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01-06-2002, 07:01 PM
well this week we will not only focus on the water intake (my down fall) but we are going to start a Focus goal

Goal for water is to drink atleast 100 oz of water 5 out of 7 days this week

I want you to several times daily when you drink the water to think about why you are doing this life style.

yes we all want to lose weight we want to be healthy. we want to feel comfortable with ourselves. We do and give all for everyone else why cann't we do things for our selves?? why do we put everyone else as more importanl than our selves??? we can not continue to devoet our entire mind body and soul to others if we ourselves are not healthy. and how much can we give if we are sick??? so this week i want you to focus on your health, on avoiding the cardiac diseases, and obestiy, avoiding the diabeties that looms in the corner, avoid the extra strain on the joints of the extra weight, enjou being able to breath easier with the extra weight off, enjoy being able to walk up the stairs without getting short of breath and having to take a rest!! let us put ourselves ahead of the game here and think of ourselves.

I was just reading my PPLP book and what it was saying was shocking. I have read it before but to have it repaeated again. What i had read is the chemical responce to carbs grains when it breaks down is much like opium. and it's responce to the brain is like opium. that is why when we eat it we have the feeling of staisfaction and then cravings for them. when we eat a full dinner and some one asks if we want more meat we say no but when they bring out the desert we are still full but the brain craves the feeling so it overrides the feeling and says yes. This was very interesting. that is why it takes some tome to get rid of the cravings and when you eat some thing with hidden carbs we will have cravings without even knowing it.

It gives us something to think about when we think just one will not hurt. I know that i have an addictive nature so that is like a death sentance to me, but yet i tempt it and tease it daily!!!! Why?? di I not value my worth??? I do so i must care for my self!!! so that is why i chose this as our challenge for the week. I want you to think before you take that wrong bite. I want you to think of who you are ans how bad do you want this.

I will be posting ways to make and meet your goals tomorow so hand =g one

01-06-2002, 08:15 PM
Well girl you are on a tear!!! I just love it!!

I am so determined to make my goal before I hit the big 40!!

As an addiction counselor, your comparison to opium is very distressing and interesting. As a matter of fact I have noticed similarities of my physical responce to carbs are similar to those with heroin, a step or 2 from opium. Obviously in a less intence variation.

I am in.

Water will be my primary focus as well. I would also like to exercise 5 days. I also posted a challenge on teh 100# club so I will just copy my replies.

Thanks for the strength

To gether we can do anything!!

01-07-2002, 02:22 PM
Pat i will send you the url that i first read it. it talks about sugar being the opium but from what i read it is the grains that when they break down turns to opoids. I know that it is very distressing i also see it when i partaketh!! I also see it when I start having cravings the first thing i cravve is grains!!! then if i scucumb then it is the sugars.

I will have to search to see if there is amy more info regarding the grains. But i was reading it in PPLP if you can get the book from the library. I may find another post from the other forum that has it stated in it very clearly I will try to find that.

01-07-2002, 04:34 PM
Drinking and peeing like a good girl!!! I like the challenge ideas along with our # thread. Focus is key.

Thanks for doing this! Catch you later on #15

01-07-2002, 11:01 PM
hi all :) just did treadmill. have been doing it every night. had 102 oz water. feel bloated today though. not quiet sure why. didn't want to follow plan today but did. didn't have cravings or anything but i was just moody i guess. do you know why i'm still stuck @151???? I went from 159-152 in 2 day(water weight) but i'm staying low in carbs,drinking tons water,and exercising and the scale is the same. I just want under 150 again even if its 149. I hate the 150's. My husbands fire dept. banquet is Feb 2 I have to be able to wear my black pants by then. gotta go shower kids say i stink(sweaty)from work out. I can't let one crummy day take me off plan and coming here makes me feel so much better. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE.

01-08-2002, 12:20 AM
BOO hang tough it will be hard to get your body over that hump, it seems to take a few days drop then wait a few nmore then again drop. so hang in there your body is adjusting. DRINK DRINK DRINK

I managed to get about 120 today!! WHOO HOOO

exercise yes and OP all the way although thought of brownies did float in my head as i cut them up and dished them out for my little boys!!

01-08-2002, 06:39 AM
Day 1 Was a success!!!

I worked out for an hour
Drank my gallon of water
and didn't cheat!

Sue, Thanks for the info I will check it out. Great inspiration post at the 100# site!!

B00- You are doing great!!. Check your diet for hidden sodium, that might be holding onto the water. Also, I used a piece of clothing that was tight and kept checking myself with how it fit. when the scale wasn't moving. Because muscle weighs more than fat. Take your measurements too. These will all keep you motivated when the metal monster is acting up.

Dana, I just read that when a person's dehydrated your body's metabolism slows down to compensate. SO heave that glass again on the way to the toilet :o LOL

OK girls off to tackle Tuesday

01-08-2002, 09:47 PM
Thanks for the imput. I looked over my journal again and noticed I am sneaking in an extra small grain at night. This could be the problem. I didn't do well today. I'm moody,bloated,and I swear I just got off my period 2 weeks ago and I'm spotting like I'm going to start again. I hate that. My plan only allows a grain 16 carbs or less during breakfast only. I also made fresh fruit salad with low carb yogurt instead of whip cream and I wonder if that also has something to do with this. I was suppose to have have an only protein day today but had a candy bar my daughter bought for me. I couldn't tell her i'm on a diet and she bought me and her one to eat together. she never does that so i gave in so she wasn't suspicious because the only time i turn down chocolate is when i'm dieting. she's 12 and that's when i got turned on to dieting which has ruined most of my life.

I'm NOT letting this one day of mess up keep me down though i'm going to go exercise as usual and i'm drinking 3/33.82 oz water a day. My clothes felt horrible today. I feel sooo bloated. I have some monthly thing going on right now again and i will watch my fruits and morning grain more careful for this next week and see what happens.

01-08-2002, 10:30 PM
Hay BOO that is awful considerae for doing that!! I give Steak points for doing that. :D Ond day at a time. I have most of my stuff ready to put up. i just have to condencs it as it is very long and takes several pages but it is really helpful for setting personal goals and achieving them. I know that you would find them great. But you are doing better than last week and that is good. look at how far you are getting. now just a bit more and you will do fine. youtoo Terri. just a bit harder and you will have it. And Terri I have had days like that and those are the days that I forget to post about :roll eyes: :lol: I know they are going to come and we can not beat our selves on them we just need to day it is done and tomorow willbe a better day. I love my fast foods and i really have a hard time saying no!! so if i have a fast food day during a hard time I will eat it.!! and yesterday Qualifies !! I would have had McD' with supersized fries and thought about a choc shake. (would have passed as it is cold :lol: )

01-09-2002, 06:36 AM
Day 2 was a success.
45 mins w/o time
almost all my water:o
OP food wise.

OH I've lost all my holiday weight!!!! I almost forgot. I was doing the scale dance yesterday morning. I was initially ready to throw it out the window as I thought I had put on 5# and read it as 241#. then I refocused and saw it read 231.5 . I was much better then. :D

B00- Oh girl, I am sorry that you were having a bad day yesterday. I hope you are feeling better today.

Sue, I too love the fast food. But I did start noticing when I cheated that it made my mouth feel greasy and my stomach bloated. UGH

01-10-2002, 12:43 AM
SUSIE Q............120!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Girl!!!!!!! I am green , green , green and delighted!!!

I like this challenge. I am usually pretty good with the water if my tummy is in any kind of good humor. For a while there..............oh my!!!!! It seems to have evened out and I am doing fine. I like to make it 130 oz everyday but I do manage at least 100oz. Of course I must say I sweat all the time( change of life) and drink a lot so it isn't to hard for me to do. I have always been a thirsty person anyway from birth. I am always drinking something.

You know I shall consider your question as to why we do not take care of ourselves. As you know I will openly tell you exactly what I think even though when I do everyone quits posting"smile." Still our sharing of thoughts, ideas and understandings will alway help someone get a light bulb moment.
You all certainly do for me.

Love you all

01-11-2002, 12:59 PM
Yesterday I hung my head in shame as teh intake for wednesday was about 60 but yesterday as it was hung i stuck a straw in it and too 100 water 16 diet soda and of course my coffee of about 20 oz. I was floating!!!

01-12-2002, 06:59 AM
Well I wanted to summarize the week.

I worked out 5 Days in a row for at least 45 mins to an hour :D

I ate OP all week. Did not cheat. I said no to the office candy bowl everytime it tried to lure me with it's swan song.

I drank my water, and carried my gallon water jug to a staff meeting. I hadn't done that because I didn't want to draw any attention to myself, however when I didn't I only got in 1/2 my water for fridays( the meeting is from 8-12). I took it proudly.

I gave the 2 bags of clothes to a co worker.

I looked in a mirror and it kinda looks like I am getting a waist( I carry most of my weight in my gut)

I can easily walk up 2 flights of stairs with out losing my breath and I have seen skinny people have to catch their breath when they do it!

I am awesome and so are you!!!