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10-05-2007, 05:42 AM
Good morning ladies! I got up this morning to check election results and "FOUR MORE YEARS" was the headline on the one online tv station for here. UGH, we have to put up with this guy again! I sure hope I don't hear anyone gripe about him because I might just give them a piece of my mind. This city deserves what it gets with him now. He has a huge ego, even saying that God made him Mayor!!!! So, he is going to be truly insufferable for another 4 years. Oh well, we have no choice but to deal with it unless the feds can finally come up with the evidence to charge him with the crimes they say he committed. Thank goodness Jack can retire from the city in eight years!

I have finally finished the back to my sister's vest. I started on the left front, but didn't get very far last night. I have some housework to get done this morning then I will get back on it again. This is kind of a boring project, but since I have to get it finished on a time restraint, I need to work solely on it until it is done. The kids' slippers will be an after thought if I can get them in before Christmas. I do like being able to switch projects because I do get bored!

Jean: How is this warm weather affecting farming in your area? I mean, by now your temps are usually a lot cooler and I would imagine they would have already planted fall crops, winter wheat, corn and such? Does this mess it up any not having cooler weather? I don't know much about crops and planting and such. I just know you guys are still getting awfully warm weather for the most part. We were watching the ballgames last night and the Phillie and Rockies were playing in Philadelphia and just sweating to beat 60. I guess it has been in the 80's there. I think it would normally be in the 60's in the evenings by now. We are still cooking here. It was mid 90's yesterday. It is still really humid, which makes it worse. You wouldn't think so with the fact we haven't had any rain here, but it is so sticky. How are the Maui plans coming along? I know you have to be looking forward to going. Have you started Christmas shopping yet??? :D I am just at the beginnings, but am picking up speed! Since we aren't buying for the adults anymore, I can get the kids stuff done faster. I already know what I am going to get them, just have to order it. I am planning on getting Thomas's scrapbooking stuff and his atm bank this weekend I think. I do kind of dread hauling all of Jackson's stuff to Indiana. We have decided to buy him some bigger learning toys, which are going to take up space, that's for sure. I have a birthday email alarm and got one last night for Maggie. Her birthday is a week from today. Do you have her mailing address (po box or whatever)? I can't find it and thought I would send her a card and a note.

Susan: Hope Stan is on the mend and feeling better with this graft mess.

Well, guess I can unload the dishwasher and do some knitting until Jack gets up. I will definitely have to take a nap today so I can watch Las Vegas. It now has been moved to 9 PM CT and I am usually sleeping by then! Jack said he guesses he should buy me a tivo since I missed CSI again last night as I fell asleep! :D

Have a good Friday and a good weekend!!!

10-05-2007, 05:44 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I skipped the parade and came home to get started on laundry and decluttering. We are going with friends, who offered to drive, tomorrow and I would like some of my weekend chores done before we leave. It has been a strange day for weather -- rain, sun, rain, sun, clouds, sun. If it's going to rain I hope it waits until after the game.

"Gma" -- We've had enough rain that the crops are looking good. A bumper crop is predicted I guess. I know some will work late into the night to beat the next rain, but Bob and his friend usually quit after the elevator closes and they have the trucks and wagons filled so they are ready to go the next day. Bob has been helping his friend since 1977; he says they can tell they are getting older because they used to jump the fences and now they go through the gates. :lol: It is quite warm and humid again today. I don't ever remember wearing sandals and shorts this far into October. I have a couple of things for Christmas. I'm beginning to understand why my mother would tell me to shop for the kids and then pay me back! Beth and Amanda are pretty good about giving me a list, but I just don't have the places to shop here. Last year I did some online, but after my horse experience I'm not too anxious to do that unless I absolutely have to. :no: Do you think Maggie would still be getting mail in CA? I thought sure we would hear from her somewhere in her travels. I will look and see if I still have her address.

I need to keep moving! Have a great weekend! I may not be back online until Sunday night, depending if I get all of my chores done and clothes ironed. :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-06-2007, 07:04 AM
Good morning all! I have to make a run to the commissary this morning and don't even have my list ready so I had to get up early and work on it. The dog wanted out so I figured I would just get up.

Jean: Hope you have a good time with your friends this weekend. Thanks for looking for the PO box address for Maggie. I got a snail mail letter from her once they started traveling and she gave me an PO box in Calf for her, but I don't know if it is the same one or not. I wish I could hunt up the letter. I know I saved it somewhere.

Whoo boy, I am having one of those hot flash moments. I have refused to take HRT so I have to bite the bullet. I saw a couple days ago the big ambulance chasers are now starting tort claims on manufacturers of HRT. I figured it would happen sooner or later once menopause aged women started having certain cancers show up. I have always thought the stuff was too iffy for me to take given my size and all so I have just toughed it out. It has to go away sooner or later. I know I won't be hot flashing in the grave at least! :lol:

I sat last night and worked on the front of the sweater. It is coming along ok but I got my yarn and stuff from the gift card my sister got me for my birthday and it is calling to me. The yellow and the red is just gorgeous and it is so soft.

Not much else going on in my part of the world. We are supposed to go to lunch on Sunday with Kelly and family for my birthday and Jack's, which is Wednesday, but she asked where we wanted to go 4 days ago and I haven't heard back from her yet. Wonder if she forgot!

Have a good Saturday all.

10-07-2007, 07:49 AM
Good morning ladies! The pets are fed and Fortune taken out, Jack is still asleep and the house is quiet. We have to be at Olive Garden at 11 to have "birthday" lunch with Kelly's family. Jack's birthday is Wednesday and we didn't get to celebrate for mine so it is a combination birthday.

Boy the Cubs took a header and are out of the playoffs already. They were so awful last night we turned them off. It was embarrassing to see them play. They will just have to get on with it and start again next year I guess.

I have one of the baby's slippers knit up already and just have to crochet the top on, make the other one then felt them. It was an easy pattern and only took about half an hour to do. I hope they turn out ok, but it was scrap yarn so it didn't cost anything. I am still chugging along on the sweater vest.

I talked to my son yesterday morning and he let me talk to the baby. I talked to him and Jay got back on the phone and said he was smiling at the phone the whole time I talked to him. Jay was babysitting as Alicia was working. He says he puts Jackson in his rolling high chair and rolls him around the house to do the chores! lol He sure has taken to being a dad. I have to say it surprised me a lot. It will be interesting when they have more than one if he still finds it so much fun! lol

Jean: Hope you are having a good time with your friends! We miss you here!

Have a good Sunday all.

10-07-2007, 11:40 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We are home again and I am seriously thinking about heading off to bed. I spent the better part of the time sitting either in the host's house or at the church listening to the group practice and then today the church service, dinner, and afternoon program. That doesn't include the 2 1/2 hour ride coming and going. I am tired tonight and look forward to my own bed and my own pillow!

"Gma" -- I hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner! I love Olive Garden and only get to eat there once a year. It sounds like your knitting projects are coming right along! :D

I am not ready for it to be Monday tomorrow! :no: Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-08-2007, 06:34 AM
Good morning to you all! We had a very nice time at lunch yesterday. They only bad part was my food wasn't hot for some reason and I had pumpkin cheesecake for dessert and it was frozen solid so I had to bring it home. My dd, Tom and Thomas bought me the KnitPicks Option knitting needle set. I had told Jack that I wanted one for Christmas. It comes in a zippered case and is basically a full set of knitting needles sizes 4-11 and comes with cords and end caps. You can attach cord for circular knitting or end caps for straight needle knitting. It is very portable, about the size of those dayplanners people used to carry and you always have a set of needles when you need them. I just love it. They bought Jack an entertainment book and a gift card to Home Depot. She told me "Dad is so hard to buy for." I told her I know think what it is like being married to him and having to buy for him (her husband is hard to buy for too.) Jack sat across from Thomas and got him laughing so hard tears were running down his face. It started with Kelly making fun of the way her dad says cappuccino, which made him laugh. Then Jack started talking with a very, very bad Italian accent and he and Thomas just kept it up with Thomas just laughing and laughing. Thomas is going to be the video game character Mario for Halloween so Granddad was teaching him to speak Italian. Brother, how butchered that was! We will never be allowed to eat in an Italian restaurant again!:lol:

I whipped out Jackson's little slippers yesterday after we got back from lunch and even felted them. I think they turned out pretty well. I ordered him a cute little pair of red and blue pjs to go with them. The slippers won't fit right away, but it won't take long with as fast as he is growing. I ordered a 2 package set of spiderman pjs for Thomas too. Kohls is having a Columbus Day sale I think is what it was and the pjs were 50% off and I got them fairly inexpensively.

I am going to have to get back to the sweater vest and get it done today. I have decided I am going to go ahead and order the mouse scarf kit for Thomas and try and get it done as part of his Christmas. I know he will love that. I am going to tell him it is the only mouse I ever want to see in his house or mine! I know he will get a kick out of it considering how he likes to tease me about mice and rats.

Well gals, need to get my downstairs chores done. I have upstairs cleaning to do today and want to get to it first thing this morning.

Have a good start to your week!

10-08-2007, 01:15 PM
Good morning, ladies.

Stan's surgery was 2-1/2 hours on Thursday. Dr. said there was no sign of infection but the top of the graft was encapsulated and the rest was surrounded by scar tissure so they removed what they could through the incision and left the rest. They took a vein from the bend at the elbow to repair the artery that was attached to the graft because it was damaged. The new chest catheter had to be put in on the left side because the right side is now blocked, but he said that was usual when a catheter was removed. The incision is about 10 inches long, under his arm, laterally this time. I was helping him dress to go home and blood soaked through his shirt before he finished dressing. The nurse called dr. and he said to just put some gauze pads over it and let him go home. It was still bleeding at noon when I went to get him ready for dialysis. So then they said take him to emergency room and the nurse practioner would meet us - emergency said it would be 4-5 hours before they could even put him in a room for np to see him. So dr. said take him to dialysis then go back. So that's what we did. Fortunately, by the time we went back it was down it a fews dribbles so they got it stopped, rebandaged and it's stayed okay now. We go back to the doctor tomorrow.

The trauma from the surgery has caused him to retain water big time - 15 kilos (about 30 pounds) since Thursday. His blood pressure is about 165 and normally it's under 100. They are trying to get 10 kilos off today and probably going to do an extra treatment tomorrow.

Never rains but it pours at our house.

Yesterday was Fall Festival at the park and our quilt guild demonstrated quilting Saturday and Sunday in the Heritage section. Stan's aide offered to come so I could go yesterday (also made up for not working Thursday and Friday for her). My friends and I worked from 10 to 12 and then went out for birthday lunch for me and one other friend. I had a huge Cobb Salad with BBQ shrimp - delicious! and ate too many corn muffins.

Back to work...boss is back from Italy today so we're busy!

10-08-2007, 08:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It was so hard to get up and get going this morning. :yawn: The kids were droopy today too; we got up to rain so I will blame it on the weather. The sun came out this afternoon, but it is cool and windy.

Bob's brother from AZ called and MIL is in the hospital again. :( She was leaning on the back of the recliner watching TV, fell asleep, and fell over. She broke her ankle and they did the surgery yesterday. It is too swollen for a cast yet, but she can't put any weight on it for at least 6 weeks once it is in a cast. She stands more than anything else because it is more comfortable for her back, so I don't know how she will cope. Her innards are squished together because of her spine being in the shape of an "S". Obviously she can't stay home alone so we are assuming she will have to go to a rehab/nursing home once she leaves the hospital. That won't go over very well, I know. She always said that getting old isn't for sissies.

"Gma" -- I know you will enjoy your new knitting needles! :yes: Who do the slippers in the picture belong to? Jackson? They don't look very little to me. :lol3: I'm anxious to see the mouse scarf. Did you tell us about that or did I miss it? Anything is possible with me these days! I feel like I have 20 things to do at the same time and only get one thing done before two more get added to my list. :crazy: :dizzy: I don't know what my problem is these days!

Susan -- I'm so sorry to hear about all the trouble with Stan's surgery. :( Poor guy -- he is a trooper! I hope the fluid level is getting better. I'm glad you got to go to the Fall Festival and out for a birthday lunch! You celebrated early! ;)

I need to do some ironing. Bob is at church for practice so have some time to myself. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-09-2007, 07:17 AM
Good morning to you ladies! Kelly emailed me yesterday and told me not to make Thomas slippers as she didn't think he would wear them. So, I will have wool coming and nothing to make with it. I will either send it back or figure something out. I did order the rat race scarf kit for Thomas. Here is a picture of it. I ordered the gray with the red eyes. I know he will get a kick out of it.

Jack's birthday is tomorrow, but no falderal with it. We had decided not to buy each other gifts since we had a nice vacation, but I got him a card anyway. I know he wishes he were ready to retire!

Susan: Poor Stan! The man has incredible strength to go through all that he has and you too! I hope he gets well real soon! Sounds like you had a great birthday lunch! Happy Birthday, btw! :bday2you::hb::woo:

Jean: I know you have one coming up the end of the week. Are you doing anything special? Your poor mil. She is in a real pickle now, isn't she? Hope she gets better real soon. I noticed we are going to be cooling down some in the next week finally. It is cooler this morning when I took Fortune out. It has taken its time getting to fall this year. I noticed the leaves are starting to fall, which means a big mess for me. I refuse to clean it up until our tree and the one next door have divested themselves of their leaves. It is too hard to lug around that darn blower and blow them out to the corner for the landscaper people to pick up.

Only a little over 2 weeks and I get to go and see Jackson. I am really looking forward to it. My sister was able to get a cedar chest that belonged to my mom from down at the house of my step father's and she had told me that it was filled with tied up plastic grocery bags. She said she hadn't looked in them until yesterday and when she did she found it was all YARN! She said skeins and skeins of it. A brand new box kit for an afghan and tons of other stuff. I guess mom had started an afghan she never finished. She said I could look at it when I went up there and decide what I wanted. She crochets, but not much. Way back last fall she said she had started a blanket for her husband's granddaughter that was born a month before Jackson and she still hasn't finished it so I imagine I can take whatever of it I want.

Well, I hear Jack up and around getting ready for work so I better sign off for now.

Y'all have a real nice day, ya hea'! :D

10-09-2007, 12:17 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Faye, thanks for the birthday wishes and card. Isn't it amazing that you, Jean and I have birthday's so close - and Jack thrown in for good measure! I love the mouse scarf! What a treasure to find a chest full of yarn! I'm sure you'll be able to put it to good use.

Jean, I'm really sorry to hear about your mil...poor woman. My biggest fear is having to go to a nursing home. We could sure use some of your rain - we are in a drought.

10-09-2007, 11:38 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It has turned cold here tonight! Brrrrr! I don't think it is supposed to frost, but it is nippy out there compared to the past few days. I didn't sleep well last night; I kept waking up and dreaming weird dreams that I don't remember now. :mad: I am going to bed early tonight!

"Gma" -- The mouse scarf is too cute! I'm sure Thomas will get a big kick out of it. You will have fun looking through all of the yarn goodies in the cedar chest. I have a needlepoint picture of a Siamese cat with her kittens that I gave to my mom and she never finished. I've never done that sort of thing so don't know if I am smart enough to pick it up or not. That is definitely a retirement project! :yes: Tell Jack :hb: from me! October is a good birthday month! :D

Susan -- Happy Birthday to you! :hb: :gift: :balloons: I hope your day was a good one! My "mom" used to work in physical therapy and she seemed to think that MIL could get around using a walker without putting any weight on her ankle. We'll see, I guess. PT does some amazing things these days. I worry about her living alone though.

I have laundry going so need to go change loads. Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow. This week is flying by fast.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-10-2007, 09:45 AM
Good morning ladies! Hope this day finds you well. I cleaned the whole upstairs yesterday and so I have a whole day to screw around today. I am trying to get that vest finished. I measured and such for the pockets and am going to put the vest aside for a bit and make them. I bought 2 cute little wooden apple buttons to put on the pockets. They will match the wooden schoolhouse. I will be glad when it is done. It is a boring knit and the brown is a boring color to knit with so it has been a bore all the way around except that I hope my sister likes it. She looks really good in brown and I am going to team it up with a fall colored turtleneck in an olive or burnt orange or something like that.

I got the yarn that was suppose to be for Thomas yesterday and decided to make a felted handbag out of it. I think if the red in it blends well with the red bolero I am making for my sister for her birthday, I will give it to her and buy her some gray flannel slacks to go with the sweater. The yarn is a red and gray striped pattern. That would be a really cute outfit.

I did a dummy yesterday. I had made myself a felted bag, but it didn't felt completely so I just put it up. I found it yesterday and thought I would finish felting it, which I did, but I dried it on a bowl inside out. Since I had already attached the handles, I was totally screwed because I turned it right side out and it doesn't look right. The bag looks great the way it is, except some of the i-cord shows on the outside of the bag where I ran it through to attach it. It blends fairly well, but you can see it a bit. I decided to get some big buttons and sew over the i-cord to hide it. The bag is too small for me pretty much, so I will have to decide what to do with it. Maybe I will sell it on ebay or something eventually.

Jean: We have cooled down some, but it is still pretty warm during the daytime here. I hope it doesn't get too cold when I go to Indiana in a couple weeks. I need to buy some fall everyday shoes to wear as I pretty much just have sandals at the moment that are comfortable. You and I must be psychically connected! I didn't sleep well either and had some really really weird dreams, except I remember one of them.

Well, I need to get the laundry started and the dishwasher unloaded and loaded with breakfast stuff.

Have a good Wednesday!

10-10-2007, 12:16 PM
Jean, I could send you some hot weather - 91 degrees yesterday! I thought I'd be into my fall-winter clothes by now, but it's still summer and humid.

Faye, that handbag is so cute. I know you could get a good price on ebay. I'm working on a quilt block I don't like now and I keep putting off getting it done. It's too boring. I've got to get busy however, it's part of a Christmas gift.

10-10-2007, 07:25 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's been a cool sunny day in my neighborhood today. Bob is farming until they get the trucks and wagons full after the elevator closes. It's been too wet so I suppose all of the farmers are out in the fields today. I have bell choir in an hour so decided to come and visit with you. :D

"Gma" -- I love the handbag too! I slept really good last night! I didn't let myself fall asleep in the evening so I was good and tired when I finally went to bed. Every night I think I will get there earlier and it never seems to happen. I can find more things to do after 9 PM! :lol:

Susan -- It was pretty chilly this morning. I kidded the custodian about putting some logs on the fire and she said "in a few days!" We have the ancient boiler that has to be put together and then inspected before they can actually turn it on. :rolleyes: It's like they don't know it's going to get cold eventually and heat would be nice?

I need to brush my teeth and change clothes before I head off to church so had better get moving. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow. Remember to SMILE! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

Shy Moment
10-10-2007, 08:20 PM
Evening everyone

House is cleaned, laundry is done, well as done as laundry ever gets. Just sitting here doing nothing. Have to get that hook rug out and get it finished. It is a Christmas present. Nothing really going on and I am a bit bored. Going to stay in the den, there is no food in the den lol.

10-11-2007, 07:21 AM
Good morning gals! Hope your day is starting out well. Boy, I had one of those insomnia nights and now I am wiped out. Jack is off today as he has a dental appt this morning so he is sleeping in. Fortune is now being fed first thing in the morning so he jumps off the bed around 4:30 and wants to go out and be fed so I have to get up with him.

Rennie: Hi

Jean: They are doing all the cotton picking around here. The Navy base is out away from Memphis and it is country surrounding it and mostly cotton this year. When I went to the commissary last weekend it looked like it had snowed where they had picked the cotton and loaded it in bales and some of the cotton gets away so to speak. They still had a lot to do, but I imagine did it this week as we have only had one day with rain and it didn't rain much. You would think they would put the boiler together as soon as school started even though they don't fire it. It isn't like you live in Arizona or something. Usually you guys get cool by the end of September. You need to buy you some of those Cuddle Duds that my dd wears in the winter under your slacks and shirts. They would keep you warm.

Susan: I really want to get the vest done but it is boring. I worked on it some yesterday and knit one of the pockets, but I need to get it going and finish the one front and start the other. I imagine my apple buttons will be here by Saturday.

Not much else exciting going on here. Jay called last night and wants to take his dad to the Cubs convention in January. They have it every year for 3 days in the Hilton in downtown Chicago. Most if not all of the players show up and they have all kinds of stuff to go to and see and Jack has always wanted to go but never has. Jay wants to get a hotel for them from Thurs night through Saturday night as they are having a concert thingy at the House of Blues in Chicago on Thursday Jay wants to take his dad to. I told Jack there is no way Alicia is going to let Jay stay in Chicago for 4 days by himself. It will be interesting. I told him if he wants to go he needs to let Jay know so he can get the tickets when they come out as the remaining tickets will sell out early and I need to make him a plane reservation.

Guess I better tackle morning chores. I should probably clean the downstairs this morning too.

Have a good one

10-11-2007, 11:01 AM
Good morning! We've had a turnaround in the weather and it is only 63 degrees at 9:30 am! Guess I'll have to get to work over the weekend to get my clothes turned around. I really hate to put the sandals away but my feet are a little cold this morning.

Faye, I'm going to finish that quilt block this weekend or die from boredom in the attempt. I only have a little to go and then I can get on to a more exciting one. Christmas is coming and I have a lot to do - small gifts to make for the technicians, nurses, social worker, and dietician at Stan's dialysis center, gifts for my quilting buddies. Guess that assembly line better get into production. Heaven knows I have enough fabric to make gifts for the next 100 Christmases.

Jean, you sometimes wonder how they determine things like when to put the boiler together. Do they think global warming is imminent and they won't need it?

Shy Moments, glad to hear from you!

Guess Gloria is on the road again. Hope we hear from her soon.

10-11-2007, 08:56 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Bob is out farming again tonight; I made a WM and grocery store run after school so I haven't been home long. I hate grocery shopping more each time I go! Our two grocery stores have greatly decreased the size of their inventory (or so it seems to me). Just about everyone I talk to won't buy groceries at WM and the grocery stores are busy so I don't know what the problem is. Makes me growly! :mad:

Rennie -- It sounds like you will finish your rug in time for Christmas. Every year I think I will get started on addressing my cards in October . . . hasn't happened yet. :lol:

"Gma" -- I almost have to dress in layers at school because some rooms are hot and some are cold depending whether I'm in a north room, an "inside room" that faces the courtyard so is somewhat protected, or a south room that gets the afternoon sunshine. :dunno: I'm surprised they haven't replaced the OLD big windows with smaller ones like they have done in the elementary buildings. That alone would make a big difference I would think.

Susan -- I hated to give up my sandals but my feet are warm with socks now. ;) It is nice of you to remember all of Stan's caregivers with something at Christmas. I think it means a lot more, at least to me, if someone has taken the time to make the gift. I hope Stan is feeling better again.

I need to pick up the kitchen and fix some supper. Guess it will be sloppy joes that I can keep warm or warm up for Bob when he gets home.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :witch: in Iowa!

Shy Moment
10-11-2007, 09:03 PM
I have everything done for Christmas that can be done by Oct 1st. Don't hate me lol. I have this hook rug to finish and I just found, on this site, the most adorable potato pockets for the microwave. Want to make a couple of those too.