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08-10-2007, 11:53 PM
I've only recently started watching TBL. We did a version of the contest at work from mid-April til the 1st week in July, then just started the second one last Thursday. I came in 2nd for the first contest (but am proud to say I lost the most pounds :)). I think I may have been the only one to lose this first week, but I'm not sure, we'll find out the percentages next Thursday.

Anyways, I've never really watched TBL til we started the contest at work and I caught a lot of the reruns. It's pretty interesting and I found myself rooting for certain players and crying with them. I found the article about the tricks they did pretty neat too.

For those of you who have the exercise DVD. What do you count that workout as on Fitday? Right now, I have the one with all the squats/lunges as calisthenics and the one with weights as light weight lifting. (I'm on the premade workouts, the light versions, that you alternate) Does that sound about right for intensity or is there something else I should use? I really only want the accountability for it on a day to day basis as I haven't been counting calories or anything but might start and would like to see how I"m doing as well as possible.

Also, I would love to join in the board version of TBL when it starts again.


08-11-2007, 10:36 PM
I think that sounds right, Missi. I was going to suggest something like 1/2 aerobics, 1/2 weight lifting, since to me - even the calisthenics really get my heart rate up into aerobic territory. But either way would be accurate.