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09-21-2007, 04:08 PM
HI all ! I am new here. I just joined my local bodyworks fitness center and also their diet plan called the PMS diet.Anyone hear of it? Its a high protien diet for breakfast you choose one starch (such as 1/2c dry or cooked cereal),1 fruit ,and 1 dairy.For lunch its 1 starch (like 2 slices diet breador 1 oz reduced fat crakers)1 fruit,1 meat, 1 veg.and dinner is 1 starch,1 meat,2 veg. and you have to eat 3 supplemnets (they provide) a day like a protien shake and those protien bars.Is anyone on this? Or anything similar?I am looking for meal ideas .I have done well so far I have lost 6 pounds and have only been on it 4 days.I should also mention it is reccomended you workout 4 days a week. That part has been very hard because I live 40miles from work and the fittness center, and work 9 hours a day but I am sticking to it but i am exhaughsted.I don't think this diet really has anything to do with PMS I don't really know I guess I should ask butit would be fuuny considering I had a hesterectomy a year ago and don't really have that issue anymore.I need ideas on food for this diet . Its kind of limited .I was on the atkins diet for 2 years and lost 50lbs but then i got my hysterectomy and went off of it and stopped dieting and gained 20 of it back .I tried going back on the atkins but i was not loosing anything.But its hard for me to get out of the low carb mode.So any ideas would be great thanks !! Kovu

09-21-2007, 05:08 PM
Never heard of it, but better nutrition and exercise help pms symptoms for many, also enough calcium.

Protein shakes and bars - have a lot of sugar and other ingredients, there are other options for snacks, they want to make money off you on those. You shouldn't be forced to buy them from them.