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10-01-2007, 04:16 AM
G'day everyone,

I just got home this afternoon, absolutely exhausted.:( We did so much but we achieved a lot and Lexie and Joe are thrilled with all we were able to do. Slept poorly, the first 2 nights in a crappy motel and then the last 2 nights on a matrass on the floor in Lexie's house. The floors have all been sanded and polished and there was just stuff everywhere. Saskia was a good little girl and did not get in the way too much.
I have booked a flight this afternoon and will go back to visit in 18 days time, hopefully it will be a little less chaotic.
Normally if we take the Landrover it is a 10 hour drive but in the Merc it only takes 8 and a bit hours, quite a difference.

Glenda sorry to hear about Shanna's parents, it must be very hard for her to see her mother doing some strange things like firing home health.:(

Pleased you had a great time Ann, I also have a mount of dirty washing:(
It doesn't seem to take long when you come home and all is full bore again at home.
I made the mistake of having a friend over for lunch tomorrow, I had forgotten that Alan had organised for some people to come to dinner tomorrownight as well, I cannot cope too well with 2 social events in one day;):D, especially when I have to cater!

I was looking foreward to a VERY early night tonight but Peta and David want us over for a BBQ, of course Alan cannot say no and we will be off there shortly.

I hope everyone is well and happy....


10-01-2007, 02:28 PM
Hi Everybody :wave: things are going good for me. I had to get a new cleaning lady the other one which I really liked has decided to cut back on the number of clients she has and as I was one of the last I am one of the first to go. My new one Olga is German and came from Germany a month or so ago and her English is very poor and I don't know German. She came here last Monday with her 18 year old daughter who took English classes in Germany so that was a big help. I had to show them which cleaning product to use for which surface. They did a good job and both are very nice gals. My Patches has healed nicely from her surgery and is really a sweet loving little dog. Ann, I am happy that you had a nice holiday, and not to worry the weight will come off. GLORIA.........my mail to you is being bounced back to me again. GRRRR I thought we had that problem fixed. Karen, I'm sorry little Sprout has allergies. You sure had a big vet bill too.
I have booked 3 weeks in Maui, Jan. 7th to Jan. 27th, flying out on my own but will see my friends when I arrive. I will be home for a few days, long enough to get my hair cut, and wash my clothes and pack again to leave for South Padre Island on Feb 1and return home March 2nd. I am going with my brother and his wife. I have taken cancellation insurance in the event that bad health shows it's ugly face but I am hoping that all will go well for me. :)My family will take care of Patches for the time I am in Maui and a friend will take care of her when I go to South Padre Island. I know I will miss her, but she will be well looked after. Talk to you all soon. Bye for now. Sally

10-03-2007, 04:16 PM
Slavika, such a world traveler! Sounds like your January - March will be just great. Missy Patches will be looked after well, I am sure, but she will miss her Mama. Wish I had the "problem" of a different language housekeeper. I have never had one, little house and no money, but have dreamed of one. I have friends who clean house BEFORE the housekeeper comes, but you surely don't.

Maria, I know Lexie and Joe enjoyed your trip. With us, sometimes it is just the moral support that the kids need in their projects. Joel is doing a retaining wall on his rent house and over the weekend Leon helped him a bit. What all is Lexie doing to her house? Did you enjoy the BBQ?

Can't remember a thing from the other threads. We are having a glorious fall day today with that magical golden sun. Makes me just want to sit in it. I took off Friday and Monday last week and just vegetated. Watched the three little ones on Saturday while their parents were footballing with OSU. They are so much fun and really good together. It is an ego-booster when they fight over me.

Well, I was upset with "Dancing with the Stars" last night. The most beautiful young man, the male model, was voted off. He promised to take his shirt off if he had lasted. Darnit!

10-04-2007, 01:35 PM
I was disappointed too. Wayne Newton should have gone, but he must have a big fan base to vote him in. I hope that he will improve. He may be a great Vegas star, but he is no dancer.

10-04-2007, 05:34 PM
I also thought that Wayne Newton should have gone. He really isn't in the other dancers league. I heard he is 65, hard to tell with all that plastic surgery he has had done. I think his face looks weird. Albert (the model) looked so shocked. I felt sorry for him, he could have surprised everyone in the coming weeks.
Slavika, I am so glad to hear that you can have 2 back to back vacations this winter. Patches will have a great time too, and will be so glad to see you when you come home.
I saw my doctor this morning. I thought that I had arthritis in my ankle, it swells and is quite sore. She thinks that it is tendon problems that are persisting from 2 summers ago. She wants me to go for physio.... not sure I will do that yet.
I started my Christmas shopping today. I hope to keep up this momentum and not face the last minute crowds.
Fall is here, and so far it has been quite lovely. Today has been another beautiful day.

Life is good... :hug:

10-04-2007, 10:15 PM
G'day all,

My goodness Christmas shopping Trudy :eek: I guess you are right it is not that far away!

Slavika your holiday arrangements sound perfect to me....well almost perfect... Brighton South Australia would have been THE perfect spot ;) but alas perhaps another winter.

Glenda Lexie has had the back of her house gutted and has had a new bathroom, laundry and kitchen put in. She has also had all her wooden floors sanded and polished, all looks fantastic but with all that going on, they have been unable to live in their house. I will fly over and stay with her on the 18th and give her a hand with just the re-organising of her house.
and yes we did enjoy the BBQ with David and Peta and had a great night sleep back in our own bed that night!

Ann Wayne Newton I cannot imagine him on dancing with the stars, he is so plastic. I am certainly not one of his fans.
We have also started a new season of Dancing with the stars, I do enjoy it but also enjoy the program 'so you think you can dance', such amazing talented young people. Matilda loves it as well and says all the time 'I can do that' and shows off her prowess as a dancer, that is the only reason Alan will watch it if Matilda is there because she is so funny imitating the dancers.:D

Life is good and I am really hoping that Alan with give work the flick. (we are still in limbo after having been asked in July if he was able to start the New Zealand contract the very next week :mad::mad:)
Yesterday morning we watched 'Damages' that we had recorded the night before, David, Peta and the girls came around and we all went to the botanical gardens and I took some 300 photos of them all, they went home and we had lunch at a trendy cafe (like the one we went to in Cincinatti Peggy) Came home and set outside reading a book in the sun. Peta came around with the girls to see the photos we then all walked to the beach, had a bit of a run on the beach, came home again and our day was at an end.
Why would you want to work if you don't have to when you can have days like that:dizzy:

I have attached one of the photos, Poppy is just the cutest little thing.
Peta's necklace I bought for her in Annapolis and the kids clothes came from the Outlet shops in Williamsburg.

Our spring weather is just perfect except for the people on the land :( we just don't have enough rain.

Hope you will all have a great weekend,


10-06-2007, 09:59 AM
Good Morning everyone:
We are experiencing some much needed rainy days, warm but wet. It did sort of change my plans for the day, but I am happy for the rain.

I have been having knee problems, saw the Dr. Thurs. and he put a shot in there. It seems to be improving, but I guess only time will tell, and I need to be careful about what I do for a while.

Trudy: Sorry about your ankle swelling. I hope your Dr. can get to the bottom of the problem and get it fixed.

Marie: It sounds like Lexie is into a really big renovation of her home. Loved the picture. I'm sure you enjoy helping. I hope that Alan gets the word one way or the other about the New Zealand trip. It must be frustrating.

Slavika: You are fortunate to have back to back vacations this winter, escaping the snow and cold. I bet you will miss Patches just as much as she will miss you. But your family sees so much of her that they will get along well. I'm sure your grandkids look forward to caring for her.

Have any of you heard the video of Ralph Potts from England who sang in their national talent show? What a voice. If not, just google his name and take a listen to him. He even blew Simon away. And that is not easily done.

I have been doing some reading lately. My DIL had the book The Kite Runner, about Afghanistan, and I just finished it. Did any of you read it? It is sad and an eye opener also.

I see we are all in agreement about Dancing with the Stars. Wayne Newton has to go. I suppose he has a big fan base, and that is what kept him on, and not too many people knew the handsome model. Too bad.

Well guess I better get back to my laundry and other jobs indoors since I can't weed my garden.

Have a great rest of the week-end. Ann

10-06-2007, 05:45 PM
Hi Ann: The chaps name is actually "PAUL Potts" and yes his voice is just incredible. I did go to You Tube and heard him sing, "Time to say good-bye" one of my very favorites. Thank you for sending us there. He is 36 years old and his first recording will be out within a month. What a different life that young man is in for. I certainly wish him all the success he deserves it with a voice like that.:)

10-07-2007, 12:46 AM
G'day all,

Well this will be short posting because of Ann!:mad:

I have spent far too much time listening and watching the videos on Utube of Paul Potts.
What an amazing voice and what a worthy winner.
Thanks for sharing Ann:):):):)
I haven't read the book you mentioned but I have just finished a book called 'Daughter of Persia', this book is very similar to yours in so far that it is eye opening and very sad.

Hope everyone is well....I MUST fly and get something done!


10-07-2007, 01:21 PM
Hi Everybody: This is our Thanksgiving weekend. I am going to go to son and dil's for a turkey dinner. Glenda, it's ok that you don't have a cleaning lady I would never have had one if it hadn't been for David. He really wanted me to go to all his appts with him, and out to lunch (and I wanted to do that too) but my house was really being neglected and he suggested I get someone in. I still have lots to do around here but at least the bathrooms and kitchen, floors are washed. I get the gal in once every two weeks but actually once every three weeks for 4 hours would be good enough. :) My knees are really giving me trouble. Since the heart attack I have been on Plavix so I can't take Advil anymore and can only take Tylenol for the pain and that really doesn't do much good. I see the doctor soon and will ask if I have to be on Plavix for the rest of my life now. I hope not. My blood sugar levels are far to high and the doctor told me that usually 12 years after getting Type 2 diabetes your body no long produces it's own insulin. He told me I will have to start injecting insulin because the levels are just not going down. :(
MARIA, Peta's necklace looks very nice, in fact they all look great in the picture. I seem to be stuck in a hole and these last 10# are not coming off. I must try harder. It would also be better for my knees if the weight was off. Happy Thanksgiving Norma. :thanks1:

10-07-2007, 06:15 PM
Slavika: Thanks for getting the right name. I just couldn't remember the correct first name. No matter his name, he is outstanding. The Dr. told me that I needed to lose 15lbs and my knees wouldn't bother me so much either. It is easy for them to say it, but not so easy for us to do it. Happy Thanksgiving. I have had someone come in to do the kitchen floors and bathrooms every two weeks since I had my surgery. I could do it myself now without any trouble, but why not enjoy the help.

I haven't been exercising the way I should lately, and the weather hasn't co-operated to get to the pool, but today I went clouds and all and managed 45min. exercise. I was all alone too.

We start our chorus rehearsals tomorrow for Christmas. Doesn't seem possible it is that time already. I got all the music ready today for each of the folders. The first get together is always a bit disappointing, as it takes a while for people to get used to getting 'in the groove' once again.

Hi everyone. Also Happy Thanksgiving Norma.


10-07-2007, 08:12 PM
G'day all,

Happy Thanksgiving to Slavika and Trudy:)

Early this morning I got a call from Lexie on Skype, with her renovations we have not used Skype much these past few months. Saskia must have forgotten about being able to see me on the video camera, she was just mesmerised, very cute to see her do what I asked her to do, like touch your nose etc. etc.

A glorious day here today, all this talk of weight....I MUST go for a walk today.
Yesterday I wondered what it would be like to have no appetite:dizzy:, Slavika's email about the chinese food almost took my appetite away!

Good luck with your chorus rehearsals Ann, it was only 'yesterday' you had the last rehearsals! A bit scary how time flies.

I have been busy doing all sorts but today I will get back and try and get some more of my book done.
Haven't heard from Peggy for a while, hope all is well with her.

Have a great day all,


10-08-2007, 04:04 PM
Phooey! I just lost a nice big post that I am sure would have amazed and sent you all into a state of Wonder!

Maria, David's family looks like a picturebook. Too cute! My vote is with you--why in the world would Alan want to keep working when your lives are so wonderful!

Ann and Sally, enjoy the housekeepers! I don't have one but pretend that I do. You should see my house!

We would all be better off if we could get to goal and stay there. My 72-year-old brother just lost 30 pounds and his wife 40 on WW. He said, by golly, it does work if you do it right. Duh! I have been counting for two weeks and have lost a bit. It certainly is hard to count every single morsel that goes into this mouth. He walks two miles every single day no matter what. He told me that when you are retired, it is easy. Is it?

Gloria, I so enjoyed your story about working with developentally challenged people. I have a friend who had a Down Syndrome son. She said he is a true gift from God.

Well, today is my mammo appointment - boob-smasher or, in my case boob-search appointment. Yuck!

Keep exercising and losing that weight. I am going to try really hard this time. If I could lose 7 pounds, I would be in HEAVEN!

10-08-2007, 05:53 PM
G'day all,

Just a quick one to reply to Glenda, it is super easy to stick to the WW plan when you are retired just ask Ann, Slavika, Trudy, Gloria, Karen and myself!!!!
I bet you and Peggy cannot wait to join us;)

I love your photo taken at your office!

I am sewing a dress for Matilda, haven't sewn for ages!


10-10-2007, 02:10 PM
Glenda: The struggle is the same whether you are retired or not, and sad to say it is a lifetime affair.

Gals, I am not getting any emails from you since we have been back. What has happened? I know there must be some circulating out there. I did send a 'put me back on the list' message to everyone. Glenda- I'd like to see your picture, unless you sent it with some attachment that I don't have.

WW does work if you stick to the plan. For me it has been learning what foods trigger me to eat more than I should. Like doughnuts, or M & Ms. Especially the almond ones. My downfall. I could eat the whole bag.

Maria: Good luck on your sewing project. I used to sew a lot, and now haven't had my machine out in ages. I have about begun to think I am going to have to make myself a new skirt, since I do not like all the draped and uneven hems of the ones currently in style. Have you noticed too that brown seems to be the 'in' color?

Well, Wayne Newton is off now. And from now on it is going to be hard to eliminate anyone, since the quality of dancing is so good.I think the women are better this year than they have been before. The Braziliam race car driver is pretty good, but I think the women are way ahead.

I have been enjoying the music of Michael Buble. What a singer! And young and handsome too. Another singer one has to admire is Tony Bennett. He is better now than ever. I can remember when Frank Sinatra reached the age that he really lost it and it was necessary for him to retire. But Tony Bennett is past that age, and just keeps on performing.

Since we got home, I have been concentrating on losing, and as of this a.m. I have lost 7 lbs. Now I am going to be more accountable to WW. I think some of the loss is due to my stopping taking the Red Rice Yeast. It gave me a lot of problems, the worst being joint pain. Now I don't have any pain and that is good.

Our English friend got back today, and I had to give back her golf cart, which we borrowed (kept for her) over the summer. Now I have to walk, and that is good.

It won't be long and it will be too cool to go to the pool every day, so have to enjoy it while I can.

First chorus rehersal was not so great. Missing a lot of people, but I will be hopeful for a while, that people will be getting back from up North.

Hope everyone is having a good day...


10-10-2007, 06:18 PM
G'day all,

Wow Ann that is fantastic loosing 7lb's:carrot::carrot::carrot:.

Matilda dress is finished and it looks very cute but....I had to make the bodice twice:(. The first one just looked wrong and I realised what I had done wrong so I started to unpick and then decided that seeing I had enough material I might as well re-make it. Matilda and Peta both thought it was OK but pride wouldn't let me leave it the way it was.
Matilda loves dresses and even slept in her new dress last night!!
It did become a very expensive day yesterday, my Bernina machine of some 36 years has to be replaced.:mad: I won't bore you with the details but something broke and when I rang to find out the cost for it to be fixed I was told it can no longer be fixed because it is such an old machine.
I also received a fine in the mail because I went through a red turning arrow:mad::mad::mad: I remember the morning and also remember that after I turned on the ORANGE arrow, 2 more cars came behind me. The fine is $317, such a waste, I am very annoyed with myself.

On the bright side I got 3 new customers which I guess will pay for the costs I incurred yesterday!

I wasn't aware that brown is the 'in' colour Ann, I must say not my favourite colour.
I think you will probably quite enjoy sewing again Ann, I am a lot slower then I used to be when I literally sewed EVERYTHING for the family.

I bought a DVD of Andre Rieu in New York, it was really great and brought back some good memories of our American trip. The dvd was interpersed with scenes from American and particularly New York. Such joyous music :love:

Busy day today meeting up with someone this morning who wants a website and this afternoon someone is calling in to have all her slides scanned and put on DVD as a slide show.
Next Thursday I fly to Melbourne for a week and help Lexie set up her renovated area of her house, should be fun.


10-11-2007, 09:57 AM
Good Morning! It is quite cool today and we have been having rain off and on for a couple of days. I guess Summer is gone. The Boston Red Sox have advanced to the next round and it is supposed to clear up for Friday nite's game. I am not the biggest sports fan but I like it when they win and get nervous when it doesn't look so good for them.

Slavika: Patches will be so well cared for while you are away. It will give you peace of mind and you will be really able to enjoy your 'two' vacations.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to Slavika and Trudy.

Maria: I am glad you were able to enjoy the Botanical Garden w/Peta and the girls. Matilda loves to dress up...that isn't a surprise especially when she has something made especially for her! That fine was a horrible amount and on top of finding your sewing machine could not be repaired.

Glenda: Your DIL Shanna is going through some tough times with her parents. It is hard enough to worry about your kids but then having to worry about your parents as well. Hope things will straighten out for her.

Ann: I am having a senior moment...I think I should be congratulating you on your 7 lbs loss.

I have a broken tooth and called the dentist and couldn't get an appointment until next Thursday....it is a good thing it isn't bothering me. It is the last tooth, upper right and isn't rough so I can wait. Just another hiccup in life.

We got a large envelope the other day from the MA State House and it was an official citation from our State Senator wishing us a Happy 50th Anniversary. I thought it was wonderful until my kids told us that there is a secretary that just looks through local papers for items of interest. What a let down. :)


10-12-2007, 07:02 PM
Hi Everybody: ANN, I can't believe it, but I was one of the gals that did not put your name back into "Friends3FC". I had a note on my computer when you would be back and felt certain I had done so. When I read your post today, I thought, well I would just double check and sure enough I had left you out. If I still have any emails that I think you might have enjoyed I will send them on to you. My knee is really giving me trouble and so is my lower back. When I walk Patches and she decides to go into a "gallop", that really hurts my knee. I see the doctor next week. Before the heart attack I was taking Advil and that seemed to work well but now that I am on Plavix I can't take that anymore. Always something for me to complain about. :D:D MARIA, good for you for getting back into the sewing. My machines just sit silently here in the computer room waiting and waiting for me. :( Oh ANN Congrats on the 7# weight lossl WTG. Sorry about the tooth GLORIA. I was at the dentist yesterday. I just had to have new snap thingies on my implants. Thanksgiving was wonderful and now we have ANN talking about Christmas and TRUDY already starting her shopping, I can't believe how quickly the year is going. I still have a couple of birthdays to get through. G.Son wants a new I Pod and Son wants a new water ski. I told them both to do the leg work and let me know which ones they want. :D PEGGY, KAREN and BERNICE, hi gals what are you up to?

10-13-2007, 01:03 PM
Good Morning Everyone:

I am just having a lazy day, playing on the computer, doing a bit of laundry and will probably go to the pool later today. We are having a change in the weather. Not so humid, and not so warm. It is very nice, but it does make the water in the pool cool down quite a bit. No longer like bath water.

We have had some very good news. My DD has found her son, who they haven't seen in nearly five years. My Space is good for some things, since it was through that, they found him. He is cooking in two restaurants, seems to be doing well, has a girlfriend and also a daughter 4 years old, that DD didn't know anything about. I think they are beginning to put things back together now, but it is going to be hard to make up 5 lost years, and not to have recriminations as to why he stayed away so long. I am just happy for Holly, since it has been a great worry not knowing if he was alive or dead.

Maria: I'm so sorry that your sewing machine has to be replaced, and especially sorry about the fine. I certainly hope that the others who followed you through the light got the same lovely letter as you. I wish we had cameras on all our traffic lights. Because we have a big problem with red light runners, and there have been many deaths as a result of it. But there are those who want to fight it.

Slavika: Glad I'm on your list now. I always look forward to your jokes and can usually use some of them for our coffee hour every Wed. Would a knee brace help you? I was having problems and the Dr. put a shot right into the knee and so far so good. It is very much better, but that is when he told me losing 15lbs would be very good for my knees.:D: :mad: I am enjoying my Ipod the kids gave me for my birthday. I am learning how to use it. I'm sure your GS is a whiz.

Gloria: Sorry about the tooth. I hope that you can have it crowned. I had to have the last one, top left, pulled as the Dentist couldn't do a root canal, and it already had a crown on it. Age had calcified the nerve canal so that it would not be possible. So good luck.

Hi Karen, Glenda,Trudy,Bernice, and Peggy. I hope you are all having a nice Autumn weekend. Ann

Karen L
10-15-2007, 07:20 AM
Hi all it's been a while since I've been here. My life as a retire has become way to busy. Am going to slow down for a while.

As for cleaning ladies. That would be me when there is time. I keep saying that when my SS starts I'm going to have some one in to do the bath rooms Kitchen and the vacuuming a couple of times a month. We'll see if i really do!

I've been working on a small quilt for the new baby in December. I've just wanted to make a wall quilt but it looks as if I'm going to go bigger. Don't have a pattern and that is the problem. I have just 4 squares done but can't figure out what color to tie them all in with. i ha a cute bee's and dragon flies and froggy fabric that I want to use ad the last border. I think the next time i try something like this I will be taking a class first. I've been sewing in my sleep trying to figure this all out??????? I just have a small machine all it does is sew. It does have a few different stitches on a dial. but mostly I just sew a straight line with it. Haven't' made any clothes in years. So Maria I applaud you on the dress. Little girls are fun when they like to dress up.

Don't know if I mentioned this before but we have decided to go to Minnesota for Christmas with the family. The kids were going to come here but it will be just to expensive and now my son and DIL have a exchange student. We will be going up on the 19th of December and hope to be home again by the 3rd or 4th of January. My mom will be coming back with us again.

Trudy sorry about the ankle I remember when it gave you a problem before. hope it is better soon. Ann hope your knee is doing even better now. And Slavika I agree with Ann about trying a brace. You can get them at Walmart for cheep. I still use one every now and again. It really does help

Slavika you vacations sound wonderful I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. Patches will be have the time of her life with the Grand children.

Maria you are always going and coming. Do you just keep a suitcase packed all the time ? I'm sure you DD house is beautiful after all the work done.

Now on to the weighty issue. First of all kodo's to Ann on losing 7 #. That is wonderful! And Slavika those last pounds do try to hang on longer. But don't give up you have done it before you can do it now!!!! I have found it a bit easier to follow the plan lately. Glenda I do believe it it easier to find time to exercise now that we are here in Florida. Can't say what it would be like if we lived in Minnesota . I'm sure I would fine a way to get out of walking in the cold and just stay in bed under the covers. Then It helps that I am the leader in the walk aerobics here in the park and also back up leader for the water aerobics. I am about 3 pounds under my goal and planning to stay there. I've been playing with my point trying to find the balance to do so. Last week i ate an average of 28 points a day and lost 3 # The week before it was 35 points a day and I gained 1 &1/2#. So this week I am going for 30 to see what happens. Counting points and writing stuff down is second nature to me any more I've done it for so long. But you can look at it like you brush your teeth every day you take a shower every day so why not just count and write down every day. It is just something those of us who have a weight issue have to do or suffer the consequence. I will now get off of my soap box now.

Have to go Sprout wants to go for a walk. See you all later. Hi to whoever I may have forgot and sorry I did!

10-16-2007, 06:27 PM
Lordy it has been forever since I was here. It is fun to read and catch up on what you all have been doing. Seems like there is no time anymore. We are so busy at school this year. A couple of times a week I have to go help my mil in the shower and then do her hair before I go to work. I am getting good at the combout. My painting lady is keeping me busy since it is her craft show season. I just finished 110 snowflakes plus an assortment of other stuff. She brought me 3 big boxes this morning. I am going to go to Chicago with 7 friends the first weekend in November. We are going on the megabus. One of the gals got cheap fares starting at $1. Another friend has use of a condo at the top of Michigan Ave on the 20th floor. We went a few years ago and had a great time only that time is was spring. Who knows what the weather will be like in November.
Today is the first time that we have had rain. I hope it continues for days. I have lost an azalea bush and I even was watering it. Everything is so parched.
Maria I used my sewing machine today. I had to repair the binding on a blanket for my fil. Good thing his eyes aren't great cause I ran out of beige thread and used brown. I bet it is fun to sew little girly dresses. That was a nice picture of the family. One of these day we will get back up to Mt Adams to that restaurant. I did see that the price of the homes there is about $600.000. A lot for those litte tiny on top of each other houses.
Ann, that is nice to hear about a happy ending with your dd and her son. I hope it all works out.
Slavika-you are a traveling woman. Good for you for going. It is something to look forward to when it is cold and nasty out.
Trudy what a woman to have started Christmas shopping. I am clueless as what to get anyone. I have a terrible time picking out stuff.
Karen you have the weight thing under control. You are correct about writing down what you eat. I need to start walking again.
Oops got to run.

10-17-2007, 05:52 PM
Just a quick report. Yesterday at WW I was doen 1.8. Karen you are inspiration. I sure would like to get to my goal weight once again. I won't even hope to go below right now. Off to church. Talk to you all later. Ann

10-17-2007, 05:53 PM
G'day all,

I am off to Melbourne this morning to visit Lexie and family, my flight leaves at 9 am. Alan is still in bed so I cannot finish packing!
I am looking forward to spending a week with them no doubt Alan will survive although after last night I wonder:dizzy:
He decided to make some meat patties (hamburgers) he got all the ingredients and this tiny bowl, I asked what that was for and he said to mix the meat patties. I told him that noway will all the meat fit in this small bowl, of course he knew that, he was going to divide the meat into individual patties and add the other ingredients to ONE pattie at a time in the small bowl!!!!! I couldn't believe his logic, I asked how he was going to divide a 'dash of tobasco'.
He finally did believe that it was probably easier to mix the lot in a big bowl and THEN make the patties.
I have a great step by step cookbook and told him to choose something out of that book and experiment whilst I am away.

It was good to see you post Peggy I have been wondering where you were. Your trip to Chicago sounds great, I did like that city.

Nice to see you post as well Karen and you are absolutely right, journal everything you eat...I must start doing that again:)

I must fly, literally:D Alan just got up so I can finish packing my bag.


10-17-2007, 06:16 PM
Maria, those cameras at the intersection might cause a hefty fine, but what a great idea. I remember you asking one of those policemen at the Cowboy Hall of Fame why we didn't have those at intersections and I believe his answer was something about privacy concerns? I know you are going to enjoy helping Lexie and just being with her in Melbourne.

Slavika, you need to hurry and get out of that cool country and get to the tropics where your joints won't hurt. I can't even imagine thinking about Christmas presents yet.

Ann, have you ever told us Holly's story regarding her child? I am sure she is feeling so relieved to know everything is okay. I have a wayward child who right now, as of this minute, is actually doing okay. I am praying he has grown up and understands a little of the real world now. So, it is getting cooler there, but you are still swimming? I have to get in my closet and get warmer clothes out and wintery shoes. Still wearing sandals. So all your snowbirds are returning to the nest now and your choir will just get better and better.

Gloria, your kid would have to take the shine off your 50th anniversary congratulations. But we know that the governor REALLY did wish you the best.

Well, all, I guess we are officially in the fall. Our yard is covered with leaves and it is too cool to sit on the patio. But the days are breathtakingly beautiful. This is my favorite time of year, just doesn't last long enough.

Wish I had good news to share with you like Ann, but unfortunately I lose about 1/2 pound a week, no matter what. I have the most efficient metabolism, darnit!

Karen, great to hear from you. I know exactly how to get to WW and to maintain a weight. It is just the actual doing of it that is the problem. I right now am on the right track. It is just watching every SINGLE point that is my downfall. Easy to forget 4-5 points and then wonder why I cannot lose.

Peggy, my gosh, are you just meeting yourself at times? But what fun to stay at a fancy place with your friends in Chicago. So, you are moonlighting as a beautician, school-worker, seamstress, and craft person. And what do you do in your SPARE time?

Karen L
10-17-2007, 11:32 PM
Had a busy day again. But had to stop by and see if any one was a round. Everyone is so busy here. It must be the time of the year or something.

About 3:00 am this morning I was laying in bed trying to go back to sleep when I finally decided that I needed to buy a sewing table. So after the pool this morning and DH was done with golf we went to Walmart to buy the craft table they sell there. I also bought some more fabric to use in the quilt I'm making for the new baby. Then it was home and put it together. What should have taken an hour for most people it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes. We don't do well with a screwdriver. But now that it is together I am thrilled with it. Closed up it measures 42 inches when open it is 63. There is room to keep all my sewing junk together. I've had it stored all over the house up until now. I got it all filled up and organized (DH was off golfing again). Then I started in on my painting supplies. I have a plastic file cabinet thing with the 3 drawer's. Went through it and cleaned it out real good. By the time I was done was pooped. All we had was soup,salad, and bread for supper.

Peggy how do you find the time to paint so much. And hold down a job and help with your MIL. You amaze me. Hope you have a great time on you little trip.

Maria I had to laugh at poor Alan in the kitchen. That is a mans mind though. Do one thing at a time. Where we ladies can juggle many things. sorry about your fine.

Good for you Ann. That was well worth the trip! Keep it going and you will get to goal.

There is a lot of our people back from up north. Not all yet. But our little community isn't so sleepy now. And Sprout has his work cut out for him . There are more cars to bark at and more golf carts to bark at and more walkers to bark at. He has been a very busy little boy.

We have a dance to go to on Saturday. That should be fun. Friday we are have supper with friends and then playing cards. Ever heard of Walking Taco's? That is what is on the menu. I"ll let you know.

Well I'm headed to bed so will stop in again. See you!

10-18-2007, 11:14 PM
Glenda: My DD never really knew exactly what had happened to make her son not come home at all, but until now they hadn't seen him nor heard from him in nearly 5 years. it would have been 5 this coming Christmas. He is bi-polar, and that in itself causes problems. It was very hard for them to not know if he was alive or dead. They had looked all the ways they knew, even went to a private dectecive, but he was just going to be too costly. It wasn't until daughter Kate investigated My Space that they came up with a clue, and the rest is history, so to speak. So far things seem to be going well and they are trying to make up for lost time.

We too have an Octoberfest meal and dance on Saturday. Can't believe that we are past the half-way mark in Oct. The days are going by much too fast.

Maria: have fun with your daughter. It is nice to have girl time.

Hi everyone. have a nice weekend. Ann

10-22-2007, 01:17 PM
Hey, everyone, I hope you all are having a nice fall. We went from 85 degrees on Saturday to 40 today. Quite a change. We went to the Homecoming football game tailgating on Saturday with our sons and then took care of the kids during the actual game. They went home late Saturday and Sunday I did nothing, but change sheets. And it felt good! We have a weekend off this coming week and that is good. I so enjoy the kids, but the little ones love me so much that when I was rocking Makenzie, the other two were standing beside me, looking forlorn. Kind of sad and comical.

Ann, you are doing so well with your weight. I think I have slacked off, but we did go the show last night (George Clooney, yeah!) and I ate no popcorn. Having low-fat popcorn before the movie does help. But today I am wearing some pants I would not have been able to wear last month. Always good!

Do you all remember my friend who last summer was flooded? They redid their walls and got new carpet, etc. It was a mess and now it looks beautiful. Well, FEMA put $11,000 into their bank account. This was more than it cost so they are fine now. I think they were lucky because the county was declared a disaster area. Taxes which we all hate at work!

Absolutely nothing going on here! I think I am so borrrrrring! Just a month before our Thanksgiving! Wow, where is the time going?

10-23-2007, 12:50 PM
WW today and all I can say is at least I went down, .2. Not what I expected, but so be it. I just have to keep on keeping on. I do know that things are fitting better. And since I quit taking the Red Rice yeast, I now have ankles again. It was strange how that effected me.

Glenda: I don't know where the time goes, and this year our chorus program is really early Dec. 3rd, and that will be big-time stress since it is a short time to get it all together.

Our temp is unusually warm for this time of year. Close to breaking a record yesterday. But it is good for going to the pool. Once is cools down, and all the Snowbirds have returned i don't usually go to the pool during the winter.

I haven't been communicating with anyone for the last few days since I picked up a computer virus somewhere and finally had to take it into the computer tech to have it cleaned. Now things are working fine.

Hi eveyone. What is going on with you all? Ann

10-24-2007, 07:12 PM
We have gone from hot, hot, hot to really chilly. It has been raining but not enough and too late to save a lot of the trees. I wish I could ship the rain to California for those fires.
The office at school decided that the teachers and us were to dress up for H alloween. They picked games as the theme. We decided on Twister. I took the painting supplies today and we did our after work. I cut sponges in circle and foot shapes and then we used our hands for the handprint. They turned out cute. I saw an idea for a shirt on the net and took it from there.
Karen I paint in the evening and in the morning on days when I don't have to be at school til 10. Most of the time it relaxes me. I have a tv in the paint room. I just have to pay attention to words when I am writing them. When I am zoned out I usually have something spelled wrong. I have found that hand sanitizer is good for removing mistakes. We occasionally have Walking Taco's at school. They crunch up a mini bag of Fritos and put chili and cheese plus lettuce in the bag with them. With a fork you are good to go.
Maria that is funny about Alan making burgers. I hope he survives while you are away. Have a good time.
Glenda if you figure out where time goes let me know. I can't believe that it is almost November. I can't even begin to think of Christmas shopping yet. I wish the shopping fairy would visit me and wave her wand so it would be all finished and wrapped. I am glad that your friend made out okay.
Ann take any loss that you get.
Got to run. Have a nice evening.

10-25-2007, 05:41 PM
Dancing With The Stars was good again. I was so surprised when Maria Osmond fainted. Now with Mark Cuban gone they will eliminating my favorites. I like everyone who is left, they are doing such a good job.
I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by. I had my hair cut today and made my Nov & Dec appointments and couldn't get the time I wanted in Dec. I have picked up some gifts for the children already. Our Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar these days and and some people are crossing over the border to buy things cheaper. So a lot of the stores here are being competitive and have lowered the prices considerably. It has been 33 years since our dollar was so high, wonder how long it will last.
The fires in California are just awful. I heard that a couple of them were arson. I just don't understand how some people think.

Hope you are having a great day... bye bye

10-25-2007, 06:15 PM
G'day all,

Back again from Melbourne with a horrendous cold:mad::mad::mad:
Everyone in Melbourne was sick and I really became 'nurse' over there:( the day before I left I started with a bad throat etc. Woke this morning feeling reasonable and it is a glorious day so life is not that bad.

I have a heap of work and I am disappointed I have had to put my American book on hold yet again.

We have seen the devastation of the bushfires in California on our news services, just dreadful what all those people must be going through. It serves as a warning to us, with the drought and unusually high temperatures for this time of the year. We have already had one day of total fireban.
The arsonists mind is hard to fathom, so often some of the worst fires are lit by arsonists, not sure what the joy is to see so many people suffer.

We saw Marie Osmonds fainting spell on our news service, yes that made our news service:dizzy::dizzy:
I watched 'so you think you can dance', I really like that show and what amazing talent. I love the fact that the judges give very constructive criticism and are not nasty just to get ratings.

I must fly and get on with things, I have been home again 2 days and have not even unpacked my case!

Just noted we are on page 3 so I will start a new thread....see ya there