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09-01-2007, 12:04 AM
G'day all,

Beautiful day here today and my weeping mulberry tree is sprouting new leaves which really means spring has sprung.:)

I am sure your blood test will be fine Glenda, always nice to get that confirmation again.
It certainly sounds like you have had a horrendous summer. Last thursday we had a total fireban because of the hot northerly winds, first time we have had a fireban in winter!
We are desperate for rain but nothing much on the horizon.

Karen it must be very hard for your daughter to have to struggle the way they are. I hope that lawsuit will soon be over and give them some relieve of their financial problems.

Yesterday we got an email to see if dh can go to New Zealand in about 2 weeks time for 3 months. The minute we think nothing is happening and we adjust to life as it is we get thrown another curve ball.
It can get very frustrating having to adjust all the time. I will not go but stay home to look after the admin job dh has for the cricket club. Hopefully he will be able to come home a few weekends during this stint.
It is too lucrative to pass up and he does enjoy the work, just doesn't want to be away from home.

I am making a little headway with my sorting of our American photos, I can only do it between doing other things, it is a very slow progress.

Have a great weekend all,


09-01-2007, 05:11 PM
Hi Everybody: GLENDA, I did say a prayer for you. I'm sure all will be well, but you will feel much better when "they" say, all is well. KAREN, sorry your daughter and SIL are having a tough time of it and hope the lawsuit is settled and they can get on with their normal lives. An old school chum and her DH are in town. I haven't seen her for about 25 years. They went to Fargo with relatives a couple of days ago and if they get home at a reasonable time they will stop by for a visit tonight. :D My granddaughter had her 12th birthday on Thursday. I got her a cell phone and will pay the monthly rate just like I did for her brother when he turned 12. I let her chose the phone she wanted and I think I probably got 4 calls from her on that day. :D:smug: I also bought her a ceramic flat iron for her hair. I never even knew there was such a thing. Her hair is straight but this iron makes it even straighter. :?: Her Mom filled me in on that gift. My Patches will be spayed on Tuesday....ahh the poor little girl dog. :( Talk to you all soon.

Karen L
09-02-2007, 10:25 AM
Thanks for the Prayers.

I had to make a little trip to the ER early Saturday morning. Having chest pain. Scared me to death. Once there and I was told the EKG and blood test showed not heart problems I calmed down. Turns out to be and case of Pleurisy. So got 3 shots. One was a steroid, One was for nausea the other was for pain. I was in lala land for most of the day yesterday. Also got 3 prescription's. One for the stomach, One for the inflammation the other for pain which I won't be taking any more. Makes me sick. I am way better today.

Granddaughters really grow up fast don't they. I can't believe yours is 12 already. Seems like yesterday she was just a little girl. Time flies! poor Patches. She'll be fine , You'll feel worse than she will.

Well now I'm going to lay down for a while. See you all later

09-02-2007, 01:35 PM
Oh KAREN, I can truly say that I know how you felt going into the ER with chest pains. I am so happy it was not your heart. It was a good thing you had gone and they were able to deal with your problem and you could rest assured that it wasn't your heart. Take care of yourself.
My friends from out of town and my brother and his wife came over last night and we had a really nice visit. It was heartbreaking to realize how many of our old school chums have died. I will see them again tomorrow when we go to a old hot dog and fries place of our youth just a short distance out of town. They leave for home on Saturday. Enjoy the rest of weekend everybody. :hug:

09-02-2007, 07:49 PM
G'day all,

Boy Karen what a scare, :eek: Having pleurisy is no fun though, hope you are well on the mend with the medication prescribed for you.

Slavika I so agree with you that it is quite depressing to find out so many of your peers have now passed on.
Enjoy your visit to the hotdog and fries place, is that the one we went to with you and Trudy?

I had everyone over for dinner last night (fathers day here in Australia). I went through quite a bit of effort and it turned out c--p:mad::mad: I was so disappointed. From now on I will only do VERY simple stuff!

We are trying to get everything organised for when Alan gets the 'call' to go to New Zealand.

Have a great week all,


09-03-2007, 01:22 PM
Hi Maria...yes that's the place. When we were teenagers we often went there with our dates. Years ago you could dance to the juke box. I don't even know what year that stopped. Sorry your "din dins" didn't turn out as well as you would have liked. Probably nobody noticed.
We had a thunder storm this morning with hail the size of peas. Patches was very content to stay in bed cuddled up with me until 9:00 and the "noise" stopped. :love::listen:
Hope you are all having a nice weekend. :D

09-03-2007, 04:45 PM
We are having a nice quiet Labor day today. We went to a church dinner in Indiana like we always do on Labor Day. About the only time all year that I eat fried chicken. Those country church people do a good job. It has been so hot and I forgot what rain is. We are in a bad drought. School has been busy and very hot. One of our workers quit so I picked up another day. We added kindergarten this year and they are so cute but slow going through the lunch line. P had viral pneumonia last week so we had to go watch him Friday. He seemed fine to me. We had him and the dogs Sat and the dogs are still here. They are leaving tonight thank goodness. I am tired!!! And I guess that you can tell I am tired of being hot. It is going to be close to 100 again Weds.
Glenda I am sure you are going to hear good news about your blood test but I know that you are on pins and needles waiting to hear.
Karen I am sorry to hear about your sil and your dd. You do what you can. I hope that the lawsuit comes through and gives them some relief. That is so stressful. That had to be scary for you to go to the hospital with chest pains. I am glad it was not your heart but pleurisy is painful. Take good care of yourself.
Slavika I love a good hotdog. Gosh the princess is 12 already. Your son will be busy in a few years when the boys come around if they haven't already. Patches will be fine but I am sure you will be fussing over her. Now aren't you glad you decided to get her?
Maria your life is like musical chairs. You never know where you will land or when you will be going. You can use to time to catch up on your American book. I am sure your dinner was fine. Tell Alan Happy Fathers Day. Saw on the news the other night that Sydney is hosting some kind of summit with world leaders. Hope it all goes smoothly. Be glad you are not there.

09-03-2007, 06:30 PM
Well the Labor Day weekend is almost over and it was quite restful here.

Karen: Oh my, chest pains are a scary thing and although Pleurisy is painful at least it wasn't a heart attack. I am glad they gave you the proper meds to help you....I know what you mean about pain meds making you feel out of it. A couple of Tylonol are sleeping pills for me.

Maria: There is a summit in Australia and Bush is coming...maybe you could invite him for you 'Father's Day Dinnner'. He won't want to come home! I know you didn't think it came out well enough but I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves and didn't notice anything wrong.

Slavika: I know you are feeling sorry for Patches going through the operation but I believe he will come through with flying colors and be his regular self in no time. Boy your GD is 12! It doesn't take long for kids to grow.

Peggy: Boy another school year...doesn't seem possible but it is! Although
the kindergarden kids are slow I bet they are a lot of fun to watch going
through the line and having new adventures in school.

Glenda: Hope the blood test came back with good news. It is the waiting that is the problem.

Trudy and Bernice: Hope you are having a great weekend/Holiday.

Tomorrow I will see the urologist and find out what my bloods show and I will bring her the 'gift' of my 'stone'. Jack wanted to mount in in a ring and gave him a BIG NO THANKS. :D

Take care all!

09-04-2007, 12:57 AM
G'day everyone,

It is a lovely sunny day but sort of icey, I don't seem to be able to get warm:(
I am madly working on my American photos but so far have only done a fraction of the 8000 plus photos I have.

Life is just very hectic at the moment trying to get everything organised before Alan goes to NZ. DS ordered paving bricks yesterday and Alan is around there taking delivery and making a start on preparing the area in their backyard to be paved.

Are you happy with doing another day at the school Peggy? You would now be working 3 days per week if I remember rightly.
I hope your summer is not a sign for what is in store fo us.
We badly need rain, but no spring showers are forecast.

Gloria your Jack is a character...a ring with a kidney stone would be different:D:D
Pleased it all seem to going well now, hope the doctor will confirm it with bloodtests etc.

We have the APEC meeting in Sydney with a number of world leaders, including your president Bush attending. There has been so much security, unbelievable that this is now a necessary thing to keep the attendees of the meeting safe.

Not sure what the meeting will achieve but world leaders meeting and exchanging views would have to be a good thing.

Slavika how long will Patches be at the vets, is it an overnight visit? You will miss her but it will be good once she is spayed.

Hi to everyone else....hope you are all having a good day.


09-04-2007, 06:06 PM
Wow, where to start! First Karen, I am sooooo glad your chest pains were not a heart attack. Pleurisy is painful but much better than the other. You have had your share of stuf lately, but again, glad the colonoscopy is over with and you had good results. I know your heart just bleeds for your child, and I hope that will be overwith soon. Must be awful for her and her family. I have a son who is just now learning about the real world, and he has worried me to death, so I can imagine how hard it is for you with a daughter who has been dealt such a hard blow.

Maria, oh come on, the food wasn't that bad really, was it? How are you going to do without Alan for that long? Are you going to go visit him once in awhile? Too bad he can't do his work from your home. Always so strange when we are comparing seasons. I would love to send some of our rain to you. I visited my flooded-out friend over the holiday and the stories! Snakes floating by, fences that look like thatch fences, dead animals in the flood water. Just lots of yuck! I hope it never does that again!

Peggy, if it is that hot for you, how hot it must be for the kiddos. I am surprised that the school system doesn't have AC by now. But don't you enjoy the little ones? My Austin is in kindergarden and loving it, but "his feet hurt and he doesn't get to play enough." If that is all that is wrong, I think he will survive.

Slavika, how much you have enjoyed that little bundle of fluff. She will be fine tomorrow, but I will be thinking of you two. So, your little Princess is almost a teenager! And a cell-phone owner! Time goes too fast.

Gloria, always glad that you heard the "clink". That was quite a seige!

Trudy, where are you?

We had a good holiday. One day the kids came up to see a football game on our TV (we lost), the next we took flooded friends out to eat, and the next my sister had the family for a pool barbecue. Just lots of fun and a good send off for summer.

Ann, are you stenciling away? I hope Florida is lucky through this hurricane season.

09-05-2007, 11:30 AM
Hi everyone:
Where to begin =? I have read everyone's posts and probably won't remember much but here goes,

Karen- so glad that your scare wasn't heart and the thye Dr. could give you the right meds. I know what you mean about pain meds. putting you in lala land as well as makeing you sick. Not worth is usually. Glad you are on the mend. Sorry aabout your SIL and hope that her tests weren't as bad as first thought, and your daughter. Just keep praying.

Sally: Patches big day today. I know you will be concerned, but she will be fine and she will want to snuggle even more when she gets home, as you are her security blanket. Hard to believe that your GD is 12. Kids grow up so fast it seems. And the hotdogs sound good. I wouldmuch rather have a hotdog than a hamburge any day.

Peggy: You sound as hot and dry as us here in Fl. Actually maybe even higher temps. We haven't reached 100 where we are, close but not there. Kindergarten kids are fun, and they'll get used to the drill soon.

Maria: It must be a bit off-putting to not have any definitive answer as to just when Alan is leaving for NZ. And I keep thinking about you going into summer and we are moving toward winter. I am happy to report that so far, we haave not experienced any hurricane scares. But we have more time in the season. Happy Father's Day to Alan

Gloria: Glad you are feeling so much better. Tell Jack that I think a necklace with your stone would be better than a ring. A nice mounting, and right out there for everyone to see. :D: :lol: Sounds like you had a nice labor Day

Glenda: By now I'm sure you have your happy report back from your Blood work. It is always the waiting that gets to one. I'm happy you had a chance to spend some time with your 'flooded' friends. They certainly had a difficult time.

I gave up on the stenciling job and am looking for just the right border. The bathroom is all finished just waiting for the right border. We had a supper at the clubhouse for Labor Day. Lots of activities which we didn't partake in. DH had a good report from the Dr. with all his tests. That was a happy day yesterday.

Now I am off to the eye Dr. for a checkup. It seems never a dull moment.

Hi Trudy, and Bernice.

See you all later. Ann

Karen L
09-05-2007, 08:56 PM
Well I am happy to report that when i went to the doctor today he told me I could quit taking the medicine(for the inflammation). The pain med went into the garbage. I can go back to my exercising as long as it doesn't hurt and if it does I have to take the meds again YUK!!!! I think i might wait until next week so i don't chance a relapse. Just walking and not power.

SIL had a bit of news. The Cancer doctor doesn't think she has cancer. But can't be sure until the biopsy comes back. Her cervix is very thick and was hard to get through for the biopsy. If it is inconclusive she will have to be put under so it can be done right. She had to go through that while she was here too I remember . She is feeling better about the whole situation. But will be glad when the 2 weeks of waiting for results is over.

Have talked to my DD almost every day for a couple of weeks now, She is very nervous about this mediation deal they are doing next week. I've told her not to worry just tell them the truth and all will be well. The truth is this accident has affected every are of their entire life. SonIL can't work . He has developed high B/P and now on Medication. I sure hope they get enough to make a fresh start over in their life. No big ridiculous amount but enough to help.

It was another hot day today. But when I took Sprout for his ride there was a cool feel to the air. Nice! I see they have revised the hurricane predictions again. We'll just have to wait and see. I feel for the people in Mexico and Central America. But I am so thankful not to have one come here so far. Like Ann say there are still several months to go. I think I heard that August and September are the most active months.

Gloria I agree with Ann a necklace would be better for the stone. I know you are glad that's over. My Aunt has to have hers blasted about every 2 years or so. My Brother too.

Peggy I'm sure you must feel like you are melting in that kitchen. I would never last. I would just plain turn into a pool of butter. There must be some law against working people in a sweat factory isn't there?

Glenda I am with you in hoping the flooding never happens again. I wonder just what kind of a winter it's going to be with the summer being so wet.

Ann you are much braver that I am. I wouldn't even know where to begin when you paint. Never had an occasion to do it. I'm sure you'll find just the right border. Glad DH test went well.

I went out to the air base to get my new glasses last week and the bifocals were not in the right spot. Couldn't see a lick. So now I have to wait 2 more weeks maybe. I got them out there because it was the only place I found frames that I liked. Boy glasses are expensive!!!!

Well I've yabbered on long enough.

See you later.

09-07-2007, 04:04 PM
Karen, Leon had the same problem with his glasses. The bifocal part was way too high. And you are so right--they cost way too much for them not to be perfect.

Ann, what a sigh of relief that DH's tests were good. Leon is 4 years older than I am and in the summer he had a patch of several doctor's appointments in a row. He was so annoyed! I told him, "Welcome to my world." Something all the time.

Slavika, I hope Patches is up to her old tricks again by now. Doesn't seem that it takes that long for doggies to recover. Is the Princess just loving her new phone? I am waiting on a sales lady to call me back about upgrading my cell phone. We don't have a home phone and when our cell phones get old they aren't that dependable, it seems.

Have any of you had a cataract surgery? I have one eye that is pretty bad and the other isn't. I could wait for Medicare and have them both done for free, but I have been thinking about doing the bad one next winter. My sister says people she knows don't have to have correction after that surgery. I can't believe that.

Trudy, are you back to normal? Is your computer okay? Was it mad at your or something? I just dread buying one and having these troubles at home. At least here support is a phone call away.

I never received a call from the oncologist office. That is what they do when it is good and I am too chicken to call them. So, will leave it alone. Karen, I do so hope your SIL is cancer free.

Tomorrow is our first home game. I have to go to the grocery store tonight and get a supply of little kids' foods for the grandkids. We don't usually keep a bunch of snacks so that is a bit of a change.

Peggy, the weekend! Home air conditioning! Glorious!

Gloria, did you decide on that wonderful piece of jewelry? Do you have a family susceptibility with stones? Almost seems in the family sometimes.

09-07-2007, 05:02 PM
Another hot day today but I have the fans going so it isn't too bad!

Karen: It is always troubling when your children have problems that you would love to just wave a wand and have them go away. I hope that the settlement will happen soon and all will be better. Sil must be relieved to hear that possible no cancer report. Hope they can come up with a true diagnosis soon.
I have trifocals on my glasses and talk about expensive but it is better than trying to fool around with 2 sets of glasses...close up and distance.

Slavlika: I bet Patches is just up to her old tricks and keeping you on your toes.

Trudy: So glad that puter problems have been fixed. Mine is only 5 years old and it is giving me fits and starts so who know what will happen. Don't want to face the thoughts of new vs repairs.

Maria: Spring is in the air in Australia....wonderful! Hope you have a great and somewhat wet spring so the water bans will go away.

Ann: Great to hear that DH's feeling better. Dh's are not happy when they don't feel up to par.

Glenda: That no news is good news is fine but it would be nice if they would call and confirm it. The stone has been left at the DR.'s for analysis which will take about 4 to 5 months. My next appt is March 4th. Yes, there is a history of kidney stones on my mother's side of the family. I guess I am lucky I haven't had any problems until this late in my life so I won't complain.
The Dr. said I should continue with the lemon water and stay away from chocolate, peanut butter, nuts spinach and only 1 8oz. portion of animal protein a day. That includes, beef, chicken, etc as well as fish, eggs.
OH, well, I will survive.


09-08-2007, 04:02 PM
Hi everyone: I hope you are having a nice weekend. Right now we are trying to have a little rain. we'll take whatever we can get.

I've been just laying around doing nothing much, as last night when I was going back to bed after a potty break, I stubbed my toe, said 'ouch' and went back to bed. this a.m. it is all swollen and black and blue and hurts to walk. I don't know if it is a bad bruise, or broken, but there is nothing to do for either one. So I've just been sitting with my feet up. Lazy, Lazy!!!

Only another week and we'll be off on our trip. I'm looking forward to a change. It will be good to see family and old friends. I hope that we will have reasonably good weather while we are gone, and no hurricanes either. Our poor cat would be very lonely, since I know our sitter wouldn't be able to come out for her.

I have trifocals too, and I don't think I could do without them especially to play the piano, or read. I didn't want to be bothered with more than one pair of glasses, and as you say, Gloria, they are too costly to go that route. I hope that you are making out all right with your restrictive diet. Too bad that the Dr. took your 'jewelry' for analysis. Oh well!!:D: :lol: I guess when they know the make-up of the stone they can better determine your diet restrictions.

How is Patches after a few days after her surgery?

I've been reading up on the Fat Smashers Diet, as I have a friend that is doing it. And I have finally decided that WW is still the best plan. When we get back from our trip, I just have to go back and get rid of this extra I have put on. I know that I would feel more energized, for sure. I know that I would get the 'booby prize ' in the weight loss challenge that was started a while back.

'See' you later. Ann

09-09-2007, 06:29 PM
G'day all,

Ann I can feel your toe:(, that is just so painful and for some reason I seem to do it on a fairly regular basis:mad: Enjoy just lazing about while your toe heals.
I must have missed it somewhere but where are you off to?
As far as the diet challenge...I think it died a natural death;)

Gloria how is your new restrictive diet going? I am not that much of a chocolate eater and doing without spinach I have done for years:D so to me it does not sound too bad, better then risking being in so much pain again with a kidney stone.

Glenda I cannot help you with the cataract surgery but as far as I know it seems to a fairly standard procedure these days. Your eyes are something that you cannot do without so I would have it done ASAP.

Karen pleased you are all better again. It always amazes me that when someone is in an accident and is not killed we assume all is well, how sad for your dd that her whole life has changed so drastically. I wish them well.

From a very warm weekend we now have reverted back to winter...wel sort of...overcast (but no rain:() windy and only 16 degrees C.


09-09-2007, 07:43 PM
Hi: Good news- I think my toes was just a bad bruise, as it is not painful today, Just sort of purple and dirty looking.

Glenda: My DH has had cataracts removed from both eyes, and lenses put in, and now he only needs his glasses to read. So by all means get them done. i know my DH was amazed at how bright the colors were once again.

Maria: Sorry you are back in winter for now, but you know that i t won't last as summer is coming. I'm relieved to hear that the challenge just died a natural death, and that I am not the only one to cause it. Just too many other things to get in the way right now, I guess. Our trip is to go up north to Utica N.Y. to visit DH brother and SIL. Then we will rent a car and go on up to our home town to see family and friends. We'll be gone from the 18th to the 27th of Sept. And don't you think it was smart of me to plan this trip over my birthday. A nice birthday gift to me. :D:

Karen: Now we don't have an appointment with Dr. Clayton in Plant City until January, so maybe when we get back from our trip, we two can get together for lunch. We had to cancel our Sept. one.

hi everyone. Hope you had a nice weekend.


09-09-2007, 07:58 PM
I can't imagine life without chocolate. LOL Maybe if I did I would be thin. Still hot here-we seem to be breaking a record of long hot 90-100 degree days. It is so dry in places that if someone would throw a cigarette out a window I am sure there would be a grass fire. The man 2 houses up runs his sprinkler at least 12 hours a day. He has nice green grass to show for it. It did sort of sprinkle this morning. One of our cafe workers quit last week unexpectedly. There was some drama there. It was the lady that runs the salad bar. My short little 3 days have stretched to 4 and 5 longer days. I am helping the girl that took over how to do it since I was the salad bar helper. Sort of mass confusion now.
Maria when is Alan leaving? 8000 photos will keep you busy for a while. I keep forgetting that you are having winter to spring.
Glenda I have never had catarac surgery. I would get it done though. I need to get to the eye dr. I keep putting it off.
Gloria that is funny about a ring made from your stone. You could split it and make earrings.
Ann so you decided to use wallpaper instead of stenciling. I stenciled a border a long time ago. My arm got tired. My niece had a house and she stenciled all the walls and it looked like wallpaper. It was very light-she had a 100 year old house and it looked good in there. Hope your toe is better. That sounds painful.
Slavika how is little Patches doing?
Karen glad to hear you are better. It is nice to chuck the meds. Hope all goes well for your kids. I will say a prayer for them that it goes their way.

09-13-2007, 10:30 AM
Peggy: I painted the bathroom walls a light peach, but will now use the wallpaer border for the accent. I couldn't find a stencil I liked, and the more I thought about it the more it seemed like too much work. The border is sort of a contemporary nature with overlaping circles in different sizes and shades of oranges, peaches and lavender. I hope it will look good.

Must be everyone is on a vacation.

Maria: Good luck with the implants. This will put you back on the challenge road?:D: i imagine it will be hard to eat for a while.

Weekend coming up and then next week we will be on our trip up north. Utica, N.Y. I hope we have nice weather while we are there.


09-13-2007, 07:58 PM
Remind me never to complain that things are dull around here!!

Yesterday we went to the Cape, it was a glorious day. Jack went swimming and my friend and I had a great chat. We left there about 4PM and half way home I smelled a funny odor and at the same time the check engine icon came on on the dash and the heat thermometer was at the highest it has ever been. Jack pulled off the highway and we pulled into a gas station but without a service bay. Just then smoke was coming out of the engine. The station attendant said there was a repair shop right around the corner so we pulled in but it was 5 of 5 and they closed at 5PM.

We called AAA and they said a tow truck would be along in about 45 Min. We were lucky and he came in just half an hour. However, he could not take both of us in his cab so Jack gave him directions to our repair shop and he hooked up the car and off he went. Luckily there was a Dunkin Donut shop right there and we waited there for our SIL Paul. He was just picking up GS Sean from football and would drop him off at their house and be on his way to pick us up. He arrived about 7:15 and we were home by 8PM. only 4 hours for an approximately 1 Hr 20 Min drive.

This morning Jack got a ride to church and they took him to the repair shop to see what was wrong. The fellow that runs the shop is one of the hardest working and most honest men you could hope to meet. He told Jack he was really backed up and his assistant had just got married and was on his Honeymoon so he was alone. Great! This afternoon we called them again and were told it should be ready late tomorrow afternoon. Not too bad!

Now the bad news....the fan motor rusted through and the fan ate up the radiator...doesn't sound to nice to me. The car has about 78,000 miles and we have been very lucky with it before, it is a 2000 Avalon, the first luxury car we have ever owned, but Jack takes great care of it...always taking it in for it regular check ups, oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

I will say, that, with all that we are still lucky. Next weekend we are to be in Maine...the kids gave us a 3 day-2 night stay in a B&B in Kennebunkport, Me and I wouldn't like to have this adventure up there.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


09-14-2007, 01:14 PM
Gloria, your experience with your car sounded like no fun at all. Glad you had such a good time with your friend and your SIL was available to bail you out. And your car sounds like it would be well worth the expense of fixing it. My hubby takes excellent care of our cars too and we expect lots of miles from them.

So much is happening to you all! Karen, glad you are doing better. Ann, enjoy your trip. Maria, are you back to sort of normal with your implants? I would imagine it would take a little while for the swelling to go down. Peggy, you know I feel you are super woman, working that much and that hard in the heat. You said something that reminded me of something. Your neighbor with the beautiful grass? One year Leon watered like crazy. Our water bill was horrendous! And then it rained.....and everybody else's yard was beautiful. We spent lots and lots of money. Now we just keep flowers alive.

Well, it is getting cool here, at least in the morning and evening. I love the season RIGHT NOW. We are having just glorious fall weather, beautiful sunny days, but not that white-hot heat or dreadful humidity. The only thng is we just get about a week of this.

You all, have a safe and happy weekend.

09-21-2007, 08:23 PM
I don't think it is ever going to cool down. We had a nice chilly Sat last week but that was it. I am glad that this week is over. The starter went out on my car[Gloria it must be car week], my mil went to the hospital again with chest pains. She is now back at the happy home. I got called into work today. So much for all the stuff I had planned to do. We were supposed to watch P-he has whatever is going around. I guess Betsy's mom went over. We had him for a little while yesterday early in the morning while N had a meeting on this side of town.
Glenda that was an interesting email about Oklahoma. Last Thurs nite I went to the Showboat Majestic and saw the play Oklahoma. It was a fun night. The boat is in town and the river was peaceful. I was thinking of you when I was watching it. I figured you and Leon in the leads. My grass is pathetic and so are my plants. Even with watering the heat killed them.
Gloria I am glad that your sil was able to rescue you. Car problems are no fun. Have a great trip to Maine.
I gues Ann is on her way to NY.
Maria how is your mouth feeling? You sure do have a lot going on right now
I need to go down and get busy painting. My painting lady gave 15 old porcelain pans to paint laundry stuff on and she needs asap.

09-24-2007, 10:51 AM
I guess everybody is traveling or busy. I hope Maria is feeling okay from her teeth implants.

We had the three little grandkids on Saturday for the football game. Such fun! Makenzie makes me laugh with her grown-up displays of sarcasm. When Jackson didn't want anymore tea at our tea party, she threw up her hands and said, "Well, EX CUZ ME! All I wanted to do was to pour you some tea! Excuse me!" She was so frustrated, but sounded so much older than 4, but pretty much full of attitude. Of course, I talked to her about it, but wow! Where do they get this stuff?

We have had such a quiet week. Hope the rest of you are busy and happy.

09-24-2007, 04:04 PM
Hi Everybody, well we certainly got our fair share of rain last night and this morning. Naturally Patches had to go out at night right in the middle of the down pour. LOL LOL I just cheered her on from the open door and she finally went. She came in looking like a drowned rat. I quickly dried her off and put her on the bed on top of a dry towel but she wormed her way to the top of bed to snuggle with me. Yuck...wet puppy. She is doing well since she had her surgery. She also had to have two of her baby teeth (they had roots on them) removed as her second teeth were coming in and those two were not falling out. That cost $200.00. GEEZ, I think that is more then a "people dentist" charges. When I took her in to have the stitches taken out of her tummy I had them x-ray her right back leg as she does a funny little hop with that leg. The x-rays showed that all her bones were fine. She doesn't cry in pain or anything just this little hop. The vet thinks it is just something she does or maybe a pulled muscle that would not show up on an x-ray. She is now considered full grown and weighs 7 lbs. You gals are all right, I don't know what I would do without her. She is of course fully house trained now (I thought that was never going to happen) and is a sweet loving little dog.
My GS is now teaching archery (he has 9 students in his fall class). He is so pleased that the place he takes lessons asked him to teach and they PAY HIM. :):D My son got a goose with his bow and arrow, I'll send you all the the picture. I don't think I would like to eat it, but he cleaned the goose and kept only the breast meat. I am not a fan of hunting birds/animals but if you eat what you kill I guess it's not so bad. :( I guess it does take some skill to do it with a bow and arrow. I am all booked for my winter holiday to South Padre Island. I will be gone for the month of February with my brother and SIL although I will have my own accommodations which are even in a different condo. I read all your posts, and know that Ann is away now on holiday and the rest of you seem to be busy with life in general. Talk to you all soon. Bye now.

09-24-2007, 05:04 PM
Slavika - Patches know where to sleep. They have a way of getting what they want, don't they? That is a big bill for little doggie teeth. What an honor for your gs to teach archery. I took a class in that once and liked it. It takes skill to hit the target much less something flying like your son did. I have never had goose to eat.
Glenda your tea party sounds fun. I like the attitude. Can you imagine what she will be like in a few years? There must be something in the name Jackson-my friend has a grandson with the same name and he is a busy one.
Still hot here-in the 90's and no rain. My yard is parched. I am not going to bother getting some mums this year.

09-24-2007, 08:15 PM
I guess that we will be having some Summer weather at least for the next few days. Tues. should be in the high 70's and Wed. is supposed to beat the record high and get to the mid 80's. Planning on a Commissary run Tuesday and then to the Cape on Wed. Jack is planning a swim...I hope it is as warm down there as it will be here. Sometimes when you cross the bridge to the Cape the weather is totally different.

This past weekend we were in Maine, Kennebunkport to be exact. We were given a weekend at a beautiful B&B right across from the ocean. It was lovely and our room had a small sitting room then the bedroom and we were on the 4th floor....the view was incredible! Got a picture of Sunrise from our windows on Sunday...the reddest Sun you ever saw.
Friday nite we went to an Italian restaurant and I ordered Spaghetti with Clams, Mussels, Shrimp and Scallops. Well it came in a round 1 qt casserole with a flatbread type covering over the top and down around all the sides.
The server took a knife and proceeded to cut around the top of the casserole and took the top off and my entree was inside. What a presentation.
Sat. nite we were treated to dinner at a AAA 5 Diamond restaurant called the White Barn. We will savor the elegance of this evening for a long time to come. Drove in and were met by the parking valet and then another gentleman came down the stone steps to greet us and escort us inside. We were again greeted at the front desk and escorted to our table. We were seated against a back wall which provided us great viewing of all that was going on in the restaurant as well as a view out the back window with it's exquisite flowers.
It was a Prix Fixe meal which meant we had Appetizers...we both chose Lobster Bisque with a Shrimp Fritter...delicious. Then there was Intermezzo which, for me was Lemon-Ginger Sorbet...it came in a dish shaped like a flower blossom with the Sorbet in the center and Jack had Pumpkin Sorbet with a Spicy Port Sauce.
Our entrees were a fish assortment for Jack and Tenderloin for me. My meat was so tender that I could have eaten it even if I didn't have teeth. LOL
Oh by the way, each course came with it's own utensils which were removed even if you didn't use them. And presentation of each course was like a ballet. For the two of us it meant that each dish was presented and placed before us in sinc by two servers ( if there were 4 of us then it would have taken 4 servers to present a course. If you left you seat for any reason when you returned the server would be right there with a clean napkin to place in your lap.
Then came dessert but first was a pre dessert of a small, think tall shot glass, of coffee jello with a caramel frothe over it. The real dessert for me was Creme Brulle and Jack got a really rich Chocolate Mousse. Coffee ended the meal but not really. The came by with a silver serving tree with and assortment of chocolates on each branch. It was incredible!!!!

Then we came home on Sunday and I have been doing laundry and housework ever since. Back to reality!

This weekend was a gift from our kids and I don't know how we can ever thank them enough for the thoughtfulness and generosity!

Maria: I know you are very busy but I hope you will take some time for yourself every once in a while.

Slavika: Your Patches is so cute and a wonderful companion for you. When you go to South this year will you be taking Patches with you? Wow, Archery is quite an unusual sport and it is wonderful that your GS gets to pass his talent on to other kids.

Glenda: Your tea party sounds wonderful and that GD sounds like a hot ticket. What will she be like when she is older?

Peggy: It must have been exciting to see Oklahoma on a showboat. Just to be on a showboat would be exciting to me.

Ann: Your painting and wallpaper border sounds lovely.

Karen: Glad your feeling better.

Norma & Bernice: Hope all is well with you both.

Karen L
09-24-2007, 08:18 PM
It's been raining off and on all day with bright sunlight during most of it. Florida you gotta love it!

Slavika I hear you when you talk of Vet bills. We had to take Sprout in today for the rash between his toes. He has allergy's we've always known that. well now today he got a shot, Got a solution to soak his feet in once a day, And pills to take for the next 30 day's. It was a cool $160.00 to leave there today .Och!!!! But we've done all we could. Had been giving him benadryl for the last few days and finally just gave in and took him to the Vet.

Gloria I saw we had posted with in minutes of each other so came back to say hi!. Your weekend sounded wonderful.

Glenda little girls are very good at sarcasm. And it is funny how they pick it up so quick.

Sorry about you lawn Peggy. Ours looks a bit like a jungle during the summer .

Haven't done much except the usual stuff. Did go to see the movie The Brave One. Good movie!

Maria I loved your last picture pages. Very , Very nice.

See you later.

09-24-2007, 10:45 PM
G'day all,

Finally I have a chance for a quick post!

Good to read everyone's posts and to read everyone is happy.
Gloria your weekend sounds just fantastic, glad you had such a great time. Patches knows what side her bread is buttered on....pleased she is making such a difference in your life Slavika. I am a bit with you about the shooting of the goose, very clever to do that with a bow and arrow but not something I would like.:(
Glenda I can picture your grand children and I am not surprised at little McKenzie! Matilda told Peta the other day to put both hands on the wheel!!! I listen to her and think how much stuff she already has in her little head and she is only 2 :eek:
That is quite a bit of painting you have to do Peggy lets hope the weather will cool down a bit for you.
Karen I am glad you enjoyed the next installment of my book. The next chapter will be our visit to Oklohoma.
Hope Ann is having a good break, also hello to Trudy is your computer back to functioning reliably again?

I have several websites to do, so my book is again on the backburner.:(
Went to see the oral surgeon this morning and all is well, my mouth has healed beautifully and I now have to wait some 6 weeks to actually get the new teeth screwed into the implants.
Tomorrow we have the grand girls and then Thursday we are off to Melbourne to help out Lexie and Joe. It will be good to see Saskia, she is walking everywhere and is starting to get very chatty!
Lexie has warned me that there is lots of work to be done, I have warned her that I am old ;) and may not be able to do as much as she thinks I can!


09-25-2007, 05:59 PM
It is officially fall now. The summer went by so quickly, we did enjoy it though. My bathroom is finished! It does look nice. I tried to take picture of it, but the room is so small I couldn't do it justice so you will just have to take my word for it.
We went away for 3 days with our DD and family. We took a little trip to the USA and stayed in a Holiday Inn with a really nice water park. Our grandchildren loved the pool and insisted that my DH and I get in it with them. It has been some time since I spent any time in a bathing suit in a pool! The rooms were overlooking the pool with a separate entrance, so I didn't have to make the dreaded walk down the hall and elevator.
I am back to a regular work out at the gym and I am still trying to undo the damage I did during the summer... it never ends.
My old computer is chugging along again. I had a lot of reading to do to get up to date and I still have several e-mail to look at. A little bit every day. It was like reading a novel catching up with all of you.
Bye for now..

09-26-2007, 06:21 PM
Trudy, I so relate to that bathings suit. Gina made a slideshow of all our vacation photos. I looked at myself in horror. I am so hopeful that I will be able to do WW again. I am trying so hard. Today is the third day and I don't feel so very well. Hope I get used to not eating the world again.

Gloria, wow, what a present from your kids! That is so elegant that I cannot even imagine it. What did you wear to this fancy place? Sounds like your kids love you lots and lots!

Trudy, so glad you enjoyed your last taste of summer with the kids. That bathing suit thing! What an eye-opener it was for me to look at! But I know I had a great time on vacation anyway.

Maria, your days sounds super full. What would our kids do without us? Leon is now going to work on a retaining wall for Joel and family this weekend. I hope he knows what he is doing. So, now Matilda is the expert on driving, huh? I am glad to know your implant surgery went well.

Shanna, my DIL, just emailed me about her mother. The lady is 70 and her husband is 80. They are in very poor health and live right next door to the kids. The mother has just lost it and has decided to fire home health, maybe just get into a car with him and drive off. My DIL is going crazy, wondering what to do. I promise, promise, PROMISE, never to do this to my kids. So sad!

Well, it is a beautiful fall day here. Life is sweet!

09-28-2007, 05:59 PM
Hi everyone:
Back home again last night and the craziness begins. this a.m. DH had two Dr. appointments, one to get his coumadin levels checked and the second for another iron infusion. then home to unpack and then a luncheon to go to for the start-up of our bible Study. I do have a pile of dirt laundry to get started on tomorrow.

We had a great time, but it was much warmer than last year, and of course we took mostly cold weather clothes. The fall colors were much nicer this year and we enjoyed all the scenery. We went one day up into the Adirondack Mts. and it was a lovely day. Also DH oldest son and family came and spent two nights with us so it was a sort of a family reunion. On my birthday we has 11 for dinner and it was a nice celebration. But i don't feel any older than I did the day before. We also went back to our home town for an overnight and saw many of our friends at a dinner that our hostess provided. 12 for that night. It seems that the most we did on this vacation was to eat. WW here I come!!!
Our flight both ways was very good, smooth and the landing last night was the best we have experienced in a long time. Not a bump. We are very impressed with JetBlue. I know they have had unpleasant publicity at times we we have never had a problem. But is was very good to be home and slepp in our own bed.

Gloria: your kids sure did fix you up with an extra special treat. How POSH! I'm sure y ou had a wonderful time. Did Jack go swimming? I'll be glad to get in the pool tomorrow.

Maria: I'm happy that the implant surgery is doing well and that you soon will have it completed. Kids grow up so fast. Fun to think that Matilda wants two hands on the wheel. Have fun with Saskia and don't work too hard.

Glenda: I can just hear your GD saying Excuse Me! I remember one time when one of our GD's was in bed and she didn't want to be there and kept calling for her mother to come up, and of course since we were playing a game, Mom ingnored her until she shouted 'Momma, get your butt up here!' I guess we forget that kids absorb the things we say to them and to others in their presence.

Slavika: Patches is such a cutie, and now she has expensive gums. And I hope soon new teeth. The vet bills are really high. Here too. Our kitty was very happy to have us home and hasn't left us much since we got here. She doesn't usually sleep on our bed with us but she did last night.

Peggy: You do have a lot of painting to do. Why is it that customers always want their projects ASAP and don't always give you much time to accomplish it. Your Oklahoma sounded fun. That was always one of my favortite shows. Many moons ago, I did that with my HS chorus.

Norma: Sounds like you and your family had a nice weekend together. I have given up on being too upset about the bathing suit look. I am what I am and even at my lowest weight was never a bathing beauty.

Karen: Hope Sprout is doing well with his allergy meds. Too bad that he has problems like that. Is it the grass or just weeds? or both? How are you and DH feeling now? Hope all is well.

Well- I guess it is time to think about something for supper. I'm going to have to be inventive, since the cupboard is quite bare, until I go shopping tomorrow.
Glad to be home. Have a nice weekend everyone. Ann

09-30-2007, 03:14 PM
Where is everyone? Out enjoying the fall colors? Except here in Florida. I did notice one of the fall flowering trees in bloom today, so we do have some changing of seasons.

After our trip when I got on the scale, I nearly fainted, so you know what I am doing in earnest now.

'See' you. Ann

10-01-2007, 04:03 AM
onto the next thread!