Carb Counters - Low Carb CHAT! CHAT! CHAT!! 10/1-10/7

09-30-2007, 11:18 PM
Hey, ladies! I know 10/1 isn't until tomorrow, but I wanted to have it there for when I get up in the morning.

This past week was terrible. The Zone disappeared and my old, bad habits reappeared. I've been down and stressed and I think I know what it's all about. This past week, I also skipped a lot of classes at college and when I went home to work for my parents, I had a coversation with my mom. I think I'm sabotaging myself because I'm afraid of change. Sabotage with food because I'm so close to being at goal and maintaining, sabotage at college because I'm so close to graduating and moving on to graduate school...

Well, I'm stopping the sabotage here and now.

I've posed a challenge to myself: 12 weeks. From Oct. 1 -- December 23rd, I will stay 100% on my LC food plan (with 3 meals allowed off--one MEAL only each time), I will stick to my 5 day a week workout regime unless I am deathly ill and I will complete homework assignments, study for the GREs and get all of my Grad. applications completed. As the wise Yoda said: "Do or do not. There is no try"--I am prepared to DO.

I made a 3-ring binder for myself, I wrote and signed a contract with myself to commit to the 12 week program. I created worksheets with my meals planned out, my workouts planned out and my goals on them, which I will complete every day of my challenge. I will weigh on Sundays and measure every 4 weeks. I am determined, I am focused, I will achieve, I will reach my goals in every aspect of my life. I will succeed.

09-30-2007, 11:59 PM
WOW you sound VERY organized with all of this. I really hope it works - they say that when you write everything down diets work better because you feel more accountable to yourself. I think you will do great!

I'm going into next week not expecting to lose anything - not because I'm going off the plan, no, I'm as strict as ever on induction, but because I'm getting my REAL period (it seems like this is all I talk about these days...) so I'll probably get even more bloating and water retention, so my goal 1 week from next Friday (the 12th of October) is to be 2lbs down from 136 (my official weight right now) So i'm crossing my fingers for a 134 :)

Altho I am 1lb up from my starting weight, EVERYTHING is looser...I look thinner, it's weird. The scale just doesn't show it! Happy October everyone!

10-01-2007, 09:49 AM
Great planning Azure, sounds like you have made up your mind, and you ARE going to succeed :)

Today is my weigh-in day. I havent gotten on the scale yet.....needed my coffee first :lol: If I get on the scale too soon after getting up, my eyes dont focus that far away too early. I usually have to bend over to see the stupid thing (no I dont need glasses :lol3: ) Anyways, bending over tends to send the scale off. So, I'll do that after my coffee/potty break :D

Did good over the weekend. Didnt get my 2nd jug of water in yesterday, but thats ok. One jug is still good.

Today is another day out and about. Groceries, supplement replenishment, and a trip to sams club. So I want to get most of my water in early and later. I really dont like using public washrooms :( Especially when Im out all day.....I feel like I need another shower when I get home.

Im finally in that "place" and seem to be able to pass up goodies quite easily. The evening cravings seem to be gone too. My tea every night at 8 works just fine :D

Have a great day ladies!

beach bum
10-01-2007, 10:27 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Thanks AZURE for starting us up this week. I can't believe thats is Oct already. Hoping to get though Oct with another 3 lbs low for the month like I did in Sept.,because is getting scary out there now that the holidays are almost among us.

AZURE=:carrot:BIG CONGRATS:carrot: for such a wonderful determination on your successful attitude to reach your goals with weight loss and college. You are our inspiration on this thread.Will be rooting for you all the way. from now until Dec. I started my Sept challenge by switching my meals around and exercising 3-5 days a week.Now in Oct I planning what I posted above.

KRAW-You hang in there. TOM is a thing the female population has to deal with. I'm lucky as he stopped visiting me 10 year ago. Just do the best you can with a good attitude like Azure has and you'll do fine.

ROBIN-Its nice to see you posting regularly again. Missed you,Good Luck:lucky: on your W-I this morning.I'm sure you did good.I don't blame you, Ughh!!! :p to public bathrooms.

Have a great morning,have to start my exercises

Hugs :) BB

10-01-2007, 11:06 AM
Thanks BB :hug:

Ok, Im weighed in, showered and ready to go...........down 5 more lbs!! :cheer:

10-01-2007, 01:50 PM
Happy October everyone! Sorry I haven't posted all weekend, but it seems my home PC is having troubles and won't let me access this site.

So anyways, I'm off to a good start after a bad weekend. Didn't quite make my September goals but got really close with the exercise. (only 50 minutes short). I felt terrible all weekend. I swelled up 8 lbs in a day!! Yuk! Made me feel real sore and achy as well so didn't get the exercise in I had planned on.

Oh well, I know the swelling is hormonal (had this bad PMS thing going on since I miscarried back in July) So I'm not too worried about the 8 lbs in one day. I refuse to put it on my ticker till after my periods over. The swelling usually goes away during my period so, we'll see exactly what happened to me last week.

Gonna focus on October goals. I'm hoping to get down to 210 by Halloween. I'm sure I can do it since I've upped my fitness goals to 1000 minutes. The other goal I have is to maintain my kitchen. It seems that when my kitchen gets messy, I'm much more likely to go off plan. So I'm going to make it a goal to spend 30 minutes cleaning/straightening my kitchen everyday. Wonder if I'll be surprised to find out it doesn't even take that long? Won't know till I try.

So anyways, hope eveyone is having a happy Monday :)

10-01-2007, 03:07 PM
Hi Everyone!:hug:

Back from my stressed out/chaotic OffPlan Week of **** . . . and caught up with everyone's LC Chat.:grouphug::gossip: Stayed fairly hydrated and did do more exercise than I would have in my "former" life . . . but totally blew LC and also didn't like the taste of the water in Memphis & Arkansas - so drank too many Diet Cokes - (have been off carbonation/Diet soda's for months now.)

Good News: I'm totally psyched for October!:carrot: Not as organized as you azzie - but equally determined in my own 46 yr old menopausal way!:D Besides - 12/23 is my 47th Birthday!:carrot:

Hey beachie - not sure if I Posted this b4 - but when I went to the artsy fartsy festival there was also a Book Fair - I picked up a copy of Atkins "Age Defying" diet and also "Woman Book" by PBS's Maggie Lettvin . . . both are GREAT . . . have you read? I remember when Age Defying came out thinking "Ahhh, the Dr. is trying to make more $$$" . . . but altho' its kind of a scientific read - it's veryvery good and addresses a lot of the things we talk about here. I remember Maggie in the early 80's - and finding this book great as well for someone my age.

OKOKOK . . . gotta fly . . . contract chaos still abounds but determined to react in a healthy way instead of hurting myself . . . NOVEL idea, eh?

PS: DID get to finish King's "Apt Pupil" audio on the trip bouncie - There were even MORE references to Lord Peter - cracked me UP!:D

PPS: Didja all see the sticky about moving our Forum to "Diet Central" - not sure of the significance of this - if any.:?:

CYA in the Wee Hours!:hug:

10-01-2007, 03:27 PM
Hi everyone,
Hope no one minds if I report in about my somewhat successful weekend. It was crazy/busy, but I didn't go too far off plan. We went to a theme park on Saturday with two kids - well one is actually a grown up but still my baby. We had the 22 y.o. college daughter with us, along with the 15 year old. We live about two hours from the park and had to use the season tickets at least one more time this year. I didn't eat anything off plan, but I did have two salads in one day which is over according to my own personal "induction" plan. And I had two diet cokes/rum. Oops. I wanted to avoid all alcohol but it was all pretty stressful. We spent the night and in the morning I took the "kids" home and my husband continued on to go to a memorial service for a good friend. We heard about his death after we planned the trip to the park- really sad situation. I wanted to go, but I couldn't really get away from work and the 15 y.o. So I got back on Sunday when our third child — 20 y.o, son — was in the process of moving out of our house. Talk about unoganized! I couldn't believe the mess!! I spent the rest of the afternoon and about a hundred bucks, trying to help him get into his first apartment. It about killed me though. I'm not doing the empty nest thing well at all. I want all three of my kids under my roof where I can take care of them. Now all I have is one (pretty spoiled) 15 y.o. at home
By Sunday night I was a mess. The whole weekend was an emotional roller coaster so I did have another drink. Other then that, I was pretty much on plan all weekend which is fairly amazing for me. Tonight I'm going shopping and buying even more Atkins friendly foods! And maybe some more junk food for the 20 y.o.....
One of life's little ironies- While I'm doing the low-carb thing, the 15 y.o. is on a very successful cross country team where they believe in "carb-loading" before the weekly meets. She's losing weight which isn't necessarily good since she wasn't over weight so I'm trying to think of ways to get more food into her but not into me. Strange...
Thanks for letting me post here. It helps to "confess" your strays and brag a little about your victories.

10-01-2007, 03:48 PM

Only down 2 pounds. Sort of disappointed but it's a start in the right direction.

Lynnar - I've got a 20 year old and a 17 year old. Your weekend sounds remarkably similar to mine.

beach bum
10-01-2007, 06:10 PM

Robin:congrat: on your 5 lb weight loss :carrot:Yipeee :carrot:

CLDVW:congrat: on your 2-lb weight loss :carrot:Yahoo:carrot:

You both did excellent.

Have a great evening

Hugs :) BB

10-01-2007, 08:59 PM
Kraw-- I've been organized before, but never followed through...but I'm so ready to follow through this time! Don't worry about a 1lb gain if you're getting smaller. Chances are, you're building muscle if you're getting smaller and not seeing the scale move down :D

Robin-- Thanks! Congrats on a 5 pound loss--that's amazing!! I hope your shopping went well today!

BB-- Awww, you're so sweet! I don't know how my continual crashing and burning has been an inspiration, but I'm ready to stick to this plan like glue for the next 12 weeks. Once I do that, I'll gladly wear the badge of "inspiration" if you choose to give it to me :hug: I appreciate all the support you've been, and all the support I know you'll give me in the weeks to come. Sounds like you've got a plan for the month, too! The holidays can be a nerve-wracking time for dieters...but I have a feeling you'll do just fine!

Fluffy-- If you started out the weekend badly (as in carb binging), the 8 pounds is probably glycogen/water weight. That gain happens to me, too--after a bad bought of binging on junk. A few days back on a LC plan will take that back off you and remove the bloaty feeling, so no worries!

Aud-- I'm sorry that it turned into a WEEK of off-planness for you, too. I was VERY off for most of the week and especially the weekend. You're turning it around though--we'll be back in that heavenly Zone in no time, my friend. I'm just glad for once my organization is going to translate into something tangible and positive. It's no use being organized if you don't follow your plans!

Lynnar-- Congrats on staying strong through your weekend! It can't be easy being a busy mom and being a LC person. I'm always so impressed and amazed with all of the mothers who manage to do this. I only have myself to worry about and be accountable for...and I struggle. I imagine the struggle is ten times as hard when you have a DH and kids to worry about, too!


Now, for an update! Before I go have my dinner, I wanted to announce that my diet/exercise regime is completely, 100% on track for today. I went for my first weight lifting and HIIT session with Rob tonight and we had a blast. Lemme tell you, though--I SUCK at sprints. Rob and I went out to the football practice field to do sprints across the width of it and he made it to the end before I was half way through! I'll work on it to get better....I may be good at long-time cardio (1 hour cardio kickboxing is killer!), but I'm no good at those explosive exercises!

After I have my dinner, I'll be off to complete my homework, and then to bed by 11! Day 1 of 84 in the 12 week challenge is a success! I hope the rest of you ladies had a great night!

10-01-2007, 10:44 PM
Hi Chickee's,
Glad to see that everyone is doing good, getting on track and feeling good overall!

I finally had my melt down on Friday. I knew it wouldn't be long before that happened. I went out to lunch with my husband and had 2 glasses of wine, then went home and drank 2 more glasses of wine. Made a low carb Taco Bake, courtesy of Linda' Low Carb recipe. I highly reccommend that and the Korean Chicken.
Anyway, then I proceeded to shove into my mouth 3 homemade chocolate chip cookies. I just had to do it in my intoxicated condition. How I made those babies, I'll never know! Then because liquor begat more munchies, I ate a lc sf ice cream bar.

Wow!! I had approx., almost my age in carbs!! Hey Aud, I'm going to be 46 12/30, how bout' that!!!

So Saturday my sweet wonderful DH bought me an elliptical!! I got back on track Saturday and using that baby, although it's a challenge, I'm moving forward!

Azure- Very Inspiring words you spoke, Thank You!!!! That helped me!
Congrats to Robin and CLDVW on your weight Loss, that is Fantastic Ladies!!!
Kraw, Beachie, you'll lose those lbs in no time!
Missy, I was going to call you MF, but I don't think that's a good idea! LOL
You'll start losing to Girlfriend! Don't worry!
HI Lynnar, I don't know if I ever welcomed you, but WELCOME!!!
Good job over the weekend, as hard as it can be, you did it!!!
Hi Bouncing, hope you're doing good too!

Good Night Ladies!!! Sleep well! :hug:

10-01-2007, 10:53 PM
one quick question - I have seen/heard conflicting reports on this

Berries: ok for induction or NO!?

Before I started induction i used to have frozen blueberries, raspberries and black berries in my freezer at all times just for a sweet fix once in a while. Now that I'm on induction I don't eat them anymore - but I was just reading one lady's Induction blog and she said berries are OK for induction! ahh!

Not that I'll start eating them just because they're okay, but my question stands: officially, are berries OK for induction, and if so, what types of berries - and if NOT why do you think some people think they are alright?

10-02-2007, 06:11 AM
OOOOOps, Brittany "lost" custody of her two boys with KFed . . . that's the breaking news here in the Wee Hours . . . apparently she didn't do one thing the judge had ordered her to do--parenting classes/drug tests etc.

I know lilybelle ate fruit on her weight loss journey . . . I also know that fruit is not allowed on Induction but can't remember why - nuts are a no-no as well - even if the carb count stays under 20 . . . can't remember why. I'm guessing that if it comes down between chocolate chip cookies OR blueberries . . . . ?????LOL!:D

I'm bushed after Day One of azzies 84 day plan . . . didn't get to sprint the football field (ummmm, and just WHO is this ROB-person, young lady??????) but did remain wonderfully OP with no time for walk/weights but got in my 10 perfect push ups and 50 ab crunches . . .

Congrats on the weight loss robin & cldwv :carrot: and HOORAH for the elliptical fitin'!!! Wears me OUT! LOL @ calling MissyF "MF" - I almost said that one day too!:D

Going in earlyearly tomorrow . . . may not cya til this time tomorrow - Have a GREAT OP Tuesday everyone!!!

10-02-2007, 07:23 AM
Berries: ok for induction or NO?

Hi Kraw,

No, berries are not ok for Induction. A simple rule of thumb: If its not on the acceptable foods list... do not eat it.

Berries, are on the 4th rung of the carb ladder when you are doing the 2nd phase of Atkins known as OWL (Ongoing Weight Loss). Basically, its 3/4 cup fresh blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. 1/4 cup cantaloupe or honeydew are also permitted at that time.

When it comes to Atkins....there are 2 ways to do it, the pure way it was written. meaning following the rules to the letter....or....the "tweaked" way, meaning adding things which aren't truly permitted on Induction. As Dr. Atkins so eloquently put it "Eat nothing that isn't on the Acceptable Foods list. And that means absolutely nothing. Your "just this one taste won't hurt" rationalization is the kiss of failure during this phase of Atkins."

All the best to you!!


10-02-2007, 09:03 AM
Good Morning :rain:

Did good yesterday with all the out and about-ness. Finally made it home by about 4. Even dragged dh out with me to sams club! :D Made him stay home for the shoe shopping tho! :lol: Wow, do I know Im getting old?!?!?? Yup, I bought all Dr. Scholls gell cushioned major comfy shoes! :lol3: They even had a runner that felt like I was walking on hard sponges. Oh! just so nice! Perfect for the shop. The other pair too...not really dress, but not runners either. So they will be good with either jeans or dress pants! Alright, enough about the shoes .

I didnt get my exercise in yesterday......was just too tired after a day of shopping. But I WILL get it in today.

Have a great day ladies.

10-02-2007, 09:37 AM
Starting induction AGAIN today after being off plan for a month.

SW: 250
CW: 162
GW: 155 ( baby steps )

10-02-2007, 11:03 AM
Good morning!
Today's challenge is a business networking lunch. It's a limited menu but I'm hoping (really, really hoping) that they have a salad with grilled meat. Challenge #2- a five o'clock meeting. No food involved (I hope) but it means that dinner will be pretty late. I do have chicken in the crock pot though so as soon as I walk into my completely empty and extremely quiet house, I can start stuffing it into my mouth.
DH should be on his way home from the memorial services late today, but I think he'll spend the night somewhere. It's a pretty long drive. My little runner is at a meet until 9 or so. Last night the 20 Y.O. came in and surprised me. Turned out he wanted the rabbit ears that came with the little 9 inch t.v. we bought for long car rides. Evidently, the new apartment hasn't yet been hooked up to cable.
Kids today! Both of mine moved out of my house into apartment complexes that include washers/dryers/dishwashers. Each of them lucked into a roommate with rich parents who provided most of the furniture. I remember moving into my first apartment with mattresses on the floor-not only for sleeping, but also one for a couch. I didn't have a washer and dryer of my own until I was washing diapers and baby clothes. It took even longer to get a dishwasher. The 20 y.o. was shocked to find a stove and frig, but no microwave. He can't cook all his favorite convenience foods. I don't think he realizes that you can open up a can of Chef Boy-R-Dee and put it into a pan on the stove. I'm sure they'll have a micowave by the time the cable company shows up!!
So I was good last night (Hurrah) but I did eat more protein then I actually needed. But I stayed low carb! and out of the liquor cabinet!! I need to find time to exercise today, but it's not easy to fit in (boo!) Thanks for the welcome. Lynn

beach bum
10-02-2007, 11:23 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

We have a beautiful brisk day,and Leo feels like walking along the beach.So we will attempt to do so, even if the wind is blowing. Wish us luck its not too windy down there.

Today is my last day on the anti-bionics,Happy about that now I can have my milk with tea and yogurts for snacks,and the most important my calcium pills. The pills I was on didn't allow you to have any calcium or antacids.

AZURE-You don't give up, your determined
to get to you goal come :devil: or hot water.That why your my inspiration. Would like to go on some long term challenge,but I would fail & give up,so I doing it month by month instead.

FitThanks,I hope so, that I lose the pounds. I've been working on this for a long time 17 yrs.Doctor still can't figure out why I can't lose being on a healthy eating plan.

ROBIN-I ware Dr. Scholl's shoes,they are the only ones I can wear that are comfy for being on your feet all day. Try them.

Thinny-Good Luck :luck: on your induction,your lose again.

Have to go, will post later

Hugs :) BB

10-02-2007, 11:45 AM
Thinny... :welcome3: I was about where you are about 3 years ago (went from 240 to 170 on Atkins) and I had some upsetting things happen in my life, went off plan, and gained almost all of it back (save for 6 lbs). Good on ya for getting back on plan before you do what I did! You only have a little further to go... you can do it!

Azure... thanks for the reassurance about the bloat, I've got 5 lbs of it gone already after one day being 100% on plan. Also, I got my monthly visitor today which should go along with losing my PMS bloat. Hopefully I'll be back at my ticker weight tomorrow so I won't feel like I"m lying...:D

Robin... I didn't get my exercise in yesterday either, I was too busy cleaning house. That counts for something right? LOL, I better get off my butt if I'm gonna get 1000 min in this month!

aud... and others... I hear ya about having a bad week last week. For me, PMS is really the hardest time. The cravings for ice cream are overwhelming. It seems like I need to be more established on induction before I can survive PMS :hot: I wonder if the bad week had anything to do with the Full moon occuring last week? Hmmm......

Jerseygrl... thanks for that link. I put it in my favorites so I can keep referring to it while I train myself to eat only the induction foods.

Lynnar... :welcome3: You are new right? I couldn't quite tell because I'm relatively new myself. Glad to have you aboard.

FitnTime.... Man do I know about Alcohol, it is always the harbinger of severe off-planness for me. Even if I only have a little bit. I think there's something about Alcohol that sets off carb/sugar cravings. And we're so used to just going about our days with no cravings while on Atkins, hard to resist sudden severe cravings on top of a buzz.

Everyone else... Ready for a great start in October??!!!! :carrot::broc::dance:

Oh and P.S.... On most boards I'm known as Fluffs or Fluffy... and other variations of that. But call me what ever you like... MF... :rofl:

10-02-2007, 02:30 PM
Hmmmmmmm . . . the full moon??? I like it . . . I'm going with that . . . *buying Farmers Almanac to prepare for the NEXT one!:D*

I actually DO kind of believe in those things . . . can't blame PMS now that I haven't had a period in a year + . . . get the crazies at all different times now - sometimes minute to minute, MF!:dizzy:

Beachie - didja see my Post about Dr. Atkins Age Defying Book? It's a slow scientific read but lots of tips on aging healthy and has lots of things we talk about on here . . . . I'm not too far along in it but was thinking of you as I read - have you read it?

I have a 21 yr old and soon to be 10 yr old (daughters) lynnar - are you in Arkansas? I just stayed in Blytheville the other day, if so.

Shoe shopping IS exercise robin!:D I'm into comfort now myself . . . we have a "company" shoe store that sells American-Made Boots and Shoes . . . hard to find anywhere in public retail anymore :(:( - but superb products that are like walking on air!

Welcome thinnyT!:hug:

Off to work earlyearly today . . . determined to get more exercise in today - eating is Induction OP!


beach bum
10-02-2007, 04:11 PM
AUD-Yes I saw your post. I have The Age Defying Book by Atkins. My sister bought it for several years ago. I skimmed though the book and read several interesting chapters. I have The South Beach Heart Book and CAD's Dr Vanini Heart Diet Book also.Read the last 2 cover to cover. So I know what going on,when we age.

Wish they know the secret to weight loss.:D:D

Hugs :) BB

10-02-2007, 04:51 PM
I'm back, and back to square 1. Had a fairly bad week food-wise. But I expected that, so moving on. Hope to re-lose that same 5lbs yet again, by the end of the week.
I had a good time with the familly though, and probably don't get to go out there again for a while, maybee Christmas if DH gets some time off then.

Just getting caught up with all the posts I missed. I hope everyone is doing well.

10-02-2007, 06:51 PM
Glad to be back, but kinda scared that the Atkins diet won't work the second time around...and then what will i do?

Went from 250 all the way down to152 originally, but have been off plan and am back up to 162. If i stick with the plan, do you think it will work again?

10-02-2007, 07:55 PM
Hi Punce! Welcome back, you've been missed!! :carrot:

10-02-2007, 10:04 PM
It sure does count missyfluffs!!!!!!

10-02-2007, 11:00 PM
Hi girls! I love reading all of your posts. Makes me feel less alone. Here's to a good week!

10-03-2007, 12:25 AM
So I had to travel on business today and I tried really really hard to stick to the diet... I had two salads today (lunch and dinner) - one was an antipasto so it had lots of meat in it. Is that okay?

The first salad had raw tuna (mMmmMMMmMMmmm!) so that had meat in it as well, but im afraid i surpassed my salad/lettuce limit for the day.

Did I screw up??? Will eating 2 salads in one day take me out of ketosis and mess everything up?

10-03-2007, 01:26 AM
Did I screw up??? Will eating 2 salads in one day take me out of ketosis and mess everything up?

Kraw....I'm just curious, have you read Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution? The reason I'm asking is because if you are doing Induction, 12-15 of your 20 carbs for the day should be coming from veggies & salads. When we progress to OWL (On Going Weight Loss) the first thing we add is 5 more carbs from veggies. Veggies & salads are our friends!!:)

10-03-2007, 09:25 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

I have a marketing seminar this afterrnoon, from 330-8pm. Right thru supper, and from what I understand we will be served drinks and hor dourves......but nothing about dinner. So I really dont know how Im going to make out. I will take a couple hard boiled eggs just in case, and some money for bottled water. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Have a great day ladies.

beach bum
10-03-2007, 10:31 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Another day around here,nothing new,Leo has to the hospital for his exercises and I will do my at the same time.

PuncezillaWelcome:welcome1: back. You'll lose those pounds again. Visiting with family,the diet is sometimes the last thing on your mind. I know,that happens to me,when I go to my DD's.Here some :dust: just in case you need some.

THINNY-Don't be scared:fr: Of course the Atkins will work again.According to the #'s you put down, didn't bring you back to the original ones 162 to 152 is only 10 lbs . Just go strict with induction again your loss.

CLDWV-You're never:no: alone on this board, theres alway one of us to help you along the way.

ROBIN-Sending:dust: and crossing:crossed:my fingers for you today.

Have to go

Hugs :) BB

10-03-2007, 12:33 PM
Kraw....I'm just curious, have you read Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution? The reason I'm asking is because if you are doing Induction, 12-15 of your 20 carbs for the day should be coming from veggies & salads. When we progress to OWL (On Going Weight Loss) the first thing we add is 5 more carbs from veggies. Veggies & salads are our friends!!:)

I know, exactly!! thats why I thought I ate TOO many carbs coming from salad...I can never gauge it when I am at a restaraunt and theres a huge salad in front of me, I dont eat carrots or corn in it but i eat all the other veggies and I dont know the correct gauges to tell how many carbs is in what size salad!

I have read the book, 2 years ago, and I never started the diet, and I need to reread desperately!

10-03-2007, 12:53 PM
Good afternoon ladies! I don't have time for too many individual replies, so I'll just say thank you to BB for saying I'm an inspiration to you :) Whenever I feel like I'm faltering, I'll have that to think about. :hug: Also, to Auddie--Rob's a friend of mine. I've already got a boyfriend and he's got a girlfriend, so no worries there ;) I'm friends with him and a few of his roomies here at school and when I was talking about wanting to lift weights a few days a week, he offered to go with me if I wanted a gym buddy! I think he's going to be the first gym buddy not to crap out on me three weeks in :D

Speaking of weights, I am SORE from Monday's workout--and some digestion issues had me tossing and turning all night (when the Ulcerative Colitis is flaring, I get back/hip pain), so I'm not too well rested. But, today's day two of weights with Rob--so I'll update later with how it goes!

10-03-2007, 02:15 PM
Hi, thought I'd drop by for lunch. I have my daily salad/chicken here, right in front of the keyboard. In my past attempts to do Atkins, I found that if I had more then one salad a day, I didn't get into Ketosis at all. But if I cut all salad, I have disgestion issues and end up taking metamucil which, of course, has 4 carbs/serving. I think we each have to find our own balancing point.
I haven't been using the sticks to check for ketosis this time and I'm a little disappointed with my weight loss. I'm in my third week of induction (I plan to stay at this level for a while) and I've been fairly good (except for a couple of drinks last weekend). But so far, I've only lost about three pounds. I had hoped I could get back into some of my work pants by now. I'm pretty sure I gained about 3 pounds every week all summer and that's why I can't wear the pants I wore in June!! I guess I'll keep trying! What else is there?
I am still new to this board and I appreciate the welcome. I hope to keep posting here and get to know all of you. Lynn

10-03-2007, 02:21 PM
Lynnar, thank you for the tip on eating too much salad...I was kind of thinking the same thing could happen to me if I started eating 2 salads a day! :)

10-03-2007, 02:29 PM
Missing lilyb.:(

Hiya puncie - so glad you're back from the Family Visit Thing!:hug: 5lbs ain't nothin'! I've gained that in an hour!!!:dizzy: Last week was pretty much The Week From **** for a lot of us - so here's to NAILING the 29 remaining days of October, eh?:carrot:

IA with beachie on Atkins working a 2nd or 3rd ad infinitum thinny. Done it as a "diet" successfully more than 3 times . . . I'm hoping to have the most success thinking of it as a permanent woe/wol vs diet this time around. Join me?

I also agree with Beloved Beachie that you are never alone on this Board cldwv - I used to vanish when I felt like a "failure" etc from here . . . this time around I've promised to just keep checking in and dusting myself off & Posting the ups and downs - it's working and the support has been amazing!

Hmmmm . . . haven't heard of "CAD Dr. Vanini Heart Book" beachie :?: . . . I'm still getting thru the Age Defying - looking for help on the weight loss when age causes the lack of hormones to slow etc . . . it's a tough but interesting read - I'll let ya know when I get to the secrets! LOL!:D

So glad you found a bud you can count on azzie - you ARE an inspiration . . . thought of you and your renewed reinvention at 4am this morning when I wanted to eat myself to sleep . . . ended up just going to sleep minus the eating!:carrot: Tx for being here GF!:carrot: What kind of lc goodies didja stock up - the larder here is getting pretty bare. Gotta teach hub to make the LC Egg Bread - does the trick (with some cream cheese) when I get nuts.

That "bread" travels well too robin & kraw! When I went to Tunica I kept a baggie of it in my purse and ate it along the 6 hr trip and also at the buffets with whatever else was out - remember it was the first vacay I ever LOST weight on - while eating my fill!:carrot:

Gotta get busy on the MF :dance: house cleaning exercise plan - I say it COUNTS - especially if you could see this place - have really let it go from my travels last week and looooong hours at work this week.:o

Oh yeah . . . this mess definitely counts . . . .

Missing you too bouncie!:^:

Where ya at today lynnar?:?:

10-03-2007, 04:24 PM
Been cleaning house like a MF!:dance: ;) My hair is drenched . . . not sure if I'm working hard or having a hot flash!:dizzy: Has this started happening to you yet fitin?

Misery. So I'm taking a break for one last read and one more cuppa.:cool:

Found my exercise ball and using it for a pc chair . . . definitely needs way more air - I'm typing almost from UNDER the desk!!!:o (But using proper CORE form and adjusting my CORE balancing) . . . *sway*sway*sway - to and fro*

10-04-2007, 09:06 AM
Well, thanks for the :dust: BB, but it didnt work too good :lol:

But I had a wonderful time, met some amazing women, came home with a head full of ideas & and have already implemented one of them. Hubby had a chuckle....I came home, and talked non-stop and a mile a minute :D He has to admit tho, that the ideas I came home with last night, wont cost us anything! :lol:

Ok, so I didnt do so good last night, but not too terrible. Just not op foods. starts fresh. Nothing tasted as good as I remembered anyway. I woke up this morning with sore feet and stiff hands. So, no, it wasnt worth it! .......oh and as I figured, there was nothing and I mean nothing healthy to eat there. A room of over 400 women, and they had chicken fingers and pot stickers?!?!?!?!?!?!? Must have been a man who planned the menu :lol3:

Off to make my lunch for today.........have a great day ladies! :sunny:

10-04-2007, 10:10 AM
Robin, business related food is always bad! You feel pressured to eat something and there's never anything healthy! I had a salad for lunch at the thing I was at the other day, but it had no meal on it and who knows what was in the dressing. I was hungry all afternoon. What I hate most is when they have pizza at a lunch meeting. I have a hard time resisting pizza! And sometimes it's really hard to whip out your lunch box at a business meeting.

This is one of my loooong days. Had to get in to town early so the 15 y.o. could go to cross country practice and I have a late meeting, so I get to eat all three meals at my desk! Since cross country is a couple of times a week, I bought a carton of egg beaters (real eggs upset my stomach), a pack of "natural" ham and some cheese to keep in the office fridge. I also bought a corning ware bowl and some Pam so I can make microwave omelets. My co-workers think I'm a little strange, but there's very few of us here in the office so there's plenty of room in the fridge. I had left over chicken thighs that I cooked in the crock pot the other day so they're in the lunch box for dinner along with my usual lunch-salad with grilled chicken.

Kraw (is that what we should call you?), I didn't mean that you shouldn't eat two salads a day. I know Jerseygyrl is right about the book. I've read it a couple of times. I beleive I'm "weight loss resistant" and I'm trying to do what that section of the book recommended by cutting my 20 carbs a day down even further. You may not have to do that. I miss my veggies! and I don't plan to do this forever. My plan was to slowly add them back after losing enuf weight to wear my own clothes. It would be so much easier to buy a new wardrobe! But that's not the right attitude is it?

Since I'm here so early, I'll probably check back later and you will get sick of the newby who is talking way to much. Lynn

beach bum
10-04-2007, 11:10 AM
HI Ladies:)

Up on the scale today,but I average it out for the week,so it not too :fr: frightening. Its just going to bring my average weight up by a point or two on Saturday. Going to watch very carefully What I put in my month for the next two day. Wish me luck :lucky:,that I don't blow it this time.Or maybe I need :dust: myself.

AZURE-I meant what I said, :carrot:you're so in control,:carrot:whenever you out of the zone you go right back into it again.I wish I could so something like that. DH & I switched out eating patterns by having dinner at noon,and the both of us are still battling over one pound rocking back and forward this week. How long will it take for us to lose,this pound and keep it off. Wish I know the answer.

LYN-Don't:no: know if staying on induction is a good:?: idea. My doctor said it would be ok,as hes was on induction for a few months land lost. To me I would be bored eating the same thing over and over again,and I would CHEAT until the cows came home :lol3: Thank goodness I'm retired and don't have to worry about business luncheons and what they serve. Hey!! LYN Don't:nono: say that about yourself. We're all hear to learn :book2: and if you have at point to make we could all learn from that point.

AUD-Hes into the syndrome X idea,about insulin resistance .The Hellers of the CAD & him teamed up and he wrote the Heart & vitamin section of the book.

ROBIN-Sorry:sorry: the :dust: didn't help.Wish I know the answer for you guys,but I don't,but happy:) to hear you had a good time anyway

Have to go have a nice morning will check in later

Hugs :) BB

10-04-2007, 11:36 AM
Lynn, thanks for the tips!

I have been on induction, strictly for about 3 weeks now...well it'll be three weeks at the end of this week I think. I have lost 0lbs. It's really weird. My weight has gone more UP than down. I started at 135 and this morning I was 137.5! And I've had my period all three weeks (and will have my "real" one for the next 7 days)

In my second week I decided I wasn't drinking enough water, and now I drink TONS, and in my third week I cut my caffeine consumption down to 3 caffeinated drinks a week. I don't see how caffeine would make me gain weight, it does not make me eat more or less or different food and I do not drink it with sugar or milk or anything else.

So, I think I am with you (Lynn) in that I should extend induction and see where it takes me. I really can't see why this diet just wouldn't work for me. I also have to pull the Atkins book out of the closet, I read it so long ago and I really have to read it again because I'm sure I'm forgetting parts of it!

Also, I only have 18 more lbs to lose, losing the first 25 was easy!! So that factors into the very, very slow as a snail weight loss!!!

10-04-2007, 12:16 PM
Lynn, Kraw... about staying on induction. I stay on near-induction carbs to lose weight after the first week on induction. I have found that if I go above 40 carbs a day, I just don't lose.

With the salads, two a day should be fine (great in fact) But you want to be careful about what's on the salad. Avoid higher carb veggies like onions, tomatoes, and carrots. Also, your salad will have more fiber/ fewer carbs if yous stick to dark green lettuces like red leafy, green leafy, or romaine. Spinach can be higher in carbs by comparison to the leafy lettuces. The number one problem with salads is the dressing. Commercial dressings often have unnatural salts and MSG which cause swelling and food cravings. Alot of the diet dressings out there have sucralose and/or sugar alcohols which will increase your carb count(even though they get away with labeling it no carbs). I highly recommend making your own dressing with liberal amounts of olive oil, a splash of vinegar, and mustard. You can play around a little and add a dash of tomato paste, or perhaps a little peanut butter for different flavors. Just remember, only a splash of the flavorings, as they add carbs. You want your dressing to be 99% olive oil, something commercial dressings just don't do.

Okay, stepping off my nutrition mumbo jumbo horse.... I'm still having really good luck with the cinnamon. I've been putting a half teaspoon in my tea twice a day, and it seems to really increase energy. I think I'm gonna try and join Gold's gym next week to keep up with my exercising. Exercising at home has gotten to be boring to me lately.

I had good news on the scale this morning. I lost all my PMS water weight, and now I'm back at my ticker weight. We'll see if I can make that ticker move by next week!

10-04-2007, 12:49 PM
Lynn, Kraw... about staying on induction. I stay on near-induction carbs to lose weight after the first week on induction. I have found that if I go above 40 carbs a day, I just don't lose.

With the salads, two a day should be fine (great in fact) But you want to be careful about what's on the salad. Avoid higher carb veggies like onions, tomatoes, and carrots. Also, your salad will have more fiber/ fewer carbs if yous stick to dark green lettuces like red leafy, green leafy, or romaine. Spinach can be higher in carbs by comparison to the leafy lettuces. The number one problem with salads is the dressing. Commercial dressings often have unnatural salts and MSG which cause swelling and food cravings. Alot of the diet dressings out there have sucralose and/or sugar alcohols which will increase your carb count(even though they get away with labeling it no carbs). I highly recommend making your own dressing with liberal amounts of olive oil, a splash of vinegar, and mustard. You can play around a little and add a dash of tomato paste, or perhaps a little peanut butter for different flavors. Just remember, only a splash of the flavorings, as they add carbs. You want your dressing to be 99% olive oil, something commercial dressings just don't do.

Missy, this is all great advice - it is EXACTLY what i do! I do not eat high carb veggies and I stick to dark lettuces and olive oil or apple cider vinegar dressing (just plain, not commercial kinds...) and I always put plain meat on my salads.

I'm crossing my fingers that the weight i'm holding onto is just PMS weight, and that once this week is over it'll be gone!!!! hopehopehope!

10-04-2007, 01:27 PM
Kraw... I'll cross my fingers with ya! I lost 5 lbs in one day the day I got my period. By the third day, I'd lost 8 lbs of water weight! That pre-period bloat can look really ugly on the scale.

10-04-2007, 02:03 PM
Been cleaning house like a MF!:dance: ;) My hair is drenched . . . not sure if I'm working hard or having a hot flash!:dizzy: Has this started happening to you yet fitin?

Misery. So I'm taking a break for one last read and one more cuppa.:cool:

Found my exercise ball and using it for a pc chair . . . definitely needs way more air - I'm typing almost from UNDER the desk!!!:o (But using proper CORE form and adjusting my CORE balancing) . . . *sway*sway*sway - to and fro*

Hi Aud!

You know what used to happen to me, I used to sweat like crazy at night while I was asleep. But since I've lost those 36 lbs, I don't sweat anymore, but I do sweat while doing some exercise or any kind of movement. But then I have always been a sweater! LOL

Oh by the way, I lost a 1lb!!!! I'm working out on my elliptical and it kick start my weight loss again!!! I'm also taking L-Carnitine to rev up my metab. So all is well with my soul!!!!

Hope you all are doing good! Hang in there, we can do whatever we want to do if we put our heart, soul and mind to it!!

Take Care Ladies!!!

10-04-2007, 02:44 PM
well ladies i am back again. I have tried everything else and I just keep coming back to you guys :D I have decided to quit messing around and finally finish this. I have set myself a mini goal of 20 lbs by my birthday which is totally achievable. I have till December 14. So keep me going with your support. I can do this. So many of you are such inspirations. I am going to re read the book to re fresh myself. I will try and read through the posts and catch up. My starting weight is currently 247.

10-04-2007, 05:08 PM
Hi all, Hows everyone today ?

Welcome back ilovemike, Stick with us, your B-day goal is very acheivable!

Aud, House work is a great workout (one I rarely do). 2 of the 5 lbs I put on are gone already, I just can't help but be anoyed at haveing to lose the same lbs over and over. I have an axcersie ball, a cheap one, and I am too afraid to pop it :o to use it properly, also my balance is terible, but I suppose if I actualy used it it might get better. I'm so prepared to kick Octobers butt!

FIT, I'm glad the eliptical is working for you! Keep it up! I think I might try the L-carnitine. I read about it in the book and I tried the cromium , which he also recomends, but it made me nauseous and I had to quit taking it.

BB, I think the biggest meal at noon is a great idea! I always find I'm less hungry in the evening if I eat more, earlier in the day. Sending some:dust:back to you.

I also like to stay on induction level carbs, as I find I quit losing if I add many more, but it makes a difference for me if the extra carbs are from lc vegg, it doesn't stall me like it does if I add nuts or to many other carbs. I'm not a big fan of lettuce so mostly my salads consist of other veggies which doesnt seem to have slowed me down. I don't think cutting out veg to strictly would be healthy.

I hope everyone is doing great today!
I have a nasty cold and am craving some carby comfort foods. But resisting pretty well.

10-04-2007, 08:24 PM
Hi Punce! :getwell:
Thanks again!
I hope you get better quick, that sucks being sick and trying to stick with your woe. But you know what, you can have chicken soup! If you are up to making some, :chef: that is if you like it.

I agree on the induction level carbs, that's what I try to do too. I feel safer eating those.

:wave: ilovemike! How are you!!

Gotta go finish dinner, having Lindas' Low Carb, Taco Bake, ohhh I highly recommend that!!!
Take Care!!

10-05-2007, 02:52 AM
Hi all, starting atkins again tomorrow. i was on it 3 years ago and in 4 months loss 33 lbs. have kept it off and not gained. losing again now. i go for atkins plan in fall. easier for me and all. so good luck sounds like your all doing good. keep it up. LaDean

10-05-2007, 09:12 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

Welcome back Sandra....Im back myself after an extended ......well lets call it a vacation :lol:

Hello, to all the new folks :wave:

Well, I didnt make it thru the day yesterday. But I did have a lightblub moment. I detailed it in my blog if your interested. But in a nutshell, I need to get more sleep to help deal with everyday life and eating healthy.

Im off to get my food for the day packed up! Supper is already thawing, and the day is planned quite well. So it is going to be a successful day!

Have a great day ladies.

beach bum
10-05-2007, 11:23 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Its foggy out side all most like thick Pea soup but I going to take my chance and walk along the beach. I have been exercising but not down at the water and I miss the sea breezes and the salty air.

This afternoon I'm going to meet with my singing group to rehearse for one of our local nursing home recitals on Oct 16th.

Going to W-I tomorrow,yesterday I was up 2 lb today I down 2 lbs.,but the real test will be tomorrow.

KRAW,LYN & MISSY FLUFFS-The scale is just a tool for recording weight loss & gain. Don't let it get you down,[I should talk,ask my poor DH] I don't :no: have TOM visiting me anymore but when he did I would jump 5 lbs up and than down again. That the the way womans body were created. You can't do too much about it. So eat the right foods watch the carb intake and you do fine.

FIT-Congrats :congrat: on your weight loss.Its funny how you mentioned that you sweat at night. I do too,and I'm way over TOM.Even in a air conditioned room. Went to the docs and he told me I have some thing called Hperhidrosis a sweating ailment that just happens on the trunk of my body.He gave me some pills and now it gone. I not on meds anymore. I love :love:Linda's web site, so many recipes to choose from and she gives the carb count.

ilovemike-Welcome :welcome1: back. Its great to see familiar faces again. Wish Lily would come back.Oh by all means you'll be down by then. We'll all support you and I'm sending some :dust: your way.

Puncezilla-Thanks:thanks: for you're encouragement. The nurse to my DH and this is the second week we're trying it. Your right:yes: I don't feel as hungry anymore. Hope I will continue to succeed in this way of eating. I try to keep my starchy carbs to once a day,and preferably in the early meal,so to burn the carbs. Thanks for the :dust:.Salads don't have to have lettuce in them veggies of all sorts can be used instead. Right now I'm SICK of salads so I'm eating homemade veggie soup. Sorry:sorry: you're mot feeling well Get :getwell:better soon.

LaDEAN-Welcome:welcome: to the thread. WOW!! You're doing:cheers: fantastic, losing 33 lbs and keeping it off for so long.Glad you're here with us and give is some pointers of how to keep it off.

ROBIN-Sorry :sorry: about your day,but glad to here you have a plan. That will make you suceed. Where can we see your blog??????

Have to go, will check in later

Hugs :) BB

10-05-2007, 11:54 AM
the link is in my signature BB :)

10-05-2007, 12:31 PM
Thanks BB!

I also sweat really bad when I'm under pressure and when I get nervous and it all comes from my head!
I can sweat as good as any man! LOL

Hi to every single one of you Ladies!!!!
Sorry I can't say an individual hello, I'm here and there today at work.
Keep up the good work all!

10-05-2007, 01:04 PM
I just wanted to report a small victory. I guess the reason I like Atkins is the lessening of cravings. I was at a meeting last night from 5:15 to 8:15 and dinner was provided in the form of sandwiches and chips. It wasn't a place where I could bring my little lunch box which was filled with left over chicken thighs. In the past when I was doing a low cal diet or Weight Watchers, I would sit and obsess about the sandwiches and listen to to my stomach growl. I was always hungry and I would reach a point where I just couldn't concentrate on anything but the forbidden sandwich. Eventually, I would cave and start stuffing one into my mouth. Now, I'm not starving all the time and the carvings are gone. I was able to sit at the table and concentrate on what I was doing and wasn't very tempted by the sandwiches. When the meeting was over, I ate my chicken and it was fine.

This is just me, but I find boring food is the right thing for me. It's easier not to make all the decisions. I did Weight Watchers (unsuccessfully) for years and the constant, "I can eat this, if I don't eat this" or "I can eat this if I use the fat free sour cream" got to be too much. Even then I would eat the same breakfast every morning so I didn't have to think about it. Now I eat the same breakfast (sausage patties and yes, I checked the label for carbs), the same lunch most days (salad with grilled chicken) and often the same dinner for two or three days at a time, like the crock pot chicken thighs. The less I think about food, the better off I am. That's why I think I can stay on induction for an extended time. Of course, everyone is different and it's very possible that after I finish bragging about my food choices, I'll go bonkers and start eating everything in sight tonight. Hmmm, what is in sight right now. Good thing I'm at work! Thanks for letting me post this. Lynn

10-05-2007, 01:37 PM
Hi ladies I hope that everyone is doing great today. I have set myself to start on Monday cause I wont be able to get any grocery shopping done until then. Dont worry this is not a stall. I am just working 2 jobs and well I am on my way right now to job #2 so I will catch you guys later. Hope everyone has a good day.

10-05-2007, 02:59 PM
:welcome3: ladean & ilovemike! :welcome2: I remember you ilmike, 'cause that's my DH's name - the "4always" part has come into question lately here tho'!;):dizzy:

Have enjoyed catching up and reading along to everyone's Posts . . . can just relate soooo much puncie/fittie/lynnar & BBeachie!:hug:

I fall into the category of never having been stalled by cruciferous/non starchy vegetables/salads. Recently, I have been using straight olive oil as a dressing (salt 'n peppa too.) Mainly 'cause I just like the taste. I also fall into the category of falling to the wayside when I don't plan for this wol, ya know?

Let's take the last 24 hrs as an example - manned the Contract Ratification Polls (brief recap of ME: I'm an elected union official recently returned from strike - just got a call that our local voted the tentative agreement DOWN :o - so far the only local in the U.S. to do so!) Anyhoo . . . didn't plan for these long hours much so yes, I again ate A GALAXY of OffPlan CRAP!:mad::(

Funny thing is . . . as I continue to Post Along here with y'all . . . (and my profuse apologies to anyone who is sick of me falling on and off the LC Wagon!:^:) . . . I've been able to pick myself right back up and Carry On My Wayward Son, ya know?:dizzy:

This is HUGE for me . . . there was a time that I'd beat myself up so bad that I would just vanish and go on a Carb Loading Comfort Food Binge that could last for days/weeks/months/years/forEVAH . . . I've maintained my latest loss quite well by coming here almost daily . . . keeping up the exercise no matter how nuts my eating is and pounding me some water irregardless, ya know?

Tx for the support Everybody . . . and for being here!:hug:


10-05-2007, 03:23 PM
Hi everyone, didn't mean to desert the group. I was very busy last week with my DH being home from work. Got in a lot of good fishing, ball games, Karaoke and such. I babysat my 3 yr. old and 1 yr. old grandsons the past 2 days, so couldn't get on the computer (gotta watch them every second). I did have a flood in one bathroom, the laundry room, my bedroom and the kitchen. An empty box of babywipes next to the commode was the culprit. So, pretty exciting week around here.

I think I'm finally over being sick, so need to get back to exercising more. Was planning to join a gym this week with my friend but she said she has to wait a week due to the expense.

I'm trying hard now to back to low-carb eating. My cravings are getting better and I should be good today.

10-05-2007, 03:31 PM
Stepping away from sounds scary. Here's why I'm going to give it a try.

I got Jillian Michaels' book Making the Cut in the mail and I've been reading it. In the beginning, she has a "quiz" to find out what sort of oxidizer you are (in other words, how different foods affect you). I'm a fast oxidizer, which means that carbs make me hungry fast, proteins/fats make me feel good--sound familiar? It says in the book that fast oxidizers are people who've had good success in the past with Atkins. I'd agree with that. She recommends a ratio of 30% fat, 30% carbs and 40% protein as a macronutrient breakdown. That's WAY more than I'm getting right now. She says your RMR/BMR should be your daily calorie number to shoot for, so your body doesn't go into starvation mode. That's about 1500 calories for me.

On those many calories, my macros are: 450 calories (50 grams) from fat, 450 calories (112 grams) from carbs and 600 calories (150 grams) from protein. She does say that the carbs should come MOSTly from low-glycemic (non-starchy) vegetables. The book does say that occasionally, berries or an apple (as long as they're paired with protein) are okay, she also recommends nuts and sprouted-grain bread (occasionally). All-in-all, it sounds pretty healthy.

The idea of adding so many carbs back in is, on the one hand, very scary for me. On the other hand, she says VERY clearly to stay away from anything processed, refined, sugary or starchy--so it's not TOO far from Atkins on that point.

What made me decide for sure was when I went off track a week ago and gained 10 pounds. I'm willing to bet that some of that is actual fat (maybe 3-4 pounds worth...I really went overboard), but I know that the rest is likely glycogen/water. This gets me frustrated. probably 8 pounds of my "weight loss" isn't fat at all...and every time I eat too many carbs, it throws my numbers off and it's a really mental head game for me.

I'm going to try it Jillian Michaels' way for a month or so and see how it goes. I'm willing to accept that the numbers on the scale are NOT going to be back down to 153 any time soon...because I'll have my glycogen/water back. But at least I'll be sure when the scales DO creep downward, that it's actual fat.

I don't think that her suggested macronutrient ratio makes the diet I'm going to be following starting Monday "Low Carb" anymore, but I wanted to let you ladies know that I'm still going to be checking in with you all regularly. Because you're my family--you keep me going and inspire me. I feel most at home with this particular group of ladies, so I hope you don't mind that I'll still be around?

--Kim (Azure) :)

10-05-2007, 03:45 PM
Saw your Post over at TBL, azzie & came over here to Our LC Family Thread to see if you were here - (Hiya lilyb! - been missing ya much!:hug:)

Tweak away Dear Az!:carrot: Just so glad that you already said you'd be checking in here too.:hug:

When I saw your TBL Post about Jillian and the ratio's was just gonna say that if memory serves - my take on Atkins ND Revolution - the depletion of the gycogen stores are what turns us into FAT BURNING MACHINES? . . . . kicks up the metabolism to burn the fat even while we are asleep etc???

So yeah, I see where it could be troubling you that part of the #'s on the scale after a binge and then a loss could just be the glycogen/water retention . . . but losing that is integral to ketosis and constant burning off true fat.

That's my take/memory of the science of Atkins . . . thinking. Our Successful JerseyGirl or lilyB may have it down better than me.:^:

You know I'm here for ya whatever the woe/wol may be azzie!:hug:

10-05-2007, 03:53 PM
Thanks, Aud. I do know about being in ketosis and how it's supposed to turn you into a fat burning machine :D That is what Dr. Atkins suggests! I'm not going to deny that I've lost fat while on Atkins, too...but because I've yo-yoed so much on it, I feel like I've spent most of my time while on Atkins gaining and re-losing glycogen and I've spent very little time in ketosis.

I'm not saying that Atkins doesn't work. I'm just tired of feeling like I'm a failure every time I have a bad day and step on the scale to see I've gained 8 pounds... I'm working on my "staying on plan"ness--So far my 12-week program is a success! I just feel like I'm going to switch up what I'm doing and see what happens.

112 grams of carbs sounds scary... But that's TOTAL carbs, not net carbs. So long as I stick to high-fiber options for veggies, fruits, etc, I think I'll be just fine. So I'm hoping. :)

I'll let you know how it's going. If in a month I don't see progress, I'll have to try something else again.

10-05-2007, 04:23 PM
BB, MMMMM.... pea soup. I'v kinda been craving it since I'v been sick, so when I read your post it made me Laugh. Wish there was a LC version of that.

Fit, Thanks for the well wishes. I Think I'll check out the taco bake, it sounds delishous.

Welcome Ladean, Way to go keeping it off for 3 years, thats great!

Lynar, I realy enjoyed your post. I can relate to the obsesing about the food to the piont of not consentrating on anything else (even when I'm not realy hungry). And boring food works for me too. I don't think about food as much when I'm OP. The more variety I have the more I eat.

Robin, Sleep is so important, It's so much harder to care about what your eating when you're so tired. I hope things settle down a bit for you so you can catch up on your ZZ's. Awsome that your buisness is doing so well though!

Aud, We'll never be sick of you, no matter how many galaxies you eat. We all fall of the wagon, I'v fallen off so many times I'm black and blue, well mostly blue. Thats what we're here for, to help with the jumping right back on and movin' on part.
I'm sure glad I don't have your job, I'd be a wrek.

Hi Lily, Glad you're feelin' better and back with us.

Azz, I hope it works out for you and that you continue to chat with us, I read that the average person eats about 300grams carbs, so 112 could still be considered LC.;)

Bouncie? You still with us?

I hope everyone has a great friday!

10-05-2007, 04:26 PM
Also wanted to let you know someone posted a link to a blog about thermodynamics over in the maintenanc forum that was very interesting. Go over and check it out if you get a chance.

10-05-2007, 04:44 PM
Hello ladies, truth be told I'm having a very bad couple of days. Having some difficulties with my fiance. I found out last night that the married man I had an affair with years ago(I know, it's awful, I used to be a terrible person) Well anyways, I find out that this man divorced his wife shortly after I cut off contact with him about 5 years ago, and eventually married someone else. I feel like being upset about this is sort of like "cheating" on my fiance, but I just can't help myself. I can't help but fall into what-if thinking. Meanwhile, my fiance is being difficult about planning our wedding. I probably shouldn't have done it, but I agreed that I wanted to lose a certain amount of weight before we got married. He's being difficult, said he's just not excited about planning the wedding, or booking a date or anything, until he sees more progress. I don't want to make him out to be a bad guy or anything. I mean, I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that weight is not an issue in relationships. KWIM? I wonder if any of you ladies can relate. I hope nobody responds back with any "he's a jerk" or anything, because I do love him, and he is just as open and honest and kind as he can be.

Anyways, the good side of all this emotional turmoil I'm going through is that I haven't used any of it as an excuse to go off plan. And that is kind of rare for me. I'm determined to lose weight for good this time, I feel like my future children depend on it, since I have fertility issues that are exacerbated by the weight. I can't let emotional crap get in the way of what I really want in life anymore.

Azure... that still sounds like a good lo-carb plan to me. I mean, 112 carbs is still very low compared to the government recommended food pyramid..Don't get me started on that one! And it's great that she focuses so much on natural non-processed foods. I think you'll have good success with that diet, especially since you exercise so much.

Lily.. welcome back! Glad you're over being sick. I'm waiting to have the money to join a gym too! :LOL:

AUD... glad you're here posting your ups and downs. It helps me get back on the wagon too. I had a great week this week, and I know it's because I didn't succumb to feeling bad about myself and jumping down into that "I'll never lose weight" ice-cream eating pity party. I've been 100% on plan for 5 days now and I feel great!

lynn... that weight watchers sounds like a nightmare to me. My fiance had an interesting observation about what happens when I do planning/calorie counting. I become obsessed about food. I seem to have the same kind of success you're talking about when I just stick to 5 or so basic foods and eat them every day. It's the same as when I'm off the plan and feeling bad about myself and eating nothing but icecream, chinese food, and burgers. So why not just stick to the handful of low-carb foods that I love and are easy to prepare? It seems to me that turning the food into quick no-brainer meals gives me more time to focus on life instead of food.

I'm sorry I'm not doing more personal hellos... but I suppose I gotta get back to work. Thanks for letting me vent here ladies. I hope you all enjoy my soap operas!

10-05-2007, 04:49 PM
Oh.. one more thing.

BEach bum... I am going to take your advice about the weighing myself daily... at least part way. It seems that since when I get bloated, the scale goes up and I get all upset, I just won't weigh myself when I'm bloated. I'll do the ring test first thing in the morning, if my ring doesn't fit, I won't get on the scale that day. Seems easy enough.

10-05-2007, 06:12 PM
Flufs, Sorry your having a hard time right now. Weight has never been an issue in my relationship, other than the fact I have little energy and don't feel atractive. My DH Feels the same way about me regardless. I was thinner when we met and my weight has fluctuated over the years since then (mostly up) I was 195 when we go married. There could be other reasons he's not excited about planning or setting a date, maybee he just uses this because you said you wanted to lose more first. A lot of guys just aren't in to wedding stuff, especialy the planning part.
I think most people look back at things in the past and say "what if?" it deosn't mean you don't love your current BF. So don't stress over it. (Unless you truely wish you where still with him)
ANyhoo... Good for you sticking with it through the stress.:hug:

beach bum
10-06-2007, 11:18 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Nothing new,Leo & I are going to rest this weekend as we're not feeling well.Just found out one of my friends in my choir died yesterday,so thats up setting my life right now.Funeral will be Wednesday,as Monday is a holiday.

I was suppose to W-I this morning but I forgot,along with my meds. Was hungry and had my breakfast without thinking that I had to W-I.Will do so tomorrow instead.

ROBIN-Thanks I found the blog,thanks for sharing.

Fit-Don't know how & why I have its seat gland dysfunction but I do. Hope iges away as fast as it came.

Lynn-I like those NSV also, keep up the good work.

ilovemike -Having two jobs must be hard on you and your diet. You never have a exact time when you'll be eating.Luckly I'm retired and can have my meals anytime.Good luck on your Atkins diet this Monday.

LILYGlad to see you posting again. I know life can get you busy especially when a baby is concerned. Happy that your back to excercise and starting the low carb woe again.

AZURE-You have to do what is good for you. Going to miss your daily post. I like Jillian Michaels from the biggest losers and even though I won't buy the book I got a lot of information about what she has in her books from the biggest loser message board, that I bookmarked.

Punceziila-Don;t like pea soup at all,my dh loves it. Chicken barley is my favorite soup right now.

MISSY FLUFF-Thats they only way I know that would keep the blues away from a weigh-in. I saw to many time as a WW meeting where ladies actually cried say they follow the diet to a TEE and their weight was up on the scale and others saying that they cheated and they had a good weigh-in. FLUCTUATIONS on the scale can be devastating,so that why I use the average weight loss instead.

Have to go,will checking later

Hugs :) BB

10-06-2007, 12:10 PM
Well today is my dads birthday and I am glad that I am not starting till Monday cause he wants to go out for pizza. Well I hope all you ladies are doing good. I am at work right now so i have to make this short.

10-06-2007, 01:57 PM
Hiya LC'ers!:wave:

Looks like Our Forum changes got done while I was actually reading everyones Posts - ahhh technology. Had no probs coming here so all is well so far, eh?:comp:

Have to work again tonight . . . just getting soooo drained from it all . . . contract not ratified yet - my local one of only 3 that have turned the puppy down. Stressful to the max!:stress:

I'm moving on with the disappointment in how I've been handling the schedule changes & aforementioned stress - by putting it all in perspective . . . no, I haven't handled it all perfectly . . . but waaaaaaay better than I handled things over the years, ya know? Exercise has been the key this time . . . that and waterwaterwater.:strong::swim:

26 days . . . 26 days :s: until end of October - Halloween!:sklol:

Glad you Posted some personal stuff :dance:MF!:hug: Makes me feel better about the things I just went ahead and shared over time here with you cyber-buds, ya know? Not gonna say your DF is a "jerk" etc . . . but would consider from my soon to be 47 experience stand point that his being "difficult" til he sees some "progress" as a gigantically waving red flag. Not a big fan of Conditional Love. NOW-not LATER-is the time for you to work things like this out and you mentioning it here shows that on some level you already know this & are taking your time on this. Smart Girl!:carrot:

Reading along here - I've gotta agree that on any other wol/woe I tend to become obsessed and fixated on food. Didn't really think about it until reading you gals' experiences. With LC/Atkins - I have ventured now and then for some bread replacements and/or desserts at times - but now that I think about it - that kind of leads me back into obsession at this point in my journey, ya know?:spin: I'll make lots and lots of the lc bread - or look & look for:book2: different desserts and then just THINK & THINK about them.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr . . . weird!:bomb: And something I need to work out for myself if I ever hope to be a real maintainer.

IA that for now . . . sticking with a core group of foods is the best idea for me. Definitely need to address and work thru the obsession issue for future maintenance success, I think.:chin:

10-06-2007, 02:14 PM
I feel a little foolish, ladies! I took the macronutrient breakdown provided in Jillian's book and tried to make some menus with her suggested food list last night. For "Fast Oxidizers" she says that fatter meats (and dark meat) are best, as is full fat dairy, etc. I would only get 50g of fat with my calorie intake based on her percentages, and I would have to be eating almost ALL of that in just the meat alone, if I also wanted to make the protein grams she has required.

I was getting a headache trying to create a SINGLE DAY'S menu with her macronutrient breakdown. So, I've decided that instead of give myself something ELSE to stress over, I'm going to stick to Atkins. I think no matter what, something more "Low Carb" than the typical American diet is best. What I'm going to do is stay for one more week at Induction-level, then start bumping up my carbs in incriments. I want to add in a daily dose of berries and nuts after the first week, and I'll see where I go from there. I don't think that I would have been able to keep Jillian's Macro breakdown...112 carbs is a LOT after being used to under 20 for awhile! I think if I end up ultimately somewhere around 60, I'll be set for life.

I haven't ever attempted the Atkins "OWL" I'm going to stick to this for now. I don't have to THINK too hard about how to eat on Atkins, it's easy as long as I can resist my binging urges. I know from past experience that even allowing a more varied selection of "other" foods doesn't make my binging urges go away. I'll be dealing with those compulsions no matter what diet I'm following.

So, since I'm on a 12-week program that involves NO BINGING :) It won't matter about the glycogen/water weight regain for now...since I won't have to deal with it again. Hopefully by the time I've completed the 12-week program, I'll have a good carb-level that allows for more veggies, some berries (and maybe the occasional apple) and nuts/peanut butter.

Thanks for being here for me, ladies. I appreciate that you support me no matter what. You really are a huge support for me on this forum, and I'm SO glad that when I went looking for "Atkins/Weight Loss Forums" on Google, that I found 3FC and then, you. :hug:

10-07-2007, 11:37 AM
Hello guys. Well I woke up this morning and I am sick. Great huh. So I am just dropping by to say hi and hope that everyone has a relaxed sunday.

beach bum
10-07-2007, 01:04 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Just checking in to say I going to rest the entire day as I was rushed to the Emergency Room early this morning with Heart Palpitation. All is OK now.

The House Doctor took a EKG & my blood pressure along with some blood work all is fine. I have not idea that is causing them. Except for:stress: stress:stress: over my friend dieing on Friday and my DH having to go to the hospital for a throat stretch.

The doctor is putting me on a time release meds to stop the heart fluttering.

Hope very one has a great Columbus Day weekend,and I'll be back later to see who everyone doing.

With all this going on I forgot to W-I so I guess it will be prosponed until tomorrow.

Hugs :) BB

10-07-2007, 03:46 PM
Mornin' fellow Losers.:D

Sorry about your troubles BB, Glad you're OK! I hope you feel better soon.:hug:

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!:carrot:

I ate SO much yesterday, :eating2: but all OP and I am down another lb this morning!

10-07-2007, 04:33 PM
BB- I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. :hug:
I glad to hear you're doing better today, I also hope your DH is okay too!
Well, take care of yourself and I hope you have a restful day today!!

Get well soon Ilovemike!! :getwell:

WTG again to you Punce!! :carrot:

10-07-2007, 08:59 PM
Hey BB the palptations are probably from the stress. Just try to relax or if you are taking in large amounts of caffiene that will do it too. I hope that you get better.