Carb Counters - CHAT! CHAT! CHAT! Low Carb Week of: 8/13-8/19

08-13-2007, 01:50 PM
2nd day of hangover and things are looking slightly less blurry:dizzy: - How is everyone else doing?:p

Stayed OP 'cepting for the 1.23 cases of Bud Light I drank down at my Country Bro's Bar - had a Great Time visiting him and my Oldest Sis who retired there recently and lots of old friends.

Miss the country.:(

LOVE your view Bouncing - can totally see why you would freak a little alone at nite writing a ghost story tho'!

I'm joining your determination chickadee - gonna weigh in to see how much Bud-Bloat Damage I did and hit this week with a vengeance!

I know I've bought the Atkins-Shake cans b4 sunchick, can't remember a durn thing about them - so that says a lot! I now have protein powder that I just blend shakes in (with ice & lc yogurt if I could ever find any now!:mad:) I remember LOVING EAS shakes - they were in a carton container - not can and good when REALLY cold.

Azure - you sound like you are doing so good! I've had a lot of stress that I haven't ate my way thru too - since connecting with you - I just haven't done it. (Altho' drinking my way thru DID come up Saturday!)

I'm so excited that you're back on Atkins lilyb!:carrot: Don't want to be selfish - so hoping its the right thing for you at this time and works well with your long term plan. I just have always loved reading your Posts - about LC'ing and also life.:hug:

Is everyone ready to JUST DO IT this week??????

08-13-2007, 02:16 PM
Aud--I love reading your posts. You're always full of enthusiasm and you get me really pumped to face the week! So, thanks for being here. :hug:

I had a couple drinks myself last night, Aud. I had rum/diet coke/lime. No carbs, but we all know that booze doesn't help anyone lose weight. I got a little more than buzzed (seems that I'm a lightweight now that I've dropped 30lbs and just don't drink often) off of my two drinks, too. Scale said 151 this morning--gotta love that post-booze dehydration ;) Once I drink some water, I'm sure I'll be back up--my next official weigh-in is Friday! I'm hoping to be creeping steadily toward the 140s :D

I'm ready to JUST DO IT this week, Aud! Thanks for askin' ;)

08-13-2007, 02:25 PM
OOPS I POSTED THIS IN LAST WKS CHAT..... but its now in its rightful place.

well - ill tell you bad wkend - first i was eating LC then i just ate too many carbs - i thinkk becasue i finally got a scale and weighed myslef and becasue of those stupid bars i am sure of it and eating to many nuts i gained 3 pounds back - although maybe some of it is period related bloat but i am still soooo mad at myself. if i would have had a scale i would have noticed the upsliding after a day - now a whole wke has gone by - oh and of course after this frustration what do it do? i eat peanut m&ms and indian food for dinner - cuz of course that wont just make it worse.

so i am really unhappy and frustrated at myslef. but today i am back on induction and am going to the gym tonight - i wonder how long it will take for me to get back into ketosis??

So now to huit my goal this month i have to lose 14 pounds instead of 11 which i had hoped would be only 8 by now. Crap! Well maybe i can still lose 11 - i just wont be in the 170's then
I am so mad at myself - its so ridicuolous - there is no reason for me to cheat but i did becasue i was mad i gained? that makes no sense.

So i vow as of this moment i am back on induction levels until i get down to at least 160. ANd i am going to workout 4-5 times per wk PERIOD - its non negotitable!

oh and PS i am changing my weigh in days to thursdays.... hopefully ill be back on track by then.

08-13-2007, 05:02 PM
Saw some eggplant I'd gotten at the Farmers Market Saturday starting to wilt. Had no idea how to fix it - so sliced (hope we're supposed to eat the seeds & all?:?:) - cooked in butter - sprinkled with mozzarella & parmesan. Smells and looks yummola!!!:carrot: Gonna eat it after I w/i when I get to work.

Have a great evening Chatters!:hug:

08-13-2007, 05:53 PM
anyone know why nuts arent allowed on induction?

technically becasue i had a slip up this past wkend i am wondering if i need to go back on strict induction like i am completely restarting or i can just eat 20 grams of carbs including nuts becasue i like to eat them for a snack.... :)
please advise - thanks!

08-14-2007, 01:51 AM
Hi everyone, I didn't do great at Atkins today. I had a slice of LC wheat bread with a TBSP of cream cheese for brekky. Lunch was a salad with meat, cheese , lettuce, tomato and LF ranch dressing. Dinner was spaghetti (I ate a very tiny portion), green beans, salad and okra.

I cooked the spaghetti for everyone else and didn't intend to eat it. Then I got pi@@ed at DH this evening for already wasting all his spending money for the week (and asking for more). Next thing you know, I had spaghetti on my plate too. Dang it, I shoulda just slapped him instead of eating the pasta.

The good news was, that my anger was great to cause me to exercise. I spent 2.5 hrs. outside weeding my garden and making my rows to plant corn in the AM. Plus walked 1 mile on treadmill. I was soaking wet with sweat, it's 104 degrees here today. I'm drinking lots of water, getting exercise and hoping to sweat off a lb. or two this week.

08-14-2007, 06:33 AM
Can't remember why nuts are an Induction no-no . . . sure hard to eat them and stay under 20, I think?

Grrrrrrrrrrrr . . . Finances . . . the more I work the broker we get? Hmmmmmmmmmm . . . :dizzy: Hang in there lily! Glad you're drinking a lot of h2o - its sweltering here too!

Well, my staying Eating OP thru-out the Bud Light Festival of Beer Guzzling worked out ok - down 2 more pounds!!!:o

Gosh I love Atkins!:hug:

08-14-2007, 11:45 AM
yeah - thats great aud!
i workoutout yesterday and ate:
2 cream cheese muffins
herbal tea iced with splenda
chicken salad
broccoli salad and chicken for dinner
1 oz almonds
sf jello

came in at 24 grams carbs - 9 grams df = 15 grams carbs

so why havent i lost anything? ok i know its a bit ridiculous to think that so soon after my flub....ideally i would like to get down to 190 by thursday - right back where i was - hopefully its possible with exercise and a similar menu to the one above.

08-14-2007, 01:00 PM
aud, I definitely feel broke after getting the girls back in school. I really was pi@@ed at DH. He had spent $230.00 in 4 friggin days and now he's broke til Thursday. I don't know how he wastes so much money. He didn't have to buy gas or his beloved cigarettes. I know that he had borrowed my vehicle and it looked like a grave yard for fast food crap. (I cleaned it back out). I bet I threw out 20 pepsi cans and tons of candy bar wrappers. All this junk and I had packed his meals and sent them with him. He ate those too. What really made me mad was I ended up having to put more gas in his jeep. I couldn't say, "no, I won't give you money to get your sorry arse to work since you wasted your money". Can I just smack him?

To top it all off, he acts like nothing is wrong and comes snuggling up to me last night. I told him I had a stomach ache and got up and came wrote on my book. When I am mad at him, I can't stand for him to touch me.

He gets paid on Thursday and by then I may have cooled off a little and we're gonna have a little chat about his spending. After all, we're looking for a new car to buy and we won't be able to afford it if he keeps wasting money like he is. Everytime we've had this little chat, he feels sorry for himself. Gives me almost every dime for a couple weeks and then the cycle starts again. Sorry for the rant.

ok, to happier news. I woke up feeling really thin this morning. Still too afraid to get back on the scale , but my tummy is much flatter. I think lowering my carbs some is helping , of course with all my exercise and water combined.

Oh, today is our hottest day so far. 107 degrees.

08-14-2007, 01:16 PM
Struggled with my binge monster last night again--I lost out, as usual. I had a carrot/raisin muffin and 4 oreos. I guess it could have been worse. I was still at 153 this morning--so I'm up from my 151 post-boozing (alcohol dehydrates you, so you'll likely be lighter the day after--I always am), but back to where I was beforehand. At least the additional carbs didn't do TOO much damage.

I've joined in over at the "Chicks in Control" section...I'm hoping that will help me. I'd really like to learn how to stick to induction for more than 5 days at a time!

I'm really hoping to be down to 149 by Friday...I'm hoping. But that's 4 pounds in five days, and I don't think it's all that realistic--unless I've still got some glycogen/water weight on me from my carbs last night. That weight comes off quickly once I'm back on strict induction.

ANYway--hope you ladies are having a great day :)

08-14-2007, 03:29 PM
Do ya like salads at all chickadee? You can really load them up with lc goodies and feel absolutely STUFFED. Keeps the mail a'moving too!;)

lily, we are continuing our parallel -Right on down to the fast food wrappers IN MY CAR - altho' it's the Coke cans vs Pepsi!:dizzy: When I came back from the Country Visit - the fridge was stocked with a KFC Feast!:mad: SO $$$$ - and there was plenty of FOOD. Grrrrrrrrr . . . school shopping is this weekend so my Finanacial Fight/Broken Record will be then . . . Can't wait.:o

This may not work for everyone azure - but may work for you too. I remember when I first read the Atkins book something the Doc said that always stuck with me - When you are hungry EAT - eat until you are full - if you still feel like you're going to EAT more - at least eat something that is OP! Even if that means RE-EATING an entire plate of the supper you just ate. Somewhere in there he said that he had a guy that would just finish off the Roast in the middle of the night - ridiculous - BUT - still OP.

Sooooooo, with my latest modest success over my stress emotional hormonal binge overeating - I've just made a promise to myself if I feel like that - I'm going to eat everything in sight as long as it's OP, ya know?

I've only actually somewhat over-ate twice now - once I finished off the pot of yummy cauli-cheez mash and also when I made the LC Egg Bread and made sandwiches with everything within reach!!! LOL!:D

BOTH times I've still Posted a loss.

So throw out those oreos and find something that you LOVE that is OP and keep handy - when the Binge Bug Bites - tackle it with some OP foods!

*This Message was brought to you by "aud on Atkins!" and is not a paid advertisement*:dizzy:

08-14-2007, 03:41 PM
Aud-- For me, it's rarely ever about being hungry. I'm rarely hungry when I binge on junk food. But you're right, I've defeated the urge before by just grabbing something on plan to eat. Unfortunately, the cookies and all kinds of other not on plan foods belong to family members (I'm home for three more weeks, then it's back to college, where the only food in the apartment will be ON PLAN food that I buy myself!) I can't really toss them. I'll just try to ignore them from now on.

:hug: Thanks for the advice, Aud. I'll make sure I've always got something OP with me, even if it's just a slim jim or something--just so I have NO excuses, no matter where I am.

08-14-2007, 04:03 PM
Aud-- For me, it's rarely ever about being hungry. . .

For me, it's NEVER about being hungry!:dizzy::o It's about having some food and a LOT of it!:(

Isn't it hard to be truly hungry on Atkins?


But like I said, when I get that irrational urge to just have a LOT of something/anything . . . I've been going with the 1/2 pot of cauli/cheez - that at least feels sinful to me. Don't think a slim jim would cut it for me lol!:dizzy: Can ya cook at all? I'm thinking of making up a bunch of the Egg Bread and keeping them on hand. Late nite BLT's come to mind. (Never was big on desserts - AFSweeteners - (altho' everyone is recommending cooking with LIQUID sweetener to avoid bad taste/stalls/gas. I always liked stevia too, chickadee. *adding to shopping list* Experiment around til ya find what you like.

What did you like on your amazing successful journey lily?:?:

Can tell that all this will be rough to do with where you're at right now tho' az - Hang In There!:hug:

08-14-2007, 05:15 PM
hey all - i was thikning of making some lc peanut butter cookies - peanut butter, splends, and egg are the only ingredients becasue there are definately days where i feel like i need something reministant of a cookie or muffin - i have been trying to find a good lc pumpkin muffin recipe too -but i am torn becasue if its there i may eat all the cookies in one serving...what a pain! i guess its really more about gaining control over yourself so once you reach goal you dont go back to the way things were but still allow yourself a treat once and a while.

i am out of the cream cheese muffins which were starting to grow on me but again portion control its back to eggs.
and i think i am going to try and do more salads for lunch as well.

its a uphill battle!

08-14-2007, 11:59 PM
Hi all. Aud: Awwwwwww! (blush)

Been high on carbs for 3 days now. Well, today not too bad: 29 of 'em. And I said I was going to stay between 25 and 30. Sat. was 49 tho and yesterday was 45 (I had an atkins bar each day, and I'm counnting total carbs minus fiber, ignoring what they say is net carbs because I can find no absolutely no rationalization for that number other than marketing.

What got me Saturday was I really, really wanted a non-alcohol beer. So I had one. It was 12g. And I had a tuna sandwich on a pita, thinking it was 15g, and it was really 30. Half a pita is considered a serving, and I didn't see that (maybe because I didn't want to know?). Yesterday aomebody set 3 chocolate Paul Newman Alphabet Cookies in front of me and I ate them. Now, the little critters are thin, and 1" x 1" so I guessed 15g (no package to read). What got me today was a craving for green crunchies so I made a huge salad for lunch: much baby spinach, a whole tomato (that was expensive, carb-wise), some feta crumbled into it, and about 4 slices of crumbled bacon that I cooked last night especially so I could have it in that salad. Sure was good, tho. I had breakfast really early and was starving when I got home from the gym so I had an Atkins bar. I bought 3 boxes from Netrition before I read that they stall people. I've been sort of spreading them out. They hadn't hurt me so far, but 3 days in a row? We'll see what happens on Saturday. For dinner I bbq'd a slab of dead cow with Montreal Steak seasoning on it. So no carbs there. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. I don't seem to be doing well on this OWL stuff. Maybe I should just go back to induction? No, I HAVE to learn to do this. Have to. Have to.

Lily, I sympathise. Don't strangle him, though. You're not supposed to do that. BIg men with guns come and take you away if you do that. And we'd miss you. Wait, could you feed him to Lucy? That might solve two problems: appeases yours anger, and make Lucy too fat to escape or destroy things. All she'll want to do is sleep. Works for me!

Azure, good job on stopping before the binge even really got started. I'm proud of you. That's a skill that will be absolutely essential as you go forward. For all of us, maybe. After all, it doesn't seem like anybody is able to go forever without one little bitty mound of something not-recommended every now and again. Originally I said "forbidden," but that's old thinking so I corrected it.

Chickadee, peanut butter cookies are so not my weakness. Oatmeal raisin, though... congrats for knowing enough about yourself to suspect that Now Is Not The Time to Make Cookies! I must make those cream cheese muffins. Got to remember to pick up some cream cheese.

It is my intention to make it to the gym every day this week (Mon-Sat). I hereby tell y'all so I'll feel too guilty to screw it up!

08-15-2007, 12:55 AM
hey bouncing - just thought i would share a great website with you (all of you actually) - has most nutitional info for alot of foods - i like it becasue i use fitday and fitday seems to miss alot of stuff....

night all!

08-15-2007, 03:56 PM
ROTF to bouncin's Post!:D Thinking of lilyb facing down the "Men with Big Gun's" and a "fat Lucy!":D

I'm not obsessing too much, as I have in the past, about grams . . . IF the carbs are coming from fresh/NOT processed foods. I know that lilyb even used fruit when she had her amazing success. I'm feeling that way about vegetables this time. (Induction friendly veggies) I think the whole net carb thing is a marketing ploy as well.

STILL super hot here but storms on the way for a "cool down" to the 80's by the weekend. Hope to hit the riverfront trail again, if so.

It's HUMP DAY folks - Have a Good One!:carrot:

08-15-2007, 05:32 PM
Hi ladies, I'm really afraid to get on the scale but my smallest capris are baggy on me today, so I think lowering my carbs is working. I can again feel all my ribs and my pelvic bones easily beneath my fat.

I have been eating salad for lunch and dinner both. Just loading it up with fresh veggies, lean meats , eggs and lovin it.

I have a Dr. appt. on Sept. 5th and I'm considering waiting til then to be weighed. I don't want to jinx myself. I'm finally on track again and don't want the scale to spoil it for me. Does this make sense? In the meantime, I'm eating low-carb, exercising daily and drinking lots of water. There is nothing more I can do and the dang scale is just gonna have to wait. I have enough padding that there is no way I can become underweight.

As for DH, he's not off the hook yet. As for Lucy, she is still being a little turd. She chewed on the carpet last night. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Seriously how many flip-flops can one dog eat before they are full. Maybe the carpet will plug her up. LOL

aud, what I kept on hand a lot to munch on with Atkins was pepperoni slices, cheese sticks, celery with cream cheese. I liked easy stuff.

08-15-2007, 07:37 PM
Lily, Molly's favorite chew toy was a 100' garden hose, which she chewed into 100 one-foot pieces. Three times. After the second time, I got one of those mount-on-the-wall hose reels that you attach to the faucet, and the hose attaches to the reel. Miserable little wretch jumped up until she caught hold of the end, then unreeled the hose by pulling it all the way across the yard and down the side, then chewed THAT one into one-foot pieces. After that, she was satisfied that she'd finally killed it, and all the sheep were safe now. she's Corgi, sheltie, and border collie, and has never actually seen a sheep, but she herds me by biting my feet.

08-15-2007, 07:39 PM
Oops, I forgot. Chickadee, thx for the url. I have this guy's calorie guide, didn't know he had a web site, which has more products on it. Thanks!

08-16-2007, 12:43 AM
Shellie, LOL, my Lucy chewed up the water hose a long time ago. Yep, in tons of little 1 foot sections. Last night she chewed open a bag of corn seeds that I was going to plant. I don't know what she'll think of next. DH was really mad at her for chewing up his golf bag and golf glove and golf balls. LOL

08-16-2007, 01:25 PM
Well still not back to losing yet - its really frustrating i am getting discouraged - since monday i have been back under 20 grams of carbs - mind you i did have some nuts - but nonetheless i havent made any progress.
i feel like quiting - i wont though.
i have a wedding to go to this wkend which will be hard to stay OP but ill do it.
i just wish i was back to 190 like i was back at the beginning of the month.
so long goal of 180 by end of aug- i dont think it will happen in the next 16 days - but maybe?

Heres my new menu to hopefully get me out of this mess:

sauasage/egg "muffin" =1 carb
1/2 c celery & 1 oz cream cheese = 3
spinach & romaine salad with parmesan, bacon bits, caesar dressing and chicken = 4
herbal tea w 1 packet spenda = 1
1/2-1 cup veggies (broccoli/cauliflower etc) or 1/2 c - 1 cup broccoli salad with bacon bits, sunflower seeds and mayo dressing = 3-6
meat/poultry grilled/ broiled etc = 0 -1
herbal tea = 0
total carbs = 12-16

hopefully this will work! i might allow myself a cup of fage 7c or a lc peanut butter cookie 4c on the wkend in a couple of wks if this starts working.

and i started working out more this wk so who knows?

08-16-2007, 03:13 PM
LOL @ the chewed garden hoses lily & bouncing!:D Our WHTerrier Pup - Ginger - has been a good girl *knock on monitor* LATELY . . . I think the heat has us all subdued?

I don't eat nuts or seeds when I want to get into deep ketosis, chickadee. Others may have - I've got a problem with portion control on them. Of course, they're better than a snicker bar etc. Certain you'll have what I've read others call the "whooosh" of weight loss if you stay OP. Hang in there!:hug:

Waiting for that break in the weather promised for tomorrow and all weekend! Can't believe how HOT it is when I come out of the plant @ 3-4 am - like a wall of heat even at that early hour. Kind of scary - leads to visions of Al Gore and Global Warming!:(:^:

ttyal chicks!

08-16-2007, 04:39 PM
thanks aud- hopefully i get to experience the woosh! sorry the weather is so sweltering :(

08-17-2007, 01:44 PM
I was simply slain at a 3amish ATTACK OF THE VENDING SIZE BAGS OF POTATO CHIPS - with creamy sour cream, of course!:o;)

Can this just be a minor blip on the LCE Radar Screen 'O Life, please?:^:

Does it help if I could almost instantly feel the "sugar rush" of the chips and now this morning feel like a heavily processed sodium water retention BLOB?:^: I kid you not! You should see my eyes . . . just totally swollen along with my fingers - wedding ring tight etc.

I do believe I'm carb-poisoned - YIKES!!!!!:devil:

Clouding up - feels like a tropical rain forest sauna here - Bring on the cool down predicted for tonight!

TGIF & I'll be Posting the chip dmg to my ticker to teach myself a lesson! Have a Great Day All!:hug:

08-17-2007, 01:47 PM
HI Aud - you are hilarious :) I feel your pain truly - but as if this monring i am down 1.4 of my carb induced ****. So somewhat back on track....i did not update my ticker either with this issue and hopefully by next wk i will be able to update it with a figure in the 180s
hope you all have a good wkend!

08-18-2007, 04:18 AM
It's really cooled off here in MO - no heat blast when I left the plant for a change. Walked the track outside for a change and it was actually NICE!

Got so busy tonight I FORGOT to eat!


*enjoying cauli-cheez-mash as I type*;)

08-18-2007, 10:50 AM
Hi eveyrone, as most of you know I had originally stopped doing Atkins cause I was having severe right sided stomach pain and severe constipation. Yesterday was one full week of my doing LC again. All was going good food wise, but no BM for a full week. I was in misery. I finally took 2 dulcolax and got relief. So, I have decided to include a Fiber One bar each morning for my Breakfast and then eat LC the rest of the day. I'll see how this goes. I really think that I can maintain on about 50 carbs a day and still have some Fiber in my plan. It would have seemed that a person existing on salad twice a day with lots of fresh veggies wouldn't have this problem, but I do. I know my problem wasn't lack of water cause I am drinking a lot of water.

Good news, I bought a new car yesterday. A brand new ford focus. I like it. I hated giving up my luxury Expedition, but I was sick of getting only 13 miles a gallon on gas. My payment and insurance are both lower now and I will get 34 to 35 miles a gallon on gas now. So, really a huge savings for me. Of course, if I could have afforded it, I would have opted for the Lexus sports car, but that wasn't an option. LOL.

aud, I am with you on the chip bloat. I had my grandsons yesterday and we ate at McDonald's. I feel like a fat cow this morning with all this bloat going on. Of course, I could have opted for the chicken salad, but Oh NO, I had to eat the 1/4 lber. with cheese. I took off one slice of the cheese, LOL, like that did any damn good. I should have just thrown the bun away instead but I don't know how those dang fries figured into the equation.

08-18-2007, 05:29 PM
hey ladies more good news! back down to 191 as of today! yahoo! sticking to LC even at this wedding i am going to - but will likely be drinking so.....who knows
but i am hoping my thursday ill be into the 180s! enjoy the rest of your wkend

08-18-2007, 07:20 PM
Hi guys, weighed at the gym this a.m. and was UP 4 lbs. They moved the scale, and my scale at home still showed 242 if I stand on it right (!). If I stand on it wrong (which is probably "right"), it says 251. I think I am going to change my ticker to 151 snce it's just easier to get a consistent reading at that number. After all, it's only a number, and does not change reality one iota. I now have 3 different readings and don't know if any of them are right, so I'm going for the consistent one. Actually I don't feel too bad if I'm up 4 lbs at the gym, cuz last week's was with diretics, and this week's is without, and taking one vs. not taking one has consistently made a 6-8 lb. difference in the past. I'm going to stay off the darned scale until NEXT Saturday, have NO more Atkins bars, no diuretics, and see if I can drop my carb grams back to 20. Darn. I sure did like that 242. Oh well, I'll get there again, without the scale gymnastics this time.

08-18-2007, 11:34 PM
Well, the day before I got my IUD put in (Thursday) and the day I got it put in (Friday), I ate pretty much however I wanted to. Friday night I had cinnamon sticks with frosting and a couple slices of thin crust pepperoni pizza. I was planning on having that pizza meal when I moved back to college--the day I moved back. I had planned on it ahead of time...but since I had it Friday, I'm going to just be on Induction 100% from here on out.

I've said it before, but I've really just got to crack down. I haven't been pre-making my food in advance, which I think has been a detriment because when it comes time to eat, I'll admit it, I'm lazy! And when your parents own a restaurant a 5 minute drive away, where I have a key any hour of the day/night, and they have plenty of readily available sugary/carby foods.... well lazy and that make for disaster. My first two weeks on Atkins, I was SUPER on plan and successful the whole time, and looking back at it, it was because I pre-planned ALL my meals and pre-made enough food for about four days at a time!

When I pre-make my Induction-friendly food, I can be lazy AND on plan at the same time ;) So, I'm working at my parent's restaurant for the next five days. I can have on plan breakfast foods for most of the day and a salad for lunch...when I get home tomorrow night, I'm going to bake some chicken breast, make cauli-mash and make sure I've got caesar salad fixins :D I may only have two weeks before I go back to college, but I'm going to do them right.

:hug: Thanks for a place to talk about this, ladies. It's hard to talk about my struggles with the people in my life. They just don't get it.

08-19-2007, 12:37 AM
Azure, I always do best when I plan ahead. Otherwise, I will eat out of convenience. Today wasn't great for me either, but tomorrow will be better. (I let the girls talk me into having an ice cream at Braum's today.) The rest of the day, I was on LowCarb like I should be.

We went to Old Navy today, I didn't like their new line of jeans at all. I did buy me 2 more polo type shirts. Plus, I went to Walmart and bought me a new purse. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up my med's. Plus went and got a lotto ticket. Just now came from washin and vacuuming my new car, (LOL, like it really needed it). I also went and picked up household cleaning supplies. Lacy and I have just used any excuse to go anywhere today just to get out of the house. We are alone and bored.

I think my dinner was LC tonite. I put a bunch of brocolli and cauliflower and turkey smoked sausage in the steamer, then melted cheese over it all. This is one of Lacy's favorite meals.

08-19-2007, 10:34 AM
went to sil this weekend and it could have been disaster, but I ate my burgers with out a bun munched on vegies and dip and passed on cake and icecream. I am proud. I have held steady on the weight for the last few days but I am happy with the weight. I do not think I will hit 199 by labor day but one can hope. Probably because I have not exercised since the begining of july when I went on vacation, i guess I need to start again. I was doing so good. I know if I start the weight loss will slow down but I should shrink faster.

Shellie I had to laugh at your post. I used to (and still do ) get on the scale slowly (like that is going to help) and stand really still and peek over my boobs and gut and pray that the number has gone down. (the funny part of that is once the weight is locked in you can move and get off the scale and it stays there. I did have one that I would lean slightly back for the lowest reading possible. :lol:

08-19-2007, 12:25 PM
I've got some challenges ahead of me this week on the LC front - First, we are taking a strike vote Monday and I'm manning the Polls for about 15 hours so that will be totally off-schedule - THEN T/W/TH I'll be on the Gambling Junket with my two Big Sis's and My Molly who's turning 21 Wed. Aunties have rented a van for us to make the 6 hr Trip to Tunica MISS - where luxury suites and other comps await!:carrot:
Right now I'm mentally planning how to navigate the endless buffets and also taking advantage of the Pool/Weight Room and taking the stairs at times if possible. Know that its a fine line for me on enjoying myself vs feeling deprived, ya know?:dizzy:

WTG chickadee - congrats on your loss!:D

This time around I've been w/i on Fri AND Mon's - weekends used to be a huge problem for me and this system has been keeping me "honest" - so to speak - on some mindless weekend eating! I've been adjusting the ticker accordingly - gained almost 2lbs with ChipAThon Thrs - am hopeful that tomorrow will show the CarbSodiumBloat gone 'cause I've been back OP ever since.

08-19-2007, 02:17 PM
aud, we used to go to Tunica 3 or 4 times a yr. when I was still working full-time and had money to burn. I was a big time roulette player, LOL. We really had to quit going cause DH would waste all his money the first day, then borrow from me. Gambling is like a drug to him. But, I know that we'd take full advantage of those comp. buffets, LOL. I think I could navigate the buffets pretty well now. I'd fill up on prime rib and salad. (I used to love all the peel and eat shrimp but I'm allergic to any type of seafood now).

Today is yard work day. DH is doing the weedeating and me the mowing.

aud, good job on getting back on plan after the chips incident. I seriously am trying to find my way back to the light today.

08-19-2007, 02:57 PM
hey all - well i have been ill last night and today - did weigh myself 188 but i know thats not a reall number since i have barely eaten or drank anything since i cant keep anything down. im likely going to have a piece of toast - yeah ill be over my carb limit of 20g but i dont really care ill get back op tomorrow or when i can actually eat normally.
by birthday is in a couple wks and i want to eat cake - real cake - which means i need to stick to exercising daily and sticking to 20g before and after so hopefully i dont see a big gain...

ok i am going to pass out - but wanted to say hi - hope you are all having a fun wkend!

08-19-2007, 07:21 PM
Cickadee, I'm sorry you're feeling bad!
Lily, isn't every day at your house yardwork day? Sure seems like a lot of ambition manifests out there!
Aud, fun and much luck on your gambliing trip! Fifteen hours on Polls? How would a strike affect you?

Spent this morning helping a friend paint his kitchen. He built his own house (it's fabulous), he has 165 acres bordering Boggs Forest, and picked a hill to build on with a view of the Sierras and Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta if it's really, really clear. He's sure sick of house building consuming his whole life, not to mention checkbook. He's pretty funny -- he spent 6 mos. agonizing over paint colors, finally picked one for the kitchen, and when we put it on he skidded out of control again on it-looks-different-than-i-imagiined-do-I-like-it. I don't know how he ever gets dressed in the morning. He's very logical and methodical, except in picking interior details. Completely out of his element, so he obsesses. I've been telling him for 6 mos. Tim It's Only Paint! If you don't like it, repaint it! That didn't help a bit.

I was running late this morning so I didn't eat before I went to paint. Sure was hungry when I got home. Had a leftover 1/4 chicken. The Atkins book I have has a recipe for roast checken with herbs and lemon slices, and boy is it both easy and GOOD. It says to cook it an hour at 350. Only if you like your checken still raw! I need 1:45, and my oven is accurate. Makes the house smell delicious. This is the 2nd time I've made it. The lemon keeps it from being dry.

Tomorrow's a new week. I wonder how long it will take me for the "high" scale reading to get to 242. I'm very motivated. I want that number back. Tomorrow morning I'm getting my hair done. Ah, vanity. Don't do well with grey roots. Makes me grumpy. TTFN,

08-19-2007, 09:42 PM
chickadee, hope you feel better soon.

Shellie, it does seem like I do an awfully lot of yard work. Today I got my garden weeded and cleaned the upper and lower deck on the back of our house. Then, it rained before I could get the mowing done.

Now, I'm kicking back and playing on the computer while doing the laundry. Joy, Joy.

Shellie, my friend Vonda and her DH built their own house. They just built a little at a time as they could afford. Now, they have an awesome house that is totally paid for. She totally obsessed over every little detail of her house and it's furnishings. They lived in it 2 yrs. before she had any doors on her kitchen cabinets. LOL. But, she is such a neat-freak that even without the doors, there was never a single thing out of place. She keeps the most immaculate home of anyone I have ever known.

08-20-2007, 01:58 AM
Tidy kitchen cabinets that show well without doors. I'm sorry, but that's pathological behavior. I think there's a 12-step program for that. Sniff.