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01-03-2002, 02:06 AM
Has anyone out there had any experience/success with this form of exercise?

01-03-2002, 07:41 PM

I'll read you on UK as suggested!

Rebounding is something I have just read about on an instructors board - I'll quiz them for you!

About Aqua, that I do know! Before you start you should think about a couple of things. General health and a GP's OK to exercise are a must. A couple of examples:

Those with epilepsy should consider their current control with their GP before beginning any water work.

Diabetics should consult their nurse practitioner about guidelines to be followed before, during and after exercise of any sort.

If you have blood pressure problems you should check with your GP first! Low BP and water work may not be suitable for you. High BP and it should be OK, but NO MATTER WHAT THE INSTRUCTOR ASKS FOR DO NOT WAVE YOUR ARMS OVER YOUR HEAD DURING ANY PART OF THE EXERCISE. This is the one and only thing someone with high BP should worry about in water work, it causes the heart to have to work far too hard, raising the pressure very high.

But most people can do aqua safely!

1) Do you swim? You really don't ned to. A lot of my clients leave with perfect hair (and make-up??????).

2) Do you know anybody who does/has done Aqua? Ask them what they liked/disliked about the classes. It might help you choose which class yo take.

3) Do you anticipate any changing room problems? Open changing rooms can be very offputting, so you should check them out before you choose a facility. You need to feel comfortable out of the water as well as in it!

4) The water depth should be about bra strap level (1.2 to 1.5 metres ish). Any deeper and you begin to float uncontrollably. Too shallow and the effort is too much and some moves become dangerous, focused on the thighs alone.

5) Try to watch the class you are thinking about taking. Listen to the instructions and watch closely. If you hear moves that sound just like a normal aerobics class (especially grapevine) don't do that class. Some moves just do not translate into water well or safely. The instructor needs to have specific water exercise certification - and swimming coaching doesn't count! I have a Speedo qualification. These are the nice people who make good swimming cossies in large sizes (very large, size 30+ I believe). Ask at your facility to look at the catalogue, especially if they sell other Speedo stuff on the premises.

6) When you start a class give yourself at least 6 visits to decide on it! It takes time to get the bounce required to make it a really effective and fun class. Just get in the water, listen and watch and throw yourself around a bit - it's great fun to just let go. the water holds your weight and it feels fun to be graceful and lithe - honest!

Lastly, if you don't do any other exercise you need to be aware that water work will not help alleviate or prevent osteoporosis. You need to do weight bearing exercise to get this benefit. The good news is walking at a good pace will be all you need to do! Try building up to half an hour a day, most days a week - even if you do it in 10 minute bits you WILL feel the benefit.

Hey I wrote a book! I hope this helps. E-mail me if you want but I am sure others may find this interesting!


01-04-2002, 08:31 AM
I asked on the instructors board for you.

This trampoline based class is a high cardio class (hard and sweaty). If you already do a lot of cardio work then you might be comfortable here, but it is known to be a very intense class.

The problems I, and others, have with it is it is a very restricted class, you push down with your feet and rebound up! There is no sideways movement, very few alternatives for those who can't manage the stuff the instructor demonstrates and classes can be expensive because the trampolines are!

Having talked to other instructors (and without knowing how much exercise you do at the moment) I would suggest you try out aqua and ordinary low impact aerobics classes.

01-04-2002, 09:27 AM
Thanks very much :D

I am going to try and find a new aqua class - old instructor was a bit unreliable and the changing rooms were rank.

I have bought a mini trampoline and a video and was working out before Christmas - but fell a bit by the wayside.

Basically I need to find something that will help me with my generous thighs!!!

01-15-2002, 05:07 AM
I posted here yesterday and its gone???

Stef when you say that trampolines are expensive, you may be putting people off. Mine was only about 12.00 from Argos or Index. OK, its probably not the best quality, but when trying out something for the first time it's good not to have to pay a fortune. I've done that in the past with other sports equipment, to then sell it on for little or nothing after the fad had worn off. The videos cost, again about the same. I've just sent for the Cardio Bounce from Amazon (I currently use the Cardio Bounce + video but fancy a change) which cost 9.22 with p and p.

I have been using a rebounder off and on for over 12 months and find it very good. If anything was to happen to this one, I would invest more money in the next one because I know I will use it regularly. I can use it as long as I live because it's something young or old, small or large can do, whereas I doubt very much if I would do floor aerobics at 65 or so (don't do it much now!!)

I don't quite understand what you mean about sideways movements. The idea of using it I thought was to burn fat, which it does. That being the case, does it matter which way you move as long as it have the desired effect? If you mean sideways movements in respect of toning, I don't use the rebounder for specific toning. Can you please explain as I think I may be doing something wrong.

01-15-2002, 07:34 PM

God bless Argos and Index for making home equipment so affrodable. I was looking in a studio catalogue - much much more expensive!

I know that rebounding is probably a good cardio exercise (I am still gathering info from instructors in the USA and Australia who teach rebound classes). But I do think that it lacks in variation and functionality. As far as I cansee you bounce, different tempo's are possible as are twists, 1 leg or 2 etc. But there is not much else you can do, is there? For some people this might feel too limited.

I also see that as you cannot do a full range of movements on the trampette that you may not be getting the best results for your time if this is all you do. For instance, this will not help prevent osteoporosis as their is no actual impact to stimulate bone growth. You are also working a very limited number of muscle groups so unless you really go for it and use your arms in a big way you are again limiting the effects for your time.

The sideways thing is to do with this lack of functionality. That is this exercise does nothing to train your body for activities you will meet in life. E.g. Muscle toning the arms aids getting in and out of a car, or up out of a chair. These are the things that immobilise many older and/or obese people. If you can't raise yourself out of a chair how do you remain mobile and independent?

Don't get me wrong! I think that rebounding is a good aerobic exercise and is so easy to do at home. Now I know that the trampettes are so cheap I will be recommending it to some of my customers. But only as a beginning. It cannot give the all round health benefits that a varied exercise routine can and is probably not as good (long term) as a good walk!

I hope this explains my reservations. Don't stop doing it but try to do other stuff as well! Stef

01-16-2002, 03:05 AM
Hi thank you for your reply.

I think I have to agree and disagree with things you have said, not the technical stuff, but the first and foremost reason I think for overweight people exercising to do is to lose weight. The movements are, of course going to be more limited than floorwork because obviously you cannot do more than one side step cuzs you'd fall off :) . I did say that this was what I used it for, but you can use it for specific toning in the respect that one video I have uses it for just that reason (and that's why don't like it, I like it for a good aerobic workout to burn fat). In respect of the fact that there's no impact, well, again that's the whole idea, so there is very little chance of injuring yourself, particularly if you are bigger anyway.

The comment about getting fit and getting out of a chair etc., well I think we'd all get out of a chair at any age if we had less to lift and less weight means less ailments anyway.

As far as the arms are concerned, in my routine I do use arms as much as my legs and probably the same ratio as floor aerobics.

Whilst I have been using it, it has particulary toned my spare tyre (middle age spread), strengthened my legs (see the part where I had a very serious leg injury following a game of Badminton where my calf muscle was so badly torn that the hospital was considering an operation to repair it, that was at the start of November last year, by 2 weeks B 4 Xmas, Physio told me I could play again and discharged me)

The point I am trying to make is that for Ladies who want to lose weight (which is just about everyone here) it is a perfect exercise to help to lose it. In many respects it is easier than doing aerobics on the floor, there is very little chance of hurting yourself and it is very enjoyable.

If you compare it to a treadmill, which is used for the same purpose, there are many, many more moves that you can do on the tramp.

I am glad that you are still looking into trampolining, you obviously have some good contacts. There are, I think also many more things that it does that I am not aware of, and I hope you can help, but please tell everyone (I know that this specific piece of info is available cuz I've read it but forgotten it) what the equivalent in miles, running or jogging on the ground is to just jumping up and down on the tramp for a few minutes. It is a staggering comparison.

I hope you will be able to get us some more info soon as I am sure as you do, more people will become interested and maybe then we may get a greater variety in videos.
:^: :^:

I look forward to it:)