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09-06-2007, 11:21 AM
I started tuesday, September 4, 2007 walking just around the hospial in my little town. 6 times around it equals close to a mile. The only time I can walk is on my lunch break, and so I only walked around it twice tuesday and 4 times wednesday. I was just wondering how much I need to walk if I am not doing any other exercises? I also have a treadmill at home that I could walk on. I would just like an average to go by since I just started.



09-06-2007, 12:25 PM
Hey girl great job walking! I started out the same way, I work near a mall and started off walking for about 15 min before work, now I do about 30 min before work, 10 min on each lunch, and 15-20 on my 30 min lunch break.

The amount of time you devote seams debatable. Some like the Surgeon General suggest 30 min a day while the Institute of Medicine recommends 60 min a day.

I think the main thing is to do what you can manage without driving yourself crazy! Any exericse is good but of course if you can do closer to the 60 min it's probably better but it's better to do 15-30 a day and keep up with it than try 60 min per day and not be able to do it and give up altogether IMO.

You're doing great already so maybe just keep trying to add additional minutes each day and do what's good for you.