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10-07-2007, 12:41 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting.:gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome.:yes:

10-07-2007, 04:47 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Cristina - ty! I like to stock up on books, too, and have to admit that I even bought the same one twice for my stash, lol. When I saw what I did, I gave it to Mary. Thankfully, it was only a paperback.

Sassy - woohoo! I'm happy about your good news.

Neal's fishing with Terry, and I'm headed to the yard with the DGDs and Mary. It's so hot today, that we're breaking records for this time of the year, so I doubt I'll stay long.

Oh yeah, when I got out my book to record my weight loss for the week, I saw where my total since 9/17 is 10 pounds, not 11 like I thought. Still, I'm 31 from my highest weight. According to an email from Amazon, my exercise video is en route, and I think I'll get it tomorrow.

NSV - I had fruit at the bd party yesterday, instead of a cupcake, and was fine with that. Nobody paid any attention, and I walked out feeling good about it.


10-07-2007, 05:37 PM
:balloons: :celebrate: Happy Birthday Sue!! :celebrate: :balloons:

I hope it's a good one and I hope you're getting spoiled!!

10-07-2007, 08:27 PM
TY Marti.

Happy Birthday Sue! :bday2you:

Where is everybody? Hope you all are well! :wave:

10-07-2007, 10:51 PM
Just a quickie one tonight. I've had a terrible chest cold all weekend which just makes my asthma act up despite being on 5 different drugs to control it. Hopefully I can see my pulmonary doc tomorrow. Didn't do too much this weekend but cough :( Going to be bed and watch Bro & Sis but just wanted to say...

Jane--the granddaughters were beautiful in their outfits. You did a wonderful job. WTG on the weight loss!! :carrot:

Sassy--congrats on your hubby's new job. Things always seem to work themselves out. I'm very happy for your both.


10-07-2007, 11:01 PM
Thank you ladies...I got taken to dinner and will go out to lunch tomorrow with DD and Mom. (if she feels like it) She has had 2 really good days....*fingers crossed that it continues*

Beautiful day here today, as Jane said, temps. above normal. I got in a bike ride, but it sure was hot. Got to be lazy and catch up on some rest also.

I will check in tomorrow....

10-08-2007, 12:01 PM
Good Morning...

Just a quick check in today. Need to work out before going to work. Not feeling up to it, but will feel better about it afterwards.

WI today. Exactly the same! :dizzy: At least I didn't gain, so I am happy about that.

I'll pop in later girls! Off to do some Tae Bo!

10-08-2007, 12:54 PM
Back to track my exercise::exercise:

30 mins. w/Billy Blanks Tae Bo
7 min ab workout.

Tonight I'll do my walk.:running: Want to see that scale move next week!!

Off for a shower, then breakfast.

How are you all doing w/exercise and eating??

Individuals will be later tonight.

Hugs to you all!:hug:

10-08-2007, 02:19 PM
It's Monday, again! :dizzy:

Sue - a happy belated birthday to you! Have a nice time at lunch. It's still going to be a hot one today, but cooler temps are moving Wedneday.

Tammy - what did the doc say? Hope you're better. Sally Fields is one good actress, isn't she? I thought she was very believable last night. TY for your comments on my DGDs and the weight loss.

Sassy - a big hello to you!

Marti - you're doing great with the exercise! :cp: My video should be here today, but this morning, Makenzie and I spent about 1/2 hour dancing the Boot Scootin' Boogie to a CD I was playing to clean house. That should count, right?

Hello to anyone else reading this.

As I mentioned to Marti, I've been doing some cleaning, and want to clean all the window blinds today. Also need to dust all the ceilings and corners of each room. Gonna play the "house cleaning" cd again. Jumpin' Jack Flash is song #1, lol.

Tomorrow I'm taking off in the morning to go shopping with Mary. We have a brand new Kohl's store, with grand opening bargains. There is surely something in the store I'll be unable to live without, lol.


10-08-2007, 04:18 PM
Hello ladies...

SUE...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! :hb: Hope you had a great day! And your mom continues to improve.

JANE...WTG on the NSV! Have fun at Kohl's tomorrow...I love that store, just don't go often.

TAMMY...hope you get to feeling better soon.

SASSY...CONGRAT'S to DH on the job!

MARTI...WTG with the exercise!

Hi everyone else :wave:

Nuthin going on here today. Went to the park and just didn't feel like walking this a.m. Went later than usual and slept in because it was raining so maybe that was the reason, don't know...walked 15 mns and then left, lol. By the time I got home I was all motivated for some reason and had a burst of energy...go figure, lol. So I did 5 miles, woohoo! Really feeling energized now! Getting laundry done today and did some straightening of the house. It was so nice and cool I opened the windows to air the house out and get it cool in here. The temp went from 75 to 71 and it feels great!

Hoping all is well with everyone...have a great day ladies!

10-08-2007, 10:41 PM
Quick pop in...Hi to everyone. Good day here, nice and sunny. We are supposed to get cooler temps. starting tomorrow. I rode 4 miles today and didn't eat too poorly. (margarita though...) Oh well, Happy birthday to me and tomorrow is the start of another year of my life. LOL
At WI I was still 167 so hope this week & riding will move the scales.

10-08-2007, 10:43 PM
Jane--Went to the doc today during work and he put me on prednisone and an antibiotic. He said that he usually would make the average person just wait it out thinking that it is viral but in my case, with my crappy lungs, that he would rather be safe and nip this in the bud. I just hate going back on steriods, but it only for 6 days this time. Yes, Sally Field is wonderful. That entire show just amazes me.

Cristina--Thanks for the well wishes!! Rain, did you say rain??....we haven't see that in over 3 weeks!!

Marti--I so need your motivation with exercise. I know that is the reason why my scale is so slow to move on, or maybe it was the piece of pound cake I ate for dinner tonight ;)

Hope everyone is doing well. Watching Hero's now then heading to bed to watch Journeyman. Hopefully the prednisone won't keep me awake. Usually does for the first few nights. Once I get over this cold, I gotta kick the exercise into high gear. Nighty night all!!

10-09-2007, 12:57 PM
Morning ladies...

TAMMY...hopefully you get to feeling better soon! :hug: Yeppers, I said rain! We had a downpour yesterday morning. Just enough to water everything and we need it. Have more coming this weekend supposedly. You know how the weather changes from day to day, lol. Or should I say minute to minute.

SUE...hey, it was your bd and you deserved that margarita, lol! Woohoo to the 4 miles!

Hi everyone else :wave:

Nothing much on the agenda today. Staining more, hoping this will be the last of them to finish off the top. Then we just have the side to do and we will be done! Guys are supposed to come and stain the fence this afternoon as well, may be tomorrow. Too much fenc this time and I am not in the mood for staining another fence. They power washed it yesterday so we will see. Kind of hope they don't come till tomorrow so I can get the wood stained. While the one side is drying I will do a walk on the treadmill, 2 miles, ride the bike and do some weights. Can't do too much of the weights because it hurts my wrists...don't need them to be a pain for me. Anywho...

Hope everyone is having a great day!

10-09-2007, 12:58 PM
Good Morning Ladies :wave:

Got my morning workout done. I find Billy Blanks workouts to be good and sweaty! :dizzy: Will walk this evening. I've been able to have energy before work and able to sleep well at night. Exercise is always good.....when I do it!

Keeping portions in control and not snacking on junk. I've been snacking on Almonds, which is nice since I don't eat much of them, just enough to help curb the hunger. (about 10 of them)

So I think I'm doing alright.

Before I do individuals, let me apologize first for not going back to the previous thread to catch up w/everyone....I'm too far behind.

Tammy--It's been hard to get any motivation out of me lately! I felt so burnt out from work, but my scale wasn't really moving and I know I want to see a difference, so I felt like I NEEDED to get moving. Hopefully I can keep this up. I've been setting my alarm clock an hour and a half earlier just so I can exercise.

Sue--I'm happy to hear that you had a good birthday. You're doing fantastic w/your biking. (Love the new bike by the way!!) and a Margarita isn't going to hurt. How is your mom doing? Still having good days? Keeping her in my thoughts.

Cristina--I think once we get that first 10mins or so of moving...the feeling of dread kind of goes away and the motivation comes in and takes over. 5 miles is fantastic!! How long does it take to do 5 miles? I need to eventually up my miles.....just don't know when I want to do that. I'm comfortable w/stopping after 30mins! :dizzy:

Jane--Boot scootin' around the house definitely counts!:D And also...all that cleaning...that's not easy work mind you. You're still getting exercise. You'll have to tell us what you think of the video when you get it.

Sassy--What wonderful news!! I can't remember all the details (other thread) but I'm so happy to hear that good news came your way after the disappointment. You must be dancin' around after that! :carrot:

Hello to everyone I have missed. Hope you're having a great day.

I need to clean up and make some breakfast. Then head off to work a bit early.

Ok...Off I go. You all have a good Tuesday!

10-09-2007, 03:38 PM
Hello ladies, :wave:

Cristina - the new Kohl's is so clean looking. I got a Christmas tablecloth, in the 60x118 size. The biggest I can usually find around here is the 102" leghth which is too short for my 8 foot table, with the leaves in. Yikes, you sure don't want to hurt your wrists! Sometimes mine hurt from typing at this keyboard too much.

Sue - hi!

Tammy - hopefully the meds are kicking in by now, and you're feeling better. One thing I meant to say about Sally Fields in "I like her, I really like her!" Remember her speech at the Oscars?

Marti - grrrr, I thought I'd get my video yesterday, forgetting there was no mail because of Columbus Day. But, yep, I'll let you know how I like it. Funny about the almonds, because I've been having a tablespoon of walnuts a half hour to 20 minutes before dinner each evening. Dr. Oz says that will make me less hungry, plus they (like almonds) have the good Omega 3 fats. So far, it's working well.

Mary and I went to town today, and now I've got to knuckle down and get some cleaning done. I also need to wash some rugs and hang them out to dry.

Food, water, and exercise are all good! I had some couscous and mixed veggies for lunch....mmmmm! The veggies was a mix of sugar snap peas, yellow squash, red pepper, water chestnuts, and carrots. Mary and the gang are coming for dinner tonight, and I'm making a light version of Chicken Parmesan, from the book Best of Cooking Light. I'll let you know if it tastes good.


10-09-2007, 11:35 PM
Hello..You are all doing so well. Exercise has been a toughy here except for the biking. I hope to lose this week, but I know it is always slow going for me.

We got cooler weather today and it feels like Fall. DH mulched the leaves so the yard looks nice. I got a big scarecrow for the yard for my birthday. Now to get a couple pumpkins and a wreath.

Mom has a Dr. appt. tomorrow and has been feeling better. I want to thank you all again for the good wishes and prayers. I am a believer.

I ironed today, rode the bike and did some house cleaning. Things got behind with Mom's illness.

DS is coming home for Thanksgiving and I am really excited. He was home briefly last year when DH's brother passed away, but not for an extended visit. He will be here for 10 days of home

I will see you all on Hump Day...:)

10-10-2007, 01:39 PM
Morning Ladies :wave:

In a hurry this morning, need to get to work and get caught up......that will be a never ending thing I swear!

No exercise this morning, but will come home and walk. Yesterday was good. Eating and exercise. Energy levels are up and I sleep much better, so if anything, at least I have that!

Jane--A tablespoon of walnuts? Is that like one walnut? :lol: I found the almonds really help curb that snacky feeling I get. I need to find something else to do the same so I don't get tired of them. Hope your video gets her today!

Sue--Oh I'm so happy that your son will be home for more than a days visit. 10 days....and mama's home cooking! Can't beat that! You're doing great w/exercise Sue. Biking is a great workout. Should feel good about that.

Hello and good morning to the rest of you! quicky didn't turn out to be a it's time to go.

Chat w/you all next time!

10-10-2007, 03:31 PM
Hi ladies,

Sue - great news about your son coming home for 10 days. And Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. It's much, much cooler here today, and the wind is blowing like crazy. I washed rugs and hung them out, only to find them on the ground soon after.

Marti - I got the video yesterday, and did it last night. Well, part of it. :dizzy: It's 112 minutes long, so I fast-forwarded over the intense parts, because I'm not ready for that yet. I had trouble keeping up with all the different moves, he went so fast from one to another, so I was 2 or 3 moves behind most of the time, lol. But I worked up a sweat, and can feel the crunches today. It's pretty much an all-body aerobic, so I need to work in some strength training. Yay for you, OP with food and exercise! :cp:

Jules, Cristina, Sassy, Tammy, PJ, Mary Kate, Mindee, Kathy, Rennie - I miss you, please post soon!! :hug:

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

I made lite corn chowder for dinner tonight - soup sounds so good now that the weather has turned cooler. Actually, I like soup all year 'round, though. I'm trying to get my work in the house done, so I can go out and play, lol.

Have a good one! :cool:

10-10-2007, 03:38 PM
Hello ladies...

Went for a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood. Hadn't done that in a while. This weather is so nice though and it means I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to go for that walk. A lot of changes in the houses being built, and some already sold...people moving, new fences up etc. It was just nice walking around the neighborhood. Gotta do more of that for sure.

SUE...hope you mom gets good news from the doc. Woohoo, DS coming home for Thanksgiving! It's always nice having the kids/family around anytime!

MARTI...good job on the exercise!, that is a big tablecloth! I forgot thought that you got a new, BIG table a while back. My wrists hurt some days as well when I spend too much time on the puter. For the most part, knock on wood, I've not had much trouble with them lately. Good deal on the video/work-out! What is it called? I am trying to buil up my collection of exercise videos/dvds but haven't found any yet...almost bought a dance one last week but changed my mind, lol. I figure I will be exercising for quite a while and need to mix things up!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nothing much going on today. Sitting around waiting for the guys to finish up staining the fence. Actually, not staining it but protecting it, preserving it. Supposed to last up to 5 years, should as much as it is costing, lol. It's just a lot because there is a lot of fence. The good thing is if you use them when it's time to do it again the second time you get a 40% discount so can't beat that. Anywho...ran some errands first thing, then came home an dwalked and now spendin' time on the 'puter. Going to do my 2 mile WATP once those guys leave...don't want to be in the middle of it and have to stop.

Have a good day!

10-10-2007, 04:15 PM
Happy Afternoon Ladies!!

Feeling better today. My cough has loosened up but the steroids are making me hungry....argghh...:stress: I'm munching on rice cakes to try to kill the hunger. Busy all day making phone calls... vet appt, attorney appt to get Power of Attorny for my mother, hair appt, cemetary appt...yes I said cemetary. My dad is not in his final resting place after almost 3 years and we are still fighting the cemetary. Long story parents bought into a new section in the cemetary 14 yrs ago and when my dad died they had not even started clearing the land to be developed and we had to place him temporarily awaiting for the area to be developed. Still fighting with it.

Walked the dogs, straigtened up the house, vacumed. Now I need to get to the bank and get some $$$ for dancing tonight. Hopefully I won't get too short of breath to dance. Seems to be my only exercise lately. Sorry no time for any indy's.

Now, where is my bag of rice cakes....I'm so hungry!!! :hungry:

10-11-2007, 03:00 AM
Good Evening ladies.....

Long day at work. I came in 1 1/2 early and left 1/2 later. Crazy I am!

I didn't do my walk tonight like I planned on doing.....but.....I did do a Billy Blanks workout. :D I like his workouts. Makes you sweat but not too hard that I can't do it.

Tomorrow my plan is to do another one of his workouts before work, then walk in the evening.

I've been fighting a cold (it's all in my head---literally :lol:) and trying to get the umph to even want to work out is tough. But I've been doing it. I should sleep well tonight.

Jane--112mins?!? How many different workouts are there on the video? Or is the whole thing that long? Ahhh...soup sound great. We have half a roast sitting in our fridge right now and when James gets home tomorrow....I'm hoping he'll use it to make a beef vegetable soup. I'm in the mood for broth. Anything that'll make me feel better.

Cristina--I need to walk around the neighborhood here sometime. I've done it a few times and that's it. I'd like to walk during the weekend sometime towards work and see how long it would take me to walk there. And maybe next summer save gas and walk to work. It's already getting dark at 7:00 around here so it's too late to be walking over a's on a busy road that runs in front of the new hospital, can be dangerous once that opens. (hmmm...sounds like I'm making all kinds of excuses not to walk to work!)

Tammy--Wow....Is the area where you want your dad, ready now? That seems like such a long time for them to not be developed. Hope all gets figured out and taken care of. Have lots of fun dancing tonight...hope you're able to breathe easily.

Hello to the rest of you girls, come back and check in w/us. Let us know how you're doing.

Ok...I need to get to bed. My head is heavy and my eyes are droopy.

G'Night! :wave:

10-11-2007, 12:39 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Oh how I wish it was Friday already! Getting ready to do Tae Bo this morning. Then it's breakfast, shower and off to work. What fun eh?

Woke up to fog this morning. There is something about the Fall weather and a thick blanket of fog that I just LOVE! It has memories of my first year w/James.:love: Of course I hate driving in it, but walking in it is something else.

Sorry.....started to daydream!

Well I better get moving. Have a good Thursday everyone!

10-11-2007, 03:02 PM
Good day from chilly Indiana also. Sure feels like Fall here. I loves sunny Fall days, but this overcast one is not to my liking. Brrrrr.
I am going to TRY to ride the bike for a bit as soon as I finish here. Then I am doing the stepper. I have done it this week and my legs feel it. :)
I have smothered swiss steak in the crock pot, so the house smells heavenly. I am going to fix lots of veggies and have cottage cheese and fruit. I can go without much meat, just a taste.
Nothing new about Mom's illness. We keep hearing "There is nothing we can do." Still working to get the very best results from meds. so she will be comfortable. We are coping.

Have a good day ladies....

10-11-2007, 04:49 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristina - the video is Richard Simmons Disco Sweat. I think it's good to mix 'em up, too, otherwise I will get bored easily. Good deal on preserving the fence, what with the discount next time.

Tammy - how was dancing? Holy cow, what an awful thing about your dad not being laid to rest! You'd think the company wouldn't even sell plots until the land was cleared.

Marti - hmmm... I'll check out the Billy Blanks videos. The RS one is one long session, with warm up, cool down, and short introduction of the group at the end. Forgot to answer you about the walnuts yesterday. You'd be amazed at how the 1 T seems to beat down my hunger - just long enough to get me through until dinner. Plus, I chew them veeeerrrry slow, lol. Hope you're feeling better.

Sue - brrr.... things are chilly here, too. Neal made a fire in the fireplace last night, and that was so cozy! Have you used yours yet this season? Here's a hug for your mom. -----> :hug:

I've been organizing closets today, moving in some winter clothes from the extra closet, and taking out the summery things. Yikes! What a chore!

Food and exercise are going well. I very seldom have trouble with water, so I don't mention it much. Oh! Almost forgot my NSV - I bought a pair of navy dress pants for church awhile back, and when I got them home and tried them on, they were snug, but with hope in my heart, I kept them anyway. They fit nicely now!! Woo Hoo!


10-11-2007, 05:18 PM
Hello ladies..., duh! I remembered when you mentioned it what it was, lol. I used to have that tape...somewhere it and sweatin to the oldies got lost so...yesterday when I left here I hit amazon and boy I went crazy with the ordering. Ok, not really..just got some good deals on some exercise dvds and ended up getting 5 for myself and 2 for my mom. She likes to walk and living in the country she has to drive too far so I thought she would like the 1 & 2 mile WATP, or at least I hope she will...I bought them for her BD, lol. Made sure first she had a dvd player or I was going to have to buy her one of those too. I think she will like them though. Good deal on the NSV!

SUE...I can smell your steak all the way here, lol. Okay, so I am imagining it smelling good, lol. are killing me with the talk of dancing...I so bad want to go dancing. :( Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a busy day!

MARTI...maybe when the hospital is done you can walk to work. It is getting dark earlier here as well, about 7'ish. I almost got a BB dvd but passed on it...not really sure I want to do any kickboxing...that is what it is right? There was another that had some as well and I passed on it...think it was Denise Austin. I did get one of hers though...the Burn Fat Fast Cardio, Dance & Sculpt. Actually got two more dance ones...Dance Yourself Thin and Dance It Off. Can you tell I am wanting to dance? Lol

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Sorry this is sort of a quickie...busy day and got a late start so I am missing out on my puter always suffers, lol. Oh well :)

Have a good one ladies! :wave:

10-11-2007, 11:00 PM
Quickie....Jane- I have Sweatin to the Oldies 3 and Sweat and Shout. I couldn't keep up with 3, but that was before I started riding. Now I am going to give it a shot again. I am still planning to get a mat though so I don't wear out my carpet. :)

Cristina- The steak was good and for a new recipe I do plan to make it again. I have been checking crock pot recipes online. HAve found some yummy ones.

I did ride the bike, but boy was it windy and I was fighting it all the way. Didn't do the stepper...darn. (lazy)

See you all tomorrow.

10-12-2007, 12:07 AM
Checking in quickly. I have a walk to do and then dinner. Or maybe dinner first then my walk.

It's almost Friday!! I'm thrilled. Don't know what I am doing this weekend, but it's definitely not work!!

I will chat w/you all more later on tonight after my walk or tomorrow morning.

Take Care.

10-12-2007, 11:10 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Cristina - aww, that's so sweet of you to do that for your mom! I need to see what else is out there, video-wise, so that I don't get bored with the same thing. The ones you mentioned to Marti sound fun! I'd rather dance than "exercise", lol.

Sue - why don't you add your recipe to the recipe thread? I love crock pot recipes, too. The lentil stew I made was supposed to be for the crock pot, but I forgot, and had to make it on the stove. :dizzy:

Miss Marti - :carrot:It's Friday!!!!:carrot:

I'm looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. Last night at the Eagles, they served BBQ on a bun, mac and cheese and green beans. So I scraped all my mac and cheese on Neal's plate and took his green beans. (he doesn't like them) I knew that if I had even one forkful of the mac and cheese, I'd be a goner, lol.

Well, you won't believe what I did. I invite Mackenzie the 8 y/o and her BFF to stay the weekend here. Am I crazy, or what? Truth is, I'm looking forward to it. We're going to do manicures, new hair styles, etc. Goodness only knows what they'll do to MY hair, lol.

Have a good one. :hug:

10-12-2007, 12:47 PM
Just finished my Tae Bo w/Billy. I'm thinking I need to invest in the actual DVD......or at least rent it and see what the whole work out looks like. I like what they have on "Exercise TV" but it's only 15 mins. and when I do a second's pretty much the same thing. But at least I get a good workout.

Eating has been good. Not depriving myself of anything, but not over indulging on anything either. Been walking at night and Tae Bo'ing in the morning. :D I'd like to see at least one pound down Monday.

It's Friday!! Who here is happy about that? I'm thrilled! Although, there is a possibility that I may come in on Sunday to send out mail. (never ends does it??)

Where are all our MIA girls?? Jules, Sassy, PJ, Mindee., Marykate....I know there are more of you out there. Come back in and just say "Hello"

Sue--I just LOVE the fall colors! I'm thinking this weekend I may take some photos around some area's and then post them. Give you girls an idea of fall in Oregon. Maybe everyone here can do the same! Great big hugs for your mom. :hug: I'm sure she's more than thrilled to know that you're there for her when she needs someone. Keeping her in my thoughts!

Jane--Hurray for the NSV!!! That's great Jane. I need to shop for some jeans this weekend. I have 4 pairs and 2 of them are holey in the inner thigh area!! :o And I can't be wearing the same two pair of jeans all week.....they'll end up the same! So I come!

Cristina--I'm not sure how much kickboxing there is on the BB videos....which is why I want to check them out before I purchase. The On Demand has 15mins of exercise but VERY little kickboxing. A lot more cardio. Gets me sweatin'. I have a friend at work who has some videos...may ask to borrow them.

Hello to all the other gals out there! :wave:

Ok...I need to shower then breakfast. Then face the last day of this week at work!

Chat w/you all later!

10-12-2007, 04:43 PM
Hello ladies...

MARTI...I see...I thought you had the dvd. Wasn't really sure what BB was about but don't think I would want to do or be able to do kickboxing, lol. We haven't had much fall weather around here and while some trees have turned it's not fall looking at all. I think the trees are as confused as I am with the weather, lol.

JANE...sounds like a fun weekend planned. I too like mac and cheese but only if it is baked good, nice and cheesy, mmmmm. I think my mom will like the WATP, or I hope so. She had a treadmill but I think she gave it to my SIL when she bought new bedroom furniture. I think too the WATP is something she can actually do. Now whether she does them is a whole nuther story!

SUE...hopefully you will share the recipe on the thread...I am always looking for new crock pot recipes...I love using it in the winter. But I have been using it for ribs lately. V likes the crockpot ribs. I hear ya about the wind...the good thing is we get a better workout fighting that darn wind. It's been a bear trying to walk in it here! How's you mom today?

HIYA SASSY, KATHY, MINDEE, MINDY, TAMMY, PINKJANE, MARYKATE, JULES, RENNIE and anyone I missed and anyone reading this. Hoping all is well with you ladies.

Nothing much going on with me. Not sure what is up with me but I didn't do any exercise today and I slept late. I think I ran myself ragged, lol. My foot is hurting as well but I think it's the shoes I have been wearing. I washed my walking ones and had to wear these and they are not the best to walk long distances. Had to break down and buy some new ones and me not liking to shop ordered them online so they should be here any day. I just got the same thing I had because they have served me well, a lot of miles walked in those shoes. Anywho...will get back to it tomorrow for sure. I might give in and do my 2 mile WATP but doubtful...I am just taking it easy. Which means my free day Sunady will not be a free day!

Had some errands to run and then threw some seed in the back...had some bare spots and now is the perfect time to grow grass. That's about my day. Tomorrow DD and I are headed to a tour of old victorian homes downtown. They are opening up about 5 to go thru so we thought we would do that. We love looking at those old homes and hearing the history...hopefully some ghosts stories, lol.

Have a GREAT day ladies! :D

10-12-2007, 11:12 PM
Good evening. Nothing much going on here... I did grocery shopping, went to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart. That took the afternoon. I was looking for fall decorations and a few things for the house, but didn't find what I wanted. Ugh...I hate to shop. (I did find a pair of shoes I had to have)

We all went to lunch first and Mom did real well. She actually ate half her manhatten. Then she ate a little dinner tonight. While I was running around she was home getting her winter clothes out. :) That is something I need to do tomorrow.

I walked with DH and then rode the bike although it was pretty chilly here today. I didn't feel tip top all day, but can't put my finger on the problem. Seems like all of my joints ache and I feel tired. Gonna make it an early night.

I will post a couple recipes tomorrow. Might even get to post a picture or two.

Hi to all and have a wonderful week-end.

10-13-2007, 08:02 AM
Hi Girls!!!!!!

Tis me!!!!!! I was internet-less for 2 and a half days!!! :cry: I don't know how I ever survived it! lol. Well I guess technically I was only internet-less for 2 days cuz I had internet at work on Wed. night. :p

Still it was like living like Pioneer! lol. J/K. Well FALL has arrived -- Finally!!!!!!! It is only 37 F Degrees outside! :brr: DH says there is frost on the car windows outside! I almost feel like singing a Christmas song! lmao. "Its Beginning to look lot like Christmas......." :hohoho:

Don't mind me ladies, just in a silly :dizzy: mood. :p

I also have been a tad bit under the weather, nothing major just feeling icky, I think it was just the weather changing. Feel ok now, not quite 100% yet, but better. I haven't done anything the last two days except be a couch, or in my case a futon potato! lol.

On a down note, my mom called me lastnight and said my Grandpa isn't doing well at all. He has been very combative (VERY unlike him) and I guess in a lot of pain. :cry: So hospice is going to be giving him some medicine to ease his pain. But my Uncle and my mom said that they don't expect him to last very long. So I think its just a matter of time, but you never do know. My Grandpa has been up and down SO many times, it is simply amazing. So we'll just have to wait and see.

I wreckon that is about it from my end. I hope you all are doing well.

I will come in later and do indiv.

Have a Great Weekend!


10-13-2007, 10:48 AM
Hi all, having computer problems again. Stupid computer...should have got a least that's what hubby says...

Ry and Alicia may be back together-I can't keep up...I know fall and Halloween are their fave time of year...He is doing really good and is actually helping Teri out alot.

Teri is doing great. She has gained 7 lbs and is 29 weeks. Her little belly is huge and the grandboy is VERY active. She still gets sick every now and then but now just basically eats everything except no Italian dressing--baby boy doesn't like her fave. She has learned to make my homemade mac & cheese and Vegetarian chili. I still don't like her baby's daddy or his mother who actually had the nerve to tell my daughter that she was not buying anything for the baby until after he was born and a paternity test is done--this from a woman whose son is behind on his first child's child support and isn't even making an attempt to find a job. Sorry to say but burnout Dad and grandma are the only sane ones in that family. I worry about my Teri and my grandboy, cause the mom is crazy.

10-13-2007, 11:01 AM
Now on to individuals...

Sassy--hugs to you. I hate when people are suffering with pain. The hospice araound here is wonderful from what I have been told. That 20 degree temp drop got to my kness and did nothing to help the allergies.

Sue--I am with you in the achy club. Glad your Mom is doing better. WTG on the bike riding. I miss riding mine. I used to live on a flat road near a bike/walk/hike scenic trail beside the Potomac River. Where we live now I would be afraid to ride on the road--there are some crazy drivers that just about take out your car.

Cristina--Hope the shoes you got online work out. A comfortable perfect pair of sneakers are hard for me to buy--I end up trying several before finding the ones for me.

Marti--an old friend of mine ended up losing a lot of weight doing the tae bo videos--I don't know if my kness could take it. I love the fall colors too. Don't know what we will end up with this season since we are in the middle of a drought. A lot of the leaves are just droppping with not much color change except to brown.

Jane--I miss when the kids lived at home and we had their friends staying with us. There was one little friend of Teri's that the first time she stayed we baked chocolate chp cookies and then after that she wanted to know what we were making everytime she stayed.

10-13-2007, 04:38 PM
TY Jules. :hug:

Well my mom just called. My Grandpa passed away. :cry: But at least he is no longer in pain and he wasn't alone, the whole family was there.

Anywho, have a good day.


10-13-2007, 05:03 PM sorry to hear about your grandpa!! :hug::hug:

10-13-2007, 05:07 PM
Hello ladies!
I had trouble getting online today for some reason. :shrug:

Sassy - so sorry about your grandpa! :hug::hug::hug: But you're right - he's no longer in pain. Will you be going to the service?

Cristina - what kind of shoes did you order? I bought 2 pairs of Earth brand shoes online, and they have what they call a "negative heel". The front of the shoe is higher than the heel. They've really helped my plantar's fasciitis and my back. Oh! Meant to tell you yesterday - I've got your purple coneflower seeds ready to mail, and I'll include a copy of what my flower book says about them. I'll send plenty.

Sue - there's a Hobby Lobby trip in my near future! Do you get the 40% coupons online? If you sign up at their website, they'll email you coupons every week, and about every other time, they are 40% off one item in the store. I always print out a bunch of them and pass them out to other customers, lol. Yes, please do share the recipes and photos.

Jules - grrrrrrr! I don't even know the woman, but I'm honkin' ticked off at the baby's paternal grandma. Once she finds out it's her DGS, she'll want to see him all the time, I bet. Sounds like Teri is turning into a good little cook!

I've got a little break from the 8 y/os. They went with Gina so Gina's kids could get their photo taken. In the meantime, I made some sf banana pudding for dessert tomorrow. Do you use Nilla wafers? I like them in banana pudding.

My weight loss today was 1 1/2 pounds down again. I was having a real hard time last night after dinner, wanting to eat EVERYTHING, but thankfully, I didn't have any danger foods in the house. I had cottage cheese and pears written down, but just didn't want that, so I had 8 wheat thins (16 is 1 serving - they are small) and broke a slice of mozzerella cheese in 8 pieces and topped them with a sf bread and butter pickle chip. Anyway, that gave me some crunch and salt which I craved. Losing weight is hard!

I read this recently:
Being fat is hard.
Losing weight is hard.
Maintenance is hard.
Pick your hard.

Gave me something to think about. :chin:

Have a good weekend, chickas! :cool:

10-13-2007, 07:56 PM
Hello ladies...

SASSY...lots of hugs to you and your family. I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. :hug:

SUE...glad to hear about your mom, sounds like she is getting along fine and I am glad to hear she is eating.

JULES...that is exactly why I bought the same shoes, lol! However, they have changed them a little and I don't like the way they fit so they will be going back. I am the same tho...go thru lots of shoes before I find the right ones. I swear I should buy two or three of everything when I find the right one.

JANE...glad you got a break from the girls, I guess. :shrug: Wasn't sure if you were needing it or not, lol. I love nilla wafers in banana pudding, yummy. Even though they have changed them over the years. In AR they have Jackson nilla wafers and I like those a lot better. I think the Wal-Mart here used to carry them but don't anymore. I don't make it often though but will be making it when Josh comes home...gotta fix him all his favorite foods. About that saying...I think life in general is hard! Oh, the shoes are new balance...the same ones I have, well were. They have changed them a little and the size is off some. My big toe touches the end and that will not work at all with all the walking and the WATP...the WATP does a number on my feet as is so I need the right shoes to do it. Can't wait for the seeds...have the perfect place to plant them!

HI to everyone else :wave:

I am pooped! I was up early and got my 2 mile WATP video done, then 2 miles on the treadmill and another mile walking at the home tour. It was actually more than that but I am just counting a mile. Didn't eat before we left since we don't eat lunch til about 1 or 2 and man byt the time we left we were starving. Went to Subway and got some chicken noodle soup, just looked good and a sandwich. Guess what I am having for dinner? The sandwich. The soup filled me up and was oh so good I couldn't eat the sandwich. I think I am finally getting the exercise, food and water working together for me, lol. Hoping for a good WI this week :crossed: Anywho...

Getting some laundry done, and I am going to watch a movie and get some more reading done. Tomorrow I am taking it easy and doing some more reading. Oh, I got one of my dvd's in the mail and I am dying to try it out...think I will do that tomorrow. It's the WATP walk & jog.

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

10-13-2007, 10:32 PM
Cristina - yikes, you sure got a workout today! I've had the chicken noodle soup at Subway and agree it's very filling. Must have been a soup day since I had some vegetable soup. I never heard of Jackson nilla wafers, but I bet they're good. I'm not going to tell anyone that the pudding is lite until after they eat it tomorrow. I'll get those seeds mailed Monday, since there's no mail tomorrow.

Hello to anyone else reading this.

Well, the girls are watching AI Rewind, and so far, they seemed to have had lots of fun. They're still full of energy, so I hope they'll go to sleep at a decent time. :crossed:

For the company dinner tomorrow, I've got healthy choices as well as some old standbys, so I should make it through okay.

Ciao, bellas!

10-13-2007, 11:23 PM
Hi Girls.

TY. :hug:

Yes we will be going to the service. Its Tuesday.

Well sorry there isn't more to say..........

Have a Great Rest of the Weekend though!


10-13-2007, 11:43 PM
Sassy- I am so sorry about your grandpa. My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope you are feeling better and not letting the weather change get you down.

Jane- Sounds like a fun day with the girls. Did they do your hair for you? Purple coneflowers are on my list of flowers to plant next year. I want them at one corner of the house, well, between the arbor and the house. I am hoping everything I planted this year comes back two fold. LOL. I do get the Hobby Lobby coupons out of our Sunday paper.

Cristina- You are one busy lady. Yes, you definitely need shoes that are comfortable and fit properly for all the walking you do. Like you I am going to read tomorrow.

Jules- I am with Jane...let us at that woman! I am so glad Teri is doing well. Are Ry and his gf back together? Nice that he is helping his sister. Good to see you back here. I am still achy, are you?

It was cold here this morning, but warmed up when the sun got going good. The afternoon was okay for a bike ride and walking the dog. After dinner DH's sis and her DH came over.
I put a breakfast casserole in the crock pot for tomorrow and am anxious to see how it does. It is not OP...due to the sausage and cheese, but could be lightened up with some substitutions I think.
Mom had a bad spell this afternoon and couldn't eat dinner at all. She did feel better before bedtime and had a little food. I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow is a good day. This illness is such a roller coaster ride. Just when we think we are making progress there is a backward step. If we conquer the nausea for a day, there is chest pain, if we get the pain under control she is dizzy and weak, then if we work on that she gets nauseated. I know she has to be so frustrated....heck, I am frustrated and I am not hurting like she is. I am just hurting FOR her.
Tomorrow is another day and hopefully a healthy one. We can still use those prayers chickies.

Keep warm and hopefully there will be sunshine on your face Sunday!

10-14-2007, 12:01 PM
Sue--I am still achy. It was 40 degrees this morning. I met the mom in person when Teri and Dave first got together. She is very dramatic to say the least.

Sassy--Hugs to you and your family.

Crisitina--SO proud of you. You are doing so great.

Jane--Teri has gotten herself into a very dysfunctional family. I worry alot. WTG on the weightloss!! I got an Earth shoe catalog. I was wondering if they would be good for my knees.

Hi to everyone else. Most of the kids winter clothes are stored here in Ry's old bedroom and they are wanring some so I am off to get some together.

Have a great day!!

10-14-2007, 01:45 PM
Morning Ladies....

This is a quick one for now, I'm getting ready to go to work a for a few hours. Then it's off to shopping for some clothes w/my sister.

I'll check back in later this night. Have a good Sunday!

10-14-2007, 02:22 PM
Hi Everybody,
I don't have time to read, but thought I would check in. DH did get DDs pc on-line so I can report in. Wedding went fine. New hubby's family are very precious people. His Mom is very attractive and does dress to perfection but she is a very nice friendly person. I just love her... we hit it off with all of his family. They are Jewish and wedding was Jewish which I really enjoyed. They ALL let us know at the rehersal dinner that my DH and I are now members of their family. You couldn't ask for a better group of people for DD and her children to be married into.

Well grandmother duties are calling... DH just came into let me know so I will close for now. I hope every one is doing well. I've done pretty good. Two days were more food than needed I am sure, but back OP today.

Write again soon... I hope.


10-14-2007, 05:04 PM
Happy Sunday Ladies!!

Sassy--So sorry to hear about Grandpa. Take comfort in knowing that he is in peace now. Hugs!

Today is dh's birthday. He golfed as usual this morning and I slept in and missed WW. No biggie, I feel like I'm up a lb or so from the steriods. Still not feeling totally better but if I complain, then it's more steroids. I haven't been this sick in two years. Sleep was good for me, all 10 hrs of it!! Taking dh to dinner tonight for seafood. My sister and daughter are meeting us there. Phone's been ringing all day with happy birthday wishes. He's spoiled. I made a half coconut/half chocolate layer cake. DD doesn't like coconut and we certainly don't need a whole cake so with making half choc, she will eat that half. Dh just laughed when he saw it. Heading out in about an hour or so, coming back for cake, getting rid of DD and giving dh his b-day present from me :D and plan to be all finished to watch Bro and Sis tonight. My life is so predictable :dizzy: Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. See ya!

10-14-2007, 08:54 PM
Hello ladies!

Sassy - this is such an emotional time for you - please come here and talk about your grandpa all you want, ok?

Sue - if you want me to send some of my purple coneflower seeds, I've got plenty. I don't have an address for you, though.

Julie - the Earth shoes do help my knees, too. I think it's because my body is kept in the correct alignment when I wear them. You mentioned winter clothes, I just got mine moved into the main closet. Hopefully they will all be too big by the time it gets really cold.

Marti - sorry you had to work today. Did you have a good time shopping with your sister after work? Buy anything fun?

Trish - good to see you posting again! Glad the wedding went well and that the new inlaws are nice people.

Tammy - happy birthday to your DH! Yikes, sounds like you were really worn out and needed the sleep. All the better to be rested for the <ahem> "present" you're planning to give hubby, lol. Like you, I'm all ready for another dose of Bros and Sis. We watch Desperate Housewives first, mainly because there's nothing else on. Twelve bazillion channels, and nothing much to watch!

The dinner went well, and I have to admit I went over points by about 8 for the day! And no, I didn't have any banked for this. But it's over and I'm back to being good. I guess I needed a little time off for bad behavior!

I had fun with the girls staying all weekend, but have to say it's good to have a quiet house again, lol.


10-14-2007, 11:26 PM
Hey Everybody,

I sure appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts. You all are just wonderful. :hug:

What can I say about my Grandpa that I haven't already told you? He was a great man, with a truly great spirit and he taught us all to really live and to love life. Now he is at peace and with my Grandma and other relatives that have passed on and I know he is happy.

It will be nice to be with my family on Tuesday. Its very early Tuesday morning. I'm so glad that most of them were with him in his last times on this earth.

I get 3 days bereavement from work, but since the funeral is on Tuesday, my DH won't get his 3 days. (he is off M-W) But he is going to try to at least get one of the days off that he normally works by taking some personal time, if our boss lets him. He is thinking maybe Friday because we'll get paid then and then we can go out together, which doesn't happen anymore.

Well there is not much more to say.

I just truly appreciate you all.


10-15-2007, 11:20 AM
It's Monday!

Sassy - have you ever read the book 90 Minutes in Heaven? It's about a guy who was in a car crash, and went to heaven for a bit. He saw his relatives and had an enormous sense of love and peace all around him. I like to think it's that way for my family members who've passed, and for your grandparents, too. I'm so glad you get the 3 days off. The last thing you need to think about right now is work.

Good morning to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Today I have to tackle Mt Washmore and and need to get some paperwork taken care of. Also need to get my pages picked out for the scrapbooking crop on Friday.

Ah, the weather here is gorgeous! I'm going to open the windows soon and let the fresh air in!

Have a good day, Jaded Ladies!

10-15-2007, 11:31 AM
Early rise and shiner here! I was up at 5:50. A gal took today off and I'm the replacement. And they wonder why the resulting is behind!!

Anyway, I need to get moving. Need to be there in half an hour. At least I'll have an early time to go home!!!

Gotta always look at the positive side of things.

My hubby is home, so I'll try and get on later. Might just snuggle w/the man.....miss him.

Talk to you all soon.

10-15-2007, 12:31 PM
Good morning. You are right Jane, it is a beautiful day here also. I went out and rode 2 miles and plan to go out again after lunch. Mt. Washmore and changing beds are my chores today. (1/2 done) The rest of the day I am sure I can find some cleaning to do. :)
Yesterday was lazy...I made chili and rode the bike. PERIOD. My computer server was down, or so I thought and I couldn't get online last night. Found out this morning they changed the phone numbers...NOBODY asked me.
Wishing you all a good day and Sassy, I am thinking of you 'specially.

Jane- thanks for the offer of seeds, I will PM my address...

10-15-2007, 05:09 PM
See you at #271.