Support Groups - Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks! Aug. 19-25-07!!

08-18-2007, 11:47 AM
What is Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks?

A bunch of us were all part of different challenges together, and when the challenges ended, we decided not to! So we all came together and decided to start a long term challenge group, and we called them the Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks!

-Anyone can join the group no matter what your goals are or where you are in your weight loss journey.
-We are here to support each other, encourage each other, laugh together, and cry together.
-Our unified goal is to exercise, eat right (whatever diet plan we may each separately be following), and have fun!
-We encourage new members, as the more that join, the more friends we have to support us along the way!
-We only ask that you follow one teensy, tiny rule. At the beginning of each month we state what our goals are, and they can be WHATEVER YOU WANT!
Then at the end of the month we can share how well we did with our goals, etc. However, sharing at the end of the month is completely optional.

08-18-2007, 11:48 AM
I am going for a walk, I'll be back later!

08-18-2007, 11:58 AM

I went to the park and walk/ran for 15 minutes this morning. I still have working out to do today. I REALLY need to focus more on strength training. It isn’t getting done and I need to do it. Have you ever seen those people running who skin on their legs and arms is just...well...flabby. I wanna be a runner, but I don’t wanna look like that. Nothing flopping in the breeze except my ponytail for me! I wanna be a firm runner!

Today was final weigh in and my average was down by 2 pounds! Whoo Hooo! My average weight is now 214. I weighed in this morning at 212! That made me feel good!

Plans for this afternoon. Go to the bank cash my measely, little, child support check I got from DS1's father yesterday. He hasn't paid in a month and a half and I got a check for $37.80....Whatta @$$! I am broke as a joke so I am off to the grocery store with my 37.80 to buy food! Then home, collect the kids and work out. After that I don't know...

Everyone have a great weekend! I will post again tomorrow!

Awww hun!!! :hug: Are the kids able to get free breakfast and lunch at school at least? My ex was a truck driver over the road and wanted to fight tooth and nail in order NOT to pay. During the whole process he mysteriously crashed his truck and is somehow now on permanent disability.

I know he has some health problems and was in the hospital last december having a valve replaced on his heart so i am not saying nothing is wrong, but you know. It is just all very strange. He got approved for disability SSI, what have you and he didn't even want to give the lady my info so I could get money for the kids!

She finally had to threaten him with cutting him off!

So I get $101.00 from ssi each for them. The court says he needs to pay a total of $100.00 for the youngest two kids out of HIS ssi check and that is it.


Oh and great job on losing! I am so proud of you!! I think I am down about 3 this month. My cals last week were bad though! I need to really buckle down this week. The exercise was excellent but I averaged about 1900 all week! WAY too many high days! And Chris birthday was yesterday....uuyggghhhhhh.....

08-18-2007, 03:12 PM
thanks for the running site, melody!

i've been a mess lately. i really can't stop eating... i was so excited the first day i had a "plan" but my life has not been conducive to sticking to plans and i've deviated far, far from it. at the moment i don't even know where to start picking up the pieces (or maybe i should say, brushing off the crumbs), but i know that i have to.

i need to try to stick to my plan from here on out.

sorry, i'm just in a bum mood at the moment. better news next time i hope!

08-18-2007, 06:54 PM
I have been using a new calorie/ food diary site. It is Waaaayyyy better then fitday. Everyone check it out! It is You can search your foods, most are already in the databank, and it is sooo much easier! And it is free!

Yesterday my calories were over 1700. :( I am not gonna let it get me down though. Today will be better. I have over 1100 calories left for Dinner. So I am making cheeseburgers. :cbg: I think I will have a side of salad. I guess the kids will have fries. Not sure what I will have in the freezer. I may have a baked potato. That does sound good. :)

I am getting ready to do some strength training. I only got 15 minutes in of exercise yesterday. That is not good. :nono: I have no idea where I am at on my Exercise goal. :dunno: I am going to have to go to coolrunnning and add it up again. I keep track of everything I do on their running log.

Well hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! :hug:

08-18-2007, 08:55 PM
Grocery run today. I bought fresh peaches - first time in prob. 15 years. OMG, they are sooo delish! And a few bananas, fresh spinach, brocolli, yogurt.

I'm still a bit discombobulated with groceries and menu. Tomatos (vine ripe) $1 per lb. (Safeway, same price as Peaches!), so I bought several fresh and huge ones. So I'll make pasta with sauteed spinach w/garlic, topped with fr. tomatoes & a bit of parmesan ch. w.turkey.

Last month at Jack in the Box I had a sirloin/cheese sandwich and it was heaven! I only eat red meat @ fast food places - dunno why. First red meat hamburger/sand. in years. With my recurring anemia, I think I'll try a bit of lean ground beef again at home. The ground sirloin or extra lean was $6.99 per lb. ( :o) and the "lean" seemed high, so I bought gr. turkey.

I need to learn regular prices on new to me items and stock up when they are on sale.

Monday I weigh in. Walking up to the post office's big glass doors and seeing my reflection was a big motivator in losing weight. I'm looking not so wide lately :)

Hope everyone has a relaxing week end!

08-18-2007, 08:58 PM
Hooray! I am off to a great start! After a really high cal week last week(1900 average range eek!)

I am finishing at 1200 calories today! and 90 minutes of walking!!! *does a cartwheel*

I got smart this a.m. and made up 4 cups of cooked chicken breast and 8 cups of cooked brown rice and froze it! Then tonite I went in and made some for everyone!

I checked my fitday for last week and my goal is chicken/veggie/brown rice 3 days a week. I did NOT have it once! A few days were just blatant junk over eating days but 2 days I seen in particular the microwave popcorn made the difference of a 1700 cal day and a 2000 day! Two days were decent, 1535 and 1371.

I need more decent days, like today!

I am walking way too dang much to be trying to eat it back in cals you know?

08-19-2007, 01:38 AM
I have got to get back to the exercise. I have really slacked off since I am not running :running: everyday! I am only feeling motivated when it is a run day (I run 3 days a week). I am gonna try for 2 hours tomorrow. I can probably walk for an hour and do some strength training :strong: and yoga :yoga: for the other hour. I need to also make sure I am drinking plenty of water. I haven't hardly drank any today and I know I will feel it in the morning when I run. Much do better on these things!!!!

Well I am tired. :tired: Off to bed!

08-19-2007, 02:22 AM
Melody get back in gear! lol

Ladibug....anemia....make sure when you are getting protein you have vitamin c with it, helps your blood absorb the iron. HAve you tried a cast iron skillet? Your food would also absorb some iron.

IS there a bulk store near you like costco or smart n final?

08-19-2007, 02:22 AM
thanks for the running site, melody!

i've been a mess lately. i really can't stop eating... i was so excited the first day i had a "plan" but my life has not been conducive to sticking to plans and i've deviated far, far from it. at the moment i don't even know where to start picking up the pieces (or maybe i should say, brushing off the crumbs), but i know that i have to.

i need to try to stick to my plan from here on out.

sorry, i'm just in a bum mood at the moment. better news next time i hope!

Have you started working out yet? What plan are you on?

08-19-2007, 12:54 PM
melody - keep running! i've been slacking, too. i went jogging on the treadmill on thursday and haven't worked out since (although i was at a concert friday night and danced my butt off!).

jasmine - i hope you keep having the good days! i'm really looking forward to having them again myself... as far as exercising, i used to go almost every day but i've been slacking. now it's about once a week, and i know i need to get back into it. i need to get moving BEFORE i get eating, because if i binge it's all over, i'm too sick and bloated to run or anything.

i'm not on a specific diet plan, but i have my set rules like not eating in my car or standing up or straight from the fridge. I also planned out my meals so i could keep better track of cals and make them ahead of time and not risk binging while i cooked after work... somehow failed. i'm trying to get back on it.

08-19-2007, 01:35 PM
Hi all! :wave:

Well I got up this morning did 20 mins of yoga :yoga: and hit the road. I did week 5 day 1 of C25k. It was hard. Today was a breeze compared to the rest of the week. I walked 3 mins and ran 5 mins, doing 3 intervals. What was so tough was that my second 5 mins came at "heartattack hill." A hill at the end of my road that is long and murderous. It took me 3.5 minutes and alot of pep talk to run up it, but I made it. After I got my official workout in, i walked for about half a mile and then started running the flats and downhills and walking the uphills. I did a total of 5 miles, 86 miutes. A total of 106 minutes for the day thus far. :strong: I am whipped right now though. :tired: I think I am going to take a nice 20 minute nap and then get up to do laundry. I am gonna try to get 15 miutes of cycling (or something?!?) in this evening. Right now I am ready to fall on my face. :faint: Here is my updated ticker...

Iris, hang in there! We all have times when we slack off some, but the key is too get up the next moring and get your butt back into it! You can do this we all can. :dust:

Jasmine, You are the queen of working out! :exercise: Lead me on to onederland! I bet you can see it from where you are can't you? :D:

Off to drink some water and have a short nap... :yawn:

08-19-2007, 03:35 PM
jasmine - i hope you keep having the good days! i'm really looking forward to having them again myself... as far as exercising, i used to go almost every day but i've been slacking. now it's about once a week, and i know i need to get back into it. i need to get moving BEFORE i get eating, because if i binge it's all over, i'm too sick and bloated to run or anything.

Yes get moving! Cheers to the good food days! lol


I did a total of 5 miles, 86 miutes. A total of 106 minutes for the day thus far. I am whipped right now though. I think I am going to take a nice 20 minute nap and then get up to do laundry. I am gonna try to get 15 miutes of cycling (or something?!?) in this evening. Right now I am ready to fall on my face. Here is my updated ticker...

You are doing great hun! Keep it up! Well I survived on 1200 yesterday and you know what? I am not very hungry today either. I think last week I was ovulating, not completely sure. It seemed like to close to tom, idk

I have today and tomorrow planned at 1200. And then I start thinking, am I crazy!! hahahahahahah Then I freak and think what if that is not enough and blah blah blah. Then i remind myself, one week was the cal cycling of 1550 average. Then last week was the disaster of a 1900 average!

So I tell myself if I do the 1200 for a few days, so what! Maybe I will actually lose another pound or two and realistically how long will my body want to do that? hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

I am sure I will be back to 1400 but maybe by then I will feel more in control!

So today I had 1 cup of coffeew/3 minitubs of cream, I put in my fitday for 2 w/cream so maybe another cup later? *sigh*

I had 1 cup kefir and 3/4 cup of grapefruit.

Lunch will be 2 ezekiel slices of bread and 1 tbs peanut butter.

Dinner will be 1 cup chicken breast, some broccoli, 1 cup brown rice, with some sweet n sour sauce thrown in.

Even that adds up to only 1211 and that is IF I still have another cup of coffee! hmmnn...

For monday I have planned a similiar breakfast and lunch with 2 bean and cheese burritos for dinner.

I think I will just stick with the lower cals for these few days and then by tuesday I will be ready for a pasta and garlic bread break. Maybe I will go a little wild and hit 1500! Next sat the ex's bro in law said they are coming to take the kids camping for that day so maybe I will have that planned as a high cal day and balance this week out at 1400 or 1500. We'll see. *sigh*

I am 90 minutes away from my monthly walking goal.

Tomorrow I will add the minutes on to make it 2000!!

I am looking trimmer in the mirror and am sure I am down 4 this month.

08-19-2007, 07:48 PM
Hello all. Finally back from my crazy crazy vacation before class starts. It feels so good to be back in my apartment and although it was nutty to clean it all before I left I was glad to come back to a place that smells amazing and looks great.

Now about my vacation. My boyfriend and I went to his parents vacation house in North Carolina with my parents. His parents were staying with us for saturday and sunday and leaving sunday and then coming back the next thursday to spend the rest of the week. All was going amazing and they left and my parents and my boyfriend and I decided to go out and check things out. We wanted to go to the beach about 2 minutes away and as we started crossing the causway we got hit by a drunk driver..ugh....the rest of the week was terrible....we had to deal with the insurance companies and rental cars and all of that stuff. Thanks to my dads amazing driving he kept it from being a head on collision. He had to take us into the bridge but it kept things from being very bad. All of us were fine except for major bumps and bruises and pains. I think the fact that he went all out and got the 7 point airbags we were saved. My dad said though the only part he wanted to remember was how wonderful my boyfriends family was. They loaned us one of their cars for the whole week and they came and got us from the wreck (it was his aunt and cousins....they didnt even know my parents but they were so helpful). Other than that though I think my parents had an OK time. They tried to at least.

I did not eat or exercise very well. We did a lot of walking though so I guess that counts. One positive thing for me though is that I think I found a way to get rid of my stress....batting cages. My boyfriend and I went and I was wailing on those softballs (used to play) and I loved it. While I say I didn't eat very well it was more snacking in between meals that was bad, the food itself wasn't really that terrible though. I weighed myself after I ate tonight and I was 190 so I maintained.

This may sound silly but I think that God in a way with this wreck answered my prayers. My boyfriend and I seemed to be growing apart, but after the wreck we just reconnected all this week. I may have put my foot in my mouth today though...I was reading a newspaper and it said a 17 yr old and a 19 yr old were getting married (she hadnt even graduated high school yet) and I said that was really early and I didn't think I was ready yet. I would at least want to wait and graduate from college and he said oh...well you know you only have a year and I only have a semester. And then he sat there quiet and said that answered that then lol. I said no no no I want to marry you I just wanna wait until after we are done.

Also my parents were having problems with paycheck to paycheck since they are supporting my brother quite a bit. Well the girl that hit us was no doubt in the wrong....her BAC was 2.07!!! So when we were talking to the insurance they were scared we were going to throw a lawsuit at them. They are going to pay out bigtime. They asked the next day if we were going to go to a lawyer and my dad said not yet. This will help.

It just seems like things are going good now. This vacation is everything that we all needed. Hope all is well for everyone else!

School starts tomorrow though so I'm gonna keep on relaxin!

08-20-2007, 01:31 PM
This may sound silly but I think that God in a way with this wreck answered my prayers. My boyfriend and I seemed to be growing apart, but after the wreck we just reconnected all this week. I may have put my foot in my mouth today though...I was reading a newspaper and it said a 17 yr old and a 19 yr old were getting married (she hadnt even graduated high school yet) and I said that was really early and I didn't think I was ready yet. I would at least want to wait and graduate from college and he said oh...well you know you only have a year and I only have a semester. And then he sat there quiet and said that answered that then lol. I said no no no I want to marry you I just wanna wait until after we are done.

My ex sis in law and her dh dated for 5 years before marrying. When she was done she had her masters degree. :D They have been married about 5 years now and have twin boys.

How long have you two been together? That is cool.

Well I hope things get better with the car/money thing. Good luck! Coming home to a clean house always feels good. :D

08-20-2007, 01:44 PM
Okay so I changed my menu a tiny bit yesterday, basically took out the rice and added 4 corn tortillas and cheese and salsa! It was VERY good! My cals wound up at 1172!!!! Sheesh! Two days in a row in the 1200 range? I must of lost my mind! :lol:

I am not feeling overly hungry though. I am almost afraid TO eat cause then I think, what if I don't stop? I just do NOT want another horrible food week like last week! 1550 was fine that first week then a 1900 week average? uggghhhhh

I wonder if the reason I am able to do that for two days was cause of all the stored up cals from the week before? If I clock the cals at 7 days at 1900(the hi cal week) and 2 days this week at 1200 that = 1741 average a day. hmmmnnnnn......

Even though I "know" I can do another 1200 cal day or two, I think I am going to go up to 1400. I do not want my body to freak and hold onto this weight.
The image in the mirror is looking better and oh by the way I got a compliment a few days ago!

My dd has a friend at school and I have met her parents many times as they live a few blocks away. But they just started playing together again.

A few months ago I was walking with kids to the bus stop 15 minutes away and a van slowed down and some guy in glasses asked if we needed a ride. (This happens often lol) I said no thanx we are going the other way. And he said he could go that way. (Karolina whispered to me, thats Melody's dad mom!) hahah SO it was someone we at lets knew. I said still no thanx, I am getting exercise and need to lose some weight and he said okay and went on.

Well I am out walking by myself a few days ago and a van slows down and its him and a friend and he yells out, "So how much have you lost now?"

I said, "75 pounds!"

He said, "You look good!!!"

I said "Thanx !" :D And of course I had to run home and brag to my hubby who said I look better than good! :rofl:

08-20-2007, 01:45 PM
Oh and I met my ticker goal of 1500 minutes this morning and am adding on 500 minutes!!

the slim me
08-20-2007, 02:51 PM
Hi everyone, I am doing battle with the calories this week too. It's an on going thing and I doing sweat it. I do make a point to eat healthy, high fiber, lots of vegetables. I think I usually eat around 12-1500. I know I have slow weight loss, but i'm not crazy and calorie deprived either. and I take my vitamine every day. I was always at a loss on when to take a vitamine and just read an article that said you should take it in the morning so you would have the proper vitamins all day. I guess this makes sense. Alo, for the lady that is anemic, it's true, taking Iron with Vit. c (like a glass of OJ) will help it absorve better.

I didn't do much exercising this week, but got lots of walking in. I do believe that lifting weights is the BEST for weight loss! It doesn't have to be some long program and doesn't take forever. And you can work out a routien for yourself and do it while you're watching TV. If you haven't started yet, I highly recommend it.

Rhighland, I'm so glad that you and your family weren't injured! What a scary thing to happen!

08-20-2007, 03:05 PM
Hey there. Glad you are doing good. Walking is a great exercise!

What do you recommend with the weights? I have 2 five pound weights I do about 50 a day.

I would really love to get a program going though. I have resistance bands and a ball too. *sigh*

08-20-2007, 07:41 PM

:hug:I'm so glad you and your family are OK. What a scary accident! Yikes!

LodyAngel & Other Southern Gals:

Are you cooling off any yet? Hope so :-)

08-20-2007, 07:54 PM

Thanks for the reminder about Vit. C being necessary for the body to absorb iron. You're right - that's what my Dr. says.

Re: Weights I have one 5 lb. weight. Fitness for Dummies says weight training is highly desirable to lose weight and get muscles toned. What kind of weights do you have, or do you go to a gym? I can't afford to join a gym, and even when I belonged, I hated going. Weights at home I'd do.

Nothing wrong with a slow & steady weight loss! The turtle won the race anyway :-)


1500 minutes of exercise? Good for you! :carrot: And congrats on the compliment :whee:

Re: Cast iron skillet: I have fibromyalgia and a very weak right shoulder (arthritis? bursitis?), so I avoid anything heavy, even heavy coffee cups. Sometimes I have to limit pc time cuz typing makes it hurt worse.

I know the iron skillet is good for iron going into food, but ... besides, my mom had a set and they were a bear to clean, you always had to dry them right away and separate them with paper towels (to prevent rust).

Fri. & Sunday we walked. Today was weed wacking, raking, hard work. My yard work jeans are loose, even with a belt. :cool: Calories are 12-1500. I'll weigh myself tomorrow.

08-20-2007, 08:22 PM
Hey everyone. Seriously fell off the wagon the last two days. Now I'm stressed it will continue. I also haven't exercised the last two days. I've been sooooo good for the past few weeks, but I'm also not losing weight. I'm sure I'm in starvation mode and I got depressed. Exercising an hour a day and 1000 calories a day and how much did I lose in 3 weeks? 1 Pound!!! Jasmine, I'm with you, I'm getting rid of my scale!!!!

08-20-2007, 10:11 PM

Well my sore throat bloomed into a major cold by yesterday afternoon. I am keeping myself doped up and moving along. Today was busy and i only got in 30 mins of biking. My calories were over 1600, I shoot for 1500, but am not gonna beat myself up over it.

Tomorrow morning is Day 2 of week 5 C25K. My workout will go like this:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)
Walk 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)

That is actually mild compared to what is coming on Thursday...a 20 minute run...with no walking!!!! :yikes:

Well i am off to bed. I am way tired :tired: and just want some shut eye!

Jasmine: Congrats on the exercise goal. :cheer: You Rock! :cb:

08-21-2007, 12:20 AM
jasmine - kick it with the workout time and the compliment! it's great to know that other people are seeing the results of your hard work. =)

i did go jogging yesterday... not today, today i worked late and although i went in later i spent the morning lazing around in bed snuggling. however i did NOT binge today, by my estimate i ate around 1400 cals, so i'm still content with that.

the slim me
08-21-2007, 10:07 AM
Good Morning, lovely ladies! I hope everyone is starting their day with a good, healthy breakfast. I'm sitting here having a piece of 12 grain, high fiver (6grams of fiber) bread and peanut butter. I try to have a small bit of protein every meal. It keeps you from getting hungry and it helps keep your insulin under control.

As for the weight lifting, I have a set of weights that I use at home too. I've belonged to Gym's before but always ended up not going. A combination of reasons. I don't like the co-ed gyms, especially. I use 5-8-10 lb. weights that I bought at a garage sale. But you can buy them almost any place, and if you catch them on sale they aren't expensive. I got a weight tape at the library and I hae my own routine that I do in front of the TV every other day. The books say that you are supposed to have weights that are hard to lift over 15 times. Those last few lifts are supposed to be an effort. One of the reasons us older ladies find it so hard to lose weight is, we have lost muscle tone. Muscle burns calories, helps speed up your metabolism, and tones up those arms! Start now and by summer you will have arms and shoulders that you don't mind showing off.

Melody, (I hope that's your name) I hope you're feeling better today.


08-21-2007, 02:42 PM
The scale says I've lost NO weight in the last two weeks!:( I find that really hard to believe, as I've been eating even better than before and walking a longer route every two days.

I was surprised how quickly the first 14 lbs. came off (maybe "water weight"). Or maybe by now I'm building more muscle (which I think weighs more than fat?).

Tho I'm surprised, I'm still feeling very good about everything. I can see (in my full length mirror) the difference and just feel so much healthier in general. In the last 7 days I've only had one candy bar and one apple fritter. Other than that, all have been 'good' calories. :carrot:

I still don't own a scale. If I did, this non-weight loss would rate a smirk, or maybe a gentle "accidental" nudge with my foot ...

08-21-2007, 05:03 PM
Thanks for all of the good wishes. We are all ok, I have been in physical therapy already and when I went yesterday he said I needed to get my hip readjusted from it. All was good afterwards though.

Jasmine - My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years. When we do get engaged it'll be for the whole time we are both getting our masters. Or at least we get our lives in order lol. Whichever comes first I guess.

Hope everyone is doing good today

08-21-2007, 06:36 PM

Here are links you might wanna check out, as far as how to calculate the # of calories you need daily, for your activity level, height, etc. Pls note the mentions of not falling below a certain # of calories:

You could google "Calculate daily calorie needs" for more.

I'll check Fitness for Dummies tonite and see what they say about calculating cal's.

One thing: I'm no expert on weight loss by any means ... but I so far every source I've read says 1200 calories is a MINIMUM # for women per day.

So, if you are eating 1,000 cal's per day AND exercising for one hour .... your body might be screaming for more energy and hanging on to every ounce -- not to mention that it may be flat out unhealthful as well *worries for Stop's lack of calories*.

08-21-2007, 06:52 PM
to those of you who've been discussing weights - i like to go to the body works class at my gym (LA fitness). it's an hour long and you use light weights (2.5 or 5 usually) as well as your body weight and work out to music. it's nice because the class has always been all female... not that men aren't welcome, but they never come.

i do agree with some of your sentiments on gyms, though - if i am elsewhere, like on the treadmill, i feel like everyone's eyeing me up. my gym is honestly a bit of a meat market. i usually try to look as frumpy as possible so i can sweat and be basically ignored.

08-21-2007, 06:56 PM
Okay ladies I will get to comments maybe tomorrow. uggghhhhI feel like I am dragging. I am doing great with cals and walking, idk. I just want this weight gone YESTERDAY. You know?

I LET myself eat 1741 cals yesterday but both days before were 1200. So it was TIME. My tummy was hurting too so I definately think that is TOO low for me!

My plan for today is in the 1440 range. I even got on a bike last nite for 30 minutes and loved it!!! A year ago when I tried I could barely get around the block before stopping and coming home! All this walking has seriously increased my leg muscles.

I am thinking of going tonite as well.

Any bikers here??

Please PLEASE tell me that biking is a tummy helper. I am getting to the point where I think I am looking great, even my tummy, BUT I feel like it is the HUGEST thing on me!!!!

arrrgggghhhhhhhh....slinks back in the hole that is the waiting for this weight to LEAVE!......

08-21-2007, 06:57 PM
Oh and just in this last week I have noticed my tummy going down again so something is going right.

I just want it gone completely!


NOT "gone completely" but you know, whatever is supposed to be "normal size"

08-21-2007, 07:16 PM
congrats, jasmine! =)

it's really an inspiration to know that some of you are doing well... my week hasn't been good at all, but i'm trying to make it better from here on out. tuesdays are my unofficial first day of the week because i work for a CSA so i get all my veggies on tuesdays and know what i have to work with for the week.

08-21-2007, 08:28 PM
SOunds good iris! I have found the fewer food choices I have the better!

Lunch: peanut butter and 2 slices ww bread, OR beans, lil cheese and 2 ww (50 cal) tortillas

Dinner: chicken, chicken, chicken! hahahahahahahahahahahha

Yes, I have lost it! ;)

08-21-2007, 11:02 PM
Okay so

Sat 1200 (90 minutes walking)
Sun 1172 (90 minutes walking)
Mon 1743 (90 minutes walking30 minutes bike riding)
Tues 1681 (60 minutes walking)

= 1449 Average calories for 4 days, not bad right?????????? Why am I feeling guilty over today being 1681? Sheesh!!

08-21-2007, 11:10 PM
LAdiibug: I have fibrimyalgia too. Isn't it such a weird disease. Mine is usually mot too bad. If I don't take care of myself and get run down I will get those awful body aches (like the flu). I have arthritis in all my joints except my shoulders. I just deal with ti as best as I can. Now that I workout regularly it is actually alot better...almost non-existant!

Today was good. i think calories were about 1500...I got tired of inputing my food and guesstimated the last few items i ate. Exercise today was day 2 of week 5 of C25K. Did well, ran all the intervals except the darned spot on the inside of my left shin was hurting again. Darn it! I want the pain to be over! I did 35 minutes of Tae~bo bootcamp tonight. I am certain I will be sore tomorrow as i easily did over 50 squats! So that puts me at my 60 minutes tonight! Whoo Hoo! Weight this AM was 213, which is still a pound down but I wanna see 212 or even 211 tomorrow! My water has not been the best. Don't understand what is up with that. It used to be drinking water was effortless...

Tomorrow is my Off day from exercise in preparation for the 20 MINUTE RUN on Thursday. Tomorrow I will drink, drink, drink, and ice the leg. I don't want that damn wimp on my shoulder again telling me I can not do it!

08-22-2007, 04:54 PM
melody - just flick the wimp off your shoulder. you can absolutely do it. =)

i'm not safe yet today, but i did avoid my usual wednesday binge triggers, so i'm really happy. i'm set on today being a good day.

last night i picked up an issue of Self magazine and there's a one month makeover challenge kind of thing with four options - i'm trying goal #4: run without huffing and puffing. this means today i'm going for a nice easy jog before yoga. cos i'm set on still doing yoga, in fact, i want to do it more often. it makes me feel sooooo good.

08-22-2007, 06:45 PM
Today was so good.I'm finally getting my classes in order and I like them all. It's nice being a senior now and actually having classes that I want to be in. The good thing too is that I have a half an hour trip to class and thats because I'm walking. Two miles is cut out by taking the PRT (personal rapid transit for the school) and then the rest is walking to the PRT and then 30 minutes back. I calculated just my walking from apartment to class and around and then back from and it was 9000 steps. Thats not even including afterwards walking around. Another great thing is today I only had 2 classes in the same building tuesdays and thursdays I'll be doing more walking as I have more classes in seperate buildings.

As of yesterday I have been sticking well with my calories (1500-1600) and I've been drinking a lot more water (cause I've been soo thirsty after walking everywhere). Today when I weighed myself I was also down 2 lbs making me at 187.

All in all i said it's been a good day

SD Gal
08-22-2007, 09:12 PM
The scale says I've lost NO weight in the last two weeks!:( I find that really hard to believe, as I've been eating even better than before and walking a longer route every two days.


Seee meeee fly in and out. How lame am I? LOL

I didn't work out ONCE last week (thanks to my FIRST ANNIVERSARY- and just being super busy).. but we did work out last night.

Hugs all around!! :hug:

Love y'all!

08-22-2007, 10:05 PM
Rhiglan: Congrats on 2 pounds down! Whoo Hoo! :bravo:

Iris: I LOVE self magazine!

SD Gal: Great job on the workout! :cheer:

jasmine: Where are you?

I am so stressed. I know it is because TOM is coming, but this is ridiculous. My classes began on Monday. I have an education class and a math for teachers class. The first assignment is to do a lesson plan. I don't know why but I am completely stressed out about it. I have just done one lesson plan thus far and now they act like we are suppose to be freaking experts at it or something. That is the problem with online classes, they completely do not give you enough guidance. I also don't have my books yet. I will buy them on friday just in time to do my homework before it is due on Sunday. Gosh I hate being poor!

I over ate a little today. I did not count calories today so I don't know my exact numbers. Today was also my off day for exercise. In the morning is the dreaded 20 minute run. I know I can do it. I just gotta get my head in the game and be in it to win it come 6 Am tomorrow morning. I can do this! There can be no doubt!

08-23-2007, 02:43 AM
Well hello ladies, I have been reading the posts for the last long while, it does not pay to not have a computer at the cottage.

I got home today around 4pm to find out I was locked out, gave my key to my cousin's last weekend, they went home (6 hrs away) and are coming back this weekend to do another show (they make coats faux fur, hats, gloves, purse dividers, poncho's, some really neat stuff) they could not stay due to appts. anyhow, luckily daughter was home and gave me her key, so finally in, have just completed 4 loads of laundry and did a little grocery shopping and showered and my son came by with his new car, so took pic's. Busy night.

Welcome to all the newcomers, persistance pays off (I am not always good at it though)! Jasmine has lots to share of different foods and support on the boards is A+, so many new faces, its hard to believe it was just SD Gal and myself for awhile back a couple months ago, so pleased we have so many new faces and input.

SD Gal, as of yet my son is not engaged, it is my daughter I am talking about, she has changed her mind and is getting married here, rather than down South. So we have two showers in the works, plus a Stag and Doe, she has her dress, (2) bridesmaids, still have to get there's and we all need shoe's. Tomorrow she is coming over to get dh to help her with printing invites on the computer, she has special paper and he a program for it. So at the moment I am playing the game of "tell me what you need and I will do it" as I think you are aware, my daughter can be a little difficult at times, so this saves the fighting.

My son is still dating the not so nice girl, she was telling him tonight as they drove away in his new car, what he was going to put in the console and what he wasn't and if he did put things where she didn't want them, he would not find them there when she returned the car. Nice one aye! And he is paying for the car and the ins. I am leaving it in God's hands as I cannot deal with her. Last time after his birthday I was litterly sick.

And now down to the food, I have been doing pretty good, cutting back and trying to do the walking tape every second day, so my knee will permit me to walk, I think I have lost some, but will have to remember to weigh myself tomorrow. Water has been terrible, have to keep plugging away at it, funny as I used to drink water all the time before.

Will check in before I leave for the cottage tomorrow evening, have some running around for Dad to do, during the day and am taking my daughter's cat up to the cottage, we will see how her's and mine get along (she is on vacation and going to his time share next week, leaving Sat.

Deepest sympathy to the girl who lost her grandmother at 97, my Dad is 95 and still a smart, loving and kind man. I am his only daughter, he has (3) son's.

Also sorry to the other girl in the accident, that was awful, glad you were okay. Hope the ins. pays out for your parents.

Sorry ladies, read so many posts and forgot to write down names, my apologies.

SD Gal, what did you work at before? I went from an office job, to babysitting, big difference in money, but at least I enjoyed the kids. Also is it feisable to go to the gym during the day if hubby is not planning on going at night. I am surprised that cops down there do not get paid very well, my son's girlfriend (believe it or not) is a cop and gets paid extremely well. They should they endanger there lives for us!

Have a good day ladies.
Sharon S.

Jasmine, forgot to take my book with the ww calories with me to the cottage, so will take it this time for sure, then have a better idea of where I am at. Thx.

08-23-2007, 09:32 AM
I stayed up late last night...well if you can call 11:00 late, looking up 5K races in my area. There is one Nov. 3rd in Lexington I am seriously thinking of doing. There is one in my hometown in a couple weeks, but I am doing the fun walk with my kids, plus I am not in competitive condition yet. There is another in the town I work in later in Sept, but I still don’t feel like i will be ready, and I don’t want people I know to see me struggling along in my first 5 K. So the November one seems ideal. There will also be alot of people in it, so I will not have to worry about coming in last!! So i went to bed with the fact that this morning was the 20 minute, no walking run!!! I woke up at 3:00 AM worried about it! The wimp was already perched firmly on my shoulder...."You can’t RUN for 20 minutes! Are you crazy? You have a cold, and you are sore form Tae-bo and your shin hurts, TOM is coming, and your bloated, and did I mention that you have a cold, and is that a headache I feel coming on?” Darned Wimp! Got back to sleep and a minute later (that’s what it felt like) the alarm went off...5:25. UGH! So I am up at 5:35 and get the kids together and out the door to Mom’s. I hit the pavement at 6:10. The sun wasn’t even up yet!

I walked for 5 minutes. My plan was to run the hill first off so I wouldn’t have to do it tired. But even after walking my 5 minute warm up and stretching...I still did not feel warmed up. So I walked to the top of the hill and started running from there. I always hit a “wall” about 200 yards in. It’s like my body suddenly screams “What the **** are you doing?” and tries to stop me. It even did it to me in High school when I was in excellent shape! But I know to run past the wall and it quickly goes away. I refuse to allow myself to look at the time. I usually check a few minutes in, but I wouldn’t allow myself to check until I had run a full lap on the trail. About half way through the wimp is screaming in my ear. I just ignore her and tell myself..."Run all of this and you will be a real runner!” So I keep going. So I get to the dreaded hill! UGH! So I tell myself, work the will get up it faster and the pain will be over quicker, which is exactly what I did. It took a minute or two but I conquered the hill! I was feeling a little dizzy at the top, but my mind says “keep going!” So I did. By this point the “wimp” had been successfully left behind. I look at the watch...Please be 10 minutes in...please… I look....9 minutes....UGH!!! I am faster then I think. I will be happy for that one day I presume. So I run on, down the other side, and back around. Look at my watch before I get to the hill again. HOLY COW! I still have 4 minutes left! Since I got dizzy after the first hill run I allowed myself the luxury of turning around and running the flat again and avoiding the hill. (I know I am a wimp!) I finished the 20 minutes and could have danced I was so happy! I know that if I can run 20 minutes without stopping that I can run just about any distance!

Plan today: Stay on plan. Work out 25 more minutes after work. Weight is still stuck on 213. It’s TOM doing it to me! I am still averaging a pound loss so I should shut up and be happy I guess. 2 down would have been nice though. I have to work a 10 hour day today. :( Oh well, i will get lots done! Well, I am off to do it. Love to all!

08-23-2007, 10:35 AM
great job to those of you who have been losing weight and working out and eating well! it's really fantastic to hear! :bravo:

melody i have to laugh about being poor and not having books yet... i'm in the same boat. i decided to go back to school this fall so my classes start on monday and after the tuition bill i am still waiting for another paycheck before i can think about buying books... *sigh*. i was lucky enough (okay, i guess i earned it) to get a full ride for my undergrad studies - this paying for higher education thing is not so nice!

also i had a good day yesterday!!!! first in a LOOOOONG time. :carrot:
yea that totally deserves a dancing carrot. =)

08-23-2007, 10:50 AM

i'm not safe yet today, but i did avoid my usual wednesday binge triggers, so i'm really happy. i'm set on today being a good day.

How did everything go hun? Yeah triggers can be terrible! My dh wanted choc. chip muffins the other nite and I was a bit mad cause I was already at my daily limit. I made them anyways. I went in to the freezer to get the bag of choc. chips out and seen they were peanut chips instead. Than GOD cause I hate those! lol But they were empty!


I made them anyways and stuck blueberries in them and avoided the temptation.


You are doing great! That walking sure adds up!!! Congrats on the weight loss!!

SD Gal:

Hey sweetie Happy Anniversary! :hug:


jasmine: Where are you?

I was sulking. :(

I am doing great with the cals and the walking. The past two days i have not been able to walk my normal 90 though cause of kids schedules and the heat. (I eave at 6:00 and need to be back by 7:00 so eldest dd can catch the bus. But 60 minutes a few days a week is NOT bad. And if I stick to the 90 the other 4 days i will still be in goal range of 2000 + minutes a month.

Joey has off days Thursday, fri, and sat, so that is good and I can always walk 90 those days and sundays all the kids are home.

So my food has been pretty bang on and the walking is great, I just want this weight to hurry up and leave!!!!! uggghhhhhhhhhh

I have been looking up lots of yummy recipes

Did you all know the mediterranean and asian diets are some of the healthiest diets on the planet and backed by research too?

Well people are trying to revive the sonoma forum and the sonoma is the mediterranean with a diet twist.

On the 3fc main page they have a review of a new book I want called mediter~asian. They also have a website and a person from there is on 3fc right now in general diet plans allowing questions etc.

I could go on and on but basically I want the book and I do feel it is a much healthier way to live. I think I am going to try to incorporate alot more of that way of cooking. Which is something I have always tried to do anyways, basically more whole foods, no processed foods.

Alot more fish. It is just so expensive out here. Wild caught salmon is like $18.00 a lb!!!!

MediterrAsian Diet (

Here is a link to the book review on 3fc!

Book Review (

There is a video too of that!


You need to relax huN!!!! *BIG HUGZ*

You will get the running done don't worry!! You are doing great!!


So glad to hear you are doing okay! I cant wait to see the pics from the wedding. Hopefully son will wisen up soon about that chic. uugghhhhhh


I hit the pavement at 6:10. The sun wasn’t even up yet!

Hooray! I am so proud of you!!!

Weight is still stuck on 213. It’s TOM doing it to me! I am still averaging a pound loss so I should shut up and be happy I guess. 2 down would have been nice though. I have to work a 10 hour day today. Oh well, i will get lots done! Well, I am off to do it. Love to all!

You are going to be fine! Stay away from that scale!!!


I will have to go back later to go thru older post but I remember stop saying you are going to chuck it! Good for you!! At least hide it! I am going to wait a while to get another one once I know I am in control and won't let a scale boss me around.

I need to go on my walk so Ill be back later I guess my cals were a little better than I thought tuesday cause the popcorn is allegedly only 15 cals per cup......yesterday I was at 1681 so..not bad!!

Sat 1200 (90 minutes walking)
Sun 1172 (90 minutes walking)
Mon 1743 (90 minutes walking30 minutes bike riding)
Tues 1589 (60 minutes walking)
Wed 1678 (50 minutes walking)

= 7382 cals in 5 days = 1476 Average calories a day. Wheeee!!!! I need to get my butt back on the bike today! I want to aim for 3 x a week!

The kids are supposed to be going to dads on sat so i am planning an out to eat that day. I need a treat today though! I have been so good!!! I need pudding or something!!!

My face is looking thinner and I am going to try those black pants on again. Everything is looking good. I just wish this could happen faster, ya know?

Have a great day everyone!

08-23-2007, 10:51 AM
Hi Iris! WTG on the great day! Show that body who is boss!!!

08-23-2007, 01:49 PM

:bravo::fr:You did 50 squats?? That is beyond amazing!!! Congrats!:cool:


Re: Tummy Umm, you mean the notorious "stubborn abdominal fat" we hear about on TV all the time? That's supposed to be the "worst" fat, being the most guilty kind of fat when stats are done about overweight/disease. I'll look in Fitness for Dummies and see what it sez about biking/reducing abs.

I've got lots of ab fat to lose too. I'm thinkin' sit ups are prob. what I'm gonna have to do :( to work on that area. Will post here about what I find out as the best way to get rid of tummy fat.

Confession Time:

I totally went off my plan yesterday. I ate a *very large* amount of potato chips. I've been CRAVING carbs - the bad kind - for days and decided to let myself have some. I had a Snickers bar too. 2123 total cals yesterday. OMG.

My cal's are creeping up even when I'm being good. 1200 per day just isn't doable for me - I actually get HUNGRY. So I've been 14, 15, 1700 ... Will try to aim for 1400 and see how that works.

Still walking ev. other day, very early before the heat hits.

Will catch up on posts this weekend. Hope everyone is cooling down a bit and on plan!

08-23-2007, 02:20 PM

Hey hun! Yeah kefir helps the belly fat too! Do NOT knock yourself. Do you know what your maintenance cals are? For me , no exercise, staying at this weight it would take 2200 cals a day to maintain, so if all I did was drop 500 cals a day, to 1700, I would still lose 1 pound a week. IF I exercise 60 minutes, a day I can eat 2766 cals a day and maintain.

So if I reduce my cals to 1766 a day, AND I walk 60 minutes, then I lose 1000 cals a day! and I can lose 2 pounds a week. Every 3500 cals = 1 pound

Its just a simple numbers game hun. If you want me to run your stats, let me know. I would never recommend anyone eating 1200 cals a day. Not unless they were 5'0 and were near skinny. :lol:

1700 is still a losing number for me but I aim for lower cause I tend to creep higher than what I aim for. Like week 1 I aimed for 1400, and wound up at a 1550 average for the week. Week 2 I got cocky, plus was mad at the scale, I wound up at 1900!!!! ugghhh. SO Last saturday I decided to show my body who the boss was and had 2 days at 1200.

I survived, probably cause of all the excess food I had the week before but day 3 my tummy was HURTING. Not just hungry, but hurting! And seeing as how I walk 90 minutes a day almost, 1200 doesn't cut it. :lol:

So I am trying to stick with a 1400-1600 average range plus my walking. We just need to do what we need to do, not obsess about the scale and let our body's catch up. If we don't eat enough we will binge when we get ahold of food. If our meals are too strict and aren't what we want to eat, we will binge. This has to be livable.

That is why this has taken me 2 years to be down 75 pounds. Cause I refuse to be too strict, cause I want to enjoy treats and my food. (Also cause my ex stirred up trouble back in jan but that is another story. lol)

Yesterday I had 3/4 cup of kefir, 2 cups of cantaloupe and 2 cups of coffee(at 180 cals from creamer!) for breakfast. Lunch was 2 ww tortillas that are great but only 50 cals each. I splurged a bit on the cheese and had 2 servings, had 1 cup of beans and some salsa. I ate an entire bag of popcorn! But it was 94% ff and only 15 cals a cup.

For dinner I had 1 cup of ch. breast, 1 cup brown rice, with onion, bell pepper, garlic, and 1 cup broccoli with 2 tbs sweet n sour sauce. 1 multivitamin, 1 diet rootbeer and a ton of water.

Clocked at 1678 cals, 25%fat/48% carbs/28% protein

Did I feel deprived? No. Was I hungry? No. Did I eat enough to make my body happy? Yes. Did I eat too much and won't lose weight cause of it? NOPE!! My maintenance cals yesterday would of been 2672 since I walked 50 minutes. I ate 1678, so I burned almost 1000 calories.

You can do this without being hungry or skipping out on what ya want! Some tricks are to take foods you like and make them healthier!

Today, I want pudding, so i will work it into my plan. Saturday I want to go out to eat at a buffet, so i am going to probably do basic maintenance cals that day, you know, 2200. But I deserve it. by then I will have been eating really great for 7 days! And this isn't a diet, its a lifestyle. So make it something you can do and stick with!

08-23-2007, 03:32 PM
You all are gonna think I am crazy, but this is how I weigh....DAILY. Yep, I get on that scale every morning and weigh. Then I record my weight in the 3FC diet blog and at the end of the week I AVERAGE my weight. Then I compare that to my previous weight. I have had a loss every week since I started. When you weigh in once a week you set yourself up to fail. Let's say your weigh in is Friday. You've been good all week, worked out, stayed on plan. You can't take the waiting any longer so on Thursday you take a peek. Unofficially (because it is no weigh day) you are down 2 pounds! You can't wait to Friday to make it official. Friday comes and you step on the scale and for whatever reason, your 2 pounds down has turned into 0 pounds down! You are crushed! Your motivation is dead, your spirit squashed like a bug...

Now if you weigh in everyday you do several things.
#1. You eliminate the waiting game. You will know your progress every morning.
#2. There are no surprise let downs. So you have an UP day. So what. You stay on plan and watch that number fall tomorrow. It is so much easier to let go of the up/ no loss days when you know you get another shot at it tomorrow.
#3. There is a DAILY reminder to stay on plan. What better motivator then to watch that number creep down every day. Your eyes are literally always on the prize. And if you have an up day you usually know exactly why..."I shouldn't have eaten the entire chocolate cake!"

This week i am going to average a pound down...and I am PMS-ing. If I had waited to weigh in tomorrow like I did before I would probably show no loss or a gain! But becasue I average my weight I get the benefit of all those down numbers earlier in the week. :)

So that is how I handle the scale. I don't fear it. It is my friend... I don't allow it to become a beast or tormentor. Because I keep it in check. I thought some of you would like to know, since there has been alot of "scale hatin" going on. :lol:

08-23-2007, 06:28 PM
jasmine, you are doing amzaing things. no worries if it's slow. i'm glad that you still allow yourself to enjoy things. =)

as far as weighing goes, i used to be pretty obsessive about it, but lately (partly because it's been such a downer, i suppose) i've been focusing more on how i FEEL and how things fit me. it's probably a better indicator anyway, because weights can fluctuate so much and because of the whole muscle vs. fat weights. however i think i AM due for a check-in with my scale soon...

08-23-2007, 07:19 PM
Just a quck check in as I still have dusting to do and get the car packed and find my daughter's cat who is hiding somewhere, YUMM!!! Got Dad's shopping done, only little visit though, better next time I hope.

Today I weighed in at 216.2, lowest yet, pleased with that, but blue it tonnight with three pieces of chicken lightly breaded and a few roasted pot. and a drink. Oh yes and a rollo ice cream on a stick. Bad bad bad! Hopefully will make up for it tomorrow.

Have a good week all, talk to you soon.
Sharon S.

08-23-2007, 11:26 PM

Today's exercise...I ran 20 mins. I walked/warmed up/cool down/ stretching for 15 minutes, and Firm Yoga for 30 minutes. A total of 65 minutes today...Yay me! :cheer: I am a little more then 3-60 minute workouts away from my goal! So I should meet it this weekend! This will be the first goal I think I have met in a long time...years actually! :D I am happy. I will be even happier when I have met it and I can say that I did not sabotage myself this time. :cb:

Food today not so good. I did not do my calories. But I ate too much. I worked a 10 hour day and was famished and too tired to cook so we went out to eat, mexican and I ate my favorite chicken fajitas and they were delish! :love: So I ate too much and am still way too full right now! But rather than get upset about it I will shake it off and get back on the diet wagon tomorrow.

Went to the grocery and bought some crap. :yikes: I bought a thing of brownies, some caramel treasures, chips and dip! :devil: WTH? I was hungry so I bought a little of everything! I told DS1 that he could eat most the treasures, to keep me from eating them. :lol: He didn't mind as he usually eats most of them anyway. I did tell him just a few a day. it's a small bag so it won't last long in my house. The brownies I will allow myself one small one and the rest will go to Mom's for the kids afterschool snack. The chips and dip...Hmm...Maybe I will forget they are there. I do that sometimes. I did use some sense and bought the tiny container of chip dip and the light chips so if I did lose my mind and eat it all, It wouldn't be as bad as the full fat version. Small steps...I will get there!

Well off to bed! :tired:

08-24-2007, 10:16 AM
REALLY bad day yesterday everyone. Started out on plan with breakfast and lunch. Got a call around 12:00, found out my ex passed away that a.m. from a heart attack!!! Oh man, so many mixed emotions going on right now. :(

We went and got pizza. STill wound up at 2200 which is still maintenance so that is cool.

I am really upset about this. SO are the kids. :(

Hope everyone has a great day.

08-24-2007, 12:11 PM
I'm so sorry Jasmine

08-24-2007, 01:52 PM
sorry to hear that, jasmine.

i came so close to having a good day yesterday, but blew it at the end when i visited my parents... something atrocious like 2600 cals was my total.

today has been all right so far - breakfast and lunch according to plan. i need to not mess up at dinner (or before it) and go running (em - well, jogging)... day two of the self plan.

melody, congrats on coming so far toward your workout goal!

08-24-2007, 02:48 PM
oh, jeez. less than an hour after posting that, i've already binged today.

AAAARRRGHGHGGH! i'm frustrated with myself.

i want to take a nap now but i know i should push through the day.

08-24-2007, 06:56 PM
Jasmine, I am so sorry. I can imagine the mixed emotions you are having. I will pray for you and the kids. :hug:

Today was a bad day. Work was stressful. Everyone walking around b*tching about everybody else. My new assistant is a moron. I was ready to leave work.

Before I leave I look up my books, on the website, for my classes I need and print them out. They all are suppose to be in stock. I drive 45 minutes to the bookstore and can’t find the piece of paper. So I figure I only need my course numbers to buy them. Except there is only one problem…I don’t know my course numbers. So I call trusty sister #4 at work and direct her to my college email, give her my password, and she gives me the numbers so now, I am set. I go in and give the kid behind the desk my info. He looks it up. I have 2 books for my EDU class and 1 for the math class. He looks them up and says there is only one book in stock and it is for the Edu class. I am a little disappointed, but happy I could do some homework and not have to admit to my instructor’s that I am a complete loser and could not afford to buy my books until today. (Classes started Monday!) So I take the book and go to the register where the kid and another girl-kid…a snooty witch, inform me that the book I am holding, so tenderly and protectively in my arms, has been sold to someone else and I had to give it back. WTF??? You can understand that I was beyond mad! :mad: First of all I drove ALL the way up here to get my books which your website said were in stock. Then you give me a book, rip it away from me at checkout, and then inform me that it may be 2 weeks until I recieve them all. Yeah, I am sure that my professor’s will have no problem waiting 2 weeks for my homework!!! The snooty witch wasn’t a bit nice either. The kid was. It was her I would have liked to slap down. So I leave get to the parking lot and my phone rings. It is BF. I try to tell him what is going on and he cuts me off, and asks if I’m staying the night. I say no, he says something…I say I don’t know, just give me a minute…He says I’ll give you all F*ckin day. So I hang up. He calls back and I lose it because I am SOOO sick of everytime something knocks me down, he kicks me! I am so sick of him NEVER being there for me. He just uses me for what he wants and if I don’t do what he wants he gets mad. I just can’t take it anymore so he hangs up on me and I call back and leave it on his voice mail that we are through and for him never to call me again. I just can’t do this **** anymore! So I decide to call college to see when they are going to dispearse the rest of my student loan money. I used almost my entire paycheck to order those stupid books that I don’t have…$300 for 3 books. Ridiculous! So I call, and the girl on the other end informs me they are not expecting loan dispersement until mid-September!!! You mean to tell me that I just spent most my paycheck on a reciept and they aren’t mailing the freaking checks until mid-september!!! I figured I would get it next week! WTH?

So I cried most of the way home. :cry:

I pick up the kids and sit at my computer and just try to breath. Just breath…

As far as diet goes it has been decent today, but because of all the chaos, I didn’t get to dwell on my mini-victory. I haven’t ate the best the last 2 days so I didn’t think when I stepped on the scale I would see a new low…211! And adding in my new low brought my weekly average down to 212, which means I am 2 pounds down!!! WHOOOO HOOO! That is good on a PMS week! I am now 16 pounds down! I Rock! :smoking:

On a sour note TOM finally arrived today. I have only been PMS-ing for a week and a half now! Well Off to find some workout to do!

Love to all!

08-24-2007, 07:00 PM
Iris: Take every meal one at a time. Don't worry about the entire day. Each meal is a new opportunity to get it right. So if you overeat at lunch, get it right at dinner. Think before you eat. I know it is not as easy as it sounds, but you can do this! :dust:

canuk: :cp: Congrats on the lowest number thus far! That deserves a dancing banana! :cb:

08-24-2007, 07:56 PM
lodyangel i completely understand the pains of the bookstores and that fun stuff (im a senior in college). Don't feel bad about not being able to buy books until the end of the week I usually can't either cause my loan check takes forever. Teachers know that books run out all you have to do is tell them....or if you wanted you can go on and buy them (that's what i do cause they are usually cheaper). You can have them shipped next day and you wont have to worry about it anymore. At my school most people except for freshman wait until the end of the week to get the books because sometimes teachers request them but don't even use them. Also, since people aren't sure about their schedules they hold off on buying books. My suggestions are to check,, or your schools bookstore website (usually there is a link to it on the university email) . Good luck! and don't worry about me you aren't the only one that hasn't been able to get their books. I'm still waiting on mine! :lol:

08-24-2007, 07:57 PM
Jasmine - I am so sorry for you and your children. Be strong. :hug:

08-25-2007, 10:08 AM

:hug:Sympathies to you and your children. :(What a terrible shock.

I'll say a prayer for you and the kids tonight.:hug:

08-25-2007, 10:24 AM
OK, two days slightly off plan is over, yesterday I'm back on trace :dance: Pastry aisle tractor beam at the grocery store almost got me, but I managed to resist. I did have two cookies at the bank's Friday Customer Cookie Day, mmmm. But just two! Yea, me.

Sat. & Sun. will walk 1.4m each day with dogs. Looking forward to buying new walking shoes Sept. 1!

Lody Angel:

:hug:Oh, geez, that textbook saga sounds SO maddening!! Have you tried Ebay, or (as someone else suggested), or some used textbook site where you might get books quicker and cheaper? You could google 'cheap used textbooks' and see what you find. Or amazon's dealers maybe have something? Good luck.

Sounds like your life is frustrating right now :(. I hope you get to feeling better very soon!

:bravo: Congrats on the new 211 low!!! You DO rock!!


Hiya! Keep on trying ... it's worth the effort! :carrot:


Yay! Congrats on your New Low!!! :cool::)

08-25-2007, 11:09 AM
Good Morning all. Well I have a confession to make. After nearly 2 months of being on plan and doing really well, I binged last night. All the stress, TOM, everything, I just caved and pigged out on pizza. I was justly rewarded this morning. I had a gain of 5 pounds!!! WTH? I would have had to have eaten 17,500 calories to have gained 5 pounds! There is just no way! Grrr...It must be water weight. Hopefully it will come off in the next couple days.

I have to go sign the kiddies up for soccer. Then go to Wal-mart. We are out of everything. I am gonna buy some more Sb meals, they seem to keep me in check. I ran/ walked 30 minutes this morning. I am gonna do some tae-bo later or something. Then i have to get on the homeowork. What I can do of it... and email my instructors to explain the book dilemna. Well I am off to my day!

Jasmine: How are you and the kids holding up? I'm praying for you.

Rhiglan: I am a senior in college too. I have never had so much trouble over books before! My college's bookstore is run through That's where I had all the trouble. Next quarter I am gonna look for my books elsewhere!

08-25-2007, 11:18 AM
Trust me it will save you a lot of heartache lody. I understand the binge with all the stress you were under last night. Trust me you aren't alone either. I got freaked out about my GPA last night and grad school and I pigged out too. Don't worry about it this morning though. Just get up and go get walkin. If you need anyone to talk to I'm here for ya. I definately understand!

Oh and btw I hate ecampus. They use that for all of our grades and everything. It's a pain. We use mix for our email and everything else.

Well after my binge last my my scale told me this morning that I weigh anywhere between 185-195. I think it's time to splurge on a digital scale and throw this dial out the window

Ice Princess
08-25-2007, 02:27 PM
Count me in :yay:

my goal is to get to ONDERLAND

eat right, exercise, quit PEPSI, DRINK WATER
I know I can do it.
k need to read the rest of the posts but like I said COUNT ME IN :yay:

08-25-2007, 03:10 PM
THANX FOR ALL THE SUPPORT LADIES! It has been very tiring. Lots of mixed emotions going on.The kids are all handling it pretty good. I am sure it will sink in more later.

I am very sorry he passed on but I am glad the war is over. It had gotten very ugly and Joe and I tried our best to handle it and not get ugly back. I talked to my bro last nite and some of you may remember back when my mom passed on, the day of her funeral he was bringing cops to my door on phony allegations, called my dad and threatened to cut his other foot off.

And I never heard this part before but my bro told me last nite that he told my bro, during that phone convo, "If it's a war you want, its a war you'll get. I will hunt you down and every single one of your children down and I will kill all of you!!!"

13 months of constant harassment, cop visits, cps visits, court, mediation, that was from nov 2004-dec 2005. During that time I was also dealing with 2 parents dying back to back.

Then it was quiet for a year, we didn't hear from him at all. Then last dec 2006 his sister got ahold of us, etc. He was in the hospital with heart trouble.
She wanted to get the kids and help him see them etc. We let her and then it was constand harassment from the time he got out of the hospital! They sene him in the hospital in dec 2006, January he was home and she got them and all the crap started and name calling and by february the cops and cpps were at my door again and my healthy eating and exercise spiraled out of control and march he tried to fight for custody again and I seen court paperwork and by april I was up 17 pounds!

That is when I told myself I have to deal with a complete jerk whether I am 150, 200, 250, 300 pounds and that I could not let him succeed in tearing me and my health down. Ruining all that I had accomplished. And so i got back at it. God and Joe and my family have seen me thru these terrible times.

May 30 was mediation, June 20 was court and then we would of had to go back to mediation in sept and court again in oct, and God knows how long he would of kept dragging this out for!!!

It was a hard day when I found out and I was crying like crazy. But like my aunt said, the man you loved has been gone for a long time.

And just remembering how hateful and cruel he had become etc. uuggghhhhh

Today I am sitting here and I am just glad the war is over. I am going to try to hang on to the good memories for the kids and stay in touch with his family. i always told them that the divorce was between me and him and they are more than welcome to call, come by, come get the kids etc.

His sis and I talked today maybe we can all go out camping together soon.

Thank goodness we have been able to get closer the last 8 months.

So for now I am just trying to rebuild my little family here, joe, the kids, me. It was very difficult all those months with my ex doing everything and the kids feeling torn.

I have been still doing my walking. My cals have been a bit higher though. Yesterday 1844 but at least I am still counting.

Hope you guys are all doing well and Ill catch up on post later. :hug:

08-25-2007, 03:11 PM
Oh and welcome to Ice Princess!!!

08-25-2007, 06:40 PM
welcome, ice princess!

melody - good luck with the books and such. i haven't even gone to my bookstore yet because i have to wait for my paycheck on monday. luckily my classes only start then, so at least i shouldn't be late on any homework.

jasmine - sympathies and well-wishes to you and your family

i'm hearing a lot of binging/overeating/emotional stuff going on... and unfortuantely i'm in that boat with y'all. the past two days i've been a mess, and i'm not entirely sure why. lots of random little things have been going wrong, plus some stuff that got sort of ignored for awhile is coming back to be faced.

keep plugging along - every minute is a new chance to do things right.

08-25-2007, 06:44 PM
Count me in :yay:

my goal is to get to ONDERLAND

eat right, exercise, quit PEPSI, DRINK WATER
I know I can do it.
k need to read the rest of the posts but like I said COUNT ME IN :yay:

:welcome: Hi Ice Princess!

Welcome to the group! Lots of nice gals & great ideas here. Please feel right at home.

Ice ... boy that sounds nice on a windy 100 degree day here in California.

Are you on any specific diet plan (Weight Watchers, Nutri-Systems, etc.)? I'm not, I'm just eating healthy and sensible portions and have cut out the constant sweets.

Pepsi, huh? I was hooked on Pepsi, then Coke for years. Gave up soda years ago when I realized how many teaspoons of sugar was in each can (8 tsp. each I think!!).

Look forward to getting to know you! :)

08-25-2007, 06:49 PM
((((( Hugs for Jasmine )))))

I've been thinking about you today (and your kiddos) so I'm glad you posted. You must be so conflicted about your ex's passing. Geez, what a trial he's put you and the children through. You deserve extra special pats on the back for being able to concentrate on losing weight (or anything!) with alllll that stress!!:o

Take care. :hug::hug:

08-26-2007, 12:13 AM
Hey Jasmine! My BF has put me through some of the same stuff. That is why we don't live together and will never get married. I am sure it is hard, and I am sure there is a part of you who will miss him and is sorry, that he is gone. But don't feel bad, that you may feel relief too. He did alot of bad, awful things to you. Now you and the kids can get on with your lives, no shadow hanging over you. (((HUGS))) I am here for you if you need anything! :hug: I know it's a little early for this, and you may have already thought of it, but don't forget to call the social security office to sign the kids up to draw off his social security. With no child support, you will need the extra money. Again, you and your kids are in my thoughts and prayers! (((hugs)))

Welcome Ice!

Today for me was horrible. I spent it hiding from BF, and fighting with him on the phone. It was really bad. Worse then it has been in years! I left my house twice to keep him from coming to my house. The first time me and the kids were out for 3 hours. I hate when he acts crazy. I am just really stressed right now. Since I was half afraid he would call CPS I got Mom over here and we cleaned the house. I still have a mountain of clothes to wash and the kitchen floor must be mopped, but it looks better. It's so hard to keep it all together when you are working full time, college full time, Mom full time. It's nearly impossible! However because of all the drama I didn't eat Dinner til 10 o'clock. So calories were low! I haven't added them up yet, but they were well under 1500 calories.

This morning I weighed in at 216...a 5 pound gain. Well, at noon I still hadn't eaten anything so I weighed in again...down to 213!! So I think I am gonna use that weight in my weekly average! :lol: Well off to bed. (((HUGS))) to everyone!

08-26-2007, 12:05 PM
Oh I'm so sorry lody. Why on earth would he call CPS on you. That's a bit extreme if the only reason is he is angry at you and wants revenge. If that's the case you may seriously want to rethink having him in your life. Someone thats willing to try to get your children taken away for the sake of being evil is not worth it. You deserve better! :hug:

08-26-2007, 01:08 PM
:hug: all around.... what a week!

08-26-2007, 01:21 PM
I reconfirmed earlier today that i have low blood sugar problems. I got up around 10ish and just sat around and watched tv and caught up on some emails...I decided not to eat right away because honestly I wasn't hungry so I waited. I took a shower and got out (still no eating) and I felt the rage boil up inside of me. It is so uncontrollable. I hate the feeling.....I cleaned the bathroom thoroughly pissed off at my boyfriend because he had not cleaned the bathroom and had not helped me clan the bathroom. I came out in the kitchen even more angry he hadn't taken out the trash like I asked last night. :devil: <-----that was me. Now this might sound like normal annoyances but the real thing here....why didn't he help or take out the trash......he is still asleep! Once I cleaned I finally sat down and drank a carnation instant breakfast....about 2 minutes later I was sitting here calm and pleasant. It's insanity I know....I hate it when I get like that. What sucks is that it happens when I'm not hungry. Anytime my blood sugar drops hungry or not I get like that. I know I need to eat when I can feel it start boiling up in me....anger overtakes me completely. I get angry, upset, nasueas (sp??), dizzy, its terrible....I just from now on when I get up hungry or not I need to eat. Thankfully bf wasn't awake to get the wrath of me. Sometimes I honestly don't know how he puts up with me. On top of that it's TOM so it may have been pretty bad. I really need to get this under control :dizzy:

08-26-2007, 07:13 PM
Hey everyone. Jasmine & lodyangel do I feel for you both. My dh has a lot of same issues with his ex and his 3 children. They lived in an attic for 2 years at an ex-boyfriends house, went to court, made them get an actual house, we get them all summer now, and every other weekend during the school year. Basically we get almost all of their free time. Otherwise they are safe at school. She called the police on us so much this summer because my dh didn't call at a certain time!

Talk about binge eating, I went from 1000 calories to a billion calories the last week and as usual I haven't been posting. Too embarrassed. I need to get back on track.

08-26-2007, 09:41 PM
Hey everyone. It has been a rough weekend. BF was not crazy today. So I allowed him to have DD for awhile (he never asks to take the boys, who are his kids as well) and then we went in there to eat Dinner with him. We barely spoke.

Rhiglan: I don't know if he would call CPS. But he has done some pretty crazy stuff before so I like to be prepared for ANYTHING when he acts like that. As for why I keep him in my life? If he is in my life, I don't have to worry about handing my kids over every other weekend to an alcoholic. I could probably prove he isn't fit, but I don't trust the court. A few years ago he got into crack really bad. (As of a month ago, I knew for a fact he was sober. No drugs no drinking. But he is drinking again some, I know for sure. I don't have any suspicions of anything more, but after yesterday it makes me wonder...) He was REALLY crazy then. He assaulted me and I had him arrested. When we went to court, the judge was like..."He gets to see the kids. So what day?" He had just assaulted me, was on drugs and they were still gonna let him see them! WTH??? So I put up with alot, just to keep my kids with me. Plus, most the time he isn't like that. This is the worst he has been in YEARS. I don't know what is going on with him, but it can't be good. I am going to have to do some more snooping to find out.

Food wasn't too bad. Could have done better. Had the weight of the world on my shoulders today. I mean it literally felt like something was pressing down on my shoulders. Stress. I wish I could take of work tomorrow. I really need another day off just to chill! Oh well.

Well I am off to do homework.

Jasmine: I am still praying for you! :hug:

Ice Princess
08-26-2007, 10:38 PM
Well thanks for all the wonderful :welcome:
I am not on any diet plan yet, just watch what I eat, no pepsi ( drinkin my last 2lt as I type) drink water and some sort of exercise. I wasnt gonna start till tommorow being Monday but today I drank 4 cups of water and walked 2 km, I think it was a good start. I am aiming for a 3 km walk and mayeb soem free weights for arms and maybe some lungs for the legs. We'll see how the first week goes with jsut the walking.

Im a 32yr old divorced mother of three BOYS 15, 13 and 7 all of which are my life so to speak. My oldest has just moved in with his father and the last couple of years have been HELLLLLLLLLL. I think most can relate.

Well I hope to get to know all of you better as the time passes and the weight disappears.....

08-27-2007, 11:09 AM
New Thread for the week (

08-27-2007, 03:09 PM
Hi All! :wave: How is everyone today?

Well BF apoligized last nihgt. So that is good. Hopefully, he will return to being his normal pain-in-the-butt self instead of the crazy lunatic he was this weekend.

Weigh in this morning was 214. :( I hate Tom. I will be glad when it is over!! To make my labor day goal I have to lose 3 pounds this week and weigh 209 by Labor day...Don't know if that is gonna happen or not, but it won't if i keep eating like a pig! :ink: I was suppose to run this morning, but gosh I was tired, and couldn't get my butt outta bed. That "darned spot" on my leg is still hurting so it's probably a good thing that I took the day off, and let it rest some more. Tomorrow morning I am running! I don't care! Nothing is stopping me!

Calories so far today are about 500. :dancer: I plan on doing some yoga and Denise Austin core when I get home. Sis1's b-day dinner is tonight. Sorta a pot luck thing we all do for everyone's b-day so I gotta be good and save my other 1000 calories for Dinner!

Ice Princess; It sounds like you have a plan. The water from Pop change is a really smart one. You may lose a few pounds just from making the switch! You can do this!

:grouphug: Hugs to everyone else!!! I am off to drink my lemon water and do some actual work! :lol: