Carb Counters - Chat! Chat! Chat! 8/27 - SEPTEMBER 3!!

08-27-2007, 02:57 PM
How 'bout Chatting right on thru Labor Day Weekend?:?:

5 Days til the end of August Goals!

We were going to get a cabin on a ranch next to my niece's family for Labor Day - pretty much decided to save the $$$ . . . may go march with my union in a parade downtown . . . or go down to our "farm" and cut grass instead. Who knows?:dizzy:

How are we all doing?:?:

08-27-2007, 03:39 PM
Doing a-ok in my neck of the woods, despite it being scorching hot outside! :D Had a really great day plan wise yesterday, I even worked out for the first time in ages. And I mean ages! I am so out of shape, gonna take me a bit to get myself going again, but hey, progress not perfection, right?! :carrot:

Aud, the cabin thing sounds fun, too bad you aren't going. :( I don't know if I would be excited about marching anywhere, or cutting grass. LOL But both are good causes aren't they, so its really good either way, no? No plans here for Labor Day, my birthday's this Sunday but not sure what's happening. Dh never tells me anything! I just PRAY that if he takes me to dinner its somewhere lc friendly!

I just baked some peanut butter cookies...omg....yummo! They smell so good, and being lc I can afford to have a few!

Planning on another great day today, I hope everyone will come by and post how they're doing!! :)

08-27-2007, 06:44 PM
Hi all. I went to the gym today, dialed back everything I'm doing, to try to keep from hurtiing my back. I'll increase things one at a time to see if I can figure out which thing is doing it. Last night a friend called to chat, and I poured myself a glass of alcohol-free wine (yeah, oxymoron, isn't it?) so we could have a glass of wine together despite the geographic challenges. I had 41 grams of carbohydrate altogether yesterday, counting the wine. I refuse to feel guilty about it. Especially considering the hundreds, maybe even thousands, I used to have in a day!

Sept. 1 I'm working as a docent in the Visitors' Center in the state park. I worked there yesterday, too. They called me all desperate re: Labor Day weekend, because a couple of the volunteers have quit and a couple more are sick. So I said I'd work Sunday. Should be fun -- I love holiday weekends because they're so busy, and families of campers want interpretive tours of the displays -- lots of critter diaramas, indigenous people and their history and art, an a/v presentation of a representative volcanic eruption (this whole area is just lousy with volcanos, only dormant, not extinct) and all the kinds of lava/obsidian/geologic structure. Our lake is the largest freshwater lake wholly in CA, and is the oldest lake in N. America. Sometimes I get to explain the local steam generating plant, but usually people are only interested in the natural history of the region. Oops, sorry, I digressed into docent mode here for a minute!

Aud, have a good time with whatever you decide to do. Each choice has its own pleasant rewards, I bet. S&S, it's really nice to have you posting here regularly. Have a good week!

08-27-2007, 09:23 PM
I had an okay day today. Food could have been better and I went to the funeral of a man I've known since I was about 12--super nice man and their family and mine have been friends since my dad was a kid. It was hard. It wasn't open casket (he had been cremated), but it was hard to look at all the photos and go through the awkward process of shaking hands/hugging members of his family.

Anyway, tomorrow will be better. I'm working--and I've got all my food planned for the day!

08-28-2007, 06:05 AM
I know quite a few folks who "just don't go to funerals." WTG azure - on doing the right thing and showing respect. Hang in there with the emotions.:hug: I was born very late in my parents life so thinking I've been to more funerals than the average person. ALL are emotional events.

I'd start dropping hints about the Birthday Restaurant now SnS . . . "Boy, I'm craving a juicy steak" type comments!:p
CONGRATS on working out btw . . . I was finding it harder and harder to do ANYTHING except my walkwalk walking . . . soooo - we've joined the Y again - mainly for the swimming programs for our budding 9 yr old FISH . . . but also 'cause I want to drop in on the various Yoga and Pilates classes when I can. Just can't get into it consistently in the living room and both have helped my surgically repaired back over the years, ya know?

Glad you're being careful with YOUR back, bouncing! And I loved the docent tour btw - that's one of the things I love the most about this site/the internet - meeting kewl & interesting folks like you!:hug: PLUS - I LOVE going to those Trivia Contests with a group - has anyone ever gone? We always have a BLAST! So what's the name of the lake?????????????

okokok . . . whereya at lilyb?:?:

okokok . . . check my ticker to explain my GREAT 4am mood - had another Atkins w0000000sh!!!!:carrot:

*I *heart* celebrating 4# weight losses with My Beloved Dancing Carrot*:hug::carrot::hug:*

'Night All!:dizzy:

beach bum
08-28-2007, 10:25 AM
Hi Ladies:)

Very bad weekend,Couldn't take it any more,So I made an appointment with the doctor. I GOT FOOD POISONING alright.

He putting me on an antibiotic,for 5 days along with chew able Pepto-Bismol. The fish was tainted,and over 600 Million people get food poisoning. Now I'm a statistics.

Feeling lot better today now that I'm on the medicines,but I don't have a take for food anymore. I went to the freezer this morning to get out some breakfast sausages out to go with some fried eggs. The both turned my stomach. Had a banana & plain yogurt instead.

Don't know how long this is to to stay with me I hope this feeling goes away soon.

Aud-Big congrats :congrat: on your 4 lb weight loss. Like your dancing carrots

Hugs :) BB

08-28-2007, 01:46 PM
Beach, be careful not to get dehydrated. It's so easy to do when your tummy is not feeling well. Last time I got food poisoning, it was a chicken sandwich from a fast food chain. Hit me as I was driving. NOT pretty. I couldn't even drink water for 3 days -- weak, lukewarm tea was just barely sometimes a little bit retainable...

Aud, the lake is Clearlake, and the park is Clearlake State Park. Cobb Mountain, where I live, is one of the several volcanos, and it has live magma. As in, NOT dead. So, so not dead. There are hot springs all over the mountain, as well as a geothermal generating plant with multiple steam wells. I've pasted a link from USGS. See the cluster of microquakes? That's where I live. As I said, NOT dead! If you click the south arrow, you see San Francisco Bay. I love this website. It sure does remind me that I live on a geologically active planet! Clearlake Volcanic Field is considered one of North America's top ten volcanic hazard zones. Oh well, everyplace has some kind of risk. Earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, hurricanes ... Ain't none of us gonna get out alive anyway, so I just don't worry about it.

08-28-2007, 05:00 PM
Aud-- Thanks for the internet hugs :) I'm feeling much better today--with my tips in my pocket, a full day of eating on plan behind me, it's hard to feel sad. We had Donnie's whole family in for breakfast at my parents' diner this morning--on the house, of course. Today was the funeral. His family is huge--we live in a small town and I think they're related to about half the town and my dad's family is related to the other half (2,000 year round residents here!). I felt better after having his family in and talking to them for awhile. It can't be easy to have dealt with your parents' deaths so young...My dad's turning 50 this year and I'm already worrying about 20 or 30 years from now having to deal with that. :hug:

Beach-- Ugh! Food poisoning! I've never had it, and I'm glad I haven't! I'm sorry you're feeling icky...have you tried some ginger or peppermint tea? I hear that's supposed to help settle the stomach (personally, I can't stand either tea's taste). Bouncing's right--try to stay as hydrated as possible. Being dehydrated just going to make you feel worse :hug: Hang in there, hon.

Bouncing-- You're a brave lady! I'm such a worry-wort, I think living somewhere like that would have me in a constant state of anxiety. It sounds like it's a beautiful piece of America, though. I guess that's pretty true throughout nature--the prettier it is, the more dangerous and potentially deadly it is!

beach bum
08-28-2007, 05:05 PM

Still tried and don't have much energy to move around. Had a great night found lots of zzzzzzzzzzz's. It must be the antibiotics,that I using, one side effect is dizziness.

Bouncing-I'm taking lots of water plus I have a bottle of Gatorade in the frig.Oh Gee!! I was lucky:lucky: mine started at home. You mentioned in a earlier post that you have back problems. I think I have a web site that has :exercise: exercisers for the back. I'll look for them now,and get back to you.

Azure-Sorry:sorry: about you having to attend a funeral for a long time friend.Thats always the hardest,as they are almost like family members. You'll lose:yes: anything that you gained. Right now I don't feel like eating anything,but I hope I don't :no: start eat like a Wolf,later on.

Sugar'n'Spice-Peanut butter Cookies:cookie: Oh My!! Home made and low carb. I'd sure love to have that recipe. I'm not in shape :whoo: either I have been avoiding doing my walking :running:along the beach or bike:bike: exercises in door because of the hot & humid weather we are having. I have to get started again. maybe if we could have a challenged in Sept would work. Just a idea.

Have a nice evening

Hugs :) BB

08-28-2007, 05:11 PM
Flying out the door late gals . . . Going to the Y severely cut into my ComputerChair Time!! ROTF!:D:D

Will catch up in The Wee Hours and lilyb BETTER have her BUTT back in here!!!:mad::devil:


Laura G
08-29-2007, 11:12 AM
Hey everyone. I've just come back from vacation, and I am trying to re-establish myself here. I went way off program on my vacation, but the damage was pretty minimal - thankfully! I am recommitting to the low carb lifestyle, not to mention a walking program.

I'm actually looking forward to Induction and all the goodness it brought to my body. I will check in with you again tomorrow!

All the best in your success!

beach bum
08-29-2007, 11:22 AM
HI Ladies:)

Nothing new here just that I'm getting better day by day,but my appetite hasn't returned at all,and I checked on the scale and it hasn't moved either. I'm thinking that I'm going into a starvation mode,with the less eating I doing.

When I look in the refrig or freezer for what I want to cook,it freaks me out,getting goose bumps all over. I hope this is just temporary as you know I love to cook,and don't want to give this hobby up.

Have a nice day

Hugs :) BB

08-29-2007, 12:55 PM
hey - have been uber busy - as you might have noticed by my lack of posts.
Still going strong at 189 although this wkend is going to be tough! HOping i can still lose another couple pounds though.

hope you are all well :)

08-29-2007, 02:00 PM
Hi everyone & WB laura!:hug:

Sad day . . . our ancient mini-schnauz Gretel ran behind the car as DH was backing out of drive way - I was jolted from sleep by My Big Girl Molly's screams.:( Send some prayers this way please - Gretels right hind leg is definitely broken but she's being monitored for internal injuries and we may have to put her down-won't know til morning.:( She's become increasingly disoriented lately - just noticed last nite in The Wee when I was bringing her in and she flat sat down in the door way like her hip went out(??:?:??) - had to coax her to her bed. Our Westie - Ginger - has been going crazy all morning searching the house for Grets.:(

I was attacked by some pbj & graham crackers . . . *dusting self off and moooooving on.*

ttyal . . .

08-29-2007, 03:05 PM
Hi , I'm back from my three weeks away from home. Trying to catch up with everything. I havent weighed in yet but I'm sure I'v gained. starting over tomorrow.
Wellcome back BBand laura ! and hello to any newbies.
I'v missed y'all. TTYL.
So sorry about your dog aud, I hope she does ok.

08-29-2007, 04:38 PM
hey all! i too have been uber busy! VERY frustrated too!! my 1st week at this i lost 10 lbs, and the last week and 1/2 i've stayed right around the same come i cant lose anymore?? i'm giving up all aspertane (misp?) and hopefully that'll kick it back in, it's ok to have unsweet tea right?? all this water makes me want to vomit! i need some kind of flavor. i should buy some lemons and limes...
aud-i'm so sorry about your doggie, i'm praying for you all :)
chickadee-goodluck this weekend!
beach-hope you feel better soon ((hugs))
laura-goodluck in your recommitment!! i know you can do it :)

08-30-2007, 04:23 PM
Good news about Gretel - altho' her hind leg is broke in 3 places - no internal injuries & should make a full recovery. Such a relief - don't think DH could live with himself if she died this way. Tx much for the prayers & thoughts!:hug:

In the middle of all this dog drama (dogma?:D) . . . I caught the bug going around - echchchchchhh - it's AWFUL! Ache all over - especially the neck & head - just feel weak & horrible. Came home early from work - got amoxicillin at Urgent Care - did a bit of OFFPlan:( comfort eating and passed out.:(

I'm a bit better today - but only after medicating to the hilt. :mad: that I went OFFPlan - seems like sickness is a trigger to think of carbs as a "reward" - will be guarding against that thought train as I dust myself off and hop back on Board!

Good to hear from you lots & puncie!:hug:

Wondering where everyone else is?:?::(

beach bum
08-30-2007, 04:41 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Nothing new,still,can't think about food.I have no food plan at all. For instance,I was going to make fried eggs, this morning that turned me off and I had a Protein Shake instead.I had a Italian Salad for lunch Don't have any idea what I want to eat for dinner. STILL HAVEN"T LOST WEIGHT. Don't know how long this is going to take,as I'm still very sleepy and I don't have the energy I used to have. I guess is going to take time.

Chickadee-You'll lose the weight. Staying the same can get on your nerves,but it better than a gain. I know weekend are the worst part of the diet. Too many munchy going on,if not you but the people around you,and than the attack starts. GOOD :lucky: LUCK this weekend.

AUD-OH!! so Sorry:sorry: to heard about your Gretel about getting run over & hurting her hip.Your DH must be devastated,being that he was driving. PB&J can be comforting at a time like this. I do that if I was in your shoes,just do a little my activity if you feel you need to keep you from binging.

Puncezella-Thanks for the welcome back.Wasn't sure what happened to you when I go back you were gone. You'll lose it again, I gained 6 lbs on a cruise two weeks ago and I lost 5 of them before I took sick with food poisoning.

Lots-Theres going to be lots of frustrations on any diet. I know I've been there,you just have to find your balance,if you ever do I don't know, I'm still looking for mine. Tried from Low carb-high carb,than low cal-high cal.,still can't find it. I use 1 tsp of crystal lite powder to flavor my water. Thanks for you well wishes. Sending you :dust:

Have a great day Ladies

Hugs :) BB

08-30-2007, 06:38 PM
Aud, glad Gretel is going to be OK. You must be very relieved.

Last night I made a low-carb flour substitute using soy protein isolate and soy powder and a couple of other ingredients, from a recipe I found. The mix smells really good. I made some cupcakes wit it. They smelled good right up until they were almost done. then this SMELL came waftiing out of the oven. Well, I gotta tell you, the finished result smelled like ammonia-based hair dye. It was extremely aromatic, in the scientific meaning of the word: I took a bite, and I swear hair dye permeated my mouth, my nose, my sinusess, probably my ears...I think my hair is lighter today. My whole body thought it was probably toxic. What a waste of sweet butter, sweetener, baking powder, and poppy seeds. I threw the whole batch out. I may throw the mix out. I can't imagine what I could make with it that would have better ingredients!

Last night I posted a thread about Stevia, asking if anybody knew the conversion rate for sugar. The thread disappeared. Does anybody here know?

08-31-2007, 11:37 AM
Aud, I am sooo very glad to hear that Gretel is going to be ok. My heart just sank when I read that 1st post.

Well, I didn't exactly meet my original goal of 203 by august 30th, but close enough. I'm 204.5 YAY!! I lost 23lbs in exactly 10 weeks. I really feel like I have so much more energy being on LC than any other program I've tried. And my skin is looking much more healthier, prolly from all the water I drink.


08-31-2007, 02:35 PM
Still sick with what I'm calling the IIIICCCKKK bug . . . just feel ICKY! Came home early again and have slept like, 14 hours now! So totally OFFp and schedule - now its in my head & neck exclusively - whiiinnneeee - don't know how teachers do it - that's the first thing the Doc said - lots of parents/teachers are coming in with this mix of symptoms from the kids going back to school. Glad Tess is hale & hearty so far!

Saw Gretel this morning - she's in 'surgery/having the leg set right about now. Looked so helpless.:( Prognosis remains good tho'.

Hang in there lots!:hug: You'll get the LC Whoooosh if ya stay OP - keep tweaking what's bothering your system. I wasn't a water lover either - it grows on ya tho'!:)

And you "sound" ;) sooo much better beachie! Tho' it looks like it'll be a slow-go on full recovery - where didja get this tainted fish? Did Leo have any? The weather broke yesterday here in MO . . . threw all the windows open and got the fans going upstairs and down b4 passing out last night . . . I'm thinking that's why I slept so well! Hoping you had relief too!

Big Congrats to 2songb's!!!:carrot: How excellent and to accomplish while busy with the 3 lil ones I just noticed in your siggie! You GO Girl!:hug:

Had time to take the 'tour of Cobb Mountain today, bouncing.:dizzy: You've got a busy weekend ahead - as I said, I wish my retired Sis would get involved in activities like your docent work. She is even living near a National Park - but not sure its as organized as well as yours. They have a "Camp Host" who lives seasonally in a trailer and sells ice & firewood - not really tours etc. Getting way OffTopic here - but when "they" closed her plant she had to move to CA for a year or so to get her retirement in - it was "Manteca" = I couldn't find on the map you had - I know it was North. Anyhoo - CA must be wonderful for outdoor things - cause I know she had a recumbent bike she actually rode TO WORK etc.:o She has lupus and CA living had this rotten disease sort of in check . . . it has been awful since she retired - we are HUGE football fans - and here when I called last nite during the game to chat - she was on another "gambling junket" trip.:(

okokok . . . enuf babbling - guess I'm just asking for not only prayers & good vibes for my Gretel - but also that My Big Sis find her way during this adjustment of retirement. Tx for listening!:hug:

BTW, I LMAO reading your baking experiment, bouncie!:D When you said your hair "was lighter" I laughed so hard my DD looked in here to see if I had the tv on or what! (I didn't) . . . . . I'm at a point in my lc experience where I've identified the times that I want to comfort eat/emotional eat/exhausted eat OffPlan . . . really struggling with whether I want to try to have things like lc cupcakes in for those time . . . whether I want to just have a regular cupcake instead . . . or whether I can just go WITHOUT cupcakes.

It's a fine line for me - a balancing act that I don't want to fall on because I've once again had great initial success with the lc change and the weight loss . . . but think I've identified this "cross roads" where in the past I say to **** with it - I can't go my whole life w/o cupcakes/whatever - and the lc mix smells/tastes like AMMONIA for Cripes Sake!!!!:mad: Ya know?:?:

That's why I so enjoy reading jerseygirls Posts. For me, she's kind of The Voice of Reason in this quest. TX JG!:hug:

Excuse this novella in advance Gang?:dizzy:

08-31-2007, 02:56 PM
BB, I hope you feel better soon, I'v never had food piosoning, it sounds awefull.

Aud, I hope your over your bug fast aswell. glad the dog will be ok.

Hang in there Lots, sometimes the weight comes off in wooshes, rather than a steady decline, I have had many mini stalls and then drop a few all at once, so keep at it , it will happen. I have a hard time with the water too. I sometimes buy flavored water (with splenda) and dilute it with regular water so it just has a very mild flavor. Iced herbal tea is nice for a treat, if you like that kind of thing.

bouncing, you might want to try the flour in something that doesnt require as much heat, try pancakes or something befor you throw it out.

songbirds, Congrats on your great loss!

I'm still struggling today to get back on track. I think I better get off my butt and get some exercise. I'll weigh in tomorrow to see exactly how much I gained. have a great day everyone!

beach bum
08-31-2007, 03:09 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies :)

It looks like we are heading into a storm today and then it will clear out for the whole Labor Day Weekend. Still having the runs so I don't think I will be meeting with my friends again for Sunday Brunch. House bound is causing cabin fever,and I must get out even if its to the patio.

BOUNCING-Sorry I have no idea about stevia. I use splenda brand. I love baking,but since the HHH day of summer I back off until the weather get cooler. Before getting sick I did make garlic/onion blend Atkins Revolution rolls. Next week some time I going to bake the danish rolls instead.

2 songbirds-BIG:congrats: CONGRATS on your 23 lbs in 10 weeks.:carrot:You're doing terrific:carrot: Once I get back to norm. again I going back to low carbing myself.

Aud-Happy to hear Gretel is getting better again. That was some scare. Its going to take a while before I fully recover from this food poisoning.I bought two packages of fish I had one Leo got the other. He didn't have the tainted fish. We bought it in our Super Stop & Shop store. I got sick a week ago today and we still haven't seen the fish manager.Hes disappeared from the store. The Cape is cooling off some,but we still have the a/c going in the bedroom for a good night sleep.

puncezillawe posted at the same time. I wouldn't wish f/p on my worst enemy.Luckily I didn't get sick from it it was and still have the runs.

Hugs and if I don't get back to you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.


08-31-2007, 03:53 PM
Beach, I'm just going to experiment with the Stevia until I get it right.

Aud, I used to live just down the road from Manteca. It's where my gym membership was, and where I shopped for groceries (my little town had 1 mom/pop grocery store, one gas station, about a dozen churches, 3 or 4 restaurants, and a drug store). Manteca is on Hwy 99, south of Stockton and north of Modesto (both sizeable little cities).

I'm throwing out the mix. I refuse to waste any more good ingredients on it. Not to mention time and cupboard space.

Aud, try, and look for Dixie Carb Counters muffin mixes. They're, I think, 4.69 ea, and the ones I've had so far are 1-4 carbs per muffin depending on type, and absolutely beyond yummy. I have one for breakfast almost every day. I've tried 3 kinds so far: basic carrot (nothing basic about it, they're good!), honey bran, and blueberry cream. They're small, but that's fine. My newly developed sense of how much a serving should be is perfectly happy with them.

My back was horribly sore last night, kept waking me up, so I'm not going to the gym today. As near as I can tell, it's the treadmill that's doing it! I've been doing 40 minutes at 2.4-2.6 mph. Anybody got any insight into what I may be doing wrong? A person is supposed to be able to WALK, for cryin' out loud, no matter HOW fat she is! At that speed I am pushing myself, and dripping sweat when I am done, but it's not so strenuous I can't talk easily to the person on the next treadmill. On the other hand, it's possible that I could still talk even if I was dead...

08-31-2007, 04:31 PM
Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted lately. I'm having a rough time right now. I learned on Monday that DH is gambling again. We are now both scheduled for individual counseling and marriage counseling as well.

I'm stressed out to the max, what with DH wasting money on gambling, my son soon to be deployed, my own health problems, my DD (Lacy) being sick and now seeing a Gastroenterologist (they think her hiatal hernia repair has stretched out, possibly has gallbladder disease also and they want to check and see if she has the same Liver Disease that I have). Then add into the mix the addition of DH's 15 yr. old DD that moved in with us back in May.

Until yesterday, I had been losing wt. from all the stress. I blew it big time yesterday on our trip to see Lacy's specialist. We had McDonald's for BF, I ate about 1/2 lb. of chocolate candy and a piece of carrot cake for lunch, I had a club sandwich and baked potato for dinner. I'm still not back on track today. I've had a PB sandwich for BF, a grilled chicken wrap for lunch and a bowl of Special K cereal for a snack. . Other than a little working in my garden, all I've done is watch TV and read a book. I seriously need to pull out of this slump and get my butt in gear.

Only good news is DH gets a big payraise next week (but it's yet to see if he'll bring the money home or gamble it away).

Aud, I'm glad your doggie will be OK.
BB, hope you feel better soon.

08-31-2007, 07:18 PM
woohoo! down another pound -to 188 - although i am sure that after dinner this wkend (yes i am having dessert) ill be back up a pound or two but thats what the gym is for right?

hope you all have a great wkend!

beach bum
09-01-2007, 02:36 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Nothing new at my end, still feeling the same.Have no appetite but the scale is up 4-lbs since I got sick.Don't understand why??????? When I'm not eating.

Today is the last of the antibiotic pills that the doctor prescribed to me.Maybe after the weekend I will be feeling normal again.

Bouncing-Sorry:sorry: I couldn't advice you on the stevia. OUCH !!! You might have twisted in the wrong direction not on the treadmill but something that your did priorly. I know I to have to be very careful when making the beds,the wrong bend I will be wearing my back brace for several hours or even the next day.

Lily-Oh!! You poor thing,you don't need any more stress:stress:,Sending prayers that the marriage council will be working miracles. Thanks for the well wishes.

Chickadee-:yay: on you 1 lb loss.:yay:

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend

Hugs :) BB

09-01-2007, 07:25 PM
BB, thanks. It is certainly gonna take a miracle to straighten his sorry butt out. (I hate men right now , if you can't tell). Also, BB, my wt. goes up every time I'm on antibiotics and it comes right back down afterwards, so it's probably just the med causing this for you too.

My eating purely sucks right now. I tried so hard to be good today and blew it again. I've been running the girls all over the state today and feel so wore out. I'm finally home after 5 long hrs. of driving and I'm gonna kick back and read a book and sit on my widening butt for a while.

beach bum
09-02-2007, 10:55 AM
Good Morning Ladies :)

I'm starting to eat again,but I still have the runs,so I'm not going to church today this week either. I'm now on Imodium A-D,couldn't have that before as I was on antibiotics. Hope to be 100% by the middle of this week.

We have a beautiful day temps are 55 this morn.and will climb to the 70 by this afternoon.Going to have BBQ Chicken, & some veggies.

Lily-I was thinking along those lines also.I took my last antibiotic pills yesterday,so now I going to see what happens from there. I'm going to lean away from the comfort foods that I was eating,and rely on my low carb eating again. You'll get into the swing again,once this stress that hovering over you departs.

Will post later

Hugs :) BB

09-02-2007, 01:10 PM
awww, lily, that so sux!:(:mad: I am soo glad you came and Posted about what was going on - I was getting worried that something dreadful was going on with your health or DS deployment . . . not that DH gambling isn't bad enuf. I have a whole new perspective on this issue since my Tunica Trip - VERY worried about BOTH my older Sis's - especially the retired one with time & money on her hands - think I Posted on how I called to chat during the Rams game and she was off on ANOTHER mini-junket!!! (VERY unusual in our Football Fan Family!) Worrisome. You are in my thoughts & prayers with this load - glad you are taking time for you & relaxing reading a book!:hug:

I'm almost finished with HP Deathly Hallows - these books have been an incredible read!:) Can't believe how I've enjoyed!

beachie- I am so glad this wonderful weather has come your way! And you sound a bit better to boot!:hug: I'm still on mega-amoxicillin - will w/i tomorrow to see what its done to my weight loss goal for Labor Day Challenge that I'm in. I'm still not 100% but DID make it to the Y yesterday and enjoyed a good workout - also took Lil Pup Ginger on a loooong walk. Eating is OP--YAY! Poor Gretel is recooping in the basement - still needs soft light and quiet - but she is sooo glad to be home. We are hand feeding her (I made her a supply of hamburgers) and the poor thing got a sponge bath this morning as she can't get up yet to potty - pheeeeewwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee - that was some FUN!:o

Finally going to get around to making the lc egg bread again - this is a great thing to have on hand. Tx for the muffin mix tip bouncing. Know you are keeping busy this Labor Day!

09-02-2007, 01:42 PM
Hi all, just thought I'd check in before trooping off to the park. Beach, I'lm so glad you're feeling better! Antibiotics make me gain too, but it goes away real fast once I finish the course. Chickadee, congrats -- me too! Lily, I'm sorry about the gambling. That is such a scary issue. If you've been through it before, you know exactly how scary. Is there anything you can do to protect your assets, or does he do the bookie/loan shark thing? I once twinkled all the money out of a joint bank account and hid it in my (inaccessable to anybody but me) savings account. I put a freeze on my credit report, canceled the credit card (only one had my name on it), and took his name off my car (it was only on there for insurance reasons) and mine off his. If he wanted to lose HIS car, too f*ing bad for him, I was beyond caring if he screwed up his own life, as long as he didn't screw up mine. When he had no ready access to cash, he borrowed it from Guido's Loan, Extortion and Off-Track Company. Note: I am now firmly single -- no kids, not years of history together before the gambling spinout. I cut his sorry *** loose. If we had been actually married (we were planning on it), or together for a really long time, or had kids, I guess I just would have had a nervous breakdown and checked myself into a mental hospital somewhere...thank goodness we didn't live together! I'd have been sleeping with a .45 under the pillow, waiting for Uncle Guido and the Boys to show up one dark night! I was heartbroken, but I survived, sadder but wiser. Now the very idea of financial entanglement makes me break out in hives. Funny, I had forgotten all about that chapter of my life. I was a lot younger (and cuter) then!

Another pound gone. I guess it's still working. Last night I made blueberry flax muffins from a low carb website A(not Linda's). I combined two recipes to get both the blueberries and the flax, and tweaked things a bit. They turned out chewy and yummy, and 2.3g each. I've never made anything with either flax meal or almond flour before. Only thing I'll change next time is I'll add more sweetener -- I used Stevia Glycerite, and had to guess. The blueberries added some sweetness tho, so it was still OK. Chopped walnuts would be a good enhancement, too.

Well, have a good day, everybody!

09-02-2007, 01:56 PM
2.3 TOTAL grams? (Not net? The whole "net thing" has wrecked my progress b4 so I'm relying on TOTAL only this time around - kind of gun shy!)

Speaking of "gun shy" . . . (COURTESY OF AUD "SEGUE QUEEN!";):dizzy:) . . . WOW! What a different take on the gambling thing bouncie - PRACTICAL DOWN TO REAL LIFE EARTH advice!!!! PROACTIVE - so much better than the worry wart drivel I posted to lily. What was your former dh's poison? Racetrack? What's you dh betting on lily? My Sis's are SLOT DEMONS!!!!!! I think I may be calling DS oldest son and see if he can get thru to her or at least be AWARE. He's in SAN FRAN Bay tho' . . . maybe a sooner than Christmas Visit is in order?

Just LOVE this place! WTG on being a survivor GF!:hug:

I was logging back in here to comment that altho' I know all back problems are not created equal - I just CANNOT believe your problems would be cause by walking/treadmill, bouncie. Have had a LOT of experience on this issue - and every rehab I've gone thru involved LOTS of walking - walkingwalkingwalkingwalking . . . 2 things:

1) You're not doing the INCLINE option are ya? That's a no-no-no . . . .

2) Have you ever tried (or have the capability) to reverse walk on tread? Basically walking backwards? This is heavenly for the compression in the spine - opens up the spaces between discs. If this isn't an option - try pedaling backwards on a ex bike (especially if you can get to a recumbent) - the relief will be AWESOME, I think.

09-03-2007, 12:04 AM
HI! May I join in? I have about 60 pounds to lose. I am recently married and I would love to lose this there room for one more?

09-03-2007, 01:49 AM
Soon2b, there's ALWAYS room! Welcome, we're glad to have you!

Aud, if I ignore the fiber, the muffins are 4.6g ea. I always have subtracted the fiber. If a package tells me net g and it isn't equal to total g - fiber g, I use my own number. Lots of things (Atkins bars, for example) use net g that make no sense to me, so I ignore their number. But it's moot, cuz I'm not eating those anymore.

Himself was addicted to sports betting. If no sports were available, off-track racing bets. There are people in that business that you really, really don't want to know. Shellie's Rule #56: Do not allow other people to drag their train wreck through YOUR life. Rule #57: If Larry associates with scary people, stop associating with Larry IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise the scary people will eventually know YOU. Note: these rules are not always enforceable.

I haven't been using the incline. At this weight, or anything even sorta close, alking too far has always made my back muscles hurt, if my poor feet didn't torture me into submission first. I'm sure it's weight distribution. My frame was designed to carry 115 lbs, not more than twice that! Treadmill does not have a reverse function. I'll wait until everything is better, maybe another week, then start very slowly to build the muscles. I'm hoping that will work. I think what really pushed it to the pain point was lifting small weights with my arms straight out, alternating -- one hand moving up while the other moved down, then reverse the movement. That one really works the back hard, I don't care HOW good y our posture is.

09-03-2007, 11:16 AM
Ladies, I'll explain a little of what's going on. One week after Vic and I were married, he stopped me in his Patrol Car and told me he had won $1000.00 on horse track racing while I was at work that night. I asked him to put some money in our bank account cause we were broke. By the time I got off work 12 hrs. later, he gave me $50.00 and told me he had given the rest to his X-wife for his 4 kids. MY hugest mistake was I believed him since she was constantly calling to beg for money.

A couple years later, he went deep sea fishing with my brother and friends. While he was gone, I learned that he had hot checks out and had to pick them all up. When he came back, I threw a major fit. He admitted then that he had been gambling with the money. He swore to me , God and anyone else who was listening that he'd never do it again. Again, I'm an idiot and thinking he learned his lesson , I stayed with him. We had just bought our home and I couldn't afford the bills on my own.

Two years later, he started his own mowing business on top of his full-time job with the Highway Patrol. I thought, finally we won't have any financial problems. But, Oh No, things got worse. I never saw a dime from his new business and he spent over $12,000 on expensive lawn tractor type equipment. At this time, I was very sick and had to drop to part-time work. I was so sick with my Liver Disease, the Dr.'s did not want me working at all.

He then sold his truck and bought a new one. The buyer of his vehicle gave him a $9000.00 check. Much to my surprise he never paid off the $8500.00 he owed to Ford on the truck he sold. It took about 4 months for Ford to get ahold of me and let me know this. By this time, I wasn't able to work at all. I didn't know WTF was going on. When I confronted him with this, he took off and ended up landing in a mental hospital after attempting to shoot himself with a shotgun. (the dumba-- shouldn't used his revolver). This totallly coincided with me seeing my first Hepatologist and being told I needed a Liver Transplant. I couldn't just kick him out cause I needed his insurance to be able to get a new Liver. I desperately wanted to stay alive to see my kids raised, so he had me over a barrell so to speak. He agreed to stay in Mental couseling and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and put on med's. For a short while, he took his med's and I thought things were going to improve. I took him off my checking account, cut up all credit cards and had him give me his paycheck each payday and I gave him an allowance.

The next year, I was hospitalized with Pneumonia and so sick I almost died. With my Immune system so compromised I couldn't fight off any infection and was placed on a ventilator. I remained for 6 weeks in the hospital. When I got out of the hospital, I found that many of our bills were'nt paid by him. He had written lots of checks on my account and everyone in town took them since he was a Trooper and everyone knew I was sick and trusted him. He had also cashed and spent my son's child support checks while I was hospitalized and took out a $7500.00 loan in my name during my absence. He had gotten a post office box to have some of these bills go to so I wouldn't find out about them. Once again, I couldn't afford to leave. I now had no job, no insurance, my disability hadn't started paying yet and me and the kids starving just wasn't an option. His mother paid our house payment for a full yr. while I was waiting on my disability money to kick in. I finally started receiving it 2 yrs. ago and paid her back the money we owed her.

Throw in the mix, DH's perpetual screw-up of a DD and there you have it. She got herself in ton's of finanancial trouble and he kept saying that anytime I find he had taken out a loan and not told me about it, that it was for her. To pay her utilities, rent, hot-checks and warrants. I didn't know he was gambling again. I thought he was getting us in hot financial crap to save her butt.

Last November, I noticed all of our hunting guns were gone. He lied and told me he sold them to keep her out of jail. I was furious but since I knew she had lots of warrants out, I believed him. Cops had even arrested her here at our house before.

Well, back in April, I mentiioned on here that I had "LOST" my wedding rings. And somehow my uber expensive Diamond bracelet was "LOST" too. Now, his DD's wedding rings that were locked in our safe are "LOST" too. Imagine that and last Monday I get a call from 2 different loan companies saying he is behind on his payments. LO and Behold he admits again that he is gambling. He swears he didn't pawn off my jewelry and I KNOW in my heart that he did. I wanted to tell him to pack his sh-t and get out. He begged me to let us both try individual counseling and marriage counseling. Once again the only reason I agreed is because Lacy now needs another stomach surgery and he carries the damn family insurance. I'm still on the list for a liver transplant and have finally lost the weight to be able to qualify for the procedure. My son is soon to be deployed to war.

I feel so friggin trapped that it is unbelievable. If I kick him out, we cant' have surgery and I know that I can't afford my medications without his insurance. What can I do?

Right now, he is starting to pout and whine cause I don't want Sex. Heck, I can't really even stand to look at him after all the trouble he's caused.

I dated him for a yr. before we married, he was a State Trooper and everyone respected him. Right now, he's lost all his friends cause he owes all of them money. Like I mentioned, he retired now from the Highway Patrol and is working on an Oil Rig. His Lieutenant was glad to see him gone, because of the embarassment he had caused when he tried to kill himself. He had even been put on probation because of his "inability to control his finanaces".

As far as I know , his choice of gambling is Internet Blackjack and Internet Texas Hold-em, plus lotto tickets, pull tabs and he has been known to frequent the 3 Indian Casino's that are within a 20 mile radius of home.

I have protected myself in that he is not on my house loan, he isn't on my bank account, I have Zero credit cards, I still pay all the bills and make him give me his paycheck each week. But, he still manages to take out loans without my knowledge and use stuff from around the house for collateral for his gambling loans.

Sorry, this is so long. I have No faith whatsoever that couseling will help and quite frankly I just don't give a damn anymore. I'm sick of trying to baby his *** along.

Here's my financial situation. My housepayment is $1100.00 a month, utilities $700.00 a month. Car payment and insurance $350.00 monthly. My medications $500.00 a month (if I had to buy them without insurance). I owe more on the house now than when I bought it because he and his X-wife hadn't payed TAxes for 4 yrs. and we had to take out a 2nd mortgage the first yr. we were married to keep IRS from seizing my home). So, I can't sell the house for even what is owed. I can't file bankruptcy cause I filed a Million dollar bankruptcy 2 yrs. ago due to my being hospitalized 6 weeks and having just had to quit working due to my Liver Disease. (DH's insurance waited a year to pick up my medical expenses due to it being a pre-existing disease). My disability pay is less than my above mentioned bills and that doesn't include the fact that I haven't counted for food and I still have a 15 yr. old DD in the home. My Dr.'s absolutely refuse to allow me to return to work since I am on steroids and have so many health problems and compromised immune system. I only see 2 options. Stay with him and wonder what will show up missing next and who he'll owe money to next. Or, lose my home. Get a small apartment for me and Lacy and pay money the rest of my life to whatever company forecloses on my house when it is sold at Sheriff's auction for half of what it's worth. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to chime in. I desperately need help.

09-03-2007, 12:59 PM
Morning all! Bouncing, thanks for the welcome!!
Lilybelle - I'm sorry hun, I have no wise words, or advice. Just that I'm here for ya if you need to talk/vent. I saw your pics & you look awesome!!
I'm off to check out some of the recipes....have a wonderful day!

09-03-2007, 01:27 PM

Didja have a lawyer for your disability? A lawyer needs to help protect you from these loans Hub is continuing to takeout. Very sticky. Lawyer can also help ease worries about medical coverage - in MO the non custodial parent HAS TO provide coverage for minor child - after all these shenanigans - perhaps for disabled ex-wife as well?

Also - unless you're in danger (and with a bipolar semi suicidal under pressure ex Trooper - that is indeed a possibility) NEVER move out of the property. Yeah you may owe owe owe on it - but real estate is real! I'd get a safe deposit box for any valuables - in you and Lacey's name only - I'd also make a police report for the missing jewelry - and cruise the pawn shops. They may turn up in routine police work and you can get them back for free if you spot them - if you have the report.

Just so you know - I have had and STILL have quite a bit of drama "IRL" . . . I think you are just simply amazing for all you have achieved, lily and a total inspiration! I am so glad you have Posted about what you are going thru - just hated when you were gone for a few days! If we know anything about lilyb . . . it's that you are not only a SURVIVOR but a CONQUEROR (altho' bet you don't feel like one right about now?) You'll do what's best for your DD & DS - which is taking care of YOU at this stressful time - so you can be strong for them!:hug:

09-03-2007, 01:41 PM
:welcome3: soon2bfab!!:hug: How long have you been LC'ing? Love your pic!:) Someday my oldest DD is going to help me Post some - she just turned 21 and has started a new job - she says it's her "calling" to be a nurse that helps senior citizens. She's been at the Nursing Home about a week working the 11pm-7am shift and training for Certification - Step 1. Last nite she called all freaked out 'cause some male patient kept begging her to "hold it" while he went potty.:dizzy: I felt like driving up here and slapping the ole guy!:mad::p I liked it better when she was going to be a nursery school teacher or plumber!!!;)

Glad you're aboard - Do you work? Have any kids? Hope you (and the others I see in a couple of Threads here at LC!) will just jump on in here to Chat!:carrot:

09-03-2007, 02:01 PM
Sounds like you "know thyself," bouncie! I was just explaining the other day in the Challenge Thread that at this weight - SOME things are just not gonna work excercise-wise. Not a matter of embarrassment or self-consciousness - just not gonna work because I would INJURE myself at this point/weight if I went there. I'm really trying to be an "intuitive Eater" and also Excerciser- LOL!:D BTW: LOVED your calling the ex "Himself!" Priceless and I will use!

Who are we missing here?:?: Ooooohhhhhh beeeaaaachhhhiiiieeeeee? azzzzuuuuuuurrrrrre? Callllyyyssstiaaaa??? Puncieeeeeee? lllloooottttttttts?? llllaaaaauuuuurrrrraaaa???? sssshhhhhheeerrrrrriiiiieeee? Everyone Else I've missssssseeeeed???? Newwwccooommmmmers from the other Thrrrreeeaaaddddsss here??????:D;)

It's officially September - Let's Do This Thang!!!:carrot:

beach bum
09-03-2007, 02:03 PM
Hi Ladies:)


I'm feeling great this afternoon. Going to start the diet shortly,was thinking to give my bod a change to recoup,before I start.

Lost some poundage 1.5 this morning,its a start and hopefully it will go down further.

Aud-Good Luck on your W-I. I'm not going to get too serious of what the scale reads until next week.Was OP some of the time,hope to work on it slowly back to full time low caring. Happy to hear that your doggy Gretel is doing somewhat fine. The poor thing,its going to take time & patients,but she will mend.

Bouncing-Glad to here it might be the antibiotics that caused the weight gain, as I been off of them since Sat.maybe takes why I lost.

Soon-Welcome to the thread,theres always room for more.You'll like it here, woman are very friendly and supportive. I have a few low carb web sites that I will be glad to share with you.
These will help you get started.

LILY-I don't know what to say or tell you,but I'm going to put you and your family on my prayer list. Going to pray that your life gets stress free and a answer will soon be found.

Have a nice day, what left of it.I will post tomorrow

Hugs :) BB

09-03-2007, 03:04 PM
Hey all! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. although I'm not doing anything special, I am enjoying having this extra day off. Still hanging in there trying to stay on plan. Just kinda been skating by & not trying really hard this past week or so but have been working on it today. getting ready to go to the grocery store so I can really stay on plan this week.

Lily: holy crap are one tough lady. I don't have any advice other than to agree with Aud and say "Get a lawyer!" will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Soon2bfab: Welcome. You will really enjoy it here. I've gotten LOTS of support in the past few months and don't know what I would have done without it.

Hope everyone has a great week.

09-03-2007, 03:39 PM
Lily, I'm sorry to hear you're in such a tough situation. I think you are a very strong person to deal with all of this and to lose wieght on top of it all. I hope things start to look up for you soon, you are an inspiration and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :hug:

I'm back down 3 of the 6 lbs I gained over my holliday. Back on track.
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

09-03-2007, 04:28 PM
Lily, if you're not on SS disability, get yourself on it soonest. Then you can qualify for Medicare after a waiting period, 18 mos. I think, then you are no longer dependent on DH's insurance for your own self. When you qualify for medicare, get Part B and the drug supplement, and your meds will be covered -- pick your plan by the lowest cumulative cost for your particular meds. And you'll want to look ino Medigap insuance too, for all the stuff Medicare Part B doesn't cover, and deductibles. If you need help getting on SS disability, there are companies that specialize in that. I used one, and they performed miracles, and they performed them very quickly. I even got a big lump payment for backdated claim grant. And like aud said, Lawyer Up!

Health issues first. Like the flight attendant reminds the passengers, you can't help anybody else including your kids until after you put on your own oxygen mask. If you try, you just become another one of the victims. Health is critical. People are important. STUFF is not important. Nobody ever lay on her deathbed saying "Gee, I wish I'd taken better care of my jewelry."

Good luck, God bless, and keep us all posted or I will personally hunt you down and tickle you until you pee your pants. In public. Then I'll tell everybody. A terrible fate. Don't make me do it.

09-03-2007, 07:30 PM
Hiya sunchick! Glad you're hanging in there! WTG puncie - 3lbs is 3lbs! LOL!:dizzy:

Welpers - went in and w/i at the Doc's Urgent Care Office (they were so nice!) - stayed right on 222 - so that's my official number for the Labor Day Challenge (Thanking Union Ancestors for this extra day off!:hug:) . . . Official Tally:

July 16th: Returned to 3fc and lc'ing (after a most disastrous all time 248lb high-dance with calorie counting and mindless self-medicating carb loading from March - July.:o)

26lb loss!!:carrot:


I'm kicking my Type A Competitive Personality up a notch and entered TBLoser Challenge/ends Dec. 3rd & Also sticking with my Women On WEED friends for a Halloween Challenge - hoping to be 199# for :haphal:! Not sure what Dec. 3rd will bring.

BTW: FOUL on bouncie for the hunting down/tickle til lilyb pees Post!:mad: My monitor now has iced tea damage!!!!:devil::D

09-04-2007, 12:05 AM
Aud - Thanks! I just started lc, day one under my belt! I did atkins before & lost 40lbs, but then I moved in with my now husband (we were married in JUne) and I stopped Atkins & started gaining. Now I'm 50 lbs heavier!!
No children yet, but I want at least one, but I would like to drop the weight first. I do work full time as a retail manager.

09-04-2007, 12:05 PM
Hi everyone,

I wanted to continue and let everyone know that I am on my SS disability. I am now on Medicare but not the one that covers any of my med's. Since DH is Lacy's step-dad, he wouldn't have to cover her on insurance if we divorced. . Without a doubt, she is facing surgery again for the 3rd time. (Lacy basically has no biological father as she was conceived via artificial inseminaton). I have never let DH adopt Lacy cause he has kept screwing up for the past 10 yrs. Plus, if something happens to me, I don't want him raising her cause he'd screw that up too.

aud, I do agree about needing a lawyer. I just don't know how I can make my house payment and pay a lawyer too. The safety deposit box idea is a great one and I wish I had done that sooner. Right now, there is nothing left to bother with locking up, he's already pawned it all off. (Unless you count my high school classring from 30 yrs. ago and my nursing school pin, that is all that is left).

Shellie, OK is a joint property state. So , filing a police report wouldn't help cause I know who took my stuff, it was DH. In this state, there isn't crap that they would do about it.

beach bum
09-04-2007, 03:18 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday yesterday.I spent mine time watching fed ex cup golf tournament. We had BBQ hamburgers Hot dogs and corn on the cob.

Going to start the diet next week,but this week I will be watching what I'm eating.Going to ease on the carbs that I was using as comfort foods during my food poisoning ordeal.

AUD-I'm ready for the Sept Challenge,but not until next week.WTG 26 lbs :yay: that awesome.. I did post in the Challenge thread.
1)drink more water
2)exercise more
3)watching my carb intake[especially bread]

Puncezilla-Big congrats:cheers: on the 3 lbs loss you'll lose the other in no time.

Lily-Wishing you all the best.

Hugs :) BB