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09-21-2007, 09:23 PM
I heard this on the radio the other day and thought it provided worthwhile information:

NPR: What Does it Take to Clean Fresh Food? (

From the page: So the magazine did some comparative testing, by cleaning apples and pears in four different ways. They washed one batch with an antibacterial soap. (That, by the way, is not recommended by food safety experts nobody thinks swallowing soap is a good idea.)

They washed other pieces of fruit with a solution of diluted vinegar (one part vinegar to three parts water), rinsing afterward with pure water. They scrubbed the third group with a brush, and simply rinsed the fourth group with clean water.


But the cleaning method that worked the best was the dilute vinegar rinse. It removed 98 percent of the bacteria.

I'm definitely going to try this next time!

(Mods, I wasn't sure if this belonged in news and events, or cooking tips - please move if appropriate - thanks!)

09-22-2007, 12:45 AM
Thanks for sharing! I'll have to give this a try. I've often wonderered if just plain water was doing any good at all.