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08-19-2007, 10:40 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We have had the whole range of weather today: thunderstorms, rain, clouds, sun, wind, more clouds, and HUMIDITY! We left this morning to go to MIL's and the garage cat was still up in the tree where the dog chased him yesterday afternoon. We went down several times last evening to try and coax him down and he wouldn't budge. When we got home tonight he was still in the tree. I called and the cat mom said the other cat hadn't been around either so she is wondering if that cat is also in a tree somewhere. The dog in question was visiting next door to them, for the weekend, and has since left. She is hoping now that it is quiet the cat(s) will come down and/or show up. I hope so too! :dizzy:

"Gma" -- You can pack your scissors in checked luggage, can't you? Someone at school mentioned you can't take food on board with you either. I took granola bars and bottled water the last time. I know it is for our own safety, but it still bugs me that a few cause the trouble and the rest of us get penalized for it. Our WM has a whole grocery section for the "other race" in town as well a greeting card section that used to be all in English. Makes me growly for sure! I hope our Walgreen's doesn't do that or I will complain to the manager like I did at the grocery store. :jig: I never heard another Spanish announcement after that either.

I have laundry going and need to get my ducks in a row for tomorrow. I still have things to do at school that I didn't have time to do on Friday. It is a half day of classes and an in-service afternoon for the teachers. I plan to play catch-up and enjoy the peace and quiet while I work. Tuesday is also a half day, but we do have to go to that in-service in the afternoon.

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! August is half over, and where did the summer go? :dunno:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-20-2007, 08:48 AM
Good Monday morning gals! I was going to snooze in for a little while, but Fortune needed his meds between 5:30 and 6 so I just got up.

We had a pretty quiet weekend just hanging out at home. I was able to figure out the pattern for dd's sweater and have started it. I really like the hyacinth color and I think it will look great on her. Once I didn't second guess everything and panic, read the pattern carefully and typed it out row by row, it was my lightbulb moment and I have a good portion on the first front side finished. I am still plodding along with the baby sweater, but the thing looks so weird I am afraid it I will get it finished and it won't sew together correctly. I went over the pattern several times and I have done nothing wrong so we shall see I guess. I would hate to have to tear out the thing as it changes color every two rows. What a mess that would be since from the neckline down for the front, I am having to cut the yarn every two rows and weave. I do hope it turns out in the end.

Jean: My daughter has always said, "You never see a cat skeleton in a tree." I am not sure she has a totally valid point, but I suppose she is correct that cats can get down out of a tree by themselves. I imagine it will come down when it figures the visitor has gone home. I will be packing my little ziploc bag with my tape measure, stitch holders, scissors and such in my checked bag so I can work on the sweater at the hotel, I just can't do it on the plane. I will work on dd's sweater on the plane, read a book and watch movies as I am taking our little portable dvd player. You can no longer take any drinks on board if you brought them with you before going through security. If you buy anything after you have been screened, you may take it on board. There is a whole list of stuff that you can now take, but it has to be 3 oz or less, like eye drops, perfume, anything liquid in the hygiene area. You can of course, put anything larger than that in checked bags, which is what we do. Also, if you do want to take stuff like that through security, you have to have it in ONE and only ONE QUART size only ziploc style bag, ie I have contact eye drops, liquid lip gloss and hand sanitizer that all have to go in one bag and when you reach security you have to take it out of your bag or handbag and put it in a box for separate screening. I will just put my lipstick and gloss on before I leave home and put the rest in my checked bags and then have a baggie with my eye drops and liquid sanitizer in a separate baggie. I usually strip my purse down so there is not question of any problems. I put it all in a ziploc bag in my checked luggage like my eyeglass repair kit, manicure set, stuff like that. I don't need it on the plane and that way you won't have some overzealous TSA person take it away from you even though all that stuff is allowed. I actually can take pointed scissors now that are shorter than 4 inches, but again I don't want someone to try and take them away nor get into an argument with one of them and get hauled off to security even though I have a printed list of what is allowed. These people have now copped an attitude of superiority and think their word is final even if they are wrong so it is best to avoid an confrontations even if you are in the right. We also always have to go through backflips with Jack's laptop. You have to take it out of the bag so they can examine it. I wonder if it is the same with the dvd player. Guess I will have to be prepared for it.

Better get going this morning and get those ole chores done.

Have a great start to the week!

08-20-2007, 01:03 PM
Good morning, ladies! Had a very nice weekend. Jean, you have inspired me to go through papers and get them put into the file cabinet instead of in a big box labeled 2007. I got started on that so now I have piles of papers all over my sewing room awaiting their folders (have to go to Office Max).

We finally had rain - torrential downpour with lots of thunder and lightening.

Looks like it may rain more today - hopefully not when I have to take Stan to dialysis or bring him home...

I have been doing a lot of reading - fiction and nonfiction - since the library got in a lot of new books and it seems all the holds I put on them have come up at once.

Faye, vacation will soon be here! Vive Las Vegas!

08-20-2007, 08:31 PM
I had to post this before I forgot about it. Someone posted this on the knitting site I belong too. This is unbelievable!

08-20-2007, 09:08 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am home alone since Bob decided to go back and spend the afternoon with his brother at the lake. We had a wild thunderstorm go through this morning. It was bad enough they wouldn't let the kids go outside to pass between classes and announced that we should stay away from the windows. Hail was predicted but never happened. I had left my car window down just a crack and I went out to mop up the water at noon. It had blown to the opposite side of the car and the carpet was pretty wet. The sun came out and it was a humid afternoon.

The doctor's office called and said I could come in for my shingles shot after school. They wanted me to pay the $205, in advance, for it and I told them I had called the insurance company twice and they told me it was covered if I was over 60. The insurance lady at the clinic called again . . . I was right and they let me have it. I was going to get it regardless, but couldn't see a $205 credit sitting at the clinic either. :no:

"Gma" -- I never thought about the stuff in my purse being a security problem. Thanks for the warning! We've never lost our luggage but I suppose there is always a first time. Some of the news stories about delayed flights, etc., have been an eye opener for sure. I hope you don't have to take out the baby sweater either -- changing yarn every 2 rows has to be a pain.

Susan -- I don't think I will ever be caught up on the sorting and pitching. *sigh* Maybe that will be my goal when I retire.

I should get busy and do something. I am tired . . . maybe I'll go watch TV!Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-21-2007, 08:21 AM
Good morning all! It was definitely a few degrees cooler here yesterday, but not cool by any means. It was in the high 90's instead of well over 100. I looked at the Vegas temps for next week and the first two days we are there it is supposed to be 106 and 108 so it is going to be really hot there, but thankfully hardly any humidity. We are now getting to the point where my "lists" kick in. Not until Thursday, but from then on. I always stop our mail several days in advance to make sure it is stopped. We get mail 99% of the time, mostly junk, so I know when we don't get mail two days in a row, they have stopped it like they are supposed to. Since we changed post offices, we haven't had any trouble. The other guy couldn't get it right if his life depended on it. I would have to call the supervisor every dang time I wanted the mail stopped.

Fortune is doing ok, but not eating a whole lot. He isn't vomiting or loose stools anymore and he has had a bowel movement everyday so I guess he is eating at least something when I am not seeing. He is back to his old self though as he played fetch with Jack for a bit last night. He is back to barking to go out too, which is a good sign.

Jean: Wow, sounds like you have been having some big storms. We had a biggy over the weekend, which knocked out tv for the station we were watching right in the middle of a CUBS baseball game so we had to listen to it on the radio. I thought at first it was our satellite, as bad weather can interrupt it, but all the other channels worked and they came on the tv with a message across the screen that there was no need to call the station had lost its signal. It didn't come back on for hours and by that time the game was over. The weather has been wreaking havoc with sports games up north. They had to call a Cubs game on Saturday, which because it was longer than 5 innings in and the home team was ahead, the Cubs won that one, then the one on Sunday was called off completely. It was really cloudy that day but hadn't rained. They were into the bottom of the third, one guy on base for the CUBS, the pitcher, who happens to be a pretty good hitter was up and the skies opened up. The pitcher just stood there on home plate wanting to bat! :lol: Everyone else is running for cover! Yesterday, they started the game, had to stop it for 90 minutes then resumed it. The Nascar race on Sunday got rained out big time (racing in Michigan) they were going to race yesterday morning and it was still pouring and so they are going to try again today I guess.

I have now finished the front panel for my dd's wrap sweater. It took me a couple hours to type line by line directions for the whole thing, but this way I can take them with me on the plane, mark off row by row and not get lost and have to frog anything back. I hope when it is time to finish it I can figure it out. It has a weird finish to the neckline. I also have to find organza ribbon for the ties so will have to go out and hunt it up. The sweater doesn't have to be finished until middle of November so I am good on time.

Was that art project with the car something or what? I can't imagine knitting a full sized car!

Susan: So what are you reading? Have you read the new book, Daddy's Girls? It is pretty good, actually. I bought 4 books to take to Vegas and have read 3 of them. I never know how long it will take my book club to get stuff shipped so I ordered them early then got bored and a couple weeks ago polished off all but one of them. I do love to read. I have even read the last Harry Potter twice through and am thinking about beginning it again.

I hear the washer has stopped so I guess I better get up and get the laundry in the dryer. I am not cleaning until the weekend so am trying to just keep the house picked up and surface stuff cleaned up until then. I am going to shampoo the dining room carpet then too.

Have a great Tuesday.

08-21-2007, 09:11 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Bob is at a company dinner meeting and I opted out. It was hot and humid at school again today. We had an "experience poverty" in-service this afternoon, in the gym, and it was even hotter in there. We go all day tomorrow so I hope this weather breaks sooner rather than later.

"Gma" -- It sounds like Fortune is on the mend. Good! Garage cat came down out of the tree after the big rain storm yesterday. His mom said he slept in his box most of the day. :lol: Being long haired I'm sure he looked pretty sad. :( They hadn't seen the other one, but she showed up here for breakfast yesterday and again last night. I called them last night and they came down thinking she would be glad to see them. NOT! She wouldn't have anything to do with them; they left with her headed in the right direction of her own home. I wonder if the dog chased her around the yard and she was afraid to go home. What day do you leave for Vegas? I'm sure you are getting excited. :hyper: Just don't lose your lists! ;)

Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-22-2007, 07:10 AM
Good morning all. I fell asleep early last night so of course I am awake early this morning. I got an email from my dd as it is the dreaded school fundraiser again. I still have gazillions of wrapping paper stuff from last year's fundraiser. I don't know why these companies that do this don't put stuff people want to buy in their catalogues and stuff. You can order online, but it ships to you so you have to pay shipping and handling. I was going to order just a couple lightweight things, some birthday paper and bows and an address book and they wanted $10 for shipping! So, I ask my dd if she had time to meet me next Monday to look at the catalogues. I am really swamped trying to get all my vacation stuff done and really wished this could wait until I get back, but you have to have the orders and money in by the 5th, which is the day we return home so that won't work.

I just gave Fortune his meds and it took him forever to quit rolling it around on the floor and eat it. I put the half pill in a small piece of sliced cheese which I warm in my hand to make it soft and make a small cheese ball out of it with the meds in the center. Once he started eating it he swallowed it right down, but I had to follow him all over the living room watching him roll it!:^:

Jean: My to do list is taped on my computer desk so I know right where it is. Looks like tomorrow I start crossing stuff off. Actually, I can start getting stuff like the dog's stuff ready today I guess and put it by the door to take to the kennel.

Our cooling off certainly didn't last. It was near 100 yesterday again and the local news said the temps are going to go up again this week with no rain in sight. I don't get that as Oklahoma and Texas have had heavy rain as has Alabama, but it seems to totally miss us.

I better get up and get my morning chores done. I am sure Jack is in the shower or should be.


08-22-2007, 11:04 AM
Good morning, ladies!

We had more storms and this morning I noticed the rain gutter is starting to come down on the front of the house so called our handyman to get that fixed quickly - of course, he has several jobs in front of us. It's always something.

I dread the stuff our schools sell - popcorn for $14 a tiny tin that holds about 6 cups, magazines, wrapping paper, cards and other junk. And it seems they are also outside every grocery store with the junk and tins for donations. One school sells those 2fer coupon books for restaurants and services for only $10. They are good because if you use one coupon you have your money back.

Jean, do you have problems getting school bus drivers? We have such a problem here, they have changed the school times so the drivers can do 3 runs - high school, back for middle school, then elementary. Elementary is starting at 9:30 and letting out at 4:30 this year.

Faye, the countdown is on! I'm glad Fortune is better. I'm currently reading "Fox's Eart" by Anne Rivers Siddons. Just finished "Tumbling Blocks" by Earlene Fowler.

08-23-2007, 12:32 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I've had my cat nap in front of the TV this evening. I hate doing that but I was so tired when I got home today. We had horrendous thunderstorms again today, but no wind this time. I was smart enough not to put any car windows down today! We had a full day of school; it started off terribly hot and humid although it started cooling down after the rain came. This weather has been so very strange!

"Gma" -- Do the animals start getting nervous when you get the luggage out and put their things together? Our high school yearbook sells magazine subscriptions and the music students sell fruit, meat, cheese, and candy combinations. We live on a dead end street, with no children, so we don't very often have anyone come to our door. I always buy :rolleyes: because people bought from our kids when they sold stuff. At least Fortune will eventually eat his medicine :D . . . I hate poking stuff down a cat!

Susan -- We have 6 subs for special ed. this year. They are begging for subs in every area of the district. When we had our district meeting, I noticed that most of our bus drivers are "old" and retired teachers. I sure wouldn't like their schedules even though they work a short shift they have to be available for the extra activities. Our after school program (babysitting) bus is taking kids home at 6:00! I wonder what working parents do that have to work around such a late start for elementary students. Our high school starts at 8:15, the middle school at 8:20, and elementary at 8:30. The elementary buildings get out at 3:05, middle school at 3:15, and the high school at 3:27. Don't ask me why it isn't 3:30 because I have no clue! :lol: We bus from neighborhood pick up corners, in town, and all the busses come to the high school where kids move to busses that go to whichever school they go to. Hope your rain gutter is fixed by now. We've had 7.5" of rain in August so far. Enough!

I'm going to bed! Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow. Man, the days are flying by fast!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

08-23-2007, 08:37 AM
Good morning ladies! It is going to be hot again today with no rain in site. I am starting my pre-vacation cleaning and carpet shampooing from now until Monday. Lots to do now to get ready.

Susan: I wish they'd sell those coupon books as they at least are worth the money. The only bad about them is they can't be used out of your area so to sell to like my son and dil won't work. I don't mind buying stuff, but there are only so many candles, wrapping paper, etc you want or need. I want to buy a goodly amount so my grandson can get his prize, but most of the stuff I have bought in the last 3 years when you get it, sure doesn't look like what it does in the catalogue. I have a lighthouse/beach themed type living room and last year bought a really cute lifesaver frame. When I got it, the place for the picture is only about 1 1/2 inches diameter. This year I just bought an address book, some curly bows and a couple other things.

Jean: Yes, the animals mostly notice when the bags are brought downstairs and put in front of the door. Then they know something is up. Fortune is ok going to the kennel so he doesn't get upset but excited. We have a non city owned bus company that does the busing here. I was considered a townie even though I lived a mile away so I couldn't ride the bus, but I can still remember several of the bus drivers as they were the parents of some of the kids I went to school with. When you live in Mayberry, that's the way it is I guess.:lol: I have to say it was a cool place to live when I was a kid. Of course back then you felt safe and walked around at night and played outside after dark. I even went trick or treating by myself from the time I was about 9 on. We lived on a side street right off a state road and I used to walk home at 10 o'clock at night after basketball or football games. I surely wouldn't let kids do that now.

My cleaning is waiting for me so I better start getting to it before it gets too hot.

Have a good Thursday.

08-24-2007, 12:54 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! Well, another evening of napping in front of the TV! :( I will go to bed shortly and sleep all night, I hope. I don't feel nearly as frustrated at school as I did last year, so I don't know why I'm so tired when I get home. :dunno: For some reason my computer is so slow tonight; it's almost like it is thinking whether it wants to do anything or not. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! :D

"Gma" -- Wish I could send some of our rain your way! We've had enough! Our county is in a flood watch, but we personally don't live close to any rivers or streams. The small river went over the highway between us and a little town 5 miles away. A lot of people go back and forth for jobs, school, etc., and have to detour on gravel which isn't fun in all this rain. When I was in elementary school we lived on a main highway and a car length from the city limit sign. The school bus went right by, but I couldn't ride because I was a "city" kid. So my mom took me and picked me up. As I got older I did ride my bike or walk, but it was almost 2 miles w/o sidewalks. When we moved here our kids could ride the bus, and they both hated it! :lol: Jason was big enough to take care of himself, but Beth was smaller and afraid of the bigger kids. She talked her dad into taking her on his way to work in the morning. If I was subbing she would ride home with me. I sure wouldn't walk in some areas, around this town after dark, let alone let my kids walk alone. :no: Things just aren't the same as in the "good 'ol days!"

I'm off to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and then head off to bed. Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-24-2007, 06:40 AM
Good morning gals! I got the upstairs all cleaned yesterday and will start to tackle downstairs this morning. I have a whole 2 things marked off my lists now! :lol: I have the mail stopped starting Saturday to make sure they do it and moved Fortune's grooming to within his kennel stay and just gave him a bath instead.

It is boiling hot here again. Jack and I needed some things from the store so we went out after he got home from work yesterday afternoon. Our car temp read 108 so that meant the temp was anywhere from 105-111. It was scorching hot outside and the wind was blowing. I told Jack it felt like the Santa Anas we used to experience when we lived in San Diego years and years ago.

Jean: I fell asleep really early last night too. There was nothing to watch on tv and I had something on and fell asleep with it on. I woke up later and switched the tv off and was so sound asleep I didn't even hear Jack come in and change clothes as he shaved and took a shower last night.

Jack and I have started watching a BBC show in the afternoon at 5 PM our time called, "My Family." It is hilarious. I like some Brit comedy, like the old "Keeping Up Appearances," but so much of it is either smut or really stupid stuff. This one is just plain funny. I kept trying to figure out where I had seen the woman that plays the wife in the show, my brain saying she is in the Harry Potter films. Her name was even familiar, but I couldn't place her. Yesterday, I sat and closed my eyes and put a witch's hat on her head and it came right to me, she plays Madam Hooch the quidditch teacher! She is older now, but she looks the same.

I have put the baby's sweater away until I get back. I am going to rip the whole thing out and use another pattern to make it. It just doesn't look right and I have gone over and over the pattern and know I didn't make a mistake. I don't want to have to continue so much work only to find out something isn't right so I am just going to rip it out and make a piece sweater instead. I have a great pattern that will work perfectly. I found it on a tear off sheet at Michael's awhile back. In the meantime, I am working on Kelly's sweater and it is coming along famously. I have the second front wrap piece almost finished.

I best get my morning chores going. Have a good Friday everyone and a great weekend. We will be seriously packing and getting ready for the trip this weekend.


08-24-2007, 02:37 PM
It is getting warmer again. We have had about 5 days of 'fall' temps and it was lovely except I do like Summer better than Winter.

I am still on the lemon-water and 'loo' routine and nothing has happened yet. My right back flank feels so swollen and sore (uncomfortable) and it is making sleeping difficult. I can only sleep on my left side and I usually like to sleep on my stomach so I wake up when I accidently turn in my sleep. I go to the imaging center next Tuesday to have another CT with dye to see if the stone has moved but I think it has found a home and likes it there.
The following Tuesday I see the Dr. to find out what is next. Possibly a proceedure in which I will be in a tub of water and they will use an ultrasound to pinpoint the stone and then bombard me with some sort of 'rays' or something to blast it. Sounds like fun.
I am still trying not to have animal protein more than once a day and no chocolate, nuts, salt....the only good side of this is I have lost 4 lbs. I hope this is the start of a good thing.

Faye: Wanted to get in here to wish you both the best vacation ever. Even though Vegas will be hot I am sure you will find lots to do in the air conditioned casinos. I've said this before but you are really a knitting machine..I hope everyone really appreciated all the efforts you have put into the gifts.

Jean: Doesn't seem possible that another Summer vacation has gone past and you are back to school. I only hope this year will be easier than last.

Susan: Hope all is well with you and Stan.


08-25-2007, 02:00 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I'm on my way to bed after another evening of napping in front of the TV. You'd think I'd be caught up on sleep by now. :hyper: I'm glad it's Friday! Five days down and only 175more to go! :lol: So far school is going much better this year. I still have one jack a** in a study hall who couldn't keep his mouth shut if his life depended on it. I'd just like to smack him with a book to get his attention. If I were in charge he would be sitting in the hall, :f: but since I'm not I try to tune him out which isn't easy.

"Gma" -- We didn't get any rain today and the temperature was considerably lower. It is supposed to be a nice weekend. That is too bad about the baby sweater but I know what you mean about it not looking just right to you. I had to laugh at you remembering the actress'es name. We had an Enlgish teacher who started out as an aide and then finally worked her way into a teaching position only to have her husband transferred during the school year. No one could think of her name; I'm tempted to call one of the retired teachers to see if she remembers. :rolleyes: Are you down to counting the hours and minutes yet? I know you are ready for vacation and I'm sure Jack is too.

Gloria -- It's nice to see your post tonight! I hope you are able to get rid of your stone by whichever method is most comfortable to you. I can imagine the pain -- not fun! :no: Each year the summer vacation seems to get shorter and fly by faster. Must be my age! ;)

Susan -- We have missed you! Hope all is well. ;)

Have a nice weekend. It is supposed to be "cooler" here. We will have to go to MIL's sometime; no wonder I don't get anything done. :twirly:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-25-2007, 07:07 AM
Good morning to you all. I cannot believe how incredibly hot it is here. Jack thought the ac wasn't working properly yesterday afternoon and I tried to tell him the heat is so bad that the ac stays on constantly. If you go outside and then come back in, you can tell the ac is working just fine. Our utility bill is :eek: but it is the only place that is comfortable to be in.

Jean: Jack is totally antsy and I am getting that way. I saw last night that we only have 5 little paper chains left and couldn't believe it with what we started with way back in January. I check the airline everyday to see how full the planes are! I shampooed downstairs rugs yesterday and will clean the downstairs today then tomorrow it is really get into the packing. Monday I have hair and nail appts and I want to go to the library and get another book to take, Tuesday Jack has his yearly cardio appt and we always go to the same restaurant the night before vacation as sort of our vacation send off, then up at 3:30 AM on Wednesday so we can leave the house by 4:30, get the car parked at the car park then ride the shuttle to the airport and get checked in and off we go. Oh, and I think Susan works 3 days a week now. I think she said something like that so I imagine we won't see her except a few days a week now.

Gloria: It was good to see you in here again, but sorry your stone problem hasn't righted itself. I know what gall stone pain is like so I can imagine what you are going through. Hopefully, you will be right as rain very soon. I would rather knit for others than myself. I have made a couple things for me, but for the most part for the family or as gifts for someone. Right now I am knitting a wrap sweater in a really pretty hyacinth color for my dd for her birthday in Nov, a sweater and hat combo for my newest grandson, am going to try and get a poncho done for my sister for her birthday, which is the day after Christmas and I have to make my son a matching hat to his Cubs scarf for his birthday in Oct. I am taking the baby's sweater and my dd's sweater with me to knit on the plane and in the hotel room in the evenings, though we plan on doing more late night stuff than we have before. I also have a big bunch of leftover yarn in a mint green and I am going to start a bolero sweater for my sister for her birthday in April after all the stuff is finished by the end of the year.

Here is a pic of the beginning of the sweater with the pattern change and I put the hat with it so you can see how it will look together. I think it looks just fine together. I actually like the striping for the sweater better than the pattern on the hat, which is changing colors every two rows. The sweater is 4 rows of stockinette in one color, then 8 rows of garter st in another, then 4 then 8 in the other color. I think it makes for a nice boy's sweater. It is knit in pieces, which I much prefer. The other pattern just didn't look right. I had almost finished one side completely for the front, which meant I only had the other front side to finish, but it just never looked like it would match and sew up correctly so I just ripped it all out yesterday morning sitting and waiting for Jack to go to work. Didn't take a lot of time at all, I am able to reuse even the two row lengths of yarn on the new sweater so there is no waste, which is what I was worried about.

I guess I better get going. I have a lot I want to accomplish today.


08-25-2007, 04:46 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, it is "cooler", and it's a beautiful day in my corner of the world. I've been doing laundry and vacuuming fur/dust bunnies this morning. I'm upstairs looking for a box to put crayons in; I found them in a box of "stuff" in the basement and most of them are brand new but the box is pretty flimsy.

"Gma" -- Our humidity has gone way down so I hope we've had our hot weather for the summer. The school has huge fans they put in the doorways to blow the cooler air into the building. The problem is they are so noisy that if they are by a classroom you can't hear when you are close to the door. My air conditioner has been off for a couple days now; the electric meter may catch up yet! :lol: The sweater looks very nice! I love the "top knot" on the hat! Kolby had a hat his first winter, and it had dog ears on it. He'd never leave that alone now. :no:

Not much else is newsy and I need to keep moving! Have a nice weekend and remember to smile! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-26-2007, 08:45 AM
Good morning everyone. It is in the upper 70's this morning after a hard rain yesterday afternoon/evening. We sure could use that rain. It was a real thunderboomer thougha and I am surprised we didn't lose the satellite, but nothing ever happened. We are going to be back into the upper 90's for the whole week. Vegas from the time we leave until we get back is supposed to top out around 107-108 each day. I told Jack if we want to walk the strip at all it will be after the sun goes down for sure. Otherwise, it is drive and valet park everywhere. Jack is like a kid in a candy store at this point. They had a bunch of old vegas shows on the travel channel all afternoon and though we had seen them, sat and watched them. I fixed the dog's bag and got his contact numbers and info typed up and put in there so he is ready to go over on Tuesday afternoon. We finished our packing and everything fits with room to spare. Don't know how I did that! First year everything isn't crammed in tight. I even took blue jeans and several pairs of shoes. Like the sailor always used to say about returning home, we have 3 sleeps and a wake up until we leave so it is really getting close. Our little paper chain looks pretty pathetic, thank goodness! :lol:

Jean: When I was in high school, most homes didn't have AC and the schools didn't either. It got to be pretty miserable by the time school let out. Our bedroom at our grandparents was at the back corner of the house with the windows L shaped around the corner. Problem was, it was also next to the driveway so if anyone was at the house they had to walk past our bedroom. We had to leave the windows, curtains, and blinds open as it was still very hot first thing in the evenings and of course you were laying on top of your covers to boot for all to see. It would also wake you up when people walked past talking to my grandfather as they left to go home. My grandfather was a real tight wad and there was one big box fan on wheels and it stayed in the living room so you roasted everywhere else. As it got very hot towards summer the school would let classes go out in the grass and sit under the trees, but the teachers knew nothing got done that way. I would say about 95% of my classes were on the west side of the building and that was the side with the state road. You could sit and watch the cars up on the road, which was about 3 blocks away going into South Bend or down south to some of the other small towns around there. Daydreaming in the heat was frequent.

I have the house all cleaned now and am keeping up on the laundry so nothing to do today except just hang out pretty much. I am going to try and get a lot of Jackson's sweater done.

I got to talk to Jackson yesterday on the phone. He is cooing and making sounds now and my son put him on the phone and of course the minute I started talking to him he quit making sounds! Jay says he is in size 9 months clothing now and he says the stuff is a little baggy, but he is so tall they need it for the length. He won't even be three months old until Sept 10! I can't wait to see him again.

Everyone have a good Sunday and hope the weather is favorable in your area!


08-26-2007, 11:24 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We just got home from MIL's and I need to put in another load of laundry and make some tuna salad for my lunch tomorrow :T before I call it a day. Jason and family were there too. It was so windy but the "kids" went swimming anyway. Zowie finally gave up and came inside to rock with me and fell asleep.

"Gma" -- It sounds like Jackson enjoys his food! :D You wouldn't want him any other way. Ian and Zowie love to talk on the phone while Maddy and Kolby could care less. :dunno: As we drove to MIL's we could see water standing in the farm fields and the country streams and rivers that are flooding out of their banks. I'm glad I don't live close to a river! It's nice to come home to a clean house; I always try to clean before we leave on vacation and Bob thinks I'm nuts. It's bad enough to come to a pile of dirty clothes.

I'm off to change laundry loads. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! Remember to :D!

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

08-27-2007, 11:57 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Gloria, you poor dear I hope they get that stone taken care of soon! I feel your pain.

Faye, have a great vacation. I hope you win enough money to pay for everything and a bit left over. Jackson is going to be a big boy, that's for sure. Good thing you knit so fast!

Jean, I look forward to turning the AC off so we can have a month or two of small electric and gas bills before the heating season - but it will be another 4-6 weeks before that happens.

We had some rain the last few days - just enough to keep things green.

Stan is doing much better since I got his dry weight raised. He's feeling much better and eating more.

I ordered a new computer finally - and it has shipped - all but the monitor which is backorder for 2 weeks. I call that cruel and unusual punishment. They did offer me a 17 inch but I'm holding out for the 19 inch. We're really excited to finally move into the age of Vista. Now I need to scrap up the money for a new Electric Quilt and Mastercook.