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08-10-2007, 05:26 PM
So I had my first gain today, .6 lbs since Monday. I have been following the program exactly as written. No cheats. I get my water in.

Its just frustrating when you are doing everything right and the weight isnt coming off. Especially when you are very heavy like I am, I think I should be able to peel off at least 2 lbs a week.

I will keep going. I have invested way too much money in the program to quit now!

08-10-2007, 06:16 PM
I know how frustrating a gain or minimal loss can be too. For the last two weeks I lost 1 pound the first week and this week I lost .8. The Counselor pointed out that I am still averaging 2 pounds a week but I am getting discouraged. I have a lot to go (about 80 pounds) but like you, I have invested too much in this program to quit now. Still gets to me though.

One thing the counselor suggested was a 'plateau break' and I am posting it here for you (or anyone else who wants to try it). I cannot do TO because of a soy allergy I can't have the Lites, so she gave me this information on a sheet:

For 5 days: Eliminate the following from your meal plan:
1. All frozen meals or fast food.
2. All condiments

Limit higher fat, sodium or carbohydrate foods, such as:
1. Proteins such as beef, pork, wild game, cottage cheese
2. Seafood such as: crab, salmon, scallops, swordfish, tuna (canned, regular)
3. Starches, such as: baked potato, cereal, ice cream, oatmeal, pasta, peas, rice and tortilla

Also, increase your water to 10 glasses/day for the first two days.

I am working an air show this weekend and am at the mercy of what they serve and what I can carry in my fanny pack, but I am going to start this monday morning.

Hope this helps.