WW Clubs and Groups - Coconut Telegraph - Goodbye summer :(

08-27-2007, 08:17 PM
It may still be summer, but once we're back to school, it may as well be over. DD and I have decided that since we got out of school on the first day of summer, we shouldn't have to return to school until the first official day of fall which isn't for 3 more weeks. We should at least have one more week and go back after Labor Day. No luck.

Today was my first day back in h*ll. Remember last year's h*ll working in two schools, and the principal from h*ll? This year I'm at my original school with a grant to teach full-day pre-k. We were never told that the parents were going to have to pay tuition. We all thought this grant was covering all costs. It is about to hit the fan. These parents registered their children under the impression that they were getting free pre-k, NOT:p Okay, that was my issue today. Some colleagues didn't fare as well. One's aide quit and the city froze hiring. Two teachers were told to switch classrooms today...the day before the kids arrive. This could have been done over the summer, but no. Another teacher on leave because of her DH's death and then a serious injury to her arm and leg, had the early childhood department in her room "reorganizing" which is code for throwing away all her stuff!!!!! I don't know about any of you, but I bought about 1/3 of my classroom stuff with my own money. If they came in my room and just started tossing stuff in the trash, I would have a fit. Unfortunately, she won't be back for several weeks. None of us have the heart to tell her what's become of her classroom. A bright, shiny, new 4th grade teacher started today. Just picturing her makes me laugh...shame on me. That poor little thing has no idea what she is in for!!! She is very naive and is full of idealistic thoughts. I wonder how long it will take for my city to crush her. They pretty much destroyed me within the first few weeks...and by the end of the first year, I knew I'd never be the same. Our sunshine club person wants us all to give $50 to cover the dues for the year. Is it me, or is $50 a bit steep? Last year, I didn't sign up because of the cost. Only a handful of teachers signed up for the same reason, but nobody would admit that they couldn't afford it. Today, I just said it. "$50 is not in my budget." It wasn't accepted well by her, and unfortunately all those who felt the same way stayed quiet.

Kids come tomorrow.

08-27-2007, 10:49 PM
Hi Summer! Sounds like your day was h**l! I hope tomorrow goes better for you. I agree with you that $50 is a bit much. Why is it so high? I thought the ten dollars for my school was a bit much. But I am a cheap skate anymore.
Miss Mermaid and Ginger hope all is well with you!
My sister's birthday is today. We met for lunch and then have hung out the rest of the day. Now I am off to spend the night with her at her hotel. So I will check back in tomorrow.
Have a great Tuesday!

08-29-2007, 09:16 AM
Hope you are all having a great week and getting into the swing of things. I am off to school for a few hours. Need to finish getting my lesson plans ready for the first week next week. Check in with you all later.

08-29-2007, 06:10 PM

That felt good. Hope you are all doing well, and will forgive me for being terminally absent. I am trying to get everything done before the bomb hits next week, plus I have been training a lot.
Hi Mermaid, Summerr and Kerry.........miss you all.

08-30-2007, 12:49 AM
Having an interesting night in my neighborhood. We have an escaped prisoner on the loose. We have the cops staked out in our driveway! Can my life get more exciting then this? Thank God this is not really a school night since I can't sleep knowing that luntic is out there close by.
Ginny thanks for popping in. We were starting to get worried about you. Glad things are fine with you. Just really busy.
Miss Mermaid and Summer Hope your school week is going well! Have we gotten into a routine with our kids yet?
Night off to peek out the windows and see what I can see again.
Chat with you later.

08-30-2007, 09:56 AM
Well, Kerry, I see the local authorities have not yet figured out that I am the escapee.......hehehehe! I hope that they apprehend the prisoner- for everyone's safety and well being. We had that happen here once, and it is such an unsettling feeling. Hope it goes well for you today.

Summerrrr- now with a few (only few) minutes to myself I read your post. I will be praying for you regarding your staffing situation.....not sure what else to call it. It stinks that what was expected to be "free" is not, and I can expect that the parents will be very difficult to deal with, even though none of this is your fault. And moving staff around so late in the game?? Huh? Is that even legal? I would expect that a teacher should be sort of preparing for the next school year over the summer- not working per se but just getting organized. And to be switched at the last moment, really puts a strain on ones professionalism. I would skip the $50 sunshine club too......ours is $10 and I do participate (even though many think the person who runs it pockets some of the cash....how ridiculous is that) I hope that you are surviving all this turmoil........I will be praying for you.

Robyn?! Who is also starting a new school year with an overly filled plate. How are you doing? How is your mom? I am thinking and praying for you too. Hope life settles down into a managable rythm soon.

Gotta take the cats to the vet for a check up this am....Got my WW tape in...
last nite Ds (college freshman) melted down, literally, over his schedule and desire to find a new major. So, at 10 pm we tried to come up with plan B- so that he can go into the "undeclared" category and get himself into the career assessment center (something I told him to do in May but he got stubborn on me!). Parenting does not get easier gang.......seems tougher as they get older.
Hopefully I can stay away from stress eating today. Finally got to a meeting on Wed (first in a month!) and was up 2#- which considering it was a month is not too awful.
Better go get ready for the visit to the vet.

08-30-2007, 06:08 PM
Well, the fat cat lost weight....which is good news. The bratty little cat screamed the whole time....and then, bit me twice.
Its gonna take a major event for me to not eat myself into oblivion tonite, Ds came home with another meltdown from college today. He is unsure of what he wants to do, and is so confused. Think I earned my counselling degree today...started on it last nite as I mentioned.
Guess I'd better go finish getting dinner on. Dh was tired today and did not feel well, so a prompt dinner would be nice.
Anyone got a nice padded cell for me?

08-30-2007, 07:49 PM
Girls, I didn't mean to be MIA, but GOSH!!! IT IS SOOOOO HARD TO GO FROM MAINTAINING A CLEAN HOUSE, HOSTING PLAYDATES, SUNNING MYSELF, SWIMMING, AND READING A MULTITUDE OF BOOKS TO WRANGLING 3 & 4 YEAR OLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I really did forget how hard my job is. I had a fabulous, spectacular summer lounging in my backyard. Yes, I had household chores, but I didn't have 18 lunatics poking me in my leg and screaming at the top of their lungs while I was trying to get them done. And, some of DD's friends may be a little spoiled, but one at a time is nothing compared to the MAYHEM OF MY CIRCUS OF A CLASSROOM. I really am great at blocking out trauma, because I really did forget how bad it can be. Yes, they are adorable, particularly while napping, but good Lord Louise they are taking every little bit of energy I have. And, that is why I haven't been here. I forced myself to visit with you all today because I've been away all week. I'll be back on my long weekend when I catch my breath and get some much needed rest.

Ginny: Your boy will find himself. He's not the first to change majors and feel confused like this.

Kerry: Good luck with school.

Robyn: I hope you and mom are alright. Feel a hug.

08-31-2007, 09:03 PM
Evening Ladies,
They found the convict this morning and captured him. He knocked on our next door neighbor's bedroom window around 7. He asked her to call his mom, she called the police instead. He took off on foot but was found in the field down the street from our house. So I am feeling better.
Ginny how are things with your ds? I think that a lot of kids are like that their first year in college. They have a lot of choices to make and it overwhelms them. I know that several of our friends kids have changed their majors once or twice already. Do you still need us to find you a padded rubber room?
Mermaid how are you doing? Hope you are surviving this year. Hope your mom is recovering nicely.
Summer, sorry to hear that your little ones are a handful right now. Just think you will get them into shape by Christmas time and then that break will undo all you have taught them. LOL So you are really going to enjoy this long weekend,huh?
I think we are suppose to go over to a friends house tomorrow evening for a party. Going to another friend's house to watch the Ohio State/YSU game. This is going to be a tough game to watch for me. I went to YSU and cheer for the Buckeyes. I want both teams to win. Sometime I have to get my lesson plans done for the first week of school. Maybe I will work on that on Monday afternoon.
Well I think I am going to check out a few things on line. Chat with you all later.
Have a wonderful weekend!

09-01-2007, 11:30 AM
A short break from the mayhem of pre-k...teenie weenie cuties with tears and 'tudes. Since Monday, the weather around here has been 80's and sunny:sunny:. Thank God it decided to hang around for the weekend. I'm going to pretend that the last five days never happened by going swimming:swim: and sunning :sunny:myself. Unfortunately, I agreed to sing with a small group in church tomorrow, but other than that little blip in my weekend as well as dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping, the majority of my weekend will be spent in the summery weather. Our governor is proposing a law to prevent schools from opening before Labor Day weekend. I am definitely behind that one!!! State law is for school to be in session 180 days, but we have to show off and go for 183 days. Do those three extra days make the kids any smarter?!:?: If they make us tack on those days in June, I wouldn't care much, because the real summer weather doesn't kick in till July. We get a lot of rain in June, so even though it is hot, you can't really enjoy it anyway. August is usually hotter, and it is torture for us to be in school so early. We'll see what happens!

I'm off to deal with chores so that this afternoon and evening can be dedicated to enjoying Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!!!:swim:

09-04-2007, 07:59 AM
It is back to school for me today! I had a hard time sleeping last night and an even harder time getting up when the alarm went off. Just wanted to say a quick hello. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I know I did we went to three parties and I ate to much. So back to the diet block I go. Chat with you all later.

09-04-2007, 06:14 PM
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Say it aint so!!!!!!!! :( Tomorrow I get tofire up my big yellow submarine. Ugh. Bring on the tylenol.\

Miss Summerrr- feel my hug-:hug: and my sympathies. How are you managing with a classroom of such young children? I can't imagine a group so large at that age. You will prevail- please remember, this is just the beginning, and once you establish law and order and some routines it will be fine. I think Thanksgiving is generally considered the turnaround time- when most kids fit into a schedule and are more orderly. Bless you......I will be praying for you.

Kerry- glad to see that you can sneak in mid day like last year! I hope i will be able to also. How did today go? Was your weekend relaxing?
Going to TOPS tonite (it is your nite to go isn't it?). DOn't sweat the parties, most will be up this week, I think. Hope your week goes well.:hug:

Ms Mermaid- I am thinking of you and your mom and your family. Hang in there. We miss you, but understand. Stop in to say hello when you can. I am due for a vintage Mermaid rant and rave:hug:.

Can't believe that the music starts for real tomorrow........got a 2 mile walk in this am and am trying to get some last minute stuff done before I lose my life to a school bus. Started taking the pool down today....:(
Will chat tomorrow!

09-04-2007, 08:28 PM
I'm pleased to report that I did as promised...I spent the majority of my weekend in the sun:sunny: and pool:swim:. DH looks like a lobster!

Although my school day is still filled with unprofessional interruptions from the secretary, last minute additions to my waiting list, and uninvited visitors from the community, the day seems more peaceful this year. Yes, students still hurt:kickbutt::frypan: each other and end up in :tantrum:time-out. They still pee on themselves and my furniture and leave their required "change of clothes" at home. It is HOTTER than hades in my classroom with no sign of cooling off anytime soon. However, the fact that I no longer have to maintain two classrooms, travel midday, do two dismissals, and don't need to fit tons of curriculum into 2 hours is quite relaxing:yoga: actually. I now have several hours to accomplish my goals for each day, and I don't leave the building till I go home. I knew that what I was doing was hard, but now that I have this slower pace, I feel quite wonderful. The ordinary bullcrap doesn't really bother me as much. The fact that the principal insists on my students having their 10 minute recess (all the district allows! Thanks NCLB!) to be scheduled during the middle of their naptime, isn't freaking me out as much as usual because I know that eventually she will have to come to her senses or the Early Childhood Dept. will have to step in. The parents that drop off late and forget to pick up their kids don't bother me nearly as much as they did last year. Being in one place all day with one group of kids is HEAVEN!:angel:

Ginger: Sorry that the party is over:cry:, but since I've already been back for over a week, you won't get too much sympathy from me:p. I still love you!:hug: I hope you have a wonderful school year with lovely passengers who behave themselves all year!!!;):):dizzy::^::D:):dizzy::lol::^::sssh:Safe driving!!!
Kerry: I'll be back on program soon. I will be rejoining WW after I get paid. In the meantime, I'm nowhere near being on.
Mermaid: Let us know how you and your mom are. We totally miss you and are overdue for your ranting and raving.

09-04-2007, 08:39 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well I survived the first day today. It was interesting to say the less. I have 10 kids in my classroom this year. Four of them are brand spanken new. So I have to get them into my routine quickly. OUt of the 10 I have 6 that are constant talkers. YIKES!
Went to TOPS this evening. After being gone for two weeks, I only gained 3 3/4 pounds. So that isn't as bad as I thought it would be. So I am hoping that being back at school will help me start losing weight again. I need to start doing things for me again.
Ginger, have fun tomorrow driving your precious little angels to and from school. Did you get your last minute stuff done? How is your ds doing with college now? Hope things worked out for him.
Summer, gald you enjoyed your weekend in the sun and pool. Sorry to hear that dh is looking like a lobster these days. Hope you don't decide to cook him for dinner one night! LOL You sound more relaxed with your school day this year oppose to the past few years.
Miss Mermaid we miss you. Hope things are going great for you and your mom. Like Ginger and Summer said we miss your rants and raves. Come back and visit us soon.
Well I need to go and do some computer work. They don't have the computers set up in my classroom yet. I want to type out a few things to pass out to my kids to take home to their parents. So hopefully I can do some of that tonight. Or if all else fails do it tomorrow night.
Enjoy your evening!

09-05-2007, 01:47 PM
Hi Ya'll!

Summerrr- please tell your dh that they do not make lobster pots big enough for adult men, perhaps he should try sunscreen next time!;) (mine is stubborn too!) I love your positive attitude, turning this years challenges from lemons into lemonade. In just a few short weeks, some of your headaches should be ironed out. It is so tough with the little ones. You sound much, much more peaceful than you did last year, with the split days.
I am completely convinced that in the not to distant future, all the bladder accidents will become a trickle (pun intended!;)0. Great to hear that you will be rejoining WW- going to do meetings or go online again?

Kerry- considering there was a holiday weekend in there, 3 3/4# is just a small bleep on the radar....nothing to worry about. Isn't it sad, how when our lives become so much more busy with work and the like that we think of finding more time for ourselves? Me too, I have to refocus on losing weight- I gained a few # this summer (4 to be exact) and really want to get this over with. As far as your 6 constant talkers, does duck tape help?:D Perhaps it is just the beginning of the year jitters and some of them will calm a bit.
Have you been able to get a workout or two in (my sister in sweat!).

Got my WW tape in this am...am going to a meeting Friday am, after my mammogram:(. I agree with Kerry, that I am trying to find a routine and some time for myself now that school is back in order. This mornings route went, for the most part ok. For the first time in 5 years, I will only have 2 students per seat for my elementary. Wow.......when I started almost the entire bus was 3 to a seat, and it was insane. Worse than insane.
2 to a seat is managable- and I can really focus on keeping the kids well behaved with greater ease. For this most part this am went well.
Gotta go face my afternoon.

Ms Mermaid- gosh we miss you!!!!!!!!!:hug:

09-05-2007, 08:02 PM
Kerry: I bet some of your weight is water retention, and it will come off in no time. Ten is a lot of kids for what you do. Do you have an assistant?

Ginger: It sounds like your situation has also improved this year. The more difficult times definitely make us appreciate when our load is lightened a bit.


My naughty dog, Duffy, left me a disgusting message this AM. He pooped several times all over the floor at the bottom of the stairs and down the long hallway to the kitchen and dining room. I've never seen soooo many bm's in my life. Fortunately it wasn't diarrhea. He also peed at the bottom of the stairs. I stepped in it. So, the clean up involved not only the floor, but me too. Needless to say, my morning was completely thrown off. He usually only does this kind of thing when he is angry. I wish he would just tell me what's up and stop being so passive aggressive!!! Baaaaad dog!

School was okay...much nicer pace. I have time to teach, do paperwork, catch my breath, and be organized. I am up for reaccreditation with NAEYC this year, and I will need as much time as I can get to document all I do. Developmentally appropriate practice dictates that my class gets a minimum of 60 minutes of outside time. Because the principal says that I need to follow the recess schedule that the computer came up with, they aren't even getting their 10 minutes allotted by the school system. (The computer scheduled their 10 minute recess during their naptime!) I'm providing gross motor activities in the classroom, but how silly is that in this spectacular weather? I'm trying really hard to keep my cool and roll with it. I'm exhausted at the end of each school day, but I'm not nearly as stressed out as last year.

Last night, I watched "The Biggest Loser." It was quite inspirational. I look forward to joining WW again. I'll still do it online since I have not a minute to spare to attend a meeting. It worked last time until I ran out of money for the monthly dues. Now that I will be back working the after school program, I should be able to afford to stick with it.

Have a nice evening and great tomorrow!

09-05-2007, 10:20 PM
Evening Ladies,
My day was okay at school. I made it through the day without any major problems. My talkers did quiet down some today, especially after I kept repeating the classroom rules. Especially the one about raising your hand to get permission to speak. Came home at a decent time today, which was nice. But next week, I will start the after school program and work until 6 Monday through Thursday. So will be back to being super busy. But the extra money will be nice. Mad at my dh tonight. As you all know, he likes to hang out with his buddies in the evenings. Well fun thing is that he really didn't do that much this summer when I was home. But as soon as school started back for me he starts doing it again. Every night this week so far, he has been gone for a couple of hours to hang out with his friends. Then gets home after I already go to bed. Tonight I had asked him to go for a walk with me. Told him that I wanted to go to the lake near our house for a walk. I started out the back door and made it to my van when he comes out and says to get in his truck to save gas. Okay fine. Well we get into town and I ask where we are going to take our walk. He is like I don't know. Then we run into two of our friends that he likes to hang out with in the evenings. They inivite him to play cards tonight. So he tells them that he has to take me home and he will be right back. So he drives me home and says that he will take a walk with me tomorrow night. By this time it is dark so I can't walk at the lake. Plus I don't want to walk around our town at night time. So no walk for me this evening. Guess I will just have to tell him that I will do things with him and then change my mind. I feel like at times I am so low on his priority list. But I am to drop everything I am doing or have planned to spend time with him. Atleast my eating was good today. So that makes two days now this week that I have done well. sorry for my ranting and raving. It's not like it would do me any good to say anything to him about it. He would just say that he was letting me relax and unwind after a long day at school. I would like to beat him up at times!
Ginger glad your day went well today! So this is the first time that you have only had two kids per seat. I bet that makes it nicer for you to concentrate on driving and not doing behavior duty. I need to find time in my day to start doing the Walk Away the Pounds tapes. I might just have to take the one mile into school and make my kids doing it with me sometime during the day. Maybe on the evenings dumba** isn't home, I should just work out then. But in the mornings I am tired when I get up and in the evenings I am tired when I get home. Maybe I should aim for three days a week doing a workout of sometime. I will get back to being your sister in sweat sometime soon I hope.
Summer, sorry your dog left you several presents this morning to clean up. Hope evening went better. I do have one aide in my room with me. So that does help a little bit. I guess we are just going to have to do a little balance act to get adjusted to that many students in my room this year. God I hope I don't go nuts before the end of the school year. If so I will have a nice padded summer vacation next year huh?
Miss Mermaid, how are you? We miss hearing from you. Please come back soon and chat with us.
Well I am off to go get ready for bed and watch a little tv. So I will chat with you all tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

09-06-2007, 11:37 PM
Kerry- gee, how many times have you ladies patiently listened to me rant? glad we were here for you...Somewhere in the midst of this, your Dh does appreciate you. Our friend Summerrrr once did a great job of showing me how guys really need a push at times.....and sometimes we have to do the work of being attentive for them. No, not how we really want things, but i think some of what you are experiencing is just a difference between the genders. I hope you get your walk in with him tomorrow. And as many times a week that you can work out is good...any workouts are better than none. 3X a week sounds good.

Summerrr- sounds like Duffy misses you and Dd. And is not happy that you are back at school. (funny, I just skimmed an online subject about dogs who get upset when everyone goes back to school). Hopefully it is just that and not some illness. glad you are not a stressed out as last year, despite some wacky scheduling issues. Hope you get to rejoin WW soon.

I am exhausted. Did get my walk in this am.....tomorrow there will be h*** to pay on my HS. Tons of new freshmen who act like morons.....I have no tolerance for their antics.
Better get some rest.......a very busy day tomorrow.
Mermaid- miss you lots!

09-07-2007, 01:37 AM
hello friends! i'm at the computer doing some work that is due at school in a bit.... haven't been able to read anything here in many many days... Please forgive me! We got some great news this afternoon. Mom will be leaving the nursing home on Saturday. She has pushed herself in order to "get out"! I've got a new area of interest to direct my advocacy skills! ARGGH! Once she is out, I will be writing my letter of complaint to everyone and anyone who will listen to me! No one should have to live in a place like this...especially our oldest citizens and our citizens with disabilities! Sadly, it is THE place with the best reputation in our area! Scary! Speaking of scary, guess everyone is back in school by now. I've decided that I'm getting too old for this junk! The new requirements put into place by the principal and the block scheduling in grade 1 is something else. After 20 years, I had to go to the AP and ask her to read the schedule to me & tell me what the heck it meant! Gotta get back to that schedule, it is due tomorrow...and I've yet to figure out where / what in the world I'm supposed to have on it.... sighhh! I've been thinking of you gals, hoping that you're hanging in there.... We're eating more fast food than I had hoped....making lots of trips between schools and mom! take care! meeeeee

09-08-2007, 12:28 PM
Mermaid: Congrats on your mom busting out of that awful place! 20 years ago, I did some recreational therapy in a couple of the most elite nursing homes in Fairfield County, and let me tell you, that urine smell combined with disinfectant never went away. I've also been inside the worst, which are more like dirty prisons. Either way, those places are no place for the helpless. I made a pact with DD a long time ago that she will take care of me in my old age, and I promised not to drive her crazy!

Dontcha just "love" how school systems keep piling on new requirements on us? It never ends.

Ginny: I have some friends at school who are dealing with animals who are just plain pissed at them (no pun intended!) for going back to work. Duffy has left us a mess for three mornings in a row. The poop is solid. Trust me, he isn't sick, he's just plain mad. Last night he was locked in his crate to sleep so that his mess would be contained since he enjoys spreading his poop over a large area. He rolled and stepped in it, so he will be getting an outside "bath" with the hose later and then will have to dry off on the deck instead of enjoying his day in his doghouse. When he dries, he will have to be in the house, which he hates. In the meantime, I've cleaned the kitchen floor and the crate, but I need to spray everything so he doesn't pick up his scent. I hope he gets over his anger soon. I can't continue to wake up to this awful, stinky mess.

Sorry you have to contend with high school freshman yahoos. They behave much like my preschoolers, but come in larger packages!

Kerry: Keep on looking out for yourself. I would be interested to see how your DH would react if you just plain ignored him and his juvenile behavior.

Today is catch-up day. I have tons of household chores to do. I finally got paid!!! I will probably join WW online today. I was able to pay my bills...only overdue by a couple of days, but still stressful...I prefer to pay earlier than later. Tomorrow is the first day the church choir is back. Our new choir robes will be dedicated, and we are singing extra music. Would you believe our choir director wanted to start rehearsing Christmas music the other night?!:dizzy: Slow down for Pete's sake! I can barely wrap my brain about summer ending let alone Christmas!!! Also, Sunday School begins again for DD. She is thrilled since sitting through an entire church service was tough on her. Our last church had children's activities through the summer, but this one doesn't, except for VBS (vacation Bible school). I've suggested to the educational director that our church's summer attendance would increase if there was programming for the kids. So far, nothing. In the afternoon, we have my niece's birthday party at my sister's house where everyone will pretend that my sister and brother-in-law are happy...meanwhile it is a miracle they haven't killed each other. We are also supposed to attend DH's company picnic. If we can slip out of my niece's party a little early, we can make the picnic. Personally, I don't want to go to either.

09-09-2007, 10:23 PM
Evening Ladies,
Had a busy weekend. Spent yesterday with dh all day hanging out with our friends watching college football. Then today went grocery shopping, did laundry, lesson plans for next week, dishes and took a nap. Have to work on my Avon books here in a little bit before I go to bed. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Miss Mermaid, glad to hear that your mom came home from the nursing home on Saturday. Hope she is getting around better these days! So did you have a sort of relaxing weekend? Hope you got your paperwork done for Friday. I have a new boss this year and I have already learned to go to the Assistant principal to find out what information I need to know. If I go to the principal I get a long winded speech and then it is usually still wrong info. Hope you have a great weekend at school this coming week!
Ginger how was your weekend? Hope you were able to survive the freshman on Friday. Bet you didn't miss any of this craziness over the summer.
Summer, sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. Hope you were able to enjoy your neice's birthday party without any major mishaps. Did you get to sneak out early and go to DH's picnic?
Well I am off to write my contact info. on my Avon books. Then it is bedtime I hope by 11:00. I have to start the afterschool program tomorrow at school. So I will leave the house at 7 or 7:15 and not get home until 6:30 or so. So I think some long days are ahead of me. But I keep telling myself that this will help pay off some bills. Plus the extra money will help with us doing some extra things for fun. One thing I would like to do is rent a cabin about an hour away from us and spend the weekend there something in this school year. Just the hubby and me. So I guess the long hours will nw worth it in the long run.
Enjoy your evenings! Have a great start to a new school week!

09-10-2007, 10:07 PM
Hello my friends! I am pooped, drove a trip this afternoon, which got me home at 7. I do not really have time to elaborate- just wanted to say hi and let you know I am still alive. I WILL be down at the scale this week, even if it kills me.
Robyn- glad your mom is home.

Hi Kerry and Jill..........see ya tomorrow.

09-11-2007, 09:15 PM
Well, due to all kinds of various circumstances, most of which include putting any desires of mine below anyone elses....I got to a WW weigh in this evening. Wanted to go to a meeting and stay, but Atilla came back from his historical reprieve, and I have to stay home tomorrow,(during my off hours) and clean. The good news is that I was down 1.4#......busted my butt to do so too. I had been up the past 2 or 3 x, so this is good news.
I did get my WW tape in this am. And I am going for a long walk tomorrow am.....and buying myself a cup of coffee. I need a treat.

Kerry, Mermaid and Summerrr, hope your week is going ok.....I miss you!

09-11-2007, 10:34 PM
Congrats Ginger on your loss! I went to TOPS this evening and lost 2 1/4 pounds. That is better than the 3 3/4 pound gain I had last week. So I am hoping to keep up at this pace and be below 200 by the end of the year.
Hi Mermaid and Summer. Hope you are doing well?
My kids are falling into the routine of our school day really well. So I am happy about that. Now if I could just get one of them to do their work on their own and not play the I don't know game I would be a happy camper.
Well off to watch a little tv before bed.
Chat with you all later.

09-12-2007, 08:46 PM
I sure miss summer and all the time I had. It is so hard to get near the computer now.

Congrats to Ginger and Kerry on your weight loss!!!:yay:

Hope all is well Mermaid.

I joined WW over the weekend, so I'm back on program. I used the scale in the nurse's office at school to weigh myself, but Nimrod moved it into a walk-in closet, so I don't know if he screwed it up. No matter the number, I'm gonna do what I need to in order to lose weight and get healthy.

I watched Biggest Loser last night and was very inspired. I could never exercise like they do though...I would surely blow out my knees and throw out my back...pulling a friggin' airplane...as if!!!

09-14-2007, 08:19 PM

09-17-2007, 12:51 PM
Congrats to my two loser friends Summerrr and Kerry. You two are doing great..I am happy and proud of both of you. We all face such stresses in our lives, trials and the like, and it can seem so overwhelming trying to get through daily exiistance with jobs and families, and of course just staying healthy, and losing weight too. Weight loss is such a wonderful thing you can do for yourself...........and I am smiling big time for both of you!:carrot:

Summerrr- welcome back to the fold.......you going to meetings or online? I can be your meeting....nag you in all the appropriate places....:hug: Enjoy the journey. And puhleeze tell Nimrod (the same Nimrod as last year?) to leave the darned scale alone. What a bozo.

Kerry- I told you those #'s would come off!!!!!!!;) Glad to hear about your loss, the other # will go bye bye soon enough. Good to hear that the kids are getting back to the swing of things- gosh it is SO tough to motivate kids to do anything. I wish you the best of luck, there.

Had a busy am.........I hope to get back here tomorrow for a longer post.
Tough weekend, MIL came over and that is sort of like planning a presidential campaign......gotta check in with other family members to see what dammage MIL did, so we know what land mines to avoid. So it was a stressful weekend.
Better go check out email. Yup, I got my walk in this am. I am SO thankful for this gorgeous fall weather.

Ms Mermaid- can't wait to see your witty self here posting more often. I think of you a lot. Take care....


09-17-2007, 09:27 PM
Evening Ladies,
Summer Congrats on the 3 pounds lost! Way to go girlfriend! Keep it up!
Ginger sorry to hear that you had a tough weekend with MIL's visit. Hope this week gets better for you. Thanks for the pep talk.
Hi Miss Mermaid hope life in the South is going well for you. We miss your witty comments and chatting with you.
Well my principal finally figured that I don't have a planning period and so he told me to pick when I wanted to take it. So I now have one and won't have to take a lot of stuff home with me from now on I hope. Plus I had a meeting with him today to plan on some jobs around the school for my kids. It went really well. So I am hoping things are going to be good this year with this new boss. Well I better go and finish the dishes from dinner. Then I think I am going to get ready for bed. Maybe curl up under the blankets and read a few pages out of the book I am attempting to read in the evenings before going to bed. Chat with you all later.
Take care,

09-18-2007, 01:36 AM
I think I found your 3 pounds! :P

09-18-2007, 06:30 PM
Mermaid: We haven't heard from you here in 11 days, and that's all you've got to say? Leave it to you to make me laugh with just a few words! Glad to have you back where you belong.

Ginger: I'm doing WW online. I don't have a minute to spare to attend meetings. Sorry you had to suffer MIL. Hey, at least she doesn't live with ya!;) Dear God...could you imagine?!!!:fr:

Kerry: Glad you have planning time. We all need it to do our best. I have a lot more time this year to do paperwork, and I will surely need it to prepare for reaccreditation.

I had jury duty today, but I luckily was excused because the doctor being sued in the malpractice case was my childhood family physician! I ran into an old friend, and we chatted each other up all day in between interruptions by the court...how dare they?!:o Anyway, we caught up, had lunch at the lovely hotel across from the courthouse, and had a mostly pleasant day. Tonite we have to eat fast and attend DD's first band meeting with the new conductor.

09-18-2007, 11:29 PM
yep. a woman of few words. gotta get to my math objectives and filling out the required forms for 4 field trips.... after 20 years, this should be getting easier NOT making me crazyEEEEEER.
someday i will reel myself back in...... i'm all over the place....emotionally and physically.... literally.... wonderful wonderful september mixed with my mother's decision to have MAJOR optional surgery NOWWWWW ........
arguing with the high school regarding IEP. husband's work schedule is never the same thing two weeks in a row. middle school kid who can't remember ANYthing that is important ........ but can remember anything he wants to remember.... principal demanding outrageous lesson plans....
miss you guys! thank you for your notes of love and concern........
take care

09-19-2007, 01:30 PM
ok, I tried, really to leave a longer post.......darn site locked me out again!
Hi to each of you as I attempt to recover my "lost" post.

09-19-2007, 01:31 PM
Just a short hello.

Summer- glad you got out of jury duty. How did it go with the band conductor? How does Dd like playing flute (I took lessons for about 10 years.....still love to play in the little spare time I have). Have your students settled into a routine and made it thru a day w/o accidents?

Kerry- great news for you that you actually have a planning period and can get some sanity in your day!!!!! Gotta be a good feeling, knowing that when you go home at the end of the day you have things sorted out for the next and can focus on family life and taking care of yourself. Hope your new boss works out well. Did you get any reading done?

Ms Mermaid- always good to hear from you, even if it is harried. You have been thru such a tough few weeks, between the beginning of school and then your Dm's surgery. (she doing ok now?). Let the dust settle........do the best you can. Sometimes we have to settle for getting pieces of our lives back together, and hope that eventually it all falls into place. And you have 2 teenagers.:dizzy: I think that says it all! (I remember my Ds in middle school. I was afraid that one of us was not going to survive middle school. thankfully he showed signs of becomming a human being in HS- note I did not say mature human being, just human being;)) Post when you can.......hope that you get some stability from Dh's work schedule.

I am doing ok.......trying to get back to normal from the miserable visit from MIL. Miserable visit, miserable woman. I did get a nice walk in this am (before my am route) and I am really liking the fall weather we are having.
Guess I'd better go get the dishes loaded and then go back for my afternoon.

Have a great day.

09-19-2007, 01:32 PM
Amazing. It worked........see ya tomorrow!

09-20-2007, 01:41 PM
Well I'll be! Chatting with myself here!:dizzy:
I wonder how Kerry is doing, she has not checked in in a few days. Kerry, I hope you are just busy, and all is well.

Hi Summerr, and Ms Mermaid. Hope both of you are enduring the life given to each of us well and with a smile. I thought of you this am......when I was wondering why the dickens I became a bus driver instead of a teacher (they offered me a position as a teacher, but I would have had to return for my masters). Yup, the bus ride was that bad.......
I have a student who just moved from NYC-has no experience on a public school bus. His behavior reflects that- however, everytime I have asked him to stop a behavior, or asked for a different behavior, he has complied immediately. He sits in the back with the other 5th graders, a rather tight bunch. I think part of the problem is that this bunch is tight.....and he is having a tough time fitting in. Perhaps he is acting out a bit, which of course, with the eyes in the back of my head, I can see some 30 feet behind (and around and under the seats). Got a phone call last nite from one parent......and a note from another parent. So, kept the kid in the first row, will write him up this afternoon and have the principal speak to the masses this afternoon. Supposedly the "new" kid was whipping another student with the seat belt, punching another student and kicking the seat very hard.

Got my walk inthis am......gotta go inspire Ds to do something! Anything other than watch TV.
Take care

09-21-2007, 12:07 AM
I am still alive. My kids are justing keeping me very busy in my classroom this week. Then today was out of the building at a workshop all day long. Then was a sucker and went in for 1.5 hours for the afterschool program. So I have been coming home and falling asleep in the chair in the evenings. Have to do 10 alternate assessments this year. So that is what my workshop was on today, the changes the state made. They did come up with a computer program to use. So I will be using that this year to fill out my forms. That is what is new with me. Plus I have gotten three new Avon customers at school. So I am moving on up the ladder to my President's level. Hope to reach it by March. Then I can earn points for prizes.
Summer hope live is going well for you this week! How is your ww online going?
Miss Mermaid glad that you popped in to let us know you are okay and alive. Hope things mellow out for you soon. I know the feeling bout dieting and working out. I am trying to do well with my diet. Just haven't found time to put in schedule yet for working out. Think I will check into the workout room at the high school next to my school to see what their hours are. Maybe I could sneak over there one or two nights a week to workout a little bit before going home.
Ginger hope you straightened out your little angels. Especially MR. New York City. Sounds like he can be a handful. Have you ever thought about going back and getting your masters and then becoming a teacher?
Well I must go and think about going to sleep. TGIF is tomorrow. This week seemed really long. The only good think about it is hopefully on my next paycheck I will get my afterschool money on it. Every little bit helps. Goal is to pay off some bills and then spend the extra money on little extras for us. Like a weekend a way or saving for a vacation next summer. My dh's best friend tonight told us that we have to go on vacation with him and a few of our other friends next summer. So that is what we are going to start saving for. I guess the dear old ex is going to have to find another babysitter for a week or two so we can go to the beach. Well chat with you all later.
Have a great TGIF!

09-21-2007, 01:17 PM
Great to hear from you Kerry!!! Sounds as though you too have been busy, earning some extra $. It sure will come in handy with the financial goals you have set for yourself. Gee, the extra work sure poops me out too.....are you planning on working so much for the rest of the semester too? A vacation with Dh and some friends sounds nice, (you like his bf I hope!) and allows you to get some adult time in. We all need that, but hardly get it! Congrats on the new Avon customers ( I use Avon, too bad I live so darned far!). What does President's level mean?

Me? Well, I have had Mr NYC sit in the first row. My take on him is that he is really not a bad kid- I think he acted out because he feels left out. He converses with me beautifully- basically polite. The principal is actually going to ride my route Mon afternoon to see how the kids are (did I ever mention that she should be nominated for sainthood?). I do think this will all work out- once Mr NYC finds his niche in the social climate of my bus, and the other kids accept him. Kerry, I did very briefly entertain getting my masters- the nearest school that I can get masters level ed at is in New Paltz- about 75 minutes away on windy country roads. In bad weather it would be awful.
And considering the lack of support I get at home (housework etc) I know my studying would not be tolerated well. I needed something with a set schedule- regulated hours.....and that is what I have. And now I am taking a course to go for state certification as a bus trainer- and will be able to free lance doing that. Believe me, what I am doing right now is fine.
Could not figure out why I was so darned compelled to stress eat last nite, until this am.........I knew I was "due" but got too busy and forgot. (gee I make so much sense!). Hopefully I can get back on track with my eating, now that I know I was fighting PMS.
Did get a nice walk in this am. Got a weekend of softball/baseball.
And the lousy bills keep piling up.........plus the orthodontist just broadsided me and wants $200 a month. (I will save that story for another day).
I had better go and clean up a bit. TGIF

09-21-2007, 10:15 PM
Oh brother. The principal came up to me this afternoon....seems I really hit on a raw nerve regarding Mr NYC. She, because of my "incident" spoke to several who had interactions with Mr NYC ( teacher, lunch monitor) both mentioned great difficulties with him- foul language and defiant behavior out of line for someone his age (10). So the principal looked into Mr NYC's record.
He has a violent history-all she would/could tell me and he has been violent with other kids in NYC before moving here. So she has called in for counselling..... and I have submitted the letter I got from a parent to the district to help substantiate the matter. Guess my evaluation of the kid was not too correct... My husband thinks I am doomed.......last year it was the Aspergers kids (still have them, BTW!) now I have Mr NYC. I am SO glad it is Friday, and I do not have to deal with this any more. Well for 2 days.
Someone please tell me that I like this job.

Atilla came home, but I think he is mellowing. We are driving 130 minutes tomorrow to see Dd play softball. Well with Dh driving, it might take less time!
Ds has a game Sunday. I am sick of softball and baseball. I want to sleep in tomorrow.
Gotta go........Dd is on the phone.
Have a great weekend!

09-22-2007, 04:17 PM
It has been so busy this week. Sorry I've been MIA.

Ginger: I only have 9 credits toward my master's degree, and I'm not pleased about having to get it. Being a certified teacher isn't enough to teach for more than ten years, and I'm on year seven. I don't have tuition money, and I have to work after-school just to pay the bills, so even if I had the money to pay for school, I certainly wouldn't have the time. It'll get done eventually. I don't blame you for NOT wanting to go back to school. Being a teacher isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway. The summers and vacations are my only incentives to stay in this field. If they ever took those away, you'd find me in some air-conditioned office somewhere making six figures instead.

Sorry you got a handful of grief with Mr. NYC. Poor kid obviously hasn't had a good beginning to his life. So, it may not be that the 5th graders are just an inpenetrable clique, they may actually have some very good judgement of who to befriend. Then again, if they just threw him a bone once in a while, he might be less hostile.

Kerry: You sound as busy as I am. September is a rough time of year. Hang in there. Congrats on the three new customers enhancing your status with Avon.

Mermaid: How's mom? How are you? How's the family? Take a breath once in a while.

DD's band meeting was a waste of time. The new band leader was trying to get kids to change their minds about the instrument they chose. He's even approached some children during school and put pressure on them to change. They didn't approach DD, and if they did, there would have been **** to pay.

Midweek was good. The kids are adjusting to the routine. Classroom is boiling hot and humid. Thursday was Back to School night. What a friggin' bust! I had two families represented. Fortunately they were my two favorites, so it was quite pleasant, but there should have been 16 more families there to listen to what I had to say. Whatever! Friday was an all-day professional development day. Everyone in the entire school system had a workshop to go to except for pre-k. The early childhood department finally came up with something (with much attitude...apparently we were putting them out) for us. It was a much needed meeting. The early literacy coach wasted an hour of our time giving us information we already had (again, with much attitude...and what are these people doing for their salaries?!). But the rest of the day was informative and also gave us a chance to vent our many frustrations.

There was one very serious issue not resolved. Late last spring, four principals were informed that their pre-k's were going from two half-days to one school-day schedule. The only info shared beyond that was that we needed to order cots. We ordered our cots, and I jumped for joy that I was no longer going to have to travel between schools. Fine. Parents registered for the free pre-k program supported by a grant. Summer happened. School began. Children arrived. Some cried. Some wet themselves. Routines began to form. I received a paper with numbers on it and words that read, "Sliding Scale." Didn't know what this was or what it meant, so I showed it to my principal. She said, "WHAT?!":eek: I said, "I don't know!" She called the new director of early childhood who doesn't know anything about anything, but she dresses well and looks like she spends a tremendous amount of time at a spa. Anyway, yesterday's meeting provided us with too much information, i.e., collecting proofs of income, sliding scale figures, and calculation info. I received a blank monthly report on my pre-k's finances. I need to open a checking account. I need to tell the parents they now have to pay tuition, collect that money, account for that money, and deposit it in the bank. I'M A TEACHER!!! Bad enough I've been forced to be a social worker, nurse, and practically a parent to both the parents and their children, but now I'm an accountant and a bill collector too?! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:fr:

When I return to school, I will try to lay this at my principal's feet. Even if I have to manage the money, I don't want to collect it, and worst of all, have to tell the parents that they now have to pay. Isn't that breach of contract? The early childhood department insists that all the principals were told, and all of the principals insist that they were never told. I believe the principals. Unfortunately, being right won't help the situation. Nobody want's to take responsibility for their actions. People suck.:p

My ultrasound results came in, but I did not hear them over the phone. I was promised that the doctor would tell me over the phone. Instead, I will be told the results in person and will have to have an endometrial biopsy on Monday. I refuse to be sick, so the results need to be benign. This would be a good time to start praying.

09-22-2007, 09:13 PM
Good Saturday to everyone.

Summerrr, congratulations on your promotion to the accounts payable department. I am sure that that is a 12 month position and comes with a high salary, $125,000 per year or so. Oh, and paid vacations, flex time....;)
OK, by now you hate me. This situation sounds borderline unethical to me, besides that is sucks. I do so desparately hope that your principal stands behind you AND most importantly, writes the "dear parent" letter that explains in detail, this miserable disaster. You would think that the district would draft the letter, complete with the explanation of the sliding scale of fees based upon income. About the only good thing I can see regarding the situation is that school has been in session almost a month- so that by now the parents know that you are a wonderful, caring teacher, and that this is really not something you intended to do. Try not to "sweat" this situation regarding your biopsy. Lots of times they request additional testing for the sake of being excessively thorough and completely eliminating all possibilities. (think I just went thru that kind of experience....and remember the darned transvaginal sono I had about 2 years ago for no apparent reason). I am thinking super positive thoughts for you- and praying for you. It will all be ok. You are in my prayers. AND, I am so glad that the band director did not attempt to dissuade Dd from taking the flute. I know my years of playing were very enjoyable (actually considered being a music major, but realized it was not practical). Flute is a great instrument. I hope she finds great joy in playing it, as I did (and still do when I find the time).

So, today we went to Dd's first softball game of the year. It was a tournament, 3 games. She pitched the first game (they won), and she had a good outing. Dh promised we would leave after the first game (the only one she was supposed to play in).......and we stayed for 1/2 of the second game.
Mind you, it was north of Albany, a 140 minute drive one way. And it was hot.
Dh got "pissy" once we left.....said he should have stayed...(anyone got tissues?). Well, the next time I will either not go, or figure out a way not to bring Dd (11). Dh has been miserable all afternoon, and feels guilty about leaving the tournament. Mind you, tomorrow, Ds has a game- only this is only 1/2 away. (that is why we attempted to cut today short). Sigh..........such is my life. I did get a walk in once we got home (had to blow off some steam!) and started waging war against a bush that I am taking out because it has become overgrown.
Oh, and BTW, Summerrr, the reason I took this job is the very same reason you stick with teaching, the schedule and vacations. I have no desire to return to college. Had entirely too many years of anal retentive professors who have delusions of grandeur about themselves and honestly think they rule the world.
So, tomorrow is church, then Ds's game and a trip to the craft store (have to make a basket for a raffle for Dd's team). Not much else is new. See ya tomorrow!
Kerry and Ms Mermaid,how are your weekends?

09-24-2007, 07:19 PM
Okay, I woke up with my period. Yes, my appointment was still on. I ended up not getting a biopsy because my endometriosis is so widespread that a biopsy of one area wouldn't give the doctor answers about the entire area. I have to have surgery and get it all removed. So, in December, I will have another ultrasound and in the new year, I will get operated on. Right now the results are inconclusive, but it is not an emergency situation. THANK GOD.

Tomorrow, I go back to school and deal with my principal about the tuition issue. Hopefully, she will take this off my hands. Yeah right!!!

Hope you are all well and happy!

09-25-2007, 01:14 PM
Summerrr- what kind of procedure will you have in December? (I am thinking D&C, which is no picnic, but not too miserable). How are you holding up thru all this? How did it go with the principal and the tuition issue?

Me I am just busy up to my eyeballs. it is very interesting having a college student home, (Ds) but for this particular student I am glad he is home.
He is a good kid....not in trouble at all, just at times needs a mature push....or shove......;)
Getting my walks in. And am going to a meeting Thursday, come **** or high water. Even gonna be a real human being and stay for most of it!
Better go get ready to face the insanity for the afternoon.
Take care......
Hi Kerry and Ms Mermaid.

09-26-2007, 01:41 PM
Ok, lets see......start with the good stuff. Got a walk in this am. Stepped on the scale this am and I might be down a wee bit (.5) for tomorrows WI, if I behave myself. Mr NYC was not on again today- think his mom has him in before care to keep him out of trouble on the bus...
Then I got to the darned dentist and he had to make his 4th and then 5th impression for the stupid crown. My 45 min appt took about 75...... (the crown is a long, long story. I had a toothache in January, and had to see the new dentist in the practice...I will NEVER use him again and stay with my original dentist). Then came home, and while speed mopping the kitchen floor, the cat got to my lunch, which I stupidly left on the table for a few minutes. Aw life could be much,, much worse. And the heat here stinks.

Anyway, gee, I am beginning to rant like our dear friend Ms Mermaid.......miss you !!!! (and I do not nearly rant and rave as well as she does).
Kerry, Summerrrr and Ms Mermaid- hope you are having a great week.....I look foward to hearing from you whenever you can post. take good care

09-26-2007, 07:51 PM
As this day continues to spiral into insanity. Dd's teacher wants stuff for the science fair.......with no notice?! Huh? Oh, she will get stuff......she will see my not to smiling face tomorrow at school (tomorrow I am there to teach computer.......)and I will tell her to provide a wee bit more time than 12 hours to accomplish this goal. Gee, perhaps a day or so would be nice. But aw, heck, that is asking a wee bit much, isn't it?:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:
I cant wait for my "19A" course........(I am taking the course for state certification as a trainier in Nov). It involves 2 overnights and I will not have to deal with this bull****. I get to spend 2 nights in a hotel room all by myself........think I can handle it?;) think I am nuts????
Nite all.

09-26-2007, 11:24 PM
Evening Ladies,
Ginger sounds like you are having a busy week. Keeping my fingers crossed that you have a loss at your weigh in tomorrow. I gained a pound at TOPS last night. But that isn't bad since last week was TOM. Just have to work harder this week. Glad you haven't had to put up with Mr. NYC for a couple days. Sorry things have been so busy for you. When do you go to your class?
Hi to Miss Mermaid and Summer Hope your weeks are going well.
My week has been busy. I have worked every night after school. Then come home to do little chores around the house. Then get ready for the next day. I have to have my grades on my computer by the 2nd. So I am trying really hard to get them on there a little each day. But my kids are not being very cooperative. Must be the full moon. This week I am going home to see my family for the weekend. So I am looking forward to that. I know it will be a rushed visit but that is fine. Just as long as I get away from my everyday life for a little while it will be great. Plus I will be able to see my bf's baby boy.
Well off to bed. Very tired and need to get some rest. My ten kids keep me hopping.
Talk to you later,

09-27-2007, 09:10 PM
Great to hear from you Kerry. Sorry about the # gain, which I know you know is nothing. Could be water or just not getting a workout in for a few days. No matter what, it will come off....:hug: I hope you have a great trip visiting your family. A change in scenery will be wonderful for you. Hope you do get a chance to see your bf's baby...how old is he/she? Get your rest and have a great weekend. Let us know how your visit went!:D

Another busy day......taught computer this am, then to some errands and a WW meeting. I was down a #, which I am ecstatic about. Now just gotta stay focused and keep plugging. My course is 2 Friday/Saturday combinations, I think Nov 6/7 and 13/14. (not near a calendar.....it is the two weeks before Thanksgiving.) And it involves an overnight each time, being that we are about 2 hours from Albany, where the course is given.
I have a scholarship for the tuition, plus a small allowance for the cost of the room- it won't cover all my expenses, but most of them. I am not looking foward to messy house and the inevitable chaos I will face when I return, but am looking foward to the overnite and just a change of pace. I hear the course is pretty good, and the company usually pretty lively. It will be kind of neat meeting others from all over the state who are also going for their "19A" (state inspector certification).
I am pooped. I did write a note (rather long) to Dd's teacher begging for a timetable instead of last minute notice for the project.....she embraced it as a novel concept, but agreed it was a good idea. Pfew!
Ok I am pooped........said it again. Better go take my tired self upstairs and see what Dd and Dh are up to.
Hi to Summerrr and Ms Mermaid.......

09-27-2007, 10:38 PM
Evening Ladies,
Ginger congrats on the pound loss. Way to go! I hear you on the change of scency. I am looking so forward to going home to visit my family and just getting away for a few days. My kids at school are driving me over the edge. My bf's baby is 8 1/2 months old now. He is just a wonderful little baby boy. Not that I will spoil him or anything. I just might go to the store up there and buy him a little toy. So hope your evening was a good one. Any big plans for the weekend?
Miss Mermaid how are things in the South? Hope all is going well with Dh and the boys. Are you still running fifty million directions with your head spinning? Miss chatting with you. Needed your witty sense of humor to prevail in my misery at school today. Tell later in post.
Jill how are things with you? How did principal handle the tution issue? Hope that was a smooth transition and not a chaocs one. So how is band for dd? What is she playing again? Sounds like your director is a little unsure of himself. Hope all is going well.
Well here is my tale for today. One of my foster care student's disappeared at lunch time. He never came back to my classroom. So I called the office to ask if they had him in there or had seen him. They said no. So we go hunting for him. No wear to be found in the building. The sheriff asked me to give a description of what he looks like and was wearing today. So he called it in to the sheriff's office and here they found the kid 3 or 4 miles from the school on the busy highway that goes in front of the school. I was so scared and worried. So you can believe that I am going to crank down on my kids where abouts at all times a lot harder. I was upset the rest of the day. So I am hoping that I can sleep good tonight. I did come home and sort/bag my Avon orders. So now I am working on the laundry. I am really thinking about just packing my suitcase tomorrow afterschool and then leaving for my parents. That way I can go to bed early tonight. Well I will chat with you all later.
Have a great Friday!

09-28-2007, 07:58 PM
Just a short hello. Gee, Kerry, what a scary thing, having a kid escape from school like that. I can't imagine what might have been going through your head, and how miserable you must have felt. Thank goodness he is ok- how did he get out/away? Hope your weekend goes well- and that you can relax after a very stressful day. Enjoy visiting the baby!

Survived today......Atilla came for a visit this weekend. Ugh. The way his mood is - for the moment, I would rather drive cranky kids around!
Summer, and Mermaid- hope you two made it through the week ok.
Sorry I am such a burnout.

10-01-2007, 08:42 PM
I am getting a darned cold. Mr NYC is back......thank goodness next weekend is a 3 day weekend.......Hope everyone is doing well.

10-01-2007, 10:01 PM
Enjoyed my visit very well. Loved spoiling the baby. He was Mr.Cranky pants though. Didn't get his nap for the morning before he saw me. The neighbor decided to fire up the chainsaw and woke him up. As for my student getting out, he walked right out the back door of the school snuck around the side and stole a bike from the house next to the school. Then he started to ride it along the highway. He didn't come to school today, so I guess he is moved to a different foster care home. Atleast I didn't have to be on full alert with him around.
Sorry to hear that you are getting a cold Ginger. Hope it is not a nasty one and doesn't stay around long. Our kids get a three day weekend next week but we have a professional development meeting scheduled for that day. Oh well.
Mermaid and Summer hope all is going well with you.
Off to read and watch a little tv before going to bed. Chat with you later.

10-03-2007, 12:16 PM
Kerry- glad you made it back and enjoyed the visit. I was wondering how it went for you. Foster care kids can sure be tough. I have 2 on my route- one is a sweetie, the other an ok kid who can be a real handful. Bless those who can handle foster care.......takes a really, really big heart.

THis week stinks. My eating is horrible, lots of emotional issues. Atilla has been very very present.

No meeting this week, just too much to do.
Gotta scoot..........Hi to Ms Mermaid and Ms Summerrr.

10-03-2007, 03:39 PM
Hi Ginger I went to TOPS last night. I gained 3.5 pounds. But I really didn't watch what I was eating. I sure did enjoy it. But now I regret doing it. I am looking forward to eating better this week. I started today to watch my eating better. Hope that I can drop some weight by my next TOPS meeting.
I can relate to your emotional eating. I did that last night and am going to try really hard not to fall into the trap again.
Hope your week gets better.
Hi to Miss Mermaid and Summer. Hope things are going great for you both.
Chat with you later.

10-05-2007, 11:22 AM
Hi Kerry- sorry that you had a less than great WI. Are you ok, under more stress than normal? Lets try to inspire each other to beat the ugly stress monster....I am going to promise you that tonite I WILL NOT stress eat......gotta break this miserable habit. Hope you have a good weekend.

Ms Summerrrr.........did someone mention you had a birthday today!!!!!!:carrot::hug: Happy Birthday, dear friend!!!!!!!!!:hug:

Ms Mermaid.......miss your sweet self, and your wacky wit. Hope you can join us with your classic humor soon.

Happy Friday all.

10-06-2007, 04:03 PM
Happy Birthday Miss Summer!! I hope that you had a great birthday.
Miss Mermaid miss chatting with your witty self. Hope all is going well for you.
Miss Ginger I did good not stress eating last night. We went out with a good friend of ours and his girlfriend. It was nice to go out with another couple for a change and not just single friends. Today I have been good too. Did go to a birthday party and had a small piece of cake and a small scoop of ice cream.
Yes I have been under a lot of stress here lately. I have 9 kids in my room and trying to get stuff done with them is nearly impossible. They just like to talk a lot and need the constant praise and attention. But I refuse to bring a lot of stuff home since I stay four nights and do the afterschool program until 6. Oh well I need to just let it roll off my back more and not open my mouth and excerise my arms and jaw muslces. LOL
Well I am off to take a nap. Then it is off to the demo. derby this evening. My nephew is in it. SO that is why we are going.
Chat with you later.

10-06-2007, 06:23 PM
I've been so neglectful of all of you. I do apologize for not being the supportive friend that I signed on to be. I have allowed it all to get to me. I am working the after-school program M-Th and after helping DD with homework (4th grade is tough!!!), throwing together something for dinner, and doing the bedtime routine with DD, I'm snoring on the couch around 8:30pm every night. I'm excited if I can cook a healthy meal and get some dishes done...that's a good night. Unfortunately, many nights I do the minimum and fall into bed early. I am amazed that I've been going to choir practice on Thursday nights...some kind of miracle. This is why I need summer. The school year is too busy, and my 43 year-old body is too tired. Add some stress (not as intense as last year, but still there) and I'm not gonna get here at 3FC on a daily basis. Expect to see me here when I'm having a good day, but realistically, it is more likely that I will be checking in on the weekends. I assume that is why Mermaid hasn't been around either. I surely hope that she is okay.

Yesterday, I got home at 3:30 (I don't do after-school on Fri.). I showered off the school grunge, and got dressed up for my date with DH. We went to my favorite Italian restaurant. I had wine, bread (yes, bread with butter), and linguini with red clam sauce...lots of huge clams! We then went to see "The Bourne Ultimatum." It was a thrill to see an R-rated movie since all I normally see is PG movies.

Today I was hoping...trying...to rest. Naaah, wasn't gonna happen. I did everything DH and DD needed me to do. I dropped DD off at a birthday party and escaped to do an errand. I slipped away to the mall looking for some time to myself. There was nothing I wanted (or could afford) to buy. Finally I found some very nice slippers, but the saleslady was a lunatic who wouldn't shut up about the sales, donations, credit lines, and her customer service survey. Being third in line, I heard her schpiel twice before she got to me. She began her tirade when I interrupted (I had to or my head would have exploded) and stated that all I wanted was to pay for my slippers and leave. She tried to push me, took one look at my perimenopausal face, and thought better of it. I found my way to the newly renovated Lord & Taylor bathroom/lounge, shut the stall door, and just sat there. I had a mini meltdown, felt better, and sat for a bit on the off-white leather couch in the lounge to breathe deeply. When I felt semi-human again, I called DH on my cell to check in. He was at home hoping for an "afternoon delight." Apparently I had promised him one last night, so I had to rush home for that before I had to pick up DD from her party. A woman's work is never done.

10-07-2007, 01:43 AM
Hey! Ho! Where the heck did the Mermaid go?! You girls are so very kind to speak nicely about me and act like you miss me!

Girls, I am about worn O-U-T! (Or "wore out" as they say in the south!) Being a momma of 2 busy guys and being the teacher of 15 busy kiddos is just about to do me in! Whine whine whine.... I'm so sorry that I am such a dreadful friend right now. Please know that I think of you all so often....and yet I don't have the required umphfffff to get my message on here! I have huge black bags under my eyes, my gray hair is just shining plain old silver! (I stopped coloring it as I had no time nor funds to keep it up. Someday I will get used to looking at my mom in the mirror!) AND.... I am pretty certain that my back boobs are much larger and sagging further than my front boobs! My diet is horrible.... it is a directly related to my horrible schedule that I must keep. whine whine whine! GAWWW, I miss chatting with you girls! I hope that everyone is hanging in there! Did I hear that Summer had a birthday...and I missed it??? Happy BDay, girlie! Sure hope everybody's health issues are turning out for the best!

Worked the concession stand at the football game again last night....not as much as last 2 weeks...I told them that I would help out after 1/2 time. Got back to the stand just in time to open the "back door" for the band students to purchase stuff so they don't have to wait in long lines! My hips and feet don't like being on concrete for double digit hours on days like these...but I don't really have too many options if I'm going to help out! ......concrete or nothing!........sigh! :)
Left the house at 11 this morning to get oldest to HS for drumline practice. Spent several hours this afternoon shopping for some new clothes to cover the lard. Ended my day at the band competition! Drumline came in 1st in their division AND 1st overall! WhoooHOOOOO! :) They beat a drumline that has about 2times the number that ours does! Our guys were fired up and ready to WIN! ...and they did! Ended my day at 11pm, in the uniform closet making sure that the uniforms were put away correctly, neatly and completely! Sat down here just cause I wanted to say hello to you all! I sure miss you! Hope everyone is doing well! (PS: I am going with the band to NYC in March! Can you northern girls meet me there for a 3fCCoconutGathering? I'll PM you the dates!)

Heading to bed......I'm so darn tired!
Take care,

10-07-2007, 10:12 PM
Ms Mermaid.......wonderful to hear from you!!!!! I knew you were busy and just stressed out to the gills like the rest of us. Did you end up getting those really nice slippers?? (Hope so!). I have had meltdowns like that too, all too many for me recently too. Glad you and Dh had some time together- just being husband and wife, and forgetting, for a precious few moments about being parents. And yes, sweetums, we DO miss you!!!!!!!!!! No lie.
Great to hear from you!!!!! PM us with those dates, perhaps something can be worked out.

Busy and insane weekend......dd brought home a friend and her godson from school, which just made it all crazy. And I am extremely stressed out......have a major, and I mean major issue at work that I am really worried about. (would appreciate prayer please). I know what I have to do- just really, really concerned about the reaction, who it will piss off and the repercussions for me. Ain't been sleeping too good as a result.......oh I just wish this whole situation would go away. THus resulting, the stress eating is kicking in big time......

Well, I had better go. Summerr, and Kerry hope you are doing well.
Belated Happy B day Summerrr!

10-08-2007, 09:43 PM
Today was ok. Dd and I joined 4H, and today was apple picking day for 4H at a local orchard. We went and had a great time........it was nice to do something "simple" and fun. Then I came home and got some housework done- after our company this weekend, the place looked pretty ragged.
Does not look much better now, but I know I got rid of a lot of dirt.
I am not looking foward to tomorrow.........
Guess I'd better go watch Dancing with the Stars with Dd. Nite!

10-08-2007, 11:22 PM
Hey ya'll.....
I sent a PM about NYC....
I can't stop sneezing and my eyes are watering like crazy.... maybe I'm allergic to all the sweets I've been eating like a piggggg!
I missed Dancing with the Stars.... I was too busy talking to my sister about my grandmother's 100th birthday party...and I use the word party rather loosely! :) 100. Mannnnnn...... 100! Incredible, huh?!

Will check in again later in teh week! Gin... it was Summerrr's husband who got lucky... all I did was work in the band concession stand and travel with the band to a competition! ....poor guy! heheheehe

10-13-2007, 12:35 PM
This thread really needs to be revitalized. But, considering that none of us currently have any free time at all, I don't see it happening anytime soon!

I have my first cold of the school year. Those darn 4 year-olds and their cooties!!! Why must they hug and slobber all over me?!

Update: My supervisor stopped by with more extra paperwork for me to do and after finding out that my NAEYC accreditation expires in June (she had no idea...why didn't I bite my tongue?!) she told me to download the application and get busy. This 18 page application will be no picnic to complete, and is due with payment on October 31. Then I will have till January 31 to complete my candidacy paperwork (picture short file-cabinet size amount of documentation). After that the "VISIT" (more like inspection) will happen between March and July (obviously I won't be there in July, so they will have to come before that). I am sooooo unprepared for this nightmare. Remember I said that this is a better year? Scratch that. Different, not actually better. Could it have been worse? Yeah, probably.

The parents are still in the dark about the tuition fees. My supervisor announced a couple of weeks ago that she would be composing a letter to the parents about the sliding scale fees. Have I seen this letter yet? No. Do I meet my deadlines? Always. Does she? Helllllll no.

This is the last year in my building since the city is building us a brand spanking new school, pre-k through 8. It will be wonderful to have a toilet and sink in my room and of course, A/C for June and September. My asthma may subside in a cleaner building as well. We will have intercoms instead of one loud speaker interrupting instruction and naptime all day long. However, I am beginning to feel nostalgic about my disfunctional school family. I'm in a small school with only 175 kids, pre-k through 4. Everybody knows everybody...very well. I will never eat lunch with my group again. The dynamics will change dramatically.

WW is currently nonexistent in my life. I've been stress-eating. I have been continuing to take my healthy snacks and lunch to school, so the bulk of my naughty behavior has been breakfast and dinner...mostly dinner. I want to succeed, but I'm angry at my supervisor and taking it out on myself. I've got to turn my attitude around.

Be well and happy.