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09-04-2007, 09:44 AM
First I bought the Health-O-Meter scale (Walmart) because it's digital, has accuracy to 2/10 of a pound and actually weighed me the same that my doctor's scale did. Then I bought a used Omron Fat Loss Monitor (at and got my body fat percentage....very depressing and I left it alone after that.

I could see subtle changes in my body. Every day after the morning *void* I would weigh myself and go from there. After weeks of weighing and SBD eating and an increase in the length of my daily exercise and seeing only moderate loss I remembered that I had the fat loss monitor. To my delight I had lost 4% from the first reading and suddenly didn't care that the weight scale wasn't showing me the #s that I wanted to see. Fat cells are shrinking and muscle fiber is increasing! Woot!! It was the encouragement that I needed to keep going.

Come to find out, the fat loss monitor should only be used occasionally because of the greater length of time that it takes to actually see a difference. Weight scales show quicker changes but it can be due to water loss/retention, etc.

A fat loss monitor can be a great supplement to the bathroom scale :idea:
Has anyone else had experience with one?