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09-08-2007, 10:35 AM
Good morning all

I have been a regular exerciser for over two and a half years, and have never had this happen to me...recently, started working with a personal trainer to develop greater endurance and core strength...the last few days I have experienced a pain in my right leg...specifically, behind my knee, and down my calf...I also have two dark blue bruises on my upper thigh altho I don't recall banging my self at all...could this be the result of the leg work i have been doing with him? He's really great about not pushing in the face of any pain, and I honestly did not have this until two days after the last session I had with him, although i have been doing the exercises he gave me to do on my own..I will certainly talk to him about it on TUesdaya when I see him, and plan to give my legs a rest over the weekend, but was curious if anyone had a similar experience...thanks