LA Weight Loss - Hey Everyone I Won The Battle At Cod!!!

08-16-2007, 08:18 PM
I went in today wondering what awaitedme after they told me to eat the high fiber items and increasemy exercise a bit more. Well I went down a half-a-pound. I said thats it ?? well I had the woman who i can not stand of coarse again!

Ahe said well thats better then nothing. I told her not hardly! i said i have been Fing around with this new plan for WAY TO LONG and I am fed up to say the least.

Well the manager comes around a corner.:) She said what was the weigh in this time and we told her. She said ok I have had it as well! She said she sent in the stuff to the dietican and from her facial response she never heard back yet. She said, you were doing great and now its not working no matter what we have done. We are SWITCHING YOUR PLAN to plan 2 she said , NOW this may cause a gain because of were your suppose to be BUT she has seen 2 other people here who she has the same thing happen and she finally did what she is doing with me. They are so far doing fine with it and its been a few weeks.

Tommorow I start PLAN 2 . She said you did so awesome and now its not working with plan 3 so we will do the purple plan that is about equal to plan with numbers which is plan 2.

I am not suppose to come in until next week and at the end of the week she is going to measure me. she has been giving me my weeks so I don't lose money.:hug:

We shall see what happens! I will keep you allposted . Anyone else have any news on there plans to share??

08-16-2007, 08:27 PM
I'm glad things worked out for you at the COD. Let us know how plan 2 works for you!

08-16-2007, 10:41 PM
Thanks , I am anxiously awaiting to see the results too. I have to tell you that all this not working was really making me depressed on top of fustrated.

I have not slept well, and I have been tired because of it. I think this will be the best nights sleep ever because Iknow this has worked before. Seems like I am starting all over again. I know it sounds really crazy, but after no loss for over A MONTH and NOTHING working its about time.

Thank goodness I have a COD manager who really is getting that nothing is working.

I will keep you all posted.

08-17-2007, 08:59 AM
Congrats on the Vitory at the COD Steph. I'm glad your persistance finally paid off and glad you stuck with it without giving up. I hope you start to see rapid results from your new plan and catch up to where you should be.