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08-29-2007, 11:05 PM
I know this is not a medical forum and I will talk to a doctor if this continues BUT I thought maybe I could start here for some ideas on what I might be feeling and if there are any stretches that could help me out.

Tonight, I'm virtually paralyzed. Not really, but I might as well be. My hip/right rear hurts so darn bad that I can barely move. It is not constant pain...it's weight-bearing pain and it hurts but it also "catches" kind of...like it's going to give out or something. My first thought is sciatic nerve pain. Does anyone have this and does it feel ANYTHING like what I'm describing?

08-29-2007, 11:35 PM
I'm actually in physical therapy for basically the same pain in the exact same areas.....the best stretch i can advise is to lay on the floor with your knees bent (feet still on the floor) and just very very slowly let your knees go side to side. Only as far as it is comfortable and then hold it there. Also...ice ice ice. No icy hot....according to my physical therapist that stuff does no good and may make worse. I would suggest though that if this is still hurting tomorrow to go to a doctor. Hope you feel better!

08-30-2007, 12:52 AM
Another stretch that helps me is one my PT called the number 4 stretch. Lay on your back with your feet on the floor like you're about to do a sit-up. Bring one leg in front of the other and use your arms to kind of push it down and to the opposite side until you feel the stretch in your hip and gluteus maximus. You can also do this with the off leg up in the air, so your legs kind of make the number 4, only upside-down.

I had hip pain for years, and in fact still get it if I do too much weight-bearing exercise on pavement. The initial diagnosis was trochanteric bursitis. Bursitis is just an inflammation of the bursae (fluid-filled sacs) that are supposed to keep muscles and tendons gliding nicely over bones, in this case, the glutes gliding over the top of the femur. Tx was rest, ice, ibuprofin, and, later, stretching and, later still, steroid shots. (These treatments also didn't do a d****d thing for me, but hopefully they will for you!)

It goes without saying that you should see your doctor rather than assume I know what I'm talking about. (Always dangerous!) And do take it easy: if it is bursitis, it's an overuse injury, so trying to "work through the pain" will only make matters worse.


08-30-2007, 01:06 PM
I'm having a simialar problem and I've been told it's my piriformis muscle which is a very small muscle, deep under all the big ones, which attaches the pelvic bone to the femur. It is almost impossible to stretch this muscle yourself. The one 'stretch' I've been given is to put a tennis ball right where it hurts and then lean against a wall - no movement. I've been getting massage theropy for it and it's working quite well. I hope you can find the problem. ;)

08-30-2007, 02:50 PM
Yikes, I have a slight pain there but nothing major. My doc just said to stretch a lot and take Mortin but I don't have it as bad as you.

It sounds like IT band pain - here is an article on it. Ask your doctor when you see him/her about it. My doc was impressed I had done my research before coming in and could fully express where it hurt and when etc.


hope that helps!