made beef stew tonight-- tomato based so there's one more veggie:)
Well, I'm off to put my feet up and hopefully read. (Want to the "The Shipping News" done so I can go see the movie this weekend!)

01-23-2002, 10:24 PM
Hey Gals....Welp I did it...I joined WW....so, I thought I would stop in and tell you all....I am psyched about it...Sheila....great to hear you are back on the boards... I had an IM from Dena the other day....it was great to hear from her, too. Crone...thanks for holding us together. Morrigan....where did ya go again? Lisa....glad to hear your mom is doing so well...mine is too!! Love you all...Jh

PS...what is with the 3 page posts?

01-24-2002, 12:56 AM
Joanie- you can go into your "edit options" and change how many posts you want per page-- the default is quite low. I changed it to 40 and is usually not a problem though this thread is now 2 pages for me :)
Going to bed now :yawn:

01-24-2002, 09:16 AM
Hey girls....how ya all doing?

Joanie glad to hear your mom is doing better now as well!!!...great news about joining WW's.....I really do like the program.....it takes a bit getting used to journaling all the food that goes in your mouth and figuring out points but once you do it enough you memorize how many pts per serving for foods you eat often!!!...GOOD LUCK!!!

Angel....sorry I didnt make it onto chat last night...I checked right around 9pm I guess and it was busy in there but I didnt see your nickname so I went back to watching a movie on tv!!!.....So, whats it like for you being a full time at home mommy?

Hope you all have another successful streaking day!!!!

Take care, LisaL

01-24-2002, 01:29 PM
i suppose i shall call this day 4 and hope that i can do it all day long.
last night, i did well with getting a pizza for dinner and stopping when i started to feel full, instead of eating the whole thing in 5 minutes. i did splurge on fast food quite late, as i was starved, and it was all that sounded good. i have to say, a burger has rarely tasted so good :devil:
so, i'm planning on really beign careful today and such. i want to sit in the kitchen and eat everything (just for the **** of it-nice rainy day here), but instead i am here, reading posts, writing and keeping my mind off food. thank you all for being here, as just reading your posts is helping me remeber what is really important to me-and a huge amount of food is not it right now!

crone-nice list of walking types. i don't think i've ever actually listed so many, but i do identify quite a few.

mom2-thank you very much for the encouraging words-certainly needed right now.

angel-congrats on the mall breakthrough. i have had those moments before and know they are great-keep it up!

take care everyone...

01-24-2002, 05:09 PM
Hey everyone! How are ya'll doing so far today? I managed to go get groceries on an VERY empty stomach and refrained from buying the BAD( good if ya know what I mean....ha ha) stuff....and I even saved $82 with sale items and coupons!!!

sychie.....dont be tooo hard on yourself for that late night binge.....I can assure you we all battle them from time to time....your definately not alone....I know last night I had used all my points.....and out of boredom found myself wanting to eat.....I ended up having 10 fat free saltines and a huge cup of crystal light!!!

Hope all is well with everyone......I didnt weigh this morning so I will weigh tomorrow morning and post then!!!

Take care all.......LisaL

01-25-2002, 01:54 AM
Day 4...just made it phew!!
Did eat at Wendy's tonight, but had a jr. burger...wanted chili, but they were out. Much better choice than the spicy chicken or big bacon that I'd usually get.
Was also at a meeting tonight where they had all sorts of desserts and goodies...I only had one small (very small) sugar cookie. Big sucess for me.
Anyway, this was a crazy busy day and I'm exhausted and not looking forward to tomorrow when I will try to put my trashed house back together:p

01-25-2002, 12:47 PM
hello. well, day 5 here and doing decently. last night i realized that i actually need to eat more...that rarely happens. i'm in a phase right now where nothing really sounds good, so i keep forgetting to eat until i am starved. now that i have identified the prob., hopefully i can solve it. haven't had any formal workouts yesterday or today, but i have been very active and running around, and stuff, so i think i'm doing ok.
i am so looking forward to this weekend! i need a nice, looong nap.

i hope everyone is doing well...wherever you all are!
take care

01-25-2002, 12:59 PM
Hey girls.....how are ya all doing? I am having a good day today.
Last night I was in a mood where I could have eat and eat and eat but I managed to refrain....wasnt easy....but I did....considering I made homemade chocolate chip peanut butter cookies for Jesse....I could have done some serious damage to them but only had a really little one!!!

Jelynn......good for you on being able to only have a jr cheeseburger and not the chili or bacon.....I find eating out to be so hard because its right there and so easy to just blurt out what you want......and once you eat it you know you shouldnt have and you beat yourself up all night long......!!!

sychie....glad to hear you doing well.....dont feel bad on not getting in the formal exercise......your not alone....I dont do any workout program.....my 2 boys sure dont give me time to do that.....so I figured.....I chase after them all day long until bedtime and thats gotta be better than laying on the couch and eating pizza, chips & dip, cookies etc.......!!! As long as your losing or maintaining......and not gaining......then do what you have to to get by!!!

Hoping you all have a great weekend.....mine will get better I hope....Kail went again yesterday to the docs only to find out 1 week after being on meds that one of his ears has another infection......just hoping the other doesnt.....he had the double infections for almost a month before they finally got rid of them!!!

Will check in again later......oh yeah....I did weigh in and I am down another pound.....so I am now down to 179lbs......so I am over my mini goal pledge.....just hope I can keep it off........take care and have a good weekend.....LisaL

Oh yeah....one more thing....I went into DWLZ chat last night and saw Dena......she said she might stop by!!!

01-25-2002, 11:35 PM
Day 5 is done!
Went out for dinner tonight-- did not get the philly cheese steak w/fries and gravy I love, but instead chose a teriyaki rice bowl and only ate half! pretty good mix of rice, veggies and steak. IT's with these little choices I feel myself getting stronger and know that if I continue on this track that this will indeed be my year! All it takes is eating less (and making the right choices) and exercising more. COuld have done a little more of the exercise thing this week, but baby steps and I'm getting there... :)

01-25-2002, 11:49 PM
Hello, everyone! I'm working, working, working at the moment and have a great desire to eat, eat, eat. Hanging on to this streak by a thread and still over the calories I should be, but calling it good because I'm just shy of overeating. Exercise is consistent, but I never have a problem sticking to workouts. I like them. Hopefully, I won't be up another 2.5 pounds this Sunday, but doubt if I'll be down.

Jelynn: I guess my jogwalking is interval training; I hope to get back to running regularly. I've slowed considerably in the past few years and great as walking is ... I would never give it up ... I really liked running once upon a time. Done correctly, it has great benefits, but it's not for everyone. If I move to a cooler climate this year, I think it'll be easier for me to get back to it.

Momto2: Congratulations on losing a pound! And on staying out of the cookies. That'll likely translate to yet another pound next week! WTG! ;)

Sychie: Hope you get your long nap! The great thing about sleep, besides the fact we need it to survive, is that it appears to have a relationship with maintaining a healthy weight. I've read that people who don't sleep enough have a higher level of cortisol in the body, leading to increased fat storage or something like that.

Joanie: Joining WW is a great step! Glad you are doing so well and your mom is, too. I also miss Morrigan and Babette, too, and everybody who's absent.

Hope someone is thinking up a neat idea for a St. Patrick's Day challenge ... a St. Pat's Party or something or other?

Downward, ever downward, then maintain, maintain, forever.

01-26-2002, 10:10 AM
Hey Gals....I am thinking about something that this ww leader said at my first meeting....she said that we all should eat to be healthy, and not worry about the weight, that the pounds would come off. She said that we were to think, when we are feeling discouraged about the scale not moving, that we are at least eating health-ily. It made sense to me...and I am going to try to not be so focused on the scale and focus more on taking care of my body and of how I feel.

Well, I hope you all have a great day/weekend. I am going to clean my house....dancing style....burn those calories, scrub that floor!!!

01-26-2002, 11:59 AM
Hey girls....how is your weekend started off?? Mine is ok.....I am really tired though cause Kail has another ear infection and has been waking up the last 2 nights crying and crying and the darn motrin doesnt seem to be working along with his meds to keep him calm at night!
I had another night where I felt like I could have ate forever....not because I was hungry but out of boredom.....I hate being so tired because I have no desire to do anything....would rather relax on the couch in front of the tv!
Jelynn.....good for you that you had a healthier meal instead of the philly cheesesteak and fries.......I think you will meet your goal in the end......I think we all can as long as we stay in control......!!!
sychie.....did you get your nap in? I might get one in today since hubby is home and he WILL watch the boys.....he doesnt know that yet but he will....ha ha
crone....I miss a lot of the others too......sure would be nice to get our old group back and get our butts in gear to a healthier group!!!
Joanie.....It is true....I think for the most part we all fear the scale and hate to think that has gone up or stayed the same but in reality its the healthier foods we should be concerned about.....I eat a lot of healthy things....very low in fat and all.....my problem is at night when I sit down to watch tv....I find myself wanting the BAD things.......but so far so good....have kept away from them.....!!!
Wondering where Weesa and Angel have disappeared to again???? And Swimmerbabe.....and Sheila....ya'll havent gone MIA on us have you???? LOL
Take care all and hope you have a wonderful weekend......LisaL

01-26-2002, 07:56 PM
Hello, all! Maybe we should start a new thread tomorrow? It's the first day of the week (for me, anyway) and a good time to renew our dedication to whatever program we are on to reach our St. V. goal. My 10.5 pounds down is probably not in the cards, but I'm still working on a decent streak.

Joanie: I definetely agree with your WW leader. Being healthy is the real goal. For me, the scale is merely one tool in the arsenal to keep my weight off and if heaven wills it, GET OFF THE LAST ##&&&!! 10-15 pounds. I get mildly frustrated with the scale not saying what I want it to, but realize that my weight goal is an arbitrary number. I've lost more than 100 pounds and it could be years or never (according to my med advisors) before my body adjusts enough to go down further. I've chosen my weight goal on the basis of the BMI chart, which is only a guideline and not particularly accurate for people who exercise and are muscular. I'm not particularly muscular and don't track my body fat, although I've had it tested and don't think it's accurate either.

But I don't agree with those who want to throw away the scale forever. I did that once and gained a hundred pounds without noticing. So the scale is just a game to keep me noticing whither I goest! The important thing for me is not to miss a weigh in and to continue to TRY (unlike Yoda, I do think TRY is a valid word) to stay on a healthy track.

Momto2: You are right ... we must get our butts in gear! This is a great group; I return here again and again after swearing off the 'net! I'm hoping for a total turnout for a focused St. Pat's Pledge Party (or whatever), with maybe some kind of new game or challenge that someone thinks up (such as Marlana's challenge awhile back) and everybody making a pledge and posting their results regularly. 3D gets in the way for me, too, but it'd be great if we could get everyone back regularly and make this the healthiest St. Pat's Day of all!

01-26-2002, 11:30 PM
Hi Ladies. Yup, count me in for the St. Pat's Poundage Pledge !!! Drum roll please.....after my first week of WW's, I've lost 3.4 lbs!!! YAHOO. I am very pleased and am planning meals much better, and much healthier. Its all in changing those old habits, and not making excuses. Tommorow is a birthday party for my 4yr son. I've tried to sort of "sabotage" all the treats so I won't be tempted. For instance, in the rice krispie treats, I've put those candy sprinkles...(yuck, I hate those) and all over the cake icing ....yes, more of those sprinkles!!! Ha ha, only thing is that he loves them, so c'est la vie--he can have them!! Hope to be going for that book mark next week, so far so good. Take care and enjoy the day....temp tommorow is 68f, time for some nice outdoor walks!! bye