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01-04-2002, 06:23 AM
I read here that you should have a goal of one ounce of water per 1/2 pound. (that would put me in the 130 ounce range)

Does it matter if I drink this all at once? I tend to drink all of my water in a matter of a few hours (kind of like medicine - I get it all down at once). Or would it be more beneficial if I spread it out over the coarse of an evening?

Also - should I continue to drink diet coke? I have heard that caffeine can block weight loss, but since Diet Coke is such a large part of my life ;) I thought I would check with people who are diet savvy before deciding to give it up.

Thanks for your help!

01-04-2002, 12:22 PM
well it would be better to spread it over time but. I see that you drink it in the evening? is there any way you can drink during the day???

diet coke can stall weight loss for several reasons, first the fake sugar can some times cause a stall. making the body think that it is taking in real sugar and sending out insulin and then causeing hunger, making you go off plan.

next is the caffeen is a diuretic causing you to take water from the muscles, and cells. We are trying to increase the water flow by drinking water and keeping the muscles and cells hydrated. the reason for this is the fat metabolism and the waste products of the metabolizing of the fat. the water will flush out the waste products. so one may think that well having a diuretic is good then, but it is where it diuressis your body that is bad. it does not increade the kidneys function like drinking the extra water but like i said removes the vital water from the cells. So in essence dring the diet coke in limited amounts, and you may find that if you drop it all together that you may speed your weight loss. this is easy for me to say ai i sit here sippin my diet pepsi :D i have one every few days it satisfies my sweet tooth.

and it is .5 oz for every lb you had the figure right but had mixed up the formula :D :D :lol: I can see every one drinking 1 oz for every half lb :lol: :D :D

01-04-2002, 12:30 PM
And dont'f forget that the water intake
can also include seltzer water (not club
soda...too much sodium). You can add
a slice of lemon or lime too. Or make a
cup of caffeine free tea. You can also
include a cup of skim milk into this total.
And yes...it's really better to spread out
the drinking throughout the day and
evening (or whatever your waking hours
are). This creates an 'even' flushing out
of your system throughout the day.

01-04-2002, 11:41 PM
Thanks for the advice! You're right, at an ounce per 1/2 lb I would float away! (And I might as it is!!)

I drink water in the evenings because I'm a night worker. So I do most of my drinking between 11p & 7a. As of today I gave up my beloved Diet Coke. :( I was considering allowing myself one per day but that never works. One turns to two... and I don't want to get that started. Maybe after I've strengthened my willpower muscles I'll be able to be more lenient!

Thanks again,

01-05-2002, 07:24 AM
Hi, And welcome. I read recently that you shouldn't drink more than 2 servings in an hour as your body will just get rid if it w/o it doing what it needs to do with it. ANd you should add 1-2 servings for each caffienated drink that you take in.