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The gramma
10-04-2007, 09:53 AM
I have just arrived in Onederland! Would anyone else just arriving care to go the next 20 or so with me??:moped:

10-04-2007, 12:16 PM
I would LOVE to join you!! I've been dancing in and out of Onederland for the last few days and want to get far enough away from the border that having too much salt or TOM won't push me back over the edge!!

The gramma
10-04-2007, 04:14 PM
So glad you can join me gg!
(do you mind if I call you gg?)

Would you care to share a bit about your WL journey?

I am 44.
I have been overweight most of my life.
My highest was 224, about 5 years ago.:(
My lowest as an adult/post babies was 129, about 20 years ago.:smug:
And everything in between since.:dizzy:

And you?

10-04-2007, 04:23 PM
Wish I could join you...but I'm still baby-steping in that direction.

CONGRATULATIONS on making it to onederland.

The gramma
10-04-2007, 04:33 PM
Keep steppin, it's right around the bend!

10-05-2007, 12:26 PM

You can call me whatever you want. :-) GG or Mindy, either one.

I am 41. I'm 5' 2". My father started nagging at me about my weight when I was around 12 and my body was starting to develop. He couldn't stand that I was getting curvy. I remember the first time he said anything. He handed my two younger sisters candy bars and gave me an apple and informed me that I was getting "hippy." What an as&*ole. He was relentless. He made me FEEL fat even though I wasn't. I look back at photographs from that time period and I hate him. I was totally normal.

Needless to say by the time I was in high school I had a serious eating problem. I'd starvation diet for a while and then binge. I got down to 119 by starving myself. I slept all the time because I had no calories. My mom thought I was doing drugs . . . nope, I just wasn't eating. To him, I was still "hippy" at 119 and I gave up. I would give almost anything to weigh 119 now.

I hit my high of 220 just after my 2nd (and last) child was born. This was the summer of 1993. Oprah was losing weight and when I saw her show about Get With The Program and Bob Greene I started exercising and following Bob's advice. (It was probably 1994 by then.) I was still breastfeeding and dumped 70 pounds. My mother called me the Incredible Shrinking Woman.

My lowest weight out of high school was 149. I think I weighed that for a day. lol. I kept my weight down under 160 until I got married for the 2nd time. Then, it was so much nicer snuggling with my new husband than getting up at 6:00 am to run 3 miles I just quit exercising and nearly all of it came back. This time my high was 215.

I started trying to lose it in April and got down to 193. I spent a lot of time partying the end of summer and gained back 7 pounds. I weighed 199.2 this morning. I started the Christmas Challenge to lose 18 pounds before Christmas. I was positively ill when I stepped on the scale and was I was 200 again. I remember the first day it was under 200 I was THRILLED. I want to get as far from 200 as I possibly can!!!

I've done WW and it works for me but I think their Points system is flawed. That fat free mayonnaise is zero points yet loaded with high fructose corn syrup just doesn't sit well with me. And their 2 point ice cream bars. Come on . . .

I'm basically doing GWTP again. 5 fruits and veggies a day. Lean proteins. Limit fat. Avoid or severely restrict alcohol. (Which is VERY hard for me. I love my wine!!) Exercise 60 minutes HARD a day.

I'll tell you what I told my Dr. yesterday. When I lose weight and people notice it makes me uncomfortable. My weight is my shield from the world. I feel naked without it. I know if I'm going to keep this weight off permanently I need to be comfortable with what I call my "real" body . . . the me hiding underneath the fat.

It makes me particularly uncomfortable when my father comments about any weight I've lost. I want to just slap him. I have anger issues . . . lol.

I'm really enjoying my blog, too!!!

10-05-2007, 01:21 PM
I would love to be back in Onederland.

I like your ticker Mindy showing the christmas challenge one pound a week. Hugs to you :hug:. You must have felt awful when your father made those comments to you. What did your doctor say when you told him it made you feel uncomfortable when you lose weight? I think I'm like that as well using my weight as a shield.

I still have a few to go before I get to Onederland but I'll join in with you girls.

I need to exercise more :running:

10-05-2007, 01:45 PM
I can't see a male doctor. I see only women. I gave in and have a male dentist, but that's as far as it goes!!! I didn't get a breast reduction last time I was thin because I couldn't find a female plastic surgeon in my area. That's on my list of things to do once I can shake this weight . . . get a breast reduction . . . by a woman!!!

My Dr. asked me if I wanted to talk to a professional about my feelings and gave me the name of a counselor. Mr. Dr. had been molested as a child and went to the counselor she recommended to me.

I went to a counselor once before and she kept telling me how "normal" I am so I decided she was an idiot and I never went back. lol. I know my hangups. I know WHY I feel the way I do. I know my fear is illogical and I just need to buck up and let go of the past. Recognize that things he's said to me does NOT affect who I really am.

This is my journey and I think I'll go it alone for now.

I feel losing the weight SLOWLY is going to help me. Last time I dropped it so fast my mind couldn't keep up with my new size. I looked in the mirror one day and didn't recognize myself. I don't want that to happen again.

The gramma
10-05-2007, 10:53 PM
Sorry I am so late writing. I got to work at 6am and left at 7pm. Then I went out to dinner with my husband. Still don't have that obstacle under control-Catfish sandwich and fries-ugh.
It is amazing how others can affect OUR self image. I have been fighting that all my life. But I am blessed to have a husband that has loved me and supported me through every size. I wish I could be as good to myself.
So . . . I think I need some accountability and a small, short-term goal. Anybody up for a short challenge? I think my first priority is to weigh in only once a week. Otherwise the scale plays head-games with me. I am thinking that I will weigh in on Tuesday mornings, that is "biggest loser" night. I don't watch much TV, but I do enjoy that show.
Any suggestions?

10-06-2007, 07:49 PM

You are welcome to jump on the Christmas Goal bandwagon with me. I'm trying to lose 18 pounds.

OR . . . we could do an exercise challenge or something like that. I'm flexible and always on board for a challenge.

My husband is very sweet but sometimes . . . and I know he doesn't do it intentionally . . . but he kind of sabotages my efforts. Brings me a glass of wine when I'm stressed or keeps offering me bites of ice cream even when I've said no.

I don't know what the answer for weighing in is. Last time I lost weight I did it only once a month, right when my TOM ended. I too get freaked out by the number. My friend, Wendy, just talked me into weighing every day so I'm trying to get used to that and I'm kind of all over the place. BUT, when it's a little higher I think I'm more careful.

I've never watched The Biggest Loser. I went and checked it out on-line when they had one of the contestants on the Today Show. WOW! Some of those weight loss stories were amazing! Some of the weight loss stories on 3FC are amazing.

Did anybody see Oprah yesterday? It was about the book "Eat, Pray, Love." I had read an excerpt of this book in O Magazine MONTHS ago, but haven't read the entire book. I really enjoyed the author. She made me very positive about the "journey" . . . we are on a journey to find health.

10-06-2007, 07:57 PM
One more thing . . .

I had a discussion Friday with my sister about my father and his riducule of us and our appearance. (My mother is a very critical person as well.) We each handled the situation differently.

For me, they made me feel like nobody could possibly love me if I was overweight and I kind of snubbed my nose at them with the, "Oh yeah . . . watch me!" attitude. Kelly, my sister, thinks I hold onto this weight in part because I like showing them I can be loved and be successful even though I'm overweight.

Kelly handled it differently than I did. She has worked very hard trying to "please" both our parents. She believes she is flawed and it has affected her relationships with me. She's always just waiting for them to figure out she's not perfect.

Our conclusion was that we both need to learn to love and nurture ourselves.

The gramma
10-07-2007, 12:10 PM
It makes me so sad that others have such power and influence over us. Some parents just don't know the life-long impact of thier actions. I know God has given you the inner strength to overcome it though. Dig deep girl, you are loved.


I think we are all strong enough to get down 5 lbs by the end of the month!
Who is up for it?? :strong:

10-07-2007, 05:45 PM
Count me in!!!

The gramma
10-07-2007, 05:54 PM
My goal is . . .

at least 45 min of cardio 3 days a week

weights for upper and lower body 2X within the week.

min 64oz H20 daily.

The gramma
10-07-2007, 06:05 PM
gg-sorry, I see back in your earler post-60 min cardio a day for you! You go girl! I am not quite as ambitious. I work 3/12+ week, so I know I won't be exercising on work days:( This is probably the best I can do until my stamina improves.

Clydegirl-are you with us?

10-08-2007, 12:17 PM
My workouts wouldn't qualify as a full 60 minutes of cardio, but it's definitely 60 minutes of WORK. I do The Firm workouts and they are aerobics combined with weights. They kick my butt.

Here's the website:


I wouldn't waste my $$ on the adjustable weights. Everytime you'd want a different weight you'd have to screw off the ends and add a new weight. I'd just buy inexpensive iron weights where you live. Also, a lot of the videos are availabe on eBay for MUCH less money than directly from the site. You can pick them up at Target, too. I'm happy to share my favorites if you are interested.

My DH is going hunting so there's not a single reason I can't be OP for the next 13 days!!!

10-08-2007, 02:55 PM
Gramma I'm in.

What did I just agree to do?

I need to be more accountable with regard to exercise. I will get out and walk again.

Also will watch the eating.

The gramma
10-08-2007, 10:06 PM
Hey girls!

Thanks for joining in. :cp::cp: I really need the support.
So, our goal is to shoot for a 5lb loss by the end of the month. :cheer2:
We will have our final weigh in on November 1! (Then we we work on tackling thanksgiving)
My in-laws have been here, so it kind of put a cramp in my exercise routine. My ellyptical and weights are in our guest house where they have been staying, but they leave tommorow. So I should be good to go until mid Nov, when my youngest son comes to visit.

My starting weight is 199! I WILL be 194 or less by Nov. 1 :sumo:

The gramma
10-10-2007, 10:47 AM
Hey GG & Clyde,

Still hanging in there?

Trying to decide on a couple of personal goals for the rest of the month to ramp up the loss. I think I need to work on getting more water and stretching more.

I better get some chores done, then get my exercise in.

Have a great day all!


10-10-2007, 12:41 PM
Hey all!

Gramma and I are exactly the same place. 199 to 194 by Nov. 1.

My scale is moving the wrong direction but I'm going to keep on keepin' on.

I didn't work out yesterday at all. I feel guilty. I'm planning on working out extra hard this morning after I meet my friend, Kari, for coffee.

I've come up with my mantra. "I am healthy, happy, and fit."

I say it to myself as often as possible during the day and if I catch myself thinking, "I'm tired," then I have to say it 10 times in a row. I need to banish the words, "I'm tired" from my vocabulary.

Gramma, you are very lucky to be able to have your exercise stuff in a guest house. I don't even have a room where I can go in and close the door!! It's a constant battle with the dog. If he's outside he barks, and if he's inside he wants to lick me! lol. I'm going to have to corner DH when he gets home from hunting and discuss turning one of the guest rooms into my exercise studio!!

The gramma
10-10-2007, 08:45 PM
Love your mantra GG!

The scale was not my friend today either. :mad: Hopefully water weight and will be gone by next weeks weigh in :goodscale

There should be a rule. If your a gramma-your TOM's should end! Seems only fair.

I did execise my tushy off today. :woops::lifter::exercise: That should help!

10-10-2007, 10:13 PM
I started counting points on WW again. I feel I need more guidance on portion control and even though I think their system has some funky rules, I lost weight when I was counting points.

Haven't worked out yet, but I am going to do a 30 minute ab video when I finish up here.

Congratulations on your workout Gramma!!

I learned two interesting things from this site today. Did you know you can rent exercise videos from Netflix? I didn't. There is also a place on the web to view free exercise videos and I heard if you can burn DVD's you can burn them to DVD. http://www.exercisetv.tv

How cool is that??

10-11-2007, 12:10 AM
Hi girls I'm not doing well. My weigh in is tomorrow.

I'm not in a very good frame of mind at the minute.

I will report back tomorrow.

The gramma
10-11-2007, 08:39 AM
Don't be down. It's not forever. Today you have a chance to begin again! You can do it ! :wizard::dust:

Make sure you are taking care of yourself. When I get run-down, that's when I slip-up :(

10-11-2007, 12:48 PM
Yup Clydegirl!!

When I finally got on the scale a couple of weeks ago I was up 6 . . . then 7 pounds!! I'm NOT going to let that keep happening. I'm going TO DO IT THIS TIME!!

Forget the past, even if it's noon, it's not too late to start the day over!!

10-11-2007, 03:15 PM
Well surprise surprise I stayed the same.

This is a bad weekend coming up. Today is my youngest's birthday and our wedding anniversary. My middle daughter is 16 on Monday. Whoever's birthday it is gets to pick where we go eat to celebrate. Not sure what we're going to be eating tonight.

Thanks for the support girls.

Time for a change
10-11-2007, 06:16 PM
I'm not quite there yet but should be within the next few days! Well actually I am, sort of, depends on the time of day! I find I usually weigh 2 or 3 pounds less when I get out of bed than I do at the end of the day.
Yes, I weigh myself twice a day, I can't help it, I'm addicted to the scale. First time I've owned one in over 20 years. Maybe If I hadn't been so afraid of the number displayed on them in the past I wouldn't be where I am today!

The gramma
10-12-2007, 07:34 AM
:welcome: Time for a change !

Way to hold fast, Clydegirl!

GG-how are the points workin for ya?

Work today-catch ya all tonight!


10-12-2007, 03:03 PM
Time for a change: Welcome to our little group! We are glad you joined us.

Clydegirl: Do you have a mantra yet?? Some little diddy you can banter to yourself to keep you from thinking about what you're missing? I have two words for you . . . "Positive Self-Visualization." Try to see yourself being happy and successful to NOT eat cake. It works. If I smile (even if it's forced) when I say, "No, thank you." It actually helps me feel better.

I've been on program the last 2 days. Yesterday was rather difficult as a made scrumptious fruit buckle for the kids but I had unused activity points and had a tiny little piece and was satisfied!

I have walked 2.9 miles already today and the last 2 days as well.

Let me start my WW thoughts with letting you know I have a background in accounting. I get irritated with Weight Watchers. Their points don't always add up the same. I entered a recipe and it totalled 6 points. It didn't save properly so I had to enter it AGAIN and it totalled 5 points . . . THEN the first recipe mysteriously showed up. The exact same ingredients in exactly the same quantities and they are a point apart. ???

And get this. Crimini mushrooms, 7 of them which I estimated at 1/2 cup, is .5 points but a whole cup of other raw mushrooms is 0 points.

And this 60 calorie, zero point soup . . . give me a break. You can't try to make a homemade soup with the same ingredients and get it to total ZERO. I know, I've tried. It's all a scam, IMHO.

I'm trying to ignore all the BS I see and just use the point calculator to keep me on track. If I get bogged down in the details it makes me grumpy.

Other than that, I'm enjoying the fall weather and saying my mantra to myself a lot!

What program are you guys using?? I see a lot of people here using MyFitDay. Is that a free service or is there a charge?

The gramma
10-12-2007, 10:30 PM
I know I shouldn't weigh every day, (I only post my weight on Tuesdays) I can't help it. I feel if I don't I will spiral out of control, but right now it's making me nuts! I feel like I'm eating ok, drinking lots of water, exercising-ugh! I hope it all adds up by Tuesday. I sure don't want to move my ticker back up. :mad:

I hear ya about the scams out there. I have spent many monies on them. I heard about this one I haven't really tried yet. it's called " The eat less, move more program" Ya think it really works??;)

Nighty-night girls

10-13-2007, 01:53 PM
I don't think there's anything wrong with weighing every day just as long as you understand your body has normal water fluctuations. TOM, salt intake, etc.

I don't know anything about "Eat Less, Lose More" but isn't that what we're all trying to do? All I know is there's no quick fix. I know stuff like "Change your body in only 6 weeks" makes me grumpy. Unless you have a small amount of weight to lose it's an unrealistic claim, IMHO.

Gramma, don't worry about changing your ticker. I believe the week or so we are affected by TOM allow you to use a "Get out of declaring your weight" pass!! If you think your gain is just water weight from a salty meal or TOM . . . there is no need to declare it IMHO.

I noticed Gramma was at 198 yesterday but I'd already sent my post. CONGRATULATIONS!! Only 4 pounds to go!!!

Clydegirl, how are you doing this weekend??

Time for a change: How are you??

The gramma
10-13-2007, 06:45 PM
GG-Thanks for the calming words. I know them in my mind, I just need to know them in my heart. I am surely an emotional crazy person about my weight. I have been fighting it so long, and sometimes I think about just how many years. Lets see, since I was 14 or 15. I am 44. What a waste of time and money. OK, enough of my pity party. We all have issues, eh?

On a happier note, I am done with my exercise for the week.
Elliptical 45min X3
Upper & lower body weights X2
Got my stretching and water in too!:carrot:

I hope everyone is doing well and loving themselves wherever they are on this journey !

10-13-2007, 07:02 PM
I talked to DH earlier and we are meeting some friends for dinner at the casino. It's "all you can eat steak and lobster" night. OMG! What a challenge.

I walked the dog (2.9 miles!!) and just kept visualizing myself saying, "I'm great with just water," when the waitress asks me what I want to drink. NO WINE!!

At this moment I have 14.5 points left for dinner. More than half my daily allotment. I'm going to have one small piece of steak and lobster. Lobster is .5 points per ounce so I can eat a lot as long as I don't put it in butter.

I have a plan and am thinking of you Clydegirl!

I relate to what you said, Gramma . . . about fighting this for so many decades. I look at Oprah and know she's still fighting it. I guess that's what we have to face. That it's something we need to watch closely the rest of our lives. I DO NOT want to hit 200 lbs. ever again!!

I read a couple of days ago that only 100 extra calories every day for a year will result in a 10 pound weight gain. Do that for 5 years and you're up 50 pounds. I don't want to go there EVER again!!

Time for a change
10-13-2007, 11:12 PM
I've added it to my bookmarks!

10-15-2007, 12:53 PM
I was SO excited to get on the scale this morning. I weighed yesterday and was at 198.0 . . . I was hoping and praying to be 197.something . . . but it didn't happen. Today it was 198.4. :( pout! I didn't eat a lot of salt yesterday. I am feeling kind of grumpy so maybe it's TOM a little early. I need to start writing it down so I am better prepared.

I know in my heart I've been OP so I'm sure it's a temporary thing. (Nodding my own head trying to convince myself to keep a stiff upper lip!! Mumbling my mantra . . . "I am happy, healthy, and fit.")

I'm meeting one of my WW friends, Kari, for coffee. My sister is home from her trip to NYC and I'm excited about seeing her, too. She testified as an expert witness before the SEC and was cross-examined by TWELVE different defense attorneys. Crazy.

Did everybody have a good weekend?? Clydegirl, how ya doing??

10-15-2007, 02:44 PM
Hi girls.

Well I had a pretty awful weekend birthdays and anniversary. Too much food.

We went bowling yesterday for my youngest's birthday. We ate lunch. I had a taco salad and felt ill after eating it. It was way too much and I felt really stuffed. So much so that I didn't eat dinner last night.

This morning I'm feeling very motivated.

I had a look at fitday. I can't get my head around that so thought I'd stick to WW points. That is something I know how to follow.

Mindy how did you get on with the steak and lobster?

My middle daughter is 16 today. I'm making her favourite chicken and dumplings low cal recipe. She has a small ice cream cake, had to get her something special. I'm hoping she will eat most of it.

I'm going for a bike ride soon.

10-15-2007, 04:57 PM
No steak and lobster. DH broke our date because his hunting buddies were going to be late. I was NOT happy about that and normally would have drank some wine to soothe my hurt feelings, but I didn't. I stuck to my program.

The scale's got me down today. I gained .4 lbs for no reason. I had coffee with Kari and she weighs 11 pounds less than I do. We used to weigh the same. I'm happy for her but kicking myself. I enjoy talking with her because we can be completely honest and open about stuff like the state of the skin on our inner thighs.

I need to just keep on keepin' on. I'm glad you're re-motivated Clydegirl!!

The gramma
10-16-2007, 07:50 AM
Up a pound girls:(
13 1/2 hour day, yesterday-ate dinner at 8:30 pm. Barely any water.
Well, gotta suck it up and go in for round two today.
I will try to catch up tonight.
Chin(s) UP!
(all of them!-LOL)

10-16-2007, 01:17 PM
Hey Gramma,

Eating late wrecks havoc with my weight loss efforts, too. I'm sure it's just water. Tomorrow will be better!!

It's raining here and very dark. I think I'll do the yoga tape. I'm just low-energy today. I bet it's because I didn't walk yesterday!!

10-16-2007, 01:35 PM

I also drank 4 glasses of wine last night. I had planned on two glasses. Thought we'd be home from our mandatory function before 9:00 pm. WRONG. We didn't get home until after 11:00 pm. I drank less than a glass of wine per hour but I still had more than I should have.

I feel terrible. My head is pounding. I'm dehydrated. I weighed this morning and it said 197.2 but I know it's just water that I'll gain back tomorrow.

I am still on program though. I feel bad I didn't exercise yesterday but I will do SOMETHING today even though I have a headache.

Skinny, happy, on-program thoughts headed out to all of you!!

The gramma
10-17-2007, 09:51 AM
Lots to catch up on. :comp:
A nice storm woke me at 6am. I love a good storm but really wish I could have slept longer. The last two days at work really kicked my butt. :stars:
My whole body hurts. I will feel better after I get some coffee in me. I am so not looking forward to exercise today. I have to do it though or I will never get anywhere. :(

GG-Did you ever look into fit day? I tried it but found it way too time consuming for me. Then If I couldn't find time to do it, I felt like I failed. It does seem like it could be a great tool to visualize how you are doing, especially what nutrition you are getting and how well it is balanced. Also, thanks for the happy thoughts. :hug:

Clydegirl-Are the celebrations over for a while? I think you are doing great-considering . . .:hat:

Time for a change-How are things with you? :D I was wondering what link you were talking about??

Hope you all have a wonderful day. :bubbles:

10-18-2007, 11:23 AM
Hey all!!

Gramma, I have not looked into My Fit Day. Just using the Points System for WW has been headache enough. Their site doesn't always "save" properly, but I find it does keep me OP. Counting every single calorie may put me over the edge. I find I can total WW points in my head if I can't get to the computer. I don't think I would trust myself to do that with calories.

Time To Change, I'd love to know more about how you prepare your breakfast burritos. Do you freeze them or just put them in a fridge. Then, do you microwave them in the morning?

My progress: My goal was to exercise 25 days in October. That meant I had 7 "free" days. I've used them all. I didn't exercise Monday or Wednesday because I was VERY busy. Looking back on the days though, if I would have exercised FIRST THING in the morning it would have been done and out of the way. I don't know why I'm so resistant to exercising first thing.

DS1 has to be to school by 6:30 am, then I come home and have about 25 minutes before I wake up DS2. When I get home from taking DS2 to school (8:00 am) I've been up for 2 hours and am hungry. I need to eat something small very EARLY, work out at 8:00 am, and THEN have a big breakfast. I just haven't been able to break my current routine. That's my goal for tomorrow.

I also wanted to do a 10 minute ab workout twice a day and haven't gotten that done. That's my goal for today. 2 - 10 minute ab workouts.

The good news is that from a food and calorie standpoint, I've been completely and totally OP.

I've also been thinking very positive thoughts about what I want my life and my health to be like. I'm starting to read some of the posts on this site and think, "They're just making excuses . . . " I don't want to make excuses anymore. Life is a product of the choices you make. I want to make healthy, happy choices.

Gramma, how are YOU doing??

10-18-2007, 01:37 PM
I read my post after I sent it and my own words certainly bit me in the fanny!! Why should I wait until tomorrow to start exercising right after I drop DS2 off at school. So . . . I did it today.

Got home and into my workout clothes and my workout was finished before 9:00 am.

I didn't want to track WW points, but I do. I didn't want to exercise first thing in the morning, but when I do, I get it done. When I procrastinate, it's too easy to let something else get in the way.

I can keep fighting the changes, or I can just do them and lose this weight.

I'm going to stop fighting and start losing!!!

10-18-2007, 02:14 PM
My weigh in day and I lost 2 lbs.

Don't know how that happened as we ate out so much at the weekend.

I've has a better week though so that probably made a difference.

The gramma
10-18-2007, 07:32 PM
Clydegirl, that is awesome! I am happy for you :flow1: Whatever you are doing seems to be working.

GG-I am ok. I am trying to decide what it is that is keeping me where I am. I am exercising, drinking water, trying to eat better. I do know several things that are really a challenge though. My work schedule-I can't change that. Not planning out my meals-I can change that. Commiting to exactly what changes I am going to make in my food. I need a plan. Something to follow. Instructions. Not that I don't know what is and is not good to eat. I am pretty sure I know after all these years of studying plan after plan. I need it to be easy, brainless, but I also need to fullfill my desire to cook creatively when I want to. Ugh-I just need to do it. I read your blog gg. Man, it was like I was writing it myself. Such familar words staring back at me. (except the ones that I too can not write down) Thank you for investing the time to write it. It really touched me.

10-19-2007, 01:43 PM
Clydegirl!! Congratulations!!! Keep up keepin' on!!

Gramma, thank you for your comments on my blog. I can't tell you how much inspiration I receive from reading other blogs on this forum. What I've read has made me really evaluate my feelings and my habits. I've learned a lot about myself.

It happened again yesterday. My husband said something that hurt my feelings. I wanted to EAT or drink a glass or two of wine before he got home so I wouldn't "pick a fight" with him. I had that kind of jumping out of my skin, I need to put something in my mouth feeling. I FORCED myself to sit down and feel what I didn't want to feel. I was hurt and angry and I was not going to just swallow it. I didn't want a fight, but I wanted him to really know how I felt.

I pulled him back in the bedroom and told him everything that's been running through my head. How I think all this weight is emotions I didn't deal with. (And a few other hangups.) He was very supportive. I told him to be ready to see me a lot more emotional and that I wasn't going to just eat or drink my problems away.

I stayed OP yesterday. I weighed this morning and have lost 2 pounds. (GRINNING!!!)

I know this is just ONE of my issues and that I have others, but I'm really trying to get a handle on what I REALLY want and how I REALLY feel.

I drove my son to school today and there were BIG puddles of water in the road. I sped up and drove straight through them. We were both laughing hysterically. I haven't been this happy in a LONG time.

10-21-2007, 05:01 PM
Hey!!! Where's all my one-derland chicks???

Had a pretty good weekend. I drank beer on Thursday and had some wine yesterday, but I'm still OP. I don't like using my flex points, but I've used 25 of them this week.

I worked out very hard Thurs. and Fri. and my inner thighs were killing me yesterday so I took the day off from exercise. We were slugs. It was raining, we ate tacos and watched movies. I needed a day like that. I've also been sleeping a lot this weekend. Catching up for the last few weeks.

Hope you all are doing well!! I'm gong to weigh in tomorrow!!

Time for a change
10-22-2007, 05:42 PM
Damn, haven't lost a pound in 2 weeks. The last one lasted 3 weeks, so hopefully it'll be over soon. I think what's causing it is that I was on vacation for a week & now that I've gone back to work my eating / sleeping / excercising schedule is all out of whack!

10-22-2007, 07:48 PM
Hey! I'm sorry about your plateau!! I don't know what's worse, bouncing up & down or staying the same. WOW! You've lost 42 pounds. That's a HUGE accomplishment. Are you using a program?

10-22-2007, 10:07 PM
Hi Mindy I'm here.

I check in each day. The weekend was so-so.

I'll see what the scales say on Thursday.

The gramma
10-22-2007, 10:31 PM
I have been out of town all weekend. I paid absolutely no attention to my food/water intake. Ate whatever I wanted. Why do I do this? Ugh! I know I will be up even more tommorow. Probably out of onderland and back in fatsville. My own fault. My own issues. I will try to catch up on my next day off-Wednesday.

GG-I am so happy for you though. It seems you are begining to shine some light on your issues. Who's your therapist? She's good!:hug:

10-22-2007, 11:29 PM
Gramma don't be too hard on yourself.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Time for a change
10-23-2007, 01:18 PM
I'm not following any real plan. Mostly I'm just doing low fat / low carb. I started because the doctor told me that if I didn't bring my triglycerides down I would eventually develop diabetes as it runs in my family. Both my cholesterol & triglyceride levels were elevated but she was more concerned with my triglycerides because they were 293. I brought both down to normal levels by cutting fat & carb intake. I almost (but not quite) eliminated bread, pasta & rice. I eat lots of veggies and about 6-8oz. of lean meat, poultry or fish per day, I also limit fruit because of the high GI levels (that was per the doctors orders). I cook all meats on either the grill outside, on my GF lean mean grilling machine indoors or I bake or broil it. I was really suprised when I started losing weight because I wasn't really on a diet, so I started tracking my foods on fitday & discovered that by eliminating fried foods & limiting the rest through portion control that I had actually lowered my calorie intake by about 1000 calories per day & since I was losing weight & feeling so much better physically I just decided to keep on doing what I was doing & now I hope to someday get back into my size 9's.
Even when I do reach my goal I don't think I'll ever go back to the way I used to eat because I was eating nothing but garbage. For instance since I didn't have time for breakfast before work I'd eat a bag of potato chips at my desk & then at lunch have something like a pattymelt & fries. Dinner at home was usually something quick such as hamburger helper. Now I bring a healthy snack to work such as carrots & celery or a few almonds & I also bring my lunch which is usually lean meat & veggies or a salad. When I get home in the morning (I work graveyard) I usually have a bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat & if I get hungry after that I snack on a few almonds (they're very filling). My total calorie intake per day is around 1200 & I find I don't ever really get hungry & I don't have any cravings. I think the plateau was caused because my system was turned upside down when I went on vacation, I'm used to graveyard hours & for 9 days I lived dayshift hours like most of the rest of the world & then when I went back to work my body protested by hitting a plateau.

The gramma
10-24-2007, 11:04 AM
Well, Can't move my ticker down, but don't have to move it up either. looks like I was granted a pause. I am going to try to be worthy of it and really stay OP this week. I don't see myself getting to 194 by Nov. 1, but I will be heading in that general direction! I think I am gong to have to change my weight posting days. I am not always able to get on here on Tuesday.Wednesday is a day off, so I will shoot for that. :snail:
GG you are awesome. I wish I had your inner strength. There is still some of me my husband doesn't know. I call it my "dark side" :badbat: You must feel so much freedom having shared that with your husband. :angel:

TFC-sounds like you are actually living the goal-to make a lifestyle change. Very powerful accomplisment! I, myself am not on any plateau. I am just farting around. I don't know why.:kickcan:

Clyde! 2 lbs! Thats Fabulous!!:yay:


10-24-2007, 02:49 PM
Hey everybody!!

TFC: I really enjoyed reading your story. I think it's so much easier to lose weight when prompted for actual health reasons rather than just vanity. You're doing GREAT and I'm really glad you're part of our group.

Clyde: Great to see you!! Hope all is well in your world.

Gramma: Thanks for your comments. I feel like a neurotic mess, but I am trying to make sense of it all. I do not have a therapist. It's just me on my own journey to find happiness. I feel so blessed to be able to take time off work to be able to deal with my weight issues, etc.

We had a function to attend last night and I'd eaten a quick dinner of mostly protein before we left. We had wine . . . my downfall . . . and I got hungry and started nibbling some cheese, meats, and veggies that were sitting out. GEEZ . . . did those full fat points add up!! I logged my points and am going to stay OP. I have to. I just can't keep living with this weight. It makes me miserable. I feel like a failure. Holding onto this weight means I am failing myself. Failing to take care of myself. I've GOT to figure out WHY and fix it.

What I've been doing is FORCING myself to sit down and not eat or drink when I get that jittery . . . "I've got to put something in my mouth" feeling. I sit down and breathe deeply and start analyzing what's going on. It's really helping me.

You can do it Gramma!! Just pick yourself up, forgive yourself, and get back on track.

10-24-2007, 04:25 PM
Well I had an interesting morning. I went through all of my clothes trying everything on. I have 3 bags now, 2 for goodwill and 1 in the trash.

All the extra large I was wearing last year no longer fit. They're all too small :mad: I was mad at myself for letting my weight get back up over 200. So this is it I need to lose the weight and get serious.

I had trousers in a size 12 from years ago. They've all gone. When I get down to a size 12 I will buy some new clothes

I threw a bunch of stuff out. I also bought a few new tops for the Fall as I'm tired wearing old nasty clothes. So I have a handful of clothes that will get me through the next few months but they look halfway decent and fit properly.

I even sorted my underwear drawer and bought some new stuff at lunchtime.

I told hubs when he came home for lunch and he said it was a good idea to start eating more healthy as he has gained a few pounds since retiring from the Air Force.

So it's weigh in day tomorrow fingers crossed.

I started walking again last week so that helps.

Gramma good job you didn't gain :carrot:

Mugsy good idea about sitting down and thinking before you eat.

TFAC good luck on your weigh in.

10-25-2007, 10:07 AM
I'm down half a pound :)

The gramma
10-25-2007, 10:57 AM

Time for a change
10-25-2007, 01:35 PM
I went out & bought some dumbbells last week & the scales started moving again! Guess I just needed to mix up my routine a little.

10-25-2007, 03:08 PM
Congratulations everybody!!

Gramma, I am so happy you are still in Onederland. I about sat down and cried when I went back over 200. I was just SICK.

I'm still on program but I have not made the best choices. Last night's dinner was light beer and roasted green beans. DH was hunting, kids were doing their own thing and I was pouting. One of my dearest friends has been battling breast and liver cancer and it's back. I'm just devistated about it. I lost one of my closest friends when I was 24 to breast cancer that spread to her brain. It was just awful.

My oldest son got his driver's license and my x-husband has been giving me grief about the insurance. grrrr. I should have shot him when I had the chance. lol.

It is sunny and beautiful here. I'm going to go talk a walk with the dog and do my ab routine. It's working, my stomach is feeling flatter!! :-)

Best wishes to all of you!!

10-27-2007, 04:27 PM
Yesterday was the big night out with Tony and his new girlfriend, Sheila. I planned for it. Did Aerobics and walked almost 3 miles for points. I used all of those points and dipped into my flex points.

It occurred to me this morning the reason I didn't stop drinking wine after dinner and switch to water is because I didn't want to tell them I'm trying to lose weight. I need to get over that.

I'm hoping I don't gain weight before Halloween!!

We are taking the kids to the corn maze today. Hope everybody has a great OP weekend!!

The gramma
10-28-2007, 08:16 PM
My husband was home for the weekend. We went clothes shopping for my grandson. I had a blast! Just wish he were closer so I can try all his new outfits on him!:carrot:

Clyde-I love going through my clothes and getting rid of stuff. I hang on to thngs forever! So when I finally do let go it's because it's ready for the grave. I also have a variety of sizes in my closet. From 12-18. I always shop there first when I lose weight. Which hasn't happened lately.:mad:

TFC-I recently purchased a universal gym. I really enjoy using the weights. I am just trying to fit it into my schedule. How are you liking your dumbells?:cool:

GG-you are really planning ahead. I wish I had your motivation. I was out and about all day and ate poorly. I know I will pay for it. I wonder when my willpower will come back???:(

10-29-2007, 12:38 PM

Despite my planning I still gained a pound. :(

I stayed within my points but my choices weren't the "best." If you know what I mean. Last night we had dinner very late, too. We didn't finish eating until 8:30 pm. I HATE eating that late.

I guess I've resigned myself to the fact that I will probably not make my Halloween goal but I'm going to see how close I can come.

Hope everybody is well!!

Gramma, I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend!! It's Monday . . . the perfect day to begin again. :-)

Time for a change
10-29-2007, 07:22 PM
I love my dumbbells! I also went out a few days ago and bought an eliptical trainer!!!! I've been using it for about 20 minutes everyday and I really enjoy it but it's the toughest workout I've ever had! I was thinking about a universal, I've wanted one of those since I was in high school (about 30 years ago). If and when I ever have the room I'll definitely buy one of those too. Anyway I've got 3 weeks to workout on my eliptical before my next official weigh in at the doctors office and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of difference it makes.

How about a White Wine Spritzer? It's low cal & low carb! It's just a shot of white wine, fill the glass with club soda & add a squeeze of lime in a tall glass with ice. Just make sure you specify Club Soda to the bartender / cocktail waitress as I've found that some will try to give you 7up.

Congrats on the half pound, all those halves add up! I really should go through everything and start throwing / giving things away too, but I'm afraid to yet. I have clothes ranging from size 12 to 18 (I'm in the 16's now). It's funny though, I've noticed that I have less in the larger sizes than in the smaller sizes, I guess I just kind of lost interest in buying anything as I was gaining weight because it's so hard to find anything I like.

10-29-2007, 09:27 PM
Not a good weekend for me :(

10-30-2007, 01:27 PM

TFC: Thanks for the spritzer advice. I posted the question on my blog and one lady suggested I make a terrible face and say it "just isn't agreeing with me." I like that. That's something I would do naturally.

Clyde: I understand. I had a bad weekend, too, and then had a huge carb binge yesterday.

Ladies . . . I consumed 43 points yesterday!! I'm so ashamed!! Oh well, I'm picking myself up and beginning again. I don't care how long this takes.

Gramma . . . you doing okay??

The gramma
10-31-2007, 09:32 AM
:fr:Did you hear me scream??
You might want to look away.:eek:
The aftermath of my last week might be too much to look at. :no:
(the ticker doesn't show above 199, but it does note the gain below it)

I feel like I have let all of you down. I invited you here and just up and left you. Turned around and went right back. I am so sorry.:(
It is something in my head I can't seem to get a grip on.:rolleyes:

I am going to be positive about the upcoming week.:spin:
This is not mount Everest. I am stronger than this. I have done it before. It is not impossible. I deserve it. We ALL deserve it.
I will keep trying until I get there. I will do it.:sumo:

How much do tears weigh?

Time for a change
10-31-2007, 10:38 AM
Stop beating yourself up, we all hit those little bumps in the road on occassion, it's normal. You will get back on track in no time. What kind of diet are you following? What's a typical day for you? Maybe we can help you change things up a little. What about excercise? We're here for you! How can we help?

10-31-2007, 12:45 PM
Gramma, I have been in your shoes. I'm so sorry. I want you to see how my month went cuz you are NOT alone!!

10/1 - Recommitted to weight loss . . . 199.2 lbs.
10/4 - Met Gramma and started our Onederland challenge
10/8 - Going the wrong direction. 200.0 lbs. (EEEEEEEK!!!)
10/10 - Out of control. 201.4!! (PANIC!!!!!)
10/13 - 198.8

Things started getting better after that, but I've still been all over the place. It's okay. You took a few weeks off for whatever reason. If this were easy there'd be no overweight people.

It's been scary for me to admit WHY I overeat and use alcohol to make myself feel better. I've used food to swallow my feelings for a very long time and giving it up isn't easy. Permanent change is never easy and we all need to take it one step at a time.

I need to get to an appointment, but I'll be back later.

Today is a BRAND NEW DAY!!!

The gramma
10-31-2007, 05:29 PM
TFC-Thank you for your kind words. I think you have hit on my problem. (one of them anyway) I have not commited to a program. Yeah, I know what the gurus say-It's a lifestyle change. Blah, blah, blah. I know that. But I need a focus for now. So I need a plan for now. One I can commit to. Cause I have been abusing them all. I use which ever one fits what I am eating for the day-cop out-denial, doesn't work. I MUST commit.

GG-Thank you for showing the good, bad and ugly. It really did give me hope that in less than two weeks I can turn this mess around! I know that I have used my weight to hide from things, behaviors, people. The "other" side must surely out-weigh (pardon the pun) the fears. The thin side. Feeling light and free side. Relaxed side. I so long to see that side. The only time I was ever on that side-was not good. Maybe that is what is holding me back.

Time for a change
10-31-2007, 10:46 PM
this is for you!


The gramma
11-01-2007, 09:36 AM
And it felt good-thanks TFC:D

11-01-2007, 11:09 AM
Gramma - I think you're on to something.

The only time I was ever on that side-was not good.

Whatever the specifics were I'm sure you're better able to handle it NOW. You're older and wiser and more experienced. That's what I keep telling myself. I'm stronger inside than whatever is scaring me.

Last night I ate a 2nd helping of dinner . . . roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. I haven't had a 2nd helping in a very long time. I kept thinking about why I didn't make a salad or some other green veggie so I wouldn't WANT a 2nd helping. Well . . . I have to go to a party with some "friends" on Friday night. I am uncomfortable that they will notice I'm smaller and not going to drink the way I used to. I bet THAT'S really why I had a 2nd helping. I was letting my fear of a future event affect my behavior and weight loss now.

Who cares if they notice?? So what. Am I going to allow those skinny minnies to keep me from reaching my full potential?? NO WAY!!! I don't think I'll admit to them I'm trying to lose weight because I truly feel it's none of their business, but I'm going to hold my head up high. I don't even care if Susan gives me one of her snide looks. I'm prepared for it. I'm stronger inside than one of her nasty looks.

I'm stronger inside than any sexually based comment some ignorant, testosterone driven man throws my way, too. (Which is something in the past that freaked me out.)

Back off world!! Here I come!!!

11-01-2007, 04:27 PM
Well I'm up 2.5lbs. No surprise this week.

I think you guys will be waiting a long time to meet me in wonderland.

Gramma tears weigh a lot that's why it's good to let them go. Hope you're feeling better today. We all have those bumps in the road, you did not let anyone down.

Mindy you go girl. You sound like a very strong person.

TFAC sounds like you are doing well on the exercise.

Mugsy how are you?

Time for a change
11-01-2007, 05:40 PM
I like your attitude, who cares what they think! So hold your head high & just keep working at it. You don't owe anyone any explanations!!!

I'm glad I could make you smile. Now let us try and help you. Have you started tracking your food intake? If not go to http://www.fitday.com & set up an account (it's free). It'll give you a good idea of where you need to make changes. Also go to http://www.mayoclinic.com and use their BMI calculator to see how many calories you should be eating to maintain your current weight, subtract 500 calories from that number and you'll lose 1 lb. a week. I'm sure you already know this, this is just a friendly reminder. When choosing a diet plan keep in mind that you are "not on a diet" you are creating a new healthy lifestyle for yourself, so make sure it's something you can live with. There is another great site that I'd love to tell you about but
3fc blocks it, so if you'd like to know just send me a private message with your e-mail address & I'll e-mail the link to you. I actually prefer it to fitday.

You can't bail out on us! Those ups and downs are normal!

To All:
I love my eliptical but it made me realize just how old I'm getting & how out of shape I am! The strength training & the good old fashioned calesthenics are no big deal. But that cardio really kicks my big ole' butt!

The gramma
11-01-2007, 11:22 PM
You guys are awesome. What warm hearts and kind spirits. I am not able to chat now, but will catch up this weekend-sooner if I am able. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

11-02-2007, 01:36 PM
Hey guys!!

I had my callback mammogram on Halloween. Kinda scary but after 2 different close-up films and an ultrasound it was just dilated milk ducts. (Never heard of those . . .) I'm very relieved.

I've had a headcold since the 30th, I guess. It's my DH's fault. He brought it home from work and kept drinking out of my water glass last weekend. grrrr. He will be punished!!! lol.

I felt lousy enough that I haven't exercised all week. :( Not going to let it freak me out though. I am still OP!!! Even with wine and 2nd helpings I'm still within my points!! Hooray!!

Tonight is the party I've not been looking forward to. I'm prepared. Maybe my nose is so red nobody will even notice I've lost weight! lol. Truthfully, I'd rather stay home and take a hot bath and SLEEP!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

Time for a change
11-04-2007, 11:52 AM
Glad to hear your test results came back good & hope you get over that cold quick. Enjoy your party!

I completely blew my diet yesterday, I went out for cocktails with some friends after work & didn't follow my own spritzer advice. I drank beer, to many beers as a matter of fact. So not only did I set myself back a week as far as my diet goes I also had to go to work with a hangover! I really needed to do that though because it's been a long time since I've been able to get out, between work & babysitting my granddaughter I never have time for myself. Todays a new day though & I'm back on track!

11-04-2007, 12:35 PM
TFC: You blew one day. NOT a whole week. That's one of the things I actually like about WW. I use the flex points for those "special" events. I bet in a few days your weight will be the same. Doesn't it take 3,500 calories to make a full pound?? I think if you'd drank 3,500 calories in one night you wouldn't have been able to get up and drag your carcass to work!! :-) Chin up!!!

I did not go to the party. I was really miserable Friday and stayed home. Yesterday was moderately better and I feel even better today.

I'm still OP. Only have 3 flex points left, but am still OP!! Hooray!! My WI is tomorrow. Normally, I have some sort of popcorn on Sunday so my weight goes up on Monday due to all the salt. I'm not going to eat any popcorn today. OR, if I give in and absolutely have to eat popcorn, I'm not going to WI on Monday. It's just too discouraging.

Gramma . . . I'm sending you a BIG HUGE HUG!!! I'm a longarm quilter, did you know that?? My long arms will stretch 3 states away!!!

Time for a change
11-05-2007, 01:43 AM
I was so tired when I got home this morning that I went straight to bed after checking in here. I got a really good days sleep but then with the time change & the extra sleep (anything over about 5 hours is extra for me) I woke up 3 hours earlier than normal. So I did some strength training & a little calesthenics & then took a nice long hot bath. I still have 1 1/2 hours before I have to leave for work & now I'm bored to death.

gg: Sorry you missed your party but it's good to hear you're feeling better.

gramma: I'll send you my e-mail, If you want the link to that site I mentioned
let me know & I'll send it to you.

clyde: How are you doing?

11-05-2007, 12:30 PM
Good Monday morning!!

I slept a LOT this weekend. I feel MUCH better!!

I ate a little too much yesterday. Gave in and had some caramel apple that had been sitting on the counter for DAYS. I should have thrown it away . . . I was also surprised to learn how many points cornbread has. :(

I was happy with my WI this morning, especially considering my exercise last week was almost nil. I am a little late on my Halloween goal, but today my weight was down .2 pounds MORE than my goal. Better late than never is my motto!!

I've also discovered I'm more apt to overindulge if I've been eating the same thing all the time. Last week I made some steamed dumplings and they were GREAT. I felt like I was truly indulging and for the next couple of days, staying OP seemed easier. I just mixed up some LF turkey sausage with veggies and added soy sauce and spicy Szechuan sauce, put them into pre-made won-ton wrappers and steamed them. Yummmy!! My DH loved them, too. I think I'll make more today for lunch but leave out the sausage and use rice or beans instead to save on points.

I'm getting my lazy carcass back on the exercise bandwagon, too. I might start slow, just a walk today, but I've got to get back to moving. I think exercise helps me stay OP as well.

It seems every person I know that's trying to lose weight has slipped up a little bit lately. It's NOT a big deal. FORWARD MOTION . . . just keep going.

Hope everybody has a fabulous Monday. :-)

Time for a change
11-06-2007, 12:35 PM
Congrats on your weigh in. I know what you're talking about as far as eating the same things day after day goes. I started that way & got so bored with what I was eating that I started craving everything in site. I learned quickly that variety was important. Your steamed dumplings sound delicious I'll have to give it a try.

The gramma
11-07-2007, 02:16 PM
Hi All!

GG-Sooooo glad about your mammo results. Good girl for getting squished! Those dumplings sound great! I bet they would freeze well too. Also-great job on the weigh-in!:carrot:

TFC-Wow, your sched was really off eh? So great you took advantage of those extra waking hours! Thats motivating!;)

I don't know how people function on little sleep. I really like my 8 hours, but usually only get 7. I guess It's enough. Sleep has been a big issue for me lately. I have been taking those Tylenol "simply sleep" and it helps a lot.

Well, I am headed back in the right direction with my weight. Sure hope I can keep it up. I am still 3lbs outside of onderland, but thats ok for now. I am going to go get some exercise in, then I will feel better.

Have a wonderful day all!

Time for a change
11-08-2007, 02:19 PM
Just thought I'd check in and see how everyone is doing. The scale is finally back to where it was when I decided in all my wisdom to go out and party. I've alway said "you play, you pay" and I paid with both a hangover and a slow down on my weight loss. But that's all in the past now & I'm back on track.
Yesterday was a little hectic for me too because I babysat both of my granddaughters. One is 17 months and the other is 10 months, I was so pooped at the end of the day that I didn't do my cardio, just my strength training. I don't have either of the girls today though so I'll do both.

OK now, the following is just me ranting and completely off topic so feel free to ignore it!
Someone managed to get hold of my daughters checking account info a couple of days ago and drained her account. She's $567 and change in the hole! My daughter is only 19 and didn't know what to do so she asked me to handle it for her. I went online to the banks site and printed out the fradulant checks and they appear to have been printed on a home computer. The font is different and in the wrong location and the banks logo is to small and also in the wrong location. The first check had both my daughters name and the other persons (the person committing the fraud) along with my daughters account number, the rest of the checks just had the other persons name but my daughters account number. The person who did it was really stupid though because she paid her "Cheveron Credit Card" using my daughters account so it shouldn't be to difficult for the bank and the police dept to track her down. We spoke to the bank and they've started a fraud investigation but in the mean time my daughters account is frozen and it'll take up to 45 days to get the money back. She was already stressing because her hours had been cut back at work though and she had to take out a $500 loan to cover her bills this month. Thankfully by the time she got the loan (through work) the bank was already closed and she hadn't deposited the money into her account. But now she's going to have to dip into my granddaughters savings account to get everything paid. The poor kids never even bounced a check, she's devestated. I wish I had the money to help her out but I don't, I'm just barely keeping my head above water. What I don't understand is why didn't the bank give her a courtesy call and say "hey, we're going to go ahead and pay these checks cause you're such a good customer and have excellent credit, but it'll leave you with an overdraft". Instead they paid them and charged her $32 for each of the overdrafts! A simple call from the bank could have prevented it from happening! Ok, that's out of my system, I'll stop ranting, and do my cardio now.

11-08-2007, 04:26 PM
TFC - What happened to your daughter is AWFUL. Have you asked the bank to refund the overdraft charges? I'm sure if you speak with the Operations Manager or Branch Manager they will happily refund the charges. If they don't, I'd be looking for a different bank. Also, if the fraud investigation is going on within the bank, try to speak with somebody in management and explain the situation. Oftentimes, these things can be expedited, especially within a small bank. It's sad, but if they had stolen her debit card she could only be held responsible for $50.

My eating has been completely OP but I haven't exercised in more than a week. I need to get back on it. It's rainy and cold here. Definitely not my favorite weather pattern.

So glad to hear most of us are all back on track!! Gramma, good to see you, we've missed you!! Clyde, you out there?? How are you doing??

11-09-2007, 12:49 AM
Hi Mindy I'm here.

I always feel so lazy when I read how much exercise you all are doing.

I'm not very motivated at the minute. Mind you I stayed the same this week so that's all right.

11-09-2007, 11:44 AM
Clyde, I haven't exercised in more than a week. I feel terrible about it. It's SO EASY for me to find some kind of excuse. I've had a head cold. Blah, blah, blah. I was busy with phone calls. I had an argument with a friend and am just too tired . . . excuse after excuse.

I envy women that LOVE to exercise. I've never been there. It's always something I have to push myself to do.

Maybe some sort of exercise challenge would be good for our group?

Time for a change
11-12-2007, 01:36 PM
Good morning everyone!

Clyde how nice to see you're still around. Believe me the exercise is not easy, I have to force myself most days! The strength training is no big deal but the eliptical really kicks my butt!

Speaking of strength training.......I have biceps!!! They're not very big but they're still there. I've never had biceps before. It's so motivating to know that the strength training is actually working. I actually look forward to picking up my dumbbells now that I can see results. Now if the eliptical would just show me some results, so far all I have to show for it is tired leg muscles.

My daughter spoke with the bank & filed a fraud report, it'll take 45 days to get her money back & that's only if the bank decides that it was fraud!!! She also filed a report with RPD who didn't seem to terribly interested. If at the end of the 45 days she doesn't get her money back I'm going to make her close out her other account & move it to a credit union. We did figure out what happened though. She mailed her car payment on the 2nd. It only had to go across town & shouldn't have taken more than 2 or 3 days at most. The finance company still hasn't received the check though, so I'm guessing it was stolen out of my mail box. I've warned all my neighbors to take their bills to the post office so the same thing doesn't happen to them.

11-14-2007, 06:24 PM
Hey TFC!! Biceps!! How cool!!

I've been hunting a lot with my husband. Walking in the woods is one of my favorite activities.

I'm still OP. Even walking in the woods I don't really feel like I'm "exercising" everyday.

I'm thinking about going to Positive Changes Hypnosis Clinic. Any thoughts??

Time for a change
11-14-2007, 06:33 PM
I've thought about hypnosis too, the only thing that's holding me back is the cost, I really can't afford it, and whenever I do have the money it seems like something comes up. I do know people who have successfully used hypnosis for smoking & relaxation though. Maybe santa will get me a hypnosis session, I'll have to write him a note!
I'm not a hunter but I love the woods & walking in the woods does count as exercise. You can get a pedometer at walmart that calculates the calories burned by walking for about $5. I got one for my daughter because she was curious about how many miles she walks in a day at work (she's a waitress).

11-16-2007, 02:42 PM
I haven't looked into it enough to know the cost. I don't know anybody that's been to a hypnosis clinic either.

Good luck with your pedometer. I bought some a few years ago. The kids very learned how to "cheat" by shaking it. I don't think I ever hit the 10,000 steps per day they recommend. Even walking 3 miles was less than 3,000 steps. I'm curious how many steps you and your daughter rack up!!

Gramma & Clyde - are you two hiding??

11-16-2007, 11:28 PM
No not hiding, I feel more of a lurker at the moment.

My weight is not going anywhere. I'm really not trying :o :mad:

I stayed the same this week.

11-19-2007, 12:56 PM
Hey Clyde, :-) I think it's perfectly fine to take a break and just maintain for a while.

My DH bought me a TreadClimber this weekend. We picked it up used for a steal. I'm loving it. The weather here has been very bad.

Hope you are all well!

Time for a change
11-20-2007, 12:51 PM
May your stuffing be tasty, may your turkey be plump, may your potatoes 'n gravy have nary a lump, may your yams be delicious, may your pies take the prize, may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off your thighs!

The gramma
11-23-2007, 04:46 PM
Not in hiding-just busy and waaay out of control. Family in for the holidays. My folks from Ill. Then my son from Japan. He will be leaving tommorow Spent all day raking and burning leaves, about another months worth to go. I promise to check in soon. After I get brave enough to get on the scale.
Thinking about you all and wishing you gentle days.

11-25-2007, 12:13 PM
TFC - That's a VERY cute poem! Thank you for sharing.

Gramma - great to see you. How fun having your family home! My boys spent the holiday with their father in Boise so it was very quiet here. Just adults.

I didn't do very well over the Holiday. If we had just one Thanksgiving dinner I would have been within my points for the week. We did Thanksgiving again yesterday and that pushed me over the edge. Too much wine, too much gravy, and potatoes, and dressing!! . . . I'm sure you get the picture!

BUT, I'm loving the Treadclimber and am going to just put my head down and really focus on losing as much as I can before Christmas.

On a very sad note, my nephew, Matthew, was in a grease fire at home just before Thanksgiving and is almost totally blind. He lost 100% of the vision in one eye and lost 80% in the other. It's all been very sad. He is only 14. We are praying for more healing in his good eye and that he will be accepted for a retinal transplant.

Wishing you all skinny, healthy, vibrant thoughts!!

The gramma
11-26-2007, 08:16 AM
I am so sorry about your nephew. I am praying for him. The pain must be awful. What happened?

Thinking about all of you.

Hunkering down here and gaining strength for the big push back to onederland.

Take care all


11-26-2007, 12:20 PM
He was making an omelette. His father had made a pork chop the night before and spilled grease underneath the burner. When Matt pulled the pan with the omelette off the burner, the grease had enough oxygen to flame up. Then Matt tried to blow out the flame. The flame came up his breath and burned his corneas. He looks completely normal . . . it didn't burn his skin at all. We heard last night that the vision in his right eye is continuing to improve. He can now see very large black letters on white paper and shadows. AND, his attitude is good. I'm praying for continued healing in his good eye. Thanks for your concern & prayers Gramma!

I'm not giving up on my Christmas goal. I haven't stepped on the scale to see the damage from two Thanksgiving dinners, but I'm re-focusing and still trying to make my Christmas goal. That's nearly 10 pounds before 12/25.

Anybody with me??

11-26-2007, 12:39 PM
Mindy so sorry to hear about your nephew :hug: I hope he continues to improve.

As for challenges, no more I say ;) I never do well on them.

I haven't weighed in over a week.

Time for a change
11-26-2007, 09:58 PM
gg: I'm so sorry to hear about you nephew, what a horrible accident. I'll join you in your 10 pounds by Christmas but with this plateau that I'm on it's going to be tough, so I'll be happy if it's only 5 pounds. Congrats on your new treadclimber! Have you seen the airclimber on TV? I gave it some serious thought until I saw the price, I think I can make do without it. I'll just wait till someone sells theirs on craigslist!

clyde: good to see you're still around, we've missed you & I agree it's perfectly fine to take a break & just maintain for a while. In fact I think it's a good idea to let your body adjust to the changes before you start pushing again.

gramma: sounds like you've been really busy, I'll bet all that raking has been burning some calories. Is your son in the military or does he work/live in Japan?

I'm proud to say that I managed to stay within my calorie range on Thanksgiving. I had just a little taste of everything except pie & wine. It was the first holiday meal I've ever had where I got up from the table not feeling bloated & miserable. Now I feel confident that I can deal with Christmas!

The gramma
11-26-2007, 10:12 PM
I know I have asked you this before, but what part of Illinois are you in again??

11-27-2007, 01:06 AM
I know I have asked you this before, but what part of Illinois are you in again??

We're in the Metro-East about 30 miles from St.Louis.

11-27-2007, 01:38 PM
Thanks for the good wishes for my nephew!! :-)

I've set a goal of 5 activity points per day. That's 30 minutes of high intensity exercise.

I've been thinking about Thanksgiving and I think my focus shifted from what I want to accomplish with weight loss to what I'm giving up to lose weight. I need to keep my focus on being a healthier, more active, THINNER me rather than focus on what I'm missing.

We have 3" or fresh snow outside and the sun is shining! It's a beautiful day here. I wish I could share it with all of you!!

Time for a change
11-27-2007, 02:10 PM
I'll take a little of that sunshine, but you can keep the snow. I love to look out my window and see the snow on the mountains but the older I get the colder and wetter it seems to get. Plus with kids, dogs & cats my carpet is always a mess.

12-03-2007, 12:12 AM
Well ladies . . . I'm gonna toot my horn just a bit. I made my exercise goal!! I earned 35 activity points this week. I'll start over at zero tomorrow.

Hope you all are doing well!!

Time for a change
12-04-2007, 03:47 PM
Congrats on achieving your exercise goal!!! You deserve a big pat on the back! How's your nephew doing?

Hi clyde, hi gramma, how're you guys doing?

I went to the doctor for a weigh in and bloodwork the other day. The bad is I don't get to move my ticker because of the plateau that I've been on for what seems like forever. The good news is my A1C is down to 5.3 and diabetes is no where in sight, not even a remote possibility! My triglycerides, which were the biggest concern are down to 82 from 193 and my cholosterol is down to 151! Now if only this plateau would end!!!
Unfortunatly I have to back off of my elliptical for a while because I sprained my knee at work the other day, so I guess I'll just have to resort to the old fashioned calesthenics & strength training for a week or two.

Time for a change
12-08-2007, 09:36 PM
Anybody out there? It's scary in here all by myself!!! LOL!

How's everyone doing? I'm still plugging away. We finally got snow here in Reno so I had to burn a few calories shoveling, of course it all melted off the next day like it always does. My plateau still hasn't come to an end though so I've just resigned myself to maintaining for a while. If I can get through Christmas at this weight I'll be ok with that.

12-10-2007, 11:52 AM
TFC! I'm here!! Your medical news is AMAZING. You've accomplished a lot!! I bet your doctor is thrilled with all you have done.

No new news on my nephew. I must tell you, I barely speak to my x-husband so I rely on my children information. They will be back with their father later this month so I should know more then.

I didn't make my exercise goal this week because I didn't work out yesterday.

We had a party Friday night and I did pretty well but ended up exceeding my weekly point total by 6. (I had about 17 unused activity points though so I didn't stress over it.) I guess that's what started my feeling of deprivation . . .

I made very healthy choices from the buffet table at the party and I STILL exceeded my point total. Arrrrggghhhh!!! I HATE that when I go out to eat it is so difficult to stay OP. Full fat dressings, full fat mayonnaise, more fat in preparation . . . it's just not worth it. :(

I did very well Saturday even though it was my sister's birthday. I had ONE glass of wine (which is unheard of for me) and a teeny, tiny piece of red velvet cake. (MY FAVORITE!!!) I was within my points that day and did not use the 5 exercise points I earned.

Then Sunday . . . my husband wanted a sandwich from the deli while we were grocery shopping. BIG MISTAKE!! I should have just gone to sit in the car, but it was snowing and cold. I walked up and down the deli counter looking at all that wonderful food. All the stuff I haven't eaten for MONTHS. He ordered a Reuben paninni and 1/4 pound of chicken & gorgonzola pasta salad. It was good, but just the few bites I ate totalled more points than a real, healthy lunch.

I was bloated and puffy and feeling deprived . . . grrrrr. I didn't exercise. I ate 2 more SMALL pieces of red velvet cake and then licked the spoon when my husband made two batches of fudge. I don't even LIKE fudge. My TOM started Friday and I've been ravenously hungry all weekend.

Just when I think I've got this weight loss gig under control, I completely lose it.

I'm going to keep my 35 activity points per week goal but I'm going to try to earn 6 points per day so I can have Sunday off.

I also joined the Biggest Loser Challenge for January.

Hope everybody is doing well!!!

Time for a change
12-10-2007, 02:32 PM
Don't beat yourself up, we all go overboard on occassion. I find the best way to keep myself from feeling deprived is to work in some of my favorite foods on occassion, I just try to make them a little healthier and lower cal. I know that if I put something completely off limits to myself that I'll just think about it constantly and then cave in and pig out.
In fact I've been craving a ruben for about a week now & so far have resisted, I'll have to check the cals and see if I can make one a little lower calorie, I was thinking it just might work if I don't grill it & just go for corned beef, sauer kraut (sp?) and a little cheese on rye toast. I usually skip the thousand anyway. It would have to count as my big meal of the day though, and I'm sure I'd have to get in some extra exercise, but it's been so long since I've had anything like that, I think I deserve to splurge a little. If the bread pushes it to far over my allowable calories then I'll either try it with one slice of bread & have it open faced or just skip the bread & have the rest, hopefully that'll get rid of the craving. Anyway that's the way I usually handle cravings and avoid the feeling of deprivation.
Also it's funny what you said about fudge. I'm not a fudge eater either, but about 6 months ago I put chocolate off limits, which is stupid cause I'm not a chocolate eater. Well my daughter made fudge & I couldn't resist, I ate a rather large piece & then felt miserable afterwards & went running for my toothbrush just to get rid of the taste! The forbidden is just to irrestible for me so I don't forbid myself anything. I just make sure to have the healthiest version I can come up with and limit the amount I have. I also try to average my calories out over a weeks time, for instance if I go over 200 calories one day I'll try to cut back 200 calories the next day or 100 calories over 2 days to make up for it. After all it takes 3500 calories to make a pound, and as long as I stay 3500 calories under my bmr requirement each week I know I can lose a pound a week. Well except when I hit those damned plateaus that is!
Oh, and I think my plateau is finally over, 2 lbs melted off overnight WOO HOO!

12-11-2007, 11:50 AM
Thanks TFC!!

You're right! I know I didn't go over my calories enough to gain a pound of fat. I just get freaky about the scale. FREAKY!!!

I let it affect my whole day. I didn't exercise. SCREAM!!!

I'm fixing that today. I'm exercising my normal 30 minutes PLUS some to make up for yesterday.

I agree with what your saying about making what I'm craving for and I've really been trying to do that. I'm cooking all the time. WAY more than I used to. And I do tend to get on a kick and eat that same thing for a week or two just because I know the points, have it on hand, and it's EASY.

You're right . . . I need more variety to keep me happy.

Here's to a brand new day!!! CHEERS!!!

Time for a change
01-02-2008, 09:34 PM
I haven't been around lately and I see nobody else has either. Just wanted to check in and report that I'm still trying hard but still on the never ending plateau from ****. I did manage to stay on track over Christmas and New Year I stayed away from all the goodies and ate healthy, although I did allow myself one glass of wine with my Christmas dinner. How'd everyone else do?

gg: How's your nephew?

01-03-2008, 11:31 AM

To be perfectly honest, I kind of gave up on this group. I've been posting other places and have signed up for TBL challenge that starts later this month. The deadline is January 5th if anybody is interested. It's in the Exercise forum.

I think we went to 7 different parties this year. It was killer on my plan. There was a whole week I didn't exercise at all when we had company over Christmas. I stepped on the scale 12/30 and was up about 2 pounds. Could be worse. Could be MUCH worse.

We've been skiing a couple of times and my pants are bordering on TOO BIG!! Last year I lived in mortal fear of having to use the restroom because I had to lie down to zip up my ski pants. It was a nice NSV.

My children are in Boise now but I haven't had a new report on my nephew for a few days. His vision in one eye is continuing to SLOWLY improve. He can now see shadows of furniture in the daylight hours. I hope he continues to heal. I'll post something when my kids get home Sunday night. They don't know it but their cell phones will be confiscated the moment they get off the plane for lack of communication with their mother. My sister thinks I'm over-reacting but I'm quite angry they haven't answered my calls or my text messages. I pay for their phones and if they don't respect me enough to respond then they don't deserve the phones. GRRRRRR.

My husband has joined me in my weight loss efforts. He dropped 5 pounds in one day!!! I knew he would lose weight faster than me, but it was a small slap in the face. He exercises once and drops 5 pounds!!!??? geez.

TOM started today. I'm avoiding all alcohol and continuing to exercise. I still hope to hit my Christmas goal of 182.8 before TBL challenge starts on 1/13.

Hope everybody is doing well and enjoyed the holidays!!