Exercise! - Les Mills fitness classes - How many calories burnt?

08-26-2007, 12:26 PM
I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to follow the class I want to go to on a regular basis (money woes, as usual... /sigh), but since I was given a pass for a free class of the "Les Mills" group, I signed up for Body Combat this morning, and... absolutely loved it. That's sure a cardio workout I wouldn't mind doing several times a week. :)

Out of curiosity, though, I'm wondering: information found over the good old 'net led me to think that 1 hour of that class would burn about 800 calories. Which seems to be a lot to me, but hey, I had fun, so I really couldn't tell you what my heart rate was and all that kind of stuff. And the Body Attack class was said to also consume about 800 cals.

Is such information exact? What range of calories being burnt can we take into account (so as to include the fact that all bodies are different and burn a different amount in a given session)?

Thanks. :)

08-26-2007, 12:41 PM
I really doubt it, Kery. You're quite little so you almost certainly won't burn so many calories. Just for the sake of comparison, I weigh about 10lb more than you and regardless of what kind of cardio I'm doing, I have to work really, really hard (80-90% of max) to burn 10 cals/minute. I think it would be impossible for me to burn 800 cals in an hour; it usually takes me between 30 and 32 minutes to burn 300 calories (according to my HRM) when I'm running or using the elliptical, both of which get my heart rate right up there.

That said, even if you only burned 500 calories during that hour, you had fun and you still burned alot of calories!

08-26-2007, 01:26 PM
Hehe, I doubt it as well, that's why I'd be interested in getting a range (in such cases, I always pick the lowest amount burnt, so that if I'm off in my calculations, well, at least it's in a good way). I would have thought about 400 calories for me, rather than 800. But I really have no clue about how all those things are calculated, and anyway I hadn't brought a cardiometre with me to check according to my pulse.

And as you say, I had fun, which is the main component for me to go on with a type of exercise. (Now if only it wasn't that expensive, argh!)