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Suzanne 3FC
09-05-2007, 08:31 PM
The 100lb Club forum is such a fantastic community, and the mods Sandi and Robin do a great job helping out and keeping the forum in order :cp: It isn't always an easy job, either, especially for a forum with as many active members as this one.

Every now and then, a member will come along that appears to need a little extra help using the community features and following along with everyone else. Today I sent a friendly PM to a member that we didn't think was familiar with the Private Message system, and wanted to help her out. Unfortunately, she took it the wrong way and as the day progressed, she started making bizarre, childish, and disruptive posts on the forum and we had to ban her account. We're really sorry that she chose that route, because she was a fun and supportive person to have around - at least when she was in a good mood. We hope that she's able to resolve whatever personal issues she's having, and will continue to do well on her diet and in her life.

We're posting this message because some of you will probably wonder where she went. We don't want this to become a topic of discussion on the forum, and hope this post will suffice to let you know why she has disappeared. I think most of you know that we don't take banning lightly, and only do so in extreme situations when we believe that a member will never again behave in a reasonable manner. Unfortunately, we found it necessary in this case.

Thanks :)