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01-03-2002, 07:21 AM
Good Morning All,

Please read Sue and Terri's Posts from page 2 of #14.

I am OP still. WHew. People at work are bringing in there holiday leftovers into work. :p , Yesterday I had mini eclairs laughing at me. I didn;t eat a one!!:smug: . It wasn't easy. I purchased some weights with x-mas money. 8#s and started that workout routine from Fitness magazine . I have also been using my ab roller daily. I will have to remaesure myself this weekend. I didn't do it on the first and I am afraid my December #'s won't be all that good. :o .
I have at least 3 bags of clothes that no longer fit me. All 22, 24 and 26's. I am going to split then between a co workers and a place that clothes women trying to get back into the workplace.
DH got a digital camera for X-mas. I hope to post some pictures this weekend.
Sue I love your Challenge and hope you do one next week. I didn't see it in time to join. :( Did you notice there are a few lo carbers over at the 100# club site?

Dana How are things?

Terri, I am so glad you are finding time to post!!

Well Hello to our newbie

hello everyone esle

01-03-2002, 01:51 PM
Yes I did ! I have invited a few here but i guess they a bit shy???

We have chub that has joined our challenge she is a new low carber ish. She is just starting so stop down and welcome her I have invited her to join us on this thread. So Chub if you read this WELCOME!!!!!

I did not have time yesterday to work on the goal setting that will be today after i try to bleed a stone for cash to pay some bills!!! but other than that and boy scouts i am free oh i forgot i have to pick up the kids from school and make dinner, so and clean the house and laundry so soon i will get to it LOL!!!

I did an extinsive exercise today. Pat glad t hear you have some weights I have some 10 and 5 out side they are looking at me. i also have one of those wheely things to flatten your abs too but it sits in the mud room gather ing dog hair (I have more dog hair than dust) LOL

You can join us on the water challenge do not be afraid to jump in we are trying to flood the rivers!!! LOL I hear there is going to be a drought some time this year with all of us drinking so much water!!! LOL

Terri I had to laugh at your post! I am aure that you will do fine on monday!!! I will be here behind you and sitting on your shoulder (getting a bit heavy???LOL) so you will think of me while you are passing up those carbage things!!

Thought for the day:
If you can dream it, you can do it!
Walt Disney

I signed up for thses daily weight loss thoughts. I love them

Yesterdays was :
The beginning is always today.

I will check back later after i bleed my stone!

01-03-2002, 05:35 PM
Hi All!

I was not able to get on yesterday. Sorry. We took our youngest back to school. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive each way. We left very early in the morning, spent the day there re-arranging his room, took him to dinner and got back late. I had my first migrane in almost 2 years. No reason for it other than perhaps stress. I was down for the count and went right to bed when we got home. I almost took off work today....but managed to pull myself together. I feel fine now. I have only had 6 or so since my first one nearly 10 years ago so I can not complain. I feel so sorry for people who get them on a regular basis.

I am on plan and feeling great! I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for a few things. Dog food was buy one 18 pound bag and 5 pounds came free. I could barely pick up that 23 pound of ALPO and realized that I have taken off 2 of those bags! I smiled as I struggled to get them in the shopping cart!!!

I also found a rare photo today of me at my heaviest. I swipped it out of a roll of my families and hid it in the zipper part of my purse last year. WOW.......I sure am glad to be heading towrad goal because I remember having that picture taken and thinking, "Geez, I wonder how bad I look?????????" Ahem.......I looked pretty fat!!!

Anyhoooooooo............Keep on working hard all! Stay committed and never give up! I promised to get on each day........and tomorrow is WEIGH IN I will get that thread going after I make dinner. ( did you like last weeks' poem??) I know I am most likely still up from the 5 pound Christmas gain....but I will still face Mr. Scale and be accountable! I want rid of this fat suit! (Shorts wil be here before we know it!)

My best to you all!
Dana (Hopeful and happy!)

01-03-2002, 08:55 PM
UUUUMMMM is that a hint that i did not weigh in??? I do every day, but the 10 lbs of water stoped me from posting it. I am stillup a few and i promise that i will post this friday! I did love the poem by the way. I do not have that much creativity in my entire body to come up with those wonderful poems!!!

Keep that picture in your purse and when you are tempted to cheat pull it out! boy will that stop you fast! If you refuse to pull it out then you are having some mighty powerful cravings and i say get some chromium fast!!!!





Pam? check in when you can. I see you have gotten some wonderful snow. You have such a wonderful way with words. I miss your posts.

01-03-2002, 11:10 PM
Sorry didn't get to check in last night. Trying to get tax stuff ready. My new years challenge is to stop letting my weight run my life and ruin my family's. to drink water(stay off pop except for a treat once/while) to just learn how to eat healthy and EXERCISE. Most of all to love myself and stop neglecting myself. see you tomorrow and WELCOME CHUB!!!!!

I can't believe that I went from 159-151 in 2 days. I'm pushing the water and I feel so less puffy.

:) 8lbs

01-04-2002, 05:18 AM
My fellow Weight Warriors.....
I have missed being here and even Hubby said so are you posting? Does it it make a difference........YOU BET IT DOES!
Besides I have missed everyone. Mind you I have another 72 lbs of pecans to shell!!!! I am a good bit weak so the protein is just what I need. You can't keep TOM around for months on end without some effect! I am strapped in and totally OP.

Drank 130 oz. of water (as usual)
five or six sodas to keep my stomach frendly.
I will have my flavored waters tomorrow
I had 8 boiled eggs, deviled with a touch of spicy mustard and three tblsp mayonnaise.
1 large salad, just lettuce with oil and vinegar
and my usual can of tuna
Oh, 1 larrrrrrrge cup of coffee with cream.
and 6 pecans fresh off the trees. These are the last and boy is my freexer full of nuts. Then comes the roasting, toffee covered praline and all that naughty stuff I can have but family and friends are patiently waiting. I think having put away over 160 lbs of pecans I can easily share!!!!!!!!!!
So be prepared to see me daily, except weekend I will get in wwhen I can but Hubby does take over the computer on the week ends! Love you all.

This is the right place to be,the right time to take action, and the right people to suceed with.

01-04-2002, 06:28 AM
Hello, All,

I tell you I get so much from you all, in my journey. I love the new resolve we all have after surviving the holidays. I get so much energy and determination. We are one powerful group of woman!!!

Well I hope those you invited, Sue will ovecome their shyness. There is so much room on the bus.

Dana hope you are feeling better. Sorry about teh migraine. I have had only one in my life and that was 1 too many. :dizzy:

Terri , How you comomg along girl?

B00 You sound great!

Pam My girl I am so glad to see you , you were missed.

I have to go and work with teh weights.

01-04-2002, 07:09 PM
Hello Buddies,

Please be sure to check in on the Friday Weigh In Thread. We must remain accountable. (Scale...inches, new size...whatever...just share!)

Not much new here. Catching up on laundry right now and taking down decorations....YUCK!!! On plan feels wonderful! So glad the holidays are behind us! many goodies to tempt just isn't fair! Why do they have tomake us gain weight????/

Well...just wanted to give a quick hello! Lots to do!
Stay strong! WE CAN DO IT!

Dana (HOPEFUL.......YEAH, BABY!!!)

01-04-2002, 09:52 PM
I am hanging today tons of things to do in the house. made chicken broth. love it with eggs droped in it!!!! made stirfried checken with the thighs and it came out delicious!!! I had to debone the thighs so i made the broth out of that so i made a rubber chicken meal.

paid some bills with blod from a stone i am balancing the check bood so i have about 50 $ for the next weeks to buy groceries so I will be eating tons of tuna for my protein. MMM and eggs!!! i just got a great recipe for confetti fritatas. sounds grat so i must try it. I have a ham for dinner one day and some frozen staks for another and will make some bean soup for another day,(that will be over the carbs but they are low glycemic foods so it will not be as bad!) just trying to catch up from the last few weeks of christmas and robbing the bills to make christmas for the kids. I have me meeting this week comming and maybe some one will come and that will be a reprieve but that will have to go fr=or advertizing and things for the meeting for the first few times. soo maybe by the end of this month i can actualy feel like i have made a profit!!! or atleast started to break even!

This is depressing me but that is all that is. my hoouse is cleaner than it has ever been thanks to flylady!!! I love that woman!!! I actually look forward to having people drop in i do not have to make 1000 excuses just the one for the actuall project i am working on be it dinner or bill paying. i just need to get the journal together and make my calender so i can be more on tract!!!

well that is all

i ate well today 1250 cals about 29 carbs, and over 120 protein

exercise YES!!! elliptical for over 700/45 min

01-05-2002, 07:52 AM
Good Morning All,

Well I am up a # from last week. UGH! It;s fluid. TOM is approching. ALong with cravings. Oh well. Worked out 4 out of 5 days of the work week. So that is improving. Water varies from day to day. Striving for 1 gallon. But it is all coming togather slowly. I have found that I am drinkig way too much diet soft drink and stuff with nutrsweet in it and think I have stalled. So anther thing I have to pourge from my system. UGH again! But I am determined! I will be 200#'s by April. That is my medium goal. I weighed 200# ( I think when I got married in 1987) It would be so cool to be in that range by my anniversary.

Dana Really cool poem I don't know how you do it each week!

Sue , I hope things come together for you soon. Don't become discouraged!! It's nice to see your posting all over. I get so much from you.

Well it is sat. My weekend off. I have so much that needs to be done that I overwhelm myself. ANd no time off until May, UGH for a third time.

01-05-2002, 11:40 AM
Pat I avoid bill paying like the plague!1 I hate to do it with so little money. I know it needs to be done but it does not make the chore pleasurable. If i had $$$ the i would feel satisfaction when paying. I am sure that when i get my self cought up then i can derive pleasure from staying on a budget, which i do but it is getting there with extra stuff like snow tires and car repairs and birthdays and kids stuff that throws me off the rial and as i have no control over it i get upset and depressed. I feel a bit more in comtrol today and am ready to fight the world of bills budgets and food.

I am passing on the exercise today I may get my rolling thing out today and hit my gut for about 200 "crunches" but i will concentrate on getting this house back into shape!! see you later and I will be flying today!!

Thanks Pat for the kind words they are just what i needed. And it is good to be back in the swing of posting all over. The holidays did me in !

01-05-2002, 03:40 PM
I love paying the bills though it can be quite a balancing act especially after Christmas. I bless them every time and am grateful to be able to pay them. I remember in the not to distant past when the people at the door were there with cut off notices!

I was determined not to live my life like that. The money is the same but I keep a tight reign on the finances now I have to keep a tight reign on me as well.

Thank God, I have my" I am an Apache" chant to keep me on the straight and narrow. You have to have a tool ,thats mine, and it is how I cope well with pain.
Whatever works!!!!!!!

I had 22 carbs yesterday as it was a hungry day...... however sleep was a problem. Stomach problems have kept me awake off and on all night so I imagine I shall sleep that way even today as well. You do what you have to.

1 cup coffe -w- cream
2 hamburgers 1/2 lb -w- 1 tblsp. onion, a slice of American cheese,1tblsp butter and Worchestershire sauce.

1 Cappuccino shake

5 oz cream cheese mixed with 4 slices dried beef diced,1 tblsp green onion and scooped up with pork rinds.
Only 80 oz of water yeasterday as I had a soda to keep my stomach calmed off and on all day( and night)
1/3 oz pecans

So far today I have had a shake and I think with my stomach as problematic as it is today I shall sstick with the shakes. I will probably fix myself some cauliflower and cheese somewhere along the line and soda today. This stomach is being such a problem child today. I have my 72 lbs of pecans that has been sent to be cracked and now I have to separate them out and get them all shelled. Then the cooking starts of those pecans and packages go out! Today I am babing the tummy so it will behave.
Hubby is wallpapering the kitchen ........YES!!!!!!!!
I want to resurface the cupboards next. Brighten that puppy up and bring the sunshine in! I will get my water in today the full 130 oz.
I like to keep my water content at 130 oz daily that seems to be the best for me. Not more and not less.
GOD it is good to be back!!!!!!!!!! Love you all.

01-05-2002, 04:34 PM
got my exercise in already walked the dog. having no problem with the water. have had only one pop in 5 days. usually i have 5 a day so i'm doing good. gotta go have company coming over.

01-06-2002, 02:50 PM
Hello Buddies!

It is snowing like MAD here in Pittsburgh! Our Steelers are playing! (Anyone out there have the game on???) Hubby and #1 Son are watching it as I am trying hard to get the house back to normal. All Christmas decorations are back up in the attic and now the process of getting everything cleaned and back into place is upon me! Can't leave the house the way the weather here I go!!!

Yesterday was crazy. Finishing up on the decorations and birthday party for my nephew to go to. (Harry Potter theme.) It was nice. Pizza, chips, pretzels and nuts. I had NUTS and some diet pepsi. A few folks commented on my loss which was nice. Soooooo many asked if it was tuff over the holidays. Of course I said yes....and expressed how important it is to be ON TRACK right now! I do not want to fall back! I have heard nasus's words a hundred times in my head about how the holidays can set you back....and I want to take those words of wisdom to heart! When I get on the scale next Friday I want to be closer to goal than ever! I am still holding onto 4 pounds of the 5 I gained over the holidays...but with water and protein...(and staying ON PLAN) I am hoping to have them off soon! Gosh, I want to be in 100 LAND!!!!! Can't even imagine the joy of clicking that doctor scale down to the 150 mark from 200! Hmmmmmmmmm.

nasus.......So proud of how well you are doing on plan.......and of your commitment to this way of life! I hope the finance thing works out for you. I know how stressful money situations can be! Like everything else out day at a time!

gbo.......glad to see you posting! I am glad I am not around all those pecans! I would be eatting them as fast as I could shell them! Hope your health is improving. I keep you in my prayers.

fralick....we are both looking forward to 100 land I see! The water is a battle for me also. I need to just stand there and gulp ot down I suppose! We will do it girl!

butterfltyoo.....glad to see you posting AND staying away from pop! It just gets you into trouble! Use it as a reward. (That's what I do!)

To anyone else out there...........take care and jump on board!

Gotta go do that cleaning thing! (YUCK!)

See ya later my friends!
Dana (Hopeful and "cleaningful")

01-06-2002, 06:45 PM
I am here for a short visit. I have almost got the decorations down the tree is still up and will probable come down tomorow. I exercised today the took the boys swimming at the Y. they ahd tons of fun!!

I am going to post the weekly challenge for this week comming jump in when you can.

01-06-2002, 08:21 PM
Well good evening all,

Yes I am looking forwrd to lesser numbers on the scale. I can't wait!. I had me an awesome dinner tonite. Turkey and salad. Great OP meal.

Water was very poor today. I will be sorry tomorrow.

The weather here has sucked. DH and I planned on snowshoeing together, but it was misty, rainy and snowing. SO we called it off.

Got the new fitness mag(feb). They had some nice lower body workout as well as upper arms . That should break up the monotony a bit. I bagged up 2 garbage bags of clothes to give to a co worker tomoorow. Gone and good riddence.

Well you all have a great Monday