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08-24-2007, 05:25 PM
I take this product off and on while dieting maybe take it for a couple weeks then stop for a few months, I like it, for me it works real well for controling my appetite, food just sounds yucky when I'm on it. The energy is very nice that I get from it, but I take a lower dose then what is reccomended, the reccomended dose has just too much caffine for me, makes me grind my teeth.

Any who I was wandering if anyone else had tried it and had any success or any problems with it.
I havn't used it in a few months, have about half a bottle left, I wanna team it with some Slim Fast and see how that works for me.

My goal is losing weight as fast as possible without hurting my body. I'm getting married in October 08, but the dress has to be bought a lot sooner so I need to shape up real quick.