100 lb. Club - Accountability/Planning/Menus: Sep 10-16

09-10-2007, 01:15 PM
Good morning, 3FC Friends. Please join us in becoming accountable with each other on a daily basis. What are you doing to stay on-plan today? What goals do you have for yourself with your menu, your exercise, your food choice, etc? Let's keep each other accountable and encouraged on our journey to better health and slender bodies.

Today was weigh-in day for me. I've maintained for three weeks in a row. Thats the good news. The bad news is that I've not been staying on-plan and I'm not losing. My goal this week is to have a great loss next Monday. Getting to bed earlier is today's specific goal. Tonight, I will get to bed by 10:30. Hopefully, I'll wake in the morning with tons of energy and will-power!:D

Hope everyone is having a great on-plan day.

09-10-2007, 02:35 PM
Good morning everyone!

Rhonda, at least you're managing to maintain rather than put on - you must be doing something right there. Good luck with getting the early night - anytime I try for an early night I never get there.

I weighed in this morning and down 1.5 pounds - I was hoping for a bit more, but nevertheless it's a loss and I'll take it!

Training is going OK - we're introducing a new computer system at work, so that's what the training's in. It's been a little annoying in that so far we've only seen a bit of the system and when we ask questions, the answer from the trainers has been "you'll find that out on...". I hate that.

I walked to work yesterday, but not home - I had to go to the supermarket to get some light bulbs as the bedroom light blew yesterday morning. Wonder of wonders, that's all I walked out with - at about 5:30 when I'm starving. carrot:

Have a good day everyone! :hug:

09-10-2007, 02:54 PM
Mj and I posted on last weeks thread, so I figured I come and update my post.
Rhonda I am glad you are doing ok. Way to go on getting back on plan.
So far I have exercised, and stayed on plan with food. My weigh in day is Wednesday, so far the scale isn't budging, and I have been on plan, so it is kind of disappointing, but if it doesn't move I will have to accept it and stay on plan to have a scale change next week. I will not give up , this will be a great day for me!! cheryl

09-10-2007, 03:08 PM
I have been lurking on this thread for a while, but if it's okay, I think I'll join it for this week.

I have come back to FitDay starting today. I really hate to log all of my food, and it can make me a little crazy to do it, but I have decided that for the next few weeks, I really do need that accountability. I had a horrible, horrible weekend, and have yet to figure out why I did so badly. While I will not give up trying to figure out the "why" of it, my main focus is on getting past the behavior. Thus far, I'm on plan, but I rarely struggle to stay on plan until the evening hours, so I'm concentrating my energy on how to be on plan this evening.

Rhonda and Cheryl - Here's hoping that your good efforts pay off in a more tangible way. I've said it many times, but I have so much admiration for how steady and strong both of you are about staying on plan almost every day - despite whatever frustrations you are having. I hope the scale starts acknowledging that effort again!

Nicole - I love having you back on the boards and more committed than ever. Congrats on your loss!

09-10-2007, 03:58 PM
Yay! Laurie's here!! I'm sorry you had a tough weekend. I hate to log food as well, but I find that every once in a while I need a reality check on what my calorie intake is. After a few weeks of tracking, I reset my mental calorie tally abilities and I'm good for several months.

Rhonda, congrats on maintaining! I seem to have 2 modes of operation: I'm either gaining or losing. Maintenance is a real challenge for me. I know how to indulge and restrict, but balance is not my strong suit. I need to learn this time, though!

Nicole congrats on the loss! Sometimes I think loses are smaller at the start until your body realizes you are serious. :) You'll see it come off faster soon!

Hang in there, Cheryl! Hold the course and it will come off if not this week, then next. I'll cross my fingers for you that it's this week!

I don't have much to report today. Good on food, didn't exercise (bad habit I've fallen into), and got 6 hours of sleep. Woo hoo! I'll take what I can get. I've got to get out there and walk tonight. It was 58 degrees here last night. Can you say HEAVEN??? Now that's walking weather! My mysterious gains from this week disappeared and I was down .8 pounds this week. Puny, but I'll take it.

Take care everybody and have a great day!!

09-10-2007, 05:26 PM
Just made up my menus for the week, and thought I'd post them here.

Tonight: Cabbage Roll Skillet
Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladinis with Salad
Wednesday: Roast Pork Loin and various veggies
Thursday: Baked Ricotta Chicken with Kale
Friday: Make-your-own WW Pita Pizzas, Salad
Saturday: Soup Beans and Cornbread (for the kids, not for me), Salad
Sunday: Crabcakes with Summer Squash Au Gratin (made with brown rice)

This is my best tool for staying on plan, knowing what I'll be eating before I'm standing in the kitchen starving at 5:30, wondering what to do!

09-10-2007, 09:40 PM
Oops! I didn't even realize earlier that I posted on last week's thread!

Rhonda--Thank you for starting us up for the week! Maintaining is good--beats gaining any day! I hope things are slowing down a bit for you. I hope you can get to bed early--I try to shoot for 10, that way if I make it by 10:30 or 11, it's not too bad. I don't know about you, but whenever I plan to get to bed early, somehow I end up staying up later than 'normal'

Nicole--Your training sounds frustrating! I hope it gets better soon! Great job at the store!

Cheryl--Great job staying on plan!


CC--Yea for getting some sleep! I LOVE nice cool nights!!

Ended up having a GREAT day! Made mostly good food choices, went to the gym--lifted weights (arms and shoulders) and 25 mins on the treadmill--I was only going to go for 20 (I am having foot 'issues' again), but i lost track of time! Can't say that has ever happened before! I got caught up in the music I was listening to and the next thing I knew....I was almost to 25 mins

Have a great night!

mj ;)

09-10-2007, 10:36 PM
I was averaging about 1000 calories a day for the past 3 days, but I was really really hungry last night so I ended up going over my daily limit by about 330 calories. I figured since I hadn't eaten much on the other 2 days it would be fine, but I weighed myself today and it was 291.5. Yesterday it was 290. Not really sure what caused this, but I couldn't imagine eating an extra 330 calories could cause me to gain 1.5lbs. I think maybe I am retaining water or it had something to do with my sleep, stress, or who even knows!

Today is shaping up to be on-plan foodwise. I've only eaten 1/2 a sandwich & some chips, strawberries, pudding, 1 bottle of vitamin water and I will admit, I did have a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich (my fiance's mom bought them). I have about 818 calories left today, which I will probably make or get something to eat with John. He's helping a lady from our church with her computer problems at the moment.

As I mentioned in the previous thread I've been having some difficulty with work and so getting to exercise has been a problem. I did manage to get around 30 minutes on the exercise bike and burned about 370 calories.

09-10-2007, 11:00 PM
Rakel, I wonder if 1000 calories a day isn't enough for you? Were you aiming for 1000? You may need a few hundred more if for no other reason than to give you some wiggle room when you've progressed further toward your goal. Also, from my own person experience, my weight loss can slow when I don't eat enough.

09-10-2007, 11:11 PM
Rakel, I wonder if 1000 calories a day isn't enough for you? Were you aiming for 1000? You may need a few hundred more if for no other reason than to give you some wiggle room when you've progressed further toward your goal. Also, from my own person experience, my weight loss can slow when I don't eat enough.

CLC, my goal is 1500 calories a day, I didn't mean to eat only 1000 calories a day for 3 days (and well, the 3rd day I actually ended up eating around 1830, after I realized what had happened), my schedule just got really weird. On Satuday, I went to bed around 3pm (I was still awake from Friday) and woke up at 9:30pm later that evening, so when I counted calories, I put everything I ate Saturday on Friday & Sunday's things, and then realized last night that meant I didn't eat *ANYTHING* for a whole day, thus making the average around 1000 a day.

It makes sense that my weight loss may have slowed because of this error -- because my body may have thought it was starving and then when I ate more calories, it stored them instead of burning them. That actually makes a lot of sense now that I think of it!

09-11-2007, 12:31 AM
It sounds like your target is good one, Rakel. Your schedule is so hectic, it's no wonder it's hard to remember to eat! Maybe you just need to build in a little structure into your crazy schedule so you don't forget to eat. Think about maybe trying to set a schedule for your days, even if it's something you do when you wake up that "morning". So if you're going to be up all night, plan out when you're going to get in your 3 meals and snacks during the time you are awake.

I find that I get raevenous when I haven't eaten enough for a few days and my weight loss stalls. So I agree, it makes sense!

09-11-2007, 04:40 AM
It is not always this hectic! It has just been especially bad since I joined this forum, pretty much. haha. Great timing, I know. I'm really hoping I can get to the 280s this week! I was hoping to be there today, but well, I'm not too discouraged because I'm just happy that I've lost more than 15lbs+ already! :carrot:

09-11-2007, 07:56 AM
Good morning all,
I stayed on plan, and was able to eat a piece of dark chocolate without going over my calorie limit.:carrot: I bought a big bar and split it with the family, a few months ago I would have eaten the whole thing, and after eating my 2 squares, I felt good, didn't need more. It has been maybe 40 days since my last chocolate, and I don't plan to give it up, I just plan not eating it every week or even month.
I did some gardening last night, and the scale moved, so hopefully tomorrow I will post a loss. I am going to exercise at 8 am, and stay on plan with food. I hope everyone has a great day.

09-11-2007, 09:16 AM
Good morning, Everyone. LaurieDawn, glad you came out of lurkdom to join us!

I did it....I got to bed early last night...10:30.:carrot: Of course, it helped that Hubby was watching football. No TiVo to keep me up late. My goal for the week is to be in bed by 10:30 every night. Today's goal: Only on-plan foods...no sugar!

Yesterday, I got this wild haired idea.....I wonder if I can reach One-derland by the end of this year? Oh wow, is that really me...feeling all confident and motivated?:dizzy: As of today, we have exactly 16 weeks until January 1st. If I can lose at least 2.375 pounds a week, I can do it and I'm going for it!

09-11-2007, 09:30 AM
BTW, Schmoodles....is that Baked Ricotta Chicken recipe Southbeach friendly? If so, please share!

09-11-2007, 01:58 PM
Hi everyone!

Don't great so far, except for water. I have been in and out of my office and keep forgetting to take it w/ me! The focus this afternoon (besides work) is drinking more water! Then to the gym--tonight is legs/back weights and cardio.

mj ;)

09-11-2007, 02:43 PM

Jeez, I haven't really changed anything and the scale dropped 3.2 pounds since Friday. Granted some of that was undoing the steady rise the scale had been making over the last couple of weeks, but I am so relieved. I got some sleep last night, so that's good too. I'm going out to dinner with my former boss tonight who is from another state, so I'm really looking forward to that (really, she's great!) -- just need to try to make the healthiest choice possible.

Take care everyone and have a great day!

09-11-2007, 02:55 PM
How goes it lovely ladies! :)

Laurie, it's great to be back again. I need to keep telling myself that the day I don't check in here is the first sign that motivation is slipping. I went through a stage of not saying anything if I gained, which is silly - you guys all understand how that works. I did get busy with other things as well, but still had time to check into other sites I visit. I'm back and determined to stay this time :D

CC, fantastic that you're getting some sleep. To be honest, I'm not sure how you've done it - I'd be an incoherent wreck if my sleep was as bad as yours has been!

Schmoodle, well done on planning out your meals. I do and I don't - I plan what I'm having when I'm putting together my grocery list, and then take it a day at a time.

Go MJ! I hope you have as good a day today as yesterday. Enjoy the gym.

Rakel, keep at it and hopefully things will start calming down for you so you can get a bit of time to yourself.

Yay Cheryl with the chocolate! I can't do that yet. One day, hopefully, but at the moment chocolate is one of those things that can't come into the house...

Go, Rhonda! Onederland by the end of the year sounds achievable, and if not you'll be pretty close!

Gosh, there's a lot of us now. This is a good thing!

Well, I left my lunch at home yesterday and had to buy from the cafe at work. Overpriced rubbish is really all they sell, so I won't be making that mistake again. I ended up getting this massive baked potato - this thing was the size of a large grapefruit - topped with chili con carne and sour cream. About the best thing that could be said is that it was filling and I didn't eat anything else till dinner time.

Today, still training and I'm going to walk again to work. I'm actually enjoying the walk, so I might have to keep that up once I go back to my normal hours.

Have fun everyone! :hug:

09-11-2007, 05:31 PM
Nicole - Great to hear that you're back on track, even if your lunch yesterday wasn't ideal. Still - one less-than-ideal meal doesn't kill us, and it sounds as though you put it right in perspective!

CC - I'm so happy to hear that you're getting some sleep, even if not quite enough. I find that when I don't sleep (sometimes I have crazy work deadlines), the scale is not my friend. Even when I'm eating well and exercising, the sleep seems to be an important ingredient in the weight loss formula. Maybe that has something to do with the scale's return to friendliness?

Rhonda - Very exciting to hear about your new enthusiasm. Can't wait to post on your Welcome to Onederland! thread. I have so much respect for your ability to keep on keepin' on, despite your insulin resistance. I know I would struggle so much with that - it is so inspirational to watch you push through it.

MJ - Sounds like it's going well! I did legs yesterday, and am really glad to be taking a break today, as they are so sore.

Rakel - I do contract work, so I know how frustrating it can be to invest so much time, energy, and money into a deal and have it not go as smoothly as you'd hoped. Great job not letting the stress derail you. I actually find that when I eat better and am able to inject some exercise into my routine during my most stressful times, I am so much more productive. Hope you're finding that's true as well.

Schmoodle - Meal planning. Something at which I don't excel. But yours sounds so delicious, I think you'd be crazy to settle for something far less delicious that's not on plan.

Cheryl - Oooohhh... Chocolate! It is so great that you're able to recognize what you need in order to follow your plan. Hopefully, that scale will continue moving in the right direction, and we can celebrate your loss with you tomorrow!

Yesterday, I had a very low-calorie day. That's why FitDay is so good for me. I can be more aware of what I'm doing, even if I don't want to admit either the low-cal days or the high-cal days. So, according to the totals, I consumed 700 calories and burned 699 just with my activities (not counting basal or lifestyle). And, the thing is, yesterday was not atypical of my eating for the past few weeks, which may, of course, explain a binge weekend. So, I guess I make a concentrated effort to eat more today. I hate that! Still, it's good to know what I need to do. Now, to just do it...

09-11-2007, 05:40 PM
Cheryl: I bought a big chocolate bar yesterday, and found that I could not stop at a little bit. I ate a few good chunks, and threw the rest of the bar in the trash. Good for you on being able to control yourself.

09-11-2007, 06:03 PM
I cannot buy a big chocolate bar. I don't completely eliminate chocolate, but I find it much easier to stay on plan with individually wrapped things. Of course, it doesn't do much good if you eat more than a serving, but it's easier to stop myself from opening another serving, whereas with the chocolate bar... it's so easy to just take a *smidge* more off, and that *smidge* becomes more *smidges* until the whole thing is gone. Maybe in a few years after I have retrained myself with the sweets I can buy whole candy bars again.

It's amazing though, I am not as big into ice cream as I used to be. I think I've mentioned this before, but I do have a little problem with dairy and I think that since I had it so much I just got used to it, but now that I have been really staying away from it, if I eat it, it kinda makes me feel bad. I wish I felt that way about chocolate sometimes, because my love affair with it is very very deep. Chocolate and I, well, we enjoy each other, that's all I'm sayin! :P

Anyway, I'm getting pretty hungry. I had a zone perfect bar and 2 "fresco" tacos from Taco Bell (not the best thing, but we were on the run and we don't have much food left at our house... we need to go shopping, but we don't have any money... BLAH! the worst part about taco bell is actually the sodium, if I remember correctly, oh and the fact that the food does not really taste very good), and a vitamin infused water drink thing. I have a tangelo to eat, which I think I will have right now :D I bought a peach yesterday, and it was ripe. One day later it's already bad. I don't think I'll be buying fruit from walmart anymore. I don't normally shop there but there's a walmart by where we work and it's the only grocery store around.

Update on the work situation: thankfully I do not have to work any more on this project. We talked to John's brother about it today and he agreed that it's not worth our time. I guess John will be working on it until the end of the month, but it doesn't look like we can count on that money for quite some time yet. So I am a little worried because I have bills coming up... and I am actually not paying any of my credit cards because I don't have enough money. It sucks to have to get late fees but what can I do? I just hope I can pull together enough money to pay all our bills, rent for next month and all of that fun grown up having your own business fun stuff. But once we are over this, I think it will get better. I can spend more time working on my business instead of stopping and starting all the time by working on these stupid projects where we don't even know when we'll get paid. ... and speaking of which, I need to get to work! I just wanted to check in! :)

Oh, and I think the whole sleep thing is working against me on the scale too. I'm up another 1.5lbs and back to 293. I suppose I should change my ticker, but I want to see what happens tomorrow. I'm going to try and get to bed early tonight and get plenty of sleep. I think last night I went to bed around 4:30am (probably nodded off around 5am) and got up at 10am. I just can't think of anything else because I stayed under my calories yesterday AND I exercised, for the first time in like a week.

09-11-2007, 06:16 PM
Good afternoon!

Wow, I feel like it's been a long time since I've posted here. I keep trying to find the time to say something to everyone...and that just hasn't happened. I need the accountability, though, so I'm going to post and hopefully you all can forgive if I don't reply to EVERYONE! ;)

I've had some "good" days and some "bad" days lately. By bad days, I mean that I'm at maintenance calorie levels or below...BUT...I'm not making really good, healthy food choices. I've even had 2 days where I used 200 calories on a SODA! I haven't had soda (before Saturday) since JANUARY! Gee whiz...where did that come from? So, I've had to really take a look at what I'm doing and get back to the basics in planning.

I've been excellent, today. Back to the healthy stuff that really makes me so much happier than the junk. I just feel better when I'm eating correctly.

Breakfast was 2 cups of coffee, a whole grain English muffin, an egg, a piece of Canadian bacon, and some laughing cow spread. Made it all into a breakfast sandwich for 250 calories.

Lunch was a Southwest grilled chicken salad with Southwest dressing. 370 calories. (lettuce, carrots, black beans, corn, tomato, grilled chicken, a few croutons)

I had a Bosc pear a few minutes ago for a snack.

Dinner is chili made with Smart Ground rather than beef, beans, vegetable juice (low sodium), onions, green pepper, garlic, and spices. It's been simmering for 2 hours and it's FABULOUS! One bowl - 200 calories.

Later tonight, as a snack, I've got fresh fruit and/or a Fiber One bar. I'll also probably make a pot of decaf Hazelnut coffee. Coffee has become something that really satisfies a "sweet" craving and at the same time makes me feel very full and satisfied. I allow myself to drink it but when I do I have to make a concerted effort to make sure I drink water as well.

So, that catches you all up with me.

CC - glad you slept. I think the lack of probably has a LOT to do with your scale issues of late.

Rhonda - your enthusiasm is palpable! I'm so excited for you and I think that is a GREAT goal. Ambitious but doable...and you sound SO ready!

Everyone else - I'll catch up with ya'll during another post. I'm so proud of each of you!

09-11-2007, 06:58 PM
Ugh...well ladies I'm back. Lets just say that my NYC conference was a lost cause. And now my season is open and I'm so busy I can't think....note I got back Sunday and today is the first day I've even been able to peek here. Anyway the exercise was lacking except for running to shows, the food has been out of control and I'm terrified to get on the scale. Anyway I get to leave work now thankfully but I'm getting back in control and back onto some sort of normal schedule. I've got my car back so I'm going to be aiming for some gym time too.
Tonight I'm gonna keep it healthy and make a food plan for the rest of the week. Hopefully I'll be able to give a better update tomorrow.
Stay strong!

09-11-2007, 10:13 PM
Tricia and Sunshine, its so good to hear from both of you. Tricia, don't worry about trying to say something to everyone each day....that can get very time consuming. I can do that on a few days, but not everyday. But, I do read each post and catch up with everyone here and, I think they know, that I'm cheering for each one of them each day.

09-11-2007, 10:38 PM
I have not even tried to keep up with responding to everyone's posts, but I do read everything. Sometimes I just don't have much to add :\. All I know is that you guys are great and make me feel so welcome :D :hug:

09-12-2007, 08:06 AM
Good morning all,
Thanks everyone for chiming in on the chocolate, I don't know why I don't eat the whole, thing, I would have a few months ago, just stuffed my face with it. A few things that work, is that I don't buy milk chocolate or white anymore, I buy dark , dark chocolate, and if I buy a big bar, it is not to keep in the house, but to split with the family , because if I kept it in the house I would probably eat it too.
I was able to post a loss today, which I am trying to be happy with, it is hard to be ecstatic because I am eating within my calorie range, exercising for 55 minutes a day, and would love to see 2, 3, or even a 4 lb loss weekly, but I have to be realistic and know that I am going to have these days, where I won't loose much or anything. The most important thing is reaching my goal one day, no matter how long it takes, I am not going to be a quiter again.
I am going to exercise soon, and stay on my food plan.
I hope you all have a great day!!!

09-12-2007, 09:29 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

Yesterday was the first day in about a month that I managed to stay completely on-plan all day.:carrot: That's the good news. The bad news is that the scale is paying me back for my misbehaviour...I've gained a pound. Considering how I was eating, I'm really getting off a bit easy. I did get to bed by 10:30 last night...thats 2 days in a row! I must confess that I'm not quite feeling so very rested and energetic like I had hoped. I must be going through sugar withdrawals again. Argghh...when will I learn! I wish someone would spank my butt and put me in time out!:nono: But, I'm not quitting....even the turtle must cross the finish line eventually.:rofl:

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!

09-12-2007, 02:52 PM
Good morning everyone!

Laurie, I know exactly what to do as well. It's the sticking to plan that I struggle with - I do OK for a while then slip up. Now, if I can stay on plan for 2 weeks, why can't I stay on plan for 3 weeks? It's frustrating at times - I'm an intelligent woman who knows exactly what to do, but can't stick to it...

Rakel, 1.5 lbs is nothing - it could just be water weight, because it sounds as if you're definitely sticking to plan. I'm pleased your life's starting to calm down and hopefully you can get into some kind of sleep routine - that's also fairly important.

Tricia, good luck on the decision making. It's never easy.

Welcome back, Sunshine! I was wondering where you are.

Hi to everyone else! :D

I took my ring in yesterday to be resized - it was far too loose. I now feel almost naked without it - it's the only piece of jewellery that I wear regularly and it feels strange not to see it there on my finger. I spoke with my mother about it and she asked why am I doing it now rather than later when I've lost more. I don't what to lose it, and resizing only costs $10 - or the same price as a Thai or Chinese takeaway. What's going to do me the best good? Unfortunately going into the jewellers can be expensive - I've seen a necklace and earring set that I love, so I might just have to buy that if it's still there when my backpay comes through next month.

Not really much to talk about - training's going OK, but they are very long days. I'd forgotten how much I hated finishing at 5pm and having to go home in the middle of rush hour - finishing at 4, I miss the worst of it. Still, only 2 more days and I'm back to normal.

Have a fantastic day ladies!

09-12-2007, 03:12 PM
I think at any moment my head is going to explode....I'm so busy. I have a show opening today....a rather big one...and everyone thinks I'm the end all be all of getting them last minute tickets (which I'm not) so I can't get ANYTHING done cause I'm spending all my time fielding these stupid requests.

So on with my post from yesterday. New York was great as long as you don't take into account consumption of food, alcohol or lack of activity. At the actual conference the meals are all planned and it's very tight scheduled so there isn't time to go fend for yourself. oh and it looks really bad to not show up to scheduled events. By Friday I was ready to kill for a vegetable! But on the good side it was a good week in the city and a great conference....Got a lot of work done, went to some ritzy parties and saw a few shows....I mean really I should feel lucky that I have a job that sends me to NYC for a week to schmooze in penthouse suites and see Broadway shows and meet the casts and directors and writers....but alas as cool as it is my butt does not love it and neither does my liver....and it is absolutely exhausting.

After that I spent the weekend with some friends in Brooklyn...much better than the conference time. We ate out but we ate healthy and a lot less and did a lot of walking...ok well brunch on Sunday at 'pies & thighs' probably wasn't that healthy but at least I got on the vegetable train over the weekend.

Anyway I'm back home and trying to work my way back into the swing. Today was going well until I was attacked by a Boston cream donut in the kitchen at work....it jumped right off the counter and into my hand I swear....ok it didn't really but my hand did reach for it and my mouth chewed and swallowed it. The donut was gone before I even realized I had eaten it. Its interesting too cause donuts aren't a big thing for me, I never really crave/buy/eat them. I'm making another go at quitting smoking so I'm wondering if that might be causing me to look at the donuts. It's only day one of putting them down and my life is so stressful and it is everything i can do to not go buy a pack.

Other than the donut incident today has been good. I'm going to cut out my afternoon snack to even out the calories from the donut. I've planned everything out today, I even have dinner put together at home and have made plans to hit the gym tonight....in an attempt to vent some stress and keep my mind off the butts. I also have everything in Fitday so I'm paying real close attention to it. I got over it and got on the scale this morning and I'm actually still right where I was before I left from the conference which is a relief...but it doesn't help that I feel awful and bloated from no exercise and bad eating. I'm hauling down water like it's gonna dry up!

here we go again.

09-12-2007, 04:25 PM
Okay. Just a quick check-in to maintain my accountability.

Since my Monday calories were SO low, I decided that I would eat more, higher calorie stuff earlier on Tuesday - and had PEANUT BUTTER. I rarely eat it because of the fat and calories, but I really wanted it. Unfortunately, I didn't stop at one sandwich. I ate two. On white bread. I don't really eat bread, as even whole grain bread is a little processed for my taste, so I used what I had bought for the kids. So, I ended up at 1249 calories way early in the day, I didn't get the nutritional bang I needed for my calorie expenditure, and did not allow myself to eat for the last six or seven hours of the day because I felt so bloated and disappointed in my choices. So, I'm still not making good decisions, but I am at least working at it. My lesson for the day? Keep the peanut butter at bay. I still can't handle it. I am eating more than normal today, consisting of nutritious foods, and I feel fuller than is comfortable, but I worry that stringing 700-calorie days together (which I am inclined to do) will make maintenance that much more difficult. So, **SIGH**, I am trying to figure it all out once again. Like CC has said, balance is a huge challenge for me, and I can really screw things up when I try to integrate balance (witness my last two days), so I will just keep trying to move forward.

09-12-2007, 06:14 PM
Yep, Laurie! I'm not one of those individuals who can eat tempting foods in moderation. As much as I promise, as much as I rationalize buying it, as much as I plan how I'm going to eat just a little bit and save the rest for later, I can't do it. I'll break into it the second I bring it in the house and eat it until I'm sick or it's gone. I'm like a recovering alcoholic who tries to keep alcohol around "for guests". Just an accident waiting to happen.

I was good about food yesterday. Had dinner with my former boss and ordered a salad with grilled shrimp, grilled corn, avocados, green beans, and tomatoes with a light chipotle and citrus dressing. Tasty! Even when she was trying to tempt me into getting comfort food (they do fancy mac and cheese, meatlaof, etc.) I steered clear! I did have a piece of hot sourdough with butter :o but I stuck to one instead of going back for more.

I got about 7 hours of sleep. Woo Hoo! And the scale dropped again today. Hallelujah. I think, Laurie, you were right about sleep being important to weight loss. I hit the 240's today!! I can vividly remember how awful I felt and looked at 316. Like a sausage about to break out of it's casing. Now I feel infinitely better and am on my way to looking normal.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

P.S - Sunshine thank you for warning us about the emergence of aggressive doughnuts (:rofl:). Where there is one, there are many lurking in the shadows - with the sole goal in their short lives of making us fat. Protect yourselves!

09-12-2007, 07:35 PM
Hey Ladies, check this out. Yep, we gotta make a point to get more shuteye!

09-12-2007, 07:39 PM
Uh oh....here's another good one.


I was especially interested in #2. I already have insulin resistance, but getting not enough sleep might be making my sugar levels spike despite what I eat.

09-12-2007, 08:48 PM
Great articles, Rhonda. The second article is the most intriguing to me because I didn't eat more than I normal... Thanks for finding these!

09-13-2007, 08:56 AM
Good morning, Everyone!

Well, I'm definitely getting enough sleep. I spend most of yesterday in bed and I went to bed early last night. I'm fighting a cold/sinus thing and I feel rotten! The good news is that I don't feel like eating much, so I found my rainbow in all of this.

Hope everyone is having a great on-plan day.

09-13-2007, 10:15 AM
Good Morning everyone, Rhonda I am sorry you are feeling under the weather, hope you feel better soon.
I have been staying on plan all this week, so I should do good today. I all ready did my exercises, and for breakfast was my usual Kash go lean crunch skim milk and some grapefruit juice. The restof the day should go smoothly.

09-13-2007, 10:47 AM
Hi everyone! Wow, it has been busy around here! That is great! Yesterday I had my annual physical and everything went well. Then I went for some retail therapy. It was GREAT! I found a 'trendy' shirt that I LOVE! I normally dress pretty plain (trying to spruce it up w/ jewelry lately), but this is anything but. I have received SO many compliments already today. I also bought a cute pair of red patent leather flats. SO cute! I didn't spend much on either of them, so that was even better!

Yesterday food was bad--not what I ate, just that I really didn't eat much at all. Have to put an end to that! I didn't get to the gym, but did lots of walking.

Tonight--the gym!

09-13-2007, 11:07 AM
Morning all....feeling a bit better today. Yesterday was ok, save the donut but I made it through the rest of the day. Today I'm feeling pretty good.... think I'm starting to come down from the conference bloat.... First step was fitting into my good suit...which I do....which I'm actually looking pretty good in today....I have press night for Wicked tonight so I don't go straight home which means it's dinner out and a cast party (which comes with both wine and catering). I'm just gonna keep it light and try to go home early. I've planned for it so I think it will be fine. No gym today because of the show so it looks like tomorrow after work is where it's at.
Ugh, I just can't wait until this week is over and the show is in full swing and everybody here gets a hold of themselves!
Ugh. I'm aiming for a full on plan day!

09-13-2007, 01:42 PM
MJ - New clothes are SO exciting. Good for you for buying something a little outside your normal tastes.

Cheryl - Glad to see that you got to post a loss! It's a great feeling, even when the loss isn't quite what we want it to be.

I did a Leslie Sansone video last night. (Not too bad, but the next time I think I'll have to do it with my MP3 player. She's cute, but there's only so much of that giggle I can take!) She talked about how exercise helps you sleep better, and I thought of you, CC. I know it's a vicious cycle - tough to exercise when you don't get enough sleep - but I thought it might be worth a shot for you to try to re-establish your normal sleeping patterns, though I am glad to hear you're doing better with them.

So, I tried to increase my calories again, and went completely out of control when I saw that I was still really low at the end of the day. Not completely out of control - but enough that I wound up just shy of 1500 calories. That still doesn't seem outrageous, given what I know others are able to lose weight eating, but apparently, it was too much for me, as I gained weight - in spite of doing 30 minutes on the elliptical (at a high intensity), 25 minutes on the stationary bike, a Leslie Sansone 4-mile WATP video, and 45 minutes of light strength training. So, I guess I'm plunging my calories again for the next few days. If I'm going to work this hard and pay this much attention, I really want to see results. I guess I'll figure out how to maintain when I get there.

09-13-2007, 03:07 PM
Hi everyone,

Yay Friday. It seems to have been a very long week.

Sunshine, I find it easier to be on plan in my own house and in my own kitchen. That way I'm controlling what's in the cupboards rather than being at the whim of others. Sounds as if you're the same, and you'll start noticing a loss now you're at home.

CC, yay! You must be feeling so much better after getting some sleep!

Rhonda, I'm sending hugs at a safe distance here. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Good luck with the gym, MJ.

Laurie, it's an interesting game this balancing of calories thing. I've averaged 1850 for the last 10 days or so and lost 1.5 lbs on that, so I'm going to keep at that level till I stall. Really not looking forward to having to drop my calories and I'm hoping I can get to goal before I get too low.

Interesting day yesterday. We went live in the new system at work and naturally the first piece of work that I picked up was an absolute nightmare. There've been a lot of teething troubles with the new system which we're slowly working through, but I had to find new errors - of course.

I got home last night and one of my neighbours knocked on the door and asked if my cat was neutered - which of course he is. I'm a responsible pet owner. Then she told me that he's spending a lot of time with her female cat who's in season and she doesn't want kittens. Now surely that's her responsibility to either get the cat fixed or keep her inside till she's not in season - how is it my responsibility. Some people are just dumb, really...

I am so looking forward to getting home tonight and just relaxing - it's been quite a stressful week and I'm really ready for it to be over with...

Have a good day everyone....

09-13-2007, 05:46 PM
Hi all!!

Rhonda, hope you are back on your feet quickly!!!

Cheryl, good job staying on plan!

MJ, nothing like new clothes that make you look good, is there?

Sunshine, despite the stress, your job sounds so cool!

Laurie, the exercise thing and sleep - it's so true. A vicious cycle... As for the extra calories, I wouldn't count the scale increase the day after eating more calories than you normally do. I think it takes longer for the weight to show up, and a few hundred calories on one day aren't enough to make much of a difference. I found several posts on other sites that talk about the phenomenon of gaining up to 4 pounds for a day or so after an intense workout. No scientific evidence, just lots of anecdotal. So I would just keep eating what you normally eat and the scale should readjust!

Nicole, your neighbor is crazy! Pets should be spayed and neutered for the most part to keep the unwanted pet population in check. And to make it your problem is not taking personal responsibility. Wrong!

As for me, I managed to eat out last night with a friend and didn't blow my calories. Tonight I'm going to a old movie house that is raising money to fix it from earthquake damage. They show movies against the back wall and people bring chairs and blankets. One of my friends lives across the street so I'm heading up there for dinner and the movie. Should be fun! 8 hours of sleep last night :), but I didn't fall asleep until 3:30 :o. Jeez, it's a good thing I'm "semi-retired"! Tonight's goal is to get to sleep by midnight.

Take care all!

09-13-2007, 08:29 PM
Hi everyone! Accountability time...didn't make it to they gym. The good news is...I was able to get all of my errands out of the way, so NO excuses tomorrow. Food choices were great! Water could have been better.

I need to make a grocery list and pay bills...fun, fun, fun....
Have a great night!
Mj ;)

09-13-2007, 09:42 PM
I had a mind to respond to people individually, but now that I'm here on the reply page my mind is swimming, so I think I will just stick to general replies on the subjects discussed.

As for sleep, I never really thought of it before, but now that you ladies have brought it to my attention, I do think that my crazy sleeping schedule has really messed me up. I got a lot of sleep Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday with a 1.5lb loss. Yesterday I did a full 45 minutes on the exercise bike, burned 500 calories and biked 12 miles :dizzy:, ate about 1400 calories, and woke up the next day (today) at 291.5 -- the only thing I can think of is that I ate pretty close to when I fell asleep. I was going to try and stay up really late and then sleep for a long time and I couldn't do it. I ended up getting around 7 hours of sleep. It could have been worse, but I think that I really need to get around 8 or 9 hours.

I actually felt pretty good after I exercised yesterday. My fiance remarked, "My, you certainly seem chipper!" lol. That said, I am feeling incredibly lazy today :rolleyes: ... I really do need to be more regular about it. I just feel weird because yesterday when I went there were people there and I felt extremely self conscious, I almost walked out after about 5 minutes but I stuck to my determination to do my workout.

I ate a lot of calories at the start of today, but I haven't really felt hungry since. I made a little "sub" with a hotdog bun, some grilled chicken in a marinade, lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss cheese (a full slice), some veggie chips, some FUZE orange mango, and 1/2 serving of roasted and salted almonds.

I was playing the Sims 2 for awhile earlier because our internet was down (some thunderstorms) so I couldn't do any work... and I found myself in and out of the kitchen a few times looking for some munchies. I started to give in once -- we have these veggie chips, I ate a few of them (less than 1/2 serving) and put them away, acknowledging that I was not hungry and was just eating because I was bored.

It's been about 4.5hrs since I last ate and I'm getting a little hungry now so I think I'll fix myself a salad.

09-14-2007, 08:05 AM
Wow. I have had a hellacious night. So, I'm joining in the "not sleeping like I should" crowd for the day. I unexpectedly had a small project that I needed to finish yesterday, and I just finished it a few minutes ago. Usually, when I'm working like that, I don't eat at all. But I had about 45 minutes where I was waiting for some data and decided I should clean out my fridge. It was with the best of intentions - just wanted to get some of the crap out of it and make room for the good stuff that I planned on shopping for tomorrow (today?). Anyway, my husband had accidentally frozen a small bottle of Pepsi the other night and transferred it to the fridge when he realized it was too frozen to drink. So by the time I started cleaning out the fridge last night, it was slushy - and I LOVE slushy drinks. Never been a big pop drinker, but those slushy ones... So, that's how it started, then it escalated as the night went on. And I didn't get my fridge cleaned either. Instead, I watched TV (and not good TV, either!) and ate while I waited for my data. I went to my TOPS meeting yesterday and had a weight gain there for the first time, and I was disappointed about it, so that might have had something to do with it. I don't have anything terribly bad in the house, so it could have been worse, but I ate and ate until I was so full I thought I would become an unintentional bulimic, then I ate some more. I was tired, stressed, frustrated with my stalled weight loss, but still... What is up with that? I had some uncontrolled eating on the weekend, but nothing like last night.

So, I am treating today like I am ill - only because I feel really ill. It was very much self-induced, but I need to give my body some time to recover. So, I will nap on and off during the day (as much as I can responsibly do with a 3-year-old) and only eat after I feel like I can stomach some food. I am NOT fasting in response to a binge. I am just trying to ease back into normal on-plan eating again. I also generally find it difficult to eat when I haven't slept.

And that's my lovely accountability for the day. Because I haven't lost the war. I just apparently planned for last night's battle with the same skill as ...(almost let an Iraq war comment slip in, but checked myself when I thought about Twinkies and politics) Hitler planned his campaign against Russia.

So, it's got to be back on plan for me today. For my health. For my sanity. For my food budget. For the sake of a clean refrigerator!

09-14-2007, 09:12 AM
Good morning, Everyone and Happy Friday! (and for Nicolen...you're probably asleep by now, so Happy Saturday to you!)

Today, I took the day off to go to the doctors. She will be talking with me about my bone density, which wasnt too good, and my thyroid ultrasound. I'm hoping that went well as I'm not in a hurry to start thyroid medication. I've been reading up on bone density and I've decided that I'm not going on any medication. I've started taking calcium and vitamin D and I will start resistance band training and walking on the treadmill daily...as soon as this darn cold/sinus thing get a little better. Every morning, I have to take cold medicine to relieve the sinus pressure in my ears and I really hate taking those things. They seem to make me depressed and feel sluggish all day. Now, for some good news...the scales are looking a bit good. Nothing real big, but any downward motion is a good thing! I lost the pound I gained earlier in the week and maybe another one. I cant wait to get on the scales on Monday. I joined the Biggest Loser challenge here on 3FC and I'm hoping to really help my team win.

Cheryl - Great job with staying on-plan this week. Your weight loss is awesome....you are leaving me in the dust! You go, Girl!
Sunshine - I guess you know that your life sounds so exciting to this housewife. I can imagine that it does make staying on-plan difficult. You're managing things well. Hopefully, life will settle down for you soon.
Nicolen - Did you have a nice relaxing Friday evening?
CC - Did you get to sleep by midnight? I'm hoping you're well rested for the weekend.
MJ - Whats your plan for the gym today? PS....I have some bills you can pay for me.;)
Rakel - I'm so proud of you for sticking with your workout. Don't let anything keep you from going! This is for you....who cares what anyone else might be thinking/ Besides, they're probably not thinking about you at all...just about their own workout. Hold your head up proud, girlfriend!
LaurieDawn - most of us have been in your shoes. I've been there too many times to count. No, you have not lost the war! I hope you have a great day and get caught up on your rest this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

09-14-2007, 10:03 AM
Good morning, everyone. Sounds like things are going well for you all. Laurie - those slip-ups happen, sometimes. Glad you're right back on the wagon. Rhonda - I hope your cold gets better, soon!

I'm not sure, yet, what's in store for my day. I do know that we're having pork loin and vegetables for dinner. I'll probably have a Thai veggie burger and a sweet potato for lunch. I ate a banana about 1/2 an hour ago....I'll have "breakfast" around 9:00-9:30. I'm guessing it will an egg and english muffin sandwich but that could change. Snacks will be fresh fruit.

My hip is starting to feel a LITTLE better. I might even attempt an elliptical workout later on today.

Keep up the great work, ladies!

09-14-2007, 10:07 AM
Good morning all,
Nicolen, Don't you love those kind of neighbors? How many cats do you have I have 2( yes they are fixed).
LaurieDawn, We all have those days, You have been doing so well, I am sure today will be better.
Rhonda, I am glad the scale is going in the right direction :carrot::carrot:
I just finished 41 minutes on the elliptical, and 14 minutes of general exercises, I have been having some lower back pain, so I skipped the weight lifting today, and am most likely going to take the day off from exercising tomorrow, just to get a rest, plus I will be outdoors all day( a pow- wow in the late morning till early afternoon, then later on going to a kids festival at a local park. Sunday it is going to be 73 degrees here :carrot::carrot::carrot:, so I am going hiking again. I am dreading the decision I may have to make in the near future if I dont start loosing weight in the next few weeks, lowering my calories from 1400-1600 to 1300 -1500. I don't want to do it, I like food :D, but if the scale is really slowing down, I may have to.
I hope everyone has a great day and great weekend.

09-14-2007, 02:55 PM
Hi everyone!

Rhonda--Hope you are feeling better. How was your drs appt? It sounds like you have a great plan for yourself! Sorry, I'll pass on paying your bills! ;)

Nicole--What is up w/ your neighbor? I have two dogs and we scheduled them to be fixed as soon as they were old enough!

Cheryl--Sounds like you are going to be busy!

So far today food choices have been 'ok'. Right after work I am going to the gym for some cardio, then to the grocery store. It is finally cooler, so I am hoping to get some much needed cleaning done at home this weekend. This morning I realized that under out bathroom sink is SO cluttered (as is the rest of our house...but under the sink is bad!). I have been 'stocking up' on things as they have been on sale and had coupons and I think I may have gone a little over-board!

I'll check back either later or this weekend.
MJ ;)

09-14-2007, 03:35 PM
Hello everybody!

Laurie, sorry you got attacked by your fridge! It sounds like just a moment of weakness brought on by being tired. And maybe a little boredom? You're doing the right thing by starting fresh and listening to your body. When you get to goal, you won't even remember last night.

Rhonda, congrats on the scale!!

Tricia, glad your hip is feeling better!

Cheryl, wow, great job on the exercise! That's my weak point...

Well, I didn't get to sleep by midnight, it was 2 AM, but that's better than usual, so I'll just keep working my way down... Food went well yesterday. I actually didn't get to my friend's house in time for us to eat at the restaurant we were planning on (rush hour sucks - 1 hour and 15 minutes to go 16 miles? Grrr...), so he suggested we grab greasy burgers and fries (McDonalds) and get seats in the park for the movie. I restrained myself from the junk and got a salad with grilled chicken and used very little dressing. Yay! We had a great time. Oh, and it took me 15 minutes to get home. And since we need to be accountable here. I didn't exercise again. That's really making me feel bad about myself, so I want to start again. Tonight. I promise.

Have a good day all! Nicole, enjoy your Saturday!

P.S.- Hi MJ! I took too long writing and I missed your post. Send some of that cool weather West, will ya?

09-14-2007, 04:08 PM
Morning everyone!

Just sitting watching the England-South Africa rugby world cup game which is just getting underway. Hey, I'm a Kiwi - it's kind of compulsory to watch! It was a good day yesterday - a few dramas at work, but with being in training I've avoided being caught up in it, which is a very good thing. I just don't understand some people.

Bit of a grey day today - it's supposed to drizzle this morning and clear this afternoon, so exercise will have to wait till then. I'm going to go for a long walk - either head towards the park and walk around the outside and come back through the Botanic Gardens which should be beautiful at this time of the year or head in the other direction along the river. I'll see how I feel when I head out...

Rakel, I work shift work at times and I find it really hard to stay on plan when my sleep pattern changes. It's a big part of losing weight.

Laurie, today is a new day. Forget about yesterday - you can't change it now, but you can make good decisions today.

Rhonda, good luck with the doctor's appointment. Here's hoping that everything's OK for you!

Cheryl, I have one cat, male and 9 years old. He's currently cuddled up next to me on the couch. He's actually very cute - black and white and he looks like he's wearing a tuxedo. The thing that annoys me about the whole situation is that here if you get a pet from the SPCA or Cats Protection League, you get a voucher for getting them fixed - how hard is that to do?

Go MJ! I've got to do housework today as well. One of my least favourite things to do, but it's gotta be done.

CC, great job on making the best choices you can. I had McDonald's a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe how salty the fries were and how tasteless the burger was. I used to buy a combo meal there at least once a week. Not anymore!

Have a good day everyone! :hug:

09-14-2007, 08:58 PM
Hey all, I'm back from Denver. It was a good meeting and a good time to get away and have a little "me" time. How did I do? Food.... not too bad, but could have been better. Exercise... really bad.... it was too nice being alone in my hotel room.

But, back on track. I have lots of catching up to do!

09-15-2007, 01:18 AM
CLCSC -- wow, an hour and fifteen minutes? What metropolis do you live by? Good to see you made some healthy choices (or at least, the healthiest) from the situation on hand. I believe it's important to be able to make a good decision no matter with comes your way. That is something I'm still struggling with.

Rhonda -- I'm glad to hear your weight loss is picking up speed. I for one know how easy it is to slip off track! Keep it up!

Nicolen -- Ugh, I know it. I have tried like 3 times in the past 2 weeks to get back on a day schedule and every time something comes up and I end up staying up real late and it throws the whole thing off. It's really annoying me because I believe it is hindering me right now! It's making it hard to exercise too.

Slashnl -- welcome back! *introduces herself* I'm Rakel and I'm new here :D

I admire everyone of you who get to the gym on a regular basis. If my apartment didn't have an exercise room, I don't think I would ever make it... and even then it closes at 11pm, though I suppose I could go later if I really wanted to... I just don't feel entirely safe to be out and about that late by myself so I usually just stay inside.

SO, moving on to my accountability:

Not doing *so* great actually. I started out with a Zone Perfect bar, and for lunch (dinner for normal people) we went out to an Italian restaurant. I split a Chicken Parmigiana with John, and ordered a side salad with the house dressing. And, I probably shouldn't have, but I indulged myself in the garlic bread. It was sooooo good. Even though John and I split the dinner in half, I still stuffed myself silly. I figured I probably ate around 800 to 900 calories, maybe more. On the plus side, I ate that around 6pm, and it's 12:15pm now and I am still not even close to being hungry, and if I do, I'll probably just have a small salad and some almonds. I didn't exercise yesterday, as I mentioned previously, but I did force myself to exercise tonight even though it was after 11. I did DDR because I didn't want to go to the exercise room. I definitely think DDR gives me a better workout than the biking, I am always dripping with sweat afterwards, but it is hard on my ankles so that's why it's probably better for me to do the biking for now. I just need to make sure my ipod is charged. I plan on getting in the weight room soon after I get up tomorrow so it's out of the way at the start of the day, rather than building it up in my head how much I don't want to do it. The scale is going back down again, I weighed myself today at 290.5, so *MAYBE* just maybe I can get down to 289 over the weekend.

I hope all of you ladies are doing fabulous and sticking to you plan better than I am! I'm not perfect with the food, but the exercise is definitely the biggest problem for me. I'm trying to like it but I just...........................don't. lol.

09-15-2007, 09:55 AM
Good morning all,
Rakel, mmm italian food.
Welcome back Slashni
Rhonda, congrats on the weight loss!!!
I wasn't going to exercise today, but did 30 minutes on the elliptical, before I get going. and ate my regular bkst. I am going to two festivals, but won't be eating there, will eat lunch here, before I go, and bring some water and a Kashi Tlc bar with me. The scale scared me, I got on really fast, and it said 226 then error, I got back on twice and it was ok, no gain. sheesh.
I got to get together,so everyone have a great day!!

09-15-2007, 02:49 PM
Hi everyone!

Well, I'm feeling very tired today. I just didn't sleep too well - no real reason, just one of those things. I'll see how I go and might just try for a nana nap this afternoon - how sad is that! I've thought about going back to bed, but I've got a lot to get done today and it's probably easier to get that done first.

Welcome back Diane.

Rakel, don't beat yourself up over lunch - we can't be perfect all the time. I know what you're saying about exercise. I still can't say I enjoy it, but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get when I walk out of the gym after a workout.

Go Cheryl with the exercise!

Hi to everyone else.

Take care, ladies, and have a great day!

09-15-2007, 06:26 PM
Hi everyone!

Rakel, no major metropolis here. Just nasty southern California rush hour traffic. The freeways are really just big parking lots and the side streets aren't much better full of all the people who are trying to avoid the freeways... Heading north in the late afternoon is just an exercise in futility.

Glad you're back, Diane!!

Cheryl, great decision to hop on the ellipse!

Sorry you didn't sleep well, Nicole. I think it's a good idea to get your chores done and then see how your feel. Sometimes just getting moving makes you feel less tired. I don't like naps either. I tend to sleep too long and then feel disoriented. The worst is naps during the winter where if you happen to wake at 5 or 6 you don't know if it's AM or PM. :dizzy::?::dizzy::?:

Well, for yesterday I realized too late that, while I ate a lot, I was way under on my calories. Oops. But I did fulfill my promise to get out and walk. It was a lovely cool evening so that felt great. I could really feel the effects of my inactivity of the last few weeks. I walked about 3 miles and my legs felt like lead and my back muscles felt weak. All the more reason to get back into the swing of things. It's way too easy to lose ground! I got a ton of sleep :D (too much, truth be told, but it's not like it was unwelcome!).

So I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

09-15-2007, 07:04 PM
I can't really take naps. Usually by the time I am up and about I can't even think of sleeping, and usually can't sleep at a decent time later when it *is* time to go to bed. And if for whatever reason I do manage to get a nap, then you can forget it, my schedule is going to be way screwed up! lol.

I just got off the scale and updated my ticker and I am SUPER excited. I have *finally* after going up and down between 293 and 290 since 09/08 gotten to the 280s! I got *plenty* of sleep last night and avoided eating real late (though I could do better). I didn't actually eat a salad although I know that would have been better, but I made 2 ham & spreadable cheese rollups, a serving of flat earth chips and 1/2 serving of almonds. My calculated total came to 1250, but I am pretty sure my lunch probably went over the calories I wrote for it, I'm just not sure because there were no nutrition facts on the food :P. So I feel pretty good about how much I ate when all was said and done, and the scale seems to agree.

I hope all you ladies are having a fantastic & relaxing Saturday ... ON PLAN! :D

09-16-2007, 11:47 AM
Hi everyone! So much for being around this weekend! I was acutally in the mood to clean and get rid of junk, so that what I did yesterday! It was GREAT! Still have a long way to go, but I have a plan for the rest of the house and our bedroom looks SO much better!

Today is a day of just relaxing!

Yesterday, food choices were not good. Today WILL be better!

Have a great day!

MJ ;)

09-16-2007, 12:02 PM
Hi Everyone! My weekend is going great. The weather is absolutely beautiful.....70s with sunshine and no humidity...I'm in heaven! And, I've been on-plan all weekend.

My cold symptoms seem to be letting up.:carrot: And, my doctor's appointment went well. We did some tweaking of my hormone therapy as the depression and moodiness seem to be hitting hard lately. I think the tweaking is working as my mind seems to be in a much better place the last couple of days. I'm also starting calcium and vitamin D supplements and I must get on the treadmill and start my resistance bands. I'm in the very earliest stages of bone degeneration and this can be stopped and reversed.:D

I havent decided on my plan for today. I may weed the front flower bed....or, clean house. Laundry is always and option and we need some groceries.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!

09-16-2007, 02:37 PM
Morning everyone.

Back to the dramas at work today. Oh, joy. I know my team is well down on numbers this week, and we're losing a team member mid week to another project, so this is going to be madness.

CC, way to go on the exercise! For me it's more the thought of exercise rather than the actual exercise that turns me off - I'm fine once I get out there. Sounds like you could be the same.

Go, Rakel! :carrot: It's great to see that middle number change downwards, isn't it?

MJ, would you like to come and do my spring cleaning as well? ;) Enjoy your relaxing day!

Rhonda, that's fantastic news about the doctor's appointment. Not so good about the bone density, obviously, but I've heard exercise is the best thing you can do to improve it.

Take care ladies!

09-16-2007, 08:00 PM
HI everyone,
Today I didn't do any hiking( hubby was changing oil on car and doing some car maintanence), so I was stuck here, in the afternoon, we did go to a museum and I mowed the lawn( push mower) for 40 minutes, so that was my only exercise today. For dinner I made two portabella mushrooms and I put 1oz of shredded cheese in them and let it melt, and I also ate 1 small roasted potato with olive oil( the potato was those small loose ones, not the baking kind), I don't think I went over my calories, because I only have 900, and the mushrooms are like 20 calories each the cheese was 120 aand I am figuring maybe 140 or so for the baked potato. Tomorrow I am making a veggie soup( enough to last a few days), and plan to make it low fat, usually I add noodles and cheese.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Cheryl

09-16-2007, 08:08 PM
Super late check in for me. Hi everyone!

Yesterday went really well foodwise, but I didn't make it out for my walk like I promised. ARGH! I was watching the USC v. Nebraska football game and couldn't tear myself away (Go Trojans!). So I must do it tonight. Had a rough time falling alseep. I had no caffeine all day and took sleeping pills at 11 and didn't fall asleep until 3. Grrr. But I did get up early to have brunch with one of my friends, so maybe I'll be tired enough tonight...

The scale dropped again so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good weigh in tomorrow. :crossed:

Take care everyone and I'll check back in tomorrow!