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08-31-2007, 03:39 PM
I'm fairly new here and have really enjoyed the community. You're all very supportive of one another and seem to be a great bunch of people. I'm thrilled to have found this forum. I'm learning allot of information about this program ~ so thank you all.

I do have a question: How do you calculate what is in a product (the exchange)? I used to make shakes quite often before I joined this program but my COD said they do not recommend using my own. However I see some talk on here about the Glycemic Index and that is what this product is made for. I don't see how it can be bad for me it has no artificial sweeteners or stimulates, it's made from natures way. Here is a website on it the supplement facts I usually only use one scoop instead of 2 because I feel full off that.
Any help on this I would appreciate. I don't do the lites so I can't purchase the shake packs from them.

Glad to be here, :cb:


08-31-2007, 03:51 PM
There are a couple of answers.. The LA shakes were designed to fit within the scope of the program, with ingredients they've determined will help you lose weight... If you use another brand of shakes, it's deviating from the "approved" ingredients, according to them...

But... and I would say this is more important to them (seeing as I'm in a cynical mood)... It's about lost revenue for them... They tell you that other brands of shakes don't fit the plan because they want you to buy theirs... Now, of course if you can't use lites, as opposed to "don't want to", they should offer you some guidence as to what else you can use, but I think we've all found that some COD counselors just don't think logically...

Sorry.. That wasn't much help...