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10-02-2007, 12:21 AM
Okay I just logged in and saw only 4 posts from last week! Where is everyone?

What is your weight this week, if you care to share?

Did you meet last weeks goal?

What is your least favorite food on your diet? And what is your most favorite food on your diet plan?

What inspires you during the day and keeps you motivated to stay on track?

10-02-2007, 12:24 AM
My weight is so YO-YO. Up down, up down. I got on the scale not too happy on Sunday AM. Spent the day on my feet playing with kids, riding bikes, even spent 3 hrs at the park! We have an awesome play area with a circle sidewalk going around the play equipment so while other moms sit on benches, I just walked and walked and walked around around & around watching the kids play.
Wake up this morning and the scale reads FOUR pounds less than yesterday AM.
My husband said not to get on so much, and I know he is right. He said either yesterdays reading or todays was not correct. And here I thought I lost 4 pounds because I was literally on my feet moving the ENTIRE day.

Did I meet last weeks goal? Nope. I am always tired & still making excuses
I do not have a favorite food on a diet, but my least favorite thing is skim milk.
What inspires me is the thought of my husband seeing me in a different way.

10-02-2007, 09:33 AM
Hi 2B! Thanks for starting the thread! I can relate on how frustrating it is with the scale. Last week, I ate really well, but the scale wasn't moving. I had a rough day at work one day and drowned myself with pizza. but the next day, I had lost a pound! I don't get it! :?:

Not currently weighing myself, it's TOM and plus my aunt and uncle visited last weekend and it wasn't a pretty sight. They insisted on taking my DH and I out for dinner at all of the best (read: unhealthy) restaurants in town. However, I did notice something interesting...when I eat poorly, I just feel bad period. Emotionally I feel kind of down; physically I feel sluggish, in pain, bloated, etc. That alone should be motivation enough for me to eat better, wouldn't you think? ;)

I think my least favorite food is usually whatever I bring for breakfast. I'm not a big breakfast eater but I know it's important to eat. If I could have it my way, I'd probably eat pizza or sandwiches for breakfast, haha. But I try to stick to oatmeal and fruit.

My MOST favorite food is probably fills me up without a lot of calories.

Inspiration? I would kill to be the weight I was when my DH and I first met. That, and since we have been discussing starting a family, I really want to actually be thin and people can tell I'm pregnant...instead of being fat and people thinking I'm pregnant, like it is now!

10-02-2007, 11:48 AM
2Fat - going out to eat is the worst. I never eat low calorie when I'm out, I always always always consider it an excuse to indulge!
I know exactly what you mean, I feel sluggish when I eat bad as well, it's a viscious cycle though for me. I eat well, feel great, give myself a treat, feel sluggish and rotten about well, feel great, treat myself, over and over, horrible cycle!
Good for you on eating oatmeal, I haven't tried it yet, but if you like sandwiches have you thought of a breakfast BLT, or a breakfast borrito? Scrambled eggs rolled up with some shredded chese?
I have not eaten much soup when dieting, is there one in particular that you would suggest?

As for being pregnant, I weighed 135 when I got pregnant the first time (6 yrs ago)...then was around 180 when I got pg the 2nd time (4 yrs ago). Now I'm over 200, so I weigh more now than ever...and about the same as when I was 7 mos pregnant, maybe even more!
But I always LOOKED pregnant when I was pregnant. So that was good.
And the bigger girls I knew --- they always LOST weight, I swear I knew one girl that lost 70 pounds during her pregnancy! She was so skinny when she gave birth. My sister in law is the same way, she has LOTS of kids, and you can never tell when she is pregnant, she never shows until her 9th month, but each time she has a kid she is skinnier and skinnier !!! Wild huh?

10-02-2007, 05:13 PM
Hi 2Bthin! Ooooh I like your idea of a breakfast burrito. That would be easy to make the night before and just heat it up the next day, topped with a little salsa. Mmm! I have to run to the store tonight, so maybe I'll pick up some tortillas and give it a shot.

Trust me, I'm not a fan of oatmeal..yuck! But Quaker does make a few oatmeal packets that are bearable and not halfway bad. I really like their Simple Harvest Multigrain oatmeal in the apples and cinnamon flavor. It's got chunks of apple actually in it, so it's nice and sweet without the extra sugar.

Soup...well, I really like the health choice soups, especially chicken and wild rice, and it's convenient. But I also like to make soups, because it makes a lot and usually I can squeeze out some leftovers for the next day. I had to find some recipes online, but these are my favorite soups to make...

Vegetarian Minestrone (

Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup (

Taco Soup (

There's also a White Chicken Chili that I like to make, but can't seem to find the recipe for it online... it's basically a couple of chicken breasts, chicken broth, a can of white kidney beans, can of diced green chilies, cumin, garlic, salt & pepper, etc. Very yummy!

Oh man, if I happen to get pregnant in the near future, I just hope and pray I actually LOOK pregnant...right now I think my flab would hide up until I was probably 6 months or so... :fr: Maybe it will be reverse for me, and I can lose weight, too! LOL! Somehow, I don't think getting pregnant is the ideal weight loss plan...hahaha :joker:

10-03-2007, 09:53 PM
2Fat - are we the only ones here this week? Hope the others check back soon.
Thanks for the soup recipes & ideas. Question: when you eat soup, is that your entire meal? And how much do you measure out? 1 cup? I so need to drink more water to feel full.
Having a yo yo week already, and it's just Wednesday!
Went to the Dr today for my annual female checkup...and she says "you know you need to burn more calories than you consume in one day in order to lose weight". I looked at her like "are you kidding me? as if I didn't know that?" Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Anyway - thanks for the soup recipes I will put the stuff on my shopping list for this weekend. How was your breakfast burrito?

10-04-2007, 01:15 AM
Hey Girls, I'm here. =)

What is your weight this week, if you care to share? 208, same

Did you meet last weeks goal? lol, I can barely remember yesterday.

What is your least favorite food on your diet? And what is your most favorite food on your diet plan? Least favorite, lately has been salad and fruit. Most favorite, the instant weight control oatmeal.

What inspires you during the day and keeps you motivated to stay on track? Probably wanting to fit into my smaller clothes. I especially want to look good in Jeans again.

I hear you girls on the yoyoing, on anygiven day I can easily fluctuate 3 pounds from the day before, it can be very off putting. I try not to get to upset over gains and tell myself to try and stay on track and things will settle in the right direction.

10-04-2007, 11:00 AM
Hey everyone! Well I don't know what happened, but I (reluctantly) stepped on the scale this week and hit 199.8!!! I'm shocked! :carrot: Now I'm determined not to blow it....

2Bthin, I hope you like the soup recipes. Sometimes I eat a piece of crusty wheat bread from the grocery store bakery, or I have a salad with light dressing as well. But the minestrone and the taco soup are both really hearty soups and will fill you up nicely. I usually eat about a cup and a half to two cups of soup, depending on how hungry I am.

Ooooh I could have slapped your doctor! DUH! Thanks for the brilliant advice, doc... :p

Hotmama, glad you chimed in! How is your week going? I know what you mean about the yo-yo'ing and trying not to get upset. Once I saw 199 flash on the scale this morning, I thought "great, I'll probably be back up over 200 tomorrow!"

10-04-2007, 07:24 PM
Great news Anna!!! Maybe it'll give you that extra bit of momentum. I love it when I see a new lower number; for me, I take it as a peak of things to come and I want to keep going. Along the same lines, if i've had a good workout and things are a little more taut looking, I tell myself that if I stick to it those changes will become permanent, if that makes any sense. =)

10-09-2007, 10:16 AM
Hey ladies! Hope we aren't losing steam. Maybe we should just continue on posting in this thread until things pick back up again?

Well, I didn't exercise self-restraint and pretty much blew it over the weekend. DH's sister was in town so we had a huge family bbq for her birthday. Too much good food. I did get back on track yesterday and ate well and went to the gym for 40 minutes. I won't be weighing myself until the end of the me some time to get off that weekend weight! ;)

How is everyone else doing?

What's an exercise you love doing?

10-10-2007, 01:51 PM
Hey Anna,
I'm here. Lots of good food -- I would have let myself enjoy it too. I don't think there is anything wrong with that as long as we do get back on track and don't mind the possible weight loss slow up. Personally, I like to enjoy myself and yes that includes tasty food. But, I do put myself back on track regularly by remembering what I really want.

I had a terrific weigh-in this monday, but I'm up some today. Sometimes I'm just more hungry and when I'm hungry, I've gotta eat. It seems to work itself out though because I'm not always 'so hungry'.

In general I would say I love the elliptical, but lately I've been loving squats and the weight machines. The last two really give me the results I'm wanting to see. Sometimes my knees creak while I'm doing my squats, but honestly I think my knees' stability and strength have improved because of them. My trainer told me it's ok to take a wider stance when doing squats -- when I first started them I thought I was going to fall over. My pt told me to step out wider and give myself a bigger/more supportive stance. It may not have looked as pretty, but it didn't reduce the benefit.


10-12-2007, 10:40 AM
Hey hotmama!

I hear you about the food...except I think my problem is it cycles weekly... one week I'll be hungry and eating everything in sight, then next week, I won't be hungry and lose the weight I gained the previous week. Probably why I keep losing and gaining the same few pounds.

I like the elliptical, too! In general I feel like it gives me a better work out, but I try to switch things up because if I get too bored, it's torture.... I am currently doing something like 15 minutes on the elliptical, 10-15 minutes on the stationary bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Someone posted a poll on another message board I frequent, asking how often the women worked out. I was really interested to read the responses because these are 95% women who seem naturally thin and don't struggle with their weight. I was surprised to see that most of them worked out 5-6 times a week for AT LEAST an hour. I started thinking maybe that's what I really need to be aiming for to see results. I'm planning on giving it a try next week when my DH is out of town and I have more free time and less distraction. ;)

Well I don't understand it, but I was 201 yesterday but down to 199.4 this morning. Very odd.

10-15-2007, 10:58 AM
Happy Monday, everyone! Yeah, yeah.... I know.... I hate Mondays, too. ;)

How was everyone's weekend? DH left for Detroit for a week, so I am using the opportunity to exercise my tail off and eat well. Hopefully I can drop another 2 lbs. by the time he gets back on Friday night...we'll see.

I weighed in at 198.8 this morning...woohoo! :carrot: That just motivates me to do well this week and not give in to eating out every night!

10-15-2007, 03:33 PM
It was a crazy weekend for me and my eating was a bit haywire. Anyway, it's a new week and I'm hoping to right myself.

Anna, I'm so happy to hear you are feeling motivated, YAY! That's what I need right now, some good ol fashioned motivation, lol. I think maybe if I can fit in some exercise today that will get the ball rolling again for me.

Good wishes to you and to anyone else reading our little thread!!

10-16-2007, 01:00 PM
It was a crazy weekend for me and my eating was a bit haywire. Anyway, it's a new week and I'm hoping to right myself.

Anna, I'm so happy to hear you are feeling motivated, YAY! That's what I need right now, some good ol fashioned motivation, lol. I think maybe if I can fit in some exercise today that will get the ball rolling again for me.

Good wishes to you and to anyone else reading our little thread!!

Did you get to exercise yesterday? :kickbutt: I got in about 30 minutes at the gym. Haven't been sleeping well lately so I am just pooped physically.

As far as eating...went just a tiny bit overboard last night but I did resist my temptation to make chocolate chip cookies (I really wanted the cookie dough!) I got some really good sugar free ice cream bars (Sweet Freedom Black Raspberry) and it's hard to eat just one! One bar is only 90 calories, so it makes a great after-dinner treat. I am trying to keep myself busy tonight so I don't fall into the boredom eating like I did last night!

10-17-2007, 04:40 AM
LOL! Thanks for the kick in the right direction Anna!! Well I didn't make it to the gym Monday, but I did make myself go Tuesday after reading your post. =)

And tomorrow/later today is training day so that should help get me back in exercise mode. Now to work on my eating habits, arg!, I'm a total sugaraholic.

How is your week going?

10-18-2007, 04:27 PM
hey hotmama!

Glad you got to the gym! Yay for exercise! It's so hard getting there, but once you're into it, it's worth it!

I have been doing pretty well this week. Have managed to drop down to 198.0 and overall have been doing great on my eating/exercise. I have to make cookies tonight, though..... danger! DH gets back in town tomorrow night so hopefully I will be able to stay on track once he's home!

10-22-2007, 09:44 AM
Gooooooood Monday Morning, ladies!!! :coffee:

How is everyone this week? We had our first snow yesterday! :shocksn: I think we got about 3 inches or so. Nothing too serious. It was great to spend the day snuggled up inside with DH and doing nothing all day long. I wish I could do that more often! Just reminds me that the holidays are coming up and will have to make extra effort not to go overboard!

I haven't weighed since Thursday. I don't think I've been eating *too* bad over the weekend, but still not ready to jump on the scale just yet. I need to get back into exercising big time.

10-25-2007, 08:55 PM
Awesome on getting to 198 Anna, I know it cam take a lot of commitment to get the ball rolling. I gained a few pounds back and I was dreading my scale, but after a week of good workouts they finally came back off and I think I'm ready to see some new lower numbers.

Training was super hard today, I about cried. I am not an athletic person, meaning i'm not a fast mover. Well, my trainer has it in his head how wonderful jumping is. I don't jump, I don't jump, I don't jump. So after I faired pitifully at the jumprope, he decided we'd have me jump using a stepper. I was not a happy camper. And my trainer is seeing more jumping in my future. If I didn't respect/like my trainer so well, I would likely be thinking how to quit.

Also, i'm large chested -- yet another reason I don't jump, which I explained to him in case he can't see. My assignment until our next session is to aquire appropriate reinforcement even if that means double bra-ing it. Heaven help me, i think I hear trees falling.

10-26-2007, 10:43 AM
hey hotmama! I'm so jealous you have a trainer.... I think having someone depend on me to show up would really motivate me to get to the gym more often. And I am sooo with you on the jumping! I am large-chested as well, which is the only reason I don't jog, because it hurts and it's embarrassing! Haha, I hope you are able to find double-reinforcement! I really feel for you there. If you happen to find a magic bra that is great for us large-chested girls, let me know!

I gained a few back over the past week. Having DH back home again meant I really haven't been cooking as healthy. I did finally make it to the gym this week and my body is feeling it. Funny how taking a few weeks off can make such a huge difference.

Here's to the weekend!

10-29-2007, 11:38 AM
Good Monday Morning, ladies! I hope you all survived the weekend! Ours was pretty great; got to spend lots of quality time with DH before he leaves for Reno today on another business trip.

Well my doctor seems to think I may be insulin resistant so I started a new diet today called the "insulin-resistance diet." Basically you can't eat more than 30g of carbs per meal, and you have to link your carbs with at least 14g of protein. It's interesting, I started this morning with half of an english muffin topped with a slice of lf mozzarella cheese and 1 oz of turkey's been 2 1/2 hours and I'm still not hungry! I need to eat again here soon...supposed to eat every few hours. So hopefully this will yield some results for me and I won't feel the need to eat sugar all the time!

Other than that, got a bad filling that is hurting like crazy, so it's off to the dentist this afternoon. Ugh! Not a fun way to start my week.

How is everyone else? Since the holidays are coming upon us, what's the one thing you have in mind to keep yourself from going hog wild over the holidays?

11-04-2007, 06:29 PM
Hi Anna, Ladies,
sorry I haven't been on, I had kinda a rough couple weeks -- tire blow-out, traffic citation and DH was out of town for almost a week. Everything has settled back down though. I'm sure I'm up on the scale, I just know. So I'm not looking till tomorrow, lol. Trying to be very good and simple today w/ my eating. Hopefully the numbers won't be too off by tomorrow. I have till wed. tho to get my but in gear as that's my next training session.

Anna, I wish you good luck on your new eating plan. I've been thinking of dusting off my WW points books and giving sticking to a plan a try. I really, really would like to lose another 10 pounds by the new year. I'd be thrilled actually. I really need to rededicate myself to this fitness thing and focus.

Sherin =)

11-04-2007, 06:30 PM
P.S. Good lucki at the dentists'. I know i'm not supposed to, but I avoid visiting until something hurts.

11-05-2007, 10:11 AM
Hey hotmama! Don't you hate those weeks where life seems to get in the way? I think that is one of the biggest challenges with eating right and exercising, when stuff like that happens. So sorry to hear about your flat tire and traffic citation! At least DH is back, huh? :D

Well as far as my tooth goes, looks like I have a cavity right next to the one with a filling already...have to go back on Thursday to get another filling. Ugh! It's been a real pain to drink anything and stay hydrated. Right now I can tolerate lukewarm water and that's about it. Not fun!

the new diet plan is going really well. I have lost 2 lbs on it already without even really trying, which is a big accomplishment given that my parents were visiting this weekend and we have been eating out all weekend. It seems to have eliminated a big craving for carbs, especially sugar. I'll take that any day!

Hotmama, do you do better when you're sticking to a plan rather than trying to wing it? I'm still trying to figure this one out. It seems like I have tried and failed so many plans that I was really reluctant to start another one. Calorie counting worked great for me in the past, but I can't seem to get back on that wagon. The IR diet I'm doing is simple enough, but I have to say it helps that lately I haven't been craving the usual...sugar.

Happy Monday! Here's to hoping we can survive the holiday season... lol.

11-06-2007, 08:39 AM
Hey everyone, I'm back. I don't have anything exciting going on, and no "good news" to report.
I have been busy the last few weeks, but I need to confess that DH and I are having huge issues. And it's all about my fat.
I haven't lost anything in a long time, and came to the board today to see some success stories and find out how the 70s club was doing.
I need motivation.
I'm back up to 221. (5'6")

11-06-2007, 10:43 AM
Hey everyone, I'm back. I don't have anything exciting going on, and no "good news" to report.
I have been busy the last few weeks, but I need to confess that DH and I are having huge issues. And it's all about my fat.
I haven't lost anything in a long time, and came to the board today to see some success stories and find out how the 70s club was doing.
I need motivation.
I'm back up to 221. (5'6")

Hi 2B :hug: So sorry about you and DH having problems. I actually just wrote a blog about how I think my insecurities/low self esteem about being fat is starting to affect how I relate to my marriage. I am afraid of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We CAN do this. We CAN! I know it. What is it that is keeping us from really pushing forward?

I think for me, it's a combination of laziness and the deep belief that I always have been and always will be fat. Every time I gain, I feel more and more discouraged. Every time I give in and eat something I know I shouldn't, or don't go to the gym, I convince myself again and again that I'll always be this fat, that nothing I do will ever change that. I have started and fallen off the wagon so many times I lost track.

If the issues about your weight are really causing problems in your marriage, isn't that motivation enough to do something about it? We can do this together. YOU can do this!

11-06-2007, 02:03 PM
2Fat- thanks for the boost. Yes, having this cause problems "should" be enough to motivate me, but I'm angry at my DH.
I guess since we really don't know each other, not neighbors, or that kind of think I should spill the beans and get this off my chest if you guys don't mind.
DH wants nothing to do with me in the "romance" dept ...if you catch my drift. We have not had "you know what" in many many many months.
He said he is not attracted to me since I've gained so much weight. He is mad at me because he takes care of himself and is the same size today as when we got married.
He doesn't like my excuses about 2 kids in 2 yrs and one C-section then hit with early menapause in my 30's. He hates the belly fat. The big butt and saggy boobs. He said he could live with the boobs if I lost the other fat, and then he'd get my boobs fixed.
But what makes me mad is that he can't love me for me. Inside and out.
He went on to say with guys it is all physical. I know he has not strayed or cheated. He'd never do that, and I can say that and believe it. We've always said we'd file for divorce before we'd cheat. And besides when he is not in his office 7am to 4pm, I know he is here, and I also know I can call his office any time he is there and he will pick up. He would never cheat, yet how he can go this long without the sex is beyond me.
I'm mad at myself for being fat, but having him be mad at me about it doesn't help. You would think it is motiviation enough, so this time I need to stay focused...including thru the holidays.
On fitday it says to drop 70 pounds in 12 months I need to lose 1.7 pounds a week. Nobody can do it but me, I know that.
Today I went to Old Navy and bought some new "comfy" clothes. Since last night he gave me the speech about how he hates the same old sweat shirt and pants. But those are my comfy clothes when we're home. I hate buying new clothes in fat sizes. But today I caved and bought some stuff since Old Navy was having a pretty decent sale. I actually bought MENS shirts in XXL, they are longer and very soft - the long underwear type material. And I have new pink sweat pants. So least he'll get a change of scenery.
But anyway, I strongly think my DH will file for divorce if I do not lose the weight for real this time. He said he doesn't want to be miserable for the rest of his life in a marriage with no romance and where he is not attracted to me ....he says he loves me deeply.....but if he does, then why can't he love the fat me?
He is just very mad that I don't want to look better and get thin for him.
What should I do? Stapple my mouth shut? He thinks I get all my calories from milk (2%) and soda. I drink 2 gallons of milk in 2 weeks. And I do like MUGS ROOTBEER. He told me he knows it will be hard, but he said when I apply my strong will to any other part of my life I always succeed, and he wonders why I can't have that same determination with the fat to get it off.
Okay I'm sorry for a very long post....and esp one so personal.
But I did need to get this out there to my friends HERE who are struggling with weight loss.
Thanks !!!!

11-06-2007, 02:56 PM
Hi 2b... hugs again :hug: I'm so sorry things are rough with your husband. I know *exactly* what you mean about even though this stuff should motivate you in theory, it doesn't really help at all, and just makes you resent your DH and feel even worse about yourself... I know, for me, when I feel bad about myself, it doesn't really motivate me in the right direction...instead I just kind of sink lower and lower and eat more and exercise less.

And then there is the question of WHO exactly you are losing weight for? I wonder that even if you lost all of the weight, would you still feel upset and resentful at your husband for not loving the 220 lb you vs. the 150 lb. you? I agree that men are more physically-inclined that women...they are visual creatures by nature. But that's not all to it, and I don't really buy that men are ALL about the physical. Otherwise, men would not be divorcing super model-like women because they drive them crazy. You are a great wife and mother. Don't think or feel differently.

Forgetting about your husband for a second, what are the reasons why YOU want to lose weight? Physical appearance? Better for your health? Have a goal in mind (running a marathon, climbing a mountain, etc.)? Saving your marriage? Those are all very valid reasons. I think if you shift the focus from your DH over to your personal reasons for wanting to lose, you will not feel so frustrated, discouraged, and angry. Do it for you. You say that when it comes to other areas in your life, you are very focused and determined. Is there something specific you could set your goal on (like running a marathon, for example) that could help you with determination and focus?

Bringing your husband back into the picture, I was reading an article the other day about bringing romance back into the bedroom. A part of the article addressed women who are overweight or feel really insecure about themselves. You can be sexy and still have extra weight. You can be romantic and still not weigh 150 lbs. Ugh, I don't remember if I posted this on here, but when DH and I were engaged, I really let myself go. I gained a lot of weight, yeah, but I also stopped wearing makeup, dressing up, etc. I was in sweats and sweatshirt all the time because I was so depressed and ashamed of myself. Then other women started mistaking me for DH's sister, and not his fiancee. I was totally Frump Girl. And that's where the fears started...that someday, even though DH is a great guy, he'd meet someone way more attractive than me, and leave. It takes a LOT to get out of that funk... like you, I hate shopping, because stuff doesn't fit me. It's either too small or too big. I cringe every time I have to buy something in a size 16 or 18. I have more than TRIPLED my clothing size in the past 2 years! It is so hard not to resort to comfy clothes, but there are some great plus-size clothes out there. When you feel good about the way you dress, you're more motivated not to ruin it by eating unhealthy food.

Sorry, this is really long, I just wanted to offer an ear. If weight loss was easy, we'd never have a problem doing it.

What is your current eating plan look like?

11-06-2007, 04:00 PM
Hey girls - I'm new to this site, and I've suscribed to a few of the forums and then I found you! :) to put things in perspective. I started my lifestyle changes Sept. 21st, but didn't really get serious about it until Oct. 25th. So here I am! I started out at 191.9 and my ultimate goal is to get to 125 so I'm in the 70ish pound range :)

I weigh in every Friday at work, as part of a Christmas Challenge that we started in Sept. Right now I'm in 3rd out of 5... I really want to win it - there's motivational money involved! :elf:

I'll post my weight on Fridays.. and I need all the :dust: that I can get!!! I'm loving this site so far - and all the mini-challenges. I do much better looking at pieces of the puzzle with the big picture in mind.

11-06-2007, 04:43 PM
Hey Girls!! Big Hugs. :hug:

Losing weight is hard to begin with and then further complicated by the intricacies of our lives huh?

Going back for a sec, um Anna, you had asked me if I do better when sticking to a plan rather than trying to wing it? I have a very difficult time sticking to any specific diet so I do wing it. I wish I was a more disciplined dieter, but I'm not and I can't seem to make myself stick to any particular plan. I think if I were able to, I would get to where I'm going a lot sooner. For me though, exercise and specifically exercising with a trainer are what yank me back to reality. Exercise reminds me that it's hard work burning calories so I really otta help myself out by making better food choices. And exercising w/ a trainer a couple times a week, 1/ gives me better physical results than I would know how to achieve alone and 2/ keeps me accountable. I so dread the days when I feel I look fatter whether because I actually gained or am puffed up because its TOM. Oddly, those are the days that catapult me back into 'dieting' and/or 'doing better' so I feel good about myself at the next session.

So back to you, 2B. I'm sorry your DH (the first time my husband looked over my shoulder and saw me using that abbreviation he thought it stood for damn husband, lol) is putting that kind of tension on you. I know that some men are like that. My father(may he RIP) was one of them (he hated the times I was a chubby kid too), fortunately my husband isn't. I think I married my husband for all the ways he wasn't like my father and kinda missed some other very important attittude/personality aspects I should have been watching out for. All future advice for my daughter and sons.

Anyway, maybe you could use/channel your anger towards your DH during your workouts. You deserve to reap something positive out of these hard times. I'm serious. Being pissed off at someone or about something make aerobic machine workouts fly by. I've always found having a crush on someone improves my eating habits and being a little angry at something improves my cardio workouts. Thus being married has definitely made it harder to be thin. I'm not trying to make light of your problems at all 2B. I am no expert at men and have my own marriage issues, I'm just offering how i would try to look at the situation, at least temporarily.

It's not very PC, but I do find attractiveness to be advantageous in marriage issues. It does give an added upper hand sometimes if you can call it that. If only even because we are more confident about ourselves when we feel good about ourselves. And feeling good about ourself seems to come easier on days when we feel we look good. So in that regard, buying some new clothes, even if you aren't going to be using them for long, was a good decision. We deserve to feel and look nice along the road to where we're going. Along those lines, maybe your DH is more turned off by possibly how you are feeling towards yourself. You know, embarassed or ashamed to be chubbier than you were before. A new attittude, even if you have to fake it a little at first might give him pause and cause him to rethinkhis own surly attitude.

Well, I've talked for a mile as well. I only mean well, please forgive me if i've said anything i oughtn't have.

:love: Sherin

11-06-2007, 04:53 PM
Welcome to our little group Eny girl!!

11-07-2007, 11:02 AM
Hot Mama - I know that looking nicer around the house would be better.. ...I never would have let him see me look like this before we were married. I have tried buying new clothes in the past, and yes they do make me feel better...but not for long. I think I need to see a significant weight loss before I can feel better about myself. I will try to take my anger on this out in my exercise routine...good tip!
2Fat - I want to lose the weight for myself. Then for the rest of my family. I want to do this because I'm not "used" to being fat. For 36 years or more I was very skinny. The pregnancies did this to my body and then the early menapause and then the bad thyroid. EXCUSES, I know. But each with it's own struggle, let alone 3x over. It is just so much harder for me than the others. I want to do this for myself - so that I am happier. If I'm happier than my family will be. Of course I want to do this for my love life/marriage.
Yes parts of me will be angry and hurt at my husband for a LONG time for not accepting the fat me, then I flip flop and say he makes some good points. I should want to look good for him.
A lady just stopped by my house a minute ago to drop her child off for a playdate. She saw my wedding picture -- and looked closely - and was confused, and she said "is that, is that...", and she didn't finish her sentence, so I said "Yes that is my wedding picture". And she said "WOW !".
Because I was so skinny. None of my friends here knew the skinny the me.
I want to drop the weight I guess so I can say "See, there is a skinny girl inside".
Of course I want to do it for my health. A local high school coach just dropped dead at age 42. Leaving behind 3 kids. I can't imagine my health ruining my life.
I remember when I was 5 and being embarassed at how "fat" my mom was! I am not kidding! When she would pick me up from school and come into my class -- I would turn red --- all the other moms were thinner. Looking back at pictures, my mom was probably a size 12 !!! And she had 4 kids in 6 years. I don't want my kids to be ashamed of me.
The other day our 3 yr old asked me what "ugly" meant. We were talking about the "u" sound....and I said like "umbrella, and Ugly".... so I told him it meant "not pretty". And he said "your not pretty mom?....implying the use of the "ugly" word toward me. BROKE MY HEART. Then he went on to say "Miss Kim is pretty". Our neighbor. Size 2, short blonde hair, very trendy, very expensive clothes.
I was bummed out the rest of the day.
As for my current eating plan -- don't really have one, other than using FitDay to count calories. I am so depressed I can't even tell you.
Chasing a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old around and driving to and from preschool and kindergarten and volunteering here and there and doctor appts, our days are SO busy...and I just have been horrible and taking the time to fix proper meals. Many days I skip - and I know that is actually doing more harm than good.
I told my husband yesterday what the scale said and he said so long as it never goes UP again, he'll be satisfied with my weight loss journey.
the success stories here are amazing. I want to be a success story.
Thanks everyone for letting me vent!

11-07-2007, 12:54 PM
2B I know you can do it. You can totally hear you are so there. You just need some thing to change to make it easier or some changes that are easy to make, that don't require too much thought energy. Taking care of kids is a huge energy taker and can inadverdantly way lay the best of intentions. That's why you need like an automatic, thought to a minimum, diet/fitness routine.

And feeling depressed, that's the worst zapper there is, it dulls us into complacency. I know it!! That's why I'm losing this weight AGAIN. About the time I reached goal weight (I was 177, sz. 10, not thin, but slim in a curvey way) my littlest got to the point where I couldn't leave him with anyone who wasn't family to go exercise. He wouldn't stay in the stroller, walked sideways and up driveways -- not my idea of exercise. I felt trapped in my own existence and lack of freedom, the pregnancy weight plus more just piled on until I barely recognized myself. Seeing pictures I was incredulous at my new, much fatter self. I literally didn't stop gaining until I ACTIVELY began trying to lose weight (actually, I even gained a couple more temporarily from sore muscles).

I don't know what changes you need that will work into your life, but if it's to difficult to make those changes on your own, then DH needs to step up to the plate and maybe either give you some regular free time to clear your head and exercise or allocate funds for a supervised fitness plan. Something.There are so many more factors to gaining and losing weight than just food itself.

Earlier when I mentioned easy changes, for example, making protein smoothies for yourself and the kiddos as a healthful meal/snack instead of being hungry, making their food, which isn't your food, and then eating their snacks anyway cuz it's ready first and your starving. Now I don't know if you even do this, but I did and still do occasionally, so I'm always looking for new healthful alternatives to entice myself with. If the kids will eat it too that's a big bonus. Over here smoothies fit the bill except that now I'm kinda sick of them unless they come from Jamba Juice, lol, but that would be too expensive of a regular habit for me so I need to come up with something else.

Anyway, maybe we can all brainstorm together for easy, healthy eats and/or exercises. Whenever we think of them we oughta just post them.

11-07-2007, 01:09 PM
Good morning girls! :D Thank you for the warm welcome.

I have a confession to make.. I try really hard not to get on the scale except on Friday, which is weigh in day for my work Christmas contest.. but this mornign I was here before anyone else.. the scale read #185 even!!! that's #3.5 down from last Friday!!! I'm so excited! :cheer:

I'm not counting it as final weight for the week - I'll update everyone on Friday. :)

11-07-2007, 04:18 PM
2B :hug: You're right, everyone has their reasons and excuses! I tend to blame mine on surgery and hormonal birth control and depression. I know these were all factors in me ballooning to over 200 lbs in the course of a year and a half, but in the end, I really made the choices. I remember at one point I was so depressed, I was stopping by McDonald's on the way to work every morning and getting two sausage egg mcmuffins and two hash browns. Then I would secretly eat them before anyone else got to work. And the wedding pictures! Well, I was 200 lbs when I got married last year, but weighed 130 when DH and I met 4 years ago. I am terribly embarrassed and have lost touch with a lot of college friends because of my size.

I understand about it being a two-way street. It's hard to feel motivated when your biggest support in life - your spouse - isn't really motivating you. At the same time, yeah, he has a point. I know my DH would prefer it if I were 70 lbs. less. If my DH gained 70 lbs, I'd probably wonder what the heck was going on with the lean, muscular man I married.

So, you need an eating plan it sounds like. It sounds you would really benefit from planning? I am like that. I do not do well if I'm flying by the seat of my pants. I often skipped meals before, too... usually breakfast. It's not easy to plan, and it takes time when you already have a full schedule. If I were you (and my advice should be taken with a grain of salt because I don't have any kids, so I can really only guess at what this hectic life is like!), I'd carve out some time while both kids are away at school and cook.... make breakfasts, lunches and get stuff ready for dinner. Stock up on healthy snacks.... I love low fat string cheese, nuts, and cut up veggies with salad dressing. They make single servings of low fat cottage cheese. Even wheat crackers with laughing cow cheese or celery with reduced fat peanut butter is good stuff. One night a week, I will take out a whole package of turkey bacon and cook it all up. Then I divide it into individual sandwich bags and can stick one in my lunch for a snack or breakfast the next morning.

I really don't like breakfast foods so I started eating other foods for breakfast. They make turkey ham so I'll cut off a few slices, fry it up in a pan and just have that along with half an apple.

Just some examples.... planning is hard but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature.

As for motivation, set your eyes on some sexy lingerie or a romantic weekend getaway. If you lose X number of pounds, reward yourself. It's hard work to lose weight, especially after you've had two kids, early menopause and a thyroid problem. Life is working against you, so instead of fighting it, find a way to work with it.

ENY - way to go on the weight loss!

11-08-2007, 08:52 AM
Enygirl - sorry I'm so self-absorbed I haven't said "welcome" to you yet, so "welcome".
Hotmama - DH was paying for a gym membership since January, but we JUST dropped it because since school started I couldn't find a way to fit it into my schedule. Early in the AM before he would leave for work was TOO early for me, I tried going at 5am and it was hard,...then later at night I was too tired.
We have a weight bench in the basement with tons of weights, and he moved our recumbant bike upstairs to our family room...thinking when our youngest naps I could ride the he is making an attempt.
I guess I can not overcome the "laziness". I'm too tired to get moving, you'd think our recent discussions about divorce would be the kick in the pants I need. I like the smoothie idea, and have bought some pre-made...never made them at home before because I'm so picky. I limit myself to banana or pineapple type flavors. Maybe some OJ - but I'm not a big strawberry person.
I would love to see others post those types of quick healthy snacks. I will say I have changed over to oatmeal for breakfast. Which is 160 calories. Vs. the 2 bowls of cereal with 2% milk I was having. Is that a start?
2Fat - thanks for the hugs. I need them!!!!
Sounds like you gained as much as I did! I actually gained more when I think that I weighed about 133 when we met. And like you I have lost touch with many friends. When I go back "home" to visit family I try to avoid the grocery store or any resteraunts so as not to bump into an old classmate. Once I was there shopping, and I rubbed my belly the whole time so people would think I was pregnant!
Thanks for your advice. Unfortunatley I don't ever have both kids away at school at the sametime. Our oldest is in kindergarten each afternoon, and our youngest is home with me. Our youngest goes to preschool 2 mornings a week, and the oldest is home with me. I am going to write down your list of snacks and take it to the grocery store with me. But I still need to stop eating/snacking just for the sake of it. I need to tell myself that food is fuel. I saw a program yesterday where this chick was anorexic and she said she punished herself with no food on days where she thought she was a bad person.?? WTH? As for planning some sexy outfits or a romantic getaway, LOL -- I'd have to go alone!!! I don't think DH wants to touch me until I drop at least 50 pounds. He said he'd consider it if I break 200...but I know he won't. I love what you said about Life is working against me, and to work with it. Great quote! And I will take those words to heart.
Thanks so much girls!!! One of these days I'll post a before pic!

11-09-2007, 10:02 AM
That's right, 2B, and we will be here, kicking your butt (and our butts, too) all along the way! :kickbutt: For me, I really need to start exercising again. I can't lose weight without it. My eating is not too bad, but I know if I were exercising consistently, having a bad day or bad weekend eating-wise wouldn't do as much damage as it normally does. It's really time for me to get back on the saddle. I wish we could afford a personal trainer like hotmama has... I think having that accountability would really cause me to 1) stop and think about what I put in my mouth and 2) not skip out on the gym like I normally do. Right now I only work out like one day a week. It's not enough.

Life will ALWAYS work against us.... for me it seems like things always get in the way. For instance, this week I was planning on going to the gym every day over my lunch hour. Well, Monday I had the day off from work since my parents were in town, Tuesday I had a meeting over my lunch hour at work, Wednesday I had lunch with a friend, and yesterday I had to work through lunch since I had to leave early to go to the dentist. I got to work out Wednesday after work, but so far, that's been it! When I was successfully losing weight earlier this year, it was because I was exercising 4-5 days a week. It sucks. I really hate exercise, but I have to do it. Obviously I'm not going to get there by just eating healthy...wouldn't that be nice, though? :D

11-12-2007, 06:58 PM
Yes I would love it if I could just eat healthy and not do the workouts. However I haven't done much working out in a while.
Thanks everyone for pulling me up by the boot straps and getting me back on the horse.
I most likely weigh the same today as when our little club started back in the summer. I know some of you have probably lost over 20 pounds by now.
Well - it's a new day right?
I need to check in HERE every single day. Without this site I feel lost. I feel like I am the only one fighting this battle. I saw Marie Osmond on TV last week (she is from my generation and I grew up watching her TV show)..anyway, she is older than me...she is 48 and single/divorcecd (Granted I'm married), anyway, with lifes troubles she said she could "either crawl in a hole, or climb a mountain" and she decided to climb a mountain.
She looks great on Dancing with the Stars.
I was traveling the last 3 days and have been exhausted today.
Wonder if I can drop 12 pounds before Christmas Day? That will be my SHORT TERM GOAL.
I am accountable to YOU GUYS.

11-13-2007, 11:16 AM
2B - I'm the exact opposite - I would work out ALL THE TIMe if only I cold eat everything I want! I'm really craving McD's fries today! :mcd: But I bnrought turkey and cheese and an apple instead. *sigh*

Life changing is tough business!!!

11-13-2007, 08:17 PM
Enygirl - congrats on your weight loss already!
Perhaps I would work out if I knew I could eat what I wanted.
I just feel so gross and have such low energy. When I had been thin I hit the gym 5 days a week and worked out ALL the time.
Now , knowing I'm the biggest mom in there, and knowing I can't do it for very long ...I just rather not go. Plus I have little kids -- and they can't stay too long in the child watch room.
I don't know how people wake up at the crack of dawn to get their workouts in. I tried that and it did not work.
Goodluck on your program, your lunch actually sounded great!

11-13-2007, 09:09 PM
It was good - but it didn't taste as good as I imagine the fries do :) I'm sticking to my guns though! Is there anyway that you can work out at home? That's what I do. alot of times the video stores will have tapes you can rent - or in my case my digital cable has videos that I can get for free anytime. I completely understand the not working out in the morning, or trying to get children to cooperate... that's why I do it at home. Maybe when I'm only 30 pounds away from my goal I'll have more guts to go into the gym and put my lifetime membership to use! :rofl:

11-14-2007, 12:52 PM
Hellooooo ladies! How is the week going so far? I have been super busy...seems like we have so much going on this time of year! I am still weighing in at 198...not gaining but not losing, either. I should just be happy I'm not gaining, haha.

So, let's hear it...what are you plans for surviving thanksgiving? We are spending Thanksgiving with my in-laws this year. I think this will help because, I don't know about you ladies, but I always get embarrassed eating in front of other people (except for DH). I always wonder if they are thinking "the fat girl shouldn't be having that piece of pie!" LOL. Yeah, working on the self-esteem bit..... anyway, not being in my own home makes me less comfortable when it comes to eating, which will probably keep me from over stuffing myself. At least I'm hoping so. :dizzy:

I want to write off the month of December. We have two company Christmas parties, our wedding anniversary, Christmas, DH's birthday, ugh... the list goes on. I WILL survive!

I used to be so gung-ho about exercising. And surprise, surprise, it was so much easier to lose weight when I was exercising. I just can't get into it now, though. I don't know why. Need to work on that....

11-14-2007, 08:27 PM
2Fat - I only lost one pound since last week - granted I am not exercising and the past weekend I was out of town.
Know what you mean about other people thinking "the fat girl should not be eating". I'll be at my parents - so I will feel comfortable. I don't think I'll eat tons though. I usually love the hot rolls with tons of butter.
Maybe if I eat standing up running laps around the dinner table? LOL
I just want to reach ONEDERLAND like you have.
I want to get at least below 210 before Christmas- that is my short term goal.
okay , as I type this, -- my husband is chewing gum -- upstairs...while reading books with the kids ---- OMG the CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP - it's driving me nuts -- I can't even hear myself think! Useless info for everyone I know, just felt like sharing! LOL

11-15-2007, 09:09 AM
You can do it, 2B!!! :dancer: Way to go on losing one pound!!!!!! That's fantastic! ONEderland is totally attainable! I haven't exercised at all this week. I need to sneak in at least one day, even if I loathe it.

There's nothing about Thanksgiving food that I don't's so dangerous! Probably another good reason that we're having it at my in-laws since I am prone to snacking ALL morning and I won't feel comfortable enough to do so.

So, talk about insecurities.... I applied for a job and last night I laid awake worrying that I wouldn't have any interview clothes to fit me (I was about 10-15 lbs lighter when I last interviewed for a job) and worrying that being fat would count against me or make people think less of me. I know I'm jumping the gun, but hey, we've all thought it. :^:

11-15-2007, 11:24 AM
Can I join you? I have been around this place for FOREVER. If I wouldn't of had my kids all 6 years apart I might be there by now. lol

It may take me a few weeks of getting everyone's story straight, but I will try. I have been up and down the past year. I was 201 on the 8th, I want to be below the 130 mark eventually, even if it is just 129. I am not getting back on the scale til Monday as it is "that time" for me. No reason depressing myself. I am doing WW on my own. Can't afford to return to meetings right now.

My basics, I am 5'4 ish, maybe closer to 5'5" not sure anymore. I have 4 sons ranging btwn almost 18 and 1. Married to a man 10 years younger. {the youngest 2 are his lol } I have been living in Florida the last 9 months. NV before that. Oh, I am 38.

Best diet food this week? Probably 1 point WW soups. It helps take the edge off hunger esp btwn meals or as an appetizer. The worst...I am so trying to get used to whole grain stuff again. I miss super soft white bread. lol

Excersice....I love getting outside just to get away. I hate it when I have to plan it and get it in during a certain time as I have no other time to swing it.

11-15-2007, 11:55 AM
flower - :welcome3: I haven't been here all that long either but I can tell you these girls ROCK! It's a great place to get motivation, support and advice. Which leads me to your sons... How is starting over again? I have a daughter (5 1/2) and my DBF (who is 5 3/4 years my younger :))and I are considering having another one probably start *trying* next year. So there would be about 6 1/2 - 7 years between them.

Just out of vanity - i don't want to get pregnant until i hit my goal weight. i think losing the baby weight and only the baby weight will be a lot easier then losing baby weight in addition to the #60 I want to lose now!

11-15-2007, 01:09 PM
Eny, I wouldn't trade my littlest man for anything BUT it is quite a challenge to start all over again. As long as your age is on your side, I say get closer to goal. It is easier on the body that way. The funniest thing is that I only gain the barest of minimum weight while pg. It is the one time I behave. I can gain more weight than that over the holidays.

11-15-2007, 07:13 PM
2Fat - thanks for the dancer guy, I geta kick out of those icons!
Goodluck on your job interview, I know the feeling. When I was THIN, (aka: before kids), I used to have a LOT of confidence on job interviews based on my figure, how thin I was, and how short my skirt was, and my then 36C's looked pretty good & perky. I was also confident about getting hired.
These days , sadly the 36Cs have become droopy 40DDs.
Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers for you, so GOODLUCK. I'm sure you looked great and impressed the heck out of them!!!!

Welcome FLOWER! I'm just a couple of years older than you. I have 3 and 5 year old......first marriage...thank GOD nobody has ever asked if they were my grandchildren!!! I know I would have had TONS more energy if I had them when I was younger, but I didn't get married until I was 33.
Again - welcome!


11-16-2007, 10:34 AM
Good morning new friends!

Goals for the weekend...
*watch the sodium
*get in daily walks in addition to regular activities
*think about going back to work {what do I WANT to do, not just what I can do}

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

11-16-2007, 01:08 PM
Good morning ladies!

Flower - Welcome! We are always happy to have new people join our group. The more, the better, and the more motivation all around!

Well I was back up to 199 this morning; I think I ate too much salt yesterday. My goals for this weekend are to watch it with the eating. We have dinner out at a pizza parlor with friends tonight... I already checked on the menu and decided on just one slice of pizza (the big slice!). Tomorrow we are having dinner at a friend's house.

I did get in a 20-minute walk last night with DH and the dog... am hoping to make it to the gym at least once this weekend. DH likes to go on Saturday mornings so if he gets me up and going, I'll go with him.

2B - I understand about the "droopy 40DDs" :( I've always had bigger boobs, but weighing less definitely helped me look more proportionate. Now I'm in one of those awkward sizes where one size is too small in the bust, and the size up makes me look extremely pregnant. :p

Enygirl - Yeah I hear you about wanting to get down to your goal weight and then getting pregnant. That's my goal, too! We won't be TTC for another few years, but at this rate, it just might take me that long!

11-17-2007, 05:39 PM
Hey Girls!!

Welcome Flower!

I feel like I missed out, being away for a few days. It's good to 'see' you all.

Um, I too have more of a problem with getting my diet in check. This week I've exercised like crazy and yet I sabotage my good work with less than stellar food choices. And thus, I've been retreading the same 3/4 pounds. I really want this to be the week I move to a new lower number. And it would be so great if I could get to 195 by Xmas, 1 month plus away. It's technically doable, but a higher weight loss pace than I've been going. We'll see, fingers-crossed. LOL.

I have really severe varicose veins. DH and I snagged a vacation to Panama in February and he said he'd like for me to have them done before. That would put the surgery date at end of January. I don't think it's enough time. I wanted to be close to goal weight first for optimal results. Plus, I'm intimidated. A couple years ago, at 180/size 12, I had a consultation with a doctor who patted my tummy and told me to come back when I was the thinnest I'd ever been (college, 152). Anyway, it was so embarassing and disheartening. I don't have that insurance anymore so I couldn't go back to that doctor anyway and even though I know a lot of other doctors would treat me, inside I feel embarassed and fearful that I do need to weigh that low for good results.

Regarding the holidaze, I have no problem eating in public (unfortunately), if I'm hungry I'll eat!

Good news: Even though the scale is stuck, I went ahead and ordered new smaller sz 14 jeans. They arrived yesterday and they fit, snug, but they fit! I've been in 14s for a while now in pants, but I guess these jeans (paris blues) must not be as vanity sized. I'm looking better, but I feel like I still have so far to go.

11-18-2007, 09:27 AM
Congrats on the smaller jeans Hotmama! I can't wait to be in size 14!

11-18-2007, 10:05 AM
Hi everyone - I've been off and on 3FC for years, but I'm really trying to get the scale going in the right direction this year - my youngest will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. I'll be going back into the workforce, so it's my last chance to focus on this without more time constraints.

I haven't been thin since puberty, but after my son was two, I went off of prozac for post-partum anxiety (I wasn't sleeping hardly at all) and gained 50 pounds. Depression hit hard, but I really want to overcome this without going back on it. Moodwise, I'm better - sleep deprivation has been a major issue for me, and it's improving now.

I've been a regular exerciser in the past, and I'm trying to get back into a routine, but have a hard time being consistent. I'll do well for a week, and then one of the kids will get sick, or I'll have a sleepless night and it'll throw off my whole week.

2B, my DH sees my weight gain as all about him, too. It's hard to focus on your own motivation when they're guilt-tripping you like that, I know. But I've been doing other things to improve my appearance, and it's shown him I do care - like coloring my gray, and wearing eye makeup.

Anyway, I'm going to be following the Superfoods RX program - I'm an aspiring vegetarian, so it will work with that, and I'll be so focused on what I HAVE to eat to notice what I CAN'T eat (hopefully!) I look forward to getting to know everyone here, it seems like such a nice group!

Bye and thanks!

11-18-2007, 04:08 PM
Treasigh - welcome to the board! I wear makeup for my husband most of the time, but he's not a makeup guy. I wear foundation and eye liner. i just got my hair cut and eye brows waxed this week and want to go for highlights but hate to "maintain" the $120 fee of highlights and go every 8 weeks.
DH just bought me a $900 Christmas gift (early), which shocked me, but I'll take it. Anyway, welcome to the board, GOODLUCK on your program.

Hotmama - in a 14! You go girl!! I had no idea that doctors would ask you to be your thinnest ever to get veins fixed !!!! Have you seen any other doctors? I have a few....well, honestly I hardly ever check myself out so maybe I have more, but I know I got some after the kids were born, I'd like to have them zapped too, but am curious about how weight relates to it, like they'll come back or something? Be nice to wear shorts next summer and not feel bad about veins.

Well girls Monday is my weigh in day, but I got on the scale yesterday, and there was a 3 pound loss already. ???? I am NOT dieting, so I must have it a lucky time with the water weight stuff, but I'll take it !!!
I have the flu right now...but now that I'm 217, I'm hoping I will be to 212, my short term goal by Christmas....maybe even 210?

Goodluck this week everybody!;)

11-19-2007, 07:41 AM
Thanks, 2B! I did a hard strength workout yesterday and went to sleep sore and hungry. Not REAL hunger, but "where is all the fat I'm used to weighing me down as I drift off" hungry. This morning, the scale agreed with my ticker. I know it went up a little after Halloween.

I know about the sticker shock! The damage for my hair was $115, but it should be $95 in the future. I've made too many mistakes in the past to try and color it myself. I'm going to the lady I used to see before my kids were born, but it's still quite a shock after running into Hair Cuttery three times a year for the past six. :o

I'm going to go plan my meals today - this is one you really have to plan for. Have a good day, everyone.

11-19-2007, 07:42 AM
P.S.: 2B - what was the gift???

11-19-2007, 09:31 AM
A new camera !!!!

11-19-2007, 10:23 AM
Hi Tracy! Glad to "meet" ya!, some gift!

Speaking of cameras, I finally figured out how to do the timer on my camera. I wanted to take a picture of myself for my records of my diet. Going to do one every 2 weeks. Maybe that will modivate me to stay on track when the novelty wears off. I hate the flash problem when using the mirror. Having hubby take the pictures really is embarrassing.

W/I was today. I am down 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Same weiaght as I was in June. lol No more of that, we will make new records. The new jean shorts that I thought would fit are a tad snug in the waist, 5 more pounds perhaps.

11-19-2007, 12:20 PM
Happy Monday! So happy to hear of all the good news (weight loss, surprise presents, etc.)! Exciting stuff!

I seem to be losing and gaining the same two pounds. I keep going form 200 to 198 to 200 to 198...sigh. :( I am determined not to get above 200 this week, though. I know the reason I keep doing this is because I'm not exercising. I MUST go exercise at the gym today at lunch. I have no's five minutes away! If I want to get to 190 by Christmas, I'd better get to it! Christmas is 5 weeks from tomorrow....I know I could do it if I worked really hard. :ebike:

I have some new motivation. DH and I applied to be on HGTV's "My First Place" show... a show about first-time home buyers going through the purchasing process. If I get on the show, I need to lose some dang weight! We wouldn't be filming until April-May next year, so I have plenty of time...darn it all if I'm going to show up on TV at 200 lbs, especially knowing the TV adds weight! LOL!

Here's to surviving Thanksgiving!!! :turkey:

11-19-2007, 01:07 PM
Anna - that is SO awesome about HGTV !! Oh I hope you get picked, please keep us posted!!
I also know you can reach 190 by Christmas!! You have the drive and the will power. 2 things I sorely lack!
Today I streched to reach something in the minvan -- streched too much, came back in the house and apparently I pulled something in my low back. Great. Plus I still have the flu.
I did not get on the scale today, I'm happy with the number from Saturday so I will wait until next Monday!

11-20-2007, 01:57 PM

Anna - I love those shows! Hope it works out for you, and gives you the motivation you want to boot. ;)

Sounds like you're doing good, Flower - here's hoping I can do the same. Usually, I only make it three days on any diet plan, but I still feel good today. DH's birthday is tonight - he wants German chocolate cake, and I'm going to make it, and probably have a little, but NO ice cream. Major trigger food, there.

Waves to everyone else - hope all are well. :wave:

11-20-2007, 07:11 PM
Hello all! New to your group but figure it's time to contribute something! I am currently and have been since I started this journey 2 months ago (I Know it states I have been a member forever, but I just happened to have signed up years ago and did nothing with my account) a slim faster. A lot of folks don't like this diet plan, but I do and it works for me. It has definitely changed how I view food and I usually only have 1 Slim fast a day...lots of snacks, and one meal of about 500-600 calories. My daily caloric intake is usually between 1200-1400 calories. I usually snack on high fiber items and you will find out that I am addicted to Fiber One oat n chocolate bars (yummy!)

In either case, I have lost 24.5 lbs to date over 8 weeks and am very proud of myself (I'm sorry, but I tend to gloat too...but am just as good at listening). My goal of 155 is hopefully going to be met by the first week of May...but if it doesn't, I just know how to work harder. I have suffered a couple of plateaus over the course of 2 months, but not more than 10 days at a time and generally my body makes up for it right afterwards....although I am sure the further along I get, the more and longer they will be - boo hoo!

In any case, I hope this is a good introduction to your group and I hope we can all help each other along!

11-21-2007, 12:41 PM
Hi Amanda! We almost moved to Ft Pierce awhile back while hubby still worked for Blue Beacon. We switched jobs and now we are down in coral Springs instead. Congrats on your loss so far!

11-21-2007, 04:21 PM
Do we no longer start a new thread every week?

11-24-2007, 12:25 PM
Hi Flower - thanks for the compliments! I am down to your weight now! yay! Fort Pierce is a nice place - I was born & raised it...hated it for a few years while I was away in college and starting my real estate career - but much happier here now!

How was everyone's thanksgiving? Mine was good - I had a little bit of everything - but only a little bit - enough to make me feel really full and tired of the salt - gosh - turkey day involves a lot of salt! I baked a cheesecake for my family that was a hit...I didn't taste it though as I knew that I'd much rather have a full plate at dinner and do without that is what I did - skipped my own cheesecake, skipped the chocolate pie, skipped the pumpkin pie - and 2 days later I have weight loss to prove it was a good idea! I hope you were all able to stay on track during the holiday - and if not, get back on track this week! :)

I am 6lbs away from my mini goal for Christmas - I have no doubt (unless something ridiculous occurs in the meantime) that I will reach it! I'm excited for the scale to start with a 19* any day now!

Thank you for all of your support - it really gets me going!

By the way - has anyone tried the Kashi brand of pizza's - I did this past week - I ate 1/2 a pizza (serving size is 1/3 but I can allot myself more because this is my biggest meal of the day) and it is only 434 calories, 13.5 g. fat, 6 g. of fiber, 21 g. protein, but 854 mg. sodium (I allow this because I am very cautious of my sodium thru the day). The meal is extremely filling (I had the 5 cheese tomato) and is really good - not without cheese and flavor - the tomatoes are really flavorfull as are the cheeses. I hate when you buy a frozen "healthy" pizza and they have a sprinkle of cheese - these don't!

In any case, have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!! Hope all is well with everyone!

11-24-2007, 12:43 PM
I made a goal of getting to 189 by Xmas. I also made a goal of walking 30 hours by that time as well. I have gotton 2 of those accomplished. {set the goals yesterday} W/I is on Monday, hoping to be 194.5/195 by then.

Todays plan is to drink as much water is as possible. I had a large breakfast so the lunch and dinenr will be smaller. I gotta say it is almost noon and I am not hungry at all, normally I am starving so I guess the extra points helped some.

11-25-2007, 10:31 AM
Good Morning!! :yawn:
Here's an odd question - am I the only one that's glad the weekend is over? I have such an eaiser time keeping on track during the week! This whole weekend has been full of FOOD!!! I usually keep my cals around 1200 - and I knew that this weekend was a big one w/ Turkey Day, my friend's daughter's b-day and a BeautiControl Spa party... so I've allowed myself to up my cals on "special occasions" to 1800 (still losing about #1/8 a day that way)... but it's SO hard when there's 3 Special Occasions in a row!!! Ugh.

The good news is even on those days my cals were 1543, 1485 and 1320... I'm proud! But I still can't wait to get back into my groove of the work week! :)

11-25-2007, 10:33 AM
Welcome Gator ! Congrats on your diet success already!! I have thought about Slim Fast but didn't know if I'd like the taste. Should I try one for breakfast and lunch and then a 600 calorie meal like you do for dinner? You are doing awesome! Keep up the good work!!!

Sockmonkey - I was MIA for a few weeks and was surprised to see this is such an old thread! Maybe we should start a new one this coming weekend, our countdown for Christmas!

Flower -- YIPPEE FOR YOU and meeting your goals! That's AWESOME!!! You inspire me to set some walking goals for myself. I have yet to clip on my pedometer. And since DH brought the recumbant bike to our family room, I have not used it. Then again my current "excuse" is having had a horrible cold the last 2 weeks. I didn't eat much over Tgiving -- I ate bad stuff, but if I didn't have this cold I would have had more!

ONE MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS GIRLS!!! Keep up all the great work!!!!

11-25-2007, 10:43 AM
Just got done with my hour walk today. I sweated like a pig. So not used to sweating this time of year. :)

I too will be glad when this weekend is over. The kids need to be back on schedule so I can get back on schedule. :)

11-25-2007, 04:39 PM
2bthin - thanks! I actually do SF a little differently - one shake in the morning around 8:30am, snack of fiber one bar (yum yum) at 11:30'ish...lunch of 500-600 cals btwn. 1-3pm, snack around 5pm, gym @ 7:30pm, SF shake at aroun 9pm. Some days (like turkey day) I didn't have my lunch and just had another shake around lunchtime, and then have dinner - for me it is very hard to wait until dinner for my meal - I find that if I have my meal at the time I do, it really works for me to stay full. I focus on getting in 100% of my daily rec. allowance of good to keep me full! I only drink the rich chocolate royale ultima SF - I prefer a richer/darker chocolate, and I actually put mine in the freezer for an hour before I drink it so it's more like a milkshake - I love the taste as it reminds me of a good chocolate milk - but some people don't at all....probably does take some getting used to - but I think they are excellent and really do keep me full!

Exercise - I go to the gym for about 90-120 mins. Mon-Fri - once in awhile on the weekends. I usually take one day off on the weekends from exercise and spend the other day doing a couple miles at the track near my home. Exercise is definitely key to my weight loss - I also find that I enjoy it more and more every week.

I weighed in at 200.5lbs. yesterday morning - woo hoo! I cannot wait for the scale to read one hundred is so close I can taste it! Only 5.5lbs to lose to reach my Christmas goal - hopefully I can lose more than that and say my first mini-goal was a huge success! I wish you all the same - talk to you soon!!! Have a great rest of your Sunday!

11-25-2007, 06:45 PM
I am going to have to pick up some of those slim fast shakes. I worship chocolate.
Hopefully our life can get back on schedule tomorrow. I am hoping I will be over this cold in the next few days.
All the holiday decor is out and the house is almost clean.
The last couple of days I've read so many "MINI" goals and have heard great success stories. What is that quote,....if I had started my diet when I first started talking about it, I would have met my goal by now?

Our kids are having their bday parties in March and how I would love for people to see some significant weight loss. I would also LOVE to surprise my husband with a weekend get away to Vegas or something. But not until I've lost a signficant amount. Heck, I can't even reach ONEderland!!! :(

Anyway - Here is to a good week for everyone!

11-26-2007, 08:39 AM
Hi everyone - it sounds like folks did pretty well over the holiday! I can't brag - all the desserts did get to me a little, with DH's birthday in the same week. But my mom was good enough to make the pumpkin pie with Splenda. So I don't feel too bad, there. There's a third of DH's cake left - that'll hit the trash today. He wouldn't let me throw it away over the weekend, but he says he doesn't want to eat it, either.

My goal for the week is to eat 10 superfoods per day (out of 14) and workout five days. Enygirl - I do SO much better during the week, in many ways. I can't even keep the house straightened with DH and my daughter home all day - and after a long weekend, it's a disaster. I want to decorate next weekend too, so there's a lot to get done.

My shoulders and triceps are sore from yesterday's workout - I LOVE that feeling! Have a good Monday, everyone.

11-26-2007, 12:36 PM
Hello ladies! Just checking in here. I did NOT do well over the holidays. I didn't do horribly, but not well, either. I'm afraid to step on the scale. Fortunately it's TOM so I'll put off the scale for a bit and hopefully get back on track this week. I had Wednesday-Sunday off from work and tried to stay busy so I wouldn't sit around and eat. I did OK at Thanksgiving, but the holiday baking is killing me. Why I felt the need to bake 75 sugar cookies for Christmas is beyond me. Fortunately I've only eaten about 3 of them and froze the rest. Then I got a new tart pan and of course had to bake a pear tart on Saturday as well. I suppose cake or pie is worse, but it'd be better altogether if I did not bake anything at all!!!

Welcome to the new members!!! As far as starting a new thread, we could definitely do so! Nobody was posting on the weekly threads so we just decided to stick with this thread. As far as a Christmas goal goes, I am SURE I gained a few lbs. so I probably need to lose about 10 lbs before Christmas. Lofty goal? If I really worked at it, I know I could do it. That means getting to the gym on a regular basis for me.

I'll go ahead and make a Christmas thread does that sound? Here's to getting back on track after stuffing ourselves all weekend!

Edit: Follow us to the new thread! That 70s show - Christmas Edition! (

11-26-2007, 05:55 PM
Closing your thread, ladies! :wave: