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10-03-2007, 10:58 PM
Hello! I am new here, and tomorrow is my LAWL official day #1! I travel a whole lot for work, so I picked a day when I could be in town again to start. I am not doing any of the express starts since I just got home and we have absolutely no groceries! I am starting out on the Gold plan without lites on my own. A good friend of mine is helping me since she also did LAWL and lost a lot of weight. I must admit I have been kind of a lurker the last couple weeks as I decided how I am going to tackle this new challenge. I love all the advice you give each other and would love to be a part of your group! Okay, wish me luck on this new adventure!

10-04-2007, 12:25 AM
Hi good luck to you. I am also on gold but I am doing lites. Actually I am doing Luna bars in place of the lites. If you find you are hungry grab some luna bars. I tried purple withough lites and I found it a little harder without them. Probably because they do have calories and since I am active I need them. Make sure you are getting enough for your body so you don't slow down your metabolism.
Keep in touch!!

10-04-2007, 12:29 AM
If you look in the sticky posts there are alternatives to the lites if you are interested. They may be good to throw in your purse to travel with :)

10-04-2007, 02:23 AM
Welcome Michelle!

10-04-2007, 07:32 AM
Welcome Michelle,
You will find a lot of great information here.

week 39
LAWL franchise center
Plan 2 with lites
total lost 48 lbs.

10-04-2007, 05:31 PM
Welcome Michelle, Gold without lites! Wow, that is not a lot of food. Maybe you should try the Luna bars! I'd hate for you to be really hungry. Unless the bars are going to cause you some sort of a problem, as not everyone can stomach the soy or or the whey protein, I recommend them. The luna bars are very delicious and they will help keep you from getting hungry. Eating at least 5 times a day is a big part of the LAWL program. It fuels your metabolism, so given that you travel a lot, the bars are usually easy to take and eat anywhere.

10-04-2007, 05:49 PM
Speaking from Experience here, You will NEED to add the bars to your lunch. Besides who would start out on GOld w/o lites? That doesn't sound right. Not much food at all.

Back to the travel. I had a hard time getting in all the daily servings like fruit and dairy as they are not that easy to come by without a frig and transportion to pick them up. So I just skipped them and tried to stay close to the Veggies and Protein portions that I was suppose to eat.

You will just have to do what works best for you and don't get discouraged. Good Luck!

10-04-2007, 09:11 PM
I think I will incorporate some bars into my diet. I thought maybe that would be too much food, but I found myself going for a Kashi today around 3. I have already kept some in my desk drawer so that worked well.
Aquerin - I also find it hard to eat fruit when I travel. Two weeks ago, I tried to practice by making sure I grabbed an apple or banana from the breakfeast buffet my hotel had and then had a salad with fruit for lunch. That worked well, but eating that everyday would get old. I'll have to work with it like you said.
Thanks for all the welcomes! My first day has gone well! I am looking forward to tomorrow. I find it kind of fun to plan my meals and decide when I am going to eat what portion. I just can't wait to see numbers like all you have!

10-04-2007, 09:31 PM
Welcome Michelle