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08-10-2007, 10:40 PM
I'm very new to exercise. I havent exercised regularly since I became pregnant two years ago. I had started doign some social dancing for about 30 minutes a day last week and now I'm going to the gym to use the treadmill for my main exercise.

My question is how do I know I'm working enough? What should I be feeling?

I find myself stopping my exercise at around 30 minutes. I'm never get breathing heavy but I do breath a bit more then resting obviously. If the heart rate monitor on the machine is accurate I never go over 145 and usually stick to 130ish beats per minute. I spend 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down and 20 minutes at the target heart rate.

I usually think to myself I don't want to walk to much because I don't want sore feet or ankles at the end of the day. I really need new shoes but I have to wait for payday. I think my tennys are too old and don't have enough support.

08-11-2007, 09:53 AM
Good walking shoes are important, so don't delay when pay day comes. ;)

So, are you doing the "fat burn" selection on the machine? That option will keep you in your zone according to that machine's specifications. (Although, they're all usually calibrated for men... )

I guess it depends on what your goals are. Try mixing it up with some inclines at your current pace and see if that's more of a challenge for you.