LA Weight Loss - 08/13/07 NEW ALLI Thread, support each other here!

08-13-2007, 10:46 AM
Welcome to a new week with ALLI!
I hope all of you had a good week last week, unlike me! But we are all here to get and give support....
Lets have a SUPER week this time and all have lots of losses to report!

08-13-2007, 12:30 PM
Stilltryin...this week is going to be better, you WILL get back the control! I know you can do it!!!

I certainly took the control yesterday. There were several times I tried to talk myself into having an off day, but I did not! I did allow myself some sugarfree Dryers icecream last night w/ sugarfree huckleberry topping. I was on the low side of calories so it was my treat. I'm kinda thinking that the icecream is a loss staller for me though. Got in a nice bikeride last night despite the smoke! I'm ready to have another successful day, are you?

Shine on Alligators!!!

08-13-2007, 04:18 PM
Travelin, your trip to the mountains sounds great! Busch Gardens was so hot when we were there, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have if it would have been cooler.

Stilltryin, I agree that this will be a good week for all of us!!

Melissa, I'm with you on having a good day.

08-13-2007, 04:54 PM
OH I definately need the GOOD DAY! But so far it has been good. I had a bowl of branflakes with skim milk and a lowfat yogurt. Then for lunch I had a bowl of chili. I am ready to have my fiber bar snack and then tonight it is pork loin seasoned with lemon pepper and garlic, some corn on the cob and a salad.
I hope that should help get my system back into the VERY LITTLE junk food mode!

I am going to delay weighing in until Friday this week. I think I just will not be able to manage the scale until I have at least 4 GOOD days ahead of me.

ThinGirl in FatBody
08-13-2007, 05:31 PM
Hi guys, I am so happy to be back on track again. Eating good, doing cardio, no cheating. I was a bit stressed out today at the office and started thinking about chocolate and chips, but I held it together and had some sugar free gum.

I'm better now. I hope everyone has a really good week.

08-13-2007, 09:00 PM
Another week, another thread. I was a good girl today and turned down the white choc chip macadamia nut cookie that was offered me. Just about killed me, but if I didn't have a taste of it, I didn't miss it. If I'd had one, I would have had two, then three, and... well you know how it goes.

Drat! Cable just went out. Guess I have no excuse and will have to exercise!:carrot:

08-13-2007, 09:46 PM
Stilltryin, your food sounds pretty good for today! Way to go! I won't even begin to say what my day of eating was like other than I'll do better tomorrow. lol

Thingirl, good for you for staying away from the chips and chocolate!

Bobbigene, wow to turning down that cookie!! I'm impressed!!!

ThinGirl in FatBody
08-13-2007, 10:37 PM
Another week, another thread. I was a good girl today and turned down the white choc chip macadamia nut cookie that was offered me.

Ohhh... a cookie like that would have just about killed me too. Good for you for turning it down! :hug:

08-14-2007, 10:13 AM
Hello All!!

Glad to have found a place that I can somewhat navigate. I started the Alli program 2 weeks ago. I have been trying to use the message boards on their website, but can never find the thread that I posted too!!

This looks a little more friendly!!

So my check in for today is:

Lost 10 pounds the first week

Lost 2 pounds this weeks.

Guess I am doing good. I've been really watching my fat intake and have noticed that on a lot of the meals I am not meeting my fat quota -- the posts that I have read are saying that I need to keep up the fat intake to the recommended for weight loss plan. I am finding this a hard concept to get through my head. I have been taught over the years that I need to keep that fat intake down and now they are saying keep it down but up to a certain point. I guess that is the hardest thing that I am fighting with on the program. All those foods that I have made virtually non-fat I have to add some fat back into them --- hahahahaha

Anyone else finding this a problem?

Liz in Northern California

08-14-2007, 10:24 AM
Well ladies/gents, I had a pretty good day yesterday and then did kinda ok last night. I resisted the leftover birthday cake. But I did have some "real" mashed potatoes with CREAM!!! OMG! But I did eat my pork loin and corn and some squash. So I am getting there again. I managed to pack a lunch again today which always helps me. So, for breakfast today I had a bowl of chex, skim milk and a Yo+ yogurt. I have a ham sandwhich on w. wheat bread with mustard for lunch with another yo+. Then I have a Fiber bar for snack and banana.

08-14-2007, 11:46 AM
Liz, you are doing great!! I laughed when I read about having to add fat back into things. I think we are all experiencing the same thing.

Stilltryin, I don't think I could resist the birthday cake. Good for you!

I off to help out at a blood drawing. I'm one of the people that gets to pass out cookies! I hope I don't decide to eat them instead!!!!

08-14-2007, 12:33 PM

Well I have to say that even though I tried my best to fall off the wagon last night I some how stayed buckled in!

Made it through lunch OK. Then had a very stressful afternoon at the office. One of my "triggers". Had to go to the grocery to pick up stuff for supper. Got the chicken and veggies, but then I also bought pop tarts, creme horns, and vanilla wafers. :( Got home to unload groceries and one bag ripped and spilled everywhere. Well the dog decided I had dropped it for him and ran off with the creme horns, the only thing that wasn't in a box or can. Good thing because I probably would have eaten all 6 of them. Picked up the rest of the boxes went in and was going to have a pop tart. Stale. Stale to the point that the other dog wouldn't even eat it! Strike two. Opened the vanilla wafers, had two and said to myself, this is stupid! Stop! So I put the box up, went out and cut the grill on and fixed supper.

My point - there are somedays that absolutely nothing goes as planned. I'm glad in my case that it didn't! Otherwise I probably would be paying for it now!

Hope everyone has a good day!

08-14-2007, 01:21 PM
Good Tuesday morning alligators!!!

Thingirl...way to go on staying away from those cravings!!! Sugarfree gum is a huge help there. Did you also know that peppermint helps with cravings too. The smell of it is supposed to get rid of cravings. Break out the peppermint candles girls! LOL!

Bobbie...excellent job turning down the cookie!!! Keep it up!!

Liz...:welcome: Wow you are doing excellent so far with Alli!! Its definetly a hard concept of getting in more fat. I'm supposed to be doing 19 grams and it can be tough. Learned a couple of little tricks though, so far so good! Keep up the GREAT work!!! You are quite an inspiration!

Stilltryin...did you eat dinner at my house? LOL! We had pork tenderloin, mashed taters but we had broccoli instead of corn and squash LOL! Sounds to me like you did great! Excellent plan for today!! Keep up the good work, see you can turn it all around! about divine intervention huh?! LOL!! Someone wants you to succeed!

08-14-2007, 01:25 PM
Well, no exercise for me yesterday. Too smoky for bike rides and my plan was to do my elliptical while I watched Fat Smart but had some other things to do instead so I'll take care of that today. During the day I got so busy working on stuff for PTA that I forgot to eat lunch, when I finally realized it was 330 and I still wasnt hungry. When I ate dinner I got full so fast. I know Alli isnt supposed to have that kind of effect but it sure does for me. I can have a WW meal and a salad now and be full. Weird.

Took our dog to the vet yesterday, shes got ear infections in both ears and a bladder infection. Good times trying to medicate her!

Have a fabulous day today everyone!! Be strong and keep the control!

08-14-2007, 03:46 PM
OMG how frustrating I've eaten what I was supposed to. I've ridden my bike and hiked all this week and sure enough when I step on the scale it was the same!:tantrum: I was so aggraveted and bent out of shape on Friday that I went out for pizza and drinks. I haven't had any TE's to speak of. I'm wondering if Alli is even working!?! I'm going to give it until the end of the bottle. I'm definitely not buying a new bottle unless I see results.:censored:
Alli has to work because I'm going to Cancun in December with a really skinny girl and I'll be damned if I'm going to be constantly feeling like a :ink:!

08-14-2007, 04:09 PM
Nickels, dont forget you do not WANT TE's. That is not the object here. I know it is frusterating when you do not see results. It is not a short term fix, it is a long term goal. I have had a terrible 9 days and I am still trying to get back to my "healthy" way of mind. It is a slow road, but it happens.

If you are exercising like this and eating properly you will see results. Try increasing your water intake for a couple days and see if that helps.

08-14-2007, 06:23 PM
Nickles...I've been in that exact same place!! I never have TEs and I ride my bike at least 5 times a week and do the elliptical with little results at all. not give up!! Sometimes it just takes a little bit, Especially if you just started working out. If you are building up your lean muscle tissue the scale isnt really gonna show much of a loss when you are just converting fat to muscle, but that is a good thing!!! You want that! Dont give up yet, stay the course! You know you are doing what you are supposed to be doing the scale has no choice but to move. I would highly suggest you take your measurements though, I bet thats where your losses are showing up. You can do this!! Its only been 11 days!

Stilltryin...the point that people are missing when we say that we dont get TEs is not that we want them or are trying for them. The point is that we dont get them at all...ever...even if the fat grams have been tested. So it makes you feel like the Alli isnt doing what its supposed to. Now it probably still is, but it doesnt give me that added willpower to avoid things because I know I wont pay any consequences for it. I am sticking with it though, taking my little blue pill with each meal and just going on my own strength and determination. There is no "punishment" for me if I slip up like those of you who get TEs have, I dont have that extra reason to say no to something, but I'm still going...eating less and moving more, and thats the whole key anyway isnt it?

Okay so little story for you all! I was out shopping with my girls and they were craving taco bell...well thanks to my handy dandy little calorie counter book from Alli, I looked up and saw that I could have 2 baja chicken gorditas for only 12g fat...well within my limit! So we went and thats what I ordered. But they gave me baja chicken chalupas instead! Now they were so busy and the line was outrageous so I was just gonna eat them anyway but decided to look them up in the book anyway...THANK GOD for the book! 24g of fat EACH!! The only difference in the 2 is the shell. I promptly returned them! And oddly only needed one I was so full after it. Success!

Hope everyone else is having a great day too!

08-14-2007, 06:31 PM
Melissa, that is GREAT that you did go ahead and return them and then only needed 1...what a super success.

I know what you all mean about "wondering if it is working" I dread any TE's but when there is no "punishment" it is curious...I had that one BAD, BAD, BAD TE a while back, but since then really nothing. I do watch closer to what I eat though. So, is that to say it isnt working..who knows. I assume it is, that is a good thing. So that keeps me more on track! But I have had days already also that I KNOW I was over my fat gram intake with NO treatment effects at all.
Funny how it all works right? But at least we are all trying.

08-14-2007, 07:26 PM
I wonder if for some of us it just takes a little while to really kick in and work. I know some people get TEs right off the bat. A lady my dh works with on the first day was talking about how she'd been to the bathroom 5 times that morning. So my dh was convinced it was nothing more than a high priced laxative. But for me, nothing has been different, other than being more regular. And the appetite thing...which isnt an Alli claim.

And least we keep trying!!

08-14-2007, 10:58 PM
Katallan, you are lucky the dog took off with some things!! I would have been pigging out on everything.

Melissa, I don't know if I've ever forgotten to eat a meal. lol

Nickles, it says you started Alli on Aug. 3. Give it some more time and keep following the program. I've been up and down, but I'm still giving it a chance. Any loss that I've had hasn't been huge like so many people.

Hubby and I are taking off for a few days. I'll check in when we get home. Behave!!

08-15-2007, 12:05 AM
Nickels, don't give up the fight yet! I've lost about 6 1/2 pounds in 4 1/2 weeks. That may sound lousy, but (1) I definitely could have behaved better, (2) I'm still not exercising regularly. Even still, that's an average of over a pound a week. This time next year, I'll be down over fifty pounds total if I only do as good as I am now! Now, that doesn't sound too bad, does it? I sure wish I had stuck to a diet I started a few years ago. Instead, I was always looking for a reason to throw in the towel. And we are only hurting ourselves in the long run!

I find my diet choices to revolve around the same dozen or so of the same choices. I need to expand my horizons to find some new, tasty, low-fat, healthy choices!

Take care all!

08-15-2007, 10:45 AM
Hi All, got room for one more? I've been trying to use the Alli boards, but they are so slow that I forget where I was and can't get back to the right thread. (Old Age Will Do That, heheheh) This looks much better to me.

I've been on Alli for 5 weeks, now. Here's the scoop:
Less of me=15

I'm trying to stay positive, but I seem to have gotten stuck. Last week I was at 289, but this week I'm back up a pound. I'm having a hard time remembering to take the pill at lunch and supper, so maybe that's the bugger-up.
I'm not on a diet, I'm making lifestyle changes, day to day or even minute to minute. That method worked when I was ready to stop smoking, so I'm determined to see it through for the weight issues.

Keep Smiling (it makes folks wonder what you know!!)

08-15-2007, 11:07 AM
Beck that is super! You are doing great, just remember, great things take time! It will be worth it. You need to stick to it and it will pay off. We are always here to support you. That is what we are here for.

08-15-2007, 12:20 PM
Good Morning Alligators!!! I've got another successful day under my belt! didnt do what I wanted in exercise but I did go for a short bikeride and I did some arm weights. Better than nothing! me there arent many a meal that have gotten past me! LOL! Have a great time away!

Rennie....I dont think you have to take it an hour before meals. I'm pretty sure that the liturature says you can take it before, with or after your meal. Can someone clarify that?

Ravisa...I've been kinda sticking to the same things lately too, mostly for breakfast, lunch and snacks. But I'm finding that for now its helping me stay the course. I figure once i've got success under my belt I'll be more adventurous.

Beck....Hello! and :welcome: So great to have you join us! Way to go on 15 lbs gone....that is incredible!!! You've got the right attitude! Did you start exercising recently? Our bodies change so much from week to week, up and down so dont let that scale get you down. maybe you had a little too much salt a couple days before weigh in, sometimes it can take that long to go away. Just keep on doing what you are doing, its working!! You'll get to that finish line!! You can do it!!

08-15-2007, 12:42 PM
Hi everyone!

Welcome Beck! I have stayed off the Alli boards for that reason! To hard to follow and to many ney sayers!

Rennie - I am taking mine about 15 minutes before I eat.

Melissa - Way to go at taco bell and with exercise!

Tammy - I was glad that the dog ran off with my junk food! Mad at the time, but after thinking about it it was for the best. I have got to quit using food as my emotional crutch! (sp?) I think emotional eating is the hardest to overcome:(

Nickles - Don't give up! I do not always see any sign of Alli working, but when I have been extremly bad I have had those horrible TE's! I find this especially true if I have not eaten my veggies like I should for a few days!

08-15-2007, 06:06 PM
I completely understand, I also gain weight just by looking or

Well I found a new "snack" for me. Lean turkey lunch meat. I can snack on a little of that instead of chips/junk food. It is 60 cals per serving and .5 gr fat. So that is better than the alternative of chips/cookies. I will have to get some extra for at home. At least it gives me a little protein!

08-15-2007, 07:57 PM
Nice to check in again with all of you. I haven't posted in the last two weekly threads! I have been traveling a lot, and now have to get ready to go back to school. I have been off and on with the alli. My routine and my eating is more structured during the school year. I haven't weighed myself in a couple of weeks, either haven't been home or just forgot. In fact not weighing myself as often has been liberating in a way. I use to weigh myself several times a day??? My clothes still fit and I find that I am making more educated choices when I eat, even if I don't have my alli with me. Nice to see all of the great posts.

08-15-2007, 08:04 PM
Hi alli-cats! Hope all of you are doing well. Watching the local weather report and they are saying that trop storm Erin is going to hit Corpus Christi rather than farther up the coast. Houston could get some rain but that's about it. Find by me. I don't relish the thought of a hurricane. Almost left town when Rita looked like it would hit Houston but decided to stay. Ended up being a non-event for the Houston metro area. TS Dean could be a whole other story tho! I'm not too awfully worried. Que serra, serra.

Still plugging away with the diet. Freezer is stuffed with low fat stuff like chicken and the like. Maybe tonight I'll have some cauliflower, it was on sale at Kroger so I bought a couple heads of it. Talk to you later!

08-16-2007, 01:50 AM
All's going well on my end, more or less! I have been committing to taking a walk around the lake near our house every other day and that's 2.8 miles and have started doing squats and dips every other day as well. I'm not working right now so having exercise to take up the time really helps me to not spend my time eating; I have a tendency to overeat when I'm bored.

Been taking the blue pills and TEs have been pretty minimal; I relate when some of you say you wonder if something is wrong if you DON'T get the TEs; I feel the same way, too. But then I feel guilty if I get one! But at least I find they're connected to when I slip up.

Good rest of the week to everyone!


08-16-2007, 10:04 AM
Morning All! Thanks for making me feel welcome.

Well then, yesterday was verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy interesting (to borrow from Artie Johnson)

Everything was fine; normal breakfast of Special K/2% milk and then ate a good, very low fat lunch (no fat cottage cheese, raw carrots, 100 calorie pack of wheat things, and a Kiwi.)
Next thing I know, I've got a case of projectile pooting, if you know what I mean. I suspect the look on my face was priceless, hehehe.

First real TE for me, and Good Lord, I hope it's the last.

Here's a line I ran across-I like to start the day with a chuckle.

"The most fattening thing you can put in an ice cream sundae is a spoon."

08-16-2007, 10:30 AM
can i ask what ALLI is?

08-16-2007, 10:39 AM
ALLI is a pill that you take with each meal that will absorb 25% of the fat of the meal. It helps you "retrain" your mind on how you look at food, IMO. You can see that the food is very fatty and eat it but then you risk having treatment effects, which can be anywhere from a little gas to serious (as we have been putting it lately) assplosions. That is where you think you are going to pass gas when in fact you basically have greasy/watery bowel movement in your pants. So to be sure you dont have that problem you think better about what you put in your mouth and make lower fat choices (most of the time). Which in turn helps you lose weight. But the fact that it also absorbs 25% of what you do take in, also lowers your absorbed calories helping you lose weight as well. You should go to the Alli website and read up if you are interested in taking it.

ThinGirl in FatBody
08-16-2007, 01:07 PM
Hi guys, last night I had some pizza......... regular pizza with extra cheese

I was painting and wallpapering my daughter's room and just couldn't stop to get a proper meal, we ordered pizza and ate it while we worked.

Hopefully I'll have no TE's - the room turned out really cool, it's a surprise for my daughter who is away this week - I did a total makeover! She comes back on Sunday. :)

08-16-2007, 01:30 PM
THINGIRL, you are doing so good! I am happy for your daughter, those room makeovers are hard work, but they are fun! I get to do a couple next year again! I am sure she will be surprised and will love it.

Well on a SAD note, I had to ADD 2 lbs to my ticker! I am so mad at myself. Oh well it happens. I will work it out and get it back off again!

08-16-2007, 02:26 PM
Good morning alligators!!! So great to see bright shiny posts this morning!

Stilltryin..great snack find!! I dunno about you but carby snacks just trigger me to want more snacks so I've either stuck with fruit or just not snacked at all. Oddly snacks dont really occur to me because I get so filled with my 3 meals. Except for late night! You are doing so great this week!!! Great to see that turnaround in you! dont worry about that ticker, you are doing great and it'll be back down in no time! great to see you again!! I've got just a little over a week till classes start again myself. I'm hoping I can really stick to things with a busier schedule. Scales are for fish and its great to see you have stopped being a slave to that machine! Way to go!!

Bobbie.....I hope all is well with you and everyone you know with this storm season quickly getting underway. I love cauliflower but it really does a number on my stomach! Enjoy!

Ann...way to go on that exercise!!! that is GREAT!! Sounds like you are just cruisin right along!! Keep it up!!

Beck...LOL, okay you made me laugh! I'd love to get some screenshots of TE faces LOL! Love your icecream quote btw!! Keep up the great work!

Thingirl....awwww! That is so great to do for your daughter! I wish I could do something like that for mine. So fun! Pizza is such a weakness for me. I hate that its so easy to just grab when we are busy! I hope it goes easy on you!

08-16-2007, 02:29 PM
tomorrow is the big weigh in day for me, I'm actually a little excited because I've done really well this week. got in my exercise and stuck to plan! I'm still waiting to take off those first 10 lbs so I can get the latest evanovich book to read! I told myself I couldnt read it till I lost 10 lbs and here it is a few months later and I'm almost there!!

We are going to an amusement/water park next week, sticking to plan is going to be a little more difficult but I'm gonna do my best! I think if I see some really good numbers tomorrow I'll be that much more motivated.

Have a wonderful day everyone!! Be good to you!

08-16-2007, 03:22 PM
Hello All! I bought Alli last week and then I went on vacation (didnt want to start while I was on vaca...just incase =] ) so I started today! Just wanted to say HI and that I hope we can all meet our goals together. I dont mean to sound cheesy lol, I really do mean it.

08-16-2007, 08:22 PM
Skip to the end if you don't care about floating cars!

Melissa - thanks for the good thoughts. Corpus got nada bad weather because the storm made landfall about 25 miles up the coast. Corpus was on the "clean" side of the storm - that's where you want to be. Houston got hammered by rain because we were on the "dirty" side. I only got 3 inches at my house but the east side of town and the Medical Center got slammed with over 7 inches of rain in about 90 minutes. The Med Center is the area that flooded so bad a couple of years ago when Tropical Storm Allison sat on Houston for a couple of days - there was even a made for TV movie about it. A really bad and not very factual movie I might add. I didn't run into any problems but several of my coworkers were at a meeting with one of the hospitals and got caught in the rain. One girl called me in a panic asking me to look at the traffic reports to see what roads were closed down because the street she was on was starting to flood and there was no where to go. When she felt her car start to float she hung up. She called me back about 15 minutes later - her car was flooded and floating, her laptop, blackberry and cell phone were ruined because when she got out of the car she didn't realize how deep the water was and fell dumping everything in the water. She thinks she may have broken her ankle. The car is brand new too, still has paper plates. She had to take refuge in one of the light rail trains that was still running but that didn't last long because they shut down the rail system when floating cars were drifting over and getting caught on the tracks. There was only one guy with a cell phone that still worked so he was loaning it to everyone. When I left the office, she was still at the emergency room waiting for an orthopedic dr to come look at her x-rays and we were getting her workers comp claim started, arranging to have her car towed to the dealership and contacting her sis-in-law to take care of her kids. At least her husband managed to get down to the hospital to be with her. And if you are going to hurt yourself, the Med Center is the place to be - take your pick of about 20 hospitals in a very small area. It's just too bad that she had to wait so long for the water to go down for someone to get to her to take her to the ER.

Steamed some cauliflower and broccoli in one of those Glad Steamer bags and it really turned out great. The broccoli was bright green and still crisp. I hate it when it gets soggy and mushy. So I'm glad I spent the money on the bags - it works better than just putting the veggies in a covered bowl and microwaving it.

Gotta go feed the cats their dinner. Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry to go on so long about the street flooding.

08-16-2007, 10:06 PM
Ravisa, I love your way of thinking!! I have been disappointed because I don't lose as fast as I'd like, but like you said, a pound a week, and next year we'll be down over 50! Good way to think about it!!

Beck, why are you the old woman????? You have done great!! 15 pounds is awesome!!!!

Katallan, I'm with you on the emotional eating. I eat no matter what emotion I'm having, even when I'm not having one!!

StillTryin, I love to keep lean turkey and low fat cheese on hand for a snack and meals. You'll change your ticker to the other direction next week.

SASCS, I can relate to having more structure during the school year. I just retired from 30 years of teaching, and all of this freedom is making me nervous! Also knowing my hubby likes to EAT doesn't help matters any.

Annk, walking around the lake is good exercise. We have a nice walkway in the area of town where we live. I get out when I can and walk it.

ThinGirl, would you like to come and redo some of my rooms???

Melissa, I hope your weigh in goes well!!! I was supposed to weigh this morning but we weren't home. In fact, we weren't supposed to be home until tomorrow night, but my hubby got sick. We decided to cancel our other reservations and drive home this afternoon. He's feeling better now and sleeping fof 3 1/2 hours when we got home. Temp is down now too.

Cate, I also hope we all meet our goals!! Let's do it!!

Bobbigene, I feel awful for the woman you work with! The poor thing!! I'll add her to my prayer list. I've never tried the steamer bags. Glad to know someone who has and likes them.

Shy, can't wait to see another smiley next week!!! I like the WW things too!!

Ok gang. You would have cracked up (well maybe not) at me this morning. I went to the restroom before my hubby and I checked out of our hotel. I glanced down (I keep doing that because I want to SEE something). There were some oil thingies floating!! I got all excited, started clapping, and squealing!!! Glad my hubby wasn't there at the time because he doesn't know that I'm taking Alli. I know, I'm weird.

08-16-2007, 10:13 PM
My name is Amy, and I am from Vermont. I have joined weight watchers several times and have had success with the program! last time I lost 23 Lbs and managed to keep some of it off as I started a new night job as a waitress at a diner. The most I weighed when starting was 198.8 I am now 178.8 so I am fortunately 20 lbs down still but have more to go. I am 5'2" and would like to weigh in the 120's but I am just looking forward to every 10 lbs in between. I got down to 169.8 and yo yoed back into the low 70's. I just started weight watchers again 3 weeks ago. My first week i gained :( the second week somehow I lost 4 lbs:carrot: and this week I am up .2 I just need to commit and plan ahead. I am having a really hard time.
I know what I have to do... but easier said than done. I am considering taking alli in addition to WW. Anyone doing the same? having a good experience? thanks for listening. Have a great night!!!!!!!!! :) (

08-16-2007, 11:46 PM
Welcome Amy!! I've done WW in the past, and it is a good program if you do it correctly. Like you, I'm going for every 10 pounds (tracker). I decided that I liked seeing it that way better than my overall loss that I need to achieve.

Shy, it is just so weird because there have been days that I have definitely gone over on the fat, and I haven't had any TE. Today is the first that I have seen the oil thingies. I started taking Alli on July 19, and I've expected to see something before now.

08-17-2007, 05:07 AM
Hey all!!

I have to admit that I haven't been as good at working out as I should be. :^: Joined Curves the end of last year and was going real regular then went on vacation, then had to go and spend a couple weeks with my dad while he had surgery and kinda fell off the routine of going in to workout and eating right. My first step back in the right direction was changing back to a sensible weight loss diet and starting Alli ( I had almost gained all the weight back that I had lost earlier this year). I have been telling myself over the past couple of weeks that I need to, also, start working out again.:D

Well, this morning as I was getting off work as co-worker of mine talked me into going to Curves with her this morning. I must say I feel sooooooooooo much better about it too! But I did give her every excuse in the book not to go. She just didn't accept any of them. Thanks to her I did the right thing!!:hug:

Just another step in the right direction!!:carrot:

08-17-2007, 08:19 AM
Shy, I knew you were kidding!! I'm still chuckling at myself for the way I acted!!

Tiger, I used to belong to Curves, and I really enjoyed going. Good for your coworker for not giving up!!

I weighed in this morning, and I am down 2 pounds from last week. Total of 7 since I started mid-July. Not much, but I'll take it.

ThinGirl in FatBody
08-17-2007, 08:50 AM
tomorrow is the big weigh in day for me, I'm actually a little excited because I've done really well this week.

Good luck, Hun.e.B, we're pulling for you!

Just wanted to say HI and that I hope we can all meet our goals together. I dont mean to sound cheesy lol, I really do mean it.

Hi Cate, welcome to the Alli thread! Smart move not taking Alli on vacation, you don't want to take any chances. I took it during my holiday but I had been on it for 2 months and was used to what would put me over the line with it. Once you become adjusted to it, you will know better when to take it and when to not. Good luck to you, hope Alli is a helpful tool.

Hi All, got room for one more?

I've been on Alli for 5 weeks, now. Here's the scoop:
Less of me=15

I'm trying to stay positive, but I seem to have gotten stuck. Last week I was at 289, but this week I'm back up a pound. I'm having a hard time remembering to take the pill at lunch and supper, so maybe that's the bugger-up.

Hi Beck1Beck, what a great attitude you have! I think you are going to do great. :) Welcome to the Alli thread.

About getting stuck, are you exercising at all? remember to take your pills, I sit mine right on my desk so I can't miss them. Drink your water too, and watch your salt - it will make all the difference. Good Luck :smug:

I know what I have to do... but easier said than done. I am considering taking alli in addition to WW. Anyone doing the same? having a good experience? thanks for listening. Have a great night!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi Amy, welcome to the Alli thread! Alli can be taken with any diet to be an extra insurance for success. Sometimes it can give you mental willpower of being afraid of treatment effects and sticking to your plan, but mostly, it is the physical bonus of preventing you from absorbing some of the fat in your meals. Both aspects are powerful tools.

Good luck to you! sounds like you and I are at similar stages. I finally bought a scale (yesterday) and this morning was 178.6 - I am also 5' 2" and I'd like to get into the 120's as well.

08-17-2007, 10:02 AM
Morning everyone! TGIF! Well I have finally gotten stuck with my weight loss. Weighed yesterday and still weigh 182. Plus I didn't get all my exercise in last week either. So I guess I will "AMP UP" my diet and workouts this next week! :(

Tammy and Shy ya'll really got me laughing this morning!

08-17-2007, 11:47 AM
Good Morning Alligators!!! Well, weighin was this morning, and i gotta say...this is gonna be a slooooowwww process. Lost 1.4 lbs. I had really thought i'd be at least 2 I've been so good this week and doing lots of exercise. I'm happy, at least I'm losing but MAN do I gotta bust my butt to get a loss! So I suppose without the Alli I would have only lose 1 lb? oye! LOL!

Today is dh's birthday and we have a tradition in our house that you get breakfast in bed on your birthday so he got the full spread, and I went and had a little bit of hash browned potatoes and orange juice. The potatoes are fried in butter, I'm sure that was well over my fat for breakfast...naughty!

I'll be back a little later to do personals, I'm having a terrible time with my eyes this morning they are all goopy and swollen from this darn smoke! I'm thinking I'm gonna need to go buy an air purifier or something.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

08-17-2007, 12:57 PM
Alright--made it through another work week.
Hubby (otherwise know as Hey You) is heading for the hills to visit his folks for the weekend--leaves me and the dog with the house to ourselves all weekend.
Hip Hip HOORAY!!

Can't tell y'all how much I've enjoyed this site this week. It's sooo nice to find a bunch of positive, just plain folks to chat with.

Thin: your dead right, with the triple digit heat factors I've gotten really slack on exercising. I have no excuse, 'cause I have a tread mill and a couple of walking videos to workout to. Funny, but I didn't even realize how slack I'd gotten. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Tammy: You asked about the "old woman" title. The story goes like this:
At the ripe old age of 36 (back in the dark ages), I got bored with playing Little Susy Secretary and took a job as a flunky in a factory. It paid better and was definitely not boring. This company had 6 separate plants in the same complex.

Now, most of the folks that worked there were young pups (18 to 30) and I found out that if I stood flat-footed and sounded really sure of myself, they'd pretty much do what I wanted. And of course, I just had to get things organized my way. (What, control freak? Who, ME? hehehe)

I've never been good about hiding in a crowd, but I didn't realize just how noticeable I'd made myself, until I'd been there maybe 6 or 8 weeks.

One night, a supervisor from a different plant sent a worker to my plant to borrow some tools, with instructions to "ask the old woman who's running Plant 3".
Needless to say, the supervisor who was actually running my plant was less than thrilled with having his toes stepped on by a lowly flunky and started complaining to folks that he, not me, was the person running the plant and he didn't appreciate the lack of respect...yada, yada, yada.
The more he fussed, the more other folks thought it was funny and the title of "Old Woman" was permanently awarded to yours truly. I condsidered it funny and an honor and promptly ordered personalized plates for my car. "Old Womn"

Just reinforces my philosophy that if you're not having at least a little bit of fun, you're in the wrong durned place.

Have a great weekend, all.

08-17-2007, 04:31 PM
Melissa, I think you and I are going to be in this slow process together. I like your breakfast in bed tradition! Hope you find something to help with that smoke.

Beck, a weekend with just you and the dog sounds like a dream come true!! lol My son is back at college, so maybe I can convince hubby to go away. Actually, he's not doing much. He's been in bed with a bucket all day. I enjoy this site also!!

I love the Old Woman story!!! Right now, age 36 is a young pup!! I am 52. My maiden name is the same as my married name. My husband has a niece with the same first name, so we are known as the Young and the Old.

Hope to hear from everyone else!

ThinGirl in FatBody
08-17-2007, 06:08 PM
LOL. I love the 'old woman story' too :)

08-17-2007, 07:46 PM
Sorry guys/gals that I was MIA a lot of yesterday and then all day today. If you go into the General Support thread you can see why.

I had a 1st interview a few weeks ago with Aflac, and today was the 2nd interview where you take your spouse! Please read my post over there and offer me any/all support/advice you can!

I had a pretty good yesterday/today diet wise. I am still not back to the level I had been at but I am inchin closer.

Welcome Amy, and congrats to all who are tackeling this weight monster!

08-17-2007, 11:13 PM
I just started Alli 2 days ago, and so far, I love it! I have a headache for about an hour after I take it, and then its fine. So far, no TE's, but I love that I'm not super hungry. I eat a sensible meal and I'm full, which is something really new for me.

Just last week, I was looking at the Lap-band, but found out that my company health insurance doesn't cover WLS. So, I started looking for alternatives, found this forum, and have loved what you guys have said! So, I went out and bought Alli. And here I am!

I'm looking forward to "meeting" some of you all and supporting each other in this journey!


08-17-2007, 11:32 PM
I have been MIA for a couple of days also.

I have been taking my Alli two times a day and litttle by little I have gotten brave to the point of eating poorly. I haven't had any TE's at all. Really, that is not because I am eating right.

I am eating too many sweets and also too much junk including pizza once and hardee's mushroom and swiss. No TE's.

I am at a loss of how to get my eating under control. What do you suggest? I have the desire but I just can't seem to stick to any diet plan.

Should I have any Alli with breakfast? Maybe have two with dinner to help me force myself to quit snacking and/or eating an unhealthy dinner.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't get TE's but I really felt the threat of TE's would keep me on plan.


08-17-2007, 11:59 PM
Still, you go girl!! You'll do great with the job!!!

Welcome to Ksenia! I've been taking Alli for almost a month, and I'm still pretty psyched about it. I'm down 7 pounds since starting it. That makes me happy!!

Gina, I didn't have any TE for ages. I've had the feelings that I need to get to bathroom, but that really isn't anything new for me. The past couple of days I am having those orange thingies in the toilet, and I've honestly eaten better this week than I was for a while. I don't know why it is happening.

I usually don't take an Alli at breakfast because I don't eat very much fat with that meal. I don't know about doubling up on the Alli at a meal. Someone else may be able to help you out there.

08-18-2007, 09:50 AM
Good morning, all. Lost half a pound this past week but since the ticker doesn't register half pounds, not going to change it. Unless I get on the scale tomorrow and it reads lower! I weigh Saturday & Sunday mornings and claim whichever is lower.

I think having the oily orange stuff depends on more than just how much fat you've eaten. I think maybe if you have had lots of fiber too you don't get the orange globs because it's all in the fiber? I haven't figured it out yet, I just keep plugging along, doing my best and slowly the weight is coming off.

My employer is starting the stick approach to health - as of 2008 smokers will have to pay a higher premium and for 2009 it'll be weight, Type 2 diabetes and hypertension getting penalized. I'm not real sure how they are going to enforce it for dependents - yeal like I would admit that my spouse or kid was clinically obese if I knew that it would cost me an extra $50 a month. They sure aren't going to come out to every employee's house and weigh everyone!

They also aren't making it any easier for people to get WLS either - I checked out the medical policy and my BMI isn't high enough. I'd have go gain 40 pounds. Or I'd have to develope diabetes and/or hypertension and/or heart disease and/or high cholesterol. Gotta have 2 of the comobidity issues.

So that's why I'm doing my darndest to stick to this and see what I can do by open enrollment for 2009 benefits! Sometimes it just isn't fair. I've had a weight problem all of my adult life, I've tried to keep it under control and now I'm being told that I'm going to be punished for something that is partially out of my control. But that seems to be the way insurance companies are going. I see a lawsuit out there at some point in time.

08-18-2007, 12:01 PM
bobbigene, I updated my butterfly this morning to match my scales. I weigh more often than I should. My offical Alli day is Thursday, but if the weight changes on other days, I'll move my butterfly. Wonder if it could be the fiber. The past couple of days I really haven't had that much, and that's when I've had the orange things. Hmmmmm. I also can see a lawsuit waiting to happen with the insurance. Let's all stick to this so we can all be healthier!!

08-18-2007, 12:09 PM
BobbiGene: That is interesting. I didn't know about all of the insurance changes. I really want to see the movie Sicko.

I am feeling a little more positive today. I haven't been on the scale. I might stay away for a few days while I work on getting focused on meal to meal instead of worrying about the whole day. It is too much for me right now.

I will check in later.


08-18-2007, 01:07 PM
Good Saturday morning Alligators!!! Well, yesterday was an off day for me because of dh's birthday, we went to our favorite wing joint, then we went for icecream too. No guilt here, it was a celebration just right back on track! Monday we leave for our little vacation, should be interesting to see how that goes!

Beck....thats a funny story! I'm a 34 year old student right now and I bet all those young whippersnappers I am in classes with think I'm the old woman too LOL! Great attitude btw!!

Tammy....slow and steady wins the race right?! Sooner or later we'll get there!

Stilltryin...I read your post. 100% commission is a scary thing. But I would think as long as your dh has a steady and secure job you are going to be alright. Even if its slow going at first it'll all work out. Good luck to you!

ksenia...hello and :welcome:! So great to meet you! Sounds to me like you are doing great so far!! Cant wait to see your successes!

Gina...I am right there with you! I never get TEs either, so I never worry about things. But, I'm sticking to it, sticking to my calories and my fat grams in the hope that the longer I'm on the Alli, the more effect it'll have on me, I'm beginning to wonder if for some of us it just takes a little while to kick in, there are LOTS of medications that are that way. As far as getting that eating undercontrol my you journal? And I dont mean writing down what you eat. I mean soul searching journalling. Figuring out why you are doing this to yourself. Start asking yourself things like why you want to lose the weight, what you have to gain if you do, what you have to lose if you dont etc. Also, find some motivations...make and inspiration board where you cut out pictures and words of things you want to have when you are in that fit healthy body and when you feel like caving...look to your journal.

And I take alli with my breakfast but because I started having PB toast which pumps up my fat content.

Bobbie....I think that is horrible what your employer is doing. Is it wrong that I agree with raising smokers rates? LOL...I just feel like that is a choice, you can quit cant quit eating. With the obesity problem we have in this country, and the HORRIBLE health care system instead of penalizing people they need to set up wellness programs. Some people cant afford an increase, that isnt going to magically make them lose weight, what may happen is they drop the coverage and then what? I understand that obese people have more medical problems but how about we start helping people instead of hurting them! Way to go on the loss btw!!! You are doing GREAT!!

have a beautiful day everyone!!!

08-18-2007, 01:28 PM
Well my hubby is self-employed also, but we make a pretty good living. He said he is 100% behind me on it...and like I would be 6-8 weeks before I start and I have to take the insurance class/test first, so if I do not like that when I am done, then I can always keep the job I have...(thank god!)

08-18-2007, 01:51 PM
Oh well good! It'll all work out just how its supposed to! Its nice you've got that fall back!

08-18-2007, 03:04 PM
Well...I just had my first TE's. Not really sure what set it off, as I've been doing great with low fat stuff. Maybe this is residual from a few days ago?

Anyway, that was fairly unpleasant, and now I swear to be a good girl!


08-18-2007, 03:56 PM
Could be residual, alot of the girls say it takes a good 24-36 hours to hit.

Does anyone else get emails from Alli that they forgot to do their checkin? I do mine and every single week the next day after I check in I get an email that I forgot to do it, REALLY ticks me off! I've emailed them twice now about it and no response, just wondering if I'm the only one, am I not checking in right?

08-18-2007, 04:14 PM
This place is just buzzing with positive energy and funny stories. It's nice to see everyone so upbeat.

I'm feeling pretty good, myself. I lost another 1.2 when I weighed in yesterday. More than I deserve, or that's how I see it, anyway. If I can average over a pound a week, I'll be a very happy girl!

I've decided that I need to get myself a little more organized, when it comes to food. So my son and spent hours yesterday planning our meals for the next two weeks. (He is easily 20-30 pounds more than an average 9-year-old, so I'm trying to watch what he eats, too.) We were careful to not have similar foods several days in a row (salad, salad, salad). We also made plans to eat leftovers the next day for lunch.

Today is the first day of our two-week approach. It is nice to know that we have the next 40+ meals planned. No need to think about it - just pull out the menu and get going. Hopefully this will help us stick to a more healthy diet. If it goes well, we'll just tweek it, mix things up a little, and try it again. I'll let you know how it goes.

Keep up the good work, everyone!

08-18-2007, 07:08 PM
I get those reminder emails too and am also annoyed by them. Even tho I like the product, I am not at all impressed with their electronic commerce.

08-18-2007, 09:18 PM
I get them also, very annoying!!! Oh-well.

Well I am finished getting my kids school shopping done! YIPPY!

08-19-2007, 10:29 AM
Hi Everyone! I'm back from my week in Wisconsin! Had to read all the posts (5 pages!) to catch up. Welcome to all the newbies!

I did pretty well on vacation but was not consistent with taking my alli. I ate relatively well most of the time but there was the off night here & there. Normally I take Alli with every meal, regardless of fat content but I was so afraid of having a TE while we were out on the water fishing that I only took one a day with breakfast. We were out in a boat almost every day or other places where there were no bathrooms! :o

Now that I'm back, I will get back on schedule with the pills and back on track with my eating. I actually find that I can eat more "healthy" food for less calories than the unhealthy stuff. Without having a grocery store close by I was really missing some of my favorite foods, my snacks were all out of whack and stuff and I ate lots more carbs than usual last week (baked potatoe with dinner, popcorn, crackers). But, we did walk every day at least 2 miles. I really missed keeping track of my calories in fitday.

Anyway, my official weigh-in day is Tuesday but I did weigh myself this morning to see where I was at. I'm happy to report that I am exactly where I was when I left on vacation! Hooray!!!! :carrot:

Have a great day!

ThinGirl in FatBody
08-19-2007, 11:39 AM
Good morning Alli-gators!

I am finished my daughter's room makeover!!!!! and she comes home today from her Dad's - I know she will be surprised, but I pray she loves it. If you want to see some photos? I can post a few. It was so much work, but it screwed me up all week for doing my cardio, I just didn't have time with all the clearing out of the room, painting, wallpaper, cleaning, moving furniture, staining bookshelves. But today I will get back on track.

It also screwed up my eating, the night we painted I had pizza and the other nights instead of healthy homemade dinners I was doing lean cusine and a piece of fruit.

Last night I had to go out for dinner, the restaurant we picked was in downtown Toronto (Captain John's Seafood) it was TERRIBLE. I am not picky, but the food quality and taste was awful, Iordered a chef salad and it was iceberg lettuce and a wedge of tomato - nothing else, and it was 6.00. I had crab legs too, but they weren't split for you, so you had to crack them open yourself -too much work and crab was flying everywhere.

My friend had a caesar salad that had bacos (fake bacon sprinkles) all over it! and her steak was grizzle and fat, my daughter had a pasta that was cold and this part was the funniest - when we sat down they gave us this little basket of garlic bread - 4 little pieces for 4 people. We asked for more and 10 minutes later the waiter came back and said they were 'out of garlic bread' - it was 6:00pm on a Saturday night!! lol - how could you be out of garlic bread? then he brought these rolls that were like soft hamburger buns and some little frozen butter pats. It was just a nightmare.

After dinner we were hungry, got the kids hotdogs and we had cappuccinos and biscotti at a coffee house. What a wacky night.

08-19-2007, 01:31 PM
Good Morning Alligators!! busy day for me I'm about to go mow the lawn and finish laundry so I can start packing for our little get away. Just had to pop in and wish you all a very successful week!! I'm not even gonna weigh in next friday, why punish myself right? I'll just try to do the best I can when I can.

I'm glad (well not really) to see that I'm not the only one that gets the emails, that is just horrible, they really should fix their problems it could be such a great site if they'd treat us better.

Stilltryin...ewww school shopping! LOL! We do that next week!

Brightside...welcome back!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your time away!! Back to business now huh!! You can do it!!

Thingirl...your daughter is very lucky!! I bet she'll love her room! What a strange night you had!

alrighty everyone, I'll see you next week sometime!! Be good! Cant wait to catch up on all kinds of success stories from you!!!

08-19-2007, 01:47 PM
hi guys, i'm back from vay-k...

i ate junk, but didn't have any treatment effects. I also got in a lot of walking.

I am feeling the period effects, though. My cramps haven't been this bad since before I gave birth to my daughter, 3 years ago. I'm miserable.

08-19-2007, 02:01 PM
Gina, I know that I need to stay away from the scales too, but I just keep hopping on!

Melissa, vacation! You can do it!!! I also get the note about not checking in. I just delete it without reading it.

Ravisa, good for you on another 1.2 pounds. I think it's wonderful that you and your son are planning your meals together.

Brightside, welcome back, and good for you for doing as well as you did!

Thin, I can't wait to hear your daughter's reaction to her room!! Your restaurant experience sounds just terrible!

dcapulet, sorry to hear about the cramps! I have been cramping off and on since the beginning of August when TOM was supposed to start. I've been keeping track for the past year so I can talk to the gyn. when I go to see him this winter. I think when menopause starts it should just be over with just like that!

I thought of something very profound (or weird) last night. This is the first time in 47 years that I am not getting ready for school! I started kindergarten in 1960, and I've either been in school or teaching ever since. I think I'm glad I retired!! It really makes me feel old thinking of it that way!!

Well, I'm off to the county fair. I was there yesterday and I ate what I wanted (nacho salad (small one), apple dumpling and ice cream). I journaled it when I got home, and I still did ok for the day. Today I won't eat those things, but I'm sure I'll find something else that is sinfully delicious!!

08-20-2007, 10:09 AM
OK, great job everyone. I am going to start the new weekly thread! Hop on over and check it out!!!

08-21-2007, 11:25 AM
Didn't do so well this past week.:( Cheated just enough a couple of days to get some minor TE's one day.:no: But didn't gain any of the weight back. :) Guess that's a good thing.