General chatter - Date Ideas and fun things to do in Orlando

10-07-2007, 08:13 PM

I am new here but definitely not new to weight loss. I am still working on my goal but I am halfway there.

I am also fairly new to the Orlando area and I am looking for a few ideas for a fun date. I go to school and work full time so the only time I actually get to go out is on a wednesday night and the guy that I am dating does not get off work until 7 so we usually plan on doing something around 8pm every wednesday night. I really need some help because I am running out of ideas on fun things to do.

So far we have went to the movies at City Walk, played mini-golf, went to the Improv comedy club, played pool. I am not really into the bar/club scene and it is too late at night to do any of the theme parks like Universal or Disney.
So I am in need of a few fun ideas to keep my wednesday nights interesting. Any ideas?


10-07-2007, 08:32 PM
if you live close to about a nice stroll around lake eola. there several good resturants around there too...and if i remember correctly even an outdoor cafe/bar. I use to live up the road from there...and severeal of my gf's still live i have some ideas of things to do. But considering the hours you are pretty much doing it, late night hrs really limit your activities. Also, on I-drive theres the powerhouse place, near point olando..its like a hand on museum..i think they have late hrs due to the tourist. and right now with halloween coming up....universal hunted horror nights (although it may be the weekend only until the nights before halloween). there's a really nice resturant/bar that has a great outdoors section in the winter park area (in the shopping plaza with Cheescake factory) called beluga's. Great atmosphere...not really "club" but just a nice place to chill...but i'm not sure where in orlando you are..winter park is pretty far up north from most of orlando.

Also, something i always like doing...going to boarder's or a favorite coffee bar and just talking. I like borders because you can do something silly like grab an picture book or mag and discuss different things in it???

heck you may even be able to find a roller or ice rink open that late. Then you get to do something fun and adventurous.

hope that helped..i always recommend doing a google search too..may give you some ideas.