LA Weight Loss - Feel Full Plan for Exercise Junkies

09-11-2007, 09:28 AM
I know this has been asked before but since the new plan has been around for a bit longer I was hoping someone had an answer. I don't go into the center but I participate in LA Online. I was put on Red1 no lights because I exercise 7 hours per week. I am at 148.8 pounds. I have been losing about 5-6 pounds scale pounds per month but have lost a ton of inches.

Lately I have been starving each day and although I manage to stay on program for the most part I am starting to think I might need to switch to the Feel Full plan. I sent a message to customer service and they explained that Feel Full is only available to center clients at this time.

Does any one know what numbered plan they are putting people on because of exercise. Thanks