30-Somethings - ~*~*~week of 6th January 2002~*~*~

01-06-2002, 11:46 AM
Morning all

Well techically it's good afternoon here. Just thought I would start a quick thread. We were up to four pages last week :dizzy:

Still have this stinking cold and now my head aches. Just call me a bag of germs :lol:

Hope everyone is doing well - well I'm off back to bed everyone.

Backfor 2002
01-06-2002, 01:24 PM

BFB - Sorry to hear the cold still has you down!

I am getting ready to go grocery shopping. We planned our dinners for the week. This should help keep us on track.

DH thinks he is starving. He informed me yesterday that he is sure he is at his goal weight already.

Will check in later.

Backfor 2002
01-06-2002, 04:36 PM
Boy everyone must be busy today! I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.

Vick, How are you feeling today?


01-06-2002, 05:04 PM
Where is everybody???????? Thought Bart's bum would have you all up in arms :s:

nms here
01-06-2002, 06:37 PM
Hi All ~

BFB ~ Loved the bum! I had to call my kids to the computer so they could get a good laugh, too. :)

Sundays must be a slow day here, eh? Hope your all having a good one! Lighter ~~~ Nona :p

01-06-2002, 06:57 PM
HELLO ALL! And welcome to a new week!

I am staying op - woohoo - today will be tough as we had quite a brunch (biscuits & gravy). I'm planning on salad for dinner!

We saw the Lord of the Rings movie last night. It was really good. Also saw A Beautiful Mind recently - also good.

Lauren & Nanci - I also always notice my weight loss (or gain) in my face. I gained some over the holidays & I can tell.:(

Nanci - I've never heard of TTAPP. What type of workout is it? ~ Funny that dh is "starving" and think he's already at goal! Atleast he's entertaining!

BFB - hoped you'd be feeling better by now! Take care of yourself.

Pryia - where oh where are you?

Bailey - are you out there anywhere?

here's to a great week for us all! Let's have some losses!


forgot to mention - my mileage started again for 2002. I'm at 12.993 miles.:)

Backfor 2002
01-06-2002, 07:05 PM
BFB, I did laugh at BART. Where do you get all of those things at?

Nona, I like your "another pound bites the dust"

Rabbit, Great job staying on plan. We are doing well also.

The TTAP is an aerobic stretching type thing. It is really kicking my fanny. You are suppose to try and start with 14 days in a row and then taper it down. I have done 5 in a row so far. You can check it out at the web site ttap.com
I am enjoying it.

DH is certainly entertaining. It is nice to have him doing this with me. It is nice to not having him suggest taco time for dinner.

01-06-2002, 08:45 PM
Hi all,
I'm here.. gained 2.6 pounds. :( So I am still up over starting... hello? when am I going to start doing this?!

I am counting mileage too. I am up to 4. :)

RR, glad you are back home and doing well. PLEASE listen to the doctor.. as a nurse would you ever advise someone to ignore doctor's advice? You have to take care of you.

Glad to hear so many of you are back on track. I am going to keep starting over.

Can't stay and catch up today. I'll check in tomorrow. :)

Have a good Monday!

01-06-2002, 09:20 PM
Hi All,

WE HAVE SNOW!!! And lots of it!! Dani, I hope you're getting some of it by you! :D We're up to about 3-3 1/2 inches now...it just started at about 6:00, and it's 8:10 now. Took us 1:45 to get home from Mom's tonight and she's 30 miles away...Rt. 80 was a mess. A lot of spin-outs and cars just plain stuck because they drove too slow. Thank God for DH's XTerra!! If I have work tomorrow, I'm going to take his and he'll take his pickup truck. They say it's supposed to keep going through the night and day tomorrow. If it does, I'm sure I'll have at least a delayed opening, if not, closed. I hope the office is closed, because I want to make a big pot of soup! Shop Rite is having their can-can sale, and I bought a bunch of corn and peas and some celery and potatoes. Going to add some chicken maybe and yum-yum!! :D

Dani- Bummer on the 2.6. :( I'm not sure what the scale is gonna say tomorrow AM, I know I lost some, because my face is thinner, but it may have only been a little water weight, and probably won't show.

Rabbit- As usual, you're kickin' butt with the mileage!! Biscuits and gravy, yum!!

Nona- Yeah, sometimes it gets quiet around here on the weekend.

Nanci- Good for you, planning your meals for the week! I'm doing that too, because we want to get the freezer cleaned out before we move!

BFB- Actually, I was on earlier, but didn't have time to post. I got a kick out of Bart...as did DH!! :D He came in to get me and saw Bart mooning us and was like, why is Bart mooning you? LOL, he loves that show...in fact, he's in the LR watching it now! :rolleyes:

Have a great evening all!! I'm going to watch the snow accumulate and dream of a 3 day weekend!! :lol:

01-06-2002, 10:04 PM
Good Evening...
Feeling better..just weak and crampy...NEver thought I would say it but I cant wait for AF!!!!!!MD said about 6-8weeks after that sugery.....Mentally, a wreck. I think the hormones are still nutty plus the emotional issues..Things will get better.....Refman is starting some therapy classes for couples that experience what we did starting Next week..That should help...

Now...I have 15 lbs I want to lose...soo I will start immediately..I think a slow long walk on the treadmill tomorrow will be fine as long as I take it easy..I am calling the MD tomorrow since I had Valium preop and dont remember a darn thing about anything Friday evening...The worse thing is no FEEP!!!!!!!!It has been since last year for goodness sake!!!!:s: :s:
Take care...thanks again for helping me through this mess!!!!
Definately never crossed my mind ever that this would happen....
Trying again in March!!!!!!!

01-07-2002, 07:26 AM
Lauren, no snow here :( all rain. bummer. But I'm glad you got some. Good luck with Weigh in! When do you move?

RR, glad you are feeling better. Also glad to hear you are trying again. Please take it easy on the exercise.

Nanci, I'm glad dh is doing this with you. That must make it easier to stick to it. The ttap sounds interesting. I may go check out more info from the website.

BFB, hope you are feeling better soon!

It is 6:30am here and I should be doing other things but couldn't resist checking in for a bit.

Have a great day!

01-07-2002, 08:21 AM
Morning all

I think the cold is finally on the way out. So I guess I have a week to catch up on myself - no I am not going to whinge and complain - just face facts. Hubby has decided that we need to do more walking together. Now what is it with men, when you suggest an idea they pooh pooh it, but when they re-suggest it, it's rocket science. I gently reminded him that I already suggested this a while ago, and guess what, he had another one of his temporary "deaf" spells. The same deaf spell he had on NYE when I told him not to mix drinks :lol: and we all know what happened then.

Glad everyone is okay and especially nice to hear from RR (keep well)

Well I am contemplating changing my avatar to Bart mooning - everytime I look at him I laugh (so sad I know - he brings the :devil: out in me) Not sure if some might find it offensive though :?:

We have just had a show start over here called Fat Club. They have taken 8 overweight people and once a month for 6 months they meet up at Fat Club. Here they have access to a dietician, a psychologist, a GP and an American Fitness Instructor. I am sure he is straight off of one of those camps you send wayward children to. His name is Harvey and I swear he has no heart and he has "mean" running through his veins. Last week he made them do laps in a freezing cold pool and when two of them dared to get out, he shouted them back in again :eek:

The other thing was, they were weighed in swimming cossies only :eek: :eek: . Now I know they are getting an abundance of help, but **** would have to freeze over, the cow would have to jump over the moon and Will Smith would have to dump Jada and marry me, before I left the nation see me on scales in a swimming cossie.

01-07-2002, 08:24 AM
Rabbit here I am.

I will catch up this week. I have the flu and had been really busy.

down 3 lbs though!! Thank you flu!!

01-07-2002, 08:58 AM
I am up at 6AM with the little Tootie making her breakfast...She is good therapy for me!!!:dizzy: :dizzy: Bad to the bone though...
THis morning she is a cat...No speech, just meow!!!Even tried to eat the grits with her tongue..I just laugh at her all the time!!!!

Pryia-Sorry about the flu but congrats on the loss!!!!!!

BFB--IT is soo funny how men are all the same no matter what country or nationality they are...They always like everything "their idea!!!!"Personally, I like Bart!!!That is my motto right now for the world!!!

Lauren-Careful in the snow!!!Our interstates and all bridges closed down last Wed when we had that 1/4inch of snow!!!!:D

Nancy--THat sounds like a cool excercise class..I like anything different.

Well, think I will work on scrapbook today..I am at May 2001!!!Havent even started the wedding book..WOW..that is 27rolls of pics!!!!!:dizzy: I am gonna beg my doc to let me work tomorrow..I need to get out of the house with the mom-in-law..Making me more nuts!!!!!

01-07-2002, 10:25 AM

WooHoo, I'm excited!! Actually, my company did not close down for the day, but where I am, we got about 8 inches of snow last night and when I got out of the shower this AM, it was snowing again!! And it's still snowing!! I called work at 7:30 and told them I was going ot hang out for an hour and see if the snow stopped. Well, it didn't, it started to taper a little, but now it's going again. I just called back and told them I wasn't coming in because the weather said we'd be getting another 3 inches in Morristown, which is closer to where I work, but that means we'll be getting probably 5+ inches. :eek: I won't have this excuse when we move though, because the town is closer to work. :(

I got my crock pot out and started a pot of chicken soup! Yum...been dying for it lately!! I don't have a lot on hand to put in it, but I did put carrots, onions, and celery. I have those canned peas and corn I bought too, I'll dump them in later. I had 2 bone in chicken breasts, so they went in...not a lot of chicken, but it'll do.

RR- :lol:, they're crazy down there, closing the roads for a 1/4 in.!! I think there has to be 3" for them to close schools around here!! Dani, any ideas??

Pryia- Good to see you!! :D Sorry to hear you've got the flu, but congrats on the 3 lbs.!! Hope you feel better soon.

BFB- Glad you're feeling better! I feel like I may be starting a cold...all stuffy. :( I blamed DH for it, because I never get sick, only sinus stuff. He gets sick at least once a year though. What is it with these men?! Oh, and Wil Smith would have to dump Jada for both of us before I'd do that show either!! :D

Dani- Aww, sorry you didn't get any snow. :( Maybe this next storm coming through will get you some?! We get the apartment 1/15, and have until 1/31 to get out of where we are. We'll probably move the bedroom stuff right away, and the basics, so we can start commuting from there, and then slowly move the rest and spackle and paint what we have to here.

Have a great day all!! :D

01-07-2002, 01:11 PM
So I'm still stuck with my slight holiday gain but I think things should be getting better now. We've officially gotten all of the "bad foods" out of the house and I've planned and shopped for my dinners for the week so I feel much better. I really would like to see a loss soon so I can get back to my pre-XMAS weight and then downward from there. We've had some trouble getting it together (which included ribs on Friday night, yuuum! - only 1/2 rack with soup, not soooo bad right???) but I think starting yesterday we're on our way. We'll see.

Lauren - we got some snow here too (probably the same weather front) but only about 2 inches so nothing going on here but a normal day at work. I don't really need the snow, it just makes driving a pain and then I have to wear boots which I actually haven't had to take out yet this year!! Sorry about your gain but it sounds like you're on the right track with the soup. I have to say, I love soup all the time but it's also great when you're trying to lose weight. It can really help fill you up with few calories as either your whole meal or part of your meal. I eat soup almost everyday. Good luck.

RR - glad to hear you and DH are doing a bit better. Go for a nice walk just don't exercise too hard (are we all broken records or what??)

Pryia - nice to see you pop in and say hi - the flu sucks except for the weight loss perk. Not the best way to do it but we'll take it right??

BFB - glad to hear you're feeling better too and I loved Bart, it gave me a good laugh on sunday morning (or whenever it was) and that was great. And my husband's the same way too. I just figure that I'll take it anyway I can get it even if I have to be happy that it was "his idea". As I've mentioned before this whole diet/healthy eating thing is soooo much easier when you do it together. You get support and no PRINGLES!! I hope he keeps it up for you.

Dani - sorry about the gain. I've also had a little trouble getting back on track since the holidays. I gained 1.5 over the holidays and it's still hanging around but each day is better than the one before so hopefully I'm on my way.

Nanci - that ttap does sound interesting and I wanted to check it out but I couldn't find the right site. Do you know the exact address? I know I never stick with anything at home (I need the gym) but I thought I'd take a look.


01-07-2002, 01:56 PM
Lauren, I am so JEALOUS of your snow day!!! I am here.. we just saw a flurrie and the kids went wild. :) As far as closing schools I think it depends on the school district and when the snow falls.. how quickly they can clear it.. but I'd say at least 3 inches or more.

I am really starting over today, friends. I will be on here a lot I think to keep myself going. I went to Oprah's site to get info on "Get with the Program" to get started. I signed a contract with myself to take care of me. My whole problem in a nutshell is that I eat for the wrong reasons. Ok so I am taking this hour by hour and so far so good. :) I am drinking lots of water and will try to really kickstart things by being really light the next few days and then leveling off into something healthy (as far as eating). I could probably live for a month on just what I have eaten in the first 6 days of the year! :)

Pryia, I am sorry you were sick. The loss is the only good thing to come of it. :)

I was reading that 3fc Jennifer and 3fc Amy are back to keeping their journals. I like to read them. I find it helpful to see progress. I am glad they are back. They got a lot of negative feedback before but I found them very helpful.

Hi Elisa, I think you have a good mindset. I think you'll be right on track in no time. Thanks for the encouragement.

RR, I was hoping if I had a snow day I could get some scrapbooking in. :) I want to do it so much but haven't been able to lately. I am on about June 2001 and losing time fast! :)

BFB, the Fat club sounds... interesting.. but more like Boot camp... I would not be weighing in in my bathing suit publicly...no way.

Ok, back to work. The kids are out of the room at this time but I have tons to do.

Hour by hour... :) I think I will drink some water now.

dani :)

01-07-2002, 01:57 PM

Lots of posts since I was on here yesterday! I am 5 days op and am thrilled about that. I'm expecting a good weigh in on Thursday. I leave on Friday - cannot let the weekend away mess me up!

Nanci - ttap sounds interesting. I'll check out the website.

Happy - sorry about the gain. :(

Lauren - hooray for your snow day! I've been dying for some chicken veggie soup - not the boys' favorite though - so I'll make it after they go back to school. Which is also why we had biscuits & gravy - I RARELY make it, but thought we'd have it once before they leave.

RR - glad you are feeling better and I too, think you ought to take it easy with the exercise!

BFB - first of all - a swimming "cossie" ??:?: Never heard that one before! I don't think that fat club sounds very nice.

Pryia - Feel better! I was worried about you. Glad to hear of the loss! I know you had your Dec 26 plan.:)

Elisa - sounds like you are doing it all right! Good luck. Gaining 1.5 over the holidays is not much at all - you can take it off right away.

Gotta go make lunch.


01-07-2002, 04:38 PM
well, I opted out of the healthclub..MD said that my blood counts were low after surgery due to blood loss and I would make myself faint if I did any excercise..She said rest for a week, taking iron tabs and drinking lots of fluid and I will be ready next week..
Having a bad day mentally, but continue to scrapbook and just cover the tears with pictures:cry:
Take care

Legal Eagle
01-07-2002, 05:19 PM
Hello All!

Vicki, I want to say first that I am very sorry about the loss of your little angel. You & Refman are in my prayers.

Once again, I have to apologize for not coming around more often. Seems like these days I promise myself I'll check in here daily & there just never seems to be the time. So I'm not going to make any promises, I'll just pop in when I can & hopefully it will be more regularly.

I'm back to work today for the first time since I left for the holidays Dec. 21. Boy it was hard to come in this morning! *L* I was supposed to return to work last Thursday the 3rd, but the snow that is now hitting Lauren hit us starting last Wednesday night. We had 10-12 inches in an area of the state that rarely gets that much snow. (Okracoke Island on the Outer Banks got 4 inches!) I spent the extra couple of days off work sitting at the computer updating MS MOney with all our financial info for the past year and budgeting & planning for 2002, running different $$ scenarios, etc. We are really trying to work on getting rid of debt & to do that we've really got to cut back on the nickel & dime stuff.

Jul - thank you for letting us know about FM's...that site has been a lot of help in this whole process for me!

The holidays were nice, especially the break from work, but now I'm back & it will be a busy next few weeks since I'm in charge of putting together a publication that will need to be ready for the printer by the first part of February.

I managed to not really gain anything over the holidays, 1# at the most I think if my home scale is to be trusted. (Really want to buy a Tanita scale in the next few weeks & might, just have to convince myself to spend $50 on a scale) Today is my first day back on track. I have started back journaling and eating properly (need to work on cutting back the Diet Cokes again & getting more water). I am setting a goal to do at least 20 minutes of exercise at least 4X a week. Because the roads are still a little iffy in the neighborhoods right now that means no walking and it will have to be either using the weight machine or doing some Pilates on the floor mat, but something's better than nothing!

I need to lose 10# to get back to my goal weight. I'd like to lose another 5# after that if possible, but I'm going to take it 5# at a time. So my goal for Valentine's Day will be 5#...in 5 weeks that REALLY shouldn't be difficult if I can just stay on track.

Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't had time to read all the posts I missed, just had to back track to find out what happened with Vicki. I miss Y'ALL! I'll try to be here more often.


01-07-2002, 05:46 PM
LE: FM (frugal-moms.com) is probably why I'm always so far behind on my bookkeeping chores. I just try to make it a game to see how little I can spend. Starting in February our income will really vary...it will depend on how much I can pay ourselves based on the balance in the business checkbook. DH will be leaving the day job (just can't handle working 80+ hours a week anymore).

I'm feeling like I'm at a standstill!!!! Need to add exercise and more water in order to make that VD goal .

I bought my airline ticket for Philly in Feb. I'll be there 14-19. I really look forward to this trip twice a year, even though its business related I just have so much fun getting away.

O.K. gross moment. Is there any smell worse than a rotted onion?? I kept smelling 'something'....just found a rotten onion in the trash closet. Yuck!! Need to go light some candles and 'clear the air'.
- jul
mileage for 2002: 2
(maybe if I post it - it'll get me moving!!)

215/173 current/169 VD goal/155 drivers license goal

Backfor 2002
01-07-2002, 11:33 PM
Happy Monday!

RR, You had me chuckling with the little one being a cat this AM. Take it easy on the health club and follow the Dr's orders.

Dani, I sure like looking at the snow but it sure shuts down this town. I don't have to worry about it a whole lot as we tend to get the rain, rain and more rain here.

BFB, Glad you are feeling better. I can not even imagine going on a show like the fat club. There is certainly no chance that I would be weighed on it wearing a swimming coozie. Please share with us what a coozie is.

Pryia, I am sorry you had the flu. I guess the bright spot is you lost a couple of pounds. Not a fun way to do it though.

Lauren, Glad you enjoyed your snow day. You sounded like you were productive. How was the soup?

Elisa, The web site is
I am enjoying doing it but I am sore. I have to get off this chair and go do it tonight. I am looking foward to measuring on Sunday and seeing what the results are.

LE, Nice to see you. I was just asking about you. It sounds like you had a nice long holiday.

Jul, Ick on the onion! I hope the candles helped.

We are doing well on plan. The DH is pretty funny. He informed me on the way home tonight that I had to make a 4 pt dinner as that is all he had left. I explained that wasn't happening. He is going to have to give up those mochas.

01-08-2002, 01:58 PM
Nanci - I just had to laugh at what you said about your husband wanting a 4 point dinner - my husband's done the same thing. He's mostly pretty good but I can't remember what he had during the day once when he came home with almost no points. But he was pretty good - he had a huge salad and maybe some tuna for a few points. It's amazing how good men can be when they want to me and how detremental to our dieting when they don't care!


01-08-2002, 02:33 PM
Hi All,

Man, I'm sure I could come up with a few 4 pt. dinners!! God knows I've had to do that many times!!

1. Eggbeaters, FF cheese and fake sausage
2. nutrigrain eggo waffles, 2 fake sausages and sugar free syrup.
3. MS Farms or other brand burger, lite bun, ff cheese and salad
4. Stir fry veggies in spray, 1/2 c. rice, 3/4 c. MS Farms veggie crumbles.

See...how's that?! :D

My soup turned out soo yummy!! Of course I had to open one of the boxes I packed to get out my tupperware bowls to store it in!! :D

LE- Thanks for the snow...I think!! :lol: Hope I can return the favor some day!! :lol: We ended up with almost a foot by the time it was totally gone!

Rabbit- Hurray for 5 days OP!!

[b]Dani-[b] Good for you, getting on track! It's good to hear you soo motivated! I saw that Jennifer and Amy were back also...I'm really glad they are, and that they realized that these horrible people that say nasty things shouldn't get in their way!!

I've got lots of food with me today, so I'm hoping I don't cave at bowling tonight! I have a banana, single serving cottage cheese and yogurt that I haven't eaten yet, and I have some snack wells in my desk too. If I can make it through bowling, I'll be OK!

Called the landlady today to tell her I put the lease in the mail. She said she's gonna call me back...we may be able to get in the apartment this weekend! :D I can't wait!! I just wanna do laundry and wash my dishes in the dishwasher!! :lol:

Have a great day all!!

01-08-2002, 02:45 PM

6 days op!! :D

RR - Yeah you're listening to the doctor!

Legal - Sounds like you used those snow day productively! hooray for not gaining over the holidays!!

Jul - what will you be doing on your business trip to Philly?

Nanci - 4 pt. dinners are tough! I'd go for soup & salad.:)

have a great day all -


01-08-2002, 03:28 PM
Hello :)
Day 2 of my new and improved health. I give myself a "good" for yesterday. I am happy with how I did. Today, until 3 minutes ago I had not had any water and was craving candy. But I am now drinking the water and forgetting about the candy.

Rabbit, you are doing great! I hope you get the loss you deserve! :) You are helping inspire me!

RR, scrapbooking can be very theraputic (sp?). I hope it works for you. I am sure you will have ups and downs. That sounds natural to me. Glad you are taking it easy as per the dr.

Legal, good to see you here. Of course I am jealous of your snow... it should be the other way around... :) Sounds like you were very productive though.

Jul, cool that you will be in Philly. I am not far from there.

Nanci, doing this with dh sound like it is funny. That has to help. :)

Lauren... that is funny that you had to unpack your tupperware. I am very in the know about storage and unpacking needed items... I thought I'd be spending the summer in this "temporary" place but I've had to go back for Halloween decorations, warm clothes, Christmas decorations, and ski equipment... plus a few more dishes (we needed more than 2 plates after awhile) the toaster, and several other things. There are times when I just MISS MY THINGS! I will be very grateful when I have a place to put them all in a house. If I get a house and start complaining about too much space to clean and upkeep you all just yell at me and tell me to cut it out, ok?! Remind me how badly I wanted that space. (especially if I complain about having to clean out all the closets and cabinets!)

:) going to drink more water.

bye! :)
mileage ~ 7

01-08-2002, 04:22 PM
Rabbit: Buyers Market of American Craft is held twice a year in Philly. Its at the Philly Convention Center and the huge hall is full of booths of artists....American made art. Thats where I get most of my orders for the year. We also were invited to the Mole Hole Convention in Naples FL in April. We're going to go. There are probably 75 Mole Hole stores across the US and they get together every april for a big convention. There are 150 artists invited to set up displays and take orders. We already sell to quite a few Mole Holes and think it will be worth the trip to pick up some more orders. We have to be in SC anyway in April and can just extend our trip by another week and a half.

Bad Girl Confession: I ate a Butterfinger Candy bar only because it was here. Some friends came over for a 'milkshake party' and someone brought a bunch of big butterfingers. I was good at the party and had fruit in my milkshake....but found the butterfingers today (getting rid of the rest).

Nanci: I went to that web-site for a few min. looks interesting. Will have to go back sometime and locate the videos. Then maybe see if I can find one on half.com . I just got Strength Training for Dummies with a Amazon gift. cert. I wanted to get back to using weights again and thought it might be good and basic and remind me the correct ways to hold/use the hand weights. Will report back on that later....if I ever get around to breaking it out of the packaging. :)

bye, jul

01-08-2002, 07:07 PM
Good EVening!!!
Much better today!!Great to be at work and out of the house!!!
Ok, I have to say ya'll have given me the giggles...
Jul---I have been a nurse too long cuz when U wrote your "VD" goals I laughed!!!:D :D

WE received a package from Belgium..Man..I know it is those darn dark chocolates!!!!!!:cool: I would be in a mess if I lived near Belgium!!!!!
Take it easy!!!!Slow treadmill day tomorrow for me!!~~~~

Backfor 2002
01-08-2002, 10:05 PM
Hi everyone,

Ok I had to walk right in the door and check in here. I am doing great op but I sure do not want to do that darn tape. I am so sore. I only have 6 more days to make it through the initial boot camp. I needed to come here and get the motivation. Ok I think I have it now. Thanks!

Lauren, Thanks for the 4 pt ideas. I have a few things that are that low. The problem was that the DH was in the know on how many points the dinner I had planned was. He just went over during the day.

Elisa, You are right it has been fun doing it with him. He is sure adding some comic relief to the whole thing.

RR, Glad you are feeling better. Just throw that package right out or give it to the girls. I am picturing the little one who likes to be the cat hyped on chocolate meowing.

Rabbit, Way to go on that 6 days op. We are there as well. I am getting concerned though, I leave for Vegas on Sunday. I am going for work and will be there until Wed. I just have to plan plan plan. I really need to do this.

Dani, It sounds like you are doing great!

Jul, The shows sound great! I get compliments all the time on the bowl we got from you. I would love to see some pictures of your christmas tree ornaments.

I pulled out a picture of me from when I was at my goal weight in Hawaii. I am hoping that it will continue to give me some inspiration and keep me on track. I have to look at it that way rather than why am I back to where I started from.

Everyone have a good night.

01-09-2002, 10:09 AM
Nanci - once again we seem to be on the same wave lenght since you mentioned my 2 favourite places in your last post - Las Vegas and Hawaii!!! I've been to Vegas about 5 times and Hawaii only once - on my honeymoon and I loved it - it's so beautiful. I was also at my goal weight there (or as close as I've ever been) so that's my motivation too!!

Have a great day everyone,

01-09-2002, 12:45 PM

Day 7 op!:) And I know it is so important for me to keep my environment set up right - if there had been chocolate in the house last night, I would have eaten it. Safe if you can stop at one serving, but I am no good at that.

Happy - yeah day 2! Hooray for mileage. I've been trying to drink water more to keep me filled up too - and to keep me from things like candy.

Jul - what fun! Sounds like a cool market to be involved in - hope you get lots of orders. ~ I really like strength training - there are so many benefits to it. Hope you like your tape.

RR - well, I was going to say enjoy the belgium chocolates, but others are saying to get rid of them . . .

Nanci - after your initial bootcamp, how often will you do the video? How long is it? ~ I am also going to be gone soon. I'm going to NY Fri-Mon and am worried about that. I figure if I can be smart at breakfast & lunch, that will really help.


01-09-2002, 12:45 PM
I am such a zoner today...must have a cold. :( It's all DH's fault...had I known I would be getting sick once I got married, I would've never gotten married!! :lol: I have no drugs with me, and it's miserable outside, so I'm not going out at lunch to get any. I hope they have some good soup in the caf. Brought my LC, but I really want some soup...shoulda brought a bowl from home!! It's not like I don't have enough...I made an entire 6 qt. crock pot full!! :lol:

I don't have the energy to respond to all right now...hope everyone's having a great day.

01-09-2002, 01:59 PM
Nanci: do you still have the same email addy as a few years ago? I can send a few photos of ornaments.

I did the Strength Training for Dummies tape. Its a little slow because it does go over all the proper 'how to stand' how to hold the weight', 'how not to...'. But it was really good to have the reminder. The instructor was very nice. I just walked in place between each exercise while she was going over all the 'how to/how not to' parts. I've still got some more certificates so I may order another Dummie tape. I just can never keep up with the Cindy Crawford type tapes, and Denise really turns me off with her breathy 'come on, you can do, keep going, let it burn, yeah' stuff. My Tae-Bo tapes need replaced so I'll order those again too.

LBH: feel better soon!!!

Nanci: good idea to pull out a few photos of when you were last at goal. I've got a whole little mini-album of favorite 'me' photos. It helps!

I have a very dry throat today so thats helping me drink more water.

Bad Girl Confession: Boys wanted waffles so I made the real good from scratch kind (with 1/2c. butter). I only ate one!
The rest went in the freezer for another day.

- jul

01-09-2002, 07:59 PM
Hello All,

It's been really busy around here the last couple of weeks, it took me forever to catch up on the posts. I am so tired, I'm taking a training class and it runs from 8am - 5pm all week. It's been a while since I've gotten up early enough to leave the house by 7:15 and even longer since I had to sit thru 8 hours of class :lol:.

Anyway we went back to WW last night and it was even worse than I'd thought, not only had I gained back what I lost last winter (after staying the same most of the summer) but I'm over two pounds higher than my starting weight :eek:. Oh well, I'm not gonna start crying over spilled milk. Here's to getting back on track!!!!!

I can't remember all the posts, but:

Vicki - I am so sorry to hear about the baby. Hang in there and give your mind enough time to heal as well as your body before you start trying again O.K.

Nanci - Welcome back and thanks for the congratulations :D.

LBH - I was excited to see the snow on Sunday too. K was making fun of me. Today the high was almost 50 and all the snow's gone :(, we're back to the ugly mud phase.

Well, gotta go see how dinners coming K's cooking tonight :).

- Tech :spin:

01-09-2002, 09:11 PM
Hello!!!Just checking in!!!Take care all!!!

01-09-2002, 09:14 PM
I've just watched MTV Jackass and seen a guy get his butt cheeks pierced :eek:

Hope everyone is doing okay - will read and catch up posts later on today - 1.12am here Wednesday morning. Off to bed - nite all.

Backfor 2002
01-09-2002, 10:01 PM
Hi all,

Just a quick check in here.

BFB, I giggle so much at your posts. Why in the world would someone get their butt cheeks pierced?! I once saw a picture of someone that had their hooha pierced. OUCH

Lauren, I am sorry that I you are feeling ichy.

Tech, Just get on the band wagon. I am in the same place you are.

Jul, My email is now nanci@attbi.com

Rabbit, I am not sure how many times a week I am going to do the video. I am thinking 3 with the treadmill on alternate days. I can tell a difference already so I am excited to take the measurments. Ok Rabbit, Maybe we need to challenge each other for our out of town trips.

I was VERY GOOD and got up this morning to exercise as I have to go do something tonight. That was a major victory for me. I am one of those ppl that stay in bed until the last moment (on work days) even if I am awake.

01-11-2002, 11:22 AM
Hi All,

Well, I was starting to get stressed that the site wasn't back up!! :eek: Here's the post I wrote yesterday, but the site went down just as I was waiting for it to go through. Luckily I was able to copy and paste it somewhere else until the site came back up...

Feeling slightly better today, not soo spacey! Just had some of my soup and a grilled cheese for lunch. Forgot to put some seasoning in the soup when I made it though, so it was kind of blah.

Nanci- You're really kickin' butt with that video!! I need to get back into that...I want to feel the loosness in my pants.

BFB- :lol: Hmm...butt cheek piercing, huh? I've seen that show advertised on the TV Guide channel, but had no idea what it was. Remember not soo many years ago they wouldn't even think of saying something like that on TV...it was a crime that Archie Bunker said ****, or something?! :lol:

RR- Hi!!

Tech- Good to see you!! WI can be a real eyeopener, can't it?! Welcome back on the wagon with the rest of us!! UGH...nothing worse than sitting in a class all day...think that's why I never liked school!! :lol: And the snow...you know it's all gonna melt today and freeze overnight so we have black ice to deal with!! :rolleyes: Sounds like our weather reports are the same today.

Jul- Strength Training for Dummies?! Cool, I didn't know they have that...didn't know there were Dummies videos! Where did you get it, like B&N or Amazon? I'm thinking that might be a good thing for me, a slower pace.

Yesterday, the 10th, was one year since I had to put my beloved dog, Niki, out of her misery. I was fine all day, until I went to the pet shop in the mall last night. They had 2 German Shepard puppies in separate cages. One was really playful...younger than the other. The other was laying there, trying to stay awake. Finally it just put it's head down and closed it's eyes. I almost lost it, because I just had that picture in my head of Niki laying on the table and she just closed her eyes and went to sleep... :cry: Then this AM on the way to work, I saw a guy walking two dogs - a Samoyed and a white Shepard...just like Niki. I lost it...this was after my AM started out bad cause I wiped out on the ice outside on my walkway. :(

Anyway, I'm pulling myself out of it...hoping to hear for the landlady today to tell us we can move in this weekend! Have a great day all!

01-11-2002, 11:59 AM
I have managed to convince myself that I posted something that was mature, sensible, practically a revelation, a once in a lifetime awe inspiring, thought provoking post .......

but now you will never know :lol: I blame the site being down :s: What's the betting that my post which highlights my 2.5lbs gain is still on the system.

Have a great weekend all.

01-11-2002, 01:23 PM
Lauren: hang in there. Its so tough seeing dogs of the same breed. I have a really hard time at the outdoor art shows because I always see a lot of Goldens. I do like my 'dummy' tape and I did order it off Amazon (with a g.c.) I'm going to get another one too. I did the weight training one on Wed. and yesterday I felt it. Did it again today - did a lot of walking in place between the twelve exercises.

Kenny and I had a date yesterday afternoon - went to Springfield (30 min. away - the 'big town') had lunch at a fav. italian place, went to Barns and Nobel and a few other places. I wore a pair of jeans that had previously been tight!!! - jul

215/172 current/169 VD goal

exercise for the year: 6

01-11-2002, 04:04 PM
Hi All,

WooHoo, we're moving this weekend!! Just talked to the landlady and she said they've been there all week scouring the place and making minor repairs and it's all ready, we don't need to clean, we can move right in! Now, normally I'd be like, yeah, whatever, and clean anyway, but the place was spotless when we saw it, and what little I know of her, I believe her when she says she scoured the place!! We could probably eat off the floor! We are going to meet her at 10:00 tonight to do like a walkthrough of the place to cover any questions and I guess ground rules. I'm soo psyched!! :D

Jul- I'm definitely going to look into the dummy videos. Congrats on the jeans!!

BFB- You crackhead!! :dizzy: If it was soo awe inspiring, can't you remember it and re-post?! :p

I can't believe it's 3:00 already, this day is flying by!!

01-11-2002, 04:17 PM
It seems a little quiet around here but I thought I'd pop in and say hi. The food situation is much better this week (now I just have to get my butt back to the gym). I'll let you know on Tuesday how I'm doing towards my Valentine's Day Goal but I'm just happy that the scale seems to be going in the right direction for about the first time in a month.

Lauren - Congrats about the move and good luck with everything. It sounds great and it can be sooo exciting. I can't wait until we can move and hopefully own our own home but with the prices around here, who knows. Have fun this weekend.

BFB - I have a feeling that your mature inspirational post was nothing but a dream but I'd love to hear it should it come back to you in another dream!!

Where is everybody - Rabbit, Pryia....you all know who you are, come out and say hello!

Have a great weekend everyone,

01-11-2002, 05:06 PM
Hello all!!!I am soo ready to get back in gear at the club..I am definately going on Mon..I will be ready!!!!:D

Lauren--That is hard about your dog...Trust me, they are your kids!!!!Hope U didnt hurt yourself falling!!!Have fun this weekend starting to pack!!!!!

Jul-SOunds like fun traveling around selling things..U must meet some wonderful people on the road...

BFB-Jacka$$ is the funniest show!!!REfman and I just laugh and laugh...Stevo(the one whose cheeks were pierced) is the craziest one of the bunch......

Feeling good physically...Started crying last night watching Friends seeing Rachal reading the same magazine that I did...It is much easier now but I still have the moments..Must still be the wild hormones!!
Take care!!

01-11-2002, 05:13 PM
It was

a once in a lifetime awe inspiring, thought provoking post

are you all calling me a liar :p

It was so awe inspiring that.........anyway you wouldn't understand :lol:

LBH congrats on the move. You can pretend it's a first night all over again :s: if ya get my drift
elisa way to go on the food situation, I haven't been too bad this week and I would like to think this is reflected on the scale. (Then again it reflected on Tuesday :mad: )
Juldiet the only way I am gonna get non tight jeans right now is to buy a pair!

Hi to everyone else, hope you are all doing ok. Special hi to Tech (nice to have you back) and RR (how's the scrapbooking going)

C U Later

"Nothing but a dream" (sheesh - next time I will keep my awe inspiring thoughts to myself :s: )

01-11-2002, 07:05 PM

Stopped in last night to carry out my "come here more often promise" and the site was down :( so....

I have decided to take things slow and not try to change everything in the first week back on track. This week the plan is to get in all my water, eat three decent meals a day and write everything down. Based on this plan this is my third day OP. (OK so it's a cop out because I've been over pts :s:, but I'm sure not as much as I had been :lol: ).

LBH - Hope your feeling better about Niki, it's hard, every now and then I remember my old dog and miss her something fierce and she's been gone 5 years. Have fun moving :).

RR - Glad to hear your doing well.

BFB - You crack me up. How's the battle with pringles going? I avoided temptation by not going grocery shopping like I was supposed to today.

elisa - Glad things seem to be getting back on track for you.

Jul - congrats on the jeans :D, wish I could say the same.

Nanci - YEA on the exercising!!!!

Anyone want a couple of pets??? My dog decided he didn't like his crate yesterday and tried to claw and chew his way out, now his face is all scratched and swollen (sp?). Some of you may remember he did the same thing last winter and we had to buy him a "gorilla" cage. I wish we could figure out his problem... Now today the cat just jumped from the top of the stairs to land right next to the computer and scared the sh*t out of me. I think I'll keep K's golden though he's been semi normal lately. Ah...the joys of pet ownership.

Anyway, this has turned into a novel again :^: So I'll sign off.

-Tech :spin:

01-11-2002, 07:10 PM
Tech: too funny about the pets. I saw the books How to live with a neurotic dog and How to live with a neurotic cat at B&N yesterday. I've been looking for a large crate but don't want to pay retail. Keep forgetting to call in on the local hick radio garage sale program. Someone out there has a crate they will sell for cheap I just know it.

Need to go make an early dinner for the boys. They are eatting about 7 meals a day plus 2 snacks!!! - jul

01-11-2002, 09:50 PM
Ok..thought I would pretend to be BFB and send a message!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

Twas the month after Christmas, and all through the house Nothing would fit me, not even a blouse.
The cookies I'd nibbled, the eggnog I would taste At the holiday parties had gone to my waist.
When I got on the scales there arose such a number!
When I walked to the store it was less a walk than a lumber.
I remembered the marvelous meals I'd prepared;
The gravies and sauces and beef nicely rare,
The wine and the rum balls, the bread and the cheese
And the way I'd never said, "None for me, please."
As I dressed myself in my husband's old shirt
And prepared once again to do battle with dirt---
I said to myself, as only I can
"You can't spend another winter disguised as a man!"
So -- away with the last of the sour cream dip,
Get rid of the fruit cake, every cracker and chip
Every last bit of food that I like must be banished
Till all the additional ounces have vanished.
I won't have a cookie -- not even a lick.
I'll chew only on long celery sticks.
I won't have hot biscuits, or corn bread, or pie,
I'll munch on a carrot and quietly cry.
I'm hungry, I'm lonesome, and life is a bore
But isn't that what January is for?
Unable to giggle, life's no longer a riot.
Happy New Year to all and to all a good diet!

Love Ya'll

Backfor 2002
01-11-2002, 10:49 PM
HAPPY FRIDAY! Thank God it got here!

Ok I had major panic yesterday, I come zooming in here to type and tell you how well we did at ww and could not get on the site. I am so GLAD I was able to tonight.

I was down 4.8 and DH 6.2. The really good thing is I journaled every day. That is very hard for me. You would think I would take a look at the impact it has on my results. That is one of my Vday challenges.

I think I have my plan down for Vegas. I am determined to make it through being there without blowing the points. I really really think that wine should count as a fruit though.

Lauren, Glad you are feeling better. Very sorry that you were having a sad moment about Niki. It is amazing how often we can still think about our pets who are now gone.
I have been good with the video but I have to tell you I will be so glad when Sun is here. I am really ready for the boot camp to be over. I really think it is working. I am definately shrinking in some areas.

BFB, Oh I love your posts! I am always looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

Jul, Congrats on the Date and the JEANS. I can't wait until I can go into any shop and get what I want. I am so tired of shopping in the womens dept.

Elisa, Great job in getting back on track with the food.

RR, I am so glad you are feeling better physically. Give yourself time on the mental part. I am sure that you are going to have many sad moments. Remember that we are here and how much we care about you.

Tech, Oh the animals do keep us entertained don't they. We finally had to get a door stop that would keep our bathroom door open. The dog was locking himself in (DH thinks it was a plot by the cat) and then tearing apart the bathroom. I mean tearing apart. The molding around the door would be pulled 1/2 way off would would shavings all over the floor. UGH! I'll tell you about the cats antics some other time.

Everyone have a great weekend. I am SLEEPING IN :-)

01-12-2002, 12:45 AM
OK, this is kind of long, but it's sooo hysterical, and since we're talking about pets and their crazy antics...everyone be thankful this was not your pet... :D
This is the story of the night my ten-year-old cat, Rudy, got his head stuck in the garbage disposal. I knew at the time that the experience would be funny if the cat survived, so let me tell you right up front that he's fine. Getting him out wasn't easy, though, and the process included numerous home remedies, a plumber, two cops, an emergency overnight veterinary clinic, a case of mistaken identity, five hours of panic, and fifteen minutes of fame.

First, some background. My husband, Rich, and I had just returned from a five-day spring-break vacation in the Cayman Islands, where I had been sick as a dog the whole time, trying to convince myself that if I had to feel lousy, it was better to do it in paradise. We had arrived home at 9 p.m., a day and a half later than we had planned because of airline problems.

I still had illness-related vertigo, and because of the flight delays, had not been able to prepare the class I was supposed to teach at 8:40 the next morning. I sat down at my desk to think about William Carlos Williams, and around ten o'clock I heard Rich hollering something indecipherable from the kitchen. As I raced out to see what was wrong, I saw Rich frantically rooting around under the kitchen sink and Rudy or, rather, Rudy's headless body scrambling around in the sink, his claws clicking in panic on the metal. Rich had just ground up the skin of some smoked salmon in the garbage disposal, and when he left the room, Rudy (whom we always did call a pinhead) had gone in after it.

It is very disturbing to see the headless body of your cat in the sink. This is an animal that I have slept with nightly for ten years, who burrows under the covers and purrs against my side, and who now looked like a desperate, fur-covered turkey carcass, set to defrost in the sink while it's still alive and kicking. It was also disturbing to see Rich, Mr. Calm-in-an-Emergency, at his wits end, trying to soothe Rudy, trying to undo the garbage disposal, failing at both, and basically freaking out. Adding to the chaos was Rudy's twin brother Lowell, also upset, racing around in circles, jumping onto the kitchen counter and alternately licking Rudy's butt for comfort and biting it out of fear. Clearly, I had to do something.

First we tried to ease Rudy out of the disposal by lubricating his head and neck. We tried Johnson's baby shampoo (kept on hand for my nieces' visits) and butter-flavored Crisco: both failed, and a now-greasy Rudy kept struggling. Rich then decided to take apart the garbage disposal, which was a good idea, but he couldn't do it. Turns out, the thing is constructed like a metal onion: you peel off one layer and another one appears, with Rudy's head still buried deep inside, stuck in a hard plastic collar. My job during this process was to sit on the kitchen counter petting Rudy, trying to calm him, with the room spinning (vertigo), Lowell howling (he's part Siamese), and Rich clattering around with tools.

When all our efforts failed, we sought professional help. I called our regular plumber, who actually called me back quickly, even at 11 o'clock at night (thanks, Dave). He talked Rich through further layers of disposal dismantling, but still we couldn't reach Rudy. I called the 1-800 number for Insinkerator (no response), a pest removal service that advertises 24-hour service (no response), an all-night emergency veterinary clinic (who had no experience in this matter, and so, no advice), and finally, in desperation, 911. I could see that Rudy's normally pink paw pads were turning blue. The fire department, I figured, gets cats out of trees; maybe they could get one out of a garbage disposal.

The dispatcher had other ideas and offered to send over two policemen. This suggestion gave me pause. I'm from the sixties, and even if I am currently a fine upstanding citizen, I had never considered calling the cops and asking them to come to my house, on purpose. I resisted the suggestion but the dispatcher was adamant: "They'll help you out," he said.

The cops arrived close to midnight and turned out to be quite nice. More importantly, they were also able to think rationally, which we were not. They were, of course, quite astonished by the situation: "I've never seen anything like this," Officer Mike kept saying. (The unusual circumstances helped us get quickly on a first-name basis with our cops.)

Officer Tom, who expressed immediate sympathy for our plight. "I've had cats all my life," he said, comfortingly also had an idea. Evidently we needed a certain tool, a tiny, circular rotating saw, that could cut through the heavy plastic flange encircling Rudy's neck without hurting Rudy, and Officer Tom happened to own one. "I live just five minutes from here," he said; "I'll go get it." He soon returned, and the three of them Rich and the two policemen got under the sink together to cut through the garbage disposal.

I sat on the counter, holding Rudy and trying not to succumb to the surreal ness of the scene, with the weird middle-of-the-night lighting, the room's occasional spinning, Lowell's spooky sound effects, an apparently headless cat in my sink and six disembodied legs poking out from under it.

One good thing came of this: the guys did manage to get the bottom off of the disposal, so we could now see Rudy's face and knew he could breathe. But they couldn't cut the flange without risking the cat. Stumped.

Officer Tom had another idea. "You know," he said, "I think the reason we can't get him out is the angle of his head and body. If we could just get the sink out and lay it on its side, I'll bet we could slip him out." That sounded like a good idea at this point, ANYTHING would have sounded like a good idea and as it turned out, Officer Mike runs a plumbing business on weekends; he knew how to take out the sink!

Again they went to work, the three pairs of legs sticking out from under the sink surrounded by an ever-increasing pile of tools and sink parts. They cut the electrical supply, capped off the plumbing lines, unfastened the metal clamps, unscrewed all the pipes, and about an hour later, voila! The sink was lifted gently out of the countertop, with one guy holding the garbage disposal (which contained Rudy's head) up close to the sink (which contained Rudy's body). We laid the sink on its side, but even at this more favorable removal angle, Rudy stayed stuck.

Officer Tom's radio beeped, calling him away on some kind of real police business. As he was leaving, though, he had another good idea: "You know," he said, "I don't think we can get him out while he's struggling so much. We need to get the cat sedated. If he were limp, we could slide him out." And off he went, regretfully, a cat lover still worried about Rudy.

The remaining three of us decided that getting Rudy sedated was a good idea, but Rich and I were new to the area. We knew that the overnight emergency veterinary clinic was only a few minutes away, but we didn't know exactly how to get there. "I know where it is!" declared Officer Mike. "Follow me!" So Mike got into his patrol car, Rich got into the driver's seat of our car, and I got into the back, carrying the kitchen sink, what was left of the garbage disposal, and Rudy. It was now about 2:00 a.m.

We followed Officer Mike for a few blocks when I decided to put my hand into the garbage disposal to pet Rudy's face, hoping I could comfort him. Instead, my sweet, gentle bedfellow chomped down on my finger, hard really hard and wouldn't let go. My scream reflex kicked into gear, and I couldn't stop the noise. Rich
slammed on the breaks, hollering "What? What happened? Should I stop?" checking us out in the rearview mirror.

"No," I managed to get out between screams, "Just keep driving. Rudy's biting me, but we've got to get to the vet. Just go!"

Rich turned his attention back to the road, where Officer Mike took a turn we hadn't expected, and we followed. After a few minutes Rudy let go, and as I stopped screaming, I looked up to discover that we were wandering aimlessly through an industrial park, in and out of empty parking lots, past little streets that didn't look at all familiar. "Where's he taking us?" I asked. "We should have been there ten minutes ago!" Rich was as mystified as I was, but all we knew to do was follow the police car until, finally, he pulled into a church parking lot and we pulled up next to him.

Rich rolled down the window to ask, "Mike, where are we going?"

The cop, who was not Mike, rolled down his window and asked, "Why are you following me?"

Once Rich and I recovered from our shock at having tailed the wrong cop car, and the policeman from his pique at being stalked, he led us quickly to the emergency vet, where Mike greeted us by holding open the door, exclaiming, "Where were you guys???"

It was lucky that Mike got to the vet's ahead of us, because we hadn't thought to call and warn them about what was coming. (Clearly, by this time we weren't really thinking at all.) We brought in the kitchen sink containing Rudy and the garbage disposal containing his head, and the clinic staff was ready.

They took his temperature (which was down 10 degrees) and his oxygen level (which was half of normal), and the vet declared: "This cat is in serious shock. We've got to sedate him and get him out of there immediately." When I asked if it was OK to sedate a cat in shock, the vet said grimly, "We don't have a choice." With that, he injected the cat; Rudy went limp; and the vet squeezed about half a tube of K-Y jelly onto the cat's neck and pulled him free.

Then the whole team jumped into "code blue" mode. (I know this from watching a lot of ER.) They laid Rudy on a cart, where one person hooked up IV fluids, another put little socks on his paws ("You'd be amazed how much heat they lose through their pads," she said), one covered him with hot water bottles and a blanket, and another took a blow-dryer to warm up Rudy's now very gunky head. The fur on his head dried in stiff little spikes, making him look rather pathetically punk as he lay there, limp and motionless.

At this point they sent Rich, Mike, and me to sit in the waiting room while they tried to bring Rudy back to life. I told Mike he didn't have to stay, but he just stood there, shaking his head. "I've never seen anything like this," he said again. At about 3 am, the vet came in to tell us that the prognosis was good for a full recovery. They needed to keep Rudy overnight to re-hydrate him and give him something for the brain swelling they assumed he had, but if all went well, we could take him home the following night. Just in time to hear the good news, Officer Tom rushed in, finished with his real police work and concerned about Rudy. I figured that once this ordeal was over and Rudy was home safely, I would have to re-think my position on the police.

Rich and I got back home about 3:30. We hadn't unpacked from our trip, I was still intermittently dizzy, and I still hadn't prepared my 8:40 class. "I need a vacation," I said, and while I called the office to leave a message canceling my class, Rich made us a pitcher of martinis.

I slept late the next day and then badgered the vet about Rudy's condition until he said that Rudy could come home later that day. I was working on the suitcases when the phone rang.

"Hi, this is Steve Huskey from the Norristown Times-Herald," a voice told me. "Listen, I was just going through the police blotter from last night. Mostly it's the usual stuff: breaking and entering,
petty theft, but there's this one item. Um, do you have a cat?"

So I told Steve the whole story, which interested him. A couple hours later he called back to say that his editor was interested, too; did I have a picture of Rudy? The next day Rudy was front-page news, under the ridiculous headline "Catch of the Day Lands Cat in Hot Water."

There were some noteworthy repercussions to the newspaper article. Mr. Huskey had somehow inferred that I called 911 because I thought Rich, my husband, was going into shock, although how he concluded this from my comment that "his pads were turning blue," I don't quite understand. So the first thing I had to do was call Rich at work--Rich, who had worked tirelessly to free Rudy--and swear that I had been misquoted.

When I arrived at work myself, I was famous; people had been calling my secretary all morning to inquire about Rudy's health. When I called our regular vet (whom I had met only once) to make a follow-up appointment for Rudy, the receptionist asked, "Is this the famous Rudy's mother?"

When I brought my car in for routine maintenance a few days later, Dave, my mechanic, said, "We read about your cat. Is he OK?" When I called a tree surgeon about my dying red oak, he asked if I knew the person on that street whose cat had been in the garbage disposal. And when I went to get my hair cut, the shampoo person told me the funny story her grandma had read in the paper, about a cat that got stuck in the garbage disposal. Even today, over a year later, people ask about Rudy, whom an 9-year-old neighbor had always called "the Adventure Cat" because he used to climb on the roof of her house and peer in the second-story window at her.

I don't know what the moral of this story is, but I do know that this "adventure" cost me $1100 in emergency vet bills, follow-up vet care, new sink, new plumbing, new electrical wiring, and new garbage disposal, one with a cover. The vet can no longer say he's seen everything but the kitchen sink.

I wanted to thank Officers Tom and Mike by giving them gift certificates to the local hardware store, but was told that they couldn't accept gifts, that I would put them in a bad position if I tried. So I wrote a letter to the Police Chief praising their good deeds and sent individual thank-you notes to Tom and Mike, complete with pictures of Rudy, so they could see what he look like with his head on. And Rudy, whom we originally got for free (or so we thought), still sleeps with me under the covers on cold nights and unaccountably, he still sometimes prowls the sink, hoping for fish.

author unknown

01-12-2002, 10:54 AM
Hi All,

Well, it's definitely moving day...guess I should start packing, huh? :p We saw the place again last night. They did a good job cleaning, but I think I need to just go over the bathroom and kitchen...for my own sanity. It looks a lot smaller with no furniture in it...as weird as that sounds. I remember this place looked a lot smaller without furniture though too. The second BR is ALOT smaller than I remember. Neither one of us took a good look at it the first time, so we didn't have a good grasp of the size. We will probably only be able to fit DH's drafting table and the computer desk in there. There's no way to futon will fit, or his big wall of shelves. We'll probably have to store a lot of stuff in my mom's basement. We have to leave my round table in her basement and use a rectangular drop leaf table she has, because we don't have room. I really hope we don't regret taking this place. I hope I wasn't totally fuzzed over by the W/D and DW!! :o

Anyway, today it's really nice out, although chilly, so we're gonna try and get the living room and bed over there, along with some kitchen stuff. Tomorrow it's supposed to be crappy in the AM, and iffy in the PM, but my brother said he'd help move the W/D from Mom's house and the bedroom furniture...which is really heavy stuff, pending the weather.

I asked them a bunch of questions last night about what we can and can't do. Basically they don't care what we do outside...shed, pool, picnic stuff, whatever, but they don't really want us to paint or hang a border print or anything inside. Dan, the husband, said if we want curtains or anything hung, call him and he'll come and drill the holes and hang them...obviously he doesn't trust anyone. But I guess I can kind of understand their point.

My mom's gonna come and help unpack later this evening. She's gonna take us out to Lone Star for dinner too. :) Will try to be good all day so I can enjoy it all tonight!! :D

Have a great day all!!

Backfor 2002
01-12-2002, 05:05 PM
Godd luck with the move!

01-12-2002, 10:55 PM
Oooh Boy...

Well, upon closer inspection, with just DH and I there, the place was really a mess!! Everything needed to be scrubbed down! Tomorrow AM I'm going to the Acme to rent a steam cleaner for $20/24hrs. to do the carpets. I washed down the bathroom and DH and I did the kitchen...he pulled out the fridge and man, underneath it was horrible!! There are ant traps in every room...hope it was just for prevention. There is still more cleaning to be done. The windows are filthy!! UGH, cobwebs and crap on the inside, between the screens and windows. The screen on the sliders does not stay on the track right. The screen door on the main entrance is missing the weather stripping, so there's a gapping hole at the bottom, like 3 inches or so. The cable wires outside are like spaghetti...DH couldn't figure them out!! They didn't finish spackling/sanding/touching up the little screw holes in the walls, like they said they'd be doing this AM. We only brought over the sofa, end tables, coffee table, and boxes of stuff from the bathroom and kitchen. Nothing is getting unpacked until it's all clean.

Tomorrow AM, weather pending, we're meeting my brother at my mom's house and he and DH are gonna put the W/D in the back of DH's p/u. We'll drop off some stuff in Mom's basement, and pick up a table, and go back to the house. We'll install the W/D, and then steam clean the rugs. Then we'll work on cleaning the rest of the apartment while the rugs are drying. Monday night or Tuesday, we'll bring the bed over and next weekend my brother will help us move the rest of the furniture. OK, at least that's the plan for now...

Guess everyone's had a busy day today! Have a nice evening...

Backfor 2002
01-13-2002, 11:36 AM
I wanted to check in before I head to Las Vegas. I think I have my plan of attack ready.

Lauren, It will feel so good once you have it clean and everything where you want it.

See ya all Wed afternoon.