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08-27-2007, 07:12 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement :grouphug: on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome.:yes:

08-27-2007, 09:16 PM
Neal's first night of bowling for the season is tonight, but I didn't know that in advance, and didn't make any plans for myself. I miss my buddy! What to do, what to do????

08-28-2007, 12:19 AM
Jane- I hope you found something to do. I am never at a loss of something to do, just trying to decide WHICH something I want to spend time on. :) I haven't heard that the ticks are more than usual this year. Since we moved in here amongst the trees we are constantly checking our hair and the dog. Ew....ticks, ugh.

Jules- Hope the allergies don't kick your butt too badly. Mine are not acting up yet..knock on wood. Wow, sorry to hear about Jerry's accident. Does he know Jane's DH? haha.. Hope he heals with no problems.

Cristina- Thank you, Mom is feeling a little better since the anti-nausea meds are working for her. We finally got her appt. moved up to next week with the surgeon. I know they have to do something for her, but I am so worried about surgery. Hey, you are doing so well on your walking and other exercise. Yay!

Pink Jane- Did you get a new computer? I am anxious to hear how people like Vista, or what the differences are. Almost vacation time for you...I wish it was me. :)

Marti- Sounds like a great week-end with Jhani. She is growing up and will be dating before you know it. My DGD turned 16 in Feb. and today she came over to show grandma her "new" used car. She is so proud of saving half for a used teal Cavalier with a sunroof, don't ya know. Her dad paid the other half as her sweet 16 gift. She is a sweetie and works at Subway. But dang...I am remembering just yesterday when she was a chubby cuddly baby. *boo hoo* Now she is a junior trying to decide where to go to college as she wants to be a dentist.

Tammy- How is your quiet week going? You and Jane should have gotten together tonight. haha Some days I would like to send my DH off for a day or two. He used to get to travel a couple times a year for his job and if I didn't go with him I enjoyed the alone time. Now I get alone time as he spends all day in his workshop...but it isn't the same. Hope you are enjoying your time!

Mindee- I hope you are getting your walking in. It is cooler here too and very pleasant to be outdoors for a change. How is the potty training going today? I remember those :) And the big boy bed, how great is that for Logan? Tell us how that is going too.

Sassy- Hi to you too lady. Hope all is well with you.

I did really well today. Ended up riding 4 miles. I walked almost a mile also. I am trying to walk a little now in the morning to get myself limber for the biking. Seems to be helping the joints. I also ate better, not perfect, but better. I was up and down the ladder washing fans and cleaning the tops of the kitchen cabinets. I finally got some greenery to decorate the top of some cabinets. It is looking pretty good if I do say so. I am not good at decor and really need a decorator. I just try to do what I like and sometimes it works and other times I go back and get rid of it. LOL

Grocery day tomorrow. Nothing else planned until a visit to DH's sis' house on Thurs.

I know I didn't get everyone...but I am thinking of you be good!

08-28-2007, 02:05 AM
hello ladies.....well, we have the new big boy bed up and the crib! Logan loves his bed! In fact, Brandon was trying to claim it as his bed. But as I type this, Logan is sleeping well in his bed. Marissa's crib is up, and she is sleeping in the bassinet for right now until I go to bed. She was having trouble falling asleep earlier....every time she tried to fall asleep the boys would wake her up!

The potty training.....well, that is not going so well. He still refuses to wear diapers. But he won't go potty on the potty! I try to get him to go and he won't. He will go into the bathroom, stand there, and do nothing. I do have to say however, he didn't go in the bathroom. He waited until I sat down, ran into the kitchen, waited for me to get out there, and then proceeded to pee on the kitchen floor!

Jane~ I am hoping that when the boys leave her alone that she will be more into wanting to do things. She loves sticking her tongue out right now! I am thinking of trying her on cereal Tuesday night. I made her a bottle, and I swear she drank it in about five minutes time! Then once she drank it, I walked by and she was chewing on her fingers!

Sue~ We didn't get a walk in as a family. But while Tommy was switching things around, I got in a game of chase with Brandon and Logan! So, there is some exercise!

08-28-2007, 01:46 PM
Morning Ladies....

I'm so tired. I stayed up until 1:30.....I knew DH would be home soon and I wanted to view the Lunar Eclipse. He got home around 2:30 and I got up and we both stayed up until 4:50!! I just couldn't get right back to sleep either so who knows when I finally dozed off......................

.................................................. ..So I'm sleepy.:tired:

So I'll try and catch up later tonight, but probably won't until tomorrow morning, going to bed early sound wonderful!

Did anyone else view the Lunar Eclipse? It was pretty cool. to get ready for work.

08-28-2007, 04:32 PM
Hi ladies,

Sue - I got caught up on some phone calls last night. Two of my sisters have said they never get to talk to me anymore, so I made up for lost time with them.

Mindee - one thing you could try is to put a few Cheerios in the toilet, and let Logan squirt them. That has been effective with other little boys, lol.

Marti - Neal and I thought about watching the eclipse, especially since he is an earth scientist, but we snoozed right through it, lol.

Jackson is back in the hospital. He went limp and stopped breathing for a second, so they have him on a monitor. The technitians were in his room trying to do an EKG while I was there earlier today, and Jackson wouldn't hold still for them. I suggested (strongly) that they come back while he's asleep, so that's what they did after I left. Plus, he's still having diarrhea, and that just isn't right, either. Poor little guy!

I've got a meeting at church at 4:30, then Open House at the DGDs school at 6. I told Neal he's on his own for supper. :dizzy:


08-28-2007, 06:33 PM
Jane--I'm so sorry that little Jackson is back in the hospital. Has the diarrhea ever let up since the rotovirus? Sounds like he is still a little dehydrated. But I'm glad to hear that he was spunky enough to fight the EKG. Wish I was there to help you out.

Mindee--Everytime I hear about someone struggling with potty training I remember what my pediatrician once said to me when I couldn't get my son to poo in the potty. She said that she has never had one of her patients go to kindergarten in diapers! Her remark sure eased up my anxiety that he would never get potty trained. I do love Jane's cherrio's trick!!

Marti--Sweet Dreams!

Sue--Yes, Jane and I should have gotten together this week. My dh has called every day. First to see how I am doing and then to ask how his boys are doing. So far the week has been quiet. I worked yesterday but have off today and tomorrow and an studying for a recertification for work and I have to get up every so often because my legs get stiff from sitting all day. I need to take the boys for a walk.

Hugs to Cristina, PJ, Jules, I said to Sue, I'm boring myself to death with studying and I'm already tired of WW and Lean Cuisine dinners after only 2 days! It's amazing how sluggish you feel when you've been sitting around all day. I'm trying to drink a ton of water so I have to get up to potty every hour or so. OK, TMI!! I did take the boys to get groomed today and will try to post a pick of them. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Here are my boys. Cody is on the left and Oliver on the right.

08-28-2007, 10:30 PM
Evening...Well, I walked this morning and then rode 2 miles. Good thing because it got so darn hot again that I skipped tonight. Plus the old bike is getting harder to peddle and is it ever noisy! I had hoped to find one on sale this week, but nada.
Cleaned house today....even used the broom on the outside of the windows and overhang to get all the darn spider webs. I think I have gotten all the heavy cleaning out of the way for a few weeks. I didn't go to the grocery have to do that tomorrow. Plus bake cookies for Thurs. and Sunday.
Happy hump day tomorrow.

08-29-2007, 03:05 AM
Hello ladies! this is going to be really quick since I was aiming to get to bed early since the lady is coming out tomorrow to teach me how to make Shepard's Pie! I am so excited that I can't wait!! On a side note, Tommy told me Tuesday night that his mom had heard back from the doctor's office, and my FIL did have bladder cancer. The doctor says that he believes he got it all out, and doesn't think that it has spread to anywhere. A while back, they were also trying to figure out if he had prostate cancer just before they found the bladder cancer. So, for now, he is still with us and that is a blessing!

Marti~ I was trying to stay up to watch that.....oh wait! I wanted to see the two moons. The moon and then Jupiter up in the sky. Either way I missed them both!

Jane~ I am going to try that aiming at a cheerios trick! We have to get an little potty sit in order to do it. Brandon has just the seat that goes on top of the toilet. I am so sorry to hear that Jackson is back in the hospital. I hope he gets better soon!

Tammy~ thanks for that piece of information! I told Brandon already that if he wants to go to school, then he has to go potty on the potty.

Sue~ It is so nice to hear that some one else is dealing with spider webs as well! I told Tommy on Tuesday night that we need to move. And he said why? I said "we need to move into a place that doesn't have bees flying into the apartment, spider webs all over the place, and when something is broke that they come and fix it!"

When we moved into our lower unit, they were suppose to come and caulk the bath tub. Well, they never did, so Tommy did it himself. Well, the caulk isn't holding up anymore and so now there is water/moisture behind the wall, and it appears like mold is growing in the shower! So, we have been cleaning it and cleaning it like crazy! I told Tommy that I am trying not to wash the kids in the bath tub so that they don't get exposed to it. Well, the office manager told us that the maintanence guy would be over on Tuesday to fix it (and actually the maintanence guy said that he would be over on Tuesday to fix it). Well, Tuesday came and went, and when Tommy called the office manager, she said that all four guys were working on work orders from a month ago!!! So, our lease is up at the end of October, so I am really going to put the pedal to the metal and look for other options!

08-29-2007, 03:17 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Tammy - Jackson stopped the diarreah, and has it again. He isn't dehydrated, thank goodness. Our biggest worry right now is making sure his breathing stays regulated. I wish you were here, too! Awww, your boys are too cute! And I like that rug, too.

Sue - ugh, this heat is more than I can take. It makes me feel drained.

Mindee - sorry about your FIL. Yikes, I don't blame you for not wanting to bathe the kids in a moldy tub. Even if the mold in on the underside, it's nasty. We had a leak in the toilet once, when we lived in town, and mold ended up growing under the vinyl flooring. We had to strip it all up, and replace the flooring! What a job, and expensive, too.

I've been at the hospital, learning infant CPR, and about how the breathing monitor works. Jackson is getting released today, and will be here Friday and Saturday.

Tomorrow I've got to get my hair colored, but I don't think I'll have it trimmed at all this time. It was sort of short last time. Then I have to get things ready for a dinner I'm having. Mary's family is coming over, and so is our friend Linda. She's a Walmart door greeter that we've gotton so fond of that she's almost like family now.

I'm so tired. Nap time for me. :yawn:

08-29-2007, 11:51 PM
Tired here tonight and heading for bed. I went to the grocery store and Wal-Mart, baked 14 dozen cookies, rode 5 miles, did a load of laundry and visited with DD when she came by. On top of the normal day to day house stuff (meals, dishes,etc) Soooo...see you all tomorrow.

Jane- So sorry to hear about Jackson. I hope he is doing okay today. Hugs to you all.

08-30-2007, 04:29 AM
hello are you all doing?

This is going to be really quick since I am aiming to get in bed. The lady came out today. She actually called me at 9:30am to see if she could switch times since she would be back tracking after she left here. I said no problem and changed the time to 2pm. Me and Brandon ended up falling asleep on the couch, so I didn’t hear when she knocked on the door or called me! I thought I had missed my chance, but thankfully she doesn’t live that far from us, and offered to still come over. She came over, and it was a cinch to make it! In fact, it took us all of about 15 minutes or so to make it. Then I just heated it up when Tommy called to tell me that he was on his way home from work! She is coming back out on September 10th and we are going to make zucchini casserole! It should be interesting because I think Brandon is the only one that likes zucchini.

(I am already on later then what I wanted to be since I had to go searching for a downloadable anti-spyware thing. So, it took me forever to do that....but now the computer is no longer on the critical list!)

An accomplishment for me this week……I am down 2.4 pounds from the last time I weighed myself! And I took my measurements Tuesday night. Here are my results:

Neck: up half an inch this time(down half an inch from 8/4)
Tricep: up one and a half inches this time (up two inches from 8/4)
Forearm: up half an inch this time (up an inch from 8/4)
Chest: up one inch this time (down 2.7 inches from 8/4)
Waist: down half an inch this time (down 2.5 inches from 8/4)
Hips: up one inch this time (down 10 inches from 8/4)
Thigh: up one inch this time (down 2 inches from 8/4)
Calf: up an inch this time (up half an inch from 8/4)

Jane~ I hope little Jackson starts to feel better soon! Have they run any tests to rule anything out? Thanks for reminding me! We have been wanting to look into CPR classes, and I keep forgetting to write a note to myself!

Sue~ Your tired me out just reading all that you did!

08-30-2007, 03:25 PM
Mold is a big issue in property management. I would call the manager again and remind them it is a MOLD ISSUE which has serious HEALTH PROBLEMS and you have SMALL CHILDREN. Of course you don't have to tell them in CAPS. lol
Seriously though it burns my butt, a month behind in work orders is their own fault, your health shouldn't have to suffer.
We had one story here in the Portland area where residents went to the media and it showed the manager on camera running Anyway, in that story the management moved the family to another unit. You just need to put the fear if God into them :)

ok, that was my vent. Congrats on the weight loss!!

08-30-2007, 05:06 PM
Hello ladies...

TAMMY...ahhh, your boys are cuties! Are you missing your hubby yet? are right-o...mold is nothing to mess around with. Good to see you here. :hug:

MINDEE...I would take heed to Susan's post...mold can cause all kinds of breathing problems. Glad the shepards pie was good! WTG on the 2 pounds! :woohoo: We are actually having a lot of spiders as well, ick! We just had the house sprayed, almost time again I guess. I HATE spiders! Of course they can spray around the house and in the house but once that wears off the ones in the yard are back around the house, lol. Seems like kind of a waste of money. Even walk into spider webs while walking!

SUE...I too was tired from reading your post, whew! 14 dozen cookies, yikes! Bet they were good though!

JANE...sorry to hear about Jackson, hope the little guy gets better soon. :hug:

MARTI...I saw some of the eclipse...pretty cool!

Been busy this week, trying to get organized and things done around the house. Plus, my walking/exercise in and an occasional trip to the pool, lol. Going to go tomorrow and that will be the last day of the season. :( The pool officially closes Monday, or Tuesday rather. One of those two days. But they are usually busy on the weekend so we don't go then. Of course who knows...a lot of people may be going out of town-one last hurrah. Did my grocery shopping this morning. Was too tired and lazy to get up this morning at 5:30 but got my 3 miles in after I got back and put things away. It is actually only supposed to be in the 80's today so, pretty nice out. I love this cooler weather! Just hope it stays for a while...I can get back to sleeping in and walking later, lol! Anyway...

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a good day! :wave:

08-30-2007, 10:00 PM
Just a quick one here - I'm totally worn out. The dinner was good, and we sat out on the porch afterwards. Now I'm headed for a shower, and will watch Mad Men with Neal.

Tomorrow I'll have Jackson, but I'll try to check in. Have to mention - the weather is beautiful! The average temp today was 77 degrees. Ahhhhh! Just the way I like it! :)

08-31-2007, 12:07 AM
I agree Jane, wonderful weather. Though it did get a little warmer in Indy where we spent the day. When it was overcast it felt great, but when the sun shone it felt humid. (still not as HOT as it has been)
I rode 2 miles this a.m. after a short walk. Left here at 10 for SIL's house and didn't return until after 9, so nothing else got done today. :)... We had a fun, fun, fun day however. Besides, all work and no know the rest. LOL

08-31-2007, 03:30 AM
thanks Susan for that post! Tommy said that he was going to give them until Friday to come out. They don't come out, then he will be calling the office again! The maintanence guy even said that we would have to work something out since the shower would probably be done for a couple of days. He even told Tommy that he would go back to the office that day and talk to the office manager. Next thing we know, they were suppose to come out and because people were moving into another apartment the next day, they all had to be working on the apartment! It burns my butt as well!

Well, as of right now, I think Marissa has the 24 hour bug that I had last week! She has given me a ton of poopy diapers on Thursday, and the last couple of ones were like a diahhrea poop. Plus, she has thrown up twice. Right now, she is sleeping soundly in the bassinet out here with me. So, once I head into the bedroom, she will go in there with me.

Jane~ How is Jackson doing? Is he feeling better?

Cristina~ Thanks for the way to gos! I am sitting back at 241.6 after the scale told me on Thursday that i went up to 242. BUT, I need to really break the habit of stepping on the scale every day!

The weather here has really cooled off! Wednesday it was 90* and then on Friday it was 70*! Talk about a let down!

08-31-2007, 05:04 PM
Hello ladies... are welcome! You are doing a great job with the weight loss so keep it up missy! :) :cp:

SUE, JANE & MINDEE...the weather here has changed a little as well and it IS nice! :sunny: Supposed to warm up again Saturday, I think it was and be in the 90's again for a few days but then drop again. I am looking forward to the cooler weather.

SUE...nice that you guys had a fun day! And you got in a little exercise before the fun.

JANE...hope Jackson is feeling better. :hug:

HIYA MARTI, TAMMY, PINKJANE, SASSY, JULES, and everyone else! :wave: Hoping all is well with all you ladies.

Nothing much going on...did my usual 3 mile walk this morning and man was it chilly. Seemed so weird since it's been hot. Actually needed some pants on instead of shorts, brrrr. Supposed to be the same tomorrow so I will dress a little bit warmer. Of course half way into the walk I warmed was just in the beginning. Came home and did my 2 mile WATP. I was sleepy after that...had breakfast and then while watching the Today show I dozed. For some reason I woke up this morning a little after 4 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep so just got up. Went to the pool and again, brrrrr. The water was COLD! But it is my last day so I braved the water and spent a couple of hours there. Until next year :cheers:

Didn't do another 3 mile walk last night but I did go ahead and do the 2 mile and the 1 mile WATP. Man...I think the 1 mile is harder than the 2...she tries to pack a lot in the 1 mile so I guess that's why...but I got a good work out for sure.

Anywho...other than that nothing much going on. Getting some laundry done and hoping to stay a wake during Jeopardy, lol.

Anyone have special plans for Labor Day?

We are just staying around the house, as usual, and getting some things being some more painting. Ahh, one day it will be done and we can sit back and relax, and enjoy.

Have a great day ladies!

08-31-2007, 08:21 PM
It's September!

(well, almost, lol)

Sue - I'm glad you had fun with your SIL. The work will always wait on you, and people who have fun live longer. Btw, all of my windows are open, and the breeze is cool, and feels soooooo good!

Cristina - my plans for Labor Day are to go to a surprise birthday party for my sister, Maggie. Her bd is the 3rd, which happens to be labor day this year. It's a carry-in, so I'm taking some crock pot potatoes. This is the 1st of 3 surprise parties we're invited to within 6 days. That's weird, don't you think? The other 2 are a retirement party and another bd party.

Mindee - hope Marissa is feeling better by now. About the zucchini, if it's cooked in a casserole, your family might eat it better than if it were cooked plain. Especially if you chop it up fairly small. Neal doesn't like green beans, but eats them chopped in vegetable soup, lol. Don't tell him I said that, lol. He also says he doesn't like goulash, so I make it and tell him it's Chili Mac! :dizzy:

Thank you to everyone that asked about my DGS. :hug: Jackson's breathing monitor hasn't gone off so far. I hope the episode was an isolated one, and that it never happens again.

I've been rearranging our bedroom furniture. The way is was before was more balanced looking, but I wanted to not have anything in front of the big double windows so I can open them when the weather is nice like this. Love the breeze!

Have a good one, ladies, and I'll chat at ya' tomorrow. :wave:

09-01-2007, 12:06 AM
Jane- Surprises must be in the air...we are going to a BD party for SIL next week, a surprise too. Her actual BD is today, same as my DH. That is why we found it so funny that she had a lunch/family get together yesterday and we all knew we would see each other in a few days...all of us except her. LOL I am loving the cooler weather also.

Cristina- Brrr to the swimming today. I hope it was warmer at your house than here. You are doing so well on the walking and WATP. I hope to get back to doing more since my bruised heel is healed. :)

Mindee- Poor baby Marissa, I sure hope she is feeling better by now. The Shepard's pie sounds good, was it yummy? I will be interested in hearing about the next casserole. I love meal in one dish or pot ideas. DH, not so much.

Okay...I think the rest of the Jaded Ladies have actual lives to attend to..haha. Hi just the same everyone.

Busy day today...DH's birthday. Mom, DD, DH and I went to lunch at Applebee's. Love their perfect margaritas, so that was the attraction there. Had to go pick up his new glasses and go to Target also. I basically spent lots of time with DH this afternoon, we took a walk and sat on the porch. The new house going up next door was being painted, so we "oversaw" that project. (from our porch, of course) I rode 4 miles and walked a little over 1 mile.
Ate terrible yesterday, not quite as bad today...and Sunday is a family reunion, so that will be a bad day for eating. Tomorrow I am going to be strict and then Mon. back to being good. Must get rid of all the sweets....I have no will power.
Still looking for a new bike. DH is getting another gadget for his shop for his BD. We just can't either one find quite the right item yet.
Baking a cake and making deviled eggs tomorrow to take Sun. + will probably get the laundry done up...nothing major.
Have a nice WE all.

09-01-2007, 01:57 AM
Mindee ~ You are welcome :) I lived at my moms for 10 months and she had mold up on her bathroom ceiling. Gave me the creepies - lol My only other mold tidbit is bleach is useless in cleaning the mold. Experts recommended simple warm Dawn soap and scrubbing it. Hope you get results soon. btw Marissa looks like a sweetie. It is nice to see your family grow :)

Cristina ~ Of course I am here. I told you I was your biggest fan. lol.....

k- back to my corner. Cheers and you all have a safe weekend!!!

09-01-2007, 02:51 AM
thanks ladies....she had just a 24 hour bug! by the time Tommy left for work at 5:30am, she was awake to see him off to work, eat a bottle and then lay down. which was great........except I had Brandon and Logan that were wide awake again! I finally laid Logan back down at 6:30am and then went into my bedroom with Brandon and laid down. (Mind you, I was up all night watching Marissa to make sure that she was alright)

So, things were a little rough on Friday, but what else's new? We are going to the campground on Saturday for a steak dinner (I am making sure that I get plenty of walking in since we are aiming to get there for breakfast as well). And then on Sunday, I think we are going back up to the campground for closing ceremonies....then Monday we are going to Kroger to stock up on some stuff. They have plenty of things that we buy that are 10 for $10 and other great deals!

Cristina~ I am planning on keeping up with it! In fact, on my other website that I store all my information and weight related stuff on, I finally went in and put my new weight, and of course that changed my calorie range! So, now I have to stay within a new range. I had been trying to figure out why the scale wasn't moving that much, and I had hit a plateau! I mentioned our plans for the weekend....but who knows, they will probably change on us!

Jane~ I am not exactly sure what we are going to be doing with the zuchini, but I am hoping that we are chopping it up because I know that is the only way I can get the kids, and even myself and Tommy, to eat some things. Like for example, Logan won't eat meat at all.....but if we get popcorn chicken from KFC he scarfs it down like he hasn't eaten in a week! Sounds like you got in a great work out with rearranging your furniture!

Sue~ That is great on your exercises!! happy birthday to your DH...any special plans? have a great weekend!!

Susan~ It is great to hear from you! We have this Kaboom stuff that is for the bath tub, so I used that and a dobie and it cleaned it up....until I ran out of room to use on the dobie. Tommy said that steel wool should clean it up, so we are going to buy some and try using it! you look great!!

09-01-2007, 03:44 AM
Mindee - I am glad Marissa is feeling better. Thanks, I carry my weight well , I guess. You see a lot of red in that picture but I dyed it back to my natual brown. .....blah - blah
Have a good weekend w/ the kids. I am just waiting for my daughter to go to bed, she is keeping me up. Sitting here eating processed cheese and feeling pretty good. I wish I had some guilt because...I think I am going to go for my 3rd slice. lol

Night :)

09-01-2007, 05:01 AM
you are doing great on your mini-goal! I have so many mini-goals that I have them written down on a piece of paper and stuck to my fridge!

09-01-2007, 02:11 PM
Good Morning Ladies :wave:

Been a hectic work week! Glad it's the weekend. I'm going in for half a day on Monday to do some inventory in the Warehouse. What a way to spend a day off! (ok, so I volunteered)

Jane--How is little Jackson doing? Poor baby. I'm so sorry he's going through such a tough time. Do the doctors know what he had? Hugs to all in your family. So what did ya end up doing while Neil was bowling?

Sue--You're doing so well with keeping yourself moving! Biking and walking. You're doing fantastic. Keep up the great work. You've reminded me that I really need to get out front and clear some webs hanging around my windows! I feel like this year is the "Year of the Spider" !!

Tammy--Cute dogs! I've told DH that I would love to have a long haired Chi, so I could tie ribbons in its hair! :lol: Now what kind of dog is the white one, a poodle? They're both look like cuddly lap dogs!

Mindee--Congrats on losing 2.4lbs! And your measurements are improving also. Great job. How fun to have someone come out to show you how to cook different foods. What did you end up making? Wasn't it Shepard's pie? I haven't made that in years! I may have to make some someday soon.

Cristina--Now why is the pool closing? Is it an outdoor pool? Or is it a pool at a school? I think pools should stay open for those who like to exercise. I don't even know where the public pool is around here. Swimming is great exercise and I only got to swim one day of the summer!

Hello to everyone else out there!!:wave:

I need to clean my kitchen....heck I need to tidy up the entire house! So I better get to scootin'

Have a great three days off if you get one!

09-01-2007, 02:19 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:wave:

Finally got a chance to get on the boy's comp...TOM this week really wiped me out but it's gone now and I'm feeling somewhat normal LOL whatever normal is...Hubby called he is on his way from Atlanta to Nashville to pick a load up tomorrow then on to New Jersey to deliver Tuesday AM, so he is not a happy camper LOL he just hates Jersey, I told him they know how much he enjoys going there so they gave him 1 last trip before vacation LOL...I AM SO READY TO GO!!!!'s finally cooled off a bit around here only hitting the low 80's but that's suppose to change tomorrow back up close to 90...well I need to get off here and get something done, not sure what but something LOL...Have a Great Day and enjoy your holiday weekend everyone.

Your next vacation is 8 days away!

09-02-2007, 02:33 AM
hello ladies....we ended up going up to the campground on Saturday and spent the day up there. We did a lot of that was very nice! We are going back up there on Sunday for their closing ceremonies. Tommy is going to be a torch bearer! I am going to take the snuggly with us this time! I wanted to take it on Saturday but there was already so much stuff going into the van, we passed.

Marti~ Yup, we did make the Shepard's pie. It was good! Tommy laughed because I picked around the green beans....but hey, at least as I was eating it! When she comes back out on the 10th, then we are making a zucchini casserole! It should be interesting since I think Brandon is the only one that likes zucchini.

PJ~ I can't wait to hear all about your trip and see pictures!!! Great job on meeting your goal!!!!!

09-02-2007, 04:59 PM
Good Afternoon ladies...

I'm spending my Sunday cleaning up the house and yard. I have the yard all mowed....should really weed some of it but it's too warm right now. Spent half an hour in the garden picking tomatoes! We have 4 tomato plants. One is a yellow pear tomato, one is fantastic tomato, one is cherry tomato and then we have the currant tomatoes. My gosh.....the currant tomatoes have about a gazillion tomatoes on it! With no end in sight.
I told James that we're buying the currant tomato next year and that will be the ONLY tomato plant we grow.

I have also discovered I'm a lazy gardener. It's so out of control and weeds are starting to take over in spots. Not really sure what we'll grow next year, but it will definitely be done differently.

PJ--Only a week left and you're off for vacation! How exciting!! I told my hubby that next year I want to vacation in September. Not sure where we'll go, but school will be back in session and places won't be as crowded w/families on vacation. Thinking of doing another hiking week in Oregon, but not sure.

Mindee--You'll have to tell us how the rest of the family likes the zucchini casserole. James does not like zucchini and Jhanai doesn't particularly care for it either but she'll eat it. I love zucchini pineapple cake. It's so moist and tasty! And a great way to rid of zucchini.

Hello the rest of you gals. :wave:

Well I need to finish up my cleaning. Once I'm done, it's off to the showers then some "me" shopping! :D Don't know what I want to buy yet, but shopping sound like fun.

Have a great rest of the day.

09-02-2007, 08:16 PM
Hi ladies,

Marti - next year, before the weeds actually get started, you might want to sprinkle some Preen all around your plants. I'm a fickle gardener and when the weather heats us, the last thing I want to do is go out and weed, so that's what I use. So what did you buy for yourself? I've been getting some new things, too.

Sue - hmmm, I've never had a margarita from Applebee's, but now I want to try one! I'm not much of a drinker, but that does sound good. Lots of birthdays for you, too, huh?

Mindee - if nobody in your family likes zucchini, I'd ask the nutritionist to use something else that's just as healthy. Life is too short to eat stuff you don't like, imho, lol. Maybe she could substitute brocolli, sugar snap peas, sweet pepper, cauliflower, or whichever veggies your family enjoys. Just a thought.

PJ - OMG, it's almost time!!!!!!! I think I'm just about as excited as you are, lol. Don't forget to send me a postcard!

Susan - have you ever tried baby Swiss cheese? Mmmmm! I have to buy it in small amounts, because I can't be trusted.

Hello to Tammy, Jules, Cristina, Mary Kate, Sassy, and anyone else reading this. :wave:

We got the bedroom done, including making an "L" out of our 10-foot counter we use for a desk/computer station. My whole body was sore when I woke up today.

Neal will be back from town soon, and I want to get a shower first, so toodles for now!

09-02-2007, 08:57 PM
Jane - No never heard of baby swiss, sounds good. Process cheese is just evil. I love low fat feta on my 130 cal salads that I buy at Trader Joes. That satisfies my cheese hunger.

09-03-2007, 10:50 AM
Happy Monday, Labor Day, Ladies!

MARTI...just our neighborhood (subdivisions) pool. They are closing it for the season. It's an outdoor pool and not heated so they are basically winterizing it. Believe may be warm out but when the temps get down in the 60's like it has the last few days...that water is coooooold! Wish it was heated, that would be nice. So did you get something nice for yourself when you went shopping?

JANE...lots of BD's. I would say, you got quite the workout doing your bedroom. Glad to hear Jackson is better.

SUSAN...right back atcha are my biggest fan, my inpsiration. One day I am going to try some feta cheese. I don't think I have ever had any.

PINKJANE...your vacation will be here before you know it.

SUE...good job on the biking and walking. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to your DH! Hope you guys had a nice day.

MINDEE...glad to hear Marissa is better. :hug: Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend.

HI to everyone else :wave:

For some reason I thought I had posted Saturday...losing my mind. Not such a great weekend anyway. Went for my walk Saturday morning...had to force myself out of bed. Came home and instead of doing my WATP I went to bed and slept most of the morning. I think it was noon when I got up, lol. Just felt run down. Of course I think it's just a virus or something because yesterday I got up, ate breakfast and before I finished it all came back up, ugh. Slept most of the day yesterday as well. Feeling a little better today...stomache feels a little weird though. But...I did get my 3 miles in this morning. Will do the WATP once I get off the computer. And...I am happy to say...all my hard work is finally paying off. I am down 3 pounds this week! Woohoo! :carrot: You don't know how happy I am about that...didn't think the scales were ever going to move!

Better get going...gotta go supervise V...he's painting our bedroom today, a sage color. I thought it might be a little on the lighter side but I think it is something I can live with for a while. I've got to do my WATP also, and laundry...always with the laundry eh?

Have a good day all!

09-03-2007, 12:23 PM
Thank you Cristina...I am trying to keep up with the biking and it feels pretty good. I managed 125 miles in Aug. even with the bruised heel and time off for the heat. Now if I can get the eating under control again. Good luck with the painting. Way to go on the loss. I knew it would happen!! Yay!

Jane- Your bedroom sounds great and yes, lots of exercise moving that. I am not a big drinker, but occasionally like a margarita and Applebee's are the best. They are not the frozen kind however, but on the rocks.

Marti- Hope you found some good buys. The end of summer sales are here, and I am going to look for the bicycle. Good luck with the garden weeds. I truly do not miss having a big vegetable garden, but sure miss the vegetables. :) Jane recommends Preen and we used a product called Treflen. Keeps the weeds under control.

Mindee- Hop it was a really nice week-end for your family. Lots of walking?

Pink Jane- Count down to vacation...hope you have a fun time.

Susan- Hi...good to see you here. Trust Jane, baby swiss is wonderful. Yum.

I didn't lose today, but didn't think I would. Had a big eating week...dumb me. Baking cookies was not a good idea, but I left the rest at the reunion and told the ones with kids to take what was left. Today I am back on the wagon...only good snacks and small meals. It worked before. :D
Rode the bike already this morning...and even though it is squeaky it is working. Oiling didn't help as the problem is in the mechanism (ball bearings?) Also have been walking the dog twice a day and will start WATP again.

Have a good day everyone.

09-03-2007, 04:12 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:wave:

Thought I would check in since the boy is at work and the comp is free...had some excitement yesterday, the boy had his first experience with getting drunk, needless to say I had a good laugh at his expense, he spent 2 hours hurling before he finally was able to stop, after round 1 I asked him how much he had to drink, 8 tall rum and cokes, I think I might have had 8 drinks in my whole life and I'm 49 LOL, after round 5 I got him to eat some dry toast then he finally slept most of the day away LOL, I asked him when he finally woke up if it was worth it and he said not at all and never again LOL, I told him a person has to learn either the smart way or the dumb way he just picked the wrong one LOL...Hubby is just outside of Philly, said he got the last empty spot at the truck stop so he is stopped until 4 am then he's off to deliver in Jersey and we shall see how quick they get him moving in this direction, if it's like every other year he'll end up sitting LOL and then he'll start B_tching, usually they get him home the evening before we leave with just enough time to do his laundry and pack, this year he told them we have an early flight on Thursday LOL so we'll see if that gets his dispatcher moving...well I am off to do some exercize Have a Good Day All.

Mindee - Thanks, I always take mass amounts of pics and this year especially with our daughter going she hasn't been to a Disney park since she was 10 so it will all be new to her.

Marti - I love going in Sept, the parks are so empty you can just walk on to the rides, the only line we saw last year was for Peter Pan they actually had the fast pass running for it LOL

Jane - OMG I know I can't hardly wait, I keep thinking this time next week I will be at MGM and probably on my 5th ride of the Tower of Terror LOL, Oh to be sure there will lots of postcards LOL

Cristina - Congrats on the 3 lbs and I hope your feeling better.

Sue - Thanks I know we will, it's Disney how could it not be fun LOL, everytime my treadmill clanks I think of your bike squeeking LOL, at least they are still working (fingers crossed) LOL

Pink Jane
Your next WDW vacation is 6 days away!

09-03-2007, 11:51 PM
Hello ladies,

Susan - I love feta cheese, too, in a salad with greens and peach slices. Mmmm. Was it you or Jules that had the avatar of a big feta cheese wedge?

Cristina - woohoo for the 3#s down, missy! Glad your tummy is feeling better. Btw, join the club - I'm losing my mind too, lol.

Sue - maybe you'll be able to get a bike on sale, since it's the end of the season. We do love a good sale, right? :D

PJ - yay for the Tower of Terror! Neal's too big of a chicken to do it again, but I love it! Well, the total darkness through the "halls" scares the willies outta me, but I do love the rest of it. Most people are so afraid of the drops, and it's the darkness that gets me, lol. Just a tip, you could print address labels for the postcards before you go - that sure saves time later. I forget which resort you're staying in?

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

I've had the best day! Maggie's surprise party was lots of fun, since so many family members were there. Some of my nieces and nephews that I don't get to see very often made it, so that was cool. The weather was warm, but very little humidity, so we sat outdoors and let all the little kids run and play.

Hope your day was a good one, too. :hug:

09-04-2007, 02:04 AM
Hi Ya Ladies :wave:

I sure hope you all are doing well! Me? I'm here. lol. Nothing much going on except for work and um more work. lol BUT our vacation is the end of this month & so is our anniversary and my bday so I'm quite excited about that! (except possibly for the bday - :p lol) Knowing our vacation is coming up is the only thing that keeps me going really! lol.

We are going to TN (hopefully if we ever decide on a place to stay!!) lol. and just "getting away from it all" I do not want any phones that is for sure! (I work in a call center) :p

Well won't keep ya long just wanted to stop in and say hi and I hope you all had a very Happy Labor Day! :D


09-04-2007, 03:56 AM
hello ladies.....this past weekend was a blast! We went to the campground on Saturday and Sunday! Saturday, I would have to say, that we must have walked a good 4 hours of the time that we were up there. Sunday, was a different story! We were up there for about 13 hours, and I would have to say that we walked about 11 1/2 or 12 of those hours! They did closing ceremonies on Sunday night, and Tommy was a torch bearer. I strapped Marissa into the snuggly and pushed the boys in the double stroller while doing the torch bearing with Tommy! It was a lot of fun! We even decided after seeing Brandon and Logan in the lake, that in the spring time we are going to get a membership. We think that it won't be fair to the kids that since grandma and grandpa are done camping that we should stop taking them up there.

Marti~ I will most definitely let you all know how the casserole goes!

Jane~ We figured that we would try things once, and if they don't like it, then we will substitute something else next time. Once I get done with this "class" I will get a cook book, which I am really looking forward to!

Cristina~ I hope you are feeling better today! That is how I felt a couple weeks ago. Great job on the 3 pounds!!

Sue~ Yup.....we did a ton of walking! I am so wanting to walk now. Which is what I have been wanting to do, but couldn't really get motivated to do so. I am thinking of having Tommy leave me the stroller on Tuesday night, and I will take the kids for a walk while he is at Lodge.

PJ~ I am the same way! Especially if we are going somewhere that the kids, or me and Tommy for that matter, haven't been before! We took a ton of pictures up at the campground this past weekend. The boys went into the lake for the first time....I will post a pic as my avatar here in a second.

Sassy~ It is great to hear from you! Good luck with finding a place to stay!

09-04-2007, 02:17 PM
Morning ladies...

Just a quicky this morning since I need to get moving and get to work. Put in almost a full day at work yesterday.....not what I intended but time just went by when the phones aren't ringing! What a way to spend a day off!

Ok...I'll catch up later.

09-04-2007, 03:20 PM
Fly-by here, too, just to tell you ladies hello. :wave: I've got some errands to run, and some computer googling to do for my sister. Mary's having us over for supper tonight, so "woo-hoo" I don't have to cook. :carrot: Well, except that I'm taking a lightened version of apple crisp. I'm making it in the crock pot and hope it turns out.

Toodles for now!

09-04-2007, 10:59 PM
Quick hello ladies....Only rode 3 miles tonight. Not such a good day for me. I did manage to go get a hair cut, very short. Tired of messing with it. :)

Mom sees the surgeon tomorrow and I am already upset. I don't know what we will find out. *fingers crossed*

Hoping to go shopping for that sale Thurs!

Keep up the good work friends.

09-05-2007, 02:51 AM
just a quick fly by from me as well! I just wanted to let you all know that Tommy talked to the office manager and the guys are coming on Saturday to fix the shower. Since they didn't work on Monday because of the holiday, they are going to spend all day on it on Saturday. (So we are taking the kids to a fair type thing to get an updated child identification thingy done.)

The office manager also wrote up a thing to talk to the owner about knocking down the wall between our apartment and the one right next to it, to make this a four bedroom unit. The office manager said that they shouldn't charge us more then $750 a month for rent. She told Tommy not to tell me about who knows what may come out of it! I know that she doesn't want us to move out since we are one of the tenants that she likes. IF they do knock down the wall, then we will have the biggest unit in the complex. They have three bedroom units, that go for $900 a month. So, on one hand I am excited about it, but on the other hand I believe that the owner won't go for it.

so maybe if we all just say some prayers, it might happen! (we love it out here and really don't want to move, so it would be ideal for us)

09-05-2007, 02:13 PM

I have half an hour before I should be walking out the door so this is yet another quicky.

I got my 2mile walk in this morning. I usually just wake up on my own and get ready for the day but I'm setting the alarm just so I can fit in my walks. Just GOTTA do it!!

I would like to lose 3lbs this month. Need to make small goals, and 3lbs sounds ok right now. More is always a bonus.

Ok......must get going, still need coffee!!

Have a great day!

09-05-2007, 05:26 PM
Happy Hump Day Ladies!!

Just a quickie here. Had a nice holiday weekend. Went to a cookout on Saturday that was fabulous and it went on till after dark. Sunday and Monday just stayed home and studied. I've got a Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) recertification course that I've got to take on the 19th and it's a ton of work. The material they cover and expect you to remember is advanced as med school. We take the class with paramedics and pediatricians but they will test us all the same. After a brief lecture, they put us in scenerio's and see what your response is. For instance, you will be presented with a deydrated baby with respiratory distress and then the baby goes limp. You have to diagnose, give your first response, know what type of IV fluid to give, how much, what drugs to give if the baby stops breathing and know how to deligate to other responders on what to do. Geeze, Louise...I'm not a doc!! But then again, I've passed this course 6 times before (I just had to count the years and can't believe that I've been taking this course every other year for the past 12 yrs) so I should do OK, but it still is stressful. I feel like every free moment has to be reading the manual or practicing scenerio's on the computer. I've gotta work the next two days, then going to the Maryland Seafood Festival for a few hours on Saturday with my sis. Of course the rest of the weekend will be studying. I'll try to catch up reading post and do some individuals this weekend. Take care everyone, I'm thinking about ya'll!!

09-05-2007, 05:56 PM
Marti~ That is great about getting your walks in! And the 3 lbs for the month is very reasonable, and I know that you can do it!

Tammy~ Good luck with the course! It sounds like you have a great handle on every thing!

09-05-2007, 06:43 PM
Hiya ladies,

Mindee - the company that I ordered the recipe box from emailed me again with another backorder notice, so I cancelled the order for that. They said the recipe card holder was mailed - did you get it? It's just a little tiny rolling pen with a slot to place a 3x5 card while you're cooking. Hope you get the 2 apartments combined. I know you could use the extra room.

Marti - I think you'll do very well with losing 3 pounds this month. And way to go, setting the clock to make time to walk.

Tammy - yowza, the PALS recert sounds so intense! Good to know the nurses are trained that thoroughly. Is that a national requirement? Yes, it does sound more like MD training.

PJ - are you packed yet?

Well, ladies, my laptop is fried, or at least frozen. I bought and installed a game called Ravenhearst yesterday, and all of a sudden, I got a black screen with an error notice, and the screen won't budge. :yikes: I emailed the company's technical support division and hope they are able to help.

My buddy Dixie came over and scrapbooked with me today. She did the cutest page of her twin DGSs. She's the one I'm going to Chicago with later this year.

BBL, :hug:

09-05-2007, 08:59 PM
Good Evening Ladies :wave:

Well as usual Hubby's dispatcher left him sitting in Philly all day yesterday only to come up with a load out of Baltimore heading to Atlanta for Friday LOL, Hubby politely reminded him he had to be home in Iowa early Thursday and Atlanta wasn't gonna work LOL, he's been telling him for 2 months when he needed to be home and that was what the fool came up with, it amazes me that the man was voted dispatcher of the year and that they use excellant home time as a recruiting tactic, LOL the only one's that have excellant home time are the people that work at headquarters, not the drivers, he did manage to get him another load this morning, out of Jersey heading to Ames for Friday, so he is gonna take it to the home terminal and tell his dispatcher it's there and someone else can deliver it cause he is on vacation Friday LOL, he should be home around 11 am tomorrow...I rode down to Des Moines with the girl today, she needed to go to Sephora and I never refuse a shopping trip LOL...well I need to get my dinner started have a Great Evening All.

Jane - Yikes sorry to hear about your laptop, I didn't even think about printing labels that's a good idea, We're staying at the Pop Century, and no I haven't started packing yet LOL I don't wanna haul anymore cat hair with me then I have too so I will pack Saturday nite, I AM SO READY TO GO!!! LOL

Mindee - Cute pic, it looks like the boys had a great time!

Pink Jane
Your next WDW vacation is 4 days away!

09-06-2007, 12:29 AM
hello ladies!!! How are you all doing? I can't believe that it is almost the weekend again! We got a notice on the front door today that the guys want to come out and put the new tub surround. So, Tommy called the office, and Tom wanted to do it today, but I didn't hear him knock on the door because I was too busy putting Logan's bed back together after the boys decided to pull it all apart....including the bunky board! So, he is going to come out tomorrow morning at 9am! As far as the combining of the two apartments, I am not sure about it! The office manager would hate to see us leave, so I know that she will try her hardest to get this for us. I happened to look out the window earlier today and they maintenance guys were pulling out carpet from either the apartment next door OR the apartment above us. I had mentioned to Tommy to have him ask the office manager when he talked to her to schedule the appointment for Tom to come out!

Oh, and I weighed in today for my "official" weigh in day, and I am sitting pretty at 238.2! I am just under two pounds away from my first mini=goal and I am so excited!!!!

Jane~ I did actually get the rolling pin today! I have the paper for you. It says that the recipe box should arrive here on the 14th. I will send you the slip for the card holder. I hope the tech help can help you with your lap top!

PJ~ I have a couple of other photos that I could have put in there, but I couldn't decide between them, so I just put that one in there! I can't wait to see your pictures!!

09-06-2007, 01:38 PM
Good Morning Ladies! :wave:

I got my 2miles in today. I need to get more in as time goes by. 2 miles in 30mins doesn't seem like much at all. But I suppose starting slowly is the way to go.

Weekend is almost here and I'm ready for it!! I have my evaluation today and a department I better get myself cleaned up.

Have a great Thursday and I'll chat more soon!

09-06-2007, 01:40 PM
Wow...didn't realize we were this close!

How about I close this one and start another one??

See you at 266. :running: