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10-08-2007, 11:59 AM
So I haven't braved the pool again yet :D Just kidding - my workout buddy and I both fell ill during consecutive weeks and since my husband and I only have one car, I can't go unless she goes...so I was out of the gym/pool for two weeks or so. We're finally back on track and I lost 7 pounds during September and I cheated like a fiend - there I admit it!!! :s:

To whoever asked me about tips on swimming, start off slow. I have terrible technique so it takes a lot more effort to get through the water than it does others who grew up swimming more than twice a summer. It is a great workout though and it is cardio plus almost your full body. My advice would be, don't go in thinking you're going to be a swimming ninja. Have realistic expectations and just remind yourself that even though it may not be as many laps as you wanted, you're still doing something great for yourself.