100 lb. Club - Accountability/Planning/Menus: Oct 1-7

10-01-2007, 09:21 AM
Good morning, 3FC Friends. Please join us in becoming accountable with each other on a daily basis. What are you doing to stay on-plan today? What goals do you have for yourself with your menu, your exercise, your food choice, etc? Let's keep each other accountable and encouraged on our journey to better health and slender bodies.

Happy Monday and Happy October!

Today was a great weigh-in for me...I finally was able to move my Christmas Gift To Me ticker.:broc: Went shopping this weekend and I tried on clothes for my trip in November. I can almost fit into some nice dress pants in size 22, but I'm waiting until right before my trip to buy pants. Hopefully, lots of inches will be gone from my tummy by then! I did buy a really nice sweater...in size 1X! I started this journey in six 26 jeans and 3X shirts.

For today, my goal is to stay on-plan and do 60 minutes on the treadmill. I havent been on the treadmill since Friday.:( For this month, my goal is to be on-plan every day and work out for at least 20 days.

Rakel and Cheryl - how are you ladies feeling today?
CC - I miss you!
MJ - Happy Belated Birthday! Love the avatar and the enthusiasm!

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-01-2007, 10:18 AM
Good Morning all,
I hope everone had a great weekend!!
Rhonda--:carrot::carrot::carrot: congrats on the weight loss, that is great!!!

I had a great weekend, even though TOM's began yesterday I hiked for 3 hrs, took of my sneakers and socks and wanded in a river, and felt great, and my blood pressure is finally normal( last year at this time I had numbers that indicated high blood pressure). Today I didn't use the excuse of a women's natural cycle, to slack off, and lie aroud. I did 40.50 minutes on the elliptical about 14 minutes of general exercises and 14 minutes of free weight lifting. Now it doesn't mean I am going to do any heavy house cleaning, I am going to take it a little slower today and tomorrow, but I won't use it as an excuse not to stay on plan or exercise.
So far I have not gained weight, and I am hoping, with my fingers crossed, that I will post the loss the scale is showing, it looks like I am out of the 220's
and I am feeling great!! I never thought I would come this far, every day I struggle with feeling that I deserve this, that I can do it, I will not give up!!
Breakfast was Kashi go lean crunch cereal and almond milk( 1/2 cup each), and a mini banana.
Lunch --?? I am not 100% sure, maybe veggie smart dogs, or tuna..
Dinner --- most likely refried beans , with 2 corn tortillas, sour cream , an maybe 1 hard boiled egg.
snack-- I have some fresh pineapple left, mango, Fiber one bar..
So as you can see I don't plan on messing up!! I am so looking forward to one day posting a weight starting with 1 and not 2!!
Have a great on plan day everyone . Cheryl

10-01-2007, 01:46 PM
I didn't want to come here this morning, but that's the time it's most important to come here. So...

Yesterday was not great with either food or exercise. I am also working hard to complete my grant for submission today, so sleep was really low. As a result, I'm back up to what I was at last week's weigh-in. Food - I haven't even logged calories yet, and while I didn't go crazy, I did have two slices of frozen pizza. I also only walked for about thirty minutes.

Rhonda - Just understanding how hard it is for you to lose weight makes me want to will your ticker down. But I can't, and I don't have to, since you are doing such an amazing job yourself. Can't wait to welcome your new slim self to the frozen land in the north.

Cheryl - Great work staying on plan.

Rakel - Hope your blahs have gone away.

MJ - Hope those clothes are fitting even better than you hoped!

CC - Can't wait to hear from you - hope things are looking up. Like Rhonda said, we miss you.

10-01-2007, 01:51 PM
Morning everyone,

I've been MIA for a couple of days - decided that I'd have a couple of days offline which sounds like a good idea in theory, but not so great in practice. I was OK mood wise over the weekend, just really struggling for motivation to do anything. Then yesterday I went down with a migrane. Fun fun fun. Still a bit shaky this morning, but I'm going to go to work.

I told Mum I was back on the anti depressants which is huge. It took me over 6 months last time to tell her that I was in trouble - we get on all right most of the time, but she has a habit of rubbing me up the wrong way when I'm not well. She was great - thought I did so well to recognise there was an issue now rather than later. She's over this weekend and staying with my sister because it's my niece's birthday - she turns 4. My place is a bit of a mess - untidy but not yucky, if you understand the difference - and I really am struggling to get the motivation to tidy up at the moment. Hopefully that'll improve by the weekend.

Somehow I lost 2 lbs this week. Don't quite know how - I was eating rubbish and hardly exercising, so I don't suggest following that diet. Hopefully things will start improving on that front today.

Take care everyone :hug:

10-01-2007, 04:04 PM
Just have to admit that I lost a pound, which actually puts me back at what is showing on my ticker. There... I was finally accountable. :)

Nicole, I'm glad to hear from you. I hope things get better for you very soon.

Cheryl, good job! You're the inspiration here!!!

Rhonda, congrats on the weight loss!

LaurieDawn, keep plugging away, one day at a time! You'll get it back.

Hope everyone else is having a good week so far.

10-01-2007, 07:31 PM
Hi everyone!

Rhonda--Thanks for getting us started! YEA for getting to move your ticker!!! Fantastic news shopping!

Cheryl--Sounds like you had an awesome day!!! Great job!

Laurie--Glad you came here even thought you didn't want to. Good luck finishing the grant!!

Nicole--Glad you are back! Hope you are feeling better from the migraine--sometimes that day after 'hangover' feeling that I get is worse than the migraine itself.


CC--Thinking of you!

My first official Monday am weigh in was a good one! I am down 2lbs!! I had a great workout at the gym--almost fell into that trap of thinking I could skip it, just for today....SO glad I didn't! I am really tired tonight--I was at an all day training and it was really, really boring!

Time to get dinner started. I have learned that when I get home from the gym, I need to have a mini-snack so I don't overeat at dinner. Duh! Not sure why I didn't pick up on that before!

Have a great night!

10-01-2007, 08:21 PM
Hi Ladies!

You all are so sweet -- I'm so lucky to have found you all! This has been a HORRENDOUS week and a half. Never a worse one for me. I have eaten everything in my house and even ate fast food twice in one day when I didn't have anything left at home. I haven't eaten fast food in over 6 months. Trust me, it isn't worth it and it didn't taste good. Amazingly, I only gained 1.6 pounds. So that didn't erase the prior week's loss, which makes me feel a little better. I'm not ready to give up and today was better.

I don't know that it was any one thing that set me spiraling down. Laurie, you mentioned my fall the other day. That may have been a small piece of it, as far as knocking exercise out. I also think I started feeling really restless and suddenly interested in food in a way I haven't been in a long time. I was even wondering if the fact that I accidentally got the generic version of my depression meds could have played a part. I have two weeks left of this bottle, then I am going to go back to brand name stuff. I know that it normally is the same active ingredients, but with this particular drug I've read a lot about people concerned that it doesn't work the same.

For whatever reason, I fell off the wagon. But I didn't do the things I normally would do like not weighing, not reading here, etc. But I'm here. Still trying and still rooting all of you on!

10-01-2007, 09:11 PM
I was even wondering if the fact that I accidentally got the generic version of my depression meds could have played a part.

Yes, yes yes! CC, I think you hit the nail on the head! I had this same thing happen to me. The insurance company kept trying to tell me that they were the same, but I really had a problem at around week 2 on the meds. I asked my doctor to write a letter to the insurance company and I was able to get my meds for the same copay as the generic. Yeah!

10-02-2007, 12:06 AM
CC- So glad to see you back and posting. :hug: I'm also happy to hear that your scale penalty wasn't as severe as it might have been. Let us know if we can do anything to help steer you back where you want to be! Congrats on staying in the game even when you were struggling.

10-02-2007, 08:05 AM
Good morning all,
Nicole... congrats on the weight loss!! I know telling your mom was hard, but at least you got it over with.
CLCs..... I am glad you are back, I know you will be on track and posting losses before you know it!!!
MJ5... congrats on the loss, and I love the ticker!!!

Tomorrow I post my weight, and my scale is playing with me again, so we will see if I post a loss or not, maybe this is just water gain from TOM's ., but I won't use this as an excuse to go off plan. Today Sear's is coming to check my elliptical, I have an extended warranty and the fan went out, so they are going to fix it or replace it, just not take it. I am going to hop on the elliptical in 17 minutes, because of the repair person coming between 8 and 12, and hopefully I will have time to do all my exercising before he comes.
Breakfast will be ... Kashi go lean crunch cereal and almond milk( I am out of bananas and grapefruit juice :( ),
Lunch will be ... amy's cheese burritto
dinner....... I don't know, I'm making a shrimp and pasta salad for the kids, I may boil some shrimp for myself, eat it with some tortillas and veggies.
snacks.... fiber one bar, yogurt with frozen blueberries and cherries, mango
I will stay on plan today!!
HOpe everyone has a great day today!!

10-02-2007, 09:35 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

Yesterday, I was able to stay 100% on-plan and did 60 minute walk on the treadmill. I'm feeling great about my plan today, so I'm aiming for another 100% on-plan day and another 60 minutes of exercise. I know that these "good feeling" days don't always show up, so I'm going to ride this wave as far as I can! Tonight is Biggest Loser. My TiVo is already set and I plan on getting my exercise and Mom/Wife duties all finished early. Despite all of the negativity about this show, I really get inspired by their changes and love watching!

Cheryl - Congratulations on the normal blood pressure!:carrot: That is truly what this journey is all about....good health. Don't worry about those stupid scales....you're doing great! They'll catch up with you soon.
LaurieDawn - The stress of trying to finish the grant must have been exhausting. Its is understandable that you had problems staying on-plan. But, keep trying. Don't ever ever give-up!
Nicolen - I'm glad you were able to talk with Mom. I understand how difficult that must have been. I have the same issues with my Dad. He has never understood my depression and always thinks I just need to "buckle up and keep pushing forward.":dizzy:
Diane and MJ - Congratulations on your losses this week!
CC - How is today going for you? I'm glad that you're still trying and not giving up.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-02-2007, 12:18 PM
Well, yesterday was a very good day. I didn't get exercise in, but I actually planned on taking it easy because my shin splints were flaring again. I got new shoes, but now I have to get them broken in. I felt a little hungry when I was going to bed, but I didn't cave in to cravings, so it's a happy day.

Just a shout out to Rakel: How's it going? I haven't seen a post from you lately! You were the posting queen!!!

Rhonda: I think that's the way to do it, just taking it one on plan day at a time! Good job.

Cheryl: You're doing so well, good for you!

CC: Sounds like things are looking up for you. Glad to hear it.

MJ: You are smart to go for the mini snack. I think that when you go into dinner when you are really hungry, it is easy to make bad choices.

10-02-2007, 01:58 PM
Morning lovely ladies!

Today I almost feel like myself again. I'm nearly back and that feels so good. I made it to work yesterday and didn't feel that great - that wonderful hungover feeling because of the migraine which is so much fun. Anyway, I found out that I'm moving desks to the one next door - we're getting 2 new victims, which is our wonderful name for newbies and they'll be sitting either side of me. I think I can manage that and I wouldn't have thought that a few days ago.

Diane, go you with sticking to plan! I hope the shin splints start improving - is there anything you can do to help them improve?

MJ, WTG with the gym. I've got to get myself back in the habit of going to the gym. It's not going to happen this week, but on Saturday I'm going. Since I've written that and you'll all see it, I have to do it...

CC, yay for coming back! I'm sure you're back on track and are fine now!

Cheryl, you're doing so well! Fantastic about having normal blood pressure.

Rhonda, you rock! You really do. Watching you sticking to plan is truly inspiring.

Take care ladies! :hug:

10-02-2007, 02:40 PM
Nicole - So good to hear that things are getting back on track for you. It is so easy to get swallowed up in the black hole of depression. Congratulations for taking care of it so expediently.

Rhonda - Look at you go! I don't watch The Biggest Loser personally, but my client for the grant I just finished told me yesterday that she started losing weight during Season 2 and has lost 70 pounds - and is still losing. I know I've been inspired by Inside the Brookhaven Clinic or whatever it's called.

MJ - Love your new avatar. Congrats on figuring out how important a mini-snack is. It's those little adjustments that add up to making this successful.

Diane - Eating right before bed is something I have historically struggled with, so great work on being willing to go to bed hungry.

Cheryl - Glad to see that you're so completely back on plan after struggling a bit. And good for you for deciding to get your exercise in before the repair person came instead of using it as an excuse to skip the exercise.

And Rakel - Diane's right. We're missing you.

My accountability - Food was good. My husband asked me to go to Applebee's, which I can do frequently and stay on plan, but I knew that yesterday wasn't one of those days. So, he got hot wings - which is a weakness of mine - and I went out and walked instead. Exercise - only 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then I walked instead of ran in the evening. My body was still pretty exhausted from several nights of low/no sleep, though, so I felt all right about it. Today it's back to full-fledged cardio and strength training, though!

10-02-2007, 06:53 PM
Hi all!

Busy day today (therapist, hair appt., shopping) so I'm just checking in now. Yesterday ended up okay. Not great, but okay and not bad. Today - so far so good. I'm heading out to the grocery store to restock having eaten nearly everything in the house. Gosh, sounds like great days all around for everyone! I'm very happy to see that!

Take care,

10-02-2007, 07:26 PM
Hi everyone!

CC--Ummm, YES!!! That could certainly do it! Glad to see you are back! Good for you for not 'falling off the wagon'! HOpe your busy day went well. Did you do anything different w/ your hair?

Cheryl--Hope Sears was able to take care of the elliptical.

Rhonda--That's great that yo uwere 100% on plan and exercised! I am watching Biggest Loser too!

Diane--Awesome that you had a good day yesterday and for not giving in to the cravings!

Nicole--SO glad you are feeling better! Accountability...that's what we are here for! ;)

Laurie--All I can say is WOW! I am impressed that you were able to walk, instead of giving in to hot wings! Great job!!!!

I was really busy at work today--but the good kind of busy--I accomplised a lot!

Food was ok--could have been better, water was great, I went to the gym--arms/shoulders and cardio. Now it's just dinner (yep--I had a small apple when I got home--much better than munching on other things while I am making dinner!)

Thanks for all of the + encouragement! It is VERY much appreciated!

I have to say I am pretty proud of myself....today at the gym I was the only female in the free weight room. On top of that, the guys who were there were in fantastic shape and I just did my thing--I admit at one point I was a little self conscious, but I didn't let that get in the way!

K, gotta run and finish dinner. Have a great night!

10-02-2007, 08:10 PM
MJ, not a huge change for me this time, just a shade lighter with the color, but still dark brown (my natural coloring is very Snow White-esque with very fair skin and dark hair, though the gray has really caught up with me. I choose to banish all traces of it!). It's straight and stops just above my shoulders. I grew out my bangs last year. Not a whole lot of changes that can be made to already short hair!

10-03-2007, 03:04 AM
Quick accountability here -

Food - Almost 1300 calories. I feel so ambiguous about it. I have been trying to increase my calories to the point where people have advised me to be, but it feels like I ate way too much today. And I know the scale will show that I have gained when I step on it tomorrow, even though I drank tons (160 ounces!) of water because I was feeling a bit dehydrated.

Exercise - I am avoiding the Stairstepper, which makes me feel guilty, but I attacked the elliptical. 55 hard-charging minutes. My walk was less than satisfying. I felt like I should run, but I just didn't want to. 40 minute walk.

So, I fully anticipate a gain for tomorrow. But I'm starting to resent that I will gain if I eat 1300 calories and keep my exercise at a reasonable level. I am considering mixing things up and accepting that I will maintain or even gain a little bit until I come up with a strategy that seems more in line with what I see others doing.

10-03-2007, 03:18 AM
Hey Laurie, Remember when you get on the scale tomorrow that if you were indeed a bit dehydrated, the additional water may be what you see, not the effect of the calories. 16 ounces of water weighs just over 1 pound...

10-03-2007, 06:25 AM
Good Morning all,
MJ5-- Good for you being in the gym and being the only female, I know how intimidating that feels.
Rhonda- Congrats for staying on plan, you are doing great!!
Laurie-- Wow 55 minutes on the elliptical!! You are my hero :carrot:
Rakel-- Where are you???
CLC- Congrats for being on track !!
Nicole-- Glad your getting back on track
Slash--I hope you are better soon!
Ok as you can see I am up early, cats decided they were hungry at 4:44 this morning,and woke me up, so I fed them, and weighed myself( after putting a new battery in), I am down 3 lbs, on my way to 200 by the end of the year:carrot:.
I am tired, so I am going to work in a nap today, This is 2 days in row that I am up before 5 sheesh. My elliptical needs a new control panel( where the fan and buttons are), so that is being sent to me, and in the meanwhile, I am using the old one. Today I am going to do the elliptical for 40 minutes, my general exercises, and lift some weights.
Breakfast-- either Kashi go lean crunch or oatmeal
Lunch- black bean burgers( no bread),
dinner- flounder fillet( baked for 90 calories) 2 corn tortillas, and I don't know what else right now.
snacks- mango, fiber one bar, ff yogurt, with fruit.
I am on plan today, there is no other way!!
Have a good day!!! Cheryl

10-03-2007, 08:48 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

I'm on a roll. Yesterday was day 2 of being 100% on-plan and working out. I feel great....my thinking is crystal clear and I have so much energy and I just feel optimistic about obtaining my goals one day. Why don't I do this all of the time? Please remind me of this when I tell you that I'm struggling again.

I have a busy day ahead of me with work and church. But, I will make sure to include my 60 minutes of exercise.

Diane - I love seeing your re-newed committment! You go, Girl!
Nicole - so glad you're feeling better. How was your day yesterday?
LaurieDawn - you posted so early today! Did you get caught up on your sleep?
CC - How was shopping? Did you buy some yummy veggies?
MJ - I'm so proud of you! You didnt let the company of a bunch of macho men intimidate you!
Cheryl -Congratulations on your loss this week!
Rakel - the last time we heard from you, you were coming down with whatever illness your hubby had. How are you feeling?

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-03-2007, 01:51 PM
Morning everyone,

Feeling good, but tired today. We had quite a rough day and night yesterday with the weather - including snow flurries in the city. That's very rare for my city at this time of the year - I've seen snow in the mountains this late, but never at sea level before. This morning things are much improved except it's really cold. I can live with that.

It's my niece's birthday at the weekend - she turns 4 - so I bought her present last night. I'm going to be very popular - it's a set of maracas and a tambourine - but what's the point in being an aunt if you can't buy the revolting presents that the parents loathe. :D

I'm going out for dinner tonight with some friends - could be dangerous because the place we're going to serves large portions. They do have a couple of salads on their menu which don't look too bad. I'm looking forward to it, so that's a good sign.

CC, are you my taller identical twin? You've just described me - dark brown hair and pale skin. If you tell me you've got green eyes and wear glasses I'm really going to start wondering here!

MJ, you're doing so well! Fantastic stuff!

Laurie, good on you for getting the calories up. And with all that exercise any kind of gain can only be water weight.

Cheryl, fantastic! You're doing so well.

Rhonda, you're awesome! I have no doubt that you'll be able to get the exercise in.

Have fun everyone! :hug:

10-03-2007, 02:02 PM
Not a great food night last night, but back on track this morning. (Love my tacos!!!) I've missed a couple of days of exercising, so that's not so good either. It's been a little stressful the last couple of days here at work. That's not a good excuse, but I haven't been able to leave for lunch, so that's my walking time. I have this week and next week before I go on vacation. I can't wait to get out of here for a few days. We go elk hunting for 6 days and I just love being up there in the mountains with no phone, tv, computer, etc. We walk most of the day, so I usually end up losing a few pounds over vacation, so that's a good thing, too! And, it is just DH and me, so we get a little conversation in at night. I always tell him that this is the only time that we really talk!!

Gotta go. It's a mess here at work.....

10-03-2007, 03:04 PM
Fear not, Nicole! At best we're cousins. I've got brown eyes (I'd love any other color, brown is so blah sometimes). I do wear glasses, but only to drive at night and to go to the movies. :D My family is totally tan year round, but somehow I got the vampiric skin tone. I can tan, but I don't have the patience, nor do I want the skin cancer the rest of them have had! Plus I also avoid swimsuits like Dracula avoids garlic.

I finally had an on plan food day. Thank heavens. It feels like it's been forever, though I know in actuality it hasn't. I bought great stuff at the market, Rhonda! And I feel ready to go again.

This may be TMI, but I was also wondering if TOM could be partly to blame for my craziness? I have PCOS and haven't had 2 monthlies in back to back months I think ever. But surprise, today makes month two. I've never counted days or kept track in my life because there's never been a point. This time, I did just in case the weight loss was making the PCOS better. I was shocked. I've never had any PMS symptoms (seeing as you kind of have to have the "M" to have the "P" and the "S"), so I'm kind of clueless. Geez, it makes me feel so unlike a girl in that department. I'll watch again next month and try not to make the same food mistakes again if that was a contributing factor. Just in case it was the meds, I'm going back to the brand name stuff too.

It's a beautiful day here, so I'm going to try to get outside and enjoy it. I hope everyone is having a great day! Take care!!

10-03-2007, 05:23 PM
Awww, you guys are sweet :) Sorry for my absence. I was sick, but that wasn't what deterred me from posting. Actually our internet went out Monday evening I think (Or was it Sunday? I'm all mixed up now!). In some ways it was completely miserable. I didn't mind relaxing, but I felt a little hopeless because I couldn't work on any of my projects and thus bring some money in. We're counting on this sizable check from John's brother to make it. We went last night to pick it up but he didn't have it, so I guess we're going to try and get it now. Hopefully we can get it deposited today, and then probably head over to church. I am a bit backed up from work now though... fun.

ANYWAY, onto progress before I head out of here:

I stayed on plan, and even managed to get on a day time schedule {cross fingers}. The last time I did this I ended up not eating for a day, but I'm trying to eat a little extra so that doesn't happen this time. Basically, I just stay up later and later each day so that my schedule is turned around. It usually takes 3 days. One of the days I end up staying up until 3pm the following day, go to sleep, and wake up around 11pm and stay up the whole day (I took a little nap so hopefully I'll be good until 10 or 11 tonight, though I am still pretty tired). That's where I "lose" a day ... just in case that didn't make sense to anyone.

This "morning" I got up, stepped on the scale it was going between 285 and 284.5, then I took a shower, dried off, and stepped on the scale again (just for grins, no real reason why) and it was 284 - 283.5 ... WEIRD!! I'm going to put 284 on my ticker. I'm pleased as punch with my progress... I've been drinking lots and LOTS of water, though I haven't exercised simple coz I felt weak and was peeing about every 10 to 15 minutes because of the water :P

OK, gotta run, just wanted to give you guys an update!!

10-03-2007, 06:49 PM
Hi everyone! I'll catch up w/ you tomorrow...crazy busy at work today. I have a lot of 'stuff' to do at home too....can't wait for a few minutes to sit and relax!

Just wanted to pop in and say HI! Hope everyone is having a great on plan day!

10-04-2007, 07:51 AM
Good morning all,
Rakel, I am glad your back

CLC.. I am glad your day went well
Slash... I am glad your back on plan
Rhonda, Congrats for being on plan again
Nicol..Wow Snow.

I was on plan yesterday, I had some central American type of summer squash in the fridge, that was going to go bad, so I sliced 4 squash really thing, mixed with 1 tsp of olive oil, salt pepper and garlic powder and threw it in the oven for 30 minutes, until brown, it was great, I have a few more of this squash , might do it again today.
I am going to exercise today , no excuses or anything.
Bkfst ... Kashi with milk( skim) and a banana
Lunch ... either veggie burrito, black bean burger, or healthy choice clam chowder...
Dinner.. Baked sweet potato, and some more squash..
snacks...... fiber one bar, ff yogurt with frozen berries, pretzels
I will have a on plan day today!!

10-04-2007, 08:37 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

Yesterday, I had another great on-plan day with 60 minutes of exercise. That makes 3 days in a row. Wonder if I can go for a whole week? Who is this strange woman?!:D The scales aren't dropping much this week and the tape measure isn't showing any difference, but my clothes are fitting better and I just feel tighter....if that makes any sense.

Nicole - when our kids were younger, Hubby and I used to compete with my brother and sister-in-law to see who could buy the noisiest toys for each other's kids. The toys usually ended up at Grandma's.:D
Diane - I'm not too sure about the elk hunting, but time away with Hubby sounds great!
CC - You "sound" so much better. I don't know much about PCOS, but I do know about PMS. I don't have it anymore (had the big surgery!) but I know that my diet and my exercise could make my PMS better or worse. For instance, I knew to avoid too much caffeine and sugar right before TOM or my migraines and depression would be terrible. Hope you find some answers.
Rakel - Welcome back! And, congratulations on your scale victory.
MJ- Hope you find some time to relax.
Cheryl - I love squash. I have some summer squash in the frig that will go bad soon. I think I'll try your recipe for lunch.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-04-2007, 08:40 AM
Somebody mentioned on Amy's Cheese Burrito here yesterday. Are they good? I have a great source for easy recipes so I don't eat the frozen stuff often but there are times........

Breakfast - Bear Naked Granola and yogurt.... apple
Lunch - tortilla pizza with lots of veggies....plum
Dinner - Turkey spaghetti/salad
Snacks - rice cakes, pear, 2 hersheys kisses

10-04-2007, 11:06 AM
Rhonda-- you're doing FABULOUS! :D

Laurie-- how are you doing?

Stepped on the scale today and showed 284.5 - 284. I didn't tally up all of my calories yesterday, but if I were to eat the entire 3 days worth I probably would have gained weight, lol. I think once all is said and done, I ate about 1200 on Monday, 900 on Tuesday and 1700 on Wednesday.

I'm going to try and exercise today. I want to walk for 30 to 45 minutes and do the 20 minute YOU on a diet DVD workout on beginner, but if I can just do the 30 minute walk, I'll take it! Anything to get me back in the groove!

10-04-2007, 01:39 PM
Been putting this off all day, so here goes.

On Tuesday, I finally got my calories up to a range where they should be. I was sure I would gain when I weighed Wednesday morning. To my delight, I did not. I went down a bit - perfect, right? So, yesterday, I was feeling great and completely on plan. Then, I was making dinner for the family. I rarely eat what my family eats, but I examined the calorie content and decided that I could handle eating almost 300 calories at once. Wow, was I wrong. I just kept eating and eating and eating. I walked away from dinner, but kept coming back to the kitchen. Then, my 3YO would NOT go to sleep, so I couldn't get out of the door for a walk, which is generally my solution when I feel like bingeing. Like CC said about her off-plan days, it wasn't a pre-weight loss journey caliber binge, but it felt AWFUL to be so out of control, and my stomach still feels horrible. I haven't even entered the calories yet, but I am estimating about 1800, with about 1400 coming after 5:00 p.m. And, of course, the scale was up this morning - deservedly so. I did do 15 minutes of Stairstepper yesterday followed by 30 minutes of elliptical, though. I wanted to do more, but I had to bring my 3YO to the gym with me, and that was the absolute limit she could tolerate.

So, new plan AGAIN. Since I am so psycho about calories in the moment (I have a difficult time eating more than 200 at once, and even that's a stretch sometimes, preferring to stay at about 100-150 each time I eat. Then, when I'm trying to increase my calories, I start to feel license to eat whatever I want in the evening, which is when my self-control is at its lowest.), I am going to plan every meal and snack for the rest of today and the next three days - which will take me through the weekend. I'll aim for variety and good calorie distribution throughout the day. The biggest problem here is my kids. Just because I buy the food, there's no guarantee it will be available when I want it. So, typing it means that I will have to be accountable for doing it, right? I will report on my plan tomorrow.

Rakel - Glad to have you back and on your way to recovery! Good luck on the exercise!

Rhonda - Wow! Three days in a row on plan. So great! And I do know what you mean by feeling tighter. Sounds like you're on a roll in your self-esteem as well. First, you post a thread announcing to the world you're hot, and now this! ;)

Cheryl - That squash sounds really good. I think I might give it a shot.

MJ - I know what those crazy work days are like. Hope you're staying caught up with it.

CC - So glad to have you back! It does sound possible that PMS could have been a factor - I know it causes a lot of people to binge and lose control of emotions. I think you're right about the solution, though. Vigilance is probably the best weapon.

Diane - That vacation sounds like so much fun - though I have to admit I prefer it when it's not freezing. Hope you get some nice, crisp fall temps without the frostbite.

Nicole - You sound so much better, so much more upbeat. So glad to hear it. And, yes, aunts are allowed to buy the obnoxious presents. Hope your restaurant experience was amazing, and you were satisfied with your choices.

10-04-2007, 01:45 PM
Morning everyone!

Nearly made it to the weekend, which is great. This week's been a challenge, so it's good to be at this end of it, that's for sure.

Went out for dinner last night and while I didn't make the best choices I could have, it was a long way from being the worst choice. It was a fun night so that was good. The weekend's going to be fairly interesting - I'm hoping for a quiet day on Saturday and we've got my niece's birthday party on Sunday. Please let it be fine - 20 kids inside will be loud. I won't have to stay too long - when Dad's had enough, he'll bring me back home.

Diane, hope things are calming down for you!

CC, I wonder if it is TOM issues that's causing it. While I don't have PCOS, I know that the week before my period arrives, I'm tired, grumpy and craving all the wrong foods...

Woohoo, Rakel! You're doing so well.

Cheryl, that squash recipe sounds so yummy.

Rhonda, I am in awe of you. Fantastic!

Welcome, katmeow!

Take care everyone! :hug:

10-04-2007, 08:00 PM
Hi! Still crazy busy at work...the good news is, as of tomorrow at 4pm I am on vacation for a whole week!!!!! I will get back here tomorrow evening (hubby has to work, so I can spend lots of time getting caught up w/ everyone)

10-04-2007, 11:03 PM
Ugh, went out to eat TWICE, no exercise. :\ A friend called up and invited us to a free little acoustic show at a CD store downtown for one of our favorite bands, Porcupine Tree (I don't expect anyone to know who they are, though, they are modern prog rock if you like that sort of thing). So I didn't even get all of the work done today that I wanted, but ah well. Tomorrow is a new day. My meals weren't too bad though, and I didn't totally gorge myself. We went to the cheesecake factory and I got the half a chicken salad sandwich, soup and salad. I ate the soup and 1/4 of the sandwich and was stuffed. I did get some cheesecake to go (BAD RAKEL!!!! lol) but I'm sharing it with John tomorrow. I got the Godiva chocolate one, and it's really rich, so I'll probably just have a few bites. I don't often get to go to the cheesecake factory, so whenever I do I just can't help myself!!!

10-05-2007, 03:05 AM
Wow, Rakel. Having cheesecake overnight is an act of willpower that I could NEVER rival. NEVER. In fact, I am struggling a bit to avoid going to the store right now to get some just because you posted it. Wow. Overnight in the fridge. Wow.

MJ - So excited for you and your vacation. Hope work doesn't weigh on your mind while you're trying to enjoy yourself.

Nicole - Congrats on making it through your challenging week, and hope that everything goes well for the birthday party.

Accountability for me: Food - About 1000 calories, so not bad. I did plan my meals for tomorrow, but decided I wanted my husband's input for Saturday. He tends to put wrenches in my plans when he's not consulted. It was actually a lot of fun planning the day, and instead of just choosing whatever I feel like at the time, I think it will be more nutritionally balanced. Not that I think that nutritional balance is the Mecca of weight loss, but I do think it's generally a good idea. Exercise - Had to struggle to get it in, but managed to get enough that I feel good about it. I did about 50 minutes on the elliptical (I thought of your comment about it every second, Cheryl!) and one hour of pretty low-key water aerobics, but I did try to go beyond what the instructor requested to make it a better work-out. I also rode my bike for errands, which amounted to about eight miles today.

10-05-2007, 07:54 AM
Good morning all,
Rakel ... Like the pics posted, you look thinner..
Laurie.......I hope you find the solution for the calorie issue.
Everyone else I hope you are doing well..
I did good yesterday, the kitchen is pretty empty right now, so there is really nothing to overeat . I go shopping tonight.
I am going to exercise today.. 40-45 minutes on the elliptical, and am unsure to do my general exercises/free weight lifting...I will play it by ear.
Bkfst will be .. oatmeal with a banana
lunch. will either be Healthy choice clam chowder or tuna..
snacks........ I am out of everything.... I have some regular granola bars --- 240 calories.. I also have an apple, and pretzels. I will see how hungry I get.
Dinner will most likely be some refried beans( left over from yesterday), with 2 corn tortillas, salsa and sour cream. and maybe some shredded lettuce( if I get to the store first).
Hope everyone has a great on plan day!!!

10-05-2007, 08:33 AM
Laurie -- I was surprised myself. I wanted to have "just a bite" but John was like, "You better not eat it, you'll never be able to sleep tonight and then we'll be off our day schedule" ... and he was right. I was still full from dinner. I think the calories I estimated for my dinner last night were more than they really were because I showed a 3lb gain on the scale this morning. Probably some water weight in there, but I think mainly it was that I ate so close to bedtime. No more eating past 8:00 for me! It's tough trying to sleep with a full stomach, and normally I wouldn't have even tried but I just really didn't want to screw up all of my efforts to get on a REGULAR sleeping schedule.

I certainly hope you fight the urges to buy a cheesecake... I would feel awful if you went off your diet just because of me :( Maybe if you really have the urge, let your husband get ONE SLICE and you can steal one or two bites from his?

10-05-2007, 09:18 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

I made it through day 4! I can't remember the last time that I stayed on-plan and working out for this many consecutive days. Maybe I never have done this? Yesterday I was really fighting a mental game with myself about exercise. I just didn't want to do it. But, "this is how I roll" now.:D So, I made myself get on the treadmill and I had a great workout. I even managed to break into a slow run two times. Granted, it was only for a minute each time, but I was moving faster than a walk! Despite staying on-plan and exercising, my scales have decided to reverse my small loss I was showing for this week. If they don't decide to drop back down again, my weigh-in might not be so great on Monday. Stupid old scales!:mad: Whenever the scales aren't responding, I typically pull out the tape measure. Overnight, I'm showing a total of 3 inches lost! How in the world does that happen?! I did'nt think that was possible. I've lost 1 inch off my waist, 1 off my hips and 1 off my butt. In the battle of the scales vs the tape measure, I'll take the tape measure!

Katmeow - :welcome2: I think it is amazing that you can limit yourself to two Hershey kisses. Me and Hershey kisses have had a loooong passionate relationship....we're broken-up now and have had no contact for about a year.:rofl:
Nicole - Yep, 20 kids sounds like a very noisey party. Hope you can have a nice relaxing day tomorrow.
MJ - Any plans for vacation? I know you're looking forward to it...you've been working so hard.
LaurieDawn - planning your meals for the weekend is a great plan. Weekends are tough, huh? My family always wants to go out for a meal on the weekends and its usually spur of the moment when we're out shopping. I'll have to let them know today that there will be none of that for me. We need to plan where and when so that I can be prepared.
Cheryl - I love watching your steady progress. Your dedication to this lifestyle change really helps keep me going.
Rakel - Cheescake :T A planned treat is a great idea. I'm in agreement with everyone else.....cheesecake in my frig is an excuse for me to get a midnight snack!
CC - How's life treating you today? Hope you're having a great day.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-05-2007, 12:07 PM
Just a quick note this morning. I am a little buried at work. Just wanted y'all to know I'm thinking about you! I'll post more later or tomorrow!

10-05-2007, 01:38 PM
Rhonda -- good call on the tape measure. That's actually more important than the scale. The scale could be any number of things. I think I'll take my measurements and see what it says too!

EDIT ** no change, but at least I haven't grown! lol

10-05-2007, 03:07 PM
Ugh. Middle of the night eating was my downfall yesterday (well, technically at 1AM it was already today). I did so well the rest of the day and then raided the fridge. I wish I could just go back and be the person I was a month ago. This is crazy. I'm going to try again today to hold it together. And with the weekend coming up, being out of control is a very bad idea.

Rhonda, I'm SO proud of you!! You are doing so well - you really deserve it with all the hard work you've put in over the last year!

Laurie, good luck with getting a hold on your calories. I have been struggling with evenings too. Your planning idea is a good one (just don't plan those calories too low:^:).

Good luck with the weekend everybody! I sure need it!

10-05-2007, 04:04 PM
Morning everyone!

I'm having a slow start to the morning, but it's the weekend, so who cares. The weather's going to be good for the party tomorrow - 25 degrees Celsius and sunshine - so that's great. My sister was worried about having that number of kids in the house.

I managed to spill something on my work trousers yesterday and had to get changed. Couldn't wear a skirt because I hadn't shaved my legs and had no stockings so I ended up grabbing the pair of size 20 work trousers that I ordered a few weeks ago. They fitted me and that just made my day! A little bit tight to be totally comfortable, but it didn't look as if I'd painted them on!

Anyway, I've got to get moving, so hi to everyone and I'll try and check in later. Have a great day!

10-05-2007, 08:33 PM
Hi everyone! Ahhhhhhhhh, finally made it through the week! The good news is, it wasn't anything really bad at work--just a lot of things to get ready before I went on vacation. I don't think there are any loose ends that I left unattended, so I plan on being able to rest and relax this week!

CC--Maybe you are my long lost, taller sister! I am also quite fair and have dark brown hair and brown eyes--well, it's naturally dark brown w/ grey (more than I would like to admit), but thanks to my hair stylist it is this nice shade of brown w/ hilights. And I also have PCOS. I would absolutely say that TOM is also a contributing factor. Your weight loss will make the PCOS better--at least that's what my dr keeps telling me....

Nicole--Have fun at the bday party! That's awesome about the pants!

Diane--Your time away in the mountains sounds wonderful! No phone, tv, etc lots of fresh air!!

Rakel--Glad you are feeling better and that your internet is up and running again. I am the ame way...enjoy the time to relax, but feel SO out of the loop!

Cheryl--The squash sounds really good! I cook all kinds of veggies that way--except I use fresh minced garlic.

Rhonda--You are doing awesome!!!!! Keep up the great work!

Laurie--Sounds like you have a great plan! Keep up the great work!

As far as accountability, well, I have not been doing that well the past couple of days. I started feeling really overwhelmed about stuff at work, trying to get things done at home (which was silly...there really wasn't anything really big to get done) and stuff like that. I think a big part of my feelings are because we are going to see my inlaws on Monday until Tues or Wed. I haven't visited them in a LONG time....I think the last time I saw them was when I had just reached Onderland--for that brief shining moment--I haven't seen them since I re-gained some of my weight. Honestly, they probably won't even notice (one person may, but she struggles w/ her weight as well and totally relates), but I think it was just weighing on my mind. Unfortunately, rather than motivating me, I kind of got off track. I wasn't making horrible food choices, just not the best. I was working out some, but not at the intensity that I would like. The good news is, I didn't totally blow it. I have not gained any weight during this, which is really good news!

To top it off (or add another excuse) it has been unseasonably warm here--today it was in the 90's. What is up w/ that?! I love fall--the cooler, but sunny days....I know that is coming, and I can't say I am complaining about not having to turn the heat on yet, but 90?!

My hubby is having a tattoo finished tomorrow. Then I am trying a new recipe--portabello parmasean--probably spelled that wrong, but that's ok--w/ whole wheat pasta. I have been looking forward to it all week! Mon we are visiting my inlaws and the rest of the week we will just play by ear. I know I am giong to get some shopping in---I need a couple of pairs of workout pants, but I am always up for some bargain shopping!

Wow, this turned out to be a really long post! Hope you are still reading! I will be around a lot more now that I am on vacation!!!!!!!!!

10-06-2007, 09:56 AM
Good morning all,
I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I was doing great last night, until I ate 2 protien bars( 180 each), I am disappointed in myself, but I know it could have been worse, I was over my calorie intake by 300 calories, so I will accept this, and not let it happen today. I know it happened because I ate not enough during the day and then at night I was just hungry so after the first protein bar, I ate 2 more and stopped. It was the attack of the munchies.
Today is going to be better and I will not munch at night. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer, ate a good breakfast-- oatmeal, 4 oz of grapefruit juice and 1/2 banana..
I have some shopping to do this morning, but lunch should be 2 corn tortillas and some refried beans I made from scratch.( 320 calories for all this )
Dinner...I am not sure yet, maybe some fish, or veggies..
snacks.. Yogurt with fruit, Kashi tlc bars.
I can do this today I am worth it.

10-06-2007, 11:58 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

Did my morning thing with the scales, and they went back down a bit! Looks like I just might get a small loss on the scales for Monday's weigh-in. Today, I'm getting my hair trimmed and we have to go shopping for winter clothing for the girls. Its still a bit warm here now, but it won't be for much longer. I know that we will probably eat dinner out. I've already told Hubby that I'd rather he not order appetizers and we need to go somewhere where they have grilled food. Today, my head is in the right spot, so dinner out shouldnt be a problem. Does that make any sense to anyone other than me? I'm hoping to get on the treadmill today, but this might be a rest day...I haven't really decided yet.

Hope everyone is having a great on-plan day! I'll check back later.

10-06-2007, 05:52 PM
Hello all,

I over did it on almonds yesterday, but each day I'm getting a little bit closer to where I was. I am still up 1.2 pounds from my lowest, but I think that's pretty great considering how I've been scarfing down everything within reach. I'm calming down. I don't feel so hopeless about this anymore.

I hope everyone is feeling calm, and hopeful, and in control today! Take care...

10-06-2007, 06:12 PM
tonight it's sketti & meatball (awesome 1/2 fat italian meatballs, 3 decent sized ones for 75 cals) whole wheat pasta of course, I can't tell the difference anymore....and I toss in long green & yellow beans with the pasta at the end hehehe any way to sneak in some extra veggies! it's kinda good, gives it a fun texture :D

10-06-2007, 10:11 PM
CC -- I'm glad you're calming down and gaining control again ... that's great to hear! I think these things happen to even the best of us, and we can't be perfect ALL OF THE TIME. The important thing is that you pick yourself back up and press on. I know you can do it! And hopefully the weight still comes off faster than it put on. I know I have about 10 years before I lose weight slower than I gained it, and I have a feeling we'll both get there before that amount of time passes, so hang in there!

As for my calories: yesterday they were good. I'm not sure exactly but I'm figuring it was about 1500 to 1580. Right on the money, and the scale moved down a pound from yesterday. Today I'm doing pretty good but am feeling pretty hungry right now as that I have been waiting for John to come home from band practice to eat. He called a few hours ago about going out to dinner, and still hasn't showed up. I just talked to him and I guess he's coming home, but I don't know what we're going to do. It's 9pm now, so it's pretty much a bad idea to eat anything, but I'm STARVING. I guess I'll just try and eat something light and say up a little later to give my tummy some time to start digesting the food.

I exercised yesterday, but I haven't today. I let the time get away from me, which I am so good at doing. This week has just been really bad because I was sick and was in no real condition to exercise. I'm still feeling a little sick but not enough so that it would be an excuse still.

Until next time ~

10-07-2007, 10:32 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

Just stopping in for a minute to say 'Hi." Today is day 7 of being on-plan 100%!:carrot: I cant remember ever going for 7 straight days on-plan. I was going to take yesterday as a day of rest from exercise. However, my neighbor asked me to walk with her, so we walked the neighborhood. It was only for 30 minutes, but we have some major hills so the workout was intense!
Today is housecleaning and laundry day for me. I will try to get on the treadmill later.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

10-07-2007, 02:39 PM
Rhonda you are SMOKIN'!! :D

I'm having a little trouble this week. Ever since we got our check we've been going out, sometimes twice a day. I just got back from a dinner at our church. It wasn't so bad, I actually didn't even finish all of the food I put on my plate because I was full, which is never something I used to be able to do. But tonight I guess we're going over to John's sisters house and then out to dinner. We may be going to this place called the Holiday house... it's a cafeteria style buffet restaurant. When I go I don't usually get seconds, but you can't take anything home so I usually clear my plate even if I'm not super hungry... so if we do go there then I'll just be prepared and not pile my plate high, and stop when I'm full (like I did at lunch!). I actually skipped breakfast unintentionally, I just forgot to grab something because we were running out the door to make it to church. I just hope maybe this next week we can stop eating out all the time and get back into eating at home... I didn't think I'd say this, but it might be easier for me to eat right when I'm poor! lol.

As for exercise, I should really go for a walk but it's all drizzly out. I may head over to the exercise room in an hour or so for about 30 minutes. I'd like to get some exercise in before we leave to go to John's sisters in about 2 hours.

10-07-2007, 04:34 PM
Hi all,

Had a decent day yesterday foodwise even with feeling the pull of temptation from the kitchen. The scale is actually now below what it was before I started my downward spiral. I feel like things are getting better!

Have a great day!

10-07-2007, 07:24 PM
CC - I am SO excited to see you finding your way back - and with minimal damage as well. Since this is for life, I very much plan on losing and gaining small amounts of weight for the rest of my life, so the few fluctuating pounds are no big deal. It is so incredibly inspiring to watch you come up from the spiral. I am terrified of being pulled down and never being able to recover. Thank you for showing me that it can be done!

Rhonda - Look at you go! I LOVE that you are so upfront about your status. I know there are very successfully strict on-planners here (the two Robins, for example) and I am amazed by them, but am not sure I could replicate their achievements. Hopefully, I can replicate yours. I'm curious about your job, too. If I'm not being too nosy, can you tell me what you do from home? I think it would be way cool to hang out with my husband all day, but I know that an exclusively desk job would drive him nutty.

Rakel - Great to see you back. Leaving food on my plate is another one of those things with which I struggle. If my husband and I go out to eat and I choose something other than a small salad, I will put half in a to-go container and bring it home for my kids, 'cuz if it sits in the refrigerator, it taunts me until I eat it. Good for you for being strong enough to eat only what you want.

Trazey - I LOVE having you here! You are so much fun to have around - I love reading your posts!

Cheryl - You are another one of the most inspirational people to me. You are so kind and so steady. That's the thing I haven't yet figured out to conquer. I can either work really hard or blow it off, but to put in steady effort every day and patiently wait for the long-term results - that's an amazing thing to me. Thank you for showing me that it can be done, even if I haven't yet figured out to do it for myself.

MJ - Hope you are having a relaxing, productive vacation! What a great opportunity to explore different types of recreational exercise as well. And congrats on needing new clothes - that's one of the funnest parts about all of this. Also, hope hubby's tattoo turned out way cool.

Diane - I know you're about ready for your vacation as well. Sounds like work is way hectic, and planning for vacation always adds in some stress, so I'm sending best wishes for you to juggle all of that and be able to stay on plan as well!

I have decided to go into deep contemplative mode, so I have decided not to post much for the next several days. (And, I also have some work and school responsibilities that I need to finish.) My planning plan went really, really badly. I found myself looking at ALL of that food that I could have in a single day, and it triggered that completely irrational part of me that thinks that I can eat pretty much whatever I want, because 1200 calories is really so much food. Anyway, things fell apart very quickly and very thoroughly, so I think that for the next few days, I'm not going to track food. I'm just going to try and add in some healthy foods that I've been avoiding (like maybe nuts) and hit the exercise hard enough that I don't have insatiable munchies. I'm not giving up - I just think some quiet time might be good for me right now. I need to figure out how to go down the middle road instead of living at one extreme or the other. We'll see. I can always choose a different path if this transition time ends up doing harm rather than good.

10-07-2007, 08:18 PM
Afternoon all,
I am here being accountable, I have had a bad, not horrible, just bad past three days.. Friday and Saturday I got my exercise in but ate over my calorie limit, and today was no exercise, and ate more than I should. I can give petty excuses, but I refuse to do it, I made bad choices, but will be back on plan tomorrow. I notice this has happened twice before when I don't really do anything besides shopping. I get so bored being in the house, plus there is food in the house so I ate. I am angry with myself, but need to reconize this, and work around it. Plus fall means no more berries, or fruits I like, snacking is getting hard for me. The next few weekends I have things planned and probably will be too busy to over eat. I will not give up!! I am worth it.