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09-07-2007, 06:16 AM
Good morning ladies! I was so pooped from lugging clean clothes and such yesterday I crashed early so I am up early too. I have to take Jack to work this morning so I can run some apres vacation errands. Have to pick up Fortune, get mailed started, take back library books and take some clothes to the cleaners. I also have to pick up a few things for dinner. Tomorrow is commissary day and I have to get going on a list too.

Once again our primary care facility is dragging their feet about giving Jack a referral to his cardiologist. His appt was the day before we left but we thought his referral was still good and it wasn't so we had to postpone and make another appt. Now he is trying to get his referral and they are saying his dr is no longer at the facility (that practice is like a revolving door, I swear) and he is going to have to make another appt and come in. I am well tired of this and want to change practices, but Jack keeps dragging his feet about it. It is ridiculous that a man that has had a cardiologist for 4 years ongoing, has all of it in his medical records, can't just be issued a referral.

Susan: I sure hope you guys don't have any hurricane issues this year. I remember what that is like when we lived in Va Beach. It looks like we are going to have a busy hurricane year again.

Jean: I thought I saw on tv while we were sitting in the airport to change planes to come home that you guys are supposed to get some really cool weather this weekend. Fall may be well and truly starting for you. We are still in the 90's here, but looks like we may cool down to the 80's this weekend. I just have a bunch of birthdays all scrunched up now, but I am well on my way with getting gifts going. I didn't work on my knitting much while we were gone, read mostly when we were relaxing in the room, but I hope to get Kelly's sweater done next week and maybe get Jay's hat started if the yarn comes. I did order his patches and pins so they should be here in about a week or so. His birthday is Oct 22 so I still have some time.

Gloria: Hope you are fit as a fiddle now that your stone business is all settled. I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas, but whoee it was hot there. It didn't get below 90 at night so our ac in the hotel room ran constantly. It kept things nice and cool though. We rented a car so we didn't walk around in the heat much, which helped a lot too.

Well, chores call before Jack gets up in a little while. Have a good Thursday!


09-08-2007, 01:37 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I'm on my way to bed but wanted to stop and check in first. After school we made a fast trip to MIL's to tell her good bye; no telling how long she will be gone. If her AZ house sells she could be back up here by Christmas. :twirly: The weather has cooled down and the humidity is way down. It was a beautiful day in my corner of the world today.

"Gma" -- It sounds like you had a busy day planned! I hope you got everything done that you wanted to. I'll bet Fortune was glad to see you! :yes: According to tonight's weather on TV we are going to be in the mid 70s all next week. I would like that!!!!! :D That is too bad about Jack's doctor/clinic run around. You'd think that the doctor leaving would set his patients up with a new doctor before leaving. :dunno: I finally got some satisfaction (I hope!) from BCBS . . . my bill at the clinic is now well over $700 since July 9. Their excuse is that the PA BCBS is slow in releasing our group information. I asked for a PA phone # so I could start calling them daily. :lol: Today there was a message on the answering machine that my account would be paid within the week. We'll see!

Tomorrow is my morning to work in the gift shop because I traded last Saturday. I hope I have some buyers or I will forget how to run the register. :)

Have a nice weekend and remember to SMILE! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-08-2007, 08:18 AM
Good morning gals! The boys are back together, which seems to make them happy. They both sat on my lap most of the evening while we watched tv. We were watching a BBCA show called "My Family" and I laughed loudly at something, scared the cat and he jumped off, but with his back claws out so I got long gashes on my right leg and left breast. Bled like a son of a gun and boy they are sore this morning. I have to get Fortune back to normal. He doesn't want to eat when he is at the kennel. Thankfully, he was retested and his bacterial infection is all gone.

Today is clean the downstairs day. I put off the commissary until tomorrow as I need to make a list and a menu and haven't gotten around to it yet. I did get all my errands run, a very nice and profuse apology from the post office manager with her personal card to call when we stop the mail again. She assured me it wouldn't happen again so we shall see.

Jack got a call yesterday that he had to make an appt to see another dr so I am sure they are going to get a piece of his mind when he goes in. He told them in no uncertain terms he had to have an appt at 4 PM because he wasn't taking off work to do it. I am supposed to lodge a complaint with Tricare, but had to sign up for an online account with them and now have to wait 10 days to get a key code to use besides a user name and password. I haven't told Jack that part! lol

I better get crackin' on the chores and cleaning I can do at the moment. Have a nice weekend everyone!


09-08-2007, 04:24 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is clouding over and looks like it could rain. My morning at the gift shop was an interesting one. A BD student poked his head in the door and then spent the next 2 hours talking. It seems his mother comes in once a month because she gets so sick. After 3 hours she is fine and they go home again. I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate him sharing her medical history with me! I don't even know her. :lol:

I have laundry going and need to make a grocery run for what I forgot on Thursday. I went w/o a list which was totally DUMB on my part.

"Gma" -- I have a couple of good scars from where the cats' claws have dug into my bare legs. I feel your pain! :eek: Does Tricare not realize one could be dead and buried during the 10 day waiting period to get the key code?! How stupid is that? :crazy: I just emailed a complaint to the headquarters of our local grocery store. They have downsized the bread selection to less than 1/4 of the aisle, and there were some bare shelves when I was there on Thursday after school. That is ridiculous! I've threatened to complain before and this time I actually followed through!

Hope you all have a nice weekend! Don't forget to SMILE! :D

Jean -- :wave: and :D in Iowa!

09-09-2007, 06:56 AM
Good morning all! Well, I did get the downstairs cleaned yesterday and get to face the commissary today. UGH!

The phone rang yesterday and Jack answered it and it was Thomas. He ask if he could speak to Nonny so Jack put me on. He asked me if on Saturday he could come and spend the day with us and we take him to see this cooking show about a chef learning to cook or some such. His mom put him up to it. It is "Ratatouille" which is a kid's movie about a Rat who lives in a restaurant and wants to be a chef. You know he loves to tease me about my rodent phobia and his mom loves to help him. Anyway, I told him sure so we are going to have him all day next Saturday, which should be fun. His parents have some Cub Scout wilderness survivor cooking thing they have to attend all day. I bought him a tshirt, mug, and pin from the "Love" show with the Beatles on it so I will give it to him on Saturday.

Jean: Poor kid probably just needed a ear. I have an online friend I met at my knitting website and she is my son's age. She lives with a disabled mom and she emails me because she has no one to talk with about it. Her mom is pretty ill right now as her blood count continues to bottom out and they keep infusing her, but nothing is working. The young woman is the bread winner, working two jobs to make ends meet and she has it tough. On top of that, she is morbidly obese and struggles with all those issues. I emailed the commissary after the last time I was there complaining, but never even got a courtesy email back.

I am getting the two of us back on WW and going full tilt since we are back from vacation. Lots of fruits and veggies for me and water!

I guess I should get me morning chores done and maybe do a little knitting before Jack gets up. Commissary opens at 10 today so I want to get out there and get back. It is still pretty warm here and very humid. It rained last night I see from the wet deck, so it will probably be miserable today.


09-09-2007, 04:52 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! This afternoon Bob went back to church to help with the installation of the district superintendent. He was supposed to help visitors find where they needed to go. The bishop is here and guess it is a 'big' deal to the higher ups in the church. I'd rather stay home and putz! :D We did go to church this morning and the altar flowers were in honor of our anniversary so we had to stand up and be recognized. We are back to the fall schedule of two services which we like. Bell choir practice starts Wed. and Bob's singing group starts practice tomorrow evening. I guess fall is here, ready or not! :dunno:

"Gma" -- The cold front has moved into our area! It was 59 degrees when I got up this morning; that is a bit too much of a change! I like it to be a gradual thing so it's not such a shock. :lol: It is a cloudy, gloomy day and we are supposed to get some rain tonight, I guess. I want to see that movie too! You will have a fun time with Thomas, I'm sure. Bob thinks I am nuts so I suggested taking one of the grandkids. It would probably be Ian and Zowie will think she needs to go too. With Jason and Beth living futher apart they don't seem inclined to get the kids together unless I am involved and make the arrangements. :( It's nice of you to provide support for your online knitting friend. Sometimes I feel closer to my online friends than I do the ones living right here.

It's time to fold towels so better keep moving. Have a nice "rest of the day." Weekends go by way too fast!!!!!!!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-09-2007, 10:13 PM
Just a quick post this evening to let you know I sent you all emails with a link to a blog and pictures of my trip. I know I can't link from here, so just did it that way! Talk to you tomorrow morning!


09-10-2007, 08:21 AM
Good morning ladies! I have upstairs cleaning to do today and want to get some more knitting done. I am almost finished with dd's sweater back and I would really like to get the whole thing done this week.

Jean: Glad you enjoyed my trip report and pictures. We had such a good time. You would have cracked up at me in the elevator in the Eiffel Tower. It was pretty packed and we were the last ones in. I started out standing front ways, but turned backwards so I didn't have to see out as we climbed. The elevator is glass and it is nauseating watching it climb into the air. I kind of have a height thing that bothers me and this gave me the willies big time. Sounds like you and Bob will go back to being busy, busy again since everything is starting up again.

We are both back on WW, thank goodness. I went to the commissary and got lots of good fruits and veggies yesterday and even bought brown rice and wheat pasta and breads for myself to eat. This morning is oatmeal and fruit for me though. You sure get sluggish when you eat poorly and I feel really run down and tired and I know it is because my food intake has been rotten. The pool is closed for the year, but I will get out and start walking again for the fall and winter and using my weights and the treadmill too.

Everyone have a terrific Monday. I am off to get started on the cleaning and such.


09-10-2007, 07:36 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Bob has practice at church so won't be home until 6:30 or so. By then I'm out of the mood for fixing supper so it may be leftovers from yesterday. :T We got up to rain and "shudder" cold this morning! The sun came out around noon, but it is still chilly outside. It is supposed to be in the 40s tonight. That's too cold too fast for me! :hyper:

"Gma" -- I've been in a glass elevator, but only for 6/7 floors. I don't think I would like a really tall building. I don't blame you for turning around. Did the other people look at you strangely? ;) I think it takes awhile for a body to readjust after being on vacation -- different bed, different food, different time zone, etc. You are back on the WW track with gusto! :cheer:

I'm off to change clothes, pick up the clutter in the kitchen, and vacuum the fur bunnies. Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-11-2007, 08:45 AM
Good morning to you all! Hope Tuesday has started out well for you. We got some rain last night and it fooled with the satellite for a bit, but not for long. We were in the middle of the CUBS game and they were winning, but Jack just got on the computer and put it on through the WGN radio and we listened to it until the tv came back on. They are in a very tight race between Milwaukee and the Cardinals and they played the Cardinals last night and whupped their behinds. They are only 1 game ahead of Milwaukee so it will come down to the wire I imagine.

Jean: The other elevator inhabitants were a group of black gals and one of them commiserated with me in a teasing way. Turning back towards the crowd you could still see out the back, but I kept looking at them! The bed at the hotel, while not uncomfortable, had a thick mattress pad that made us sweat every night. We would turn down the AC, which was really cold as the new section has actualy thermostats not just high, med and low settings, but then we would get cold. With my menopause stuff I would have night sweats, hot from the mattress pad, but I sleep on my stomach so my backside would wake me up freezing cold when I would kick off the blankets. I was soaked on the underside and cold as ice on the upper! :lol: The mattress pads are on there to protect you so I didn't take it off every night. They changed them everyday.

Today is vacuum the upstairs and dust day. I made myself sick yesterday. Stupid really, but I have an obese friend and I was talking to her back when I messed up my knee again how hard it was to get down on my knees to clean the tub. She recommended this scrubber with a long handle where I could clean standing up. I found a Mr Clean Magic Reach and bought it. I used it to clean the tub yesterday, but I have no windows in the bathroom so mildew gets in the grout pretty easy and the bottom of my cloth shower liner. I used Tilex as it has bleach in it and bleach is the only thing that kills mildew. I had the fan going for ventilation and sprayed the grout, but I didn't know the cleaning pads on the Magic Reach were presoaped. I thought they were just pads, like the Swiffer mops have. I guess the soap stuff reacted with the bleach and caused some fumes. I am always so careful about that and now I know to do the grout one day and let it dry and then do the actually tub and tile cleaning the next day. Mainly caused a sore throat, but I know it can cause chemical pneumonia so I am usually very, very careful with chemicals of any kind. Dumb me for not seeing they had soap in them.

I guess I better get the rest of the morning chores finished so I can get upstairs in a bit.


09-11-2007, 11:13 AM
Good morning, Ladies!

Faye, I love those Mr. Clean Magic Reach cleaners. It sure makes bath tub cleaning a lot easier. I use the Swifter Wet Jet on my ceramic tile. Great pictures from your vacation. You hair looks just like mine!

It has cooled off to about 80 around here but the humidity has been frightful. We didn't even get a drop of rain over the weekend - not that I'm complaining!

Stan gets the catheter out tomorrow. No restrictions as to food and drink before hand because they just take him in the procedure room, numb the area, yank it out and then put in a couple of stitches. I will take off work, however, because he has to have someone with him for 24 hours because of it being in the juglar vein and the chance for a hemmorage.

I've just about got my files cleaned out and everything filed properly and then I'm going to start the really fun job - my sewing room. It really needs it but I hate to do anything because I can actually find the stuff now but when it's neat I can't find anything.

Anybody have a recommendation on a carpet steamer? I'm looking for a new one. It has to have an attachment for stairs.

09-11-2007, 11:53 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am tired and heading to bed shortly. It was a chilly day in my neighborhood; the sun was shining so it looked warmer than it was.

"Gma" -- I hate sleeping too warm or too cold . . . I prefer to be like Goldilocks and have it "just right!" :lol: I've read where more and more motels/hotels are doing away with bedspreads. I think that is a great idea. I guess I never gave the mattress pad a thought. I've seen the Mr. Clean stand-up scrubbers, but I haven't tried one yet. They sound like a good idea.

Susan -- I'd love to send you some 49 degree weather! ;) I hope all goes well for Stan tomorrow. We have a Hoover steam cleaner and like it alot for the carpet/area rugs. It has a hose attachment for furniture and stairs, but we have never used it. I wonder if you could go to Consumer Reports online to find any information on the different makes and models. I keep telling Bob my piles are organized and I know what is in them; that is true for the most part. Good luck cleaning your sewing room. You may find something you forgot you had. :lol:

I'm heading for bed. :yawn: Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow. Another week is flying by too fast!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-12-2007, 03:05 AM
I could either say late good evening or early good morning. Jack is sick so I am up with him. Not a lot I can do, but I brought the animals downstairs so as not to bother him for awhile. He just has an upset tummy, but he said he had some crackers and cheese last night so that might be the problem.

Susan: We have a Bissell Proheat that works terrific and has a stair/upholstery attachment, but the thing is dragging the darn thing up the stairs to clean them. The machine is heavy. Bissell has some handhelds that might be just as good for something like stairs. Hope Stan does well with removing his catheter. I had to laugh at the fact that messy does better for you then clean for finding things.

Jean: I just let Fortune out and it has cooled off overnights now, which is nice. It was cooler yesterday, but the humidity is still so very high.

WW is coming fine, though the oranges I bought aren't very good. No juice and the pulp grainy if you know what I mean. I bought a bunch of frozen fruit too so I can use that if I end up having to toss the oranges. I also bought bananas, a few peaches and a couple apples and a couple cans of fruit. My veggies seem to be ok, though they sure don't last long if they are fresh. I bought some Healthy Choice veggie soup, which is really good. A whole can, which is one nice sized bowl is only 4 pts and lots of good fiber. I am also taking Osteo-biflex now to see if I can strengthen the knee area. I have only been taking it a couple days so we shall see.

I guess I will check on Jack and knit awhile, then go back to bed.

Everyone have a good Wednesday!

09-12-2007, 11:19 PM
Good Evening, Flowers ! It's been a beautiful day in my neighborhood and the natives were good at school today which made it even better. We had our first bell choir practice tonight and the director is really pushing to play both services this year. That means we practice at 7:30, play for the 8:30 service, twiddle our thumbs and drink coffee for an hour, then play for and sit through second service. After we put everything away we will be lucky to get out of there by 12:30. Doesn't thrill me a whole bunch, but it didn't come to a vote either. When she asked, "what do you all think?" I was the only one who spoke up and said I'd rather not. We'll see . . . I may be ending my bell playing career shortly.

"Gma" -- I hope Jack is feeling better by now. I hate it when I buy fresh produce and it has no taste! I threw a whole cantaloupe away not too long ago. I was really tempted to take it back to the store but it was during our really hot weather and I just plain didn't feel like it. None of our stuff in plastic bags/wrap is dated so one has to guess by the feel and color. :( I hope you got some sleep last night and/or a nap today! :yes: Bob got up with a very sore throat and went to the doctor. I know he is hurting when he makes the phone call himself. He has an infection and is on an antibiotic. He's got a dry tickle type cough which doesn't help any.

Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-13-2007, 08:19 AM
Good morning gals! The week is flying by. Jack went to the dr yesterday and the primary care manager/physician actually came into his room and talked with him. Jack complained about the situation and this guy explained Jack hadn't been in in over a year, which wasn't true as he had to have a referral last November, but anyway. The thing that got me is they didn't check him out at all, even listen to his heart. I mean, why couldn't they have just looked at his chart???? I know we only pay $12 per visit, but still, it was stupid. If they wanted him to come in for a regular physical, which they do, then they should have just told him so and let him schedule one instead of this nonsense.

Jean: Hope Bob's throat is better. I think there is nothing worse than either an earache, toothache or sore throat. Why can't the bell choir play one service on one Sunday then the next Sunday play the other service and be done with it? I agree with you, I wouldn't want to have to sit through two services, or waste my time just sitting and waiting.

I now have Kel's sweater done except for one more sleeve then I can sew it up and I-cord the neckline, which I have never done so it will be interesting. It is such a pretty color and when it is done, I have to take the yarn to the fabric store or Michael's or something and get organza ribbon for the ties. I found some online, but I am not sure how it would match. I may just go with a white color as they did for the original pattern. I think the hyacinth color is much prettier than the gray blue of the original pattern. Besides, the original pattern is wool yarn and Kelly can't wear wool because of the skin disease she has. I am using a silk/alpaca combo that has some wool in it. It is very soft so shouldn't cause her a problem.

I talked to my dil last night and our boy is now eating cereal and jar food. He had sweet potatoes last night and she said he did really well. He was hiccuping in the background, but not crying. She says he gets the hiccups a lot after he has eaten. I sure can't wait to see him again.

Well, it is on to morning chores for me.

Have a great Thursday!

09-13-2007, 03:00 PM
Hi, ladies.

Faye, it's only my sewing room that I can stand messy - the rest of the house is neat and clean. I really hate clutter of any kind.

Good idea to check out Consumer Reports - thanks, Jean!

Stan's procedure went well so we are now officially done with Vascular Dr.

I have 2 quilt shows to go to this weekend. We also have to get a new fridge - ours is starting to not be as cold as I want it, still safe but it is old. I'm going for a freezer on the bottom this time. I wanted to get a stove with the controls on the front. I worry about Stan reaching across the burners. The only one I could find in electric with the front controls was $1200 which is about 3 times what I'm willing to pay. It's not like he cooks a lot. Sometimes on the weekend he'll fry an egg if I'm not up when he wants to eat.

09-13-2007, 10:52 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am proud of myself . . . no nap in front of the TV tonight! :D Tomorrow night may be another story however. It was a nice day again today; it got quite dark midafternoon and cooled down. I thought sure we would get some rain, but the sun came out again and stayed out. It's dark at 8:00! It won't be long and it will be dark at 5:00. It seems like it always gets darker quicker in the fall than lighter in the spring for some reason. I must confess . . . my furnace is running tonight! :o It was 46 degrees and I was just plain chilly. Of course Bob told me to put a sweatshirt on, but the thermostat was closer. :lol:

"Gma" -- Each Sunday has "special" music of some sort. We play the 2nd Sunday, Bob's group sings the 3rd, the choir sings 3 out of 4 Sundays, and the other Sundays usually have a soloist or musician of some sort. For a long time we never played at 2nd service because we weren't "jazzy" enough for the contemporary powers-to-be. Our director plays the keyboard for 2nd service and she is behind having us play both. I'm the vocal one in the group and they all know I don't like playing 2nd service because we always go to first service. One gal even had the nerve to say that the director should make up a list of who has to stay and put bells away after 2nd service. If we play right away I always leave and take my bells and book with me. The gal who plays the HUGE big bells leaves with me because she goes to first service also and then teaches an adult Sunday School class afterwards, but she doesn't take her bells -- too many and she plays in front where I play in the back. I always go early and help set up tables, put the pads on, drag out the table cloths, and get the music out so I don't feel the least bit guilty about leaving and letting the late comers (said lady with list idea) put stuff away. The clincher is that there are several who have no husbands, husbands who have had back surgery and can't help, or husbands who don't go to our church so they never show up to help. Bob always helps put stuff away when we play first service. Bob felt well enough to help haul beans to the elevator this week! :twirly: He is still coughing though.

Susan -- We just bought a bottom freezer refrigerator. I do like it BUT you don't have as much freezer space because you can't pack things "high" or the drawers won't close. I like the wide door shelves but you lose refrigerator shelf space because of it. I'm seriously thinking about going back to a freezer on top model. :dunno: With the glass shelves and the drawers going clear to the floor, it seems like there is alot more room, and you can see everything. We had a new top freezer refrigerator in our cabin, this summer, when we were in MN. Are you looking at a smooth top stove?

I need to pick up some clutter and head to bed. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow. Remember to smile! :D

Jean -- :wave: and :D in Iowa!

09-14-2007, 09:29 AM
Good morning ladies! Hope you are well this Friday end of week. I was up at 11 PM not being able to sleep then didn't go back to bed until nearly 3 so I slept in until nearly 7. I have to downstairs to clean today again. Boy, it sure seems to come around fast! :lol: Have any of you watched the BBCA program "How Clean is your House?" UGH, the way those people live. I am like Susan and can't stand clutter at all, but these people are disgusting. I enjoy the show because of the one lady, Kim Washburn. She is a hoot. It is nice to see the houses all cleaned, but it has to really irk them when they go back a couple weeks later and the people have started mucking them up again. I have seen that a couple times. That's just plain laziness.

Susan: I hope you weren't thinking I thought you were a slob or something. I just was amused that you felt you could find stuff in her sewing room when it was cluttered better than when is was all straightened. I would love to have a knitting room. My storage for leftover yarn has become at a premium now. I have been putting it in the three big drawers I have under my coffee table, but all three are full now, one with unused yarn, one with leftovers and the other with unused and my needles and my free patterns folder, which is crammed full. I have my knitting books on the shelf in the entertainment center. The condo is beginning to feel too small for us! :lol:

Jean: Leave it to the lazy ones to come up with an idea to get out of work. When Jack was a deacon and had communion duty, he would get stuck with clean up as everyone seemed to disappear after church. I would always help him get everything put away. Thank goodness we used disposable cups or we would still be cleaning them. The gold plated communion trays and cup holders all had to be cleaned before being put away along with all the supplies and such and the communion table had to be put back like it was, ie the big Bible, flowers, etc. I always thought it was so thoughtless for the men to do that to him. He usually did the set up too if I remember correctly and he was the SS superintendent and had pre-Sunday School duties so we usually had to arrived at the church 45 minutes early so we could get the communion stuff done and get the stuff ready for SS. He also taught an adult class so he had those preps.

We have to pick T up at 7:30 tomorrow morning so no lie in for us I guess. I can't wait to see him. The movie he wanted to see isn't at even the cheap theaters here so we have to see something else or do something else. We may go play PuttPuttt and he is going to bring over board games for us to play. He loves to play games. He comes over so infrequently that I don't have a lot of board games for him. I think we have a Jr Scrabble, which I know he likes to play. The stupid things have gotten so expensive. It used to be something you could buy for a kid's birthday party, but now sheesh.

Guess this isn't getting the chores done and the work started. Have a good Friday and a great weekend everyone!

09-14-2007, 10:58 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I'm doing another "no nap" evening. TA DA! :cp: If I sat still for very long I could probably fall asleep without much trouble. It has been a chilly/cold/windy day in my corner of the world. It was 41 degrees at 6 AM -- TOO COLD for this time of year! School was good again today. I'm waiting for things to fall apart but so far so good.

"Gma" -- I haven't seen the program you mentioned. I maintain that today's generation isn't into "clean" like we are. :lol: I need to do some deep cleaning and more pitching! I got stuck having card club in December so will have to plan ahead for decorating. Over the past few years I have put less and less out. One of the gals decorates every room . . . not this chick! :no: We've been asked to serve communion and since I don't like the "rip 'n dip" method we haven't done so. We used to have communion about once every 4 months or on special church recognition Sundays. Now it is every month on the first Sunday. I'm usually busy that Sunday! :o Jack, and you, were good sports to get the communion things ready as well as take on Sunday School. It's the same old story of the more one does the more one is expected to do. Have fun with Thomas tomorrow . . . I know you will! :D

I get to stay home this weekend and I am excited! Bob, Jason, and Ian are going to close down the cabin tomorrow. Bob will bring the boat home, but we'll have to go back up and get MIL's car before the snow flies.

Have a great weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!